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Birectory and Register,




•IW the Heads oi TauaiVies




City and Suburbs, ffamiltonville, and Camden, N, y.




JVo, 20-i, Market street.


The Philadelphia Annual Advertiser.


(from LONDON,)

South West corner of Walnut and Dock streets,


of the best quality and on reasonable terms ; and
maker of Burnish Gold Size, of a very superior
quality, equal to the very best that can be bought
in London, and very cheap; likewise, manufacturer
of Gold and Silver Paper, and Gold and Silver
Embossed Borders, from l-8th of an inch wide to
3 inches do.

Respectfully informs the ladies of this city and
its vicinity, that she continues to manufacture Leg-
horn, Split Straw, and Silk HATS, of the newest
and most approved fashions, and on the most rea-
sonable terms.

HATS 1)\EI>,


N. B. AH orders in the above line will be thankfully re-
ceived and promptly attended to.


(^N. L.) Northern Liberties — (K.) Kensington-*.
^P. T.) Penn Township — ( V.) Vineyard — (C.) for city
— (S.) Southwark — (M.) Moyamensing — (O. y. r.).
©Id York road — (Germ, r.) Germantown road — (P.)
Passyunk — (Sch.) Schuylkill — (Frank, r.) Frankford
coad — N. north — S. south— E. east — W. west— cor.
corner— n. near— ab. above— r. road — -bet. between— i.-
•^persons of colour — bel. below— ay. alley — ct. court—
av. avenue — 1. lane— op. opposite — c. h. counting
house— d. h. dwelling house — vict. victualler — gent,
gjentleman — storekeefier, is always to be understood a^
dry goods storekeeper.

ICP For names not found in the Sufifilement^ see the
body of the work.

The reader when searching for names, without
knowing how properly to spell them, is requested to
examine in every possible way they would admit of
being spelled from their pronunciation. There are
alternate references throughout the list of inhabitanlSi
<Q those names having similar prominciation, but not
being spelled alike ; viz. Allison, see Ellison — and
vice versa.

Each page of the list of inhabitants, is headed in
capitals, with the three first letters of the bottom name.

The reader will please to observe the following
general rule for finding the numbers on houses, in the
different streets in the city : — In those streets that run
east and west, say Hit^h street, the numbers begin
from the Delaware, the odd being on the north side, ^
In those that run north and south, say Fourth street^
\ht numbers begin from High street, running noi^th
jtnd south, the odd being on the cast side^

^ in. vnr.iriTiA niKi-oTORY, BEC, .


TO Tur.

Philadelphia Directory.

[^awrn that arc not in the Su/i/iUnient, ivill t;encral!u
be found correct in the body of the ivork.']



Containing- the Heads of Families^ and Person-i
in Business^ alphabeticothj arranged.

J7* Sec " Directions to the Reader."

\BBETT HENRY, blacksmir.h 111 N, Second— d. h.

45 Race
Abbott George, hairdresser 50 south Front
\bbott John, currier 21 N. Sixth — d.h. 77 Clieny
Vbercrombie Jas. d. d. seu. assistant minister of Christ

churcli, St. Peter's and St. James' 111 Spruce street
Adams Elizabeth, shoe store and ntilhncr 187 N. 2d
Adams Ehzabeth, l)oarding iioust 74 Walnut
Vdams J. Knox and Nixon, merchants 225 High
Adams Thomas, merchant 81) south Wharves
Adams William, liquor store coiDcr High and Sch. 8th

— d. h. near cornt-r Filbert and Sch. 8th
Adams William, Mantua Village
XfTolman Jolin C. flour merchant 365 High — d. h. 160

CIk-: rv street
-\I!lick Mary, milliner 49 north Second
Aiken Robert, tailor 39 Walnut
Aitkcii Williiim, m. c.suigeon 309 Arch
Albert! George F. practisini; physici?.n 164 north Fifth
AlbriglR George M. tavcr:ikccper 121 north Water
Algv Jaiiv s, grocer 18 Small tfc S; E. corner Catharine

and S^v'anson
Allen Charles, druggist &c. 180 south Second

Allen John, grocer 10 N. 5th and 8 South alley
Allen Lewis, merchant 190 High — d h. IS north 8th
Allen WiUiam, merchant 53^ south Front
Allen William, copperplate engraver 56 south 2d
AUerton Nathan C. 12th above Markfet street
Allison Miss A. &: M ladies dress makers 121 Spruce
Alloway Samuel, tavernkeeper Catharine street wharf
Anderson Robert, storekeeper S. W. corner Lombard

and Seventh
Anderson Samuel V. merchant 25 north Water — d. h.

152 north Front
Anderson Thomas, saddler 48 Lombard
AndrcAv John, drygoods store 16 south Second
Angrau John, drygoods store 245 south Second
Anker Levi, 193 south Third
Antrim John, grocer 90 soutlr Third
Antrim 'I'homas E. taylor 395 High~d. h. 280 Arch
Apple William, coppersmith 201 north Second
Apt Charles, saddle and harness maker 343 north 2d
Ardner Joseph, barber IS High
Armour Susan N. storekeeper 6 Old York road
Arney Elizabeth, tea warehouse 6 north Seventh
Arnison Joseph, tavernkeeper 169 south Front
AiTott James, merchant 35 south Front— d. h. N. W.

corner Arch and Eleventh
Ash Caleb, jr. apothecary 66 north Ninth
Ash Michael, tavernkeeper N. W. cor. Old York I'oad
- and Callowhill

Ashburner John, jr. drygoods store 36 N. 2d, d h 17 Race
Ashburner John & Thomas, 36 north Second >
Ashhurst Richard, merchant 76 High — d. h. 70 S. 5th
Askew Josepli, ironmonger 245 Hi^h — d h 116 Arch
Askin John, shoemaker 216 south Second
Atkinson Asher, saddler 8cc. 1 south Third
Attmore Marshall, clock and watchmaker 38 Cedar
Atwood James, merchant 111 High — d h 19 Race
Atwood John M. merchant 111 High — d h 192 Arch
Auner Joseph G. bookseller and stationer 79 Cherry
Auner Peter, 79 Cherry

Austin (ralen L. printer, office S. E. cor. 6th & Cherry
Austin Thomas, flour mer. 443 High — d h 5 nortli 13th
Avis Joseph, cabinet maker 39 Cedar
Ayers David B. apothecary and druggist 302 S. Front
Ayers 8c Turpin, druggists 8c apothecaries 302 S. Front

BABE CATHARINE, milliner 39 Pine

Babe George, apothecary S. E. corner Front and Cedar

Babe Mary, storekeeper 197 south Second

Babe Richard, hatter 50 Cedar

Baeyertz Frederick, grocer corner Oak and Fifth

^^ I'liiLAor.r.iMiiA niKi.cTORY. BEC^

IVigt^t- Jolm G. ^;rocer46'l soiitli FitiU

B.igj^r M;uy, widow 464 suulli Front

Kukui HLi.j'aiii'm F. lottery ofTicc 4S' north Tliird

B:iki.M- IIciiMiM, M. n. 339 nortii I'liiid

H.ik'.r J inics, iKirdwirt- st(MO 26.^ ll'nilh

B.ikcr Michael, Jun. a^pjiersmiih '227 north Second*^-

d h 330 north Front
l^ddwin Isanr, grocer 90 N'ini;

B;il(luin jolm, bookbiu<ler Sli cor. Cherry and Sixth
H.dtf Lucas ?c Thomas, boot manufacturers 31 S. 4th
■Bail Stephen, taverukeej)cr N. \V. eor. 3(1 & Shippen
Ballcntiiic James & Co. grocers 34 south Second
, Banckcr Charles N. mer. 33 N . Front — d h 320 Chesnnt
Bankson William (i. drvKOods store 213 south Second
Barat Francis, philusopliic;d instrument maker 379

Barault Mrs. drvgoods store 51 nor'.li Second
Barcroft Stacj B. drygoods store 21? jiortli Third
Bardolte Josei)h. pertumcr 147 C'liesnut
Barker James N. alderman, office 16 south otli — d h

SW corner Cliesnut and Sixth
Barlow Philip, 12^ south Sixth and 62 Zanc
Barnard Derick, i)!oughmaker Ilii^h W. Sc!i. 4'.h
Barnard Josejih, Higli west Scinivlkill Fourth
Barnes Daniel, merchant 23 S. Water — d h 43 south 8th
Barnes John, M D. 79 Arch corner Bread
Barnes John H. office 117 S Second— d h 23 S. Second
Barnes John, ladies' shoe store 147 south Secc-nd
Barnes Josepli, ladies' shoe store 145 south Second
Barnes Richard, glove manufactory 42 souti\ Second
Barnes Roljcrt '!'. currier 55 Chesnut and 79 Arch
Barnes S. bonnet inaker SE corner Cherry and Eighth
Barnes Thomas, esq. currier 55 Citesnut and 79 Arch
Barnes ThoiTjas and R. T. currieis 55 Cliesnut
Barnes William, jun 389 south Second
Barnitt Thos. Columbian printing press manuf. & tur-
ner in brass, iron, &c. 198 N. P'ront & 3 Newmarket
Barns James, innkeeper S. E. corner Spruce and Front
Barn:^ Maiy. widow, teacher 7 FUim
Barringtcn Cliarles, wine and liquor merchant 216 High
Barrington Eleanor, widow of Richard 206 south 4th
Barton Isaac, storekeeper 16 nortii Second
Barwick John, currier 170 norri\ Third
Buush Adam, sea ca]jtain Juniper near Vine
Bayard (ieor^e, tinijlateworker 50 north Front
Bavaid, R. H. attorney at law 55 soutli 7th — d h 254

Beauregard J. C. m. d. 81 south 'I'hird
Bechtel Jolui {bachelor) Sc Co. shoe warehouse 50 and

52 Higli
Beck Jacob, to!)acconist 182 south Front
Beck Paul, jr. merchant 11 snutlj AVater— dh 315 High
Beck VVm. C. stationer &c. S. W. cor. George & 12th


Bedwell George W, apothecary and druggist 256 Arch
Beidelman Abraham, drygoods store 88 north Second
Belair Lewis D. foreign bookseller SW corner Sixth

and Chesnut — d h 20 Raspberry street
Beidon Hosea W. accountant 251 south Second
Bell James 8c John, distillers NW corner 6th 8c Cedar
Bell Samuel, merchant 181 High
Bell Samuel, grocer and drover 236 Cedar
Bell Wm. J. & Co: stock 8c exchange brokers 37 Dock
Bell Wm.jun. stock &cc. broker 37 Dock— d h 93 Pine
Bell William J. 154 Walnut street
Bellemere Francis, stocking manufactory Hamilton

Benjamin 8c Joseph, cordial distillers 167 Cedar
Benners George, merchant 200 north Fourth
Bennet Louisa, 6 north Sixth
Bentley Christian, segarmaker 346 north Second
Bentley David 8v John, coppersmiths 162 north Third
Berry Joseph, storekeeper 146 Cedar
Betts William, hatter 42 Plum
Beylard John, jr. merchant 101 Walnut
Bicknell George A. mercht. 127 High— d h 333 Arch
Bicknell 8c Jackson, domestic warehouse 127 High
Biddle Charles, jun. me"chant35 Dock
Biddle C. 8c M. Canby, sugar refiners 27 Church alley
Biddle Clement sugar refiner 27 Church alley — d h

204 Arch
Biddle John G. broker 26 Walnut — d h 9th near Walnut
Biddle Thomas 8c John G. stock brokers 8cc. 26 Walnut
Biddle Thomas, stock broker 8cc. 26 Walnut — d h 41

Biddle William S. counsellor at law 183 Walnut
Binder George, carpenter 375 north Front
Binder Jacob, Iiatter 286 north Front
Bioren John, printer 8c bookseller 72 S. 2d {see Byron
Bird Julian, widow of Samuel, NE corner Water and

Bishop Richard, importer of hosiery 36 south Front
Black James, 208 Walnut street

Black Wm. jr. merchant 18 north Front— d h 13 Pine
Blair William, boot manufacturer 20 Chesnut
Bloxton Thomas, (Theatre Hotel) Walnut near Ninth
Blye John H. sea captain 226 south Second
Boate Horatio, printer NE corner Wood and Fifth
Bockius Jacob, brush manufacturer 249 north Second
Boggs James, merchant 188 High street
fBoisier Jerome, cordwainer 74 Lombard
Bonish Matthew, fruiterer 390 south Second
Book Peter J. hairdresser and bleeder 10 north Fourth
Booth John, tailor 49 Pine
Borhek John, confectioner 12 south Fourth
Borrekens H. P. paper hanging^ warehouse 151 Ches-

nut — d h SW ecrner 11th and Spruce

PJIlL.\Ui:i,lMIl A plRKC i'ORY. BRU

Bosbyslvcll & Sor\ crs, drygor.ds store 95 High
Houvitr Michael, i;il)imi maker 6 south Front
Bowen A. I. cahiiietniakcr i;)5 \\ ahint
Bower Joliii, tavcnikeci)cv 9'1- north Eighth
Boyd David, lucichant lailor 33 north Fourth
Boyd Francis, currier 269 norih Second
Boyd Joseph, cxchnngc & commission broker 20 S. 4th
Boyle Cliarlcs, shopkeeper 3'25 Spruce
Brackkcr Marshal, china store 324 north Second
Bradsliaw Surah, tavernkeeper 28 Walnut
Brady Daniel, accountant 122 Chesnut — dh 36 south 6th
Brady F. tavernkeeper 5 north Sixth
Brand Frederick, ladies' sluieniaker 124 south Second
Brandt John, distiller 223 south 3d — d h 127 Lombard
Bravard Rebecca, drygoods store 229 south Second
Breban John, merchant 164 Higli— d h 79 Dock
Brennen John, umljrclla maker 194 south Second
Brick Jolir. R. 35 Cliesnut
Brien James, tavernkeeper 289 Vine
Brock Joliii, merchant 149 north Fourth
Brognard Joseph, merchant 83 High
Bronson John, hatter 136Swanson
I 'rooke Robert, county commissioner Germantown road

near Rising Sun
Brooks John, china store 179 Callowhill
Brown Adam, malster 256 Race
Brown David Paul, attorney at law 104 Arch
Brown Elijah, com. mer. 48 Dock — d h 39 south 4th
Brown Elizal)eth, rniUi\ier 42 north Sixth
Brown Ezra, cordwainer 167 north Tliird
Brown & Harris, i^ainters, Ckc. 72 Chesnut
Brown James, (of the house of J. A. B. 8c Co.) 109 S. 3d
Brown James, tobacconist 46 north Fourtli
Brown James, sea captain 13 Willing's alley
Brown John A. aiul Co. importers of Irish linens 16

Brown John S. boot and shoe manufactory 167 north 3d
Brown J. ik: M. & M. D Lewis, merchants 159 Market
Brown Liberty, conveyancer 18 south Sixtli— d h 59

Tammany street
Brown Paul S. merchant 215 Arch
Brown William, printer, office Wagner's alley— d h G

John above. Wood
Browne Acjuilla A. attorney at law and conveyancer 38

south Sixth— d h 307 Walnut
Browne Charles, silkdyer U9 north Second
Browne John, gentleman 37G north Front (N L)
Browne Peter A. attorney at law and conveyancer, 194

Browne Samuel, taylor 51 north Third
Biiick. William A. biscuit baker 113 Vine
Biugiere Charles, mercht. 247 High— d h 299Chcsnu'-



Bryan Samuel, esq. Register for the Probate of Wills,
and granting Letters of Administration in and for the
city and county of Philadelphia, in the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania, No, 6 east wing State house — d h
S24 High
Bryant Jolin Y. chemist, &c. 27 High
Bryant Mordecai Y. wholesale and retail druggist 230

north Second
Bryant T. J. druggist, 8cc. 388 north Front 8c 205 N. 8th
Bryant William, cabinet maker 361 High
Brynen Edward, umbrella maker 151 north Second
Buckley Anthony M. merchant 139 south Front — d h
87 south Third [see Bickley and Backley^

Budd John B. merchant 14 south Seventh
Budd Susan, widow 14 south Seventh
Buffum Arnold, hatter 60 north Second
Bujac J. Lachaussee, merchant 130 Pine
Burd Jane R. confectioner 163 Chesnut & 66 Almond
Burkart Samuel, brushmaker 1 N. 5th— d h 131 N. 8th
Burkellow Isaac, dealer 293 north Second
Burkhardt 8c Bailey, merchants 9 north Second
Burkhimer Henry, tobacconist 348 north Front
Burns John M. boot and shoe manufacturer 49 south 3d
Buft Nathaniel, merchant 237 High
Bushhead Joseph, 69 south Fifth
Busser Francis, tinplate worker 321 south Second
Butcher John, tinplate worker 363 south Front
Butler James, china store 18 High
Buzby H. 8c Co. flour merchants 365 High
Buzby Hezekiah, 365 High — d h 6th above Wood
Byrne Mrs. E. boarding house 19 south Fifth
Byrne Patrick, lottery and exchange office NE corner

Second and Chesnut
Byron Rebecca, drygoods store 226 south Second

CAHILL JOHN, tavernkeeper 10 Lsetitia court
Calla Charles, Liverpool and glass warehouse 66 north

Fourth— d h 40 north Eighth
Cammeyer 8c Simons, auction 8c commission merchants

262 Market
Cammeyer William, jun. auctioneer 262 Market — d h

348 Market
Campbell Isaac, watchmaker 33 south Fourth
Campbell James, mercer and tailor 85 south Fifth
Campbell Thomas, ladies' shoemaker 79 Cedar
Canby Caleb H. plumber 29 Bank street— d h 137 High
Cannon John, innkeeper SW corner Catharine and 2d
Canon Samuel, clothing store 342 High
Cansler Margaret, drygoods store 81 Cedar
Cantrall Robert, innkeeper NW cor. Water 8c Swanson


Cany Charles, drygoods store 67 north Second
Cards William, carpenter back 185 Cherry
Cavlile Hudson, taverokecper Spruce corner Quince
Carlisle David, carter corner Sixtli and Coates
Carlisle John, ladies' shoemaker 204 south Second
Carl! Kcv. Maskell M. 85 Wood street
Carmalt Caleb ik James, conveyancers 298 north Third

and 241 Arcli
Carman J. Sc H. merchants 331 High
Carman William, mercliant 'M7 Higii
Carmicliael George & Son, tobacconists 404 High
Carpenter Bejijamin E. 8c Co. grocers 213 nortli Third
Carpenter Benjamin E. grocer 213 north Third
Carpenter Miles, 121 north Ninth
Carrell Joseph, boot and shoemaker 17 south Third
Carrigcin Jacob, carpenter 204 Clierry
Carson John, bookseller and stationer 159 north Third
Carson John M. ladies' shoemaker SE cor. Race & 6th
Carbtairs James, mer. South st. wharl— d h 264 S 2d
Carter Enoch, painter, 8cc. 120 Chcsnut — d h 82 Arch
Carvill H. & C. goldbeaters 55 Dock
Cash Jacob, tobacconist 3 Arch and 35 Vine
Cassedy Mary, widow 387 south Front
Catherwood Hugh, distiller 217 Cedar
Cave Thomas, druggist &;c. 45 High & SW corner 9th

and Locust — d li 1 north Ninth
Cavenaagii Michael, grocer and tavernkeeper SE cor-
ner Second and Queen
Chamberlin Jacob, merchant 47 south Eiel\th
Cliamberlin Joseph, merchant 16 south Water
Champion Benjamin, drygo»jds store 5i north Second
Chandler George, boot and shoemaker 79 Green .street
Chaney William M. broom manufacturer 172 Higli
Chapron Sc Nidelet, meichants 155 High NE corner 4th
Chapron John M. merchant 155 Higii — d ii 14 N. 9tl\
Chastant Louis, merchant 22 Church allev
Chesnut Samuel & William, grocers 303 High
Chcsnut Sam. grocer 303 High — d h SE cor. \ine & 8th
Chew Elislia, currier 38 Ciiesnut

Christie William, upholsterer and Venetian blind ma-
ker 145 Chcsnut
Ch. i*tine John, turner 358 north Front
Cl .rk Daniel, grocer NE corner Fourtli and Green
CI. irk John Y. .m. d. 167 Arch
Cl.il k L. B. book store 4 south Front
CKirk Richard, boardinghouse ami grocer 152 Swansoii
Cl ! * ges J uob, painter and glazier 189 Vine
Cl'Ne Henry, grocer 385 N. Third NE corner Coates
Cl i'ey John,jun. wircworker 17S. 4tii — dh 91souih 5th
Ct. ucs Caleb, manuf of domestic coffee 88 Clierrv
Co.iis Thomas, jun. conveyancer, and office for the pur-
chase and sale of real e>tatc 328 norih Third
Cochran Joho, distiller 376 and 386 High


Ccckman Eliza, milliner 149 Walnut

Cockinan George, jeweller 149 Walnut

Coffee James, plumber 61 Walnut — d h 2d bel. Christian

Coffin Tiiomas M. oil store 10 south Fourth

Coggius David, currier 80 Chesnut — d h 31 Carters ay.

Cohen Abraham B. carver and gilder 233 sowth Filth

Cohen A M. & E. L. druggists 239 Market— d h NE

corner Spruce and Fourth
Cohen & Nisbet, merchants 26 south Front
Cole Hannah, widow 429 south Second
Coleman Lydia, mantuamaker 64 north Sixth
Collins Moses, innkeeper 125 north Water
Collins William, baker 148 south Front
CoUom Jonathan, teacher 134 Coates
Combes Germain, bi. d. and apothecary NE cornei

Pine and Fourth
Comfort Stephen, broker See. 26 south Third
Comley Ethan, drygoods store 199 north Second
Compton Joseph, mercer and tailor 27 north Sixth
Conard John, marshal (Eastern Distinct) office State

house — d h 206 Chesnut
Condie David F. M. D. 99 south Fifth
C'ondy J. W. counsellor at law 154 Chesnut
(longer James, shopkeeper NE corner Castle & 11th
Connell Thomas H. m. d. 49 Vine
Connelly Matthew, tavernkeeper 47 south Water
Conner John, saddle, trunk 6c harnessmaker 194 High
Coiminglmm D. W. drygoods merchant 78 N. Second
Conolay Peter, cordwainer 241 north Front
Conover Joseph, shoe wai'ehouse SW cor. High & 6tli
Constable William, cordwainer 394 south Second
Couwell Right Rev. Doctor Henry, bishop of Philadel-
phia, St. Joseph's 8c St. Mary's church, Wiiling'say.
ConyersJam.es, siioemaker 125 Chesnut
C^n^ers Walter, boot manuf. 40 S- 3d — d h 9 George
Cohyngham David H 109 south Fourth
Cook George H. grocer 76 south Third — d h NW cor-
ner 13th and Walnut
Cook Samuel, tobacconist 267 north Second
Cook 8c Snov/don, china merciiants 240 north Thii'd
Cooke William, tobacconist 10 Market
Cooley L. intelligence and exchange office 9 south 4tlv

— .d h SW corner Seventli and Sansom
Cooper F. smith 98 and 100 Shippeu
Cooper Henry, printer Fifth near Wood
Cope Jacob J. accountant Old York road ab. Callowhill
Corfield Edward D. justice of the peace 259 N. Front
Corlies J. W 8c Co. commission merchants 29^ south

Wharves— d h 160 Arch
Correy Wm. K mercliant 29 N. Water— d h 98 S. 4th
Corry Helen, milliner 123 south Second
Corson James, 184 Chesnut street
Coulston Barnabas, tavernkeeper 271 Vine
Coulston Q. W. tavernkeeper 212 north Third


Cowan John, tailor 84 Cedar

Cox IsAucN. attoi-ney at law 1 13 Chesnut.d h 1 32 Spruct
Cox James, tailor 204 Clicrry street
Cozens Josiali B. clock. & watchmaker 144 south Front

[see Couzins
tCr.mchel B. 66 south Third
Crane Isaac W. counsellor at law Camden (N J)
Crease William G, fancy t'c;itiicr manufactory 41 south

Third, and confectionary 220 High
Ci-eighton Robert, Irish hnen merchant 21 south Front
Cress Alexander, cordwainer 42J north Third
Cresann John H. & Joseph, china merchants 281 High
Cresson John H. china mer. 281 Higli— d h 227 High
Creth Daniel, distiller 222 soutli 6tli— d h 223 Cedar
Creth & Williamson, distillers, distillery 102 and liquor

store 108 north Nintli
Creth William, distiller 108 north 9th— d h 379 Race
Crombarger John, flour mer. 326 High & 84 south 11th
Crooks William, tailor NE corner Chcsnut and Water
Crothers William S. & Charles S. merchants 219 High
— d h 389 Arch [see Carolhem

Crowley John, watchmaker 132 south Front
Crozier Andrew, grocer 424 south Front
Crumpton William, silverplater 231 north Second
Cruson William, inspector of lumber 269^ south Front
CuUen & Pettit, grocers NE corner Spruce &: Seventh
Cummins James, grocer N W corner Brown and Third
Curran Arthur, innkeeper Green street fei-ry
Currie Wm. m. d. practising physician NW corner of

Front and Pine street
Curry George, shoe store 30 High
Curtis Asa, grocer SW corner Second and Callowhill

— d h 8 Newmarket
Curtis Cavender, drygoods store 233 south Second
Curtis John H. clerk 448 south Front
Cuthbcrt \V. C. druggist 264 south Second

DABLIN FELIX, sliopkeepcr NE corner Arch & 8th

Dallet Elijah & Tliomas, soap and candle manufactu-
rers 34an<.l 341 High

Dalling James, storekeeper 114 north Sixth

Daly Cliailcs, cordwainer 44 Spruce

Dannakcr C H. W. millstone maker Zane street—
d h 135 north Third

Dannakcr Sr^mticl, seafaring officer 24 Bread street

l)aven])ort Wini;im, nKittifmatical instrument maker
25 south Front— d li 86 Sassafras

Davis David, cordwainer 61 Arch

Davis George, stock and exchange broker 39 Dock—
d h 246 Sjjruce

Davis John, inspector of customs 305 Market

Davis John, papct;,hanger 12 Goforth alley


Davis John, shoe store 73 north Fifth

Davis Jonathan, sawwhetter NW corner Cailowhill

and Newmarket street
Davis Richard, gentleman 350 Market street
Davis Samuel V. cordwainer 356 sout'ii Pecond
Davis Tliomas, printer and bookseller 204 Market
Davis William, shipchandler and ropemaker SE corner

Sassafras and Water — d h 273 Race
Davison Robert, sailmaker 47 soutli Front
Dawes Sibyl, drygoods store 6 south Stcoiid
Dawson Jonas, clock and watchmaker 400 High — d h

Juniper below High
Dawson MordecaiL. 79 Chesnut — d h 7th ah. Chesnut
Day Augustus, carver and gilder 124 north Third
Dayton Maria C. drygoods store 246 north Third
Deamer John, cooper Water above Callosvhill
Deaves Trvril, blacksmith corner Tammany & Kunckel
Decker R. I. tavernkeeper 122 south Front
Deets George, victualler Buttonwood above Charles
De Haven Holstein, carpenter 119 nortii Ninth
Deitz William, shoemaker 203 north Third
Delleker George, engraver 96 Chesnut — d h 42 Chester
Denckla A. H. merchant 12 north Third
Denman Aaron & Co. merchts. 271 High — d h 351 Arch
Derkheim David, cabinetmaker 278 south Second
De Silver Thomas, bookseller, &c. 253 High— d h 409

Dcvin Sarah, widow Broad above Arch
Devitt Tcrrence J. baker 151 Cherry
Dewhurst Henry, glasswarestore 324 High
Diachery Joseph, liquor store 96 High
Dickeson William, h^itter 311 north Second
Dickinson David, printer SW corner Decatur and

Market — d h SE corner Castle and Eleventh
Dickinson Leonard, trunk manufacturer 4 Schriver's

court — d h 1 north Eighth
Dickson John, grocer Swanson near Christian
Dickson Joseph R. inspector of customs 163 so\ith 5th

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