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Brooks Ann, 11 Grav's Alley
Barry Ann, 185 Cedar
Bickerton M. 25 Parham's

CarrL. Juniper Alley
Clothier M. 152 Race

Dehaven Mary, Vine n. Schl.

Dehaven Margaret, 75 Budd
•r C Frank, road

Franklin Eilen, 36 Apple-
tree Alley

LIST OF FiirsicLms, Su.

Gibbs Elizabeth, Davis'

Haley Eliz. 102 Locust
Haudley Marv, Chester, bet

Race and Vine
Knowles S. 277 S. Front
MUllroy M artha , Taper A v.
M'Leod C. 81 N. Third"
Miller Ann, 513 N. Third
Miller C- 23 Pooiar lane

Nace Rachel, nurse 29 Cres-

BOfi's Allev
Norton J 13 Cresson's Alley
Norton R. Ku«r!ers*s Court
Snyder Sophia 4th a. Geor.

(X. h.)
Springer (I. 66 Union
Stewart Eliz. 1*X) Cherry
Warren Sarah, S. W. cor-

Union & Third
Yates A. 195 N. Front f


Albert J. 23 Bedford St.
Burkhart R, 7-2 N. Front
Busman John, 98 N. 5th

Harington Daniel, 156 Arch
flartman John, 9.77 S 2d
Hvickei Joseph, 35 Pine

Bowers Michael, 402 N. Sd'Hudson Edw. 133 Walnut
Brings Mm, 47 X. rth [Mitchell C. 416 High
Drumiriond Josiah, S3 N. Sth Pier; - 122 S. Fourth

Dubisson B. 6 Powell Rippergier Conrad. 35 Cherry

kendorff M. 22 N. Ninth Simon P. F. 28-2 Vine
Esherick Joseph, 9 X. Fifth jSraith Jacob, 4th n. Brown
-ton Wm. B., O. V. r. East side
irdette James, NW corner Uhle John* 45 N. 4th
Ninth and Chesuut Vanderslice G. 105 Race

Gilliams Jacob, 35 Arch
Gora.es Win. 89 S. Front
Iiarberget H. 132 S. 11th

Van Pelt P. 149 Chesnut
Williams Benj. 1G1 Vine
Wool fix. 30 Sugar Alley


Bowers Michael, 402 N. 3d Kunitz L. \7 N. Sth
Druintnond J. 53 N. Sth Ripperger C 35 Cherry

Gorges Wm. 89 S. Front
Hartman John 277 S. 2d

Uide John, 45 N. 4th


Kelmbold Mrs. 3 Quarry st.
Hook Jane, 73 S. 4th.
Howell Elizabeth. Cresson's

January H. back 39 Arch

Knowles Mrs. 277 S. Front
Osborne Sarah, 1 Laurel ct.
Snowden S. 85 N 9th
W east Susan 2 1 New Market
i\orton Rebecca, K-tiglers ct.


Showing tbe Situation of the U arda o* the City, and

the neighbouring Tow D.ships.

Penn Township.


* w


a IT.

a a

^ r

^ —

© r

D ft


p C

"* o

■J-. c

3 g-

a E

u> *-<

A3 O

3 -^

^ CI

■~ r

rr °

o ^

<■■* — '

o •


wYorf/zmi Liberties.


North Mulberry Ward.


Race or

Soutfi Mulberry Ward.

< Upper D I. Ward.

X~ Sassafras Street.



Arch or

.AVf/t frard.

Market or

Lower Bel. Ward.

53 Mulberry Street.

; #7<r/i Street Ward.

Middle Ward.

South Ward.

\\ alnut

Locust Ward-



! r\ |


High Street.


Cedar Ward.
South or

Chesnut Ward,

Walnut Ward.


Lfjck Ward.


' f W-wmarket Ward.

Cedar Street

Passymk.l %J&













(N. L.) Northern Liberties — (K.) Kensing-
ton — (P. T.) Penn Township — (V.) Vine,
— (€.) for city— (S.) Southwark— (M.) Moya-
mensing — (O. Y. r.) Old York road — (Germ.
r.) Germantown road — (P.) Passyunk— (Sch.)
Schuylkill — (Frank, r.) Frank fo'id road — N.
north — S. south — E. east — W. west — cor. cor-
ner — n. near— ab. above — r. road — bet. between
t persons of colour — bcl. below — ay*, alley — ct.
court — av. avenue — 1. lane— op. opposite — c. b.
counting-house — d. h. dwelling-house — vict.
victualler — gent, gentleman — ^tuveJiecper^ is al-
ways to be understood as dry-goods store-

ICpFor names not found in th^'liody of the
work, see list of Corrections and Removals.

The reader when seaching for names, with-
out knowing hew properly to spell them, is re-
quested to examine in every possible way they
would admit of being spelled from their pro-
nunciation. There are alternate references
throughout the list of inhabitants, to those
names having similar pronunciation, but not
being spelled alike ; viz. Allison., see Eli
— and vice versa.

Each page of the list of inhabitants, is hi
ed in capitals, with the three first letters of the
bottom n;.me.

The reader' will please to observe the follow-
ing general rule for finding the numbers on
Houses, in the different streets in this city : — In
those streets that run east and west, say High"
street) the numbers begin, from the Delaware,
the odd being on the north side. In those that
run north and south, say Fourth -sfrcef, the num-
bers begin from High-street, running tiortl
south, the odd being on the cast side.


n t s
" To tfcr Pub

List of Physicians, Miclwives, and Nurses
Porrections and Removals

oftb€ W <irds of the City
the Header
List of Names {generally)

(Back of the Book.)

List of Streets, Lanes, &c. 1

ats, and Packets
Government of the United States 27

Do. of Pennsylvania' 29

Gourts of Pennsylvania 29

Corporation of the City of Philadelphia 30

Controllers of the Public Schools 31

Managers of the Pennsylvania Hospital 31 ■

Managers of the Alms House 31

Guardians of the Poor 32

Rules and Regulations of the Wardens of the port of Phi-
ladelphia 31?
Plan of the Wards of the incorporated part of the Northern

Liberties 34

Post Office — Establishment of the Mails
List of Institutions, Companies, and Societies of Philadel-
phia, alphabetically arranged 39
Names of Wardens of the port of Philadelphia 54
Custom-House Regulations, &c. 55
Counting-House A s lmanac for 1823 56
Eclipses for 1823 57.
Census of the United States for 1820, showing also the

number of Representatives, for 1823, or 18th congress 53
Diplomatic Intercourse with Foreign Nations 59

Ministers, Consuls, and Commissaries of Foreign Powers,

resident in the United States 61

United States' Patents — Mode of Application 61

PosPOffice Law 67

Lodges of Pennsylvania and times of meeting 74

Board of Health, &e. 75

Northern Dispensary 75


Pennsylvania Literary Institution 75
Pennsylvania Abolition Society 76
Jefferson Benevolent Institution 76
Second do. do. do. ; 76
Montgomery Beneficial Society 76
Constitution of the United States 77
Constitution of Pennsylvania 89
Justices of the Peace of Philadelphia County 101
Banks 101
Notaries Public 104
Interpreters of Foreign Languages 104
List of Churches and their Ministers in the City and Li-
berties of Philadelphia 105

The following articles came too late to be inserted in their
proper places.

List of New Streets, Lanes^ and Alleys.

Black Horse court, from 171 High towards Mulberry
Caledonian court, from Filbert above Tenth to Arch
Davis' alley, between Thirteenth and Juniper above Chesnut
Billwyn street, from north side Noble above Third to Tam-
Harris' court, from west side Laetitia court below High
Johnson court, west side north Front above Coats' (N. L.)
Kelley*s alley, from Thirteenth to Juniper above Chesnut
Miller's court, from east side Fourth to Third near Vine
Taylor's court, from north Front near Laurel (N. L.)
Woolston's court, west side north Front above Coats' (N. L.)

Washington Fire Company— Instituted in the year 1795. The
itated meetings are held at the school room of the Rev. M.
Crawford, Marble street, on the first Wednesday of every
month. Engine house situated in Spruce between Ninth and

Tenth streets William P. Smith, president; John Vollum,

vice-president; Robert F. Walsh, secretary; James Harper,
treasurer; W. P. Smith, John Vollum, Charles H. Smith,
Frederick Forst, Andrew R. Stule, Samuel Hamstead, John
C. Hodges, George R. Hamstead, and James P. Smith, direc-



Abort John, gentleman, 143 High

Adams Benjamin, carpenter, 350 N. Inird

\llen Lewis, merchant, d. h. 18 north Eighth

Ardley Robert A. exchange and commission broker, 7 ^

Sixth— office 16 Carter's alley
Armhruster Jacob, brushmaker, 220 N. Third
Arnold Thomas, sea captain, 295 S. Front
Arundel Robert I. attorney at law, office 89 Sassafras— d. h

239 Mulberry


Baker Chalkier, innkeeper, 264 Sassafras

Baley F. cedar cooper, 280 N. Thud > . _

Barclay Andrew, merchant, 29 south wharves-d. h. 248 ».

Third . _

Barclay Jane, widow, 224 N. Third
Barclay John, jun. merchant, 228 N. Third
Bassett Capt. Samuel, 350 N. Third
Bates Paul, instructor, 100 New st. .

Bayne James, bookbinder, Sixth 2d door above Catherine
Benners Margaret, 57 New street

Bennett Wm. ship carpenter, Marlborough n. Bedford (k,
Benninghove & Curtis, snuff manufacturers, 40a S. Front
Birch & Stockton, drapers and tailors, 251 High
Bo«es Samuel, ship carpenter, Frankford road near Otter
Bodcau Isaac, collector, Frankford road near Otter
Bonnatfon A. professor of dancing, 65 S. Fourth— ball room

62^ S. Fourth
Bourket Joseph, cutler, 69 S. Fifth
Bouvier M. cabinetmaker, 6 S. Front
Boyer Isaac, innkeeper, 212 N. Third
Bray Daniel, drygoods merchant, 184 N. Third
Bresland John, stonecutter, 166. south Eleventh
Brill George, bricklayer, Hanover near Bedford (K ;
Brobson Joseph, grocer, 437 south Front
Brode John, carver, 2 Whhaker's row
Buck Mary, widow of Wm, 434 N. Fourth
Bulkley Charles, hat mamiiucture:*, 61 S. Third
Bulklcy Chauncev, attorney at law, 48 Walnut— d. h. 61 h.

Corrections and Removals.

Bulkley Elizabeth, widow, 61 S. Third

Bumm John, house carpenter, Marlborough n. Bedford (K)


Caldwell Mrs. E. B. boarding house, 143 Chesnut
Campbell John H. attorney at law, 41 N. Sixth — d. h. 171

Care S. boarding house, 112 Walnut
Garble Abraham, hardware merchant, 139 High — d. h. 219

north Fourth
Carlisle Hudson, innkeeper, cor. Quince and Spruce
Carjnalt C. & J. conveyancers, 298 N. Third
Carmalt Jonathan, jun. collector, 298 N. Third
Carmalt Jonathan, gentleman, 302 N. Third
Carson John, paper hanging & stationer store, 204 N. Third
Carter Jacob, packing box maker, Filbert between Eighth

and Ninth— d. h. 143 Filbert
Chamberlain Richard, carpenter, 246 N. Third
Cheves Miss, Walnut, south side, first door below Eleventh
Clark D. whitesmith, 449 N. Third
Clark Thomas, 172 south Eleventh
Clark William, accountant, 172 south Eleventh
Coates Thomas, jun. justice of peace, 316 N. Third
Correv David, merchant, 97 S. Front — d. h. 73 Walnut
Cosfeldt E. locksmith, 449 N. Third
Crawford James, shopkeeper, 25 Shaffer's court
Crean J. & W. lumber merchants, SE cor. 12th & Spruce
Crean William, 94 south Eighth
Crozet Ernest F. printer and stationer, 4 north Sixth
Crumpton Elizabeth, widow, 161 south Eleventh
Crampton Thomas, silverp later, 161 south Eleventh
Curtis Hester, widow, seamstress, 7 Whitaker's row


Davis Samuel, attorney at law, 121 Chesnut
Davis Wm. 121 Chesnut

De Haven Holstein, carpenter, 121 north Ninth
Dobson Jonathan, shoemaker, 182 N. Third
Dunseeth, Mrs. mantuamaker, 150 south Fifth
Duy Lambert, merchant, 170 south Eleventh
Dwarts Daniel, carpet weaver, 282 N. Third


Eamhart John, innkeeper, 234 N. Third
Ellerman John, gentleman, 427 N. Third

Corrections and Removals.

Ellis James, constable, Front below South

Erbin Henry, grocer, NW cor. Callowhill and Fifth — d. b.
9 St. John

Eringhaus Adolphus, south Ninth, 5th door below Walnut

Evans Griffith, merchant, office Willow Grove and Chelten-
ham Turnpike Company, NW cor. Decatur and Carpen-
ter streets, up stairs.

Eyres John, grocer, 354 N. Third


Fairman Jabez, combmaker, 358 N. Third

Fitch Thomas, exchange broker, 3 S. Third— d. h. 127" N.

Fortescue Thomas, sea captain, Christian below Third
Fowle Jonathan, jun. attorney at law, 275 N. Second
Fox Wm. L., leather store, 170 N. Third
Flagler Gilbert M. D. 52 Almond
Franks Henry, tobacconist, 226 N. Third
Fry John H. shoe store 298 High
Fryer Eve, widow, shopkeeper, 355 N. Third
Fulton George, dry goods store, 80 south Third
Furey Charles jr., paver, 1 68 Locust
Furey John S. tax collector and conveyancer, 101 Spruce


Garrett John K. dry goods store, 127s Arch below Fourth

d. h. 144 High
George John D. deputy naval officer, custom house— d. h.

44 Almond
Gilbert Christopher, shoemaker, 156 south Eleventh
Glentworth James, surveyor of the port of Philadelphia,

Custom House— d. h. 140 S. Second
Glover Lemuel B. hat manufacturer, 134 High
Goddard George C. attorney at law, NW corner Fifth and

North st.
Goodrich Wm. hatter, 176 N. Third
Green Rev. Lemuel, 202 N. Third
Green John, accountant, 212 N. Third
Grotjan Peter A. 158 south Front
Grout Jonathan, professor of universal grammar, inquire of

Robert Desilver, No. 110 Walnut street
Grugan Charles, grocer, SW cor. Locust and Eleventh
Guys Edward, deputy keeper at Prison, 168 south Eleventh
Gwinner Peter, High between Twelfth and Thirteenth


Hains George, tobacconist, 264 N. Third

Hammond James, artist, 210 S. Sixth

Hammond, Wallis & Co. stereotype founders, 17 Cypres ay,

Corrections and Removals.

Hand Thomas, tavern keeper, Water 2d door ab. Callowhill

Handley Wm. printer, Chester st.

Handy, Symington & Bird, hardware merchants, 98 High

Haney &. Crisse, cor. Cedar and Swai

Hanson Elizabeth, teacher, 165 south Eleventh

Harland R S. Third opposite Dock

Harper Arthur, 264 Walnut

Hart James M. innkeeper, 184 X. Third

Hart James, gentleman, 294 N. Third

Hart Joseph, grazier, 186 X. Third

Hart William H. merchant, 231 north Third— d. h, 114 Mul-

Hay ward &. Decker, lottery and exchange brokers, NW cor.
Chesnut and Third

Hazlehurst Samuel, gentleman, 322 High

Henezey Joshua, clerk of High st. market, 36 Race

Henry John Joseph, gun manufacturer, X. Third, N.W. cor.

Herkness & Smith, stonecutters, 11 north Seventh

Hermstad Joseph, 7 Elbow lane

HiD James, shoemaker, 154 south Eleventh

Hirst James M. 138 north Second

Hocker John, stonecutter, 342 Hi Third

Hoffman & Smith, grocers, 230 & 232 X. Third

Hopkins Howell, attorney at law, 12 Prune

Hopkins John, gentleman, 12 Prune

Hopkins J. R. 62 S. Fifth

Horner Joshua P. merchant, back of 39 High

How John, measurer of carpenters' work, 129 X. Fou-

Hudson D. W. saddler^l Whitaker's row

Huhn Catharine, widow, Juniper above Locust


Ingram Elisha, innkeeper, 180 Sassafras
Isbraz Jacob, carpet weaver, 443 N. Third


James Charles W. fancy chairmaker, 252 X. Third

Janney Benjamin S., M. D. 306 X. Third

Jenkins Abisha, captain steam boat Philadelphia, 14

Jenkins, G. F. merchant, 31 Key's alley-
Jenkins Joseph G. agent Union Line steam boat
Jenkins Matthew C. captain steam boat Baltimore, 14

Johnson Hannah T. 223 north Fourth
Johnson R. B. turner in ivory, wood, and metals, C

below Dock
Jones Evans, 7 Chesnut
Jones John, 173 north Front

Corrections and Removals.


Kempton Moses, merchant, 221 north Fourth

Kenderdine Jacob, carpenter, 314 N. Third

Keppele Mrs. Catharine, widow of Michael, 262 Walnut

Kern John, custom house— d. h. 37 Crown

Knight James, tailor, 123 S. Fifth

Kuhn Hartman, gentleman, 136 Chesnut, neit U. S. bank

Kunkle Mary, widow, 284 N. Third


Lee Matthias H. tailor, 284 N. Third

Lehman Joseph, druggist, SW cor. Eighth and High

Leidy Conrad, shoemaker, 196 N. Third

Leidy Philip, hatter, 180 N. Third

Levan William, merchant, 217 north Sixth

Lewis Rachel, widow of Reeve, 186 south Eleventh

Lippincott Binajah B. hatter, 108 High

Lisle & Melchor, scriveners and brokers, 7 north Sixth

Long William, runner to the Philadelphia Bank, Fifth below

Lower Abraham, cabinet &. chairmakcr, 260 N. Third
Lukens Edward, cabinetmaker, 3 Whitaker's row
Lyndall David, chairmaker, 278 N. Third
Lyons Benjamin, saddler, 9 north Fourth


Macauley Isaac, patent floor cloth manufactory, Bush Hill-
store N. Third opposite Harp &. Eagle tavern

M*Cutchen Mary, shopkeeper, 160 south Eleventh

M'Mahon A. & Co. seed merchants, &c. 13 S. Second

Manderson John, grocer, 416 north Front

Mann William, teacher, 266 N. Third

Manning William, tinplate worker, NE cor. Lombard and 2d

Marshall Benjamin, accountant, 1 84 south Eleventh

Mason John T. brassfounder, 431 N. Third

Mason Thomas A. apothecary & druggist, N. W. cor. Locus!
and Eleventh

Meyers & Jones, painters and glaziers, Chesnut ab. Second

Miller Charles, chocolate manufactory, 216 N. Third 4

Miller Margaret, widow, shopkeeper, 348 N. Third

Miller John, tobacconist, 350 N. Third

Miles, widow of William, 429 N. Third

Milnor William, alderman, 141 S. Tenth

Moore James, shipwright, 43 Prime

Morrell Abraham, sea captain, N. 7th bet. Vine and Wood

Morrell John WYaccountant and collector, 181 S. Eleventh

Morrell Sarah, widow of John, 26 south Tenth

Morrison Abraham, cabinetmaker, 3 Whitaker's row

Moses Manuel, drygoods store, 3 S. Second

Mussi Joseph, merchant, 180 Spruce

Corrections and Removals.


Nanstingle John J. victualler, 102 Gardeu

Neal John, house carpenter, 4 Nicholson's court

Neil William, Franklin Hotel, 2 Harmony court

Nesbitt William, merchant, 41 south Front

Newton Elizabeth, widow, 143 S. Fifth

Nichols Arthur St. Clair, merchant, 79 S, Front— d. h. 28-

Noble Richard, gentleman, 270 N. Third
Noble Samuel, tanner, 268 N. Third


Oestereicher John, barber, 346 N. Third

Offerman F. bleeder with leeches, &c. 445 N. Third

Oliver & Graham, jewellery manufacturers, 72 High


Parham John, carpenter, 62 south Eleventh

Parham Joseph, 176 Locust

Parker, Antrim & Co. 13 south Third

Parry Isaac, plasterer, 300 N. Third

Passmore Thomas & Co. auctioneers, 32 S. Front

Passmore Thomas, auctioneer, 32 S. Front — d. h. 126 S

Patterson Rev. James, Third above Callowhill
Paxson Richard, hardware merchant, 245 High
Peltz Wm. justice of the peace, 229 S. Third
Pennock H. B. dealer, Wood 2d door below Fifth
Perot James &. Sansom, merchants, 41 N. Water
Peters Richard, judge of the District Court of the United

States, Belmont, west of Schuylkill
Peters Richard, jun. attorney at law, NW cor. Little George

and Sixth— d. h. SE cor. Walnut and Eleventh
Pettitt Samuel, cedar cooper, 437 N. Third
Poultney John, 178 south Eleventh
Preston George, gentleman, 427 N. Third
Price John, agent, 25 Sansom
Pringle Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 212 Pine
Pritchett Thomas B. brewer, S-. Front below Almond
Probasco Simon, printer, Second near New Market, N. L


Rakestraw Joseph, printer, &c. 254 N. Third
Rechel George, storekeeper, 290 N. Third
Richards & Heinold, tailors, 192 N. Third
Richie Robert, leather store, 218 N. Third
Rickards William, jeweller, 8 Carter's alley

Corrections and Removals.

Koatch William B. tailor, 290 N. Third

Kudderow Spicer, morocco dresser, Whalebone atte>


Saggee Andrew, 437 N. Third

Scheerer Gotleib, shoemaker, 344 N. Third

Scholl Henry, innkeeper, 501 north Second

Schroder Henry, innkeeper, 318 N. Third

Schwarz J. E. merchant, 287^ High

Schweppenheiser Nicholas, tailor, 433 N. Third

Segal William, woodsawyer, 441 N. Third

Singer John jun. & Co. merchants, 263 High

Slater Anthony, merchant, 306 Mulberry

Slemmer Jacob, cedar cooper, 439 N. Third

Smith C. W. & J. R. merchants, 103 north Front

Smith Daniel, president of the Pennsylvania Insurance

Company, 181 S. Third
Smith Margaret, widow of George, 192 N. Third
Smith Jonathan, cashier Mechanics Bank, 134 Walnut
Smith William, innkeeper, 340 N. Third
Snowden Leonard, gentleman, 238 N. Third
Stalder John, carpet weaver, Quince below Walnut
Stancliffe John, shoemaker, Sixth 2d door above Christian
Stanton Richard, dealer, 188 N. Third
Stark Robert, millinery store, 120 Walnut
Starr Henry, brand, stamp, St letter cutter, 6 Whitaker's row
Steel John J. weigh master, 71 S. Sixth
Steer Edward, farrier, 41 Prune
Stell Henry, keeper Shakspeare coffee room, NW corner

Chesnut and Sixth
Stewart Alexander, grocer and carter, 164 south Eleventh
Stewart James, commission merchant, 48 S. Front
Stewart Thomas, U. S. appraiser, custom house — d. h. cor.

Seventh & Buttonwood
Stockley Prettyman, shoemaker, 156 south Eleventh
Stolz Michael, shoemaker, 447 N. Third
Streeper & Wilt, grocers, 338 N. Third
Stubbs William blacking maker, NW cor. Ninth & Walnul
Sulger Christian, baker, 194 N. Third
Sutherland Joel B. attorney at law, 66 George (S)
Sutter Charles S. tobacconist, 222 N. Third
Sutter Samuel, boarding house, 286 N. Third


Thommason tinplate worker, 12 south Second

Thommassont A. G. lock & whitesmith, 360 N. Third
Triplet* Jacob, grocer— d. h. 292 N. Third
Trotter Mary, widow, 221 north Fourth

Corrections and Jtenwvais.


Vail "William II. furrier and hat store, 162 High


Walker Mary, 296 south Front

Walker Thomas E. &. Co. merchants, 15 north Fourtn

Wallington Edward, sea captain, Queen near Front

Warner Joseph, gentleman, 223 north Fourth

Watman Barbara, shopkeeper, 441 N. Third

"Weed Mrs. widow, layer out of the dead, 8 south Fifth

Wharton Margaret, gentlewoman, 242 Walnut

White William, tallowchandler, 236 N. Third

Wiekel & Berger, dry goods store, 214 N. Second

Williamson Joseph F. lumber merchant, NW cor. Dean and

Wittelsey Mary Ann, widow, 352 N. Third
Woodworth Martin, merchant, 266 N. Third
W r orn 8c Shourds, cabinetmakers, 168 N. Third
Wright Wm. cabinetmaker, 8 Whitaker's row


Yardley Thomas, M.D. 219* north Fourth
Yerger John, shoemaker, 354 N. Third


^imik®mm^MSA sirmas




Containing the Heads of Families and Persons in
Business, alphabetically arranged.

(Cj* See "Directions to the Reader"

ABADIE and Son, French teachers, 47 South Eighth street

Abbett Henry, nail and stove store, 111 North Second

Abbott David, bookseller, 19 Cresson's alley

\bbott E. captain, 214 North Front

Abbott Edward, sea captain, 29 S. Third

Abbott George, hair dresser, 9 Chesnut

Abbott James, brewer, corner Pear and Dock

\bbott John, cooper, 28 Catharine

Abbott John, nailer, 71 Budd street

\bbott John, dry goods store, 21 N. Sixth

Abbott Joseph, salt and coal measurer, 155 St. John

Abbott Robert, gentleman, Walnut 2d house above Twelfth

Abbott Timothy, currier, 97 Chesnut — d. h. 74 S. Third

Abbott Timothy &. Co. curriers, 97 Chesnut

Abbott widow, 112 Wood street

Abbott William, brewer, cor. Pear and Dock— d. h. 71 Spruce

Abbott William, morrocco manufactory 372 Market, dwelling

Twelfth above High
Voadie and Son, seminary, 47 S. Eighth street
Voel Abraham, brickmaker, between Fourth and Charlotte
Abel Anthony, shoemaker, 82 Budd
Abel George, shoemaker, 80 North Ninth
Abel George, shoe store, 240 Market — d. h. 8.3 North Ninth
Abel John, sexton St. John's church, 323 near Third, back of

commissioners' hall
Abel John, shoemaker, Beach near Shakamaxon (K.)
Abel Joseph, cordwainer, Samson alley
■\bel Joseph, cordwainer, Poplar lane below Third
Abel Peter, stable keeper, near 45 Cherry — d. h. 21 Apple

tree alley
Abel Peter, stable keeper, 122 Budd
\bel Peter, cordwainer, 476 North Second
Abel Peter, victualler, Flower's alley
Abererombie Christiana, 146 Locust

Philadelphia Index.

Abercrombie Jamete, D. D. senior assistant minister of Chris

church, St. Peter's and St. James', 111 Spruce
Abercrombie John D. jeweller 31 ^ Powell
Abraham Isaac, victualler, Second near Otter street
Abraham Joseph, brickmaker, Fourth near Poplar lane
Abrams Henry, tailor, 7 Franklin court
Abrams Thomas, merchant, 13 S. wharves — d. h. 140 Pint;
Abrams William, printer, Middle alley near Seventh
Achilles George, cabinetmaker, 7 Shield's court
Ackley Amasa, widow, 33 Old York road
Ackley John B. paint and hardware store, 168 N. Second
Ackley Jacob, cedar cooper, 33 Crown street
Ackley Sarah, widow, 33 Crown

Adams A. & Co. card factory, 2 Soath Third, tip stairs
Adams Alexander, storekeeper, 154 N. Water
Adams Alexander, grocer, N. W. cor. Sch. Eighth and High.

d. h. S. E. corner of Filbert and Schuylkill Eighth
Adams and Allen, grocer-, 56 South Second

Adams and Jewell, dry good store, 68 Market, d. b. 10 South

Adams and Simmons, board -yard, 217 N. Water

Adams and Burtans, bookbindery, 32 Church alley

Adams Ann, widow, Button wood near Sixth

Adams C. milliner, 66 Mulberry

Aechtemacht F. A. tailor, 114 Sassafras

Adams Daniel, stage driver, 1 Cresson's alley

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