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Justice Elizabeth, widow 128 German

Justice George, surveyor to North American Insurance com-
pany 76 Dillwyn

Justice George, labourer 33 Coates' ay.

Justice Jacob, hardware mercht. 149 High and 117 Vino

Justice J. P. printer 481 N. Second

Justice Jacob & George M. hardware merchants 149 High

Justice Jacob, engineer back 132 St. John

Justice Margaret, 74 Crown

- Justice Wm. A. ship carpenter NE cor. Marlborough and
Bedford (K.)

Justus Jacob, engineer back 131 St. John

Justus Philip, carpenter 24 Wood

Juvenal Bartholemew, starch and hair powder manufacture!
392 N. Front

Juvenal Jacob, starch factory O. Y. r. ab. Callowhill

Jack Mrs. widow 95 Christian

Jackson Jacob, mariner 23 f ) Swanson

Jacobson Hance, mariner Birds ay.

James Charles, grocer SE cor. Federal and Second

James John, mariner 5 Parhams ay.

Jamison Ann, widow 87 Christian

Jamison John, bleeder, ?2 Parhams ay.

Jamison Robert, shipwright 547 south Front

Jameson Stephen W, carpenter 465 south Second

Johns Mary, widow 16 Mary

Johnson Alva, mariner 53 Mead alley

Johnson George G. mariner Catharine wharf S. side

Johnson John R. cabinet maker 448 south-Front

Johnson John, justice of peace Marlborough n. Prince (K.)

Johnson Peter, rigger \7 Parhams alley

Johnson Peter, grocer Catharine st wharf north side

Johnson Randle, mariner John st.

Johnston Ewd. Church street

Johnston Fred, labourer Plum above Front

Johnston Isaac, carpenter Shippen above Shippensl.

Johnston Job, labourer Prune near Front

Johnston Robert, watchmaker 107 Swanson

Johnston Thomas, mariner, 26 Queen

KAIN ELIZABETH, widow 206 N. Eighth

Kain John, grocer, N. E. cor. of Cedar and Fourth

KJRA Philadelphia bidi

Kain John, blacksmith 78 south Fifth
Kaign Ann, widow 51 Mead ay.
Kaine John, M. D. 424 N. Fourth
Kan Wm. blacksmith 72 Swanson
Kankle Peter C. printer 263 South Seventh
Kaliski Frederick, gent. Penn (K)
Kale Stephen, shoemaker Sixth n. Coates
Karnes Thomas, labourer 5 Litte Dock
Kamerly Jon. J. baker 13 ab. Cedar
Kamp David, shingle dresser Noble n. Third
Kane Barnard, shoemaker 395 Sassafras
Kane, E. mercht. 3 Minor
Kane J. K. attorney at law 191 Walnut
Kane Mary, widow Galbraith's ct.
Kane Patrick, cordwainer back 168 Shippeu
Kane R. dealer 89 Shippen
Kane Sarah, widow grocer 22 Barrow
Kane William, grocer N. E. cor. Sixth and Fitzjvater
Kan William, blacksmith 73 Swanson
Karn Catharine, widow 65 Budd
Karner Christian, city watch back 174 Pine
Karlin Patrick, woodsawyer back of 408 north Third
Karrigon Jno. carpenter 204 Cherry
Kates Jacob, tobacconist 28 Cherry
Katz Christian, labourer Brooks
Katz Dorothy, widow 30 north Seventh
Katz John, baker 247 north Second
Katz J. John, 13 south Seventh
Katz Michael, carter 11 Kunckel

Katz Michael b el lhanger and locksmith 28 N". Seventh.
Katz Wm. 147 north Water
Kay Aaron, 193 Christian
Kaufman Peter, tobacconist 267 north 2d
Kay Aaron, 193 Christian

Kay Benjamin, grocer 168 north Water— d. h. 205 N. Fron.
Kay Joseph, hatter 76 High
Kay Joseph L. sea captain 121^ Lombard
Kays Robert, weaver Cedar above Thirteenth
Kayser John G. M. D. Hanover near Prince
Kaj sby Jessee, currier 186 north Front
Kayl Jacob, brass founder Apple (N. L.)
Kean Roger, mariner back Sch. 8th above Sassafras
Kearney Francis, engraver SW. cor. Third and Chesnu*
Kearney Mary, widow back 46 Spruce
Keates Margaret, widow 19 Beck's alley
Keating Jno. brewer Dawson's court
Keating John, gentleman 183 south Fifth
Keating John.jun. attorney at law S. 6th — d. h. 183 Jj. 5th
Keating Lambert, tavernkeeper 28 south Sixth
Keating Mary, widow 23 Lombard

Keating Wm. H. professor of mineralogy and chemistrv >?
the University of Pennsylvania 183 south Fifth

Philadelphia Index. KEL

c James, carpenter 5 below Queen
Keefe Jolm & James vermicelli manuf. Prime ab. Front
Keefe Joseph, oak cooper 9 Federal
Keefe Win currier 6 Bell's court
Keegan William, tailor 214 south Sixth
Keegan s Timothy, ashman 248 South
Keel John, taylor 164 Cherry
Keel Mary, widow shopkeeper 15 Mulberry
Kccler Thomas, coach painter 11 Powel
Keely Israel, plfusterer Race near Sch. 7th
Keelev Ellen, widow 165 north Sixth
Keemle John, M. D, -3 north Fourth
Keemle Margaret, Widow china store 83 N. Third
Keemle Samuel, attorney at law 103 Mulberry
Keen Clement, joiner Queen n. Marlborough
Keen Eli, shoemaker Smith's court
Keen Hal-man, taylor 10 south Water — d. h, St. John bei\

Green and Goates
Keen Jeremiah, 92 Green
Keen Joseph, currier 37 Old York road

Keen Joseph Sc Wm. W. leather store & curriers 61 Chesnir:
Keen James C. sailmaker S67 N. Front
Keen James, shrpjolner 476 south Front
Keen John, tanner 511 N Front

Keen Joseph & Son, currier 115 Chesnut and 19 S. Fourth
Keen Jacob, ship joiner, Green near Marlborough
Keen Peter, printer 126 Locust
Keen Rebecca, mantua maker 146 Cherry
Keen Samuel W. currier 115 Chesnut — d. h.41 S. Fourth
Keen Sarah, widow 147 South Ninth
Keen S. boarding house 3S south Sixth
Keen Sarah, widow 120 New
Keen Wm. W. currier 113 Chesnut
Keesey Philip, tailor 311 Sassafras

Keese Jacob, ship carpenter Beach n. Marlborough (K.)
KefFer Catharine, widow 142 Vine
Kehr J. baker 440 north Third
KefFer George, shoemaker 123 north Front
Keighler Margaret, widow 133 South
Keighler Samuel victualler Race near Sch. 8th
Keighler Wm. &.' Thos. tin manufactory 65 north 6th
Khain Christopher, farmer SE. cor. Eleventh and Love I
Kighter Wm. shoemaker Smith's alley
Keim Jacob, copper plate maker 18." Cherry
Keim John, turner and coal dealer 125 and 127 N. Four
Keim Wm. turner 174 north Fourth
Keith Caleb, shoemaker 25 north Sixth
^Keith Robert, segar maker 100 north Second
Keith Samuel, president of the Delaware Insurance, bmpa*

ny 231 south Front
Keiper Abraham, tobacconist 16 north Fourth «* '
Keiter Isaac, shipwright 3 John W/

Kelbach Henry, gentleman 31 Chester m


rv - >M Philadelphia Index

Kelch James, cordwainer 25 J south Fifth
Kelch Phoebe, carpet weaver cor. Chancery 1. & Comb's
Keller Adam, shopkeeper 42 Coates
Killer Conrad, tinplate worker 64 north Front
Keller Henry, wheelwright back 9 Crown
Killer Herman, tinplateworker SE. cor. 2d and Cedar
Keller Samuel, shoemaker 20 Callowhill
Kelley Catharite, milkwoman 87 north 1 hird
Kelley Daniel R. taylor 19 south Fourth
Kelley Erastmus, blacksmith 176 north Water
Kelley Eleanor, grocer 198 north Water
Kelley Edward, tavernkeeper 5 Gveenleaf's ct. d.h. 10 S
jKelley John, brass founder Green's court
Kelley" James, carter Bedford n. 5h
Kelle'v John, saddler George above Juniper lane
Kelley John, tailor Bedford near 6th

Kelle'v James, innkeeper cor Frankford r. a'nd Mandcrson K.
Kelley Michael, boarding house 39 south Water
Kelley Xeil, tavern keeper SW. cor. Centre square
Kellig Charles F. farrier 77 north Third street
Kellog Mr gentleman corner of Wood and 5th
Kellv Andrew, weaver Wood n. 13th
Kelly Abraham, shoe maker back 460 north Third
Kellv Aron, merchant 88 Vine
Kellv Charles F. turner 77 north Third

Kelly Dennis, cotton factory Ridge r. n. toll gate Frapcisvllle.
Kelly Hannah, boarding house 103 Market
Kellv Hugh, cordwainer Marriott's lane near Fifth
Kelly John, shoe merchant 56 north Third
Kelly Josiah, shoemaker Fourth near Brown
Kellv John, cordwainer back 378 south Second
Kelly John, carter 297 south Fifth
Kelly John, pilot 52 Mead alley
Kelly Jonathan, carpenter 205 north Water
Kelly Mary, shopkeeper 218 north Sixth
Kelly Mary, widow 8 Hurst
Kelly Thomas, 70 High — d. h. 10 south Seventh
\elly Thomas & Son, shoe store 70 High
"ellv Thomas, tailor Marion's lane bet. Fourth and Fifths

elly Win. shipwright 96 Christian
lsey Humphrey, taylor 429 Chesnut
*lsey John, labourer 26 Bard's court

k.ev John C. lumber inspector 370 south Front

*tSy J no. C. inspector of lumber 351 south Second

^ e " James, harness maker 3 Prune

*5 e ' Y David, jun. combmaker 140 Cedar

Kern, Charles, oak cooper 1 1 S. alley— d. h. 56 north 5tb

Kemb p lly, widow 23 Elizabeth

Kemp eorge. gentleman 52 Pine

Kemp »hn,' taylor cor. Mulberry ay. and Hinkle's court

Kemp Vn.^dies shoemaker Closes' court

temper acraon, D. D. assistant minister of the Episcopal

-.Ckureltg of Philadelphia 31 Sajisom

Philadelphia hid,

l Elizabeth, widow 96 ( christian
KemptooMescs, merchant JJ1 north Front
Kempton Samuel, grocer 190 north Fifth
Kemrich Gabriel, victualler NE. cor. of Callowlull 3c Jul!
Iveemle Isaac, conveyancer 101 south Fifth
Kendle Mary, widow 8.5 Brown
Kendle .John, ladies shoemaker 85 Brown
Kendrick Benjamin, hair cloth manufactory Union bel, -3d
Kendrick David, innkeeper. 437 High
Kendrick J no. tobacconist Smith's court
rKennard James, coachman 4 Surd's allev
Kennard Jacob &. Thos. dyers and scourers 11th n. Mulberry
Kenner Ludwick, cabinet maker 15 Mnlberry
Kennerd Anthony, carpenter 20^ St. John
Kennedy Ann, widow 141 north Fourth
Kennedy Andrew, accountant 530 south Front
Kennedy Benjamin, weaver l\l Walnut
^Kennedy David, carver and gilder 109 Walnut bel. 3d and

keeper of the Garrick tavern SB. cor. Walnut and Ninth
Kennedy Hannah, widow 279 south Second
Kennedy Henry W. captain 169 Pine
Kennedy Isaac P. shoemaker 9 north Sixth
Kennedy James, cabinet maker lu8 north Water
Kennedy John, i-.ordwainer 90 north Water
Kennedy Miss Mary, boarding' house 243 High
Kennedy Michael, labourer Tenth n. Callowhill
Kennedy Nathaniel, teacher 9 north TweKv'a
Kennedy Patrick, labourer 3 south Thirteenth
Kennedy Peter, blacksmith George n. Tenth — d. h. S\V, co~\

Chest and Twelfth
Kennedy Robert, tobacconist 119 north Ninth
Kennedy Rachel, nurse 2 Mead's alley
Kennedy Rachel, widow 226 north Water
Kennedy Robert, carpenter Perry
Kennedy Robert, grocer 460 north Second
Kennedy Robert, grocer 497 and 499 north Second
Kennedy Rev. John, 129 north Ninth
Kennedy Samuel, sign painter 145 north Third
Kennedy Sarah, dealer Gilbrath's court
Kennedy Samuel, carver, gilder St looking glass manufacturer

59 Walnut
Kennedy Thomas, conveyancer, &c. back 106 north Second
Kennedy William, boarding house 46 Spruce
Kennedy Wm. weaver Whitehall
Kenney James, laborer Mark's lane
Kenney Thomas, carpenter Vine near Sch. Eighth
Kenny James, trader Race near Sch. Seventh
Kenny John, teacher N W corner of Vine and Fourth
Kensel John, painter and glazier 268 St. John
Kensel Lewis, grocer NW. cor. Poplar lane and St. John
Kensel Lewis, carter 270 St. John
Kensil Rebecca, 309 north Front
Kent Joseph, mariner Fourth near Carpenter

1 v E V Ph iladelphia Inch.

fKenton Augustus, waiter 143 Lombard

Kenton John, distiller ~23 south Third

Kenton .Tas. C wholesale and retail grocer S\V. corner Fifth

and Vine
Kenton Joseph, jun. distiller 223 south Third
Ken worthy John, painter, Sec. 3 S. 7th — d. h. 10 north 8th
Keogh Patrick, grocer SW. cor. 5th and Cherry
Kerbaugh Daniel, labourer Charlotte n. Poplar
Kerbajgh John, skin dresser 29 Franklin
Kerbin Augustine, labourer 256 north Water
Kerk C. H. ivory turner 153 Cherry and 5 Appletree ay.
Kerkbride Stacey II. carpenter 115 Old Yord r.

:lin widow of E. innkeeper 38Q NW. cor. Coatesand 3d
Kern George, coach maker 36 Crown

n G. jun. & Co. clothing warehouse 123 \ S. "Water NE.

cor. of the horse dock, Drawbridge

1, jun. ic Co. tailor 123^ S. Water and NE.
nson and Almond —d. h. 14 Dock
Kern John, gentleman 64 Union
\er Sarah, widow 68 Union
Ker "William, shipchandler 7 S. wharves — d. h. 165 Race

[see Carr and Karr.
Kerr James, trader Ashton near Sassafras
Kerr Jas. saddlery and coach furniture warehouse 120 High
Kerr Sarah, widow 119 Mulberry
Kerr Win. saddle, harness and trunk manrif. 122 High — d. h

26 north alley
Keppele Catharine, gentlewoman 262 Walnut
Kessler Enoch, shoemaker 105 north Ninth
Kesslev John, justice of the peace 166 Coates
Kessler John, jun. grocer and collector of taxes for w.

No. 1, 2, 3, and 4, of the Northern Liberties, SW. c

Fourth and Coates
Kessler Mary, widow 202 north Fourth
Kessler Mrs. widow of Geo. K. near Gray's ferry
Kessler W"m. shoemaker 40 Garden
Key Joseph, tanner 35 Franklin
Keys Eliza, widow tallow chandler 233 Cedar
..- Keyser Andrew, dry good store 36 north Second
Keyser Charles, teacher German hall — d. h. 8 north §th
Kevser Dickerson 8c Gorgas, lumber yard Oak (N. L.">

s er Elhanan W. lumber merchant 133 N. 9th
Kevser Elizabeth, widow 266 St. John
Kevser Henry, baker back 60 Almond
Keyser Henry, oak cooper Brooks
Keyser John, grocer Laurence near Noble
Keyser John, tavernkeeper Callowhill n. Lawrence
Keyser Jacob, grocer 195 N. Second — d. h. 53 Nev>
Keyser Jacob, baker St. Joseph's avenue
Keyser Jacob, plaisterer 4G8 Sassafras
Keyser Joseph, blacksmith 41 Coates

ser Joseph, gentleman 195 north Second

Philadelphia Index. KIN

Keyset- Peter, lumber merchant 282 north Second — d. h. 35

< illowliill
Keyser Susan, 2.36 St. John
Kibby Charles, baker 161 N. Water
Kibler Joseph, brushmakcr 104 N. Third
Kid John, labourer 147 St. John
Kid Robert, copper merchant 91 Walnut
Kiechline John, potter 14 Duke
Kiechline Win, victualler, 6tall 31 New Market south 2d—

d. h. Callowhill above 8th
Kientzley Gotleib, baker 3 Garden
Kigg Thomas, tanner 552% north Third
Kighter Wm. shoemaker Smith's alley
Kildea Edward, mariner 186 south Water
Kildea L. mariner 178 south Front
Kille & Kempton, merchants 43£ north Front
Killelea Thomas, fringe weaver 6 Elmslies alley
Killer Wm. P. carpenter back 11 Wagner's alley
Killon Francis, corset maker 156 Mulberry
Killpatrick George, carter 203 Shippen
Killpatrick Francis, soap and candle manuf. 320 Callowhill
Kimball George, saddler 40 Coates alley
Kimball & Wyman, domestic warehouse 18 north Front
Kimber Caleb, teacher 60 Gaskill
Kimber Emmor, jun. accountant 11 North alley
Kimber & Sharpless, booksellers and stationers 93 High
Kimber Thomas, bookseller 93 High — d. h. 124 Pine
Kimble Job, cabinet maker 16 Vernon
Kimble West, labourer back 41 New Market
Kimmey Abraham, mariner 38 Almond
Kind ell Clayton, gentleman 266 south 7th
Kiner Cath. widow Marriott's lane near 4th
King Ann, widow back 109 Plum
King Alexander & John, carters Laurel n, Rachei
King Andrew, ship joiner Queen n. Shackamaxon
King B. Indian physician 94 Tammany
King Charles, merchant 48 S. wharves — d. h. 76 S. Front
King Charles, sea captain opposite Ebenezer church
King Daniel, brasslbunder 76 south Front
King Deborah, tutoress 170 south Fifth
King Edward, attorney at law 21 Prune
King H. tailor (upper) 284 Market
King Henry, sea captain 29 Noble

King Hermanus, tailor 26 south Water and 189 St. John
King James, gentleman 210 north Front
King John, painter 4th above George (N. L.}
King John, carpenter Cherry near Juniper
King John, gold beater adjoining SW. cor. Walnut & Dock
King John, painter, &.c. Pine above Tenth
King Mahlon, shallopman 34 Laurel
King Mary, shopkeeper HoCallowhiJl
King Richard, carpenter Oak (S.)

'sing Sabana, waiter 18 Burd's alley

K.L Philadelphia hid*

King Stacey, cordwainer back 378 south 2d

j-King- Wm, labourer -64 Shippen

King- Wm. drayman Little Boy's court

King Wm. carpenter Filbert W. of Sch. Eighth

Kingston Thomas, carpenter 217 south Fifth

K inker James, weaver at the forks Germantown road

Kinsinger Elizabeth, widow 258 Race

Kinnard , livery stable keeper next 5 Greenleaf's ct.

Kinney John, innkeeper 2u2 South

Kinsel John, shoemaker Castle near Eleventh

Kinsey E. saddler, &x. XW. cor. Chesuut and Third and

south Third
Kinsey Thomas, drvgoods store 228 south Second
Kinsley Jacob, cordwainer 13th ab. Cherry
Kinsman Israel, merchant over 80 High— d. h. 357 Mulberry
Kinsman & Wright, merchants over 8U High
Kimzing Abraham, merchant 289 Spruce
Kintzing Benjamin H. merchant 5 Franklin row
Kipp Isaac J. teacher Prince n Shakamaxon ( K.)
Kirchhoff Christian, combniaker 39 north Third
Kirchoff Henry, tobacconist : 94 north Third
Kirchhoff Jacob, tobacconist 394 north Third
Kirk John, coachraaker 5 Smith's court

Wm. J. dry good store 183 north Third
Kirkham Edward, mariner Kugler's court
Kirkharn William, merchant 7 south Fourth
Kirkpatrick David, currier 97C'hesnut
Kirkpatrick Ferguson dealer 188 south Kisselman
Kisselman Susannah, gentlewoman 166 south Second
Kissick John, engineer Water Works at Fair Mount
Kitchen James, Merchant's Coffee House 86 S. 2d— d. h.

Kitchen Joseph, trader 49 Wood
Kitchen Phineas, teacher Davis' court
Kite Benjamin & Thomas, booksellers and stationers 20 north

Kite Isaac, carpenter 108 north Eleventh
Kite Isaac, looking glass frame maker 24 Branch
Kite Joseph, livery stable keeper 160 north Eighth
Kitler Anthony, victualler 121 Old York road
Kittera Ann, widow 158 Walnut
Kittera Thomas, attorney at law 158 Walnut
Kitterson Wm. weaver Sch. 3d bet. High and Chesnut
Kitts Eliza, teacher 383 Sassafras
Kitts Michael oak cooper 104 Gaskill
Klace Eliza, tutoress Thirteenth below Cedar
Klatz Elizabeth, shopkeeper 2 York court
Klapp Harvey ,-m. ». 292 south Second

•jp Josevh, m. ». 290 south Second and cor. Shippei,
Kkpp Sc Williamson, drug cor. 2d and Alme

Kleitz Daivel, baker Thirteenth near Race
Klcizer Jacob, clock maker 96 New st.
itt Andrew, printer R'

Philadelphia Indi KXO

Klett Frederick, drug, paint and glass store 261 north 2d —

d. h. Callowhill above Second
Klett & Reakirt druggists 223 north Third
Kline Abraham, innkeeper XW cot . Cherry and Seventh
Kline Catharine, widow 505 north Third
Kline Jno. Sc Wm. brick makers Irish Track lane n. Shippen
Kline John, porter 123 Shippen
Kline John G. grocery and tavern 492 north Third
. • Klingle Joseph, watchmaker 266 north Second
Klingle Doctor 266 north Second
Klopse Peter, baker 88 Locust
Klonegar John, baker 146 south Front
Klotz John, weaver Rose alley near Green
Kloz John C. taylor 58 north Sixth
Klosser Henry, gentleman 296 Chesnut
Knall Peter. Juniper below Locust
Knappe Philip, grocer !9l Christian
KnaufT Doctor 44 Green
Kneeas Fred. F. plane, Sec. nianuf. XV.". cor. Dec.

Carpenter — d. h 33 south Tenth
Kneeas Michael, plane maker 10 south Eighth— d. h. F,

berger's court
Kneeas John, copperplate printer NW. corner Decatu.

Carpenter— d. h. 8 south Twelfth
Kneeas "Win. engraver 33 S. Fourth

Kneeas Christian, silverplater — d.h. Sch. Eighth bel. High
Kneas RoDerv, comb maker Little Boy's Court
Knelt George, drayman Rugan (N. L.)
Knedler Adam, tavernkeeper 139 north Third
Kneeland Mrs. Abner, leghorn bonnet warehouse 31 -

Second and 9 north Second
Kneeland Rev. Abner 31 south Second
Knerr Henry, innkeeper 140 High
Knight Abel, china merchant 26 north Third
Knight Alexander, M.D. 138 north Front
Knight Daniel, carpenter 172 Cherry cor. Knight's i
Knight Daniel, jr. house carpenter 192 Cherry
Knight Edward, shopkeeper High west Sch. Fourth
[ Knight Jacob, labourer back 29 Union
fc night James, innkeeper 1 Strawberry
Knight Jonathan, gentleman 303 north Second
Knight Saml. hardware mercht. 91 High- d. h, 141 Mult
Knight Wm. U. S. navy yard 275 south Froir
Knight Wm. shoemaker NW. cor. High and Sch. Eighth
Knipe Conrad, weaver 436 north Third
Knipe John R. grocer SE. corner Fifth and Vine
Knorr George, baker 19 north Sixth
Knorr Jacob, carpenter 242 north Water
.,-* KnoiT Samuel, news-carrier, Sec. back 126 north Se-
Knott Christine, painter, &c. 432 north Third
Knogel Philbert, accountant 184 north Front
Knows Jacob, shoe store 16 and 18 High
Knowles James teacher back 40 N. Fo>

KRl Philadelphia Indent.

Knowies Selah, widow n : = •: 277 south Front
Knox Charles, paver I >bn

xon, merchants 207 High
Knox John, merchant 207 High— d. h. 33 X. Seventh
Knox Jacob, engraver 127 Pine
Knox "William, ship joiner 49 Budd

ak Hans, merchant 56 X. Water — d 1 liberty

Kochersperger Daniel, innkeeper Francis ab. Ridge road
Kochersperger George, bleeder k tooth drawer 410 1 i
Kochersperger Martin, innkeeper Gray's Ferry
K' r John, laborer, Penn st. ^K.)

Ko hn, coach wl mbard

:liling Gertrude, widow baker 26 Tallow hill
Kohler John, ironmonger 328 N. .Second
, Kohlenkamp Xich. tin and coppersmith 226 X. Front
Konigmachtr k Co. hardware rr.ercht. 141 High
Konigmacher widow of Adam, 21 £^ north Front
Kooker Jacob, farou nth

E cocker Jacob, cord ib. Front'

Koochegey Win. brick maker crown above Callov.hiT!
Koockogey Samu< ~:.ssafj-as alley

Koockogey & Stout, whip venders 7 X. Third
Koockogey John, whip maker :ras alley

bant 184 north Fourth
:r Henry, labourer Christian near Third
Korckhauss H rrier 55 X. Third

Korckh. :ew, furrier 24 N. Fourth

Kc r acob, grocer junction of 2nd and Moyamerising

Korn 1 -e and fringe weaver 82 N. Second

ch Wm d St. John

Kov. n WilLarn, cordwainer 4" iter

t, cabinetmak
aft Henri - 77 Walnut

rail Emar. N. W. ccr. Walnut an...

— d. h. 1 Elmslie's ay.
Kr: Jeer Sch Fourth ab. Lombard

am, grocer 31S X. Second
Kramer Philip, sailor Mulberry n. Thirteenth

error William, carpet weaver Vine n. Juniper
K-e:der Jacob, labour:: X L. cor. of Federal and Irish v.
agera Michael soap and candle store 32 Vine
Krebs G^vge, brickn . 17 X. Fifth
:eder Henry, hatter 255 north Second
:eker John P- baker 601 X. Second
"Kreymborg b. Heigedom, quill manufactory 41 Che ;
Krider Frederick. ha~ north 2d

Krider J. baker 91 S. wharves
Krider William, baker Fourth n. Shippea
Krigemyer Henry, brickmaker 442 Sassafras
Krigler Benjamin, c. h. Second bel. Sassai:
Krim Henry, morocco dresser 122 Shippen
Kring C -er, ropeinaker John

1'hiladelphia Index. LAC

Kripps Jacob, chairmaker 462 N Second

yKripps Margaret, shopkeeper 46 N. Second
Krissell Michael, blacksmith Queen n. Second
Krison George, printer 4 Sassafras ay.
Krolls Catharine, tavern 89 Kunckle
Kroom Henry, drover James (N. L.)
Krug, F. V. rnercht. 123 Market -d. h. 95 New
Krug & Smith, merchts. 123 High

Kruger .John, gardner Ridge road Francisville n. tollgate
Krumbhaar Lewis, merchant SW cor. Third and Spruce
Krydcr Levi, dry goods store 74 N. Fourth
Kugler Benj. counting house 23 below Race

/ Kugler Benj. m. i>. 112 north Front
Kugler Gajiarine widow, 89 Callowhill
Kughler Elizabeth, wido 211 Queen
Kugler George, flour store 126 Sassafras
Kugler John, oak cooper Fifth near Plum
Kuhl Henry, cashier of the Farmers and Mechanics bank 108

south Eighth
Kuhn Charles C. gent. Walnut first ab. Ninth N. side
Kuhn Daniel late cord.vainer 2 Lxtitia court
Kuhn Frederick, victualler 75 Garden
Kuun Frederick, gent. 311 Chesnut
Kuhn George K. commission merchant 31 Sansom
Kuhn Peter, gentleman SE. cor. Mulberry and Tenth
Kuhn Win, shoemaker 2 Laetitia court — d. h. Black Horse ay
Kumins Frederick R. commission rnercht. Broad n Vine
Kunitz L. cupper, bleeder andleecher 23 «.. Eighth
Kunz Jacob, gunsmith Germantown road near Second
Kunzi A chemist, Coates near Fourth
Kurtz Elizabeth, grocery store 145 St. Johns
Kurtz Win. cabinet maker Rose alley ~~*

Kurtz George, painter 106 Wood
Kurtz John* silver plater Juniper 2d bel. Walnut
Kurtz widow, 4 Juniper lane
Kutter John M. sign painter 34 Bread
Kyle Conrad, weaver Apple (N. L.)

LABBEE FRANCIS C. dancing master ball room 18 I4br&

ry — d. h. 16 Prune
Labbree J. B. sea captain Queen near Gunaer'srun
Labathy Joseph, mariner i03 Christian
Labau Jonathan, bath house 34 F oraberger's court
Laberde Mary, widow back 2i> Budd
Lacave John, .airdresser 76 south Fourth
Lace William, coach spring maker 46 Carpenter
Lacey Edward, boarding house 2 i Swanwick
Lacey Jesse, tailor 15U south Fourth
Lacey John, watchmaker 150 south Fourth
Lacey Moses, bookseller Wright's court

IjAN Philadelphia Index.

Lacey Return, brickma er Race near 7th
Lackey Mrs. widow Fourth near Carpenter
ILacombe Peter, drygoods store 232 south 2d
Ladd S annuel, attorney at law Juniper below Chesnut
Ladon Abraham, comb maker Buttonwood ab Fifth
Lafaver Philip ladles shoe maker 6 Pear
Lafferty Archibald, shoema' er back 47 Brown
LafTerty Elizabe f h, widow Fourth near Maria
LafTerty Jesse, merchant 268 Mulberry
LafTbn A. widow 64 Spruce
Lafute Anthony, teacher 98 Spruce
Laforgue Bridget, widow 314 Race

Lafourcade P. M. printer and bookseller NW. cor. Race &. 2d
Laird Wm. tobacconist 107 Race [See Ladd & Loyd

Lajus Paul, confectioner 86 High— d. h. 165 Pine
Lake Adam, carter Green below Third
Lake David, sexton to methodist church 1 1 8 New
Lake John, morocco dresser 89 south 5th
Lake Lucas, blacksmith Beach near High bridge
Lake Thomas, accountant 47 George (S.)

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