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Hunt Samuel, livery stable keeper 88£ north Second

Hunt Samuel, grocer SW cor. German & Passyunkr.

Hunt Uriah, bookseller and stationer 233 High— d h.
berry court

Hunt William, shopkeeper and botder 67 north Front
>ebinder386 north Third

HIT Philadelphia J

Hunt Paul, morocco dresser 11 Marshall's all
Hunter David, ladies shoemaker Oak nearCrabb
Hunter Edward, hatter 172 Lombard
Hunter Israel, carter 110 N. Juniper
Hunter John, gent. 114 Budd
Hunter James, SE corner Queen and 4th
Hunter John, justice of the peace 186 south Fifth
Hunter John C. grocer NE corner Queen and Second
Hun'er Margaret, 122 Browne
Hunter Margaret, widow sempstress Petticoat alley
Hunter Robert, tailor Little Boj's court
Hunter Robert, weaver Ferris' alley
Hunter Susannah, china store 397 north Third
Hunter William, carter Race n. Broad
Hunter Wm. weaver 211 south Sixth

Hunterson, John, cordwainer Mariott's lane bet. 4th & 5th
Huntley John, carpenter Cresson's alley
Hupfeld Charles F. professor of music 26X. Tenth
Huplitz John, tailor 9 Rachel
Hurlbut Eben. cordwainer Front near Federal
Hurd Jacob, mariner 20 Almond
•Hurley George, confectioner 318 south Third
Hurley Isaac A. accountant Mulberry st. ferry
Hurley Rudolph, tanner Maiden n. stone bridge (¥L.)
Hurley Thomas, accountant 119 Lombard
Hurley Thomas, 119 Lombard
Hurlick Wm. blacksmith 32 Kunkle
Hurlick Wm. innkeeper NW" cor. Race and Fifth
Huron Laurence, merchant 26 north Front
Hurry Mrs: widow of Samuel, Francisville (N. L
Hurst Harvey J. 210 Spruce
Hurst James'M. & Co. mercht. 138 N. Second
Hurst John, carter Third below German
Hurst & Morse, tailors 123 south Third
Hurtnel John, carpenter 5 Garden
Husband John J. teacher 90 Lombard
Husband John I. teacher 20 Greenleaf's co :
Hustler John, mercht. 21 Church alley
Hustler John, mercht. 212 north Fourth
Huster John, shoemaker 40 Garden
Hussey Jno. tallow chandler 11 Lsetitia cot:
Hatchers Charles, carter back 115 Greene
Hutchins Rev. Joseph, 232 Sassafras
Hutchins Samuel, cordwainer 24 Gask.il I
Hutchinson Benj. P. broker 48 Walnut — d. h. 113 P
Hutchinson David, labourer Charlotte n. Brown
Hutchinson Francis, storekeeper (lower) 14 south lOtJt
Hutchinson John, sea captain Townsend's court
Hutchinson John, weaver, 145 south Eleventh
Hutchinson John, weaver Wood n. Thirteenth
Hutchinson Jonathan, bricklayer 11 Meyer's coi
Hutchinson James, carpenter 146 south Seventh
Hutchinson John, carpenter 2 Orange

Philadelphia index. 1MM

Hutchinson John, jr. dry goods store 287A High— id. h. cot

Seventh and Orange
Hutchinson Mahlon, fur dealer 96 High
Hutchinson Margaret, grocer 31 N. Tenth
Hutchinson Randall, attorney at law 66 south 6th— d. h. 323

Hutchinson Reynolds, victualler St. John n. Poplar lane
Hutchinson Thomas, clock and watch maker 120 south Front

— d. h. 6 M'Culloch's court
Hutchinson William, mariner 29 Gille's alley
tHutt Elijah, carter 23 St. Mary
Hutt Jane, teacher back of 159 south Sixth
. ! i t Jacob teacher 163 south Sixth
Hutt on John, secretary to guardians of the poor and cle'rk of

the district of Southwark 151 south Third
[fatten John, 26 Argyle (Almond)
Hutton John, cordwainer 8 Small
Hutton Mary, widow tailovess Gilbraith's court
Hutton Nathaniel, shipwright 382 south Front
II ittori Samuel, labourer 286 Lombard bet. 8th and 9th

: Wm; coppersmith 1 Marshall's alley
Hayek Gerardus, m. n. 403 south Third
Hyatt Wm. mariner 2 Vernon
Hyde George, 59 Union
Hyde Mary, widow 85 Locust

Hyde Oren, teaeher Washington academy 4th ab. Vine
Hyde Wm. & Geo. bookbinders and stationers 71 Chesnu*.
Hyde Wm. bookseller and stationer 71 Chesnut
Hyder Jno. bricklayer Eleventh near Vine
HyerMiss Eliza, tailoress 109 Lombard

and Christian, tallow chandler Wood near Julian
Ilyland Samuel, carter 5 doors ab. Walnut Juniper lane
Hymes Christopher, fisherman west Sch. 2d
Hynes John, victualler Charles (N. L.)
Hynes James, stevedore 71 Qeene
— Hyneman Elias, storekeeper 188 north Second
Hyneman Wm. grocer NW cor. Brown and Char!.
Hyrnes Wm. house carpenter Hanover n. Bedford

rBOUCH WM. coach trimmer 262 South

Iddings Caleb P. accountant 203 north Sixth

Idler Jacob, mercht. c. h. SummerFs wharf — d. h. 134 N. 8tk

Idlet Mary, widow tailoress 308 south Front

Imbrie James 8c Co. domestic warehouse 14 south Front — d,

h. 67 Spruce
Imandorffer Christian, back 169 north Second
Imlay & Potts, merchants 5 north Water
Imlay Robert, merchant 5 N. Water— d. h. 93 N.6th
Tmmel Catharine, widow storekeeper 76 north Third
Immel Jacob & Co. merchants 76 N. T1 .

1 V i Philadelphia liidi

Inches Thomas, storekeeper 443 north Second

tngels George, county commissioner 22 newmarke

Ingerd Adam, shop keeper 180 St. John

Ingersoll Charles J. attorney at law 130 Walnut

Ingersoll Edward, attorney at law 159 Walnut ab. 6th j

Ingersoll Joseph R. attorney at law 77 s. Fourth

Ingland Christian, widow Eckfeldt court

Inglis Joseph L. treasurer to Frankfordand Bristol turnpike:-;

331 Mulberry
Ingram Mary, widow back 184 Lombard
Ingram Thomas, tailor Vine below Eleventh
Ingraham Edward D. attorney at law 154 Chest
Ingraham John, labourer 182 north Water
Ingraham Sarah, mantua maker 40 Union
Ingraham Wm. mason at penitentiary
,._Tnkson Rebecca, shopkeeper 200 north Front
Innes Cornelius, shoemaker 125 Plum [see Ennes.-

Innes Joseph, carpenter Hamilton near Sch.
Innes John, machine maker 79 Shippen
Inskeep John, president of the N. A. insurance company 171

Inskeep Thomas, plaisterer 34 Chester
Insheimer Maria, seamstress 288 north Eighth
Inslee John A. steward of Almshouse Spruce above 10th
Inslee Martha, matron of the Almshouse Spruce above 10th
Invecter George, carpenter Poplar near 4th
Ireland Alphonso C. carpenter, city regulator, and measurer

of carpenters' work 122 Pine below Fifth
f Ireland Ely, labourer 257 Spruce
Ireland George, vinegar store 48 Browne
Ireland James, bottler Vine below Fourth — d. h. 12 Vine
Ireland Nichodemus, watchman 86 Budd
Irick Catharine, widow 114 Spruce
Irick Christopher, 176 S. 6th
flrons Richard, waiter Middle alley
Irvine Callender, commissary general of U. S. 431 High
Irvine Henry, Sch. Third near High
Irvine Hood, merchant 95 New
Irving Esther, widow 111 Catharine
Irwin Charles, sea captain 42 Palmyra square
Irwin Elizabeth, widow 327 Sassafras
Irwin James, comb maker 43 north Fourth
Irwin William, gentleman Peg near Front

[see Erwen and Arwin.
Isbeys John, oak cooper 36 Vine
Iseminger Adam, wheelwright 378 south 6th
Isington James, tobacconist Rousefelt's court
Israel Abraham, dry good store 329 north Second
Israel M. E. merchant c. h. 32 Walnut
Israel Samuel, merchant 186 Pine
Israel Samuel, merchant 176 Pine
Tvins Isaiah, carpenter 10 Coombe's alley

Philaddpliia Ltd, JOQ

l/.urd George, gentleman 295 Spruce
Izard B. A.' gentleman 307 Spruce

JACK CHARLES J. attorney at law office 41 north Six
and 239 Mulberry

Jack Mary, widow mantua maker and tailoress 108 N. 7th

Jackaway N. plaisterer Fourth near Browne

Jackson Andrew, inspector of customs 279 Walnut

•{■Jackson Abraham, labourer Bedford near Eighth

Jackson Benjamin, carpenter Perry

j- Jackson Benjamin, labourer Coates above Fourth

\ Jackson Caleb, labourer Maria

Jackson Doctor S. NE. corner Seventh and Walnut

Jackson John W. cordwainer 59 Greene

j- Jackson John>ice cream maker 2l 1 south Seventh

-j-Jackson John, coachman, 1 Barclay's court

Jackson Jno. G. merchant 127 High

Jackson Jonathan, back 93 Mulberry

Jackson Joseph, grocer 234 north Water

Jackson Mary, widow boarding bouse 80 Sassafras

Jackson Obidiah, m. d. 1 north Thirteenth

Jackson Peter, hatter back 93 Mulberry

Jackson Richard, tailor 177 Mulberry

Jackson Sarah Ann, widow U2north Eleventh

Jackson Sarah, widow Third below German

Jackson Thomas, minister of the gospel 90 Crown

Jackson Thomas, back 13 between Market and Chest

Jackson Thomas, accountant warden's office Orange n. 8th

Jackson Thomas, hatter back 125 north 8th

Jackson Wm. labourer 193 Shippen

Jackson Washington, mercht. 22 S. Front — d. h. 75 S. 8th

Jackson William, mariner 10 Shippen

Jackson William, pocket book man uf. 122 St. John

Jackson William, carpenfer Twelfth above Sassafras

Jackson William, gent. — d# h. 97 Spruce

Jackson William, livery stable Harmony ct. — d. h. 1 Whale-

Jacobs Charles, labourer German above Fifth

Jacobs Frederick, tailor 219 Callowhil

Jacobs James, skinn dresser Brookes

Jacobs John, jun. mercht. 21 N. Front

Jacobs Joseph, sexton first Presbyterian church 137 south

Jacobs Peter, tanner 5 Bedford

Jacobs Philip, collector 40 Crown

Jacobs Richard, mariner 3 Penn

Jacobs Sarah, widow back 133 Green

f Jacobs Sarah, washerwoman 14 Chimnies

Jacob Henry, brickmaker Charles near Coates

JKF Philadelphia Index.

Jacoby Rachell, widow boarding' house 98 Sassafras

.Taggers Win, attendant in store Smith's court N. Front

James Ann, shopkeeper 468 north Third

James Hurst & Co. grocery store 138 north Second

James Israel E. grocer Second near Beaver

James J. tailor and clothing- warehouse S\V. cor. High and

James John, jun. cabinet maker 28 north Fifth
J aggers Jonathan, oysterman2.54 N. Front
Jab ns Christian, patent wall colourer and painter 21C N.
Eighth bel. Callowhill [See John*

T ;imes Joseph, teacher 232 Spruce
-j-James Francis, whitewasher Browne ab. Fourth
James Tssachar, carpenter Black Horse ay.
James Jeremiah, merchant tailor 226 High — d. h. 36 Ann
James John, gent. 71 Cherry
.James John, grocer 360 N. Front
■flames Judith, whitewasher 232A Lombard
James Joseph, teacher 202 Spruce

Tames Mifflin D. brushmaker 77 N. Second

lames Morgan, bleeder 157 N. Sixth
f James M. waiter Osburn's ct.

James Otto, cabinetmaker and furniture roms upper 8 S 3d
.lames Owen, gent. 154 S. Second
James Robert, brushmaker 140 Sassafras
James Thomas, labourer Fenn (K)
James Thomas, accountant 43 S. Tenth

iumes Thomas C. m, d. professor of midwifery in the univer-
sity of Pennsylvania 7 York, buildings .
Jamison John, cabinetmaker 75 Dock
Janeway rev. Jacob J. 208 Mulberry
Janoud Edward, storekeeper Callowhill n. Sch.
January David, mercht. 166 S. Tenth

January H. layer out of the dead back 39 Mulberry
Janvier William, mercht. 85 High

Jaquet Levi, cordwainer 4 Dock

Jaquett Thomas, upholsterer 54 N. Front — d. h. 68 north

Jardella Andrew IB. sculpturer and stonecutter 22 Swanwick

Jarden John, stonecutter 43 German

Jarden Robert, chocolate and mustard manuf. 154 N. 3rd
— d. h. S. W. cor. Sassafras and 11th

Jarred Jacob, cordwainer Paynter's ct.

Jarvis Maria, widow 12 Almond

Jasper James, sea captain 32 Union

Jaudon Daniel, ladies academy 221 Mulberry

Jeanes Amos, lumber mercht. High n. Sch. Permanet bridge

Jeanes Isaiah, mercht. 155 N. Water— d. h. 208 N. Front

Jeda Leonard taylor 215 St. John

Jefleries James, smith 3 Acorn ay.
_d. h. Sch. Fifth n. High

Jeffcock Paul, cutler Ann n. Sch. 7th

Jefferies John, mariner back 110 Catherine

Philadelphia Index. JOH

leffery Barbary, milkwoman 137 Contes
J e fiery Benjamin, constable 27 Brown
S Jetf'erson Joseph, comedian 14 Howell
JefFers John, tallowchandlcr 25 Union
lefr'ries Daniel, brickmaker Fourth n. Poplar 1.
Jeffries George, coachmaker 40 Prune — d. h. 151 S. Uth
-Jeffreys William, coachman 216 Lombard
Jeffris James, skindresser 10 Franklin
Jeffries William, carter 7 Poplar 1.
Jeman Peter, hatter 11 Franklin ct.
"fJematrice John, hairdresser 92 Spruce
fJenkins John, f porter 16 Duke

Jenkins Abijah, capt. steamboat Philadelphia 14 New market
Jenkins E. & S. drygoods store 28 S. Second
Jenkins Joseph G. "porter Union Steamboat line 9 Vine
Jenkins Enoch, hatter 31 Sheaff's ay.
^Jenkins E. F. mercht. 31 Key's av
Jenkins Matthew G. capt. steamboat Baltimore 14 New mar*

Jenkins Joseph, flour and feed store 521 N. Third
Jenkins Josiah, victualing house Laetitia ct,
Jenkins Samuel, mechanist Quince n. Walnut
Jenkins George, gent. 14 New market
Jenkins Fulton p. shoemaker 151 Poplar 1.
Jennings &. Lodge, milliners 27 N. Fourth
Jenkins John, cordwainer 84 N. Fifth
lenkins John J. bookbinder 8 Harmony ct.
j-Jenkins William, porter 219 Cherry
Jenks Jonathan, mercht. Beach n. Maiden— d. h. o56 north

Jenks Joseph R. mercht. 54 S. wharves— d. h. 5 "S me
Jennings John, auctioneer 387 High
Jenny Elizabeth, widow 32 Almond
Jennings 8c Thomas, auction store 36 N. Front
Jenny Israel jun. 121 Sassafras
Jewell George, shoemaker 41 Mechanic
Jewell Jno.B. painter and gtazier 72 Chesnut
Jewell Kenneth, merchant tailor 78 and 80 S. Third
Jewell Leonard, mercht. 117 New
Jess Ruth, bonnetmaker 14 Church ay.
j-Jimson Cesar, Indian Doctor 239 Cedar
lobes Richard, tailor 37 Green
Jobson Samuel, glue manuf, 273 N. Third
John David, innkeeper 4 Bank ay.
John Joseph, bricklayer 227 Lombard
{•John Mary, washerwoman 112 N. Juniper
rJohn Mary, washerwoman 112 N. Juniper
Johnes Charles, mercht. 75 High— d. h. 115 north Fitth
Johns losiah, bricklaver 227 Lombard
Johns Richard, mastmaker yard at the hayscales wharf Liberty

ay — d. h. Green n. Front
Johns William, & Daniel, painters 41 O. Y. r.
Wins William, painter 39 Strawberry— d. h. 41 O. V. r.

J01I Philadelphia Index.

Johnson Adam, tallowchandler 467 Sassafras

Johnson Andrew, Vinen. 13th

Johnson Andrew, carpenter 6? Passvunk r.

Johnson Andrew, carpenter 149 St. John

Johnson B. 8c Son, oyster cellar under 18 High

Johnson Benjamin, oysterman Pewterplatter ay.

Johnson BJakely, weaver 1.3 ab. Cedar

Johnson B. K. supercargo 135 N. Seventh

Jones Benjamin, iron mercht. 17 S. wharves— d. h. 267 (

nut ab. Xinth [See Johns, Johun & Janet

Johnson Charles H. carpenter 229 N. Sixth
Johnson Christian, widow 11 Wood
Johnson Charles, printing- ink and lampblack manufactory

S. E. and X. W cor. of Tenth and Lombard
fjohnson David, porter 203 Lombard
fjohnson David, porter 203 Lombard
Johnson David, mariner Johnson's ct.
fjohnson Edward, sailmaker 21 Hurst
Johnson Elizabeth, gloverest 3J4 X. Second
fjohnson Francis, musician 154 Pine
fjohnson George, waiter 23 Currant ay.
Johnson George, cordwainer Rousefelt's ct.
Johnston George, cordwainer 101 Catherine
fjohnson Henry, boot and shoecleaner Elliot's ct.
Johnson Hannah S. widow 253 N. Front
Johnson H. & L. Tailoress 53 New
Johnson George, waterman 140 Swanson
Johnson Hannah, beer house 47 Dock
Johnson I^aac, gent. 450 X Second
Johnson Isaac, carter Taper av.
Jolly Samuel, Pleasant avenue
Johnson Jacob, carter 39 Xew market
rJohnson James, painter &c. 265 Spruce
Johnson John, labourer Simmons' ct. (N. L.)
Johnson John, drygoods store N. E. cor. Second and High
Johnson John, wheelwright 32 Powell
Johnson John, sealer of Dry Measures,— u. h. 130 S. Second

S. E. cor. of 4th and Queen
Johnson Jane, widow 457 High

Johnson John, woodsawyer Callowhill bet. Sch. 7th and 8th
Johnson John, Maiden n. Stone bridge(K)
Johnson John, weaver Norman's av.
Johnson Joseph, ropemaker 150 Pine
Johnson Josiah, lct.er carrier 22 Little George'
Jokson Jonathan, carpenter 244 X. Water— d. h. 255"north

Johnson John, cordwainer 243 X. Front
Johnson John, bottler S. W. cor. Fifth and Appletree av.
Johnson Joseph, shipchandler 77 S. wharves— d. h. 153 Pine

nsOn Matthews, carter 9 Pratt'sct.
Johnson Margaret, washerwoman Vine n. Bread
Johnson Maria, widow of Peter 141 Budd

PJtUadelphia Index. J OH

Johnson Matthew, carter lOS Coates

Johnson , weaver hack 127 Green

Johnson Nicholas, millwright Penn (K)

| Johnson Patience, widow dealer 245 Spruce

Johnson Peter, oystermsn 62 German

Johnston Peter, flour store N. B. cor. Thirteenth and

Johnson Richard, white and blacksmith 176 Shipper*
Johnson Robert, printer 277 S. Third
f Johnson Robert, Middle ay.
Johnson Richard, bookseller 31 High
Johnson Richard, mercht. cor. Eighth and Shriver's ct.
Johnson Richard R. turner 58 Dock- d. h. 1 Locust
Johnson Robt. S. iron mercht. 71 N. Water— d. b. 69 Vine
Johnson Samuel, combmaker 260 St. John
Johnson &. Summerv'dle ironfoundery Chery and Broad
Johnson Samuel, cordwainer SE cor. Minor and Sixth
Johnson Sarah, widow 176 Mulberry
j-Johnson Stacy, coachman Norman's ay.
Johnson Thomas, grocer 8: Passyunk
Johnson William, lumber mercht. cor. Sixth andButtcnwood

— d. h. 49 Tammany
Johnson William, shoemaker 39 Filbert
.^Johnson William, weaver Second n. forks of Germ. r.
■>hnson William, labourer Say
Johnson William P. treasurer New Theatre 81 Lombard
Johnson William, trunk maker 181 N. Front
Johnson William, blacksmith Vine n. Tenth
Johnson William B. shoe store 246 Market %

Johnston Alexander W. bell hanger and locksmith Tenth

ab. Walnut
Johnston Alexander W. gent. 5 York buildings
Johnston Elizabeth, widow Freytag's ay.
f Johnston Henry, waiter 304 south Seventh
Johnston James, gent. 306 S. Second
Johnston John, drayman Sch. Seventh ab. Sassafras
Johnston John, mariner lol N. Front
Johnston James, blacksmith Penn (K)
Johnston Isaac, labourer 189 S. Fourth
Johnston John, carpenter 149 John
Johnston James, oysterman cellar under 3 Cbesnat
Johnston Jacob, printer Biddle's ay.
Johnston Jacob, sea captain 59 Queen
. Johnston James, botler 25) S. Fifth
Johnston John, printer 2 Elmslies alley
Johnston John, mariner 5 Pewterplatter ay,
Johnston John, oysterman 10 Pewterplatter ay.
Johnston John P. mariner 17 Cox's ay.
Johnston John, 49 Nqble

Johnston Mary, widow dealer 380 S. Second
Johnston Mary 8c Elizabeth, storekeepers 28 N. Fourth
Johnston Mary, widow 192 S, Water
Johnston Miss, teacher 153 Walnut

J UN Philadelphia Index.

Johnston Nicholas & James, steam engine factory Penn ana

• Marsh (K)

-[Johnston Richard, coachman 24 Currant ay.

Johnston R. Mrs. boarding-house 49 S. Third

Johnston Thomas, cordwainer 17 Watson's ay.

Johnston Thomas, boardinghouse 30 Strawberry

Johnston William, market watchman 2i Watson's ay.

Johntson William, dyer ?9 North ay.

fJohnston "William, cordwainer 9 Pine ay.

Johnston, widow gentn. 59 S. Eleventh

Johnston William T. tailor 36p Market

Johnston "Wm. H. Currant ay.

Johns Josiah, bricklayer 272 Lombard

John AV. cordwainer Blackberry ay.

jolly Samuel, Pleasant avenue

Jones Abraham, trader 205 Cherry

Jones Abraham, cordwainer 11 HorTner's ay.

j ones Anthony, labourer 89 Coates

Jones Abraham, turner bac t of 199 N. Third

Jones Benjamin, engraver 50 "Walnut

Jones Benjamin, cabinet maker Gaskill ab. 4th

Jones Benjamin jun. roercht. 211 andd. h. i36 S. Front

Jones Benjamin, grazier 7 Cedar

Jones Benjamin, irora mercht. "17 S. wharves — d. h. 267

Chesnut ab. Ninth
Jones Benjamin, engraver 47 Chesnut
Jones C. & N. jr. stocking store N. W. corner of Second and

Jones Curtis, labourer 46 Queen

Jones Charles mercht. S. E. cor. Second and "Walnut
Jones Daniel, blacksmith 123 Coates
Jones David, hatter 128 N Second
JonesJ)avid, labourer back 213 Cherry
Jones Edward, labourer N. W cor. Third and Catharine
Jones Elizabeth, widow 173 N. Fourth
Jones Elizabeth, widow Loxley's ct.
Jones George W painter &c. 51 Chesnut
Jones George D. cabinet maker 2 Library
Jones George, M. D. 124 S. Eighth
Jones % Harrison, dyers and scourers 102 i Mulberry
Jones Hariot, tavernkeepev 5 Callow hill
Jones Hiram, hatter 167" N Second
Jones Henry, shoemaker back o7- N. Third
Jones Isaac H. tobacconist 169 N. Front
Jones Isaac C. 143 Sassafras
Jones Ira, gent. 49 N. Eighth
Jones Isaac, blacksmith 266 S. Fifth
Jones Isaac, cordwainer 7 Little Dock — d. h. 40 Union
Jones Isaac C. mercht. 84 High — d. fr. 289 Mulberry-
Jones Isaac C. Oakford & Co. merchts. 84 High
Jones Isaac R. dry goods store 20 N". Second
Jones Isaac & Son, tobacconists 169N. Front
Jones Isaac, cabinetmaker 77 N. Front

Philadelphia Index.

Jones Andrew M. iron mercht. 17 South wharves
Jones Ann, widow Prince near Front
Jones David, shoemaker Marlborough n. Shakamaxon
Jones Isaac, cordwainer, Prune below Second
Jones .Joseph, wheelwright, Prune above Second
Jones J. boot and shoemaker 45 S. Front
Jones Jacob, grocer 296 Lombard
j Jones Jacob, waiter 242 Lombard
Jones James labourer 89 Coates
Jones James L. cordwainer 8 Sugar ay.
Jones James, whiskey store High n. Sch. Front
Jones James, barber 10 Spruce

Jones Jehu, cordwainer Mariott's lane bet. Fourth and Fifth
Jones Jesse, tailor 72 Callowhill
Jones Jesse, gent. 140 N. Third
^-Jones Jesse, carter n. forks Germ. r.
Jones John, dyer 110 Crown
Jones John J. gardner 34 Crown
Jones John M. gent. 16 S. Eighth
Jones John, mariner S. Seventh n. Fitzwater
Jones John, M. D. and druggist &c. 73 Shippen
Jones John, bricklayer Broad W. Sch. Eighth
Jones John, labourer Cox's ay.
Jones John C. store 86 High— d. h. 118 N. Ninth
Jones John K- jun. cabinetmaker 428 N. Third — d. h. 21S

St. John
Jones John, tailor 123 Budd

Jones John, currier Sch. Eighth bet. Sassafras and Vine
Jones Joseph, lottery broker 231 Vine
Jones Joseph, grocer 143 S. Eighth
Jones Joseph, saddler 5 HofTher's ay.
Jones Joseph, wheelwright Prince ab. Second
Jones J. C. Oakford, & Co. merchts. 86 High
Jones J. flour mercht. 228 N. Front
Jones L. M. boardinghouse 352 High
Jones Martha, shopkeeper Pewterplatter ay. n. Front
Jones Massey, widow stocking knitter Rose ay.
Jones & Matt, merchts. 31 Chesnut
Jones Mary, widow 17 Bedford
Jones Nathan, storekeeper 58 S. Second
Jones N. milkman, Locust ab. Broad
Jones N. mercht. 90 Union
f Jones Nice, whitewasher back 170 N. Eighth
Jones Peter, plaiiterer 45 George (S)
Jones Peter, sailmaker Third n. Cherry
Jones Paul, papermaker 147 S. Front — d. h. 299£ Sassafra?
Jones Peter, weaver, Thirteenth ab. Vine
Jones Philip, umbrella maker 23£ N. Second
Jones Robert, fringe weaver 127 Locust
Jones R. & H. dry goods store 26 S. Fourth
Jones Robert, sea captain 31 Elfrith's ay.
Jones & Rowland, house carpenter 16 Norrfs , ay,

• \) Philadelphia Ind*

.Tones Samuel, mariner 45 Green [See Jahns and Jo

Jones Samuel, cabinetmaker back 83 Chesnut

■Tones Samuel, W. merch. 103 — d. h. 1.54 X. Front

Jones Samuel S. accountant Shriver's ct.

Jones Sarah, sempstress Sixth n. C'oates

Jones Stephen, cordwainer 115 German

.Tones Susan, cake baker 13 S. Tenth

Jones & Smith, merchts. 103 N. Front

.'ones Thomas, cordwainer 69 Budd

Jones Thomas, mercht. 25 S. Second

Jones T. turner in brass and iron 272 S. Second

Jones Thomas, shoemaker 20 Kunkel

fjones Walker, carter Cherry bel. Thirteenth

Jones William, pump maker 265 Catharine

Jones William, Esq. secretary American Fire Insurance

Co. 101 Chesnut
Jones AVilliam, currier 29 Mary
Jones William, labourer south 2nd n. John
Jones William J. accountant 321 Chesnut
Jones William, cabinet maker 26 X. Fourth and Blackhorse

Jones William, commission merchant 325 Mulberry
Jones widow, gentn. 187 Walnut
.Tones William, constable Eighth n. Buttonwood
Jones William, mercht. 31 Chesnut — d. h. 325 Mulberry
.lordan Frederick, brass founder Fourth n. George (N. L.)
Jordan Henrv, currier 221 N. Second
Jordan John, merchant 123 N. Third
Jordan John, shoemaker Rose ay. (X. L.)
Jordan Mary, widow of Joseph, 10 Bonsall
Jordan Mary, widow of John Bonsall 51 S. Fifth
Jordan Patrick, teacher 9 Marshall's ay.
Jordan Kichard, druggist, X\V cor. Second and Chris'
Jordan Sarah, 55 Spruce
Jordan Samuel, labourer back 198 Cherry
Jordan Thomas, shoemaker Morgan's ct.
Jordan William, plaisterer Sassafras n. Eleventh
Jordan William, shoemaker Morgan ct.
Joret Francis, o\ sterman under S. W. cor. Chesnut and

Third— d. h. 14 Union
Joseph Abraham, broker Goforth ay.
f Joseph Johfi, barber 214 Cedar
Joseph Manuel, stopwatch 58 Passyunk r.
Joseph Mather, mariner back 33 German
J%seph Samuel, distiller 167 Cedar
Justice William A. ship carpenter X. E. cor. Marlborough

and Bedford (K)
r T t)urdan Frederick, brass founder Fourth n. George (X. I
Jourdan Peter, goldsmith 240 S. Sec
Joyce Benjamin, silk and muslin d; h»xth

Joyce David, cordwainer, 187 S. Front
Jovce John J. blacksmith 94 X. Sixth
Ju-ju John P. cutler— d, h. Poplar n. St. John

Philadelphia Index, K v:

3 unuel, cordwainer back 364 S. Second

Joyce Thomas R. tailor 17 Vernon

Joyce Thomas F. watchmaker 123 Plum

Jovce William, labourer Beach n. Marsh (K)

Judah Hariett, 126 S. Tenth

Julian Edmond, cabinetmaker 17 Norris' ay.

Juppenlatz Frederick, baker 354 south Second

Justice Charles, shoemaker 474 Sassafras

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