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Goodman Mary, widow of Sjfnuel, (cures the bites of mad

animals) 12 Kunkel
Goods George, biscuit baker 6 Harmony court
f Goodwin Adam, boot cleaner 11 layette
Goodwin Catharine, widow Marriott's lane near 5th
Goodwin Courter, attorney at law 21 Wood
Goodwin Edward, storekeeper 311 Walnut
Goodwin James, grocer 15 north Ninth
Goodwin J. grocery and tavern Oak near hay scales wharf
Goodwin John D. auctioneer and commission store 164 north

Goodwin John D. grocer 56 north Front
Goodwin Jonathan, tailor 53 north Sixth
Goodwin Robert, carpenter 8 Gaskill

Goodwin Thomas F. letter carrier south Tenth near Spruce
Goodwin Thomas, merchant NTS corner Walnut and Third
Goodwin William, tailor Castle street
Goombles John, shoe store 451 north Second
Goorer Christopher, sea captain Union alley
Goorer John D. boat builder 28 Union alley
Gordon David, curpenter 135 Plum
Gordon David F. attorney at law 50 south 5th
Gordon James, labourer High west Schuylkill 4th
Gordon James, potter Nieman's alley
Gordon Mary, weaver 22 Franklin
Gordon M. L apothecary 66 iurth Second
fGordon Samuel, labourer 6 Burd's court
Gordon Thomas F. attorney at law 14 north 4th

Philadelphia Index. GRA

Cordon, widow Harris* court

[Gordon William, oysterman Cedar above Twelfth

Gordus George, labourer back 291 Vine

(tore William', labourer German near 4th

Gorgas George, lumber merchant 282 north Second, yard
south Water below Pool's bridge

Gorgas Joseph, lumber merchant 185 Callowhill

Gorgas Peter K. merchant 183 Callowhill

Gorgas, Son 8c Keyser, lumber merchants Ninth below Vine
s Gorgas William, hair dresser and bleeder 89 south Front

Goring Catharine, widow 296 south 4th

Gorman James, 91 Shippen '

Gorman James, tavernkeeper back 19 south wharves and 29
south Water

Gorman Mary Ann, Eve rh art's court

Gorman P. livery stable keeper back 12 south 5th

Gorman Thomas, innkeeper 467 High

Gorman William, tavernkeeper 128 north Water

Gosline Joseph, carpenter Cedar near Eleventh

Gosman John, victualler 62 Garden

Gosner Joseph, potter 205 Coats'

Goss Charles, mariner 110 Browne
j Goucher Francis, grocer and flour merchant 403 High, N.W
/ corner Eleventh, d. h. Ann west Sch. Eighth

Goujan L. machine maker and tavernkeeper 14 Cherry

Goulcher Emanuel, gunsmith 2 Well's row

Gouldburn Joseph, tailor 98 Wood

Goulden Henry and David, brickmakers Schuylkill Third
above Lombard

Gould Samuel, labourer Shippen near Thirteenth

Gould Sarah, widow teacher NW corner Newmarket 8c Duke

Gould, widow gentlewoman 25 Sansom

Gouley Lewis, tavern and oyster house 44 north Third

Gourley Hugh, 28 Union

fGoutier John, painter and glazier 120 Lombard

Govett Charles, accountant 51 Filbert

Govett Ellen, widow 52 Filbert

Govett Robert, accountant 51 Filbert

Govett Sarah, widow of William 51 Filbert

Govett William, accoun'tant 51 Filbert

Govett William, carpenter 227 Cedar

Gowen Edward, grocer S.W. corner Front and Vine

Gowen James, grocer N.W. corner Walnut and Dock

Gowen Mary, widow 111 Lombard

Grace Catharine, widow 72 Wood

Grace Christiana, Charles street

Grace John, victualler 15 Well's row

Grace John W. shoemaker Maria street

Graff, Bartholomew, baker S.W. cor. Thirteenth and George

Graff Charles, gentleman corner Mulberry and Sixth

GRA Philadelphia Index.

Graff Frederick, manager of the waterworks N.W. corner

Cherry and Tenth
Graff Henry, "balance weigher 1 Spruce street wharf, d. h.
29 north Sixth

Graff John, tavernkeeper N.W. cor. Callowhill and St. John's

Graff John, gentleman, 303 Arch

Graff Joseph, victualler 41 old shambles, d. h. 17 Laurence

Graff Joseph, victualler 31 Third street market

Graff Samuel, chocolate manufacturer Drinker's alley

Graft Jacob, baker 6 Cherry

Grafton Woodbridge, mariner 10 Bread

Graham Abigail, widow of John Townsend's court

Graham Ann, teacher 124 Catharine

Graham Elizabeth, nurse 81 Browne

Graham Ester, widow 256 south Sixth

Graham James, merchant 4 north Eleventh

Graham James, weaver Thirteenth above Cedar

Graham John, carter James'

Graham John K. grocer 308 High and agent for inland trans-
portation of merchandise

Graham John, merchant 61 south Front, d. h. S. E. corner
Eleventh and Walnut

Graham Joshua, carpenter 5 Wagner's alley

Graham Mary, widow Sixth near Fit z water

Graham Peter, merchant 58 south Front

Graham S. C. druggist 258 south Second

Graham Thomas, grocer 289 High

Graham William, grocer 410 High

Graham William, suspender maker 152 South

G random John, gentleman NW corner Sansom and Seventh

Granel John, blacksmith 313 north Front

fGrant Abraham, carter 2 Madison court

Grant Alice, widow 130 South

Grant and Stone, merchants 43 north Water and Perot's whf

Grant Francis, coachman 68 Small

Grant Horace, oakcooper Faris' court

Grant Samuel, merchant 43 north Water, dwelling north-east
corner High and Eleventh

Grant Theodore L. biscuit baker 115 Swanson

Grant William, block and pumpmaker 62 Christian

Grantsback George, ladies' shoemaker 31 Browne

Grasby Hannah, storekeeper 21 south 4th

Gratz Hyman, merchant 2 south Seventh, d. h. 219 Chesnut

Gratz Jacob, merchant 219 Chesnut

Gratz Simon and Brother, merchants 2 south Seventh

Grauel John, baker 334 north Second

Gravel George, carpenter 20 Sugar alley

Gravel Henry, carpenter 220 Vine

Gravelle M.'l. jeweller store H7 Chesnut

Gravclle R. L. jeweller 17 north Third

Philadelphia Index. GRE

Gravenstine Elizabeth, fruiterer 131 Race

Gravenstine George, stablekeeper 202 Race and 96 N. Sixth

Gravenstine Jacob, baker 46 Strawberry

(.ravenstine John K. gentleman Thirteenth opposite Clover st

Graves Bartholomew, horse, cow and hay market Sixth near

Graves Bazel, tallow chandler 16 Spruce
Graves Christiana, widow back 198 South
Graves William, innkeeper SW corner Browne and Budd
Gray & Scott, grocery store 340 High
Gray Caleb, dry good store 10 north Second
Gray Edward, Green's court
Gray George, tyler Thirteenth below Chesnut
Gray Hugh, innkeeper 74 north Water
Gray Hugh, mariner Church street near Christian
Gray J. china merchant 304 High, dwelling 40 north 5th
Gray Matthew, storekeeper 14 Juniper lane
Gray Patrick, tinplate worker under 212 High, h. h. 287 High
Gray Robert, drayman 13 Poplar lane
Gray Robert E. & Co. brewers 24 south Sixth
Gray Robert E. brewer 24 and dwelling 22 south Sixth
Gray Richard, sea captain 26 Union
Gray Samuel N. brewer 24 south Sixth
Gray Thomas, boot and shoe manufacturer 110 south Second
Gray Thomas, carter Faris' alley
Gray Thomas, dry good store 28£ north Second
Gray William, grocer 1 .Franklin street
Gray William, hatter Lemon street
Gray William, labourer 134 South
Great* Andrew, black and whitesmith back 326 Race and 9

south Front
Grers Esther, dealer 200 South
Grear Jacob, shoemaker Star alley
fGrear James, 213 Shippen

Grear John, victualler 268 north Eighth, stall 66 New.market
Grear Mary, of William, North alley
Grear Nicholas, victualler 234 north Eighth
Greaves Alexander, grocer Race next Sch. Eighth
Greaves Edward, merchant 316 Arch
Greaves George, blacksmith, Shippen near Thirteenth
Greaves Thomas, dry good store 478 north Third
Greble James, bricklayer 130 Christian
Greble William, bricklayer 235 south 5th
Greble William H. carpenter Cherry above Juniper
Greeman Mary, nurse 104 Browne

Green and Adams, grocers NE corner Shippen and Third
Green Benjamin, back 12 Shriver's court
■fr Green Benjamin, porter Fourteen Chimneys
Green Branch, stone ware factory north Second above Ger.
rifed, d. h. 536 north Second

G R E Phi la delfihia In dcx.

t.reen Charles, brassfounder 54 New
Green Charles, tailor Hopkins' court (N. L.)
j Green Dennis, waiter Portland lane
Green Editha, widow dealer 30 Prune
Green Edward, labourer Arch west of Schuylkill Second
Green Edward M. bookseller under 29 south Front
Green Eleanor, widow storekeeper 134 south Fourth
Green Elizabeth, widow washerwoman Kugler's court
Green Eliza, widow 20 Lyndall's alley
Green Francis, cabinetmaker 131 south Front
Green George, inn and ferry keeper 45 north Water
Green Henry, fisherman Charlotte near Browne
Green Isaac, carpenter Price's court

fGreen Isaac, labourer south Eleventh opposite Almshouse-
Green Jacob, cordwainer 3 Summer's court
Green Jacob, milwright 191 north Eighth above Vine
Green Jacob, Windsor chairmaker 30 Vine
fGreen James, newscarrier 219 Shippen
[Green James, sweepmaster Dean's alley
Green J. Doctor, N. E. corner Wood and 5th
Green John, innkeeper 18 Bread
Green John R. hatter 5 Gray's alley
Green John, storekeeper 288 Vine

Green Joseph, brassfounder Green near Germantown road
Green Joseph plaisterer 128 Dilwyn
Green Mary, widow 8 Elizabeth
Green Richard, storekeeper 5 north Second
fGreen Robert, dealer 41 Lombard
Green Stephen, fisherman 135 Green
Green Thomas, shoemaker 205 north 4th
Green William, hairdresser, bleeeder, <Jg. 89 south Front
fGreen William, labourer Dean's alley
Greeh William, printer 292 Lombard
Greenfield Elizabeth, widow 371 Mulberry
Greenham James, tavern and store Callowhill near Sch.
Greenleaf James, office 81 Walnut
Greenleaf J. teacher 46 north 5th
Greenley Solomon, labourer 169 north Sixth
Greenswalt John, print cutter 427 south Front
Greer John, victualler Callowhill near Eighth
f Greer Jonathan, hodlabourer Stewart's alley
Greer Robert, silk, cotton and wool dyer and scourer 6 Prune
Greer Sarah, widow 18 Juniper lane
Gregory A. L., M D. 283 north Second
Gregory John, cabinetmaker 156 S. Second, d. h. 56 Spruce
Greiner John, domestic warehouse 260 High, d. h. 182 Race
Grciner John, jun. merchant 260 Market, d. h. 182 Race
Greiner John P. merchant 9 south Front, d. h. 182 Race
Greiner John, tailor 498 south Second
Grelaud Madame, female seminary 89 south Third


Phitadelfihia Index. GRl

Orelaud Titon, auctioneer 51 north Front, dwelling 96 Rrwe
Gresham George, collector and hair curler Lombard bclo w

(iresimer Josiah, tailor 284 north Second
(Jrew James, cordwainer 91 Christian
Grice Mary, boarding house 446 south JPront
Grice Samuel, counting-house and stave yard on Flint ham's

wharf, d. h. 366 north Front
Grible George, labourer 31 Kunkel
Grible William, carpenter Cherry near Broad
GrifFenburg Christopher, blacksmith Church st. near Christian
f Griffin Aaron, carter old York road above Poplar lane
Griffin Moses, sea captain north-east corner Vine and Arch
Griffin Rev. Thomas, 4 Noble
Griffin Sarah, widow 83 north Second
Griffin William, ship carpenter 7 Chancery lane
Griffith and Turner, gunsmiths Poplar lane near St. John's
Griffith Catharine, widow storekeeper 181 north Third
Griffith Eleanor, widow shopkeeper 68 north Juniper
Griffith Eleanor, widow shopkeeper 196 north Water
Griffith Elijah, M. D. 37 north 5th
Griffith E., M. D. 37 north 5th
Griffith Isaac, corder Noble street wharf
Griffith Isaac, dentist and bleeder 138 Dillwyn
Griffith John, blacksmith Brooks' street
Griffith John, gunsmith 14 Poplar lane
Griffith John R. slater 191 north Sixth
Griffith Joseph, carpenter Thirteenth below Ra#e
Griffith Joseph, gunsmith 14 Poplar lane
Griffith Mary, 14 Poplar lane
Griffith Mary, tailoress 134 St. John
Griffith Mrs. widow 3 Little Pine
Griffith M. V. cabinetmaker 34 Strawberry street
Griffith Reuben, shopkeeper !NW corner Twelfth & Chesnut
Griffith Robert E., M. D. 106 south Eighth
Griffith Robert E. merchant 9 Dock, d. 1). 105 S. Thirteenth
Griffith Robert, stonecutter back Wiley's court
Griffiths John, milkman near Lawrence glass-house
Griffitts Mary, widow 174 south 5th
Griffitts Samuel P., M. D. 62 south Front
Griggs Anthony, printer (Whitehall) Ridge road above But-

tonwood, dwelling Torr's court
Grillett F. J. French teacher 147 south Eleventh
Grim Catharine, shopkeeper 51 Newmarket
Grim Henry, dry good store 148 north 4th
Grim Peter, bricltfmaker, yard Coats' near Eighth, dwelling

480 north. Third
Grimes Catharine, widow 497 south .Front
Grimes James, weaver Ann near Thirteenth
Grimes Noble, weaver Cedar near Broad

GWI Philadelphia Index.

Grimshaw Mrs. young- ladies' seminary 263 Chesnut ab. 8th

Grimshaw William, author 263 Newmarket

Grimshaw William, rigger 38 Mead alley

Grimshur William, rigger, loft South street wharf north side,

dwelling 97 German
Grinnell William, attorney at law 144 Walnut
Griner John, watchmaw at Pennsylvania Bk. 10 Emslie's alley
Griner Joseph, coach painter 180 Locust above Eleventh

dwelling 16 Acorn alley
Griscom Andrew, bricklayer 199 north 4th
Griscom Rachel, upholsteress 48 north Second
Griskey Lewis S. chandler Beach near Maiden
Groff Balsar, gentleman 113 Poplar lane
Groff Jacob, victualler back of 121 Old York road
Groff John, sugar refiner Noble bet. 5th and ^ixth (N . I
Groff Mary, widow shoebinder Charlotte near Browne
Grogey John, labourer 15 Budd
Groom Arty, gentleman 153 south Ninth
Gross Charles, cordwainer 144 south Twelfth
Gross Henry, farmer Christian near 5th
Gross Jacob, victualler NW cor. Sixth and Marriott's lane
Gross Louisa, dress maker 144 south Twelfth
Grover J. sea captain 193 Walnut
Grover Margaret, segar maker 293 south Second
Grover Thomas, wharf builder 17 Christian
fGroves C. and S.Thomas, waiters 189 south Seventh
Groves John, gentleman 119 north 5th

Groves , weaver 163 south Tenth

Groves Mary, widow 21 Tammany

Groves Michael, carpenter 31 Ann

fGroves Samuel, labourer 14 Prune t

Groves W 7 illiam, bricklayer 132 Callowhill

Grubb Curtis, Pine-grove hotel near United States' arsenal

Grubb Elizabeth, widow back of 219 Swanson

Gruff Richard, oysterman 43 Cedar

Gumpert S. St Co. merchants 263 north Second

Grundy Thomas, merchants' coffee house, dwelling-hou-

Church alley
Grundy Thomas, manufacturer Sixth near Green
Grundy Thomas, jun. manufacturer Sixth near Green
Gude John, cutler 248 St. John's
Guenat Margaret, widow of John B. 230 Walnut
jGuest Abner, waiter 174 north Eighth
Guest, widow gentlewoman 17 Swanson
Guieu E. J. merchant south-east corner Pine in 5th
Guile John, clock and watchmaker 183 Cherry
Gurney Mary, widow of general .Francis G. Shippen's lane
Guyer William B. currier south-east corner Lombard and

Third, dwelling 199 south Fourth
Gwin Andrew, labourer Pine alley

Philadelphia Index. HAl

HAAS ADAM, carpenter Queen n. 6th

Haas Edward, sea captain 470 S. Front

Haas Frederick, shoemaker, 110 Green

Haas Frederick, stockingweaver 361 N. Third.

Haas Charles, printer 57 Green

Haas Jacob, sugar refiner 222 Sassafras

Haas Anthony S. cedar cooper Rose alley

Haas Elizabeth, widow 195 Callowhill

Hass Samuel, tallowchandler 10 Branch street

Haawbuck Henry, playing card maker Workman's court

Habermehl Henry, fancy morocco boxmaker 25 Prune

Hacker George, baker 427 N. Second

Hacker, Brown, Sc Co. merchants 42 N. Front

Hacker Isaiah, merchant 345 Mulberry

Hackney Joseph, plumber 22 Combes' alley

HacketMrs. spinster 2 College avenue

Hackett John, cordwainer 140 Locust

Hadaway John T. merchant c. h. 29 South wharves/ d. h
2 Sansom

llaffman Henry, oak cooper Faris' court

Ha-rfline Sarah, widow 133 N Sixth

HafTsteadly George, mariner Faris' court

Haffy Peter, sandman, Baker's court (N. L.)

Haga Godfrey, gentleman (gothic mansion) Chesnut ab

Hagar Christian, cordwainer 21 Sassafras alley

Hagerton Charles, 62 Spruce

yHagerman John, blacksmith 232 Lombard

Hagerman James, gunsmith 229 S. Fifth.

Magstotz Jacob, sugarboiler 25 Church alley

Hague William, milkman Hanover n. Prince

Hague Jacob, caulker Hanover n. Prince

Hague Henry, caulker Hanover n. Queen

Hague Andrew, Hanover n. Prince milkman

f Hagerman John, waiter 36 Bud's court

Hagner William, carpenter 18 Garden

Hagna Michael, grocer 252 Sassafras

Hahn Jno. tavernkeeper Germ.r. n. Otter

Hahn Peter, merchant 101 N. Front d. h. 222 Arch

Hahn Christian, baker, 149 Spruce

Haigh Thomas, potter N. Fourth above Poplar— d. h, Pop-
lar lane n. Second

Haight Groves, confectioner 309 S Front

Haige Robert, potter ab. Fourth in Poplar lane

Hailer George F. innkeeper 218 Sassafras

Haines Emson H. carpenter 161 N. Fourth

Haines Elizabeth, widow, 163 N. Fourth

Haines Hains, grocer 13 Brown

Haines John, grocer cor. of Second and Germ. r.

Haines John, earpenter Vine n. Thirteenth

Haines Joseph, do. do, do.

Haines John, carter Laurel n. Rochel

Haines Richard, blacksmith S. side Market n. Smith'ffcfcuft,

HAl Philadelphia LiJe-v.

Haines Thomas, ostler Biddle's alley

Haines Mrs. widow 128 S. Fifth

Haines Samuel, surveyor 319 Mulberry

Hains Frederick, tailor 101 N. Ninth

Haines Ephraim, lumber merchant, &c. 307 and d. h.

N. Front [See Hayne's and h

Haines John, china packer John above Callowhill
Haines Joseph, saddler Fourth ab. Poplar lane
Hains John, victualler cor. Marriot's lane and 4th and 65

New market
Hail Joseph, milkman Abbot's garden Gray's ferry road
Haines J. blacksmith Catharine n. Swanson
Haines Josiah, boatbuilder Prime"bel. 2nd.
Hairkins Betsey, widow 4 Lombard
Halawav Rachel widow 372 N. Fourth
Halbach A. mercht. 19 Dock— d. h. 238 Walnut
Halberstadt Ann, widow N. Front
Hale Thomas, broker 83 — d. h. 284 Chesnut
Hale Margery, widow 31 Christian
Hide Thomas, paperhanger 38 N. Fourth
Hale Thomas, stove manufacturer 54 N. Third
Hale Thomas, stove smith and bellows maker 151 N. Second
Hale Elizabeth, widow boardinghouse 2 Bread
Halderman Joseph, innkeeper cor. of Laurel and Front
Hale & Davidson, late M'Ewen, Hale & Davidson, brokers

83 Chesnut
Haley Elizabeth, nurse, 102 Locust
Halfpenny Robert, painter and glazier 123 N. Eleventh
Haley Nathan, ornamental paper hanging maker 102 Locust
Hall Alexander, merchant 32 Chesnut — d. h. 3 N. Eleventh
Hall Henry, founderer Otter street (N. L.)
+ Hall D. washerwoman 71 Pine
Hall Caleb, mariner 7 Bird's alley
Hall Alexander, grocer 68 Penn
Hall Isaac, sea captain 35 Almond
Hall Mrs. widow, dealer 8 Swanson

.Hall Ezekiel, commission merchant 4N. Eighth I

Hall George, silverplater 8 Prospect alley
Hall Hannah, spinster 12 Wagner's alley
Hall Isaac, deputy measurer of salt and coal 73 Noble
Hall James, flour and feed store cor. of Buttonwood and

Half James, shoemaker back 190 South
Hallaman Jacob, shoemaker 13 Yorke court (N. L.)
Hall Mary, spinner and spooler Wood n. Thirteenth
Hall Mary Anne, gentlewoman 42 S\ Sixth
Hall Margaret, widow boardinghouse 61 N. Sixth
\ Hall Perry, coachman 18 Currant alley
Hall John, clock and watchmaker SE cor. Second and Union
— d. h. 88 Union

Hall John, inspector of domestic distilled spirits 3 N. 11th
•jHall James, labourer 102 N. Eleventh
Hull William, blacksmith 44 Budd

Philadelphia Index. HAM

Hall William, weaver High west Scu; Ik '.II Fifth

Hall John, carpenter 118 S. Tenth

Hall Margaret, 71 High

Hall Feleg, shipmaster 236 S. Front

Hall Peter, clock and watchmaker 61k S. Second

Hall Thomas, sea captain 326 S Front

Hall William, printer Mulberry court

Hall Welford, organ builder over 8 College avenue d.

305 Market
Hall William, blacksmith Coatesn. Oak
Hall Harrison, bookseller and publisher of the Port Fc

80 S. Fourth
Hallowell Charles T. UN. Eleventh
Hallowell Chalkley, shoe store 105 N. Second
Hallowell Edward, merchant 169 Callowhill
Hallowell Thomas, currier 34 Kunkle
Hallowell J. Esq. President Judge Court Common I

S. E. cor. Chesnut and Fifth
Hall man Mary, tailoress Loxley's court
Kallman Susan, boarding house «^9 S. Juniper
Halls Robert S. grocer S. E. cor. of Second antl Chri -

Haltman , mariner 22 South

Halzel Philip, facy chair maker 515 N Front

Hama Godfrey, grocer 347 N. Third

Hamal Christian, victular 2 Old Shambles d. h. 265 N. EightL

Hambleton Alexander, 98 Green

Hamer John, teacher 22 Green

Hamer Jacob, tailor 22 Pewterplatter alley

Hamelin Joseph P. one of the editors of the Freeman's J

nal and Mercantile Advertiser, 96 Pine
Hamet Joseph, blacksmith 7 Emslie's alley
Hammer Adam, shoemaker 60 Vine
Hammer Lewis, hairdresser 147 N. Third
Hammon Philip, sugar refiner 89 Crown
Hamil John, carpenter 326 Race

Hamill 5c Pierre, curriers 81 Dock [See Harwci

Hamilton Gavin, tobacconist 122 High

Hamilton &. Hood, grocers 4 High

Hamilton James, gentleman 260 Walnut

Hamilton John, drygoods and bonnet store 20 S. Second

Hamilton John W. painter 199 S. Fifth

Hamilton Oliver, ferryman 23 Little Water

Hamilton Rebecca, boardinghouse 31 N. Sixth

Hamilton William, drayman 9 Kunkel

Hamilton William, mariner 46 Perm

Hamilton Elizabeth, widow 187 N. Second

Hammitt John, shipwright Queen n. Marlborough

Hamilton John, hatter d. h. 7 Phifer's alley

Hamilton George, constable 105 Cedar

Hamilton Hannah, teacher 146 Sassafras

Hamilton Jane, spinster 83 Hurst

Hamilton J. 16 Sansom

HAN Philadelphia Index.

Hamilton Mary, nurse 141 N. Sixth

Hamilton William, shoemaker 34 Garden

Hamilton Robert, stone mason 79 Callowhill

Hamilton Miss Rebecca, milliner 31 N. Sixth

Hamilton William, labourer 44 Bedford

Hamilton William accountant 476 S. Front

Hamilton — — ■ — , cordwainer Plum ab. 3rd

Hamilton John, shipcarpenter 43 Coats

Hamilton John, labourer back of 79 Swanson

Hamilton John, cordwainer 52 Plum

Hamilton Lydia, mantuamaker 44 Bread

Haisley George, baker 56 Plum

Hammell Butler, dealer 293 S. Front

Hammel James, carter 129 Budd

Hammond John, cordwainer Fourth n. Christian

Hamman Crosby silverplater 460 Sassafras

Hammel Thomas R. mahogany sawyer Bryan's court

Hammel James, carter 129 Budd

Hammer Charles, labourer 466 N. Third

Hammer Jacob, labourer back 210 St. John

Hamill Henry H. tavernkeeper headquarters of the Potatos

club 13 S. Seventh
Hammit Emanuel, ropemaker 81 N. Juniper
Hammit John, wheelwright 39 South
Hammit Thomas, shipwright Hanover n. Queen
Hammond James L. artist 140 Chesnut
Hammond John, cordwainer 4th n. Christian
Hampton Alexander, carpenter d. h. 407 Mulberry above

Eleventh, and Wood yard Ninth below Chesnut
Hampton Jonathan, attorney at law 21 S. Seventh

[See Humptan.
Hampton Elizabeth, widow 76 Crown N. L.
Hampton Isaac, oysterman 62 N. Fifth
Hampton Jonathan, accountant 55 S. Eleventh
Hamrick Henry, shoemaker Prince n. (Frank r.)
Hana Margaret, widow 34 Appletree alley*
Hance Jacob, tanner 311 N. Front
Hance John, teacher, 265 S. Front
Hance Jeremiah bricklayer and storekeeper 90 Budd
Hancock William, fancy store 37 N. Second
Hancocks Roberts, silkdyer 91 & 93 Vine
Hancock Ann, millinery and fancy store 37 N. Second
Hancock Caleb, milkman Tenth n. Cedar
Hancock Job, carpenter Nicholson's court
Hancock William E. carpenter 14 Chester
Hancock Thomas, shoemaker 15 Emlen's court (N. L.)
Hancock Caleb, milkman, Tenth n. South
Hanckinson Thomas, bricklayer Coates n. Fourth
Hand Ezekiel, watchman Broad bel. George
Hand Joseph, merchant 95 Green
Hand Caleb, sea captain 655 St. John
Hand Jeremiah, tavernkeeper 13 Callowhill
Hand Elijah, oysterman 498 S. Front


Philadelphia Index, HAN

Salome, china store 124 N. Second
i landley James, importer of hardware, &c. 32 N. Third d, h.'

30 Crown
Handy Mrs. boardingiiouse 154 Chesnut
Handlen John, paperhanger back 190 South
Hancy Thomas, carter Cedar ab. Tenth
J lanes Henry, cordwainer 56 Mead ay
Hanigan John, carpenter Prosperous alley
Hanis John, mariner 2 Parham's alley
Jlank Henry, labourer Mark lane
Hankinson, widow of Samuel, S. E. cor. of Fourth and

HaBkinsbn William, drygoods store 56 Frank, r.
Hanks Joseph, grocery and tea warehouse 272 High
iianley John, carter 166 Coates
lianna John, stevedore 88 Vine
Hanna Daniel, mariner Nicman's alley
Hannah Edward, hatter 131 St. John
Hsffmam Mary Anne, milliner 277 N. Second

[armings W. shoemaker 373 N. Third

Harmon John, Second n. Prime

Hanno Andrew, oak cooper 2 Wood

Hanno George, taylor 23 Coates

l.mri , mason Oak ab. Noble (N. L.J)

job George C. Taper alley
.son Andrew, mariner Church
Hawse Conrad, coachmaker S. W\ cor. of Fourth and Walnut
d. b.121 Walnut

EJanse Samuel, bookseller 170 S. Second

llanse Jacob, storekeeper 259 Callowhill

ITiutsey J. boot and shoemaker 83 George

Hanse Jacob, laborer Hank's court

Hanse James, coach maker 151 Cedar

Hanse Charles, brickmakcr cor. Walnut and Third from

Hanscll Barbary, widow, shopkeeper 106 N. Third

1 fansell John, baker 188 St. John

Hansell Jacob grave, digger 65 N. Fifth

Hansell Charles F. combmakercor. Wood and Eighth

Hansell James, clock, &c. maker 3 N.- Sixth— d. h. 180 Race

Hansell John, combmaker Woodab. Eighth

Hansell John, wheelwright 215 Queen

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