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Hetzel John, oak cooper 165 St. John
Hetzel George, stocking weaver 34-2 north Second
Hetzel John, oak cooper 346 north Second
Hewes Thomas, printer James street
Hewes John, laborer Cherry near Eleventh
Hewit Andrew, shoemaker Beach near Maiden
Hewit Elizabeth, milliner, 175 Coates
Hewit , teacher over 118 Chesnut

Hewit John and Brother, merchants 1 north Fourtk
Hewitt Margarerta, widow 4j Vine
Hewitt Thomas, sea captain 14 Pine
Hewitt William, merchant 48 north Third
Hewson William, dry good, 6 J north Second
Hewson James, drayman, Sch. 8th above Sassafras

Philadelphia Index. HIL

-on John, Jan. calico-printer Beach near Warren
Hewson Thomas T. m. d. 7 Library— d. h. 132 Chesnut

[see Heusov, Huston and Eutson
Heyberger Jacob, grocer 505 north 2d, and 92 Poplar
Heyberger Mary, widow 8 Noble
Heyberger George, coach spring maker, Emlen's court—

d. h. 5'J Coates [see Heimberger.

Heyde John, gentleman Filbert near Ninth
Heyde Sarah and Co. fancy millinery 82 south Second
'levers Samuel, painter and glazier, 3 Pratt's court
Hey] George, attorney at law and notary public SW eof.Wal

nut and Front — d. h. 63 north 7th
-Heyl John, baker 106 north Second ee Bale.

Heyl John, brushmaker 2J4 north Second
Heyi Philip, carpenter 173 Green
Heyl William, drug and paint store 35 High
Heyl George, sail maker 6 Vernon
Heyland Wm. whitesmiih, south Fifth below South
Heyland John, mariner, 296 south 7th
tin Isaac, x. d. Palmyra square
3 M:irg - aret, widow 153 Locust
Mickey Timothy, baker Front near Laurel
Rickey James, grocer 124 Locust
Hickey Michael, mariner 8 Cypress alley
Hickman James, collector Second near Beaver
Hickman Nathaniel, bookbinder and seller — d. h. 139 S. 6th
Hickman Isaac, labourer China
Hicks John, carpenter 458 south Front
-:s Charles, carpenter 19 Duke
- Hicks Robert, weaver SW corner Centre square

Hicks , mariner 330 south Third

:man Wm. milkman Love lane between 8th and 9th
HHTernan Mary, widow Merriot's lane above Fifth
High Jacob, carpenter 6th below Shippen
Hight Christian, coachmaker north 11th above Race
Hight Adam, victualler 47 Garden
H*gginbottom Joseph, 2 Randal's court

,;_rinbottom William, sugar boiler 67 Noble
Biggins Joseph, tanner near Front in Poplar lane
Higgins Wm. blacksmith 8th between Carpenter St Love lane
logins Hannah, widow of Francis, 149 south Ninth
j-Higgins John silk dyer 85 George
Higginson John, weaver 1 Mary
Higginson John, grocer 4th near Poplar lane

Higginson , weaver 6 Almond

Higginson John, weaver north 4th near Poplar lane

Highfield Thos. hatter back of 125 Callowhill

f Hilary Ambrose, barber 241 south Second

Hilborn Benjamin, wheelwright 325 Callowhill — d. Jj. 245

north Eighth
Hilbourn Thomas, carpenter 125 Dillwyn
Hillbourn Charles, mariner 511 north Third
Hildeburn Samuel, importer of watches 4 Library

HIN Philadelphia Index.

Hildeburn Samuel, clock and watch maker, ect. 72 High — &t

h. 202 south Front
Hilger L. 71 S. Front— d. h. 119 Walnut
Hill Adam, weaver 36 Passyunk road
Hill Ann R. back corner 6th and Coates
Hill David, merchant 81 Wood

Hill Edward, labourer Sch. 8th between Sassafras and Vine
Hill Edward, James

Hill Charles, tailor 79 SW corner Water
Hill Charles, bricklayer 6 Knight's court
Hill Elizabeth, widow of Moses, 110 St. John
Hill Elizabeth, storekeeper 110 north Third
Hill Mary, widow washerwoman Filbert n. Sch. Fourth
Hill Joseph, comb maker Noble near Kunkel
Hill Samuel, tallow chandler, NE cor. Callowhill and RugaR
fHill Jeremiah, painter 185 south Seventh
Hill James, plaisterer 7 Cox's alley
Hill John, vender 5 Wood
Hill Joseph, oysterman under 92 High
Hill Mary, widow St. George alley
Hill Nancy, nurse 7 Cox's alley
Hill Thomas weaver High west Sch. Fifth
-j-Hill Lewis, laborer 10 Burd's alley
Hill Martin & Co. 215 High
Hill Mary, 46 Oak (N. L.)
Hill Mary, widow milliner 86 north Seventh
•j-Hill Healthy, 159 Lombard
Hill William, tobacconist 247 south Second
Hill George, carpenter Pine alley
Hill Joseph, wharf builder 16 Queen
Hill Thomas, mariner 21 Swanson
Hill John, tobacconist 247£ south Second
-J-Hill John, stable keeper back 158 Spruce
Hill Laban, ladies shoemaker Sixth above Callowhill
Hill Samuel, carpenter Coates near Seventh
Hill Samuel, harness maker 111 Dillwyn
Hill William dry goods 247 south Second
Hillers James, weaver back of 15 Laurel
Hillman Mary, teacher 43 Vine
Hillman Ralph, oysterman SE cor. Spruce and Water
Hillman Z. carter Brooke's court
Hilsee Joseph, clothing store 140 south Water
Hilsee Samuel, bricklayer Vine n. Thirteenth
Hillsee and Thackray, tailors 136 south Water
Hilsee William, tailor 88 north Water— d. h. 40 Vine
Hillegas Joseph K. stock & exchange broker 46£ Walnut-

d. h. 57 south Eleventh
Hilton Robert, drayman 6th near Coates
Hines Christian, victualler 4 Hurst
Hines James, Christian near Second
Hinchman Joseph B. Charlotte near Poplar lane

{see Henchrtarc.
Hinchman and Newbold, merchants 27 north Front

Philadelphia Index. HOD-.

Hinckel Peter, Chesuut west of Sch. 7th

Hinderbrand Augustus, accountant, back 90 north Eleventh

Hinkel Adam, victualler stall 56 Newmarket — d. h. 265 Cal-

Hinkle Elizabeth, nurse, back 290 Vine

Hinckle Adam, ropemaker and shipchandler N. W cor. 9l
wharves and Chesnut

Hineback Jacob, cordwainer Oak (S)

Hinderdine Jacob, shop near Tammany

Hines Ann, widow seamstress 138 South Fifth

Hines Christian, vict. 9 Hurst

Hines John, high constable 9 Cypress alley

Hipps Rebecca, cakebaker 204 N. Eighth

Hippie Jacob, William & S. drygood merchants 229 north

Hire George, grocer &x. cor. Cherry and Juniper

Hirigayen Peter, tinplate worker and Patent lamp maker 49

Hirneisen A. M. widow milkwoman 25 N. Seventh

Hirst John, 306 N. Front

Hitchcock R. ta) lor 111 N. Third

Hitchcock Ira E. teacher 2j Cherry

Hirneisen Susan, widow 21 N. Seventh

Hitner George, printer 5 Garden

Hirst Thomas, merchant 156 S. Second

Hirst William, labourer Mead ay. n. Swanson

Hitton Eliza, widow, Cherry n. lit';

Hirst Elizabeth, toy dealer 15 Spruce

Hoare Robert, painter 125 Spruce

Hobbes James, gunsmith back of 128 Hillwyn
' Uobbs James, whitesmith Locust ab. Juniper

Hobbs George, tailor Church

Hobbs James, brushmaker op. Navy yard

Hobson Richard, merchant 166 High

Hobson William, ladies' shoemaker 189 Lombard

Hobson J. S. & G. merchts. 26 Chesnut

Hobson Mrs. boarding school 212 Mulberry

Hobson Benjamin, brushmaker 25 Coomb's alley

Hockley Mary, widow 146 S. Second

Hocker Christopher stonecutter &.c. 220 Race

Hocker George, tavernkeeper and victualwighouse 2 Frank-
lin court

Hodgdon Samuel, merchant 126 Mulberry

Hodge Andrew, gentleman 92 Mulberry

Hodge H. L. m. d. 181 Walnut

Hodge Mary, gentlemwom 189 Walnut

Hodge William L mercht. 101 S. Front— d. h. 215 Walnut

Hodges Edward, cordwainer bsck 95 Lombard

Hodges Mrs. widow 133 Locust

Hodges Benjamin O. upholsterer 260 and 270 N. Second

Hodgkinson Samuel, shoemaker Rose

Hodgkinson Thomas, landscape painter 26 N. Ninth

IIOL Philadelphia Index.

Hoding Thomas, landscape painter 26 N. Ninth

Hoe k lev Christopher H. coach lace and fringe maker 130
S. Fifth

Hoeth Charles, drv goods store 172, N. Second

Hod' Burgin, Rev." 300 N. Eighth

Hon" John, printer and bookseller E. S. Broad n. Market

Hoff Michael, woodsawyer Jones' ay.

Hoffecker John, constable 4 Hurst

Hoffman Simon, coach smith Callowhill n. Garden

Hoffman H. coachman 28 Gaskill

Hoffmann Frederick, silversmith Toy's ct.

Hoffman John, grocer 35 O. Y. r.

Hoffman John, stocking 1 weaver 99 Green

Hoffman John, taylor back 15 Wagner's ay.

Hoffman Jonathan, confectioner and fruiterer 158 N. Third

Hoffman Tomas, confectioner and fruiterer 158 N. Third

Hoffman Mary, shop keeper 24 Kunkei

Hoffman Henry, labourer Hopkins' ct. (N. L.)

jfoffman Christian, gunsmith 14 Charlotte

Hoffman Frederick, blacksmith 176 Sassafras

Hoffman Gabriel, brushmaker 7 South ay.

Hoffman Catharine, widow 18 John

Hoffman Samuel, shipwright Marlborough n. Bedford

Hoffman William & Samuel comb factory 5 N. Third

Hoffman Catharine, widow 18 John

Hoffman Xoah, mattmaker 18 John

Hoffman William, combmaker 39 Wood

Hoffnagle Casper, shoemaker Riche'sct.

Hofnagle George, tailor 42 Tammany

Hoffner Frederick, labourer 5 Laurence

Hoffner Henry, turner 25 Green

Hogan Mrs. widow 128 S. Fifth

Hogan John, boot and shoemaker 8 S. Eighth

Hogan David, bookseller and stationer 255 High

tlogan Andrew, printer back 323 Spruce

Hogan James, botler under Washington Hall — d. h. 14 Cy-
press ay.

Hogan Rev, Wm. pastor of St Mary's church 4th n. Spruce

Hogg James, weaver 83 Passyunk road

Hogg Jane, ruilUner and mantuamaker 77 S. Eleventh

Hogbin John, tailor 30 S. Wa*er — d. h. 16 Fromberger's ct.

Hoguet Augustus, vatchmaker 1 Randstead ct.
Holbrook James, blatksmith, Flint's ct.

Holby William, carverlO Littleboy's ct.— d. h. 178 N. 4th
Holcome Henry, n. d. pastor of the first Baptist church 59

N. Fourth
Holderness Henry, livety stable keeper Laurel ct. — d. h. 80

Holgate Enoch, boardinghous* Sch. 8th between Sassafras

and Vine
Holgate Samuel jr. cordwainer 339 S. Front
Holla 1 ; an Jacob, innkeeper and smith cor. Locust and Tenth
Ho.llah.an Amos, tavernkeeper 195 Chesnut

Philadelphia Index. UOO

Holland Abel tailor 378 N. Third

Holland Charlotte, widow James

Holland Charles, mercht.— d. h. 220 Price— d. h. 28 Chesnut

Holland Nathaniel, hatter 58 S. Second bel. Chesnut

Iio'iick Catherine, widow washerwoman Perry

Holiiuay John, whitesmith 69 Lombard

Holnday Peter, vict. stall 34 New market

Holhngshead Hugh F. merchant 47 N. Water— d. h. 237

Holhngshead Sarah, widow 162 S. Tenth
Holhngshead, Piatt, & Co. merchts. 47 N. Water
HolKngeh^ad Mrs. widow 43 Mulberry
Holhngshead Benjamin m. mcrciit. 4o Mulberry
Holhngshead Edmund, carpenter 43 Mulberry
Holling-sworth J, merchant 22 Penn — d. h. 237 S. Front
Hollingsworth Levi, merchant 16 Dock
Holling-sworth L. & Son, merchts. S. wharves bel. Spruce
Hollingsworth Paschal, mercht. 7 Union
Holling-sworth S. h G. '1". merchts. Cedar street wharf' ■
Hollingsworth Henry, cashier of N. A. Bank 185 S. Third
Hollis Ann, widow milliner 85 Cedar
Hollerman John F. mercht. 7 N. Fourth
Hollowbush Henry, 403 N. Front
Hollowbush Henry, Tenth n. Vine
Hollowbush M. shopkeeper 239 St. John
Holloway Thomas, engineer 106 Budd
Hollowell John, porter 156 Coates
Hollowell Richard, shoemaker, Juniper ay.
Hollowell William, jr. Ironmonger 197 IS. Third
Holmes George, accountant 131 Spruce

Holmes , >r. d. 37 N. Fourth

Holmes George, accountant 58 St. John

Holmes John C. grocer and bottler 166 S. Sixth

Holmes James, carpenter 191 Lombard

Holmes James, chandler 139 Plum

Holmes John, paper store 412 N. Second

Holmes Mary, widow 198 Pine

-[•Holmes R. porter Fourth ab. German

Holmes John, cotton manufacturer 110 High — d. h. near

Globe mill Germ. r.
Holmes Roswell, exchange broker 131 Vine
Holmes Zebulon, domestic goods manuf. 28 Lombard
Holson Whitton, grocer 68 Oak (N. L.)
Holt James, weaver 29 Franklin
Holt widow of I. tavernkeeper 179 Chesnut-
Holt Robert, mariner back 39 Beck's ay.
Homan Eliza, widow Lombard ay. n. Penn.
Homan Abraham, cabinet maker 332 Sassafras
Hommann I. C. professor of musick 43 N. Seventh
Honey George, carpenter 70 N. Eleventh
Hood George, gent. 102 Cherry
Hood Lambert & Thomas, cordwainers 122 Coates-
Hood William, gent. 175 N. Fourth

HOP Philadelphia f?ide*.

Hood, widow gentlewoman 175 Walnut

Hood Irvine & Co. merchts. S. E. cor. Second and Mulberry

— d. h. 117$ N. Second
Hood John M. grocer 4 High— d. h. 16 Sassafras
Hood Catharine, widow 202 N. Water
f Hood John, porter Dean's ay.
Hood N. p. accountant 174 Vine

Hood William, mercht. 244 High— d. h. 15 N. Eleventh
Hood William, & Co. merchts. 14 S. Front— d. h. 15 N. 11th
Hook William, potter 264 S. Third
Hookey Anthony, cabinet maker Brook
Hookey Anthony, grocer 404 N. Second

noole Samuel, buUuu Pdciury 8 Tcitci I.

Hoole Samuel, iron furnace Beach n. Maiden (K.)

Hoole William, Beach n. Maiden (K.)

Hoop Jacob, jeweller hack 30 Cherry

Hooper Thomas, shoemaker Clawges ct.

Hoopes Israel, constable and tavernkeeper High west Sch.

Hoopes Thomas P. hardware mercht. S. W. cor. Market and

Hooton Andrew, cabinetmaker 53 Pine— d. h. 224 Cedar
Hooton Thomas, 286 Lombard

Hooven William, wheelwright Old York r. ab. Buttonwood
Hoover Laurence, mast maker Penn (K.)
Hoover Andrew, shoemaker, O. Y. r. near Brown
Hoover David, vict. Charles (N. L.)
Hoover David, vict. cor. Callowhill and Seventh
Hoover John, malster Charlotte n. Brown
Hoover Mary, widow 153 Green

Hoore William, cabinet and fancy chair maker 9 Prune
Hope & Co. lottery and exchange office 63 Chesnut
Hope Mary, widow of John, Maria
{•Hopkins Cornelius, waiter Fayette
Hopkins Nicholas, mercht. 304 Chesnut
Hopkins Samuel, carpenter Star ay.
Hopkins John, carpenter Neimen's ay.
Hopkins Catharine, drygoods store 152 Mulberry
Hopkins John, mariner 15 Noble
Hopkins Barzilla, ladies shoemaker, 156 S. Fifth
Hopkins Jacob, shoemaker 40 Garden
Hopkins David, gent. 321 Chesnut
Hopkins Rachel, gentn. 321 Chesnut
Hopkins Thomas & Co. tobacconists 290 Market
fHopkins Uichard, labourer
Hopkins Robert, drygoods store 182 S. Second
Hopkins Susanak, boardinghouse 100 S. Eighth
Hopkins Jno. carpenter Neiman's ay.
Hopkinson Francis, attorney at law 196 Chesnut
Hopper Isaac T. taylof 33 Spruce
Hopper Levi Quince n. Walnut
Hopper Joseph M. accountant 98 Kunckle
Hopps Benjamin, oak cooper and guager 406 High

Philadelphia Index. 1 1 OS

Wopson Jeremiah H, ladies shoemaker 141 S. Eleventh
Hore William, carpenter Cedar ab. 13th-— d. h. Vine neap

Hordevey Henry, tallowchandler 488 S. Second
Hordenbaugb, widow washerwoman 13 Third bel. Chesnut
Home Garrett, tobacconist George ab. Eleventh
Horn Henry, silverplater 16 south Sixth and 248 S. Tenth
Houpt Jacob, dr) goods store 211 N. Second
Holt William, boatbuikler, 5 Bird's ay.
Hollis Mary, widow, Maginnes's ct.
HolI.'uKi James, pilot 37 Almond
Hood Barnes, cordwainer 62 Plum
Hood John, grocer 9 and 11 Swanson
Honey Judith, widow tailoress 3 Plum
Honey Sc Cresse, tailors S. E. cor. of Cedar and Swanson
Honey William, tailor 46 Cedar
Honey John, mariner 17 Vernon
Holbrook Benjamin, sea captain 364 S. Front
Horn Philips blacksmith 143 Locust
Horn Mary, nurse Hose alley
Horn 8c Kneeas, silver platers 16 south Sixth
Horn William, tobacconist SheafT's court
Horn Wm. accountant 16 York court
Horn Wm. oak cooper 277 south Fifth
Hornberger Lewis, hatter 18 Pewterplatter alley
Hornberger Peter, vict. stall 76 new market south Second—

d. h. James
Home John, coachmaker SE cor. 8th and Locust— -d. h. 139

south Ninth
Horner Fountain, bricklayer 15 Julianna
Horner George, oak cooper Simmon's court (N. L.)
Horner Samuel, weaver back of 123 Germ. r.
Horner Benjamin, gentleman 47 High
Horner Henry, bricklayer 269 south Front
Horner John, merchant 261 High— d. h. 378 High
Horner Samuel, drayman back 43 Coates
Horner Wm. m. b. 283 Chesnut
Horner & Wilson, merchts. 261 High
Hornketh Henry, brickmaker cor. Sch. 5th and St. Joseph's

Hornor Mary, widow of Benjamin, 62 north Third
Horsey & Peters, bookbinders SW cor. 5th and Cherry
Horstman William H. & Co. lace and fringe weavers 45 and

53 N. 3d
Horstman Wm. fringe maker 88 Cherry
Horton Elizabeth, widow shop keeper 13 Mulberry alley
Horton John, bricklayer Greenleaf's court
•Horter George, innkeeper Germ. r. above the Forks
Horter Geo. vict. Ger. road stalls High 8c N. L. markets
Hortz Charles, labourer 270 south Fifth
Hoskins J. G. carpenter 18u Mulberry
Hoskins Graham, apothecary to Penn. Hospital
JBoskins John, teacher ladies seminary 385 High

HOW Philadelphia Index.

Hosfcins Catharine Meadalley

Hoskin 'I nomas, accountant 198 N. 6th

Hos>ack ,J< eeper 118 north Eleventh

Hotz Peter. s*?a captain 13 Wood

Hotz Daniei vict. 239 Callowhill

Hotz P. vict. 45 Old Shambles and N. 8th ab.Buttonwoo^

Hotfield Abraham, shoemaker Smith's court north 5th

Kouck William, carpenter 69 N oble

Honck Elizabeth, jridow 113 Catharine

Houck Gilbert, cabinet maker opposite naw yard

Rauck Fred, tobacconist Prime opposite navy yard

Hough John, fancy store 139 X. Front [see HoJF

Houpt Jacob, dry goods store 211 north Second

Houpt Anthony, carter Oak below Coates

House Wra. brass founder Beach near Maiden

House Wm. mariner 14 York court

Ho :seholder Adam, cabinet-maker Charlotte n. Brown

Housser Geo. jun. victualler 47 Garden

Housman Jacob, labourer 12 Christian

fHousterj George, labourer 18 Hurst

Houston John, storekeeper, Second near Germ. r.

Houston J. boarding-house 60 south 6th

Houston T. merchant, 110 High — d. h. 66 south 8th

Houston Maria, 260 Lombard

Houston Thomas, saddler 110 High— d. h. 6 south 8th

Houston James, shipmaster 278 south Fourth

Hout ME, widow 127 New

Houtz Catharine, 2-9 north Front

Hove) Mary, widow 42 George

Hoven David, blacksmith upper ferry road near Sch

Hovey Joseph, mariner 46 Penn

How Robert, shoemaker Mulberry W. -ch. 2d

How John, carpenter 129 N, 4th and James

How Maria, widow 4 - north Eighth
How Philip, dealer 20 Bedford

Honey AVm. mariner Swanson near Almond

Howard Azel, sea captain 269 south Front

Howard Mrs. boarding house Beach near Shakamaxon (K7y

-Howard Kobt. waiter 122 Lombard

Howard Wm. W . ladies shoemaker back 107 Christian

Howard John, mariner 49 Mead alley

Howard Robert, 9 aiter 230 south Seventh

Howell Benjamin B. merchant 61 Pine

Howell George, gent. 44 north 7th

Howell D. & E. Drummond, storekeeper 44 south Fourth

Howell Elijah, mariner Cedar below Seventh

Howell Elizabeth, layer out of the dead Cresson's alley

Howell Ezekiel, taylor 20 Cherry

Howell Felix, coach maker Shriver's court

Howell Israel, currier 107 Chesnut— d. h. 150 south 9th

Howell Abraham, m. p. 174 Lombard

Howell Amos, coachmaker SE cor. Arch and 8th— d. h. 66
north Eighth

Philadelphia Index, HUD

Howell Abigail, widow 132 south Third

Howell Jacob, SW cor. Ninth and Mulberry

Howell James, dry goods store 449 north Second

Howell John, carpenter 76 N. Eleventh

Howell Jos. currier 107 Chesnut and 217 Spruce

Howell Jos. sandman and carter 208 N. Sixth and Oak (N.

L.) below hayscales
Howell Asher M. 30 north Ninth

* Howell W. W. & Co. merchts. 167 High— d. h. 107 Chesnut
Howell Zachariah, carpenter 4 Poplar lane
Howell widow of Arthur, 107 Chesnut
Howland Isaac, sea captain 435 south Front
Howland Isaac jun. carpenter 435 south Front
Howet Margaret, mail contractor Perkenpine court (K. I *
HowshellJohn, watchman 36 Perm
Hoy Thomas, shoemaker Petticoat alley
Hubbard Isaac, cordwainer 12 Plum
Hubbard William, watchman Barker's alley
Hubbard Wm. mariner 160 Swanson
Hubbert Anthony, starch maker 521 north 2d *
Humbert Benjamin, cordwainer 254 St. John
Hubbert Christian, cabinet maker 494 N. Second
Hubber Sophia, widow 40 Pine
Huber Adam, victualler 134 Brown

Huber Henry silver plater 160 and 158 Vine and 40 N. 3d
Huber Henry, inspector of customs 78 Wood
Huber Jas. S.200 N. Sixth
Huber Lewis, victualler Garden near Callowhill
Huber Tobias, soap and candle manuf. 21 Coates alley — d. h

79 Wood
Hubbell F. W. attorney at law 50 Walnut
Hubbell H. attorney at law 53 south Fifth
Hubbell Samuel, carpenter Federal near Second
Hubbs Freedom, carter back 47 Brown
Hubbs Paul K. merchant 186 north Fourth
Hubbs & Evans, grocery store S W cor. 9th and High
Hub Samuel, carpenter Moyamensingroad
Huckel Francis, chairmaker 38 South
Huckel Jacob, watchmaker 239 south Second
Huckel Joseph, dentist 35 Pine
Huckel Samuel, watchmaker 38 South
Huckel William, 164 Union

Huddell Joseph, stove merchant 77 and S7 Swanson
Huddell Rebecca, widow 208 Spruce
Huddy H. inspector of customs 21 Lombard
Huddy H. inspector of customs 21 Lombard
Hudson Edward, dtntist 133 Walnut
Hudson James, taylor 251 south Seventh
Hudson J. mariner 183 Catharine
+Hudson James, porter back of 186 Lombard
Hudson Wm. mercht. 228 Mulberry
Hudson Prudence, widow of capt. John, Margaretta ft, 2d


Htffc Philadelphia Index.

Hudson J. mariner 67 Queen

Hudson James, tailor 1 Whittaker's court

Hudson Matthew, oysterman 50 Mead alley

Huff Constant, mariner 17 Coates

Huff George, bricklayer 139 north Fifth

Huff Jacob, victualler 355 Callowhill

Huff Job, innkeeper 3 33 north Front

Huff Mary Ann, widow mantuamaker 17 German

Huff Samuel, mariner 45 Christian

Huff Win. carpenter 30 north Eighth

Huffnasde- John, merchant NE cor. High and Fifth— d. h.

429 High
Hufty Joseph, tavern keeper 10 south Fifth
Hufty Samuel, engraver 94 Chesnut
Hufty Samuel, taylor 152 Spruce
Hufty widow, 83 north Ninth
Hugg Henry, taylor 3 Chancery lane
Hugg Geo. W. innkeeper 155 Swanson
Hugg Levi, house carpenter cor. Chesnut and Sch. 3d
j-Huggs Caleb, coachman 24 Burd's alley
Huggins Samuel, morocco manufacturer 46 Brown
Huggins Thomas, carter cor. Emlin's court and Noble
Huguenin C. A. jeweller 100 Sassafras
Hugerbates John, rigger, Lawber's court
Hughes Aaron, sea captain 6 south Tenth
Hughes Benjamin, grazier 49 Plum
Hughes Edward, cordwainer 282 south 7th
Hughes Eliza, teacher Pear — d. h. 160 south Third
fHughes Hagel, waiter 118 Lombard
Hughes & Horndaffer, junction of Second and M.
Hughes J. L. academy 132 north Fifth
Hughes John, manufacturer cotton yarn Walnut above 13th
Hughes Jemima, milkwoman Broad above Spruce
Hughes James, grocer NW corn. Pine and south wharves
Bughes Jonathan, city w atch Juniper below Walnut
Hughes John, tanner corner of Budd and Green
Hughes John, grocer corner Budd and Green
Hughes John, dry goods store 3 north Second
Hughes John jun. & Son,merchants corner Second & High
Hughes James, 27 Penn

Hughes Mary, teacher 69 Pine — d. h. 160 south Third
Hughes Miles II. lottery and exchange broker upper 8 south

Third— d. h. Beach above Mrfrlborough (K.)
Hughes Mrs. tutoress 91 south Eighth
Hughes Thos. & Co. drv good store 14 north 2d
Hughes Wm. baker 198 'south 2d
Hughes Wm. grazier south beeond near John
Hughes William, dealer 58 Spruce
Huguenelle, F. *. d. Filbert near 9th
Huhn Daniel, bricknaaker 343 Sassafras
Huhn Jno. D. brickmaker 426 Sassafras
Huist Lewis, carter 314 south Front
HukiU Jeremiah* tarn-ess maker 351 Callowhill

Philadelphia 7, HI

. >k Ouadiah, cordwaincr 4 7 north Seve
Huley John, labourer Queen near Fourth
Hillings Abraham, Hour and feed store 68 Plum
Hilling's Mrs. boarding" house S3 Walnut
Hidings Thomas, labourer back 12 Stamper's »11<
Huling-s W. E. m. ju. 264 Chesnut.
• Hu 11 Abraham, woodsawyer 14 Chtnnej
Hull Agnes, milliner lo7 south Second
Hullings Nathaniel, upholsterer 108 Crown
Hulse Wm. victualler 2 Poplar alley
Hulm Adam, brickmuker Locust E. Sch. Front
Hulm Catharine, widow Juniper ab. Locust
Hulm Daniel, orickmaker yard George W. Sch. 2d —

54 S Race
Humes Archibald, grocer NW cor. Mead ay. and Swansor
Humes James, bottler and grocer >K cor. Germ, and
Hulme Thomas, gentleman 297 Mulberry
Humble Wm. mariner 1 Bell's court
Hummel Casper, tailor 365 north Fr >nt
Hummel Frederick, carter 529 north Third
Hummel Jacob, morocco finisher 529 north Third
Hummel Jacob, brass founder 443 N. 3d and Rose alley
Hummel Margaret, widow 102 Coates
Humphreyville Jacob, shoemaker Baker's court
Humphreys Clement, gentleman 33 Pine
Humphreys Eliza, widow of Thomas, 143 south Eleventh
Humphreys Elizabeth, tayloress 7 Franklin court
Humphreys Gideon, w. n. 93 south Fifth
Humphreys Ewd. D. C. S.E. corner South and Penn
Humphreys John, fruiterer 48 north Front -

Humphreys James, shipwright Warren (K.)
Humphreys James Y. stationer and playing card manufactu-
rer 86 south Front and d. h. 65 Locust
Humphreys Richard, gentleman 32 Ransom
Humphreys Samuel, shipbuilder (U S. navy yard) 545 Cedar

Humphrey Sophia, tailoress 11 Friend's alms house

Humrick Paul, shonkeeper and labourer Marlborough near
Bedford K.
. Huneker Joseph, jun. ornamental painter and gilder 371
north Second

Hung Aaron, labourer Perry

Hungary Gabriel, ship carpenter Marlborough n. Bedford K.

Hunt Charles, bell hanger 107 north Ninth

Hunt Edward, sea captain 80 south Fr^nt

Hunt Henry, cabinet maker 155 south Fifth

Hunt Joseph, currier 10 Oak

Hunt James, hatter 6 Pennsylvania avenue

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