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Free Edward, livery stable and innkeeper 50 Callowhill
Free Samuel, carter 32 Laurel
Free Samuel, drayman Laurel near Budd (N. L.)
Freeburn Daniel, blacksmith near Prime
Freed Anthony, grocer 147 St. John's
Freed David, flour store 97 north 4th
Freed George F. looking-glass silverer 339 north Third
Freed Isaac, flour and feed store N. E. cor. Third and Noble
Freedly Doctor, 280 north Second
Freehart George, cordwainer Ger. road near 4th
Freeland Davis S. &JCo. hatters 22 High, d. h. 39 Race
Freeland John T. machine maker back 365 Arch
Freeman A. & E. W. milliners 70 Arch
Freeman Benjamin E. printer 10 Franklin court
Freeman Henry G. attorney at law 215 Chesnut
Freeman Isaac P. hatter north Third, dwelling 51
Freeman Jacob, Pine above Tenth
fFreeman James, waiter back 4 Elizabeth
Freeman Margaret, widow Pine above Tenth
Freeman T. B. 15" Son, auctioneers & commission merchants

N.W. cor. 7th & Chesnut, d. h. S. E. cor. Chesnut & Tenth
Freeman T. W. L. auctioneer & commission merchant N.W,

cor. 7th and Chesnut, d. h. S. E. cor. Chesnut and Tenth
Freenau Paid, tailor 28 Sprucet

Freeston Wm. B. bleeder &. hairdresser 5th above Buttonwood
Freeston William, grocer 86 north Eleventh
Freestone Robert, silvcrplater Buttonwood near Sixth
Freidlein John F. 267 south 4th
French Richard, Vine near Thirteenth
French widow, boarding-house 1 Ta3 r lor's alley
Freshmuth Michael, cooper J 56 High, d. h. 227 Callowhill
Fretageot Madam, boarding-school N.W. cor. Walnut & 12th
Freytag Daniel, potter and queens ware store 139 Cedar
Freytag Michael, justice of the peace 198 south 5th
Fricke Frederick cabinetmaker Donninger's court
Frick Jacob, clerk to board of commissioners Spring Garden

dwelling 92 Wood
Frick Jacob 8c Co. editors and publishers of the American

Sentinel 22 Walnut
Frick Jacob, brickmaker 4th near George (N. L )

Ft'L Philadelphia Index.

Frick Michael, brassfounder 364 north Third

Flick William, brickmaker Charlotte near Poplar lane

Fricker John, cabinetmaker 69 Green and 356 north Second

Fricker Joseph, gentleman 362 north Second

Fried G. M. cork manufacturer 48 south 5th

Friek Catharine, teacher 305 Callowhill

Friel William, grocer 244 Shippen

Friend Isaac T. milkman, George near Tenth

Fries Conrad, grocer 118 Frankford road

Flies John, gentleman 167" Mulberry

Fries John, jun. 167 Mulberry

Fries Maria, seamstie3s HofTner's near Cressoivs alley

Frinple Elizabeth, widow 81 New

Fritez Peter F. printer 234 north .Front

Fritez Peter, keeper of Arch street prison

Fritz Christopher, baker corner Race and Sch. Seventh

Fritz Eliza, widow 181 St. John's

Fritz George, blacksmith Second near Pear

Fritz Jacob, cabinetmaker 14 South alley

Fritz John, gentleman 11 South alley

Fritz William, bootmaker 9 Pennsylvania avenue

Fromberger John, tobacconist 9h south Sixth and 30 AJ

Fromberger Miss Maria, 248 Spruce

Frost, Doctor, Coats' near 4th

Frowert John, shoemaker 4 Sugar alley

Frowert John, shoemaker 62 north 5th

Frowert L. H. shoemaker 322 Vine

Frv Ann, widow, shopkeeper 88 north Front

Fry J. blockmaker 139 north Water, d. h. 34 Elfreth's alley

Fry John, baker 140 north Front

Fry William, printer, office National Gazette, 72 S. Second

Fryer & Anderson, dry good store 50 south Second

Fryer John, back 156 Swanson

Fryer William A. piano forte maker 84 Crown

Fryburgh Joseph, victualler 2*61 N. 8th, stall 13 old shamble.-

Fryburgh Susan, widow of John victualler 53 north Eighth

Frygburger Peter, hatter 4 Trotter's alley

Fudge Henry, bookbinder 87 south 5th

Fulker Philip, labourer back 473 north Thii

Fuller Archibald, baker back 118 Swanson

Fuller John, pilot 479 south Front

Fulierton Aaron, shipwright Hanover near Prince

Fullerton Alexander, gentleman 33 Filbert

Fulierton &. Claxton, apothecaries & druggists 172-A Market

Fullerton Catharine, widow tavernkeeper Beach ab. Marlbru'

Fulierton Eleanor, widow 23 Swanson

Fullerton Elizabeth, widow tailoress 45 Shippen

fFulman Philip, porter 8 Warner's court

Fulmer George, near new Penitentiary

Fulmer John, carpenter 25 Franklin

Philadelphia Index, GAL

lifter John, grocer 196 Noble
Fulmer widow, 438 north Front
Fulmer William, grocer 388 north 4th
Fulong Elizabeth, widow 290 Lombard
Fulton, James, dealer 379 south Front
Fulton Sarah, seamstress Cedar near Tenth
Fulton Samuel, salt and plaister store 365 High, d. h 2 Ches-

nut near Sch. Sixth
Funk Christian, tanner 69 Christian
Funk Henry, mariner 28 Swanson
Funk John,' victualler Eighth near Buttonwood
Funson Joseph, weaver 374 north Front
Funston Thomas, grocer corner Poplar lane and St. John's
Funston William, labourer 83 north Water
Furey John, cordwainer Loxley's court
Furlong Elizabeth, widow 290 Lombard
Furlong James, grocer 2 Little Water
Furman David, blacksmith 9 Green's court
Furr William, ladies' shoemaker 8 Little Water
f Furrer Joseph, boot-cleaner Acorn alley
Furst David, carter 73 Budd
Furste M. engraver in steel 168 Spruce
Furze James, dry good store 268 south Second
Fuss Mary, baker Federal above Second
Fust William, upholsterer 104 Locust
Fyan Catharine, widow 39 Coats'

GABLE JACOB, carpenter 21 Browne ,

Gable John, carpenter 41 Coats'
Gable Peter, carpenter 9 Browne
Gable Peter, jun. carpenter 18 Poplar lane
Gablier Jean, oyster cellar under S.E. cor. High and Juniper
Gabriel Harvey, tailor 10 Harmony court
Gadsden Miss Emma, 297 Spruce
Galcuin Joseph, cordwainer 214 south Seventh
Galbraith Andrew, tallowchandler 13 South alley
-j-Gale Jane, washerwoman Osborn's court
Gale Sharp T. weaver 259 Catharine
Gale William, labourer Johnson's court
fGales William, coachman Stewart's alley
Gall Patrick, brewer 26th south Water
Gallagher Bernard, grocer 12 south Seventh
Gallagher Daniel, labourer S.W. corner Eleventh and Cedar
Gallagher Mary, n.antuamaker 173 Lombard
Gallagher Peter, dealer 22 Bedford
Gallagher Peter, printer back 176 north Eighth
Gallagher Susannah, widow tailoress 47 Christian
Gallagher, widow boarding-house 16 Carter's alley
Gallagher, widow of Andrew 43 north Sixth

GAR Philadelphia Inaex.

Gallagher, widow of Dr. James, S. E. cor. 5th and LibrarV

Gallaway Maria, widow dry good store 40 north 4th

Gallant Susan, widow Webb's alley

Galley Ann G. widow tobacconist 64 north Second

Galley Henry, sailmaker Bernard's court

Gallon Peter, men's nurse in Alms-house

Gallondett P. W. teacher school-room 8 College avenue, d.h.

223 north Sixth
Galloway John, mechanist and engineer 127 north Sixth
Galloway John, tailor 54 Mead alley
Galloway William, grocer Hodge's wharf below Race
Gallway John, house-carpenter 3 Lyndal's alley
Galouin J . cordwainer 214 south Seventh
Gamble Charles, innkeeper N.W corner Front and Shipper.
Gamble Eleanor, widow 25 Lombard
Gamble James, 265 north Front
Gamble John M. major U. S. marine corps navy yard oppobU-

566 south Front
Gamble John, weaver Fitz water corner Seventh
Gamble Mary, widow 216 Spruce
Gamble, widow of James 67 Locust
Gamble William, cordwainer 246 south 4th
Gampher Michael, cooper 39 Lombard, d. h. 274 south 5th r
Gandy S. & Son, flour and feed store 3 south wharves d. h

2 Chancery lane
fGanges Ceasar, porter 120 Christian
fGanges Millander, labourer at Beck's shot factory
Gano John, storekeeper 11 south Second
Gans James, ropemakei Carpenter near Shippen's lane
fGanson Robert, coachman 3 Frier's court
Garachan Francis, grocer SE corner 5th and Walnut
Garden Mary, widow 133 south Sixth
Garde John, shoemaker Hanover near Prince
|Garden Mary, washerwoman 37 Middle alley
Garden William, printer back 34 north 4th
Gardener Sebastian, fancy store 97 north Second
Gardette James, dentist N.W. corner Ninth and Chesnut
Gardiner Baldwin, hardware merchant 98 Chesnut, d. h. 144

south Eleventh
Gardiner Edward, brushmaker near corner Callowhill and

Ridge road
Gardiner! Hannah, tavernkeeper 8 Strawberry street
Gardiner James, grocer SW cor. Second and Moyamenslng - 1
Gardiner John, gentleman 270 Walnut
Gardiner John, mariner Prime opposite navy yard
Gardiner John, mariner 28 Mead alley
Gardiner Jonathan, coachman 22 Elizabeth
Gardiner Richard, wheelwright 29 Wood
Gardiner & Veron, fancy hardware store 98 CUei
Gardner E. widow 24 Yine

Philadelphia Index, GAR

Gatdnei 1 George R. dry good store 30 north Second
Gardner Henry, coachmaker 307 CallowhiU
Gardner Jacob II. skindresser 321 Vine
Gardner Jacob, grazier 293 Vine
Gardner James, gentleman 145 south Eighth
• Gardner John caulker Second above forks Germantown roaif
Gardner John, shipwright Union alley
Gardner Jonathan, baker Christian near 5th
Garesche Gabriel, merchant 11 Minor, d. h. 199 Chesnut
Garlanger Henry, bricklayer 194 Noble
Garlick Phoebe, widow of Joseph, cotton spinner cornV

Schuylkill Second and Vine
Garnet Michael, carpenter 49 Wood
Garrett Ann, Bonsall near Tenth
Garrett Ezra T. tailor 13 Sassafras alley
Garrett Jeremiah, shoemaker 1 Clawges' court
Garrett John, turner Hanover near Prince
Garrett John K. dry good store 127^ north 4th, d. h. 144 Hi^r
"t Garrett Joseph, labourer back 19 Middle alley
Garrett Levi, tobacconist 138 S. i-Yont N.W. cor. drawbridge
Garrett Mary, seamstress 3d door above Eleventh in George
Garrett Philip, clock & watchmaker 144 High, & 9 X. Sixth
Barrett Richard, Passyunk road
Garrett Thomas, b^rk manufactory 45 New
Garrett William, brass founder brass hinges S;c. 28T Vin
Garretson E druggist 39 north 5th
Garretson Samuel, sea captain 18 Shippen
Garrick Elizabeth, widow Shield's alley
Garrick John, plaisterer Thirteenth above Race
Garrigues A braham N. gentleman 74 Arch
Garrigues Edward B. apothecary and druggist, £35 Jtfarkel

d. h. 39 Cherry
Garrigues Edward, merchant 92 Union
Garrigues Isaac B. stonecutter near 31 Zane and 39 Cfrerry
Garrigues J. B. stonecutter 90 Wood
Garrigues Samuel P. carpenter 80 north Sixth
Garrigues Sarah, bonnet maker 74 Arch
Garrigues William, jun. carpenter 31 Cherry
Garrigues Wm. measurer of carpenter's work 39 Cherry
Garigues William, stonecutter 324 Vine
Garrish Levi, flour merchant d. h. 17 Browne, 2 N. Wll.v
Garrison Abraham, hairdresser 239 ncrth JFVont
Garrison Clement, carpenter Norman's court
Garrison David, cordwainer Noble near J-Yont
Garrison Eli, spar maker Beach near Maiden
Garrison Israel, currier 31 Wood
Garrisson J. gentleman 49 Vine
Garrison John, harnessmaker 500 south Second
Garrison Priscilla, midwife 264 Lombard
Garrison William, ladies' shoemaker back 63 Um.en

A Philadelphia Index.

Carson Henry, printer 3 Raspberry alley

Garth George, teacher Noble between 5th and Sixth

Gartland John, china store 89 north Second

Gartland, widow boarding house 21 Walnut

Gartley Elizabeth, teacher 4 Dock

Garvey James, tavernkeeper 10 south Eighth

Garvin James, oysterman Marriott's lane between 4th if 5tb

Garvin Thomas, tailor 198 Shippen

Garvin William, labourer Lombard west Schuylkill Eighth

Garrison A. weaver Federal near jPront

Garwood Samuel, cordwainer Carpenter near 4th

Garwood William, shipcarpenter Swanson near Navy Yard

Gaskill and Coston, tailors north-west corner Chesnut and

Water, and 30 south Water
Gaskill Benjamin, bookbinder 285 High
Gaskill Edmund, ladies' shoemaker north-west corner Filbert

and Eighth
Gaskill Esther, storekeeper 278 north Second
Gaskill Sarah, widow gentlewoman 21 Race
Gassier John, brass founder Nonnatev's court
Gatchel Joseph, smith 11 Decatur, dwelling 57 north Sixth
Gates Nathaniel, shipwright 23 Beck's alley
Gates Nathaniel, jr. shipwright 23 Beck's alley
Gather Mary, widow teacher 152 Cherry
Gatze F. A. musician 41 Filbert fc

Gaudechand Peter, fillagree worker 12 .Franklin court
Gaul Christian, baker 91 Mulberry
Gaul Frederick and Son, brewers back 147 High, dwelling

17 north 4th
Gaul Frederick, brewer 17 north 4th
Gaul .Frederick, jun. brewer dwelling 31 Old York road,

brewery corner Callowhill and New market
Gaul James, saddler Coats' alley near Front
Gaul James, sea captain 230 Swanson, d. h. 549 south Front
Gaul John F. carpenter 130 Coats'
Gaunt & Barber, cordwainers 138 South
Gauss Jacob F. baker 258 north Front
Gavel Benjamin, caulker back 126 Christian
Gavin John, 236 south 5th
Gaw Chambers, inspector of customs 119 New
Gaw Gilbert, Windsor chairmaker and inspector of custom*

84 north Front
Gaw Robert, chairmaker 179 and 280 south Second
Gaw Robert M. engraver 63 south Eleventh
Gaw William, blacksmith 393 south Second
Gaw William, black and whitesmith 237 Cedar
Gawn Peter, blacksmith 438 north Front
Gay James, grocer and distiller 264 north Second
fGay Richard, labourer 45 Currant alley
Geast Ann and Elizabeth 33 Arch

Philadelphia Index, GIB

Gfibhavd Lewis, M. D. 1I8 Sassafras

Gebler Apolonia, widow teacher 10 South allc>

Geirard Madam, widow 15 Coats' street

Geisse and Korckhauss, merchants 213 High

Gejsse George, merchant, 133 north Ninth

Geisse Henry, merchant back 266 Market

Geisse Mary, widow 12 Sterling alley

Gendel Anthony, labourer Marriott's lane above 4th

Gendel Eliza, widow 4 Shields' court

Genter George, butcher 469 north Second

Genther David, victualler SE corner Buttonwood and Sixth

Genther Francis, victualler 42 Budd

Genther Valentine, carpenter Arch alley and back 175 Coals'

George Anthony, grocer 206 south Second

George Charles, printer 118 north Ninth

George Elizabeth, widow Walnut west of Broad

George Frederick, musical instrument maker 5 Fayette

George Israel, currier Bryan's court

George John D. accountant 44 Almond

George John, haircloth manufacturer Union below Second

George Joseph, currier 172 north Third, dwelling 44 Wood

George Mary Ann, shopkeeper 193 north Front

George Mary 196 south Water, and 193 south Front

George Richard, hatter 156 High

George widow of Richard, boarding house 55 south Seventh

George William, mariner back 10 Shippen

Gerhard Elizabeth, widow 31 Race

Gerhard Wm. hatter 44 north /"rout and 20 north Seventh

Germon JPrancis S. paper hanger and marble paper muke:

corner of Race and 5th
fiermon Greenberry D. silversmith 331 north Second
Gerrin Stephen, cabinetmaker 64 north Third
Gerrish Stephen, shopkeeper 79 north Eighth
Gess Benjamin, carter 12 Mead alley
Gesse Adelina, milliner 44 north 4th
Gessner George, baker 46 Vine

Gest John, merchant High NVV cor. Tenth, d. h. 28 N. Tentk
Gcthen John, dyer &c. south Tenth
Gether Christopher, labourer Sixth near Marriott's lane
Getler Martin, shoemaker 19 Mulberry alley
Gety Andrew, gardener Carpenter near Shippen's lane
Getze" F. A. professor of music back 278 High
Getz George, victualler 156 St. John
Getz Henry, labourer Poplar lane near St. John's
Geyer Andrew, inspecter of customs 129 Sassafras
Geyer Barbara, widow 136 north Third
Geyer John, gentleman 197 south 4th
Geyer John, one of the aldermen 122 north Third
Giberson M. M. and E. fancy dry good store 66 north Third
Giberson William, silver plater NE cor. Third and Mulberry

( i [ L Philadelphia Index.

Gibbons Daniel, watchman Workman's court

Gibbons George \V. conveyancer and office for the purchase

and sale of real estate 16$ south 4th, d. h. 73 S. Eleventh
Gibbons Joseph, conveyancer and office for the purchase and

sale of real estate 15 Decatur, dwelling 149 south Tenth
Gibbs Abraham, sailmaker 4 Washington court
fGibbs Ann, widow Blackberry alley
fGibbs Coffee, carpenter 73 Bedford
Gibbs George, dyer and scourer 70 Almond
Gibbs Henry, labourer 217 Shippen
Gibbs James, labourer 23 Elizabeth
Gibbs Job, carpenter 193 Green

Gibbs John, lottery and exchange broker 4£ south Third
Gibbs John W. printer 79 Walnut
Gibbs J- W. jr. merchant NE corner Arch and .Fourth
Gibbs William, gentleman 200 Noble (N. L.)
Gibson Elizabeth, widow nurse Davis' court
Gibson George, blacksmith 44 Budd
Gibson Hester, gentlewoman 54 south Eleventh
Gibson Jacob, tinplate worker 334 south Second
Gibson James, carter north-west corner 4th and Prune
Gibson James, counsellor at law, dwelling 78 Walnut, office

61 south 4th second door below Walnut
Gibson James, distiller 76 Cedar and 83 Shippen
Gibson Joseph, tinplate worker 197 and d. h. 334 S. Second
Gibson Lydia, shopkeeper Castle street
Gibson Margaret, teacher 11 Elmslie's alley
Gibson Nathaniel B. tinplate worker under north-west corner

Chesnut and Seventh
Gibson William, M. D. south side Chesnut 2d house above

Seventh street
Gideon Ann, tailoress 202 north Eighth
Gideon Benjamin, coach trimmer Miller's alley
Gideon Casper P. saddler 112 north Seventh
Gideon George, 202 north Eighth
Gideon Jacob, 142 south 4th
Giffbrd Elizabeth, widow Queen near Sixth
Gifford Mary, dealer 349 south Front
Gihon James, printer back 93 High
Gihon John H. tailor Cresson's alley
Gilbert Dorcas, widow Eleventh near Filbert
Gilbert Frederick, merchant 187 High, dwelling 395 Arch
Gilbert George, engraver on wood 139 north Sixth dwelling

84 Tammany
Gilbert Isaac, oysterman, Beach near Maiden (K.)
Gilbert Jacob, tailor 139 north Sixth
Gilbert J. carpenter 3 Hoffman's alley

Gilbert John, brickmaker and oak cooper Coats' near Eighth
Gilbert John G. tailor 76 Callownill
Gilbert Joseph, carpenter 20 Chester

Philadelphia Index. OUT.

Gilbert Joseph, cordwainer 546 north Second

Gilbert Joseph, merchant, dwelling 395 Mulberry

Gilbert Joseph, tanner and currier 126 Lombard

Gilbert Joseph, umbrella maker 158 High

Gilbert Michael, potter 6 Branch

Gilbert Samuel, tobacconist 208 north Third

Gilbert Sarah, widow 18 Vine

Gilbert Thomas, tavernkeeper Black Horse alley

Gilbraith Robert, carter 121 Queen

Gilby Margaret 98 Catherine

Gildenfenney Henry, baker 146 Spruce

Gilder John, carpenter 155 south Eleventh

Gildfier Frederick A. gunstockmaker 20 Green

Ginder William, supercargo 20 Key's alley

Gilfry John, brushmaker 139 south 4th

Gilfry William, brushmaker Smith's court near Front;

Gilkey John, carter 49 Fitzwater

Gilkey John, cabinetmaker 209 south Front

Gill Edward, accountant 1 65 north 4th

Gill Eliza, widow 137 north Sixth

Gill John, dyer Thirteenth near High

Gill John, jun. merchant 229 High

Gill Nicholas, shipjoiner 13 York court

Gill Philip, mariner 98 Swanson

Gill Rachael, widow 5 Ranstead's court

Gill Robert, jun. storekeeper NE corner Wood and Sixth

Gill Robert, sen. gentleman 197 NE corner Wood and Sixth

Gill Samuel, carter Oak near Noble (N.L.)

Gill Silas, paper maker Kugler's court

Gill Thomas, drayman Margaretta near Second

Gill William, auctioneer 1 10 north Front

Gillam Jesse, corder 18 Callowhill

Gillam Rachel, shopkeeper 188 north Water

Gillaspey George, M. D. Chesnut near Sch. Eighth

Gillaspey Hannah, storekeeper 44 south Second

Gillaspy John, grocer 482 north Second

Gillen Robert, sea captain 1 Strawberry street

Gillespie and Ellmaker, merchants 275 High

Gillespie D. lottery and exchange office 11 south Third

Gilless Robert, cordwainer 545 south Second

Gillet A. painter 51 New

Gillet William, shipwright Prime below Second

Gilliams Jacob, dentist 35 Areh

Gilliams Lewis, 35 Arch

Gilliard George, ladies' shoemaker 15 Carter's alley

Gilliard John, ladies* shoemaker 184 south Second

Gillies T. combmaker 59 New

Gillig-an Mary, widow 40 Zane

Gillin and Hill, bottlers 3 Pear

Gillin Daniel, weaver back 99 Shippen

GLA Philadeljifma Index.

Gillingham George, labourer 10 Elbow lane

Gillingham James, hatter 175 south Front

Gillingham Mahlon, merchant d. b. 10 north Seventh

Gillou Victor, dancing master 175 south 5th

Gilrnan Jesse, corder wood-wharf above Vine

Gilmer George, boarding-house 16 Strawberry

Gilmer Jane, widow spinster 1 Smith's court

Gilmer John, drayman 205 Callowhill

Gilmore Isaac, mariner 4 Madison court

fGilmore Jacob, fruiterer 123 south Sixth

Gilmore Mrs. dry good store 110 north 4th

Gilpin H. D. attorney at law 20 south Seventh

Gilpin J. C. grocer 173 south 5th

Gilpin Joshua & Thomas, papermaker9 149 south Front

Gilpin Joshua, merchant 5 Franklin row south Eighth

Gilpin Josiah H. grocer 225 south Front

Gilpin Judith, widow 58 Gaskill

Gilpin Thomas, papermaker 14 Dock

Gilpin William, gentleman 225 south Front

Gilroy H. ladies' shoemaker 51 south 4th

Gimeny Richard, 248 Lombard

Ginder Charlotte, widow Twelfth near Arch

Ginder David, labourer at brew-house 22 North alley

Ginnings J. C. potter Queen near Frankford road

fGinn Littleton, labourer 36 Blackberry alley

Girard Stephen, merchant 21 and 23 north Water, banking

house Third opposite Dock
Girdon James, sea captain 41 Key's alley
Girvan James, tailor 2 south Seventh
Girvan William, coachmaker 12 John street
Gismeyer Jacob, tailor 10 Branner's alley
Githen Charles oakcuoper 148 north Front
Gi thins Samuel, carter 144 north Front
Githens William, ladies' shoemaker 32 south Seventh
Given James & Co. grocery store 314 Market
Givan Samuel, innkeeper Race west Sch. Eighth
Given Thomas, weaver Queen near Third
Givan William, labourer Sch. Seventh near Mulberry
Glading James, oakcooper and guager 31 Penn
Glading John, oakcooper 27 Swanson and 72 Penn
Glading Joseph, nailer 197 St. John's and 93 Coats'
Glaizer Henry, shoemaker 81 Budd
Glasby Nathan, tailor 46 Oak (N. L.)
Glasgow Hester, widow weaver 524 north jPront
Glasgow James, plaisterer Pine above Tenth
Glason Leonard, cakebaker 25 Walnut
Clause Abraham, hatter 484 Race
Glass Samuel, accountant 94 Spruce
Glause Samuel, carpenter Tenth below Pine
Gfezier Pavid, nailor J91 St. John's

Philadelphia index. GOL

Gleason Jonas, hardware manufacturer High west of Schuyl*
kill Sixth near Schuylkill bridge

Gledkill William, weaver corner Coats' and diaries

Glenn Daniel, caulker Beach above Warren
Glenn Hamilton L. printer 26 Strawberry

Glen John, carter 137 north Ninth

Glenn John, carter Sch. 5th between Market and Chesnut

Glenn Mrs. widow of John, tobacconist Marble

Glenn Susannah, boarding-house 138 south Second

Glentworth George, druggist north-east corner Chester d. h.
281 Race

Glentworth G. P. merchant 105 Pine

Glentworth James, jun. deputy surveyor of the port of Phi-
ladelphia 231 Spruce

Glonnenger Joseph, drayman 3 Baker's court

Gloucester Jeremiah, teacher first Presbyterian church 263
south Seventh

Glousen Nicholas, glue maker and skindresser N.W. corner
Margaretta and Newmarket

Glover Andrew, bottler 246 Lombard

Glover Jacob, surrogate Woodbury, New Jersey

Gobright , engraver 144 south Ninth

God Christian, watchman Beach near Maiden (K.)

Goddard George, gentleman 12 Noble

Goddard John, merchant 61 south Front, dwelling south-east
corner Eleventh and Walnut

Godfery Andrew, victualler Juniper above Cherry

Godfrey James, oysterman 604 Union

Godley Jesse & Co. merchants 53 High

Godon V. storekeeper 32 south 4th

Godshall Ann, widow teacher back 37 Beck's alley

Godshawl Paul, carter 6 Moyamensing road

Godshall Wm. white ropemaker Passyunk road bel. Christian

Goeller Philip, teacher 322 south Second

Goe Mary, widow 17 Parham's alley

Goetz & Ackley, dry good merchants 28£ north Second

Goff Elizabeth, nurse Prime below Moyamensing road

Gogarty Nicholas, dry good store 119J north Second

Goglas Margaret, 136 Callowhill

Goldaker Mathias, oysterman 233 south 4th

fGolden Ely, labourer 8 Oak (S.)

Golder Elizabeth, widow N.W. corner Juniper and Locust

Golder John, attorney at law 194 south 4th

Golder Jeremiah, cordwainer 2 Loxley's court

Golderman Caspar, tailor 7 Kean's court

Goldey Jacob, shoemaker 176 Sassafras

Goldey John, shoemaker 206 Cherry

Goldsmith George, plane maker 38 Laurel n. Second (N. L.)

Goldsmith Levan, trader 4 Newmarket


GOR Philadelphia Inaex.

Goldsmith Thomas, plane maker 383 north Second corner

Green, dwelling 424 north Front
Goldson Mary, widow seamstress Smith's alley
Goldtrap Catharine, widow 13 Knight's court
Gomas Michael, mariner 19 Beck's alley
Gomminger Agnes, glove maker 83 Callowhill
Goodaright John, Saddler 99 St. John's
Good David, tavernkeeper 356 Market
Goodfellow Elizabeth, widow of Wm. pastry cook 64 Dock
Goodfellow James, nailor, Vine alley near Twelfth
Goodhart John, hatter 126 north 4th
Goodin John and Sons, grocers 3 north 5th
Goodin John, merchant 231 Mulberry
Goodman Charles, attorney at law 87 Callowhill
Goodman Charles, attorney at law 375 north Second
Goodman George F. printer 87 Callowhill
Goodman George, labourer 185 St. John's
Goodman George, printer 21 Old York road
Goodman Henry F. printer 87 Callowhill
Goodman John, commission merchant Smith's court
Goodman John, justice of the peace and notary public 87


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