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Lemmon George
Lemmon J. G. (John Gill)
Lemmon John Gill
Lemoine Henry
Lemon Don
Lemon Don Mark
Lemon Mark
Lemon Leander Uhl
Lemonnier Camille
Lemonnier Céran
Lemonnier Céran
Lemore Clara
LeMoyne Normal Institute
Lempfert R. G. K. (Rudolf Gustav Karl)
Lempriere Charles
Lemprière John
Lempriere William
Lemuel Abijah Abbott
Lemuel Arthur Pittenger
Lemuel Bolton Bangs
Lemuel Call Barnes
Lemuel Capen
Lemuel Cushing
Lemuel D. (Lemuel Dyer) Lilly
Lemuel Dale Evans
Lemuel E[ly] Quigg
Lemuel Ely Quigg
Lemuel J. (Lemuel John) Hopkin-James
Lemuel K. Washburn
Lemuel Moss
Lemuel Norton
Lemuel Roberts
Lemuel Roscoe Cleveland
Lemuel Shattuck
Lemuel Shaw
Lemuel Stephens
Lemuel W. Royse
Len. O'Connor
Lena Campbell Login
Lena E Barksdale
Lena E Johnston
Lena Isadora Casporus McKee Van Duzee
Lena Leonard Fisher
Lena M. (Lena May) McCauley
Lena May. [from old catalog] McCauley
Lena Milman
Lenamay Green
Lenclos Ninon de
Lendon H Smith
L (  ...  Lei    Lem    Len  ...  Lyt
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This day...
On April 24, 1479
  • Thutmose III ascends to the throne of Ancient Egypt, although power effectively shifts to Hatshepsut (according to the Low Chronology of the 18th Dynasty).,
  • Willa Cather, American writer (b. 1873), died

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