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Lalanne Dominick P. broker 73 Lombard
Lalanne Dominick, jr. 3 Lombard
Lamarzelle Peter, hair dresser 50 Duke st.
Lamath Eugene, 443 south Second
Lamb John, malster Noble between 5th and 6th
Lamb John, labourer 69 Currant alley n. Spruce
Lamb L. Mercht. A 6outh Front s reet
Lamb VVm. malster 95 St. John

Lambert Elizabeth-, widow NW. cor. of Swanson and (fcueen
Lambert George, lock smith 410 north Front
Lambert John^ship joiner Lawlers Court
Lambert J. agent 5 Carpenters Court
Lame Joseph, coardwainer back 1:6 Christian
Lamon James, carpet weaver 75 N. Sixth
Lanr Telle Joseph, tobacco manuf. 61 Lombard
Lammot Daniel, merch. 13 S. Water

Lampas Ellen, widow of Wm. distiller Ashton near Sassafras
Lampert Jos. victualler 267 north 8th
Lancaster John, lumber merchant 176 north Fourth
-Lancaster & Jenkins, dry good store 21 north 2d
^Lancaster Joseph, porter 49 Gaskill
Lancaster Jacob, gent. Maria
Lancaster Levi, grocer 32 Garden
Lancaster Moses, carpenter 180 N. 4th

Lancaster Thomas, grain merchant 66 south wharves (Ham-
ilton's wharf)— d.'.h. 114 Lombard
Lancaster R. merchant 67 Wood
Lance Elizabeth, 74 south Water
Land John, hatter 234 south Second
Land Maiy, 210 north Water

Landell G'. boat builder Penn (K.)— d. h. 15 Beach
Landell Man , boarding house 377 N. Front
Lar.dreth & Co. nursery and seedsmen 14 south Secona

Philadelphia Index. LAR

Landsdowne J. R taylor, south aide Market neap and above

Centre square
Landel George, flour and feed store Maiden (K.)
Latiiis Henry P. currier 29 Mulberry
Landis Henn P. morocco store 48^ north 3d
Landis Margaret, widow .56 Sassafras
Landreth David & Cuthbert, nursery and seedsmen Federal

n. Gray's ferry road
Landy John, carpenter 52 Coates street
Lane Edward, accountant 141 south 9th
Lane John, labourer and grocer, Hodges wharf
Lane Ann, widow 108 Crown
Lane Wrri. blacksmith 3 Drinkers alley
Lane Jesse, carpenter 9 north 9th
Lang Jane, dry good store 35 north 8th
Lang William, gatekeeper at Almshouse
Lang John G. baker .6 Pewterplatter alley
Langdon Mary, widow milliner 62 Sassafras
Lange John M. D. Frankford, road
Langebartel Elizabeth, 95 Coats
Langstaff David, Grocer 50 St. Mary
Langley Davis, mariner Parham's alley
Langeley S. & Son, drygoods store 8 soutli 2d
Labia Abraham, carpenter Millers court back of 217 St. John
Labirey Jeremiah, shoemaker back i 12 north 7th.
Laindon Thomas, hatter Black Horse court
Lanning Thomas, currier 88 St. John
Lanning Richard, coach painter cor. 6th and Coates
Lanningburger Win. oak cooper Boehans court
Lanyon Thomas currier 2S8 nor. Third
Laner John S. carpenter S W. corner of Marript's 1. and 4th
Lape Mary, widow back 125 Green
Lapp Abraham, victualler 509 north Third
Lapsley David, jr. carpet warehouse NW cor. High and 4th
Lapsley Joseph B. carpet warehouse 23 south 2d — d. h. 216

Large Stephen, carpenter 125 Budd

Large & Wilson, shipwright 5th wharf above Pool's Bridge
Lare Joseph, ship carpenter Jones alley
Lark Sarah, innkeeper cor. Vine and 13th.
Larkin E. schoolmaster 454 north Third
Larer John, brewer 50 north 6th
Lare Joseph, ship carpenter Flower's alley ~
Lare Peter, jr, brickmaker George west Sch. 4th
Larmant Isabella, widow washerwoman Faris alley
Lasserre John, Taylor 120 s. 2d
Lary John, wea^ er 538 n 3d
Latimore Freeman, mariner 201 Cedar
Lapp Christian, milliner 446 north 3d
Lapsley David, gent. 144 Mulberry
Lare Henry Sc Peter, bookmakers George n. Sch. 34'
Large Mrs. Dorothy, (Sansom'srow) 167 Walnut
Large James, merchant 209 High— d, h. 298 Arch

LAW Philadelphia Index.

Large John, merchant 31 Chesnnt — d. b. 304 Arch

Larkey Edward George, above Twelfth

La Roche Rene, ar. x>. 151 Pine

Laskey John. ba - .cr 169 north Fourth

Latimer George, merchant and president o Hue Union Ins.;;-
ranee Company 35 south *i\th

Latimer James, merchant 121 south Front— d. h. 118 S. 8th

Latimer & Murdock, flour merchants 07 N. Water

Latimer Thomas, flour merchant 67 north Water — d. h. 216

Latour John, merchant 26 ! south Fropt

Latting* Margaret, widow 82 Spruce

Lauck David, cooper baclc 13'J Sassafras

Laugenslag-er Michael, victualler 65 old shambles— d. h. NW
corner of Lawrence and Noble

Lauderback Amelia, widow dealer 70 Spruce

Lauderbach Samuel, bricklayer 146 south Eleventh

Lauderback Henry, shlpjoiner 8 Parhams

Laudenslacker Adam, victualler 28 John

Lausat Ambrose, merchant 165 north 9tli

Lausat Anthony, merchant 20S Walnut

Laval John, bookseller 118 Chesnnt— d. h. 210 Pine

LaverallWm. saddler 11th near Vine

Lathan Hugh, ropemaker 454 wwtj* 5CCC"LI

TL.averty Jesse, mc'iciiant over 8 Union

Law Andrew, weaver Vine n. 13

Law Samuel, paper stainer, ect. 102 Christian

Law Samuel, paper hanging manufactory 102 Christian

fLaws Ceasar, labourer Green's court

Laws Daniel, druggist, ect. NE. cor. Spruce and 5th

Laws Elijah, jr. upholsterer 295h High

Laws Elijah, carpet and bedding warehouse 196 High

Laws George, tanner 80 Wood

Laws G. h J. tanners yard near CaUowhill and 7th

Laws John, silverplater Nicholson's court

Laws James, gentleman 5 Wood

Laws James, taylor 10 John st

Laws Jacob, labotu er Beach near Marsh (K.)

Laws Leah, milliner 165 ! ,ombard

Laws Martin, mariner SF,* cor. 2d and Washington

Laws Samuel, tanner .-_..,, V±i

Laws Thos. hyde and leather store 59 Chest d. h. 113 M -

Laws Zadock, waiter 15 Elizabeth

Lawler Matthew, alderman 34 Walnut

Lawler Thomas, dealer back 5 Poplar

Lawler Peter, boat builder Wolter's court

Lawler Thomas, dealer in bark 5 Poplar lane

fLawrence Anthonv, hairdresser 405 N. Front

Lawrence C P>. portrait painter S W cor. 7th and San

Lawrence Elizabeth, widow 33 Pewter Plaster alley

Lawrence A. oysterman— cellar 11th south 6th— d. a. 3

Lawrence Isaac, mercht. 103 High— d. h. near 11th.

Philadelphia Lidi, LEA.

Lawrence Augustus, baker 258 L ombard

■fl.awrcnce Adam, labourer back 143 Cherry

Lawrence and Broun, N\V. cor. Water and High

Lawrence Benjamin, labourer High IV. Sell. 5th

Lawrence Charles, victualler James

Lawrence Charles, carter Marriot's 1. above Fifth

Lawrence Christian, victualler 'ames

Lawrence George Black, south Vine near 8th

■{■Lawrence Henry, laborer Green's court

Lawrence Hajpah widow, tayloress 7 Duke (N. L.)

Lawrence H. &. W. fringe, &c. manuf. 39 south Second

Lawrence Isaac and Co. merchants 103 High

Lawrence Jason O. B. m. n. 139 south Fifth

Lawrence John, baker 46 south Third

Lawrence John H. labourer back of 69 Christia n

Lawrence John paper nanger 20 Mary

Lawrence Jacob, carter 529 south Second

Lawrence J. H. jeweller 27 Julianna

Lawrence Lawrence, skindresser 290 Vine

Lawrence Mary, teacher 3 Strawberry

Lawrence Michael, victualler James st.

Lawerene P. L. mercht. 8 n. Locust

Lawrence Wm. grocer S. E. corner 11th and Lombard

Lawrence widow, sempstress 18 Bank alley

Lawson Alexander, engraver Pine above Ninth

Lawson David, weaver Hopkins court (N.L )

Lawson Elizabeth, oysterwoman Racoon alley (N. L.)

Lawson B. boarding house 155 south 9th

Lawson Thomas, grocer NE. cor. Broad and Budd (N. JL^)

Lawton Daniel, briculayer 458 south Front

Lawyer Samuel B. storekeeper 176 north Second

Laycock F ; ancis Paul, dyer 7th above Coates

Layer John, boat builder Oak n. Brown

Layton John, superintendant hydrants Chesnut n. Broad

Laycock J. H. fancy chair maker 83 south Third

Laycock William S. carpenter 13th bet. High and Chesnut

Learning Jeremiah F. merchant 117 south Fourth

Learning F. merchant 33 N. Front and 3J N. Water— d. h.

53 Lombard
Learning Rebecca, gentlewoman 53 Pine
Learning Thomas, F. merchant 199 south Front— d.h. 120

Leatherman Ann, widow cor. 7th and Christian
Leatherman M. drayman Lily alley near Tammany
Leatherberry Wm. shoemaker Queen n. Shakamaxon
Leatherbeny Abraham, shoemaker 246 St. John
Leadbeater John, lampmaker, &c. 93 Walnut
Leaden Samuel, combmaker Maria
Leamy John, president of the marine insurance company, am!

Spanish consul's office 79 Dock
Leace Henry, victualler Maria

Lea I. bookseller and stationer — d. h. SE. cor. Chest and 4&
Lear John, tobacconist 203 Cedar

Philadelphia Index.

Lear John, cordwainer Eleventh above Pine

Lear 1 south Tenth

Lear Robert, drover between Vine and Wood

Le Brum Charles, ■worn state interpreter and professor c*
the French, Spanish and English languages 159 S.

Lebo Daniel, innkeeper 276 High

Le Brim, Mrs j oungladier seminary 15-J south Sc sp)

Lechler Joseph, oakcooper 97 Brown

Lech'ell Jacob, drayman 133 Coates

Lecount John, oysterrrian 3 Meyer's court

fLecount .'oseph, labourer 50 1! -ill's

Lecount Thomas, oystennan 123 south Third

Lecture Wia cord v. a'ner Carpenter (>'.) above 2d

Lecony Maria, milliner 13" south Second

Lechler George, vict. Fourth above Brown

Lecompte Win. innkeeper 83 north W :

Le Compt James, o; stermai

Lechleitner R. G
north Second

Leddy Thomas, bottler 461 11

Lee Andrew, shallopmam 13 J north Water

Lee Ann, widow lower 54 South

Lee Campion Frai.c'*?, storekeeper 127 north Front

Lee David, scrivener 1 9 north Fourth

Lee Elizabeth, imfl '.Cherry

Lee Franklin, bricklayer sr, and tax collector-

north Second

Lee Freder'..- founder cor. Fourth and Poplar }.

Lee Hannah, wide : 51 Lombard

Lee Joseph, weaver Germantovn r. above the Foi&S

Lee John, currier bacl h Tiiird

Lee Matilda, dealer 137 « edar

Lee >.rdmg house 222 south Front

Lee Robert, bellows maker 87 Sbippen

Lee Richard, skin dresser. Ten's court
S mith E. carpenter 1 Faris' alley

Lee William, hair dre I hesnut

Lee'Wnt teacher Sch. 5th below High

Lee Wm. chairmaker 360 N. Second — d. h. Lilly all.

Lee Wm. cabinet maker 115 north Front

fLee Yarmouth, mariner 34 Powell

Leeds Ann, widow 5 Duke (N. L.)

Leeds Josiah W.mercht tailor and clothing store 144 Chesnut

Leedom Jonathan, merchant 210 south Water— d. h. 29 Pine

LeeH' n John, victualler 238 St. John

Leedare Joseph, storekeeper 442 north Second

Leech Henrv, denier Vine between Second and Third oppe-
site theN. L. Bank

I. cri William mariner 18 Little Water

Leeman James, mariner back 23 John

Leeman Samuel, blacksmith 296 and 304 N. Front

Lees John, chair maker 91 north Front

; is*s Henry, victualler north. Fourth abore Tamrnaify

Philadelphia Index, LRN

• -es Peter, tailor 58 Wood
yLe Fevre ames, merchant and agent for the Baltimore and
and Union line of packets and steam boats 6 9. wharvi

d. h. 27 Race
Legendre Mrs. 159 Pine
Legerly William, shoemaker 40 Tammany

Le Grace , dealer i01 north Fifth

Lehr Henry, storekeeper 288 north Front

Leheigh Coal and Navigation Company's wharf ior landing

coal, corner of Oak
Lehman David, stocking weaver 181 St. John
Lehman George, saddler Rosevault's court
Lehman George, trader Mcrredith's court
Lehman Peter, druggist 320 High [tee Lemon.

Lehman Sybla, widow 2 1 6 Sassafras
Lehman William, druggist, ect. 76 south. Second
Lehman W. 8c A. S. Sc E. Roberts, drug, paint and oil store

76 south Second
Lehman W. E. druggist 77 I ombard
Le Huray Nicholas, clock and watch maker NW. corner 2<2

and New .
/•Le Huray Nicholas, jr. clock and watch maker 170 N. 2d
Leib Alust. victualler 2d near Geinui..u>-.vn road
Leibbrandt John Andrew, skindresser 490 N. Second
Leclier John, music master 29 Filbert
Leich &. Huckel, tailors 79 south Water
Leich Richard, grocer NE. corner of 2d and Christian
Leiper Thomas, tobacconist 274 High
Leiper W. G. tobacconist 427 High
Leinau Andrew, batter 101 north Third
Leinau Daniel, Hatter 101 north Third
Leinau Daniel, hatter and dry goods st re 39 Sassafras
Leinau A. George, hatter 1 4-J north Third
Leineau Daniel, hatter 18 north Third
Leitman Henry, grocer 281 north Third
Leidy Jacob, city watch 19 Watson's alley
Leidy Jacob, gentleman 212 Vine

Leibrand Frederick, shopkeeper SE. cor. Coates & St. John
Leister Kampman *kCo. brewers N. L. brewery 4th ab. Vine
Lejee John R merchant 162 south Second
Lelar Henry, merchant 1 1 Lombard — c. h. 50 S. \vharv«s
Leland Benjamin, late auctioneer 148 south Tenth
Leland Charles, dry go-nlmercht. Judd's hotel
Lelar Henry, merchant 1.1 Lombard
Lemaire Ann, widow 23 Elfreth's alley
fLemaire E. hairdresser 58 south Tenth
Lemmon .'ohn H. painter and glazier 280 Mulberry
Lemon W. labourer 12 Em len's cou r t (N. L.)
Leman Anthony, mariner 61 George
Lenox David, gentleman NW. cor. 10th and Chesnut
Lenox Sarah, widow 42 George

Lennard Susan, washerwoman between Garden and 8th
Lennig Nicholas, importer 265 north Second

LEV Philadelphia Index,

Lenfesty Mary, circulating- library 142 north Fro:.:

Lenard John, mastmaker — d. h. 24 Callowhill

Lentz Christian, carpenter back of 314 north Second

Lerttz Elizabeth, widow St. Joan

Lent/. Jacob, manufacturer of soap for taking out stains, ect/

corner Noble and (). Y. road
Lentz George^vict. 403 and 405 north Fourth — stall 1 N. L.

market ^****-
Lentz Henry, merchant 236 and 238 N Second
Lentz Jacoo, storekeeper 460 north Third
Lentz John, vict. cor. Maria and 4th — stall 11 N. L. market

[see Lantz and lance
Lentner Geo. C. 8c Pa'tersoh fancy chairmakes 50 Chesnut
Lend Peter, mariner L59 Christian
Leonard Michael, labourer Prime bel. Moyamensing r. w
Leonard Gertrude, shopkeeper 48 Callow hill
Leroy Charles, broker 10 Bread
Lescure Edward, silversmith 75 Union
Lesh Henry, shoemaker 186 Cherry
Leslie Eikanah, pewtever Little Boy's coiner
Lesley Peter, cabinet maker 54 north Tyfrd
Lesley Thomas, spectacle maker 39 tfre-v/ Marked
Leslie Lydia, boarding house 1 Minor
Lesley Catharine, widow 22 Woo^r
Lesley James, accountant 71 south Eighth
Lesher Charles, coach maker 115 New
esher John, farmer Christian above Sixth
Lesher Wm. farmer Shippen's lane
Lesher Wm. paper maker 69 Cherry
Lesher George, coach maker 235 N. Second and cor. Cal>

lowhill and New Market
Lesvalue Alexander, confectioner 179 Lombard
Letford Wm. cord • ainer 87 north Third
Leturoo and Durfr', smiths 76 north Sixth
Letzing Thomas, tailor 59 George
Levau W nj^merchant 217 north Eighth
Levering .facob, merchant 170 south Front
Levering Mary, widow
Levering Jacob, grocer 5 High [see Levering.

evering Jonathan H. carpenter 478 Pace
Levick Ebenezer, currier N. W. corner of Second and Cat*

f Levick Charles, porter 29 Currant alley
Levick and Smith, drygoods store 57 north 2d
Levy Aaron, drygoods store NE. cor. Third andNe^
Levy I>aac I. commission merchant 77 N.4th
Levy J. broker and commission merchant 36 S. Third
Levet Madam, gentlewoman 18 Swanwiek
+Levenier Mary L. nurse back )62 south Fourth
Levis David, printer Lowber's court
Levis Hosea I. cashier Sch. bank *»7 Palmyra roW
Levis "-arah, widow 30 Cherry
Levis George, brickmaker Spruce W. Sch, Front

Philadelphia Index. LEW

■vis Ann, widow U Pear

Lewis David, merchant and president of the Phoenix Insu-
rance company 127 s. Front — d. h 14j S. Sepond

Lewis Lllen, widow 11 Pear

Lew is VA\/.. widow 184 Swanson

Lewis Francis, hatter 362 north Second

Lewis George, accountant 8 Wood

Lewis George, carpenter 96 Bedford

Lewis George, brickma'.er Pace near Sch. 8th

Lewis George, biickmaker Spruce W. Sch. Front

Lewis Hezekiah, victualler 299 Callowhili

Lewis Harvey, silversmith and jeweller 143 Chesnut

Lewis Haven & co. merchants 127 S. Front

Lewis, ino. F. auctioneer 20 S. Front— d. h. 124 S. 3d

Lewis John, Bernard, musician 22 Sansoni

Lewis John, shallopman Oak near Noble

Lev/is John, victualler 57 Garden

Lewis John, cordwainer 103 north Eighth

f Lewis John, porter 28 Bonsall

Lewis John, shalopman Oak n. Noble (N. L.)

Lewis Jacob, labourer tlODillwyn

Lewis fames, hatter between 9th and Garden

Lewis Joseph, carter 210 St. John

Lewis Joseph, 100 Locust

Lewis Joseph, ropemaker Prince ab. Shakamaxon (K.)

Levis Joseph, skindresser 552 north Third

Lewis Joseph S. merchant 25 Dock — d. h. 3 Rittenhouse

Lewis Joseph S. and J. Bacon, merchants 25 Dock

Lewis Job, oak cooper shop near old ferry — d. h. back 4"
Key's alley

Lewis Job, 48 Shippen

Lewis Lawrence, merchant 107 south Third

Lewis Lydia, widow 9 Friend's alms house

Lewis Mary, perfumer 145 north Front

Lewis M. and S. N. merchants 135 S. Front

Lewis Margaret, dry goods store 154 N. Fourth

Lewis Moi*deica, red and whitelead manuf. Pine near S'ch.
7th -d. h. 283 Spruce

1 ewis Miss Hannah 252 Spruce

Lewis Robert M. gentleman 190 south Front

Lewis Robert, gentleman 106 south 5th

J ewis Rachel widow of Wm. 159 S. Fifth

Lewis Samuel N. 135 S. Front — d. h. 107 .south Fourth

Lewis Samuel, labourer Swede's court

Lewis Labina, tavernkeeper 95 north Fourth

Lewis T.amuel, blacksmith 49 Penn

f Lewis Thomas, waiter 34 Powell

Lewis Wm. carter Buttonwood near Fifth

Lewis Wm. A. & Co. coppersmiths 201 N. Third and 7k &

LIP Philadelphia Index*.

Lex Charles, combtnaker 4 >2 north Fourth

Lex Henry, ornamental carver illneklc'sct. Vine

Lex Jacob, merchant 283 High — d. h. 6N. Ninth

Lex Peter, sugar refiner 283 High

Leyden Adam, 29 N. Ninth

Life Richard, ornamental stabler 47 Wood

Liebeck Philip, locksmith 314 Vine street

Lighten Jane, widow near Eleventh in Filbert

Lighten William, maltsterer 339 Callowhill

Ligget John, storekeeper 46 ^. Second

Likes George, labourer 127 .Proven

Lillybridge Chariot, widow 121 Xew

Limeburner George, bookbinder 88 Poplar lane

Limmeruau John, gunsmith 548 north Third

Link John, cordwainer 103 N. Eighth

Linck Peter, cordwainer Vine corner of Crown

Lindsay Hugh, stevidore back 36 Cherry

Lindsay Margary, widow bearding house 12 north Sixtjfc

fLindsay John, sweep master 2 Elbow alley

Lindsay Thomas, hatter 53 Chesnut

Lindsey John, carter 446 north Third

Lingfeker Andrew, 27Appletree alley

Link Jacob, shoemaker 10 5 Dillwyn

Link Jacob, cedar cooper near Broad

Link George, carter 11 Rachel

Linker Daniel, sen. gentleman 302 north Second

Linker Henry, potter 411 north Fourth

Linker Daniel, potter Noble near Third

Linker John, 302 N. Second

Linker and Potter, potters 320 N. 2d

Linn John II. merchant 72 south Front, d.h. 220 Spruce

Lir.n Robert, mariner 49 Mead alley

Linn Prudence, segar maker 16 Sassafras alley

Linn Simon, merchant counting house 285 High

Lin William, baker 460 north Front

Linkham Thomas, mason Washington st. Morrisville

Lenis William, labourer 23 Tammany

Linceburner J. innkeeper 501 north Second

Linninsheets John, oak cooper 169 St; John's

Linninsheets Margaret, washerwoman 463 north Third

Linninsheets Peter, oalc cooper 5 69 St. .John's

Linnard T. M. and J. M. lumber merchants cor. Spruce and

Linard Thomas, lumber merchant 150 south Tenth
Linard Wm., U. S. d p. quarter master general 205 south

Unton Benjamin, nailor 269 Race, dwelling 27 north Tenia
Linton Martha, 221 Swanson
Linton John, tobacconist 28 Kunckel
Llppard John, hatter 115 north Ninth
Lippincntt Amelia, widow tailoress 26 New market

dwelling Brood's court
Lippincctt Benajah B. hatter 108 Market

Philadelphia Index, LOG

Lippincott Benjamin, grocer NW comer Arch and Front
I ippincott benjamin, hatter 140 Sassafras
I ippincott Charles., tailor Price's court

Lippincott Elizabeth, dry good store 179 north Second
I ippincott Joseph, innkeeper 4-1, north Second

Lippincott Isai'.c, accountant 9 Kunkel

Uppincott Joshua, commission merchant north-west corner
Tenth and Arch

Lippincott J. and W. & Co. commission merchants and auc-
tioneers 34 south Front

Lippincott P. C carpenter back 15 Budd

Lippincott S. E. tavernkeeper 10 Lxtitia court

Lippincott Win. commission merchant 34 south Front dwell-
ing south-east corner Eleventh and Arch

Lish Henry, cordw.iiner 186 Cherry

Lisle Charles P. scrivener and accountant 7 -north Sixth

Lisle Maty, gentlewoman 127 south Second

Lisle John, merchant south-west corner Washington Square
and Locust

Lithgow David, sexton Dr. Wiley's church 10 Marble

Lithgow Elizabeth, widow china store 238 south Second

Little Archibald, trader 93 Lombard

fLittle Aaron, labourer 6 Bonsall

Little Ann, widow 101 Vine

Little Daniel, carter 40 Coats'

Little David, schoolmaster 467 north Second

Little Elijah, Tailor, 1 Fayett street

Little Hannah, widow 146 South 10th. st.

Littell E. bookseller and stationer 8S Chesnut
Little Mrs. seminary 2 Trotters Alley
Little James, carter Schl. 8th bet. Sassafras Sc Vine
Little Rafus, dealer 84 Swanson
Little Wm. Fishmonger, 34 Coates Alley
Littleboy M. J. military feather, comb,' and patent lamp
store 46 north Second l

Livingston Elizabeth, Mantau maker, 11 Juniper Lane
tLiyingston John, waiter, Portland lane
Livingston Mrs. Ann, gentlewoman 345 High
Livingston Mary, Mrs of Henry, Sch. 7th above Cedar
Livensetter John, Teacher. 18 Xew Market st.
Lively Wm M. Teaci«.er, 189 south seventh
Litzenburg Jacob, labourer near cor. Sch. 3d & Mulberrv
Livezey John, 'r. & co. Flourmerchants NE cor. Sa*;afnfc

and Water sts.
Livezey Mary, widow, of John, Tailor, 50 X. "Water
Lobb Benjamin, labourer, near Schl. 3d and Mulberry
Lobdell & Elmes, Hatters 100 Market st.
Lochary Niell, Grocer, St. Main's near seventh
Locard Margaret, widow of Jonathan, Schl. 7 near Cherry
Lockard Wm. labourer, 124 Perry st.
Lock Samuel, Innkeeper 450 N. Front
Leckwood Florence, Boarding house, 53 S. Junipers*

LON Philadelphia Index.

Lockwnod Edward, Indian Physician, south side Market ap-
posite Centre Square \.

Lockton Elizabeth, widow dry good store 150 S. Front

Locke'n .Tunics, bookbinder 1 Hinkles court

1 odge Isaac, Penn St. K.

Lodor Benjamin, senr Turner, Iv8 north 5th st.

Loder Benjamin, turner 128 N. Fifth

Lodor Benjamin, H. tailor next 55 Walnut

I oder John. Tailor, 221 south Front

Logan Wary, widow, shopkeeper, 98 New st.

Logan Thomas, Tanner, 107 Poplar

Logan Wm. silk, Sec. dyer Heydes Court

Lowber Edward, 57 north Fourth

Lloyd Isaac, merchant 53 south wharves — d. h. 86 L T n:on

Loyd Joshua, shoemaker 83 Vine

Llovd Nicodetnos, blacksmith 92 north Seventh

Llovd Vichodemus, smith, SE cor. Seventh and Chcrrv anii
374 High-d. h. 92 n.-rth Seventh

Loyd Richard, house carpenter 208 north Fourth

Lloyd Samuel, stove factory, 116 Cherry

Lloyd Thomas, stenographer 148 north Eighth

Lloyd Wood, Hatter, SE cor. 3d and Church Alley

Llovd Willison, coach maker, 125 Lombard

I ohra and Carlisle, ironmongers 139 High

Lohra J. ironmonger 139 High, dwelling 222 Spruce

Lohra Peter, Notary Public, 59 Dock, SE cor. Walntit
Office Dock first door below Walnut

Long Andrew, cordwainer Rose Alley

Long Henry, shoemaker near 12th and Race

Long John. Painter, Paschalls Alley

Long John, soap and candle manufacturer, 91 north Water

Long Jacob, carpenter, Buttenwood near 6th st.

I ong John, tallowchandler cor. Wood and sixth

Long John, blacksmith 97 Budd

Long Mary, inkeeper N. Fourth above Callowhill

Long Stephen, major U. S Artillery 240 Filbert st.

Long Samuel, domestic coffee manufactory Is W cor. of 4t&
and Noble

long Acre Sarah, Tutoress, 54 Low-bard

Long Wm. Tobacconist, Fries Court

Long widow of William, -8 4 N. Eighth,

Long James, Sea captain, 207 south seventh

Long lane widow, grocer Sassafras Alley

Longer Patrick, grocer, 184 north Water st.

Lonabaugh Christian, drayman James st.

Longbaugh Frederick, Victualler 11 Well's Row

Lonabaugh George, James st.

ff.ongDoint Samuel, carriage driver, 78 north 1 th st.

Long'streth Charles, paper merchant 129 High— d. ):
Church Alley

Longstretb David, merchant 188 S. Second

Longstreth Esther, Boarding House, 133 High

JLongstreth Isaac, T. broker 24 Church ay. — d. h. 371 R:

Philadelphia Index. LOW

Longstreth J. G. paper maker 355 High

Longstreth Joshua, merch. 21 Church ay. — d.'h.T83 Arch

Longstreth Morris, mercht. 188 N. 4th

Longstreth Samuel, merch. 113 High — d. h. 181 Arch

Longstreth Thomas and Charles, paper hanging factory
Kunkel ab. Callowhill

Longstreth Thomas M. bookseller and manufacturer ot'
hanging paper, i29 High — d. h. 185 Arch [see Langstroth

Longwill Matilda, boarding house 29 Carter's alley

Lonton Francis, Painter 162 Lombard

Lonton Joseph, painter, &c. 143 S.2d — d. h. 3 Greens ct.

Lonton Peter, painter and glazier back 35 Mulberry

Lonton and West, painters, &c. 143 S. 2d

Looker Timothy, cordwainer 107 Christian

Loos Christian, baker 378 N. second

Lopaz Mathias, prompter at theatre 41 Zane street

jLoress John, waiter 209 S. Eighth

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