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Lorain Lydia, widow of John, 266 Mulberry

Lorillard Blase, tobacconist 416 Market

Lort Mary, grocer 16 Cherry

Lett Henry, carpenter SE. cor. 13th and Cedar

Loud Thomas and John, piano forte manufactory 361 High

Louden Joseph, shoemaker 31 mechanic

Louderback Mathias, 2 M'Culloch's court

Louderback Wm. cordwainer Kessler's alley

Louderback Wm. bricklayer SW. cor. Chesnut and 12th

Loudenlager Richard, toyshop 94 N. 4th

Loudenslickor Adam, victualler 213 N. Eighth

Louge Wm. drayman Race near J?ch. 7th

- Loushou Thomas, grocer & tavern, NW corner George and

Loughead Joseph, teacher N. 4th near Poplar lane

Loughead James, Oak cooper 54 Green

Loughead Thos. 54 Green

Loughery Wm. shoemaker 4 S. 13th

Louiset A. D. washer and mender of silk lace 90 Cherry

Love, Robert, printer 43 John

Love Wm, ladies shoemaker 5 Elmslies alley

Love Wm. cordwainer Browne n. Charlotte

Lovere John, plaisterer Juniper below Walnut

Loveridge Joseph, blacksmith 17 8t 26 Dock

Lovett John, carpenter Race near Sch. ^th

Lovett Robert, stone seal engraver 1 Carpenter's court, d. h
Townsend's court

Lovett William, tobacconist 47 Cedar and 389 north Se-

Lower Abraham, cabinet maker 98 St. John

Lowber Bowers, cabinetmaker Beach near Maiden

Lowber Bowers, currier 207 nerth Second

Lowber Dan ; el, 204 N. 4th i. e. dwelling house

Lowber Elizabeth, shoe binder Budd st.

.Lowber Edward, druggist 144 north Third, dwelling 5?
north Fourth


LUK Philadelphia Index,

Lowber"John C. attorney at law 104 Walnut

Lowber Wm. tanner and currier 251 north Third

Lowber Wm. and Daniel, tanner and curriers 253 N. 3d

Lowder Mary, widow 254 north Water

Lowden Dobbins, tailor 51 Brown

Lowden Dobbins, 51 Brown

Louder George, labourer SW. cor. Pegg and New Market

LGwe Charlotte, widow 14 Fromberger's court

Lowe Thomas, grocer NW. cor. of Cedar and Barron

Lower Abraham, cabinetmaker north Third ab. Callowhili

Lower Jane, widow 4th near Brown

Lower Joseph, silver smith 30 Spruce

Lownes David, tailor 84 north .Fourth

Lownes Edward, gold and silver smith 123 Chesnut

Lownesberry Carpenter, ship carpenter 18 Duke

Lowery Abigal, Upholsteress 29 Callowhili

Lowry Ann, Hyde's court

Lowry Andrew, weaver Say

Lowry Eleanor, mantua maker 210 south Front

Lowry Elizabeth H. dry good store 11 Callowhili

fLowry Eliza, 9th below Lombard

Lowry George, victualler Prime near Swansor*

Lowery M. S. tailor 93 Sassafras

Lowrey Lewis, victualler corner Vine and Tenth

Lowry Margaret, shopkeeper 29 Callowhili

Lowry M. mariner 19 Cedar

Lowery Philip, victualler 267 Callowhili

Lowry Rosanna, widow James'

Lo ry Samuel, labourer Federal near Third

Loxley Mary, widow 117 Arch

Loxley Richard, currier 115 Mulberry

Loxley Richard £•? B. curriers 115 and 117 Mulberry

I.o\ d Serrill and Oakford, merchants 169 High

Loyd Thomas, merchant 349 High

Luciani P. confectioner 136 High

Lucas Eleanor, 18 Lombard

Lucas Eleanor, dry good store 172 Spruce

Lucas J. boot and shoemaker 17 south Seventh

Lucben Catharine, cake baker 316 north Second

Lubring Frederick S. sea captain 30 Union

Lucy Anthony, carter Vine near Broad

Lucy Moses, labourer Mulberry n. Juniper

Lucey William, storekeeper cor. Sch. Third and High

Ludie Jacob 51. carpenter Fourth near Green

Lady Jacob, carpenter Maria

Luddington A. teacher 169 south Fifth

Ludwick Sophia, widow 105 Vine

Ludwick widow of Jehu. 244 north Eighth

Lueders Thomas C. brewer Wood below Fourth

Luffberry Conrad, shipwright 12 Brown

Lugar Sophia, .> idow 1!5 Poplar

Lugate widow north Front above Browne

Luke and Chow, merchants 21 Chesnut

Philadelphia Index. LVN

Lukens Abraham, mason Fourth near Green

Lukens Enos &? Co. saddlers 10G High

Lukens Elizabeth, widow miliner 78 Arch

.Lukens Jonathan & Co. saddlers &c. 102 High

Lukens John, shoemaker Brooks'

Lukens Maria, boarding house 36 Ransom

Lukens Joseph, gentleman 181 Green»

Lukens Isaiah, town clock maker and mechanist back 171

Lukens William, blacksmith, shop 28 Coats'

Lukens William, carpenter back 198 north Eighth

Lukens William, blacksmith back 101 Budd

Lumberry John, bottler 104 north Sixth

Lumey Robert, assistant at Water works 198 Cherry

Lunn Lewis 143 north Third

Lunwaren Francis, ship carpenter 3 York court (N. L.)

Lupton James, tailor 136 Dillwyn

Lush John, printer north-east cornor Sch. Fifth Sc Chesnut

Luther William T. Boston biscuit baker south Wharves be-
low Cedar

jLuton John, carter Paschall alley

Lutz Conrad, shipwright Hanover below Queen

Lutz Conrad, tobacconist PaschalFs alley

Lutz H. cedar cooper 467 north Second

Lutz John, combmaker Sch. Eighth near Cherry

Lutz Stimmel, tobacconist 258| High

Lyans Mary, washerwoman Vine near Broad

Ljand William, cabinetmaker 253 Raoe

Lybrand Christian, gentleman 129 New

Lybrand Margaret, widow of Jacob 39 north Eighth

Lybrand Sarah, widow of Michael 38 Filbert

Lybrand William brie: maker 38 Filbert

Lyer Hannah, boarding house 66 Noble

Lyle & Newman, merchants 53 Walnut

Lyle Peter, merchant High cor. Sch -Sixth

Lyle Sarah, widow 245 south Front

Lyle Thomas, sea captain <7 shippen

Lyman 8c Brother, dry good store 162£ High

Lynch Edward, accountant 142 north Eighth

Lyman Edward, paper stainer back 25 North alley

Lyman Richard, oak cooper 57 Mechanic

Lyman Thomas, merchant 164^ High, d.h. 122 S. Third

Lyming William, shallopman Lilley alley

Lynch William, merchant 38 Dock, d. h. 226 Spruce

Lynch Jonas, cordwainer Marriott's Jane near Fourth

Lynch Mary, widow Vine near Tenth
» Lynd James, domestic warehouse 33 north Second

Lyndall David, chairmaker 99 north Front

Lyndall James, carpenter Pine above Ninth

Lyndall John, south Fourth below Lombard

Lyndall Joseph W. cabinetmaker 201 and 203 S. Fourth

Lyndall Mrs. widow Federal near Front

Lyndall Maria, widow 501 south. Front

M'C Philadelphia Index.

Lyndall Susannah, widow 104 Lombard

Lynn Simon, merchant 69 north Eighth

Lyons Eliza, widow shopkeeper Sugar alley

Lyons Jape, widow Bedford above Twelfth

Lyons Joseph, blacksmith Federal near Front

Lyons Samuel, tinplate worker 33 High

Lyon Patrick, smith an4 hydraulic engine maker Libijary

M'ADAM WM. weaver 18 S. Broad

M' Adams Mary, mantua maker 141 N. 6th

M'Adam Thos. whiskey & flour store High W. Sch. 4tfi

M'Affee John, weaver Lombard below 13th

M'Allester Charles, mereh. 66 Dock— d. h. 142 Arch

M'Allister David, storekeeper 88 Oak st. (N. L.)

McAllister John, jun. whipmaker, &c. 48 Chesnut.

M'Allister John, grocer SW. cor. Race and Eighth

M'Allister John and son, whipmakers, &c. 41 Chetmut a^id,

34 Frank, road
M'Allester Jesse, shoemaker 335 N. 3d
M'Allister Margaret, widow, tailoress 78 N. 7tk
M'Alpin Andrew, merchant tailor 122 Chesnut — d. h. 1 CJjJf*

ter's alley
M'Alpin .lames, gentleman 122 Chesnut
M'Anall James, baker S. W. cor. Fifth and South
M'Anulty Ennis, labourer Ann near Sch. 8th
M'Anulty Hugh, tavernkeeper 416 High above 13th
M'Annelly Patrick, labourer corner of Coats and St. John
M* Arthur Charles, dyer 31 Union
M'Aran John, gardener Filbert near Sch. 6th
M'Avoy Richard, grocer 36 Browne SE. cor. Budd

M'Bride Andrew, weaver callowhill ab. 11th

M'Bride Collin, innkeeper Broad ab. Arch

M'Bride Patrick, innkeeper cor. of Lomb. and Front

M'Bride Robt. Y. saddler, &c. 48 N. 3d— d. h. 28 Cherry

M'Bryan Patrick, labourer SW. cor. of Sch'. 6th & Mombard

M'Bryan Wm. labourer 15 Filbert

M'Calla Alexander, innkeeper Golden Swan 69 N. 3d

M'Calla Archd. china merch. 66 N. 4th

M'Calla John, storekeeper 66 N. 4th

M'Calla Robert, apothecary and druggist NW. cor. 11th and

M'Calla Robert, hatter Holmes alley

M'Call Archd. merch. 123 Walnut— d. h. 91 south 8th

M'Call Eleanor, widow, NE. cor. 4th & Cypress alley

M'Call Mrs. boarding house 206 S. Front

M'Call Margaret, 91 Pine

M'Call Judith, widow, 302 Chesnut

M'Call John C. attorney at law .25 Walnut

M'Call widow, gentlewoman 308 Chesnut

M'Call John, shipwright near Christian

Philadelphia Index. M'C

M'Call Wm. grocer NW. cor. marriotts lane & 5th

M'Callan John, weaver liasberry lane

M'Callan James, labourer Say st.

M'Callmont George, merch. :\ Dock— d. h. 70 S. 4th

M'Calvay James,dealer 85 S. Water

M'Cailay Charles, tanner Koble n. 2d

M'Cafferty James, drayman Cedar above Tenth

M"Cammon Samuel, drayman High W. of Sch. Eighth

M'Cann Aaron, tanner 6 Noble st.

M'Cann James, superintendant for Moyamensing township

- 161 Shippen

M'Canles and Chambers, grocers NE. eor. of Branch and 4th

M'Canles John, jun, grocer NE. cor. Branch and Fourth

M'Cann Thomas, dealer SW. cor- of 1 th and Pine

M'Can John, commissioner 161 Shippen

M'Caraher Alex, grocer NE, cor. Vine and 4th — d. h. 137

M'Carren James, bottler 150 Vine

M'Carren Kobt. messenger in custom house 8 Elmslies alley
M'Cartney Wm. tallow chandler Lilly alley
M'Carty Ann. widow 12 Passyunk road
M'Carty Sc Davis, printers and booksellers 204 Market
M'Carty Dennis, drayman Eckfeldts court
M'Carty Daniel, shipjoiner 10 mary
M'Carty Patrick dealer SE. cor. of 5th and Prune
M'Carty Wm. turner 78 N. 6th

M'Carthy Jame9, ladies shoemaker back 35 Lombard
M'Carthy J, tavernkeeper 159 N. 3d
M'Cartney Alexander, coachman 4 Dock
M'Carle Felix, tallow chandler 5 Noble
M'Cartvis William, tallow chandler NW, cor. of George's and

M'Causland Alex, grocer and chocolate manufacturer 1S5 S»

M'Caulay John, merch. and coppersmith 119 S. Front
M'Cauley James, gentleman 28 Wood
M'Cauley Isaac, patent floor cloth manufactory Bushhill store

N. 3d opposite Harp and Eagle tavern
M'Caulev -Margaret, Chest cor. Sch. 3d
M'Clain Alex, tailor 24 Bread

M'Cleanmrs. widow of Thos. NE. cor. of 5th and Prune
M'Clean Patrick bottler and tavern keeper NE. cor* of 5th &

M'Clain John, tailor 388 N. 3d
M'Clain J. M. ladies shoemaker 179 Cedar
M'Clane John, tailor 49 Pine
M'Clean John, HIGH CONSTABLE 3 Gaskill
M'Clean Thomas, tavernkeeper 368 Market
M'Clain Archibald, stocking weaver 496 S. Front
-M'Cland George N. dry good store 90 N. 2d
M'Claskey Catharine, widow cotton card manufacturer
M'Claskey John, carter Spruce West Sch. Front

M'C Philadelphia Index.

M'Clellan D. W. B. teacher Locu3t st. opp . Washington

ITClellan Geo. M. D. 155 Walnut
M'Clellan John, carpenter 52 garden
M'Clellan Wtn. B. academy opposite 6 Norris alley
M'C lay James, bricklayer 1 Richardsons court
If Clay John, plasterer 14 Juniper lane
M'Cleary Daniel, plasterer 5 Randall's court
M'Clarren Archibald, grocer NW. cor. Wood and 6th
M'Glintoek Joseph A. czupenter 26 Chester
M'Clintock Thomas, druggist 107 S. Ninth
M't'loud Malcolm, carpenter back 154 Sassafras
fM'Cloud Philip, porter 19 Acorn alley
M'Cloud Thomas, weaver Arch near 13th
M'Cloud John, hatter 46 High
M'Closkey James, weaver Race near Sch. 7th
M'Closkey Michael, curb stone setter near Sch. 7th
M'Closkey I.ydia circulating library 249 S. Front
M'Closkey Patrick, carter 511 S. 2d
M'Closkey Wm. cordwainer ; 23 Shippen
M'Cluskey John, drover 208 Vine
M'Cluskey John, drover 2i6 Vine
M'Cluskey Wm. tavernkeeper 1st house above centre square

south side Market st.
M'Clung h Gilpen, grocers 47 Pine
M'Clurg Samuel, cooper 21 Margaretta— -d. h. 42 New Mar-

JW'Clurg Wm. grocer 176 S. Front
M'Clure Alex, labourer back 20 Cj press alley
M'Clure David, Nautical academy 32 Chesnut below 2d
M'Clure Miss Ann, SW. cor. 11 Arch
M'Clure James, accountant 324 Race
M'Clure Samuel, carpenter 134 S. 9th
M'Cormick Daniel, coachman 133 Cherry
M'Cormick Daniel, cordwainer marriotts lane bt. 4th & 5tb,
M'Cormick Henry, shopkeeper 14 Chancery lane
M'Cormick Henry, watchman Burker's alley
M'Cormick Hector, stone cutter High W. Sch. 3d
M'Cormick Henry, labourei\Walnut alley
M'Cormick, liquor store 396 market st.
M'Cormick John, grocer NW. cor. 3d & Unioii
M'Cormick James, cordwainer 391 n. 2d
MCormick John, shoemaker Jones alley
M'Cormick Philip, bootmaker 35 Walnut
M'Cormick Wm. maiden st. ferry K.
M'Connell Eleanor, teacher 57 Gaskill
M'Conell George, weaver 438 north 3d
M'Corkle Jas. blacksmith back 308 S. Front
M'Corkle &. Hamelin, editors and publishers of the Freeman?

Journal and mercantile Advertiser 68 Dock
M'Corkle Robert, baker prices court
M'Comb John, blacksmith 197 S. seventh
M'Comb Wm. type feunderer, Shippen near 10th

Philadelphia Index. Ml)

M'Cord David, tin plate worker — d. h. 13 Gray's alley

M'Collin John, watchmaker 217 S. 2d

M'Collin John 53 Spruce

M'Collin Wm, tailor 106 Crown

M'Conn Wm. labourer 267 S. 7th

M'Connor Carter George near Sch. 8th

M'Conney Frances, widow boarding house 39 Cherrv

M'C^y George, ganger 77 New

M'Coy Margaret, washerwoman Beach near maiden

M'^oy Mary, widow Oak near Coats, N. L.

M'CoV Rosina, widow dealer 3 Poplar alley

M'Cowan Hannah, 76 Prune

M'Creauy Daniel, weaver High near Sch. 6th

M'Credy Bernard merch; — d.h. 179 Walnut

M'Credy Dennis, merch. 9 N. Water— d.h. 19 Union

M'Cready 8c Parker, merchants 9 N. Water st.

M'Credy Bernard, cotton manufacturer 3 N. Front

M'Crea Edward, store 469 High

M'Crea John, merch. 72, S. front - d. h. 343 market

M'Crea Mary, widow dealer Pewterplitter alley

M,Crea Sophia, widow 129 S. 11th

M'Crea Thos. laborer maiden st. near stone bridge

M'Crosson Daniel, morocco manufacturer 374 market

M.Crelish Archibald, soapboiler 267 N. 3d

M'Curdy Daniel, collector of poor-tax ab. Chesnut 13th

M'Curdy James, cordwainer 30 Little Water

M'Curdy John, boot and shoemaker 76 Chesnut

M'Curdy Hugh, shoe store 20 High

M'Curdy John, jun. boot and shoe jnaker 36 Chesnut

M'Curdy John, shoemaker 6th near Noble

M'Curdy J. shoemaker 18 S. 4th

M'Curdy Margaret, milliner 44 Marlborough

M'Curdy Rachael, semstress North

M'Culley Elizabeth, shopkeeper 164 Sassafras

M'Culley James, stone mason 4th n. G. R.

M-Cully James, labourer Lombard ab. 11th

M'Culley Robt. cordwainer back 393 S. 2d

M : Culley Thomas, button maker 97 Noble

M'Culley Wm. boot and shoe warehouse 25 Chesnut

M'Culloh Anna, widow 214 Spruce

M'Culloch James, merch. 114 N. 9th

M'Cuteben Ebenezer, 118 N. 5th

M'Ewen Daniel, plaister paris manufacturer 19 north 9th

M'Daniel John B. labourer back of 337 N. 3d

M'Daniel John, deputy keeper at Prune st. prison 38 Ann

M'Dermot Edward, &. co. merchants NE. cor, Front and

Chesnut— d.h. 186 Spruce
M'Dermott, paver back of 216 S. 6th
M'Dermott Peter, grocer 87 S. 5th
M'Dermand Isaac, cabinet maker 49 N. Fourth
M'Dermott—— paver back 216 south 6th
M'Devitt Daniel, labourer 240 Lombard
M'Devitt Daniel, labourer 240 Lombard

M'F Philadelphia Index.

M'Devittllugh, dealer south wharves above Cedar

M'Devktt .lames, cordwainer 274 S. 2d

MDonald Ann, wid o x mangier 14 Sterling alley

M' Donald Alex, labourer Budd near Laurel

M'Donell Andrew, stone mason 116 i.orih 8th

M' Donald David, grocer SVV. cor. Lombard and 7th

MDonald David, grocer %W, cor. 7th and Lombard

M' Donald Elisha, coachman 58 Coats

M'Donnald Eliza, widow Sell. 7th above Race

M* Donald Francis, Labourer Ann west Sch. 8th

M'Donald John, cedar cooper 254 St. John

M'Donald John, coach spring ma er 146 S. 10th

M'Donnald James, grocer ab. NW, cor. Mulberry & 7th

M'Donnald Charles, brickmaker .lones alley n. Sch. 5th and'

M'Donald James, tailor 85 S. 5th
M'Donald Malcolm gentleman 89 S. 6th
M'Donald Margaret, widow teacher 37 S. 5th
M'Donnald Richard, silver plater near Callowhill and Ridge

M'Dougall widow 219 Walnut

M'Donaugh John, v. eayer Germantown road above the forks
M'Donell James, labourer back, of 67 Shippen
M'Do • ell Wm, H. clock and watchma Ler 130 S. Front
M'Donaugh Jeremiah, tailor 125^ Tine
M'Donagh Sarah, grocery store and tavern SW. cor. 8th and

M'Dowell, widow huxter .9 Strawberry alley
M'Donaugh Thos. porter IT. S. Bank 99 Cedar
M'Douough Wm. grocer SW. cor. 4 - „h and Spruce
M'Elroy Hannah, widow 1S2 S 4th
M'Elroy H igh, weaver Lombard ab 1 jth
M'Elroy Martha, widow nurse Taper alley
M'Elroy Hugh, weaver Lombard ab. I'2th
M'Elroy James F. accountant 88 S. 4th
M'Elwee Charles B. accountant _4 Pear
M'Elwee Andre v, shuttle maker 13 below Cedar
M'Elwee Rebecca, widow 39 Zane

M'l.lwee Wm. weaver Jones alley n. Sch- 5th & Filbert
M'Elwee Ann, teacher 39 Zane
M'Ewen Clement, weaver 12. north Juniper
M'E ' en Hannah, widow washerwoman Mint court
M'Ewen widow 2d ab. Jun per lane in Walnut
M'E^-en James, weaver near cor. Callowhill and 13th
M'Ewen Mrs. widow of Thos. 255 mulberry
M'Ewen .lamer,, inn and livery stable keeper 3- J N; 2d
M'Fadden Archibald, type founder Cedar ab. 10th
M'Faden Stephen, type founder cor. Cedar and ilth
M'Faden Jim. gentleman 148Chesnut
M'Farland H. grocer 2) 2 north Wa
M'Farland Arthur, labourer Cedar near 13th

Philadelphia Index, M'G

M'Farland Wm. coachmaker 112 Union
M'Farland Mary, widow of John 12 north 7th
M'Farland Margaret, widow storekeeper 10 1 Spruce
MFarland S. alcohol distiller Prune near 6th
M'Farran Win. gentleman 456 north 3d
M'Fee James, weaver 39 Franklin
M'Fee John, grocer 3 Christian
M'Fee ll'm Tobacconist Drinkers alley
M'Gauley Mary, widow grocer S W. cor. of Prime and Front
M'Gauley Richard, grocer SW. cor. Water and Race
M'Gauley Richard, 1 Sassafras st. wharf
M'Gaw John, candle manuf. Germantown road ab. Laurel
M 'Gill Anthony, labourer 1 18 N. Water
M*Gill James, cooper 49 S. Water and Tun alley
.M'Gill Michael, 322 north Front cor. Noble
MKJill Quinton, millwright mulberry near Sch. Front
M'Ginley Daniel, paper maker 265 north 3d
M'Ginley Hugh, tavernkeeper 13 south 7th
M'Ginley W. constable 151 Cherry bel. 8th
M'Ginnes Mrs. widow 58 Greene
M'Ginnes Barney, carter 88 St. John street
M'Ginnes Daniel, professor of elocution 70 Locu9t
M'Gee Edward, grocer NW. cor. and 6th Elizabeth
M'Gee John, drayman Xonaters court
M'Gee James, saddler Cleaver alley near 5th
M'Gee Patrick, boot maker 1 south 4th street
M'Gee Wm. oak cooper Walter's court
M'Glathery Margaret, widow 13th near Market
M'Glinsey M. curb stone setter, 8 S. 13th
M'Glinsey James, curb stone setter 8 S. 13th
M'Glue Luke, harness maker gcc.back of 138 S. 9lh
M'Gonogle Roswell, teacher 216 north 6th
M'iionegal Rosewell, teacher 46 north 5th
M'Gowen Peter, teacher 246 S. 7th
M'Gowcn Thos. 7 marshalls alley
M'Gowen widow of Edward 1 11 Prune
M'Gowan Wm. umbrella maker 225 north 2d

M'Gowan , umbrella maker 70 S. Front

M'Guigan Felix, candle manufacturer 63 Union
* M'Guigan Patrick, typefounder Cedar near 11th

M'Guigan John, clerk of St Joeph's Chapel 3 Marshalls alley
M'Guigan Mary, widow grocer NW, cor. 10 and Spruce
M'Green miss Mary, 10l' Spruce
M'Grath John, dry good store .11 S. 2d
M'Grath & M'Makin, tailors 34 Chesnut
M'Graugh B.irnabas, carpenter Ann near Schl. 8th
M'Guire Charles, boo f and shoe maker 6 south 13th
M'Guire Robert, carpenter 38 Penn

M'Guire Michael, tavernkeeper SW. cor. Carters and Go-
fort hs alley
M'Guire John, grocer 143 north 4th SE. cor. Callowhill
M'Guire Patrick, drayman Shippen near 6th

M'K Philadelphia Index.

M'Guire Patrick, weaver SE. cor. 4th and Spruce

M'Guire Thomas, carter Callowhill street near Schi»

M*Heran Catharine, widow Of John 401 Race

M'Httgh George, porterhouse 6 Dock

M'Henry Thos. cordwainer 2 Carlvles court

M'Jlhenney John, accountant cor. Jumper and Walnut

M'Uhenney Samuel, clerk 49 old York road

M'Jlhenney Wm. tailor 49 old York road

M'Uhenny Joseph, watchmaker 13 north 3d

M'Uhenney Wm. attorney at law 49 old York road

M'Uhenney Elizabeth, widow shopkeeper 128 SassafrSRt

M'Ulear Patrick, tailor Dawson's court

M'llvaine, J. attorney at law 74 S. 6th street

M'llwain J. K. jeweller Bread} 's court

M'dvain Bloomfleld, attorney at law 44 south 5th

MTlvaine Joseph B. merchant southwharves ab. Drawbridge

d, h. 104 south-Front
M'llvaine Mary, widow I L Prune
M'llvaine Wm. merch. 11 Prune
M'llroy Jas. livery stable keeper Schl. S. 8th near market

'M'llroy James, F. inspector of customs 45 N. 7th
M'Tlroy Sarah Gent. SW. cor. 10 and Walnut
M'llroy John, merchant 65 Tammany
M'Intire Archibald, manager Union Canal Lotteries 127 Clies*

nut d. h. 235 Spruce
M'lntire Able, comn. mercht. 106 Union
M'Intire John, porter back 356 market
M'lntire John, cordwainer 172 south 5th
M'Intire Jarg-aret, mantua maker 214 south 3d
M'lntire Isaiah, shoemaker 84 south Front
M'Intire Stephen, cordwainer 387 S. Front
M'Intire Samuel, cabinet maker .72 Pine
M'Karaher Charles, fancy store 41 nort 2d
M-Kain Thomas, capt. Trenton packet 171 N. Front
M'Kean John, shoemaker 100 Poplar
M'Kean Buchanuan, merchant 84 Union d. h.45 S. Front
M-Keen Henry, ' atchmaker 119 Chesnut
M'Keen Andrew, stone mason 4 above George
M'Kean Ann, widow 14 Cherry
M'Kean Thomas, gentleman 117 S. 5th
M'Kee Andrew, tailor 3 Emlens court (N. L.)
M'Kee David, envpenter Vine near 10th
M'^ey Thomas, bivckla\ er 7 S.igar alley
M'Kee Bernard, botler cor. 4 &. Spruce
f i' -leel John, waiter George ab. 12th
M'Kay George, teacher 54 Sassafras
M' -leaver John, labourer ombard E.of Schl. 7th.
M'Kenny M. C. widow 47 old York road
M'Kenny Mary, shop keeper 6tli near Coats

Philadelphia Index, M'M

Mlseown George, innkeeper SW.cor. of Pine and Penn

M'Keown Eliza, widow 50 Penn

M'Keever Benjamin, tanner and currier 18 Franklin

M'Kenzie Charles, tailor 42 Strawberry

M'Kenzie John, confectioner & pastrycook back 19 Walnut

M'Kinley John, teacher back 40 N. Fourth

M'Kinney Felix, weaver cor. George and Pitt (N. L,)

M'Kinley Hugh, shoemaker & watchman 112 north Juniper

M'Kinley Martha, dry good store 133 south Ninth

M'Kinley John, grocer 28 North alley

M'Kenzie Wm. gentleman S6 Union

M'Kinley Wm. grocer SW. cor. 2d and Dock

M'Kig-gens N'ary, washerwoman John ab. Callowhill

M'Kibbin D. grocer 62 Market

M'Kibbin Wm. sea captain 151 Pine

M'Kissick Wm. hootmaker 17 Elizabeth

M'Knight A. burr millstone maker 5 Decatur

M'Knight Robert, labourer 115 north Juniper

M'Knight William, fishmonger black horse alley

M'Koy Robert, bellowsmaker and brand cutter 7 Tammany

shop Lily alley
M'Koy William, first teller bank North America 8 Powell
M'Laughlin Charles, broker 28 Carter's alley
M'Laughlin Catharine, widow M'Ginnes court
M'Laug-'nlin John, labourer 45 Cedar
M'Laughlin George, printer )33 Pine
M'Laughlin John, painter and glazier forks Germant roa$
M'Lean James, weaver Charles st. (N. L.)
M'Leran Vary, widow shopkeeper 88 north Sixth
M'Leod Christiana, nurse 81 north 3d
M'Leod George, shipchandler &c. 40 south Wharves
M'Leod George, boot ma'^er 16 Pennsylvania avenue
M'Mackin Michael, weaver Vine alley
' Mackin James, weaver Francisville (N. L.)
M'Mackin, Samuel chair maker 160 south Second
M' Maker Henry, storekeeper 118 south Fifth
M'Mahon T. P. seed merchant &c. 13 south 2d
M'VJahon Henry, storekeeper 118 south 8th
M'May William, merchant 31 Filbert
M'Many .John, grocer 326 north Front
M'Manners Patrick, back 87 Race

S M'Mannus innkeeper and teacher NW cor. Lombard

and Fourth
M'Manns Thomas & M. J. Given grocery and flour store 3d

house ab. Centre Square south side •arket
M'Marnee John, carpenter Button near Sixth
M'Vlanemy Susannah, milliner 24^south Tenth
M'Manamy widow shopkeeper 60~ south Tenth
M'Mennamy James, tavernkeeper Callowhill near Broad
M'v annamy Henry, ailor NE cor. George and Tenth
M'iViasters John, constable 13 Laurel court

MAS Philadelphia Index.

M'Menomon William, innkeeper north-west corner Sixth and

Middle alley
M'Minn Danl. last and boottree maker 37 Walnut
M'Minn James, cordwainer 129 Pine
M'Min Thomas, livery stable keeper 29 Prune
M'Minn Samuel, last maker 37 Walnut
M'Minn Robert, grate stove maker Smith's court
M'Minn Wm. 146 N. Juniper
M'Michael John, teacher 81 north Water
M'Minnemy Thomas, tailor Maple
M'Michael John, dry good store 449 north 2d
M'Morris John^ weaver Perry

M'Monigal Edward, labourer Cliesnut west Sch. Third
M'Mullin Isaac, carpenter 10 Raspberry alley
M'Mullin J. R. blacksmith 268 Swanson and 5 Prime
M'Mi llin Joseph T. ladies shoemaker 68jsouth Fourth
M'Mullin John, goldsmith and jeweller 114 S. Front
M'Mullin Joseph, grocer 155 south Front ab. Spruce
M'Mullin John, tavernkeeper Vine alley
M'Mullin Miss seminary 1 Norris alley
M'Mullin Neal, grocer 319 north Front
M'Mullin Rosina, teacher 52 Zane

M'Mullin Robert, sen. lumber merchant 161 8c 62 Swanson
M'Mullin William, blacksmith Washington between Front

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