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HansellMary , shopkeeper, 18 N. Sixth

Hansell Sarah, widow storekeeper 18 N. Sixth [See ., Home

Hansell Thomas, turner 291 Arch— d. h. 2 Shrivels court

Hansell William, blacksmith back 147 Cherry

Hansell William M. dry good store 237 High

Hansell William S. sadler, &c. 24 High

Hansell George, cutler 185 N. Eighth

Hansell John, carver and gilder 245 N. Front

Hansell Joseph, carver and gilder 137 Sassafras

Hanselwood John, weaver N. E, cor. Schuylkill Seventh aiu!


1IAR Philadelphia Index*

llanes Henry, corclwainer 56 Mead alley

Harise Conrad, coachmaker S. W. cor. Fourth and Walnut-
d. h. 121 Walnut

Hansen Edward R. professor of musick 117 Spruce

Hanshaw William, ostler 5 Cyprus alley

Hansher William, coachdriver 3 Carlisle9 court

Hansner Mary, widow of Charles, Vine n. Broad

Hanson Elizabeth, widow teacher 165 south Tenth

Hanson Lorenzo, rigger 99 St. John

Hanson Peter, gilder back of 93 (O. Y. r.)

Hanson John, grocer 3 N. Water

Hanson Matthias, 82 Union

Hapman William, waterman 365 N. Third

Haran John, grocer N. E cor. Fourth and Plain

Harbaugh Samuel, tailor Ann W. Sch. Eighth

Harbert Charles, bricklayer 41 Palmyra square

Harberger Henry, jun. copper and tin ware and wire fender
manufacturer 406 High ab. Thirteenth — d. h. High near
Schuylkill Sixth

Harbert Isaac, bricklayer 151 N. Ninth [See Herbert

Harberger Henry, dentist 132 S. Eleventh bel. Walnut

Harbeson Hugh, grocer, store 153^ S. Front — d. h. 110 Union

Harbesson Benjamin, agent for inland transportation of mer-
chandize 2 Decatur — d. h. 150 Arch

Harbert Z. dentist, &c. 2 N '. Eighth

Harborn Joseph, mariner 22 Shippen

Harden Jonathan, oakcooper 87 Coates

Harden Rachael, widow 25 Mary

Harden Esther, widow 49 Plum

Harden John C. captain Moyamensing night watck

j-Harden Ann, washerwoman Little Seventh

Harden Isaac, carpenter SheafFs alley

Harden Mary, mantuamaker 5 Plum

Harden Esther, widow 49 Plum

Harden James, clock dial and japan manuf. 18 Dock

Hardener Joseph, hairdresser 31 Pewterplatter alley

Harder John G. furrier 2 N. Fifth

Harding Hezekiah, sea captain 85 Pine

Harding Jesper, printer Lodge — d. h. Second n. Catharine

Harding Mary, widow of George, 366 S. Second

Harding Richard, stablekeeper 102 Sassafras

Hardin Margaret, huckster shop 382 Market

Harding John, jr. merchant 17 S. Water

Hardie David, sea captain 28 Oak

Hardwick John, painter 8 Spruce

Hardy William, hairdresser N. W. cor. of High and Tenth

Hardy Patrick, carter 97 Plum

Hardy Francis, sea captain 105 Swanson

Hardy Hannah, widow washerwoman Vine n. Wood

Hardy Ann, widow boarding house 20 Bank alley

Hardy John pocketbook and reticule manufacturer 6 S,

I'hUadiljjhia Indt i II Alt

Manl_, George, luuvlware" merchant 99 M

Hardy John (J. late baker-362 S. Second

Hardy .John, carter Front N. \V. cor. of' Relief

Mure 'Ann, widow qfGeqpge, merchfmt 109 spitj

Hare Ann, widow 54 N« Eighth

Hare William, bricklayer 8 Wood

Hare Robert, professor of chemistry ijj the Uniyers

Pennsylvania— d. h. S. E. cor. Walnut and Tenth
Hargen Carey, bottler 12 Pine

ilargesheimer Samuel, innkeeper Swanson n Navy Y
Marker Thomas, carter Oak ab. Noble (N. L.)
Hargen Cory, bottler 12 Pine
Hargersheimer John, painter &:c 1(30 Swanson
Iiarker Benjamin, bricklayer 161 N. F«»rth
Marker Thomas, boardinghousc 180 N. Water
liarker Mary, glover West's court N. L.
Harkins Hugh, labourer Price's court
Harkins Niel, innkeeper Prune next to City Theatre
Harkins Mary, widow Mark's lane
Harkins Catharine, widow 49 Plum
Harkins Hugh, labourer Price's court
parkins Mary, widow dealer 12 Plum
Harkins William* weaver 15 Passyunk r.
Harknes Charles. Sc Co. taylor's 2 South Water
Harlan John, merchant 140 Mulberry
Harlan Charles, attorney at law 24 George
Harland Sarah, widow 138 S. Tenth
Harlan William, com. merchant 48} S. wharves
Harland John, jun. gentleman 403 Arch
Harley Thomas, confectioner 112 N. Tenth
Harley Miss, teacher 180 S. Eleventh
Harley George & F coppersmiths 95 south Front
Harley George, coppersmith 95 S. Front— d. h. 126 Sprue?
Harman Benjamin, mariner 63 Perm
Harman Andrew, baker, S. W. cor. of 5th and Walnut
•fHarman J. porter 117 Lombard

Harman William, grocer S. W. cor. Christian and Second
-fHarman Benjamin, boot and shoe cleaner S. Twelfth n.

Harman J. 117 Lombard
Harman Mary, widow Wood n. Third
Harman George, innkeeper 337 N. Front
■f-Harman William, coachman Juniper alley
Harman Elizabeth, boarding house 204 Race
Harman John, baker 152 N. Fourth
fHarman Joseph, oysterman Shippen below Eighth
Harman Mary, shopkeeper N. E. cor. New and Fourth
Harmer Benjamin, copperplate printer N. Fourth n. George

Harmer Chalkley, taylor N. Fourth n. George (N. L.)
Harmer George, bellows maker 16 Wells' row
Harmes John, gentleman 121 S. Ninth

HAR hilaMpMa liui

rajunt John, brewer 449 S. Front
Harmatead Catharine, widow boardinghouse 7 Elbow 1.
[Jarmstead Laurence, carpenter 26 Elizabeth
I farmstead Martin, shoemaker 35 Bace
Harmstead Sarah, milliner 56 N. Fourth
1-unaunchle John, worker at the mint
'larned John, tinplate worker 330 High
[iarjvlbitrgh Alexander E. umbrella maker 100 South
Harper Thomas, brickmaker Chesnut cor. Sen. Four.
■ | Abraham, cordwainer Callowhill near Julian
Harp Peter, carpenter 16 Budd
Harper John, shoemaker, 342 Callowhill

er James, weaver Walnut bel. Broad
Harper Eliza, widow 205 Cedar
Harper William, accountant 47 Shippen
Harper James, brickmaker— d. h. 291 Walnut, brick yard

bet. George and Chesnut in Sch. Fourth
H.trper Jane, spinster Barker's alley
Hatper Peter, dealer 444 N. Second

er Si Steer, grocers High, west Sch. 5th
r N. widow 237 N. Front
-ravper John, shoemaker Thirteenth n. high
^arold Vincent W; Rev. pastor of St. .Mary's church
ffarpel Jacob, accountant Charlotte n. Poplar lane
iiarpel John, shoemaker Charlotte n. Poplar lane
Harper John, shoemaker Thirteenth n. High
Harper Arthur, gentleman 264 Walnut

pper Charles A. merchant 69 N. Water — d. h. 21 Mulberry

>er James, jun. brickmaker 291 Walnut

ier Samuel, tailor 1 Shrivcr's court

per. Thomas, agent for inland transportation of merchan-
dize, and treasurer and secretary fur the Schuylkill naviga-
tion company, office 6 and S S. Seventh

:a Mar}", widow 46 Plum

pall James M. printer back of 184 Lombard
liarrar George, rule maker Coats bel. 6th
.\ irrilb irgh Alexander E. umbrella maker 1
Harridan John, labourer 168 N. Water
Harrington Daniel, dentist, 136 Arch ab. Sixth

gan Dennis, labourer Wiley's court
Harrington Wm. Pr. 32 Washington
Harrington Margaret, taylores*, 32 Washington
Harrington John, shoemaker Noble n. Third.
Harris David, drygoods store 15 N. Sixth
Harris Daniel, labourer 3 Hurst

tlaris Elizabeth, boardinghouse George 2nd ab 11th
Harris Joseph, carpenter 104 S. Tenth
f Harris Hannah, 12 Elizabeth
Harris James, hatter 26 Cherry
Harris Si Van Aken, cabinetmakers 193 S. Third
Harris William, chairmaker, 131 S. Second
[Harris William, labourer back of 29 Union
Harris William, Bedford n. Eighth
Harris William, plumber back 187 Mulberry

Philadelphia Index. HAR

larris Charles, drug glass and colour warehouse 12 south

Harris John, tailor 62 Cherry
Harris John W. carpenter 207 Cherry
Harris Richard, tavernkeeper 16 N. Third
Harris Robert, mariner 5 Whitaker's row-
Harris Thomas, m. d. 210 S Third
: Harris Daniel, sawyer 196 S Sixth

Harris Charles B. painter &c 30 Bank— d. h. 3 Sassafras ay
Harris Benjamin, brewer 145 S. Eleventh
Harrison Thomas, maj. U. S. army Gray's ferry road n. U. S.

Harrison Wm. F. tobacconist Germantown R. near Otter
Harrison Lydia, widow capt. Henry, Beach ab. Marlborough
Harrison Joseph, brass founder back 15 Noble
Harrison Win. ship carpenter West's court (N. L.)
Harrison George, limner 56 Passyunkroad
Harrison Henry, gent, north side Chesnut between 12 & 13th
Harrison Amelia, teacher and seminary for young ladies 15

Penn's Avenue
Harrison John, taylor back of 513 north Third
Harrison George, navy agent 64 Dock — d. fa, 156 Chesnut
Harrison Hamilton, carpenter 320 Vine
f Harrison Phoebe, washer woman 14 Mulberry alley
Harrison Richard, shoemaker 33 Green
Harrison Obit, cabinet maker 167 north Front
Harrison John, blacksmith and dealer in iron, S. "W. corner

Shippen and Crab
Harrison Francis, grocer 453 N. Second
Harrison Geo. navy agent 64 Dock d. h. 156 Chesnut
Harrison Thos. locksmith cor. Queen and 3d 96 Shippen
Harrison widow, 3 Mary
Harrison Henry, mariner, 9 Birds alley
Harrison Thos. sea captain, 409 south Front
fHarrod David, mariner Unity court
Harron & Prestman, wheel-wrights, O. York road
Harry Hannah, gentleman 10 Norris' alley
Harold Vincent Wm. Rev. pastor of St. Mary's church
Harsfall Joseph, painter, &c. back 14 German— d. h. 57 S.

Harsten J. H. doctor 268 north Second
Hart Elizabeth, widow nurse 19 Current alley
Hart Catharine, widow shop keeper Little Seventh
Hart Charles, cordwainer 144 Lombard
Hart Levy, merchant 2 JO Sassafras
Hart 5c Co. editors and proprietors of the Erin 17 south 5th,

printing-office court back 110 Walnut
Hart Levy, teacher of the Greek and Latin languages 3 soutfe

j-Ilart John, waiter 51 Currant alley
Hart N T . accountant 75 north Ftwrrth
Hart Rachel, dealer 164 south Third
Hart Win. gent. 108 Union

ilAR Philadelphia Index.

Hart Abraham, music store 11 south 4th — d. h. 75 north

Hart Charles, grocer S37 ClllowhUi

Hart Esther, widow 76 north Fourth

Hart John 8c Son, druggist lower 8 south 2d— d. h. 195 Arch

Hart John, shoemaker 225 Cedar

Hart John V. merchant 173 Callowhill

fHart John, waiter 24 Currant alley

Hart Mary, widow 132 Locust

Hart Thomas and W. H. grocers 231 north Third

Hart Thomas, merchant 193 north Fourth

Hart Wm.oakcooper back 83 south Water— d. h.4 Penn

Hart Wm. silversmith and grocer NE corner Coatesand 3d

Hart Wm. H. merchant 231 north 3d-d. h. R'.hls court

Hartendorf John, weaver 106 Arch

Hartlin John, brewer back of 182 St. John

Hartley George, dry good store 24 north Second

Hartley Henry, labourer back 29 Prime

Hartley John M. gentleman 55 New

Hartley Thomas, N. W corner of Lombard and South

"artiey John, upholsterer 266 south Second

Hartman Christian, 9ugar maker 263 St. John

Hartman Catharine, widow 39 Coates alley

Hartman John, hairdresser, bleeder, cupper and leecher

South 2d
Hartman Jacob, brickmaker 62 north Sixth
Hartraan Philip, labourer 26 Crown
Hartman Sebastian, brickmaker Callowhill n. 13th
Haftman Christian, storekeeper Gray's ferry road near U. S.

Hartshorne Pattison P. gentleman 304 Mulberry
Hartshorne Joseph, M. b. 304 S. E. corner of Spruce and 7th
Hartnock Christian, brickmaker 5U7 north Third
Hartz Peter, flour and feed store 392 south Second
Harvey Charles, gent. 1 Marble court
I^arvey Daniel, gent, east side Broad near Market
Harvey Mrs. cake baker 60 south 2d
Harvey Edward, accountant 65 south Eleventh
Harvey George X. hardware merchant d. h. 182 north 4th
Harvey Samuel jr. hardware merchant 182 north 4th
Harvey Jeremiah, accountant 115 north Fifth
Harvey John and James, oak cooper 25 Julianna
Harvey Samuel, back of 33 Vine
Harvey Samuel jr. hardware merchant 162 north Front — d. h.

182 north Front
Harvey i ';, whiskey store High near Sch. Third

Harvey Isaac, merchant d.' h. 266 Chesnut — office back in


• cy tiobert, tailor 2 Shields' court
vey Lemuel & Sons, hardware merchant 262 nortj
Harve rigger^ 11 Bird's alley

".' Wi l. constable and china store 355 s<
. carter 283 south Third
. gentle: Norm' alley

Pktfudelphia Index. \1\\

Harwood I alburn, accountant 40 Chester

liarworih Samuel, furrier back 155 north Sixth

If invorth Hannah, widow 9 Vine

Haslcin Thos. weaver 15Ci St. John

Haslett Eliza, tadoress 17 Wagnjer's alley

Mass &. Kraft, sugar house Bread street

Hasford John, locksmith Brookes

Hassall Jacob, brass founder 134 south FitH

Hassall John, ladies shoemaker 181 north Second

Haselhurst Samuel, 322 High

Hassel Daniel, shoemaker 182 St. John

Hasset Rhoda, widow shoe binder 6 Hinklcs court

Hassett Benjamin, shoemaker Beach bel. Maiden

Hassiriger David S. attorney at law 110 arch

Hassinger Jonathan, burr mill stone maker, 28 O. V. r

Hassinger Jonathan, mercht. — d. h. 207 High

Uassinger Philip, grocer and tavern keeper, N. V

Budd and Coates
Uassinger Jacob St Son, merchants 6 South alley
Uassinger Jonathan K. 6 South alley
Hastings James, cordwainer 64 Christian
Hathaway Caleb, merchant 28 south wharves— d. h. 4 La

J lath well John, comedian 11 Watson's alley
Ilaty John, baker 247 north Second
Hatcher Emma, widow 5 Watson's alley
Hathorn Hance, wood sawyer back of 408 north 3d
Hatfield Adam, tailor 84 Vine
Hatfield John, shoe maker 13 Strawberry
Haten James, rope maker Germantown r, 75
HattC. W. teacher 335 High
Hatton William, currier N. E. corner Cedar and 3d — d. h

Hatter William, nailer back 26S Bace
Hauptmain John, grocer 68 north Fourth
Haughey Elenor, widow 1 Garden
Hanse &. Leland, dry goods store 78 % 'arket
Hause Wm. carpenter 193 Cherry — d. h.49 north Eighth

[see Haiis h Hawer.
Hause Conrad, coachmaker SW corner 4th and Walnut— d'

h. 121 Walnut
Huughton John, weaver Christian near Fifth
J'ausman Daniel, victualler 26 Mary
Hauthorne William, carter Cedar n. Eleventh
Haven Joshua, mercht. 127 Front— d. h.418 Eighth
Haven Joshua & R. S. Smith, merchant 125 south Fron ?
Havens Elizabeth, shopkeeper 9 Budd
I averstick Wm. jun. china merchant &.c 250 High
Haviland John, plasterer 242 south Seventh
Haviland John, cordwainer 268 South
Haviland Mary, widow 75 St. John
Haviland John, architect 26 north Fifth
Hawes Abraham, tavern keeper corner of Beach k Marlboro,

HAZ Philadelphia Index'.

Hawks William, harbour master 2 Norris' alley

Hawks Hannah, widow of Christian 440 Race

Hawkins widow of John, 372 north Third

Hawkins George, accountant lu7Pir»e

Hawkins William, saddler 90 Spruce

Hawkins Wrai cordwainer Marriott's lane between 4th & 5th

Hawthoi n Thomas P. mariner 16 John

Hay Catharine, widow Rotterdam inn 124 north Fourth

Hay Peter, one of the editors of the American Centinel 21
Walnut — d. h. 3 ) New Market

Hay William, engraver Castle

Hay William, innkeeper 124 north Fourth

Hay John, oak cooper Beach near Marsh

Haydock C. gentleman 5 Lodge

Haydock Doctor, 4 Lodge

Haydock Robert, plumber 41 Strawberry

Haydock R. & Co. plumber back of 1 Decatur

Haydock widow of Eben, plumber Sec. 5 Lodge

Haydock widow of Robert, 50 south Second

Haydock Samuel, domestic warehouse 35 Strawberry and
plumber's shop 37 and 39 Strawberry— d. h. 50 south 2d

Haydock Wm. painter, &c. 39 Strawberry— d. h. 50 south 2d
Haydori Wm. fancy chair manufacturer 109 Walnut

Hayes Stephen, labourer back of 127 Green

Hays Adais, carpenter James

Hayes James carpenter 264 south Fifth

Hayes Geo. S. brush maker 413 north Fourth

Hayes Sarah, dealer 35 Mead alley

Hayes Sarah, widow 46 Mead alley

Hayes Robert, cabinet maker 12 Pear

Hayes P. merchant 10 Franklin row south Ninth

Haynes David, cordwainer 326 south Third

Hays Doctor, 35 Sansom

Hays George, woodsawyer Rachel

Hays Samuel, merchant Chesnut about Twelfth

Hays William, shoemaker 40 Garden

Hays Thomas, dyer 4 Caledonian court

Hays William, cabinet maker 282 Market

Hays Elijah, mariner 14 John

Hawbleton Alexander, 98 Green

Hayward John, baker 98 north Ninth

Hayward S. baker 113 Vine

Hayward John, baker 176 Pine

Hayward John, baker 229 south Fourth

Hayward William, baker 245 south Seventh

Hayward John, baker 260 north Second

Haward Robert, chair maker 90 Callowhill

Hazzard Eben. labourer 445 south Front

Hazard David, tailor cor. Cedar & Front— d. h, 3 Shield's ct.

Hazard Morris, boarding house 77 south Third

Hazard Hap, oysterman Little Boy's court

Hazle Samuel, shoemaker back 44 Budd

H&zel Joseph, baker Thirteenth below Chesnut

l'hiladelphia Index, HEL

Hazelton Isaiah, trunk maker Bank— d. h. Hafiner's adey

HazelJeT Samuel, labourer 104 Thirteenth

Hazleliurst David, tavern keeper 5 south Seventh

H i/lehurst Isaac, gent. 322 High

Ila/Jetine John, mercht. 10 south wharfs and Indian Queen

J)f»tel 4th near Market
Hazleton Bernard, hatter 27 Coates
Head Valentine, carpenter 152 Arch
Head Joseph, gent. 2 Washington aquare
Head George, weaver Pearl
jjeadley J as. carter 66 Plum
Headman A. & J. coach-makers 370 Market
Headman George, potter 17 South
Headman Jacob, coach-maker 162 Cherry
Headman Wm, jun. potter George above Eleventh
Hearn Margaret, teacher 33 key's alley
Heath Charles P. accountant 51 south Juniper
Hegiley Deborah, widow shoebinder 7 Knight's court
Healey James, cordwainer German near Fourth
Heaton Elijah, cordwainer Hopkin's court (N. L.)
Heaton Jeremiah, hatter Strawberry
Heberton George, mercht. 5 S. 2d— d. h. 147 9th.
Heberton J. C. m. n. 115 south Fifth
Heberton Wm. merchant 95 north Fifth
Heck Sarah, widow tailoress and mantua maker 196 Lombard
Heckman John, gun-stock maker back 18 Cherry
Heckman George M. tavern keeper 211 north Front and 208

north Water [see Hickman,

Hedelius Andrew, sea-captain 11 Pine
Hedges Wm. tailor back 213 St. John
Heiberger Joseph, bricklayer back 92 Crown
Height Charles, printer 10 Hinckles court
Heimer Adam, brickmaker Charles near Coates
Heimer John, victualler 306 Vine— stall 40 new market
Heimer Stephen, bricklayer 4th near Brown
Heimerdinger George, baker 100 north Seventh
Heins John, tobacconist 152 north Juniper
Heinold Charles, grocer 138 Callowhill
Heisler Peter, gent, north Second near George
Heisler John, cooper 301 High-d. h. 114 north Fourth
Heiskell Thomas, keeper Indian Queen hotel, 15 south 4th
Heiss James and Washington, oak coopers 30 Wood
Heiss Christian, grocer Hopkin's court (N. L. )
Heiss Joseph, shoemaker Hopkin's court (N. L.)
Heiss John, tailor 10 Cresson's alley
Heister C. deputy sheriff 80 Crown

Heiss William, copper ware, copper plate and stove manu-
facturer 213 north Second
Hekel Henry, drayman 342 Callowhill
Helfrich Elizabeth, tayloress 181 north Eighth
Helffenstine Jacob, cabinet maker Buttonwood near 6th
Helffensteine rev. Samuel, minister of the Germai refofnw.d
church 39 north Fourth

HEN Philadelphia Index.

Hellings, widow shopkeeper 63 Arch

Heiliings Elizabeth, widow 6th above Callowhilf

Hellings William, plasterer loSCoatcs

Helmbold Joseph K. paper maker 247 Cedar

Helmbold Sarah, widow and office of the Balance 32 n. 4tL

Helmbold Elizabeth, midwife Quarry

Helmbold F. innkeeper SE cor. Juniper and High

Helmbold George, paper warehouse 190 south Front — d. h

145 south Third
Helm Eliz. widow 105 Christian
Helmuth John K. Shippenslane near Carpenter
Helverson Jonathan, cabinetmaker Jone's alley
Hembel Wm.jr. merchant 17 north Front
fHemmins Robert, waiter 84 Gaskill
Hemmins Elizabeth, victualling 1 house Harris' court
Hemmenway James, hair dresser 41 Pine
Hemphill Wm. jr. Uylor 16 north Water
Hemphill James, m. d. 19 south Seventh
Hemphill John, mercht. counting house 3S south wharves
Hemphill Joseph, counsellor at law 144 Chesnut
Hemphill Matthew, weaver Vine n. 13th
Hemphill Thomas, shoemaker 16 Greenleaf's court
Hemphill Alex, livery stable keeper 62 Prune
Hemple Samuel, tobacconist 47 north Fourth
Hemple Samuel, carter Buttonwood above Eighth
Hemy James, shipwright Fourth near Carpenter
Henchman Adam, grocery and flour store SE cor. High and

Sch. 2d [see Hinchman.

Henderson David, harness-maker Haase court ab. 95 Spruce
Henderson Elizabeth, widow 87 north Juniper
Henderson Benj. mariner's mate 193 north Front
Henderson John L. mariner's mate 6 Cherry
Henderson Mary, back 169 south Third
Henderson David, sail maker Faris' couit
Henderson Robert H. brush-maker Castle
Henderson John shoemaker 39 mechanic
Henderson William, labourer 216 south Sixth
Henderson Thos. porter back 154 south Fourth
fHenderson Henry, waiter 35 Currant alley
Henderson James, accountant Nonnaters' court
Henderson Mary, widow shopkeeper n. Sch. Front and

Henderson Jas. attorney at law 21 south 7th— d. h. 59 S. 2d
Henderson John, drayman cor. Lombard east of Sch. 7th
Henderson Stephen, "gentleman 18 north Seventh
Henricks John, mariner 38 Christian
Hendricks William, cordwainer 427 south Front
Heneberry Thomas, sailmakerl93 St. John
Hendy Elizabeth, widow boarding house 4th first below

Walnut east side
Henezey Thomas, carpenter M'Culley's court
Henk George, baker 475 north 2d
Henley William, merchant 4 north 2d

Philadelphia Index. lit

Henley Win. printer 22 Chester

Hennessey Michael, dealer SE corner of South and Penn

Hennessey Margaret, tayloress Prime below Moyamensing r.

Hennessey Margaret widow -.5 Chester

Henrion S. & Co. confectioners, etc. SE cor. Market and 2d,

and 124 Market
Henrion Ruth, widow shoebinder 11 Mead alley
Henry John M. morocco dresser cor. Mulberry and Sch. 2d
■f Henry Catharine, widow Deans alley
Henry Christopher, dealer Rihl's court
Henry Esther, widow 143 Locust
Henry Edmond, labourer Stewart's alley
Henry Gabriel, carpenter cor. 3d and Germantown r.
Henry Hannah, widow shoebinder back 28 Duke
Henry George, weaver Meredith court
Henry John, baker 57 Lombard
Henry John, colourer 51 Passyunk road
Henry John S. mercht. 120 south Eighth
Henry Samuel C. carver back of 99 O. Y. r.
Henry Wm. potter cor. Sch. 5th and St. Joseph's avenue
Henry Wm. S. mercht. — d. h. south 8th
Henry Alexander, merchant 25 Minor — d. h. 192 High
Henry Alexander, jun. & Co. merchants 192 High
Henry Amelia, boarding house 74 south 6th
Henry Casper, grocer Locust cor Sch. Front
Henry Elizabeth, boarding house 151 High
Henry Hannah, widow Ann near Sch. 8th
Henry John labourer 573 Juniper

Henry Juliana, milliner48 Arch

Henry Kesiah, widow 304 south Fourth

Henry William, copper and tinsmith 200 Lombard

Hensey Samuel C. accountant 8 St. John
' fHenson Nathan, oysterman under 236 Walnut

Hent Wm. brassfounder 13 north 7th

Hentzman Jno. gent. 178 Race

Henwood Abraham, carter 66 Plum

Hepburn Charles, hatter 64 George

Hepler Henry, tobacconist 33 Brown

Hepp Adam, Rose alley and 101 Coates

Heppard J. M. & W. mercht. 203 High

Heppard Hezekiah, merchts. 202 High

Heppard John, painter and glazier 202 north Front

Heppard Thomas, Faris' court

Herbert Wm. starch manufacturer 2d near Beaver

Herbert John, carter, Sch. 8th between Sassafras and Vine

Herbert William, digger 32 Mary

Hercy Thomas, mariner 50 Swanson

Herd Susan, widow 13 Fayette

Herdenburgh Jacob, blacksmith 5j Cleaver alley

Heriges John J. tobacconist 471 north Second

Herkness Adam, stone cntter 11 north 7th — d. h. 22 N. 9th

Herman Margaret, 45 north Sixth

Herman Catharine, widow 165 south Fifth

HEW Philadelphia Index.

Herman William, grocer, SW corner of Moyamensing and 2d

Heron James, printer Juniper above Race

Herrchen Lewis, barber and dentist Hanover n. Queen

Herritage Benjamin, taylor cor. Callowlnll and Baker's court

Herring Jacob, sockmaker, Hank's court

Herring George, patent pearl button maker SW corner 3d

and Lombard
Herran Patrick, shoemaker s. side Market near Smith's court
Herrils Francis, jeweller 167 south 2d
Herringes Gotleib, taylor 94 Vine
Herrington Mary, seamstress 64 Garden
Hertz og Peter, sugar jefiner 5 Sterling alley — d. h. 115 Vine
Hester Jacob, silver plater back 16 Sassafras alley
Hesler Daniel, stone cutter 75 north Seventh
Hess J. G. merchant 43 Dock
Hess George, labourer 257 St John
Hess John, grocer Vine near Sch. 8th
Hess William and Philip, grocer 100 Coates
Hess Philip, grocer 392 Sassafras
Hess and Piatt, grocers 134 Thirteenth
Hess and Snyder, oak coopers 105 St. John
Hess William, harness maker Fourth above Poplar
Hess William, oak cooper 100 Coates
Hess Philip, oak cooper 100 Coates
Liess Conrad, cordwainer 382 north Second
Hess Elizabeth, widow tayloress Cherry near 6tfe
Hess George, labourer 100 Coates
Hess John, late constable 178 north Fifth
Hess £c Son, grocers corner Sch. Eighth and Vine
Hess William, tin plate worker 300 Vine
Hess William, carpenter Baker's court
Hess William, mariner 21 Mary
Heskins John, tanner and currier 40 Noble
Hesketh John, weaver 440 north Fourth
Hester Abraham, nailer 43 south Juniper
Heston Hannah, boarding-house 18 south Twelfth
Heston & Hays, storekeepers 21 north Ninth
Heston William, 21 north Ninth
Heteman J. W. milkman, Tcith near south