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Day Augustus, looking glass maker 124 north Third

Day Charles, cordwainer 187 Lombard

Day James, dry good store 221 south fecund

Day Michael, tax collector Marlborough near Bedford (K.)

Day Peter, baker Marlborough near Bhacicamaxoa

Day Peter, coach maker 10 Budd

Day Samuel, tailor 62 Cl.errv

Day Thomas, mariner 307 south Front

Payhoff Margaret, widow shopkeeper 203 Race

Dayman Elizabeth, nuntua maker 83 St. John's

Daymond Francis, teacher Quince below Walnut

Dayton Elizabeth, layer out of dead, N. Second near Laurel

Dayton Hugh, labourer Maiden near Stone bridge

Davton Lewis, -drayman north Second near Laurel

Deacon Joseph, north-east corner of Wood and JuliamVa

Deacon Joseph & Co. merchants 139$ ''igh

Deacon Samuel R. silver plater 55 Browne

Deal Charles, grocer 45 Dillwyn

Deal Christian, biker 337 north Fourth

Deal E baker 25 Appletrec alley

Deal Jacob, victualler near ButtonWood and Eighth, stall 39
N. L market

John, baker, 172 Coats*

Philadelphia Ir.de jr. I > 11 1 1

Deal John, wondsawyer Schuylkill Seventh near Cherry

Deal Martin, baker bet. Fourth & Charlotte sts. &. Poplar lane

Deal Mary widow of Daniel, Queen near Marlborough

Deal Peter S. Queen near Marlborough

Deamer George, wheelwright Germantown road near Secend

Deamer Lewis 595 south Second

f Dean Abner, mariner Cauffman's court

Dean Alexander J. teacher ~ Clever alley
, Dean Bradley, coachmaker 39 Cherry

Dean John, gentleman 76 north Fifth

Dean M. & J. academy for young- ladies 7 Clever alky

Dean William, victualler Button wood near Fifth

Deangeli Giacinto, fruiterer 264 Market

Dtare George, shallopman 185 north Front

Dear Michael, weaver Charlotte near Poplar laoe

Deavs Isaac, carpenter 220 Walnut

Deaves T;yal, blacksmith 333 north Third

De Bain Anthony, tallow chandler corner Budd C7 Laurel
-Debet George, wheelwright Germantown road ab. the forks

De Belair Lewis, foreign bookseller 23, d. h. 123 N. Fifth

Deblin Ferdinand, brewer Buttonwood lane

Debney Thomas, bricklayer and pfausterei 6 Carter's alley

Deb ,>lster G. mariner Federal near Second

De Boiss.a Alexander, M. D. office . . Race 2/ Seventh

De Bree John B. accountant 148 south Seventh

Debust John, sailmaker 152 north Fifth

Decamp Margaret, seamstress 37 New Market

Decan Peter, mariner 19 Queen

Decker Moses, labourer 202 St. John's

Decker Peter, gentleman 176 Lombard

Decker P. 1. lottery and exchange broker north-west corner
Chesnut and Third, dwelling 176 Lombard

Decklyne Theodorus, wood yard near Noble (N. L.)

De Cline Theodorus, blockmaker 361 north Front and Oak
near Green

Deftebach Charles, skin dresser corner Ninth and Callewbili

Deffebach Lewis, printer 12 Pennsylvania avenue

Deffenbach John, doubler and twister for carpetting back
of 27 Bonsall

De Forrest George, comb maker back 64 north Eighth

Deforest Mary, widow 64 north Eighth

De France Augustus, gentleman 155 Pine

D.^gen Gotleib, shoemaker 83 north Sixth

Deggan John, cedar cooper 268 south Fifth

Degiaos Jeremiah, coi dwainer 357 south Front

De Raven Eliza, market woman 287 north Eighth

De llavcn Hannah, widow 16 Franklin

De Haven Hugh, gentleman upper 45 north Sixtii

De Haven ttiigh, jun. merchant 12 1 north Ninth

De Haven Lindsey, gentleman 2Go Arch

De UaveU Margaret imrae 72 Budd

De Havco Mary, widow nurse Vine sear Scb. Eighth

D E N Philadcl/ihia Index .

De Haven Rebecca, widow nurse Rose alley (N.L.)

Deimling Francis C. clerk in the post-office, 2 Quarry

Deimling- John C. clerk in the post-office, 2 Quarry

Deitz Sarah, widow 203 north Third

Deitz William, shoemaker 203 north Third

Ucla Roche William, merchant 230 Spruce

Delacroix Clement J. French teacher 218 south Third

Delacroix Joseph, merchant 100 north Third

Delacroix L. and J. Donarth, jun. cordial distillery and liqimr

store 388 north Second and 272 High
-Delacroix Louis, distiller 388 north Second and 272 High
Delamatar John, merchant 68 north Eighth
Delany Daniel, boarding-house 16:> Vine
Delany Mrs. widow of William, 50 south Sixth
Dclaplaine Joseph, repository of' the portraita and lives of

distinguished American characters, 466 north Second
De la Pommeraye Texier, 279 Walnut
D^lavau Barbara, widow 217Swanson

Delavau & Jones, cabinetmakers S W. cor. Library & Fourth
Deleveau James, confectioner 3!2 north Second
Delcvau Matthew, soap boiler Filth near Noble
Delavau WilKam, fancy chairmaker Browne near old Y. road
Dell John C. blacksmith 20 Branner's alley
Dclleker George, engraver 8 south Eighth, d. h. 42 Chester
Deluce N. teacher of music 34 north Eighth
Deluy Ylaire F. hairdresser 218 High and 1 south Seventh
Demerlier J. B. shoemaker 172 south Second
Dempsey James, innkeeper 98 south Second
Dempsey John, iron merchant 8 Bread and south wharves
Dempsey Martha, widow 323 Spruce
Dempsey Sarah, widow 32 Stamper's alley
Denabre Mrs. 140 south Fifth
Denabre Mrs. 14U south Eighth

Denckla A. H. merchant 12 north Third dwelling 49
Denham John, mariner back 70 Plum
Denham Susan, widow 42 Gaskil!
Denike Davis, mariner back 109 Christian
Denike ThonioS, sea captain 137 south Front
Denise Samuel, labourer 206 sou*h Fifth
Denman Aaron, merchant 271 Hi^h, dwelling 351 Arch
Denmark John, tobaccmist S. E. cor. Callowhill and EiglHh
Dennike Robert, mariner 19 ' edar

Dennis James, innkeeper NW corner Almond and Swanson
Dennis Jeremiah, tiunkmakev 71 south Water
Dennis John, coroner north west corner Sixth and Cherry
Dennis Richud, of U S. army, 280 Walnut
Dennison James, potter 119 Vine
Dennison George, lect acadamy 128 Locust
Denny Eleancr. widow fancy store i 75 south Second
|Denny George, labourer 26 Blackberry alley-
Denny Joseph, labourer 99 Budd
Denton George, sea captain 30 Green

Philadelphia Index, DEW

Dcntlet- Jacob, baker 277 south Fourth
fD'l'ee Thomas, white washer Caufi man's court
Derbyshire Mrs. widow 2 Carpenter's court
Derdang Lewis, labourer 165 Green
Derkheim Sarah, widow 105 Lombard
fDernbrick Abraham, woodsawyer Nicholson's court
Derpinger, gun factory, &.c. Brown's court
Derr John, sugar re finer, 83 Coats'
Deriick George, labourer Johnson's court
Derringer Henry, gunmaker 370 north Front
Derrum Isaac, oyster cellar under 138 High
Derry Ellen, widow 30 Appletree alley
fDerry William, waiter Caufrnian's court
Desabaye Lewis, painter &c. Randall's court
. Desaque L. wine and liquor store 65 south Second
De Schmitz H. G. attached to the Portuguese legation 6S

south Fifth
Desf'all John, hostler 9 Sugar alley

Deshang Frederick, gardener near United States arsenal
Desher Wilfam, brickmaker George west Schuylkill Fourth
Deshong Frederick, gardener near U. S. arsenal
Deshong Mathias, tavemkeeper 82 Dock
De Silver Robert, bookseller, binder &c. 110 Walnut
De Silver Thomas, bookseller &.c. 253 Market, dwelling 43

Sansom above Eighth
Desmond Daniel J. attorney i\ law 99 Spruce
Desmond T painter and glazier 1-18, dwelling °9 Sprure
Desplat Swphen, ladies' shoemaker 49 s^"*-^ fourth
Destas? James, 310 north iront
Destouet S. merchant 313 Ohesnur'
Destuet S. and B. merchants 209 High
Detrick Catherine, widow 74 Vine
Detterer Isaac, innkeeper 100 New
>-Devarnish John M. confectioner south-east corner Sixth and

Spruce, dwelling back 134 south Fourth
Deveny Patrick, dealer 122 Shippen
f Deveny Peter, clothes merchant and boot and shoe cleaner

under 12 south Sixth
Dever Michael, carter Freytag's alley
Deveraux Peter, brewer Liunon stieet

Deveraux , 446 south Front

Develin Felix, north-east corner Mulberry and Ninth
Devillan Barney, tanner near Tammany
Devis Thomas, painter and glazier 399 Sassafras
Devitt Terrence, baker 151 Cherry
Devlin Arthur, weaver Christian near Fifth
Devlin Ferdinand, labourer Steinmetz's court
Devlin James, labourer 4 Carlyle's court
Devon James L. cordwainer Mead alley
Dew Samuel, mariner 5 Little Dock
^Dewees David, tailor on Drawbridge, dwelling 10 Union
Dewees Elizabeth, dry good store 13 north Sixth

D1C Philadrlfthia Index.

Dewees S. and D. tailors on the Drawbridge
-De wees Spencer, tailor on the drawbridge, d. h. 45 Shippen

Dewees William P., M D 6 York Buildings

Dewey James, surveyor 41 Green

Dewey Paul, ladies' shoe maker 442 north Third

De Witt Abraham, labourer back. 106 Plum

De Witt Jacob, carpenter 7 Myer's court

De Witt P. widow Green near Front

Dexter Harvey, tailor 25 Juhunna

Dexter Sarah, widow 25 Juiianna

t Dexter Sarah, widow 2 Washington court

Deye Amos, labourer 6 Pratt's court

Diackerry Joseph, fruiterer, ce'e 97 north Third

Dialer Barbara, widow Poplar lane near St. John's

Diamond Hugh, dealer Cedar near Eleventh

Diamond Jacob, carpenter 148 Thirteenth

Diamond John, distiller 172 South

Diamond John, merchant Bunk alley, dwelling 303 Arch

Dice Sarah, widow washeruoms near Cherry Sch. Eighth

Dick Daniel Si Co. tobacennisis ^9 south Front

Dick William, tailor Calbraith's court

Dickerson John, lumber merchant I 1 Browne

Dickerson David, plough maker 2f Garden

Dickerson Sarah, widow 114 Aral

Dickerson Solomon, woollen manufactory south-west corner
Cherry and Tenth

■Dicfcerson TVJl}j aiTlj carter 55 Oak street (N. L.)

Dickerson William, i. a tt«r Sli ««»'* n ^toond

Dickey Elizabeth, widow carpet weaver 34 Mead ahcy

Dickins Peter, blacksmith Queen near Marlborough

Dickinsheets Anthony, tanner back 63 Budd

Dickinson , clock and watchmaker 53 south Third*

Dickinson David, printer south-west corner High aud Deca-
tur, dwelling Race 1 door above Sixth

Dicki'ison John, printer Juniper below Walnut

Dickinson Martha, widow hay scales corner German'
and Frankford road

fDickinson Martin, waiter 18 Cypress alley

Dickinson Phrebe, widow 158 south Second

Dickinson Richard C. grocer NE corner Tenth and Lombard

Dickinson Solomon, dealer in stone &.c. north- west corner of
Eleventh and Vine

Dicks Abel, iron founder Castle street

Dickson A. widow 193 south Third

Dickson Hugh, weaver 123 south Eleventh

Dickson John, carpenter 41 George (S.)

Dickson John, grocer 2-0 south Third corner Gnskill dwell-
ing 43 Gaskill

Dickson John, grocer 176 Swanson

Dickson Joseph R. inspector ot customs 25 Powt 11

Dick us Samuel, shoemaker Hanover near Qut_en

jDickus Widliam, coachman Poplar alley

Philadelphia Index. DIX

Diehl Nich. notary public office 117 south Second, dwelling

157 south Ninth
Diehl William, merchant 143 Spruce
Dietz Joseph J. artist 14 Pratt's court
Dietz Peter, oak cooper 33 Union
Diexy John, pumpmaker Fitzwater above Seventh
Dilhorn Ann, widow 11 north Twelfth
Hi Iks Jonathan labourer Eleventh above Pine
Dill Ann, nurse 73 Queen

Dillin H. 8c M. dry good store 106 north Ninth
Dillin Joseph, shoemaker 439 north Second
Dillin Mary, widow 269 north Eighth
Dillin Owen, bottler 106 north Ninth
Dinnin Robert, architect 192 south Sixth
Ding-ce Charles, saddler 194 High
Dillinger Catharine, nurse 137 north Eighth
Dillinger David, brushmaker 196 north Second dwelling 3

Pfeifer's alley
Dink Henry, shoemaker 263 north Eighth
Dillion Archibald, curbstone setter 216 south Sixth
Dillon James, grocer XE corner of Sixth and Catharine
Dillon John, drayman 125 Christian
Dillon Richard, grocer 78 German
D'lman Christopher, hair dresser 420 north Second
Dill Worth John, tailor 32 Bread
Di'tlworth Rachel, widow 161 Green
Di 1 worth Wm. and Charles, ironmongers 59 High, dwelling

53 Union
Dimmick Caleb, labourer 131 south Eleventh
Dippelf John, baker 60 Penn
Dissilve Joseph, gentleman Second near Beaver
Dito Shery, grocer 77 Locust
Dittmar Gotleib, tanner back 43 Coats'
Diver Joseph, carpenter 4 Filbert, dwelling 185 Cherry
Divett Patrick, drayman 270 south Fourth
Dix Rudoiph, gentleman 181 south Fifth
Dixey & Manderfield, pumpmakers Sch. Eighth bel. Maikei
Dixcy Isaiah, pumpmaker Schuylkill Eighth below High and

8 south Broad
Dixcey James, sea captain 281 south Front
Dixcy Jonathan, carpenter Pleasant avenue
Dixcy Thomas, pumpmaker Fitzwater above Seventh
Dixey William, 296 south Seventh

Dixon Dennis, morocco dresser near St. John's & Poplar hrie
Dixon John, tavernkeeper and drayman corner Old York

road and Coats'
Dixon Joseph, mustard manufacturer (son of the late John)

30 South Front
Dixon Michael, sea captain 171 south Eleventh
Dixon Peter, saddler 285 Market, dwelling 27 north N.iutft
Dixon Sarah, widow 28 Little Water
Dixon Thomas, keeper West's painting Pennsylvania Hospital

DON Philadelphia Index.

Dobbins Arihur, weaver forks Germantown road

Dobbins Caleb, carpenter no»*th side Chesnut near Sch. Sixth

Dobbins Elizabeth, widow Callowhill above Eleventh

Dobbins John, gentleman 27 New market

Dobbins Joseph, grocery £> tavern cor. Beach 8t Marsh (N

Dobby, accounant 442 south Front

lelbower, Lewis, printer S. E. cor. Fourth and Christian
Dobson Eliz. widow back 161 Christian
Dobson Robert, mariner court back 35 Mulberry
Dobson Thomas Sc Son, booksellers and stationers (stone

house) 41 south Second above Chesnut
Dodd Mary, shopkeeper 19 Pewterplatter alley
Doddery John, type founder Grissell's alley
Dodge Daniel H. jeweller 33 Carter's alley, d. h. 19 Powell
Doffin Elizabeth, tutoress 464 south Second
Doland John, grocery store NW corner Walnut and Water
Dolby Ann, boarding-house 59 south Seventh
Dolby Henry, shoemaker 268 Sassafras
Dolby Mary, boarding house 57 north Second
Dominique Lewis, oyslerman under 7 south Sixth
Dominique Vatier, bottling 1 cellar under north-west coiner

Chesnut and Seventh
Domsler Lewis, painter 87 Budd
Donagan Thomas, dry good store 410 north Second
Donaghay Robert, labourer Mark's lane
Donahue Ann, dealer 1 10 Lombard
Donaldson Andrew, cordwainer 197 south Third
Donaldson Andrew, mast master Beach ab. M arlborough % K
Donaldson & Evans, china store 307 south Second
Donaldson Isaac, china storekeeper 26 north Third
Donaldson Isaac, hatter 76 north Second
Donaldson Jane, corset maker 78 south Fifth
Donaldson John, carpenter 220 south Fourth
Donaldson John, merchant 162 Spruce
Donnaldson John, jun. wine merchant, insurance broker and

dispactour for adjusting average and insurance losses, 43

Dock, d. h. oS Walnut
Donaldson Joseph, hatter 72 north Second
Donaldson <J Lang, mast-makers 95 Swanson,
Donalson Uicftard M. sea captain 43 Dock
Donaldson Samuel E. sea captain 167 Spruce
Eonath Joseph, merchant 28 south Front
Donavan Sarah, widow Miller's court
Doule James, clocs. and watchmaker 112 High
Donley James, dr\ good store 5S north Third
Ecnna'ghan Patrick, carter 24 Fitzwater

thue Margaret, widow china store 176 south Second
Donnaky John, weaver 7 Lawrence

Donnell" I. C. dry good store 154 Market, d. h. 201 S. Fifth
Donnelly Ann, widow seamstress 259 north Eighth
Donnelly E. grocer 140 Cherry
Donnelly Hugh, ashman 75 Plum

Philadelphia Index. DOU

Donahue Biddy, tavernkeeper and shop 47 north Eighth
Donnell Lester F. 438 south Front
Donnell William R. accountant 121 south Fifth
Donnelly Hugh, bricklayer south-west cor. Plum and Fourth
Donnelly James, painter 168 Coats'
Donnelley Jane, washerwoman Marble street
Donnelly Joshua, ashman, 136 Queen
Donnelly Luke, weaver 82 George (S.)
Donnelly Michael, tailor 131 Cherry
Bonnelly Mrs. spinster 2 College avenue
Donnelly Samuel, labourer Locust above Broad
Donnott Rachel, tailoress 16 Budd

Donnover Charles, blacksmith N. E cor. Federal Si Second
Donoghy Eliza, widow nurse CaufFman's court
Donohue Ann, dealer 110 Lombard
Donovan Sarah, Lilly alley above Tammany
Donutt Christiana M. widow shopkeeper 186 Sassafras
Doran Michael, merchant 26 south Second
Doran William, grocer X.W. corner Vine and Water
Doran William, tavernkeeper, S E. corner Vine and Front
Doras Biddy, milliner 204 Cherry
Dorey Thomas, cabinetmaker back 338 south Front
Dorey Thomas, cabinetmaker 3 Dock
DortT Patrick, tinplate worker 307 High, d. h. 92 Wood
BortT Richard, tailor 154 north Fifth
D'Orlic Mr. French teacher 16 Prune
Dorman James, shoemaker 18 Filbert
Dorman John C. lab rarer, Queen near Fourth
Dorman John, paper stainer Buttonwood near Sixth
Dorman William, saddler S. W. corner Front and Mary's
Dornin Bernard, bookseller 58 south Fourth
Dorra William, shoemaker 377 north Third
Dorry S. widow porter and cake-house High W. Sch. Fourth
fDorsey Andrew, Dean's alley
^Dorsey Benedict, china Sec merchant 132 north Second
Dorsey Jeremiah, paver 26 > south Fifth
Dorsey Martin, labourer 183 south Fifth
Dorsey Mary, widow 5 north Ninth
'fDorsey Michael, porter Fourteen Chimneys
Dorsey Vincent, mariner near Rick's court in Third
Dorscheimer G. baker Cherrv below Sixth
Doster Daniel, M. D. 220 north Fifth
Dotter Adam, currier 213 St. John's
Doubleman John C. lace and fringe- weaver 33 Pewterplatter

Doubly Elizabeth, widow Beach near Maiden
Doubly William, blacksmith Lilly alley
Dougall John, weaver 36 north Sixth
Doughcoty James, paperhanger 22 Kunckle
Dougherty Alex, clothing store 40 S. Water and 39 S. Front
Doughty & Budd, hardware merchants 45 High


DOV Philadelphia Index.

Dougherty Bernard, hatter Eckfeldt's court

Dougherty Eliza, widow 10 Pine

Dougherty Francis, widow back 134 south Fourth

Dougherty George, tailor 48 Spruce

Dougherty George, hardware merchant 145 & 14" S. Fi •;

Dougherty Hugh, weaver Francisville

Dougherty Hugh, labourer St Joseph's avenue

Dougherty James, labourer Pine alley

Dougherty John, baker 78 Spruce

Dougherty John, carter 124 South

Dougherty John, cordwainer back 317 south Sixth

Dougherty John, cordwainer 372 south Front

Dougherty John, drayman 124 German

Dougherty John, shoemaker back 13 bet. Market & Cbfsnut

Dougherty .Michael, oysterman 2 Lesley's court

Dougherty Miss Alice, china store, 1574 south Second

Dougherty Mary, grocer 165 south Tenth

Dougherty Patrick, Dougherty's court

Dougherty Patrick, shoemaker Washington street Morrisville

Dougherty Philip, stonecutter Faris' alley

Dougherty Rachel, widow Mark's lane

Dougherty R. carpenter 173 and 228 south Seventh

Dougherty Richard, carpenter 223 south Seventh

Dougherty Surah, widow 1.

Dougherty Susan, widow 117 Vine

Dougherty Thomas, innkeeper, 229 Cedar

Dougherty Thomas, dentist 165 south Tenth

Dougherty "William, tavern keeper Washington near Vu

Dougherty Zebeniah, boarding-house 121 south Water

Doughty John, hardware merchant 90 Wood

Doughty Lucy, widow Maginnes' court

Doughty Thomas, landscape painter 12 north Eighth

Douglass Benajah, attorney at law 318 Vine

Douglass George, mariner 24 Little Water

Douglass John, alderman 156 south Fourth

Douglass John C. shoemaker 13U south Eleventh

Douglass J. sailmaker 43 south wharves, d. h. 17 Powell

Douglass Peter, tooth-brush maker 31 north Third

f Douglass Robert, hairdresser, &c. 54 Mulberry

Douglass Samuel L. keeper of the Walnut st. prison ii

ing 475 south Front
Douglass widow boarding-house 27 Sansom
Doug'ass William, carpenter 7 Little Dock
Douse Samuel, mariner 129 Plum
fDouse Richard, mariner 245 Spruce
Dove Wiiliam, mariner 9 Poplar lane
Dowdel Barbara, widow dealer 311 south Third
Downing Hugh, cabinet and chairmaker 90 south Second
Downing John W. merchant counting-house 78 Market
Downing Jacob, shoemaker Nicholson's court
D niglass !.. S. fancy dry good store 47$ south Fourth
harlotte, shopkeeper 64 Race

Philadelphia Index. DRE

•j Dover G. doctor Cherry near Eleventh

Dow Abraham, cordwainer 5 Harmony court

Dow George, boarding-house 14 Shippen

jDowden Knight, oysterman 153 Lombard

Dowel Catherine, widow of James victualler Queen

Dowers Nicholas, stablekeeper 125 Pine
Dowler John, gunsmith 174 Coats'
Dowling Daniel, grocer 142 Cherry
Howling John A. dealer 283 south Sixtli
Dowling Joshua, plaisterer 14 Carpenter
Downe Elizabeth, widow Sassafras west of Broad
Downer Charles L. mercht. 25 S. wharves, d. h. 16 Newmarket
f Downing Levi, coachman back 123 north Tenth
Downnaud Abel, 183 south Second
Downs Fanny, widow 7 St. Mary's
Downes James, mariner 52 Queen
Downs John, carpenter 120 Locust
Downs John, carpenter 5 Cleaver alley
Downs Susan, widow 138 Locust
Doyle Andrew, porter 80 Union
Doyle Catharine, widow 9 Fromberger's court
Doyle Edward, labourer back I Elbow lane
Doyle Elizabeth, widow 62 Dock
Doyle George, sea captain south Second near John's
Doyle Hugh, accountant back 121 Mulberry
♦Doyle James, cordwainer back 86 Locust
Doyle James, sea captain 473 south Second
Doyle James, tailor 165 north Front
Doyle John, grocer 338 High, d. h. 3 south Tenth
'Doyle John, tavernkeeper Leopard Inn (Head Qua

the members of 12j) Lxtitia court
Doyle Lawrence, cordwainer 42 Catherine
Dozville Lewis, grocer S.W. corner Ninth and Cherry
Drain Robert, painter and glazier, Perry street
Drain William, drayman 33 Green
Drais Daniel, sailmaker 30 Summerl's wharf
Drake Margaret, 68 south Fifth
Drake R. D. attorney at law 112 Walnut
Drance Sarah, widow 138 Arch
j Draper Jesse, porter 92 Bedford
Dravell Marian, widow grocer 174 north Water
Drayton James, umbrella manufacurer 3 south Fourth
Drayton John, ladies' shoemaker back 569 south Front
Drayton Joseph, engraver 65 Mulberry
Drean Richard, merchant 4 north Front
Dredger John, tavernkeeper 161 north Front
Dreer Frederick, cabinet maker 152 south Fourth
Dreisbach Adam, storekeeper Noble corner of Fourth
Dreisbach Wm. wine & liquor store N.W. cor. Vine &f Fourth
Drew John, flaxhackler 216 south Fourth

DUF Philadelphia Index.

Drexel Francis M. portrait painter 40 south Sixth

Drinkhouse George, tin plater 6 Cresson's alley

Drinkhouse Jacob, tin plate worker 22 Branner's alley

Dropsy Aaron, accountant Coats' near Fourth

Drorsdorf Charles A. grocer SE cor. Lombard and Eighth

Droz Charles A. clock and watchmaker 118 Walnut

Drinker Henry S. gentleman 67 Locust

Drinker John, attorney at law 199 Walnut below Eighth

Drum , carter Catharine

Drummond H. B. gentleman 54 south Fourth

Drummond J. bleeder with leeches 53 north Eighth

Drummond Mary, widow 114 Lombard

Drummond -Mary, widow washerwoman Taper alley

Drunksis John, baker 90 Browne

Drury Michael, 334 Market

Drysdale William, clock and watchmaker 44 High

Duane Mrs. of Win. late editor of the Aurora 70 S. Eighth

Duane Wm. J. attorney at law 156 Walnut

Dubaces Susannah, widow Christian near Eighth

Dubant Mark, glove maker 85 south Water

Dubarry John, merchant 186 High

Dubbs Martin, inspector of salt provisions, office Girard's
wharf, dwelling north-east corner Ninth and Race

Dubenaurd Thomas, carpenter 33 Cherry

Dubigan V. gentleman 136 south Fifth

f Dublin Perry, mariner 35 Elizabeth

Dubois Benjamin, carpenter Lilly alley

Dubois Cornelius, cabinetmaker Lilly alley

Dubois John and Son, cordwainers 46 George (S.)

Dubois John, cordwainer 23 Mary

Dubois Samuel, morocco finisher SW cor. George &. Second

Dubois William, labourer 123 north Water

Duborow Hugh, chip hat factory 102 Poplar bel. Second

Dubree John," labourer George west Schuylkill Fourth

Ducker John, exchange broker north-east corner Hunter's
court and Eleventh

Duchi R. R. jeweller 183 south Second

Ducoing John, millinery and fancy store 111 south Second

Ducoing Sophia, widow 69 Spruce

Ducomb Christian, boarding house 74 Locust

Ducomb Margaretta, grocer NW corner Sixth and Pine

Du Common M. watchmaker 29 south Fourth

Ducy William, hatter Filbert near Schuylkill Eighth

Duddy Bernard, typefounder Cedar below Tenth

Dudgeon John, shoemaker Thirteenth near Race

Duddy Michael, dyer Cedar below Tenth

Dudley Atkins, M. D 19 south Seventh

Duey Mary, widow 20 Budd

Duet Andrew, house carpenter Marlborough near Bedford K.

Duff and Harbasee, house carpenters north-east corner Tenth
and Marble

Philadelphia Index. DUN

Duff Eliza, widow 54 north Fifth

Duff James, tallow chandler 5 Caledonian court

Duff John, butcher 51 south Water

Duff Patrick, grocer SW corner of Second and Queen

Duffield Edward, accountant 212 south Fourth

Duffield James, shoemaker Perry

Duffield William B., M. D. 198 Spruce professor of midwifery

Duftry Arthur, weaver Christian near Eighth

Duftry Francis, grocer NW corner of Plum and Second

Duffy Edward, linen trader 315 north Water

Duffy Francis, tavernkeeper Walnut near wharf

Duffy Thomas, hatter back 114 Plum

Duffy William, copperplate printer 159 south Tenth

Dugan Joseph, merchant 73 Spruce

Dugan Patrick, stonemason Schuylkill Eighth above Cherry

Dugan Peter, grocer SE corner of Bedford and Seventh

Dugdale Thomas, jun. teacher of lnnguages, FriendV school

south Fourth, dwelling 166 Spruce

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