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and Second
M'Mullin William, jr. lumber merchant 161 Swanson — d. h.

361 south Front
M 'Murray John, mariner 93 south Water
M'Murdy Benjamin, fruiterer 281 north Second
M'Murdy Jonathan, fruiterer 121 north Second
W'Murry Judith, widow boarding house 50 Zane
M'Namer John, type founder south-east corner of Broad and

M'Nab John, weaver Ann west Sch. Eighth
M'Neal John, spectacle and whip maker 25 N. 3d
M'Nea! Isaac, bookbinder 498 N. 2d
M'Neal Wakefield, labourer near Upper Ferry bridge
M'Nealy Patrick, weaver Fourth near Brown

M'Neilledge , sea captain 100 Christian

M'Nickel Charles, cordwainer 120 south 10th

M'Phail Ann, widow grocer NW. cor. Walnut and 8th

M'Pherson Alex, labourer 24 Barron

M'Quaid Felix, tallow chandler old York r. cor. Noble

M'Queeh Archibald, rigger West's court

M'Shade Charles, cordwainer 7 Watson's alley

M*Shane Ezekiel, accountant 47 north 6th

M'Swain George, woodsawyer back 174 Yine

Maccoun D. merchant 168 High

M'Murtrie H., M. D. 59 Spruce

Mace Joseph, combmaker484 north Third

Mass David J. 60 Almond

Philadelphia Index. MAG

U'Neely John, innkeeper, Sixth above Cedar
M'Neely Mary, St. Mary above Sixth
M'Nutt Robert, market man, 17 Cresson's alley
M'Peak Bridget, weaver, Fourth above George, (N. L.)
M'Pherson Alexander, accountant, 74 Market
M'Pherson Ann, widow, 100 S. Fifth
M'Pherson Hugh, sea captain, 101 Christian
M'Pherson Robert, shoemaker, 496 S. Second
M'Pherson Sarah, mantuamaker, 15 South alley
M'Shane Mrs. Ezekiel, seminary 47 N. Sixth
M'Shorely James, labourer, Wiley's court
M'Quin James, merchant, 24 Shippen

M'Vicken , labourer, Sch. Third bet. Walnut & George

M'Win Robert, stove finisher, 14 Decatur st.
Maas David J. baker, 60 Almond

"Macalester Charles, merchant, 66 Dock — d. h. 142 Mulberry
Macauly William, dealer, 205 Cedar
Mac Conrad, baker & watchman, Ann near Sch. Eighth
Mack Jacob, innkeeper, 414 N. Third st.
Mack Jacob, ropemaker, Cedar above Eleventh
Mack Nicholas, High near Sch. Eighth
Mackason Hannah, widow of Win, shipwright, 22 Duke st.
Mackenson Miss, 25 Race st.
Mackey John, teacher, 258 Mulberry

Mackey Richard, grocer, SE cor. Moyamensing k. Federal
Mackie Peter, accountant, 69 New
Mackie Thomas, merchant, 265 S. Front
fMacklin Moses, porter, 195 Christian
Mackquart Thomas, teacher, 42 S. Fourth
Macomb Wm. sawyer, 165 Christian
Macon Wm. tailor, 215 N. Front

Macurdy Hugh, dry goods store, 243 S. 2d [See JH* Curdy.
Madara Elizabeth, innkeeper, south side Drawbridge
Madeira George, carter, Rugan st. (N. L,)
Madden Jane, grocer, 12 Christian
Madden Mary, widow, 108 Race and West's court
Madison Joseph, buttonmaker, 25 S. Tenth st.
Madison Mary, nurse, 54 Mead alley

Maddock E. E. merchant, 153 S. Front — d. h. 115 Lombard
Maddock E & S. dry goods store, 3£ N. Sixth
Maddock Hannah, mantuamaker, 39 Key's alley
Maddock Wm. SW cor. Fourth and Tammany
Madole Hannah, widow, Christian near Fifth "
Madureria Jane, widow of Joseph, Tenth below Pine
Maffett James, shipmaster, 248 S. Front
Mag Adam, distiller, 425 N. Fourth
Mag Margaret, widow, tailoress, 12 Fayette
Magan Michael, baker, 86 S. Third
Magaw Thomas, labourer, Sixth near Poplar
Magaw widow, Maiden near Front


MAN Philadelphia Index.

Magee Hugh S. oakcooper, 132 Vine

[See M'Gee & Maghec

Magee Thomas, carpenter, Rose alley (N. L.)

Mager Wm. ship carpenter, 48 Duke st.

Magrady John, cedar cooper, 177 St. John

Magrath Michael, tallow chandler, 23 Brewer's alley— d. h.
34 Ann (N. L.)

Magraw Thomas, cordwainer, Perkenpine court

Maguire Caroline, widow, 115 S. Third

Maguire Thomas, carter, Vine alley near Twelfth

Mahand James, 1 Kelley's alley
i Mahany James A. attorney at law, 89 Race — d. h. 55 Vine

Mah offer Wm. saddletree maker, back 216 N. Eighth

Mahony John, teacher, High west of Sch. Fifth — d. h. High
near Sch. Fourth

Main Charles, manner, 75 Christian

Main James, shipwright, 57 Budd

Mair George, printer, back 79 N. Fifth

Mair James, weaver, Cedar near Thirteenth

Maitland John & Thomas, distillers, 187 S. Fourth

Maitland Thomas, distiller, 119 Lombard

Maitland Thomas, merchant, 17 S. Water — d. h. 153 Pine

Majilton John, blacksmith, China st.

Maker John, bottler, 532 S. Front

Matins James N. sailmaker, Spruce st. wharf- — d. h. 11
Norris's alley

Makins Sarah, widow, china store, 148 S. Front

Malcolm Matilda, milliner, 98 S. Fourth

Malcomson Joseph, carpet weaver, 224 Sassafras

Maley Ann, widow, cor. Eleventh and Filbert

Maley Catharine, widow, storekeeper, 376 N. Third st.

Mallet Benedick, cordwainer, SW cor. Swanson & Queen

Mallet David, shoemaker, 58 Chester
. Mallon Mrs., young ladies seminary 70 Walnut

Maloney John, combmaker, 12 Myers's court

Malsberger Joseph, storekeeper, 364 N. Second

Malseed John, grocer, NE cor. Sixth and Powell st.

Maltrr.on James, mariner, 22 Mary

•j-Man John, poi'ter, Green's court

Manakin John, hatter, 17 Walnut st.

Manchester William, mariner, 45 Penn

Manderfield Henry, trader, 58 Lombard

Manderficld & Reynolds, cabinetmakers, 180 S. Fourth

Manderson Andrew, storekeeper, 445 N. Second

Manderson George, grocer, 416 N. Front

Manderson James, baker, Beach near Maiden
tndeyifle Daniel, dry goods store, 83 N. Second

Mandeville David, cashier of the Bank of Northern Liber-
ties, 81 N. Sixth

Mandeville H. D. merchant, 54 S. Front — d. h. 8 Palmy™

Philadelphia Index. MAR

Mandry & Gravenstine, livcrv stable keepers, 100 N. Sixth

MandrV Win. health officer, 102 N. Sixth

Manefield Charles, pump maker, Sch. Eighth between Sas-
safras and Vine

Maneuvrc Maria, widow, 249 S. Seventh

f Mang John, shingle shaver, Osborne's court

Manga John, oakcooper, 391 N. Third

Mangen John, blacksmith, 251 Race st.

Mang'm John, blacksmith & spring maker, Castle st. near

Manieux Benjamin, hatter, 377 Sassafras st.

Manigault Mary S. widow, NW cor. Ninth and Spruce

Manilieu Maturin, wine cooper, Locust above Juniper

Manley &. Eastwood, coppersmiths, 59^ N. Third st.

Manlove David, sea captain, Bready's court

ManlufT Philip, carter, 18 Kunckel st.

Manly Henry, merchant, 13 Branch

Manly Wm. innkeeper, 434 N. Third st.

Mann Ann, widow, dealer, 206 S. Water

Mann Catharine, widow, 79 Vine

Mann Daniel, gent. 43 Race [See Mahon.

Mann Harris, gentleman, 167 S. Third

Mann Jacob, carter, Rugan st. (N. L.)

Mann Jesse F. cordwainer, 16 Raspberry alley

Mann John, nealer in U. S. Mint, 72 Garden

Mann John, shoemaker, 389 N. Front

Mann Margaret, widow, dealer, 202 S. Second

fMann Rachel, widow, washerwoman, back 102 N. Eleventh

•{-Mann Sarah, washerwoman, Stewart's alley

Mannerly Wm. Prime above Front

Mannevy John, mariner, 508 S. Front

Manning Charles, tinplate worker, 8 Hinckel's court

Manning Thomas S. printer — office 30 Shakspeare buildings;
NW cor Sixth and Chesnut— d. h. 13 S. Sixth

Mansell Wm. ivory rule maker, 378 N. Front

Mansfield John, tavernkeeper, Poplar lane below Fourth

Mansfield Thomas, tailor, Sink's court

Manson widow, seamstress, 437 Chesnut

Mansur John, keeper of the Childrens' Asylum, Fifth near.

Mantell Conrad, baker, 27 Walnut

fMantier Rachel, widow, washerwoman, Acorn alley

Manual Andrew, baker, 161 St John

Manuel Joseph E. house carpenter, 66 S. Front st.

Manyer Christian, victualler, Fourth above George (K)

Manypenny Lois, widow, Sansom alley

Maran Catharine, widow, SheafPs alley

Marcer Joseph, tailor, 60 Wood st.

March James, reed maker, back 224 High [See Marsh.

Marehmant Stephen, cordwainer, 163 Christian

Maremback Jacob, saddler, 111 Dillwyn st.

MAR Philadelphia Index.

Margrum David, gunsmith, back of 118 Dillwyn

Margrum Samuel M. combmaker, 2 Harmony court

Margrum Isaac, blacksmith, 29 'Wood st.

Margrum Joseph, wheelwright, 29 Wood st.

Mariner Abraham, combmaker, 63 Budd

Mariner Andrew, waterman, Oak near Brown

Mariner Andrew, oysterman, 31 Green

Mariner Susannah, widow, Brady's court

Marin ot Michael, cook, 151 S. Sixth

Maris & Evans, merchants, 31 south wharves

Maris Rachel R. widow of Richard, 315 Mulberry

Mans Wm. merchant, 31 south wharves

Mark John, dry goods store, 78 Lombard

Mark John H. glue manufacturer and skin dresser, Glob*;

Markel Christian, accountant, 24 Garden
Marker Andrew C. tailor, 75 Lombard
Marker John, blacksmith, 1 John
Markland John, merchant, 298 Race
Markle Jacob, carpenter, 96 Tammany
Markley Mary, widow, 132 Dillwyn st.
Markle) Mary, widow, 49 Duke st. (N. L.)
Markoe Francis, merchant, 232 Walnut
Markoe John, gentleman, 293 Chesnut above Ninth
Marks Isaac, merchant, 115 N. Fifth
Maj'ks Ja^ed, druggist, &c. 102 S. Tenth
Marks John, mariner, 121 Swanson
Marks John, shoemaker, Woglam's court
Marks John, dry goods store, 159 N. Third
Marks Tobias, chairmaker, Castle st.
(■.Marks Sarah, house cleaner, 14 Chimneys
Markward Wm. eoacnsroieh, cor. Tenth and Sassai
Marley John, coachmaker, Vir.e near Schuylkill
Marley Mary, widow, 15 St Sixth
Marley Wm. coicvvainer, Broad below George
Mariin Thomas, dra\ man, 36 i aore]
Marneil Daniel, tailor, 120 S. Fourth
Marple Abraham, ship carpenter, Frankford road near Bed

ford (K)
Marot Elizabeth, widow, 19 Christian
Marot Wm bookbinder, 10 Ann
Marotte Louis, merchant, 24 Union
Marrs Eliza, widow, washerwoman, 25 Gillies's alley
Marsellas Cornelius E. cordwainer, 115 German
Marsh Elias, gentleman, NW cor. Eleventh and Arch
Marsh James, agent, 62 Union [See A fare h^

Marsh Joseph, 23 Christian
Marsh Joseph, shipwright, 104 S. Second
Marshal James, victualler, 14 Mary
Marshall Abraham, carpenter, 375 Sassafras
Marshall Charles, jun. druggist, 294 High

Philadelphia Index. MAR

Marshall Charles, chemist, &c. 56 Chesnut

Marshall Christopher, drug-gist, 19 north Fourth

Marshall Daniel, plasterer, 6 Smith's court

Marshall Davis, smith, 116 Lombard — d. h. Pine below Ele

Marshall Hannah, widow, boarding" house, 38 Sansom
Marshall James, cabinetmaker, 148 south Sixth
Marshall James, mariner, 61 Christian
f Marshall John, waiter, upper 21 Middle alley
fMarshall John, woodsawyer, 100 N. Eleventh
Marshall Moses, shoemaker, 4 Garrigues's court
Marshall Moses D. cord wain er, 20 Kunckel
Marshall Samuel, cordwainer, 100 S. Third
Marshall Sophia, widow of Charles, cardmaker, Vine near

Sch. Eighth
Marshall &. Tempest, goldsmiths, &.c. 87 south Second
Marshall Wm. suspender manufactory, 96 High west Centre

Marshall widow of Amor, wafermaker, 59 Walnut

Marshall , sea captain, 67 Gaskill

Marsten Catharine, shopkeeper, 179 N. Fourth

Martien Elizabeth, widow, teacher, 38 Church alley

Martin Abraham, accountant, 71 N. Sixth

Martin Andrew, milkman, High near Sch. Seventh

Martin Ann, widow, 11 Penn

Martin Ann, seamstress, north side Chesnut second house

above Broad
Martin Benjamin, 230 S. Third
Martin Benjamin, corder, Second near Christian
Martin CM. merchant, 244 Race
Martin C. saddler and trunk maker, 32 S. Third
Martin Edward D. plane maker, 14 Budd
Martin George, cordwainer, 82 Christian
Martin George, mariner, Christian near Second
Martin Hannah, shoebinder, St. Mary's alley
Martin & Hart, merchants, 233 north Third
Martin Jacob, grocer, 285 N. Third
Martin Jacob, grocer, 293 north Third
Martin Jacob, gentleman, NE cor. Tenth and Spruce
Martin James, merchant, 78 Vine
Martin Jane, widow, spooler, Sheaff's alley
Martin John, grocer, Castle street
Martin John P. gentleman, 75 Locust

Martin John & Robert, grocers, SE corner Ninth and High
Martin John, silverplater, near Eleventh in Filbert
Martin Joseph, colour laboratory Arch near Thirteenth
Martin Joseph, M. D. 116 north Ninth
Martin Joseph, gentleman, 272 north Second
Martin Joseph D. druggist, &c. SW cor. Fourth and Sassa

Martin J. ropemaker, NW cor. of Federal and Second


MAS Philadelphia Index.

Martin Lewis, cabinetmaker, 104 north Sixth

Martin Marmaduke, bricklayer, near Hayscales (S)

Martin Patrick, NW cor. of Sixth and Barclay's court

Martin Peter, accountant, 5 Meyer's court

Martin Prosper, ironfounder, Beach above Maiden (K.}

Martin Prosper, mahogany sawmills, 91 St. John

Martin &. Parham, mahogany yard, 343 north Second

Martin Samuel, sailmaker, 88 Lombard

Martin Thomas, tallow-chandler, 208 Vine

Martin Thomas, Second near Christian

Martin William, merchant, 29 south Second

Martin William, cabinetmaker, 101 Noble

Martin William, ironfounder, Smith's court

Martin William, merchant, 43 south Front

Martin William, carter, Mark's lane

Martin Wm. cordwainer, 82 Christian

Martins Daniel, shipsmith, 163 St. John

Mason Alva, engraver in brass, &c. 13 south Fourth, and

back 58 Zane
Mason Andrew, weaver, Ann st. near Schuylkill
Mason Ann, widow, cakebaker, 31 north Fourth
Mason D. H. engraver in brass, &c. 33 south Fourth — d. h.

25 Wood
Mason Elias, tailor, Second below Prime
Mason Elizabeth, 13 Vine
Mason Isaac N, bookbinder, 6 Powell
Mason Isaac, wheelwright, Lily alley
Mason Isaac, sea captain, 135 south Eleventh
Mason Mary, 76 Mulberry
Mason Mrs. principal matron of Pennsylvania Hospital, Pine

above Eighth
Mason Philip, general superintendant of the Philadelphia

and Lancaster Turnpike, 131 south Fifth
Mason Robert, merchant, 40 south wharves — d. h. 157 Pine
Mason Samuel, steward of the Pennsylvania Hospital, Pine

above Eighth
Mason Samuel, jr. clock and watchmaker, 249 High
Mason Samuel, jr. watchmaker, 67 Cherry
Mason Simeon, grocer, SE corner Sixth and Cherry
Mason William G. engraver, 46 Chesnut
Mason William, oakcooper, 9 Decatur
Mason W. cabinetmaker, 99 north Front, d. h. 17 Elfreth's

Mason William, engraver in brass, &c. 13 south Fourth —

d. h. 13 Norris alley
Mason W. & A. engravers in brass &c. 13 south Fourth
Mason Wm. engraver, 72 S. Second — d. h. Christian above

Massey Charles, jr. merchant, 28 south wharves— d. h. 170

Wassey E. storekeeper, 316 north Front

Philadelphia Index. MAU

Massey James W. planemaker, Kunckel
-Massey Jane, dry good store, 88£ north Second
Massey John, gentleman, 63 Pine
Massey Thomas, carpenter, Davis's court
Massey Samuel, currier, 88 St. John
Massey Samuel, hardware store, 16 south Third
Master William, ladies shoemaker, 23 south Fourth
Masters Elizabeth, dry good store, 68 Spruce
Masters George, carter, Wood near Thirteenth
Mather Deborah, widow, boarding house, 340 Sassafras
Mather Samuel, carter, Mintzer's court
Mathes Matilda, milliner, 41 north Sixth
Mathews Austin, dry good store, 87 north Sixth
Mathews Mary, Schuy Ik.- Fifth between High and Filbert
Mathews William, dry good store, 347 Sassafras

[See Matthews.
Mathieu Arnout, winecooper, 184 south Sixth
Mathison Neil, grocer, 48 Lombard
•Matlack Charles F. (M. D.) 62 north Second
Matlack Jacob, labourer, 95 St. John
Matlack John, cordwainer, 316 Vine
Matlack Nehemiah, farmer, Maria st.
Matlack Thomas, accountant, 33 Chester
Matlack Timothy, alderman, 202 Spruce
Matthew A. & Co. dry good store, 152 High
Matthews Charles, oysterman, 7 Relief st.
f Matthews George, labourer, 10 Burd's court
'Matthews H. combmaker, 125 north Second
Matthews Jame9, nailer, 43 Currant alley
Matthews James, grocer, 389 High

fMatthews John, labourer, 137 Plum and 39 Middle alley
Matthews John, paper store, 391 High
Matthews John, jr. cordwainer, 393 High and Wistar's

Matthews Lydia, tailoress, 11 Emslie's alley
Matthews Margaret, widow, washerwoman, Paschall's alley

(N. L.)
Matthews Matthew, commission merchant, 391 High

[See J\fathe~U!S.
Matthews Mrs. boarding and day school, 292 Chesnut
Matthews Philip, labourer, 193 north Eighth
Matthews Richard, baker, 255 south Seventh
Matthews Richard, paperhanger, 4 Bell's court
Matthews William, comb manufactory, back 457 north Third
Matthews Wm. H. baker, 89 Cedar'
Matthias A. carpenter, 94 St. John
Matthias & Heaton, grocers, 148 Sassafras
Matthias Joseph, 94 St. John (N. L.)
Matthias Joseph, M.D., 52 Walnut

Mattingly Lewis, shoemaker, 214 Eighth below Callowhill
Maul Caleb, lumber merchant, SW corner Ninth and Vine

MAY Philadelphia Index.

Maul C. &. Co. lumber merchants, NW corner of Vine and

Maule Israel, carpenter, 14 John above Wood
Maule John, sailmaker, 18 Carter's alley
Maule Robert, sailmaker, 4 Bread — loft 10 south wharves
Maule Sarah, fancy dry good store, 79 south Second
Maurer John A., M. D. 7 Lawrence above Wood
Maurer Wm. carpetweaver, Blackberry alley
Maxfield John, cordwainer, 26 Gillies's alley
Maxfield Joseph, accountant, 222 north Fourth
Maxwell Andrew, carpenter, Seventh near Elizabeth
Maxwell Eliza, widow, 156 Pine

Maxwell James, storekeeper, north Front near Laurel
Maxwell James, at Doctor Dyott's
Maxwell James, weaver, Cedar above Twelfth
Maxwell James, wharf builder, Frankford road near stone

Maxwell James, bookseller and printer, SE cor. Fourth and

Walnut— d. h. 138 Pine— office 48 S. Fifth
Maxwell John, carpenter, 116 Christian
{-Maxwell Joseph, carter, Mark's lane
Maxwell Mary Ann, spinster, Everhart's court
Maxwell Robert, wharf budder, Beach near Maiden
Maxwell Sarah, widow, Lytle's court
Maxwell Sarah, widow, tutoress, 5 Little's row
May Eliza, widow, 17 Juliana
May Esther, tutoress, 24 Parham's alley
May Lewis, shoemaker, 12 North alley
May Lewis, carpenter, Nonnater's court
"J" May Peter, mariner, 247 Spruce
May Sarah, milliner, 351 S. Second
Mayberry Martha, washerwoman, 27 Gillies's alley
May bin John, merchant, 5 Chesnut— d. h. 124 Mulberry
May bin William A. merchant, 6 north Seventh
May bury Jeremiah W. grocer, 268 north Front
Mayer Andrew, coach and sign painter, NW corner Budd
and Poplar, and 92 Poplar [See JVleyer & Maker

Mayer Philip F. Rev., D. D. 87 Sassafras
Mayers Ann, market woman, St. John near Poplar lane
Mayhew David, combmaker, Poplar near Fourth
Mayhew David, 125 Coates

Mayland Jacob, tobacconist, 99 Sassafras, cor. Third
Mayland J. tobacconist, 235 Vine
Mayland James, tobacconist, 409 north Fourth
Maylin Thomas, currier, 7 north Front
Mayleny Martha, washerwoman, 29 Gillies's alley
Mayne Wm. ladies shoemaker, 235 north Second
Maysenhoelder C. gold and silversmith and spectacle manu-
facturer, 54 Chesnut
Mayweg John, whitesmith, Green below Fourth and corner

Philadelphia Judex. MEN

Maze John G. carpenter, 33 Mary

Mead Azel, ladies shoemaker, 1.31 Mulberry

f Mead Lewis, hairdresser, 412 High

Mead Lawrence, carpenter, 16 Watson's alley

Mead Mary, dry good store, 202 north Sixth

Mead Richard" W. esq. merchant, north side "Walnut, 2d
door above Ninth

Mealy Patrick, tavernkeeper, 2 south Fourth

Means John, carpenter and framemaker 9 Wood

Meany John, merchant, 2 Franklin row

Meany Owen, labourer, 319 Spruce

Mears Samuel, hatter, Eleventh above Filbert

Mease James, M. I). 192 Chesnut [See Maze & Mays.

Mease Joseph, cordwainer, 546 north Third

Meaugh Wm. printer, Green's court

Mecaskey Andrew, dry good store, 153 north Third

Mecaskey John, storekeeper, 249 south Second

Mecke John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 408 north Se-

Mecom & Rogers, boarding house, 85 Chesnut

Medary Samuel, turpentine distiller, store 447 north Tront —
d. h, 31 Coates [See Madeira

Medcalf James, labourer, George above Broad

f Medford Judith, washerwoman, 161 north Sixth

Meekle Abraham, carpenter, Lombard above Twelfth

Meer John, artist, 4 souih Seventh

[See Mears Meyer & Meres

Meer John, jr. artist, 43 George st. _

Meers Joseph, stage driver, Smith's court, north Fifth

Meguire Bernard, cordwainer, 157 south Front

Meigs Charles D., M. D. 128 Mulberry

Meiley George, victualler, Callowhill between Schuylkill
Seventh and Eighth

Meinick Christian, cordwainer, 285 Vine

Melchor Eleanor, 169 south Eleventh

Melchor John, oakcooper, 12 south alley and Fourth above

Melchor John, shallopman, back 43 Coates

Melizet Francis, merchant, 141 south Second

Mellbank John, victualler, 357 Callowhill

Mellin Alexander, stonecutter, Mulberry near Thirteenth

Mellin Archibald, tavernkeeper, 2 Decatur street

Melsom Edward, grocer, SE cor. Eleventh and Locust

Melvin Wm. S. cordwainer, Hinckel's court, Vine

fMenday Antonia, barber, 29 Lombard

Mendenhall Philip, commission merchant, 29 Elfreth's alley
counting house over 183 High

Mendenhall Isaac, trader, Blackberry alley

M£nige St Godebout, oystermen, 30 S. Sixth

Menige & Lewis, oystermen, 30 south Sixth

Menige Oliver, oysterman, 30 S. Sixth

MER Philadelphia Index.

Menns Joseph H. victualler, Charles st.

fMenokea George, porter, 30 Blackberry alley

Mensing Frederick, bootmaker, 43 north Sixth

Mentz George W. bookbinder, 71 Sassafras [See Mintz

Mentz George, carpenter, Buttonwood near Fifth

Mentz John, watchman of Pennsylvania Bank, 105 St. John

Mentz & Walker, booksellers, 295 High

Mentzer John, victualler, north Fourth near George (N. L.)

Menzies John, clock and watchmaker, SW corner Front and

Mercer George, grocer, 161 south Front
Mercer Jane, widow, grocer, SE cor. Sixth and Powell
Mercer Samuel, waiter, 4 Juniper alley
Mercer Robert, sea captain, 1 Mary
Mercer Robert, gentleman, 314 High
Mercier Charles, corder on Queen street wharf— d. h. So

Mercier Charles, confectioner, 104 High
Mercor Thomas, SW cor. Swanson and Christian
Meredith Benjamin, corder, 98 Crown
Meredith Benjamin H. hardware merchant, 44 north Se-
Meredith Benjamin A. merchant, 51 Duke (N. L.)
Meredith Margaret, innkeeper, Buttonwood lane
^Meredith Wm. counsellor at law, and president of Schu3'l-

kill Bank, office 1 S. Sixth— d. h. SW cor. Chesnutand

Meredith William M. attorney at law, 1 S, Sixth— d. h. SW

cor. Chesnut and Tenth
Merick S. V. & Co. fire engine makers, Pearson's court back

of St. James's Church
Merino Felix, French teacher and translator, 139 south

Merkle Conrad, shoemaker, 108 north Third
Merris Anthony, baker, 3 Little's row
Merrick Joshua, public agent, 8 Mary
Merrick Samuel, gentleman, 48 north Sixth
Merrill Otis B. printer, 106 N. Eighth
Merritt Abraham, bricklayer, Maple street
Merritt Catharine, widow of Joseph, Webb's alley
Merritt Davenport, spinningwheel maker, 18 Coombs's alley
fMerritt Edward, shingleshaver, Smith's court, north Eighth
Merritt Eliza, widow, 100 Gaskill
Merritt Elizabeth, boarding house, 87 Mulberry
Merritt & Lance, oyster cellar, SW cor. Sixth & Carpenter
Merritt garah, milliner, 67 Mulberry
Merritt Solomon H. tailor, 47 Mulberry
Merry Michael, domestic coffee manufacturer, 24 Old York

Mervine Hannah, widow, 268 St. John
Mervine Mary, 28 Lawrence 9t,

Philadelphia Index. MID

Mervine Peter, cooper, 2 Franklin st.
Mervine Thomas, smith, Upper ferry road near Sch,
Meschert M. H. gentleman, 75 Spruce
Meshart George, waterman, 225 St. John
Mesick Joseph, cordwainer, back 102 Christian
Messick Samuel, carter, Second near Prime,
Metayer Simon, cakebaker, 4 Franklin court
Metcalf ffm. teacher, 174 Germantown road
Metcalfe Tho. cabinetmaker, 7 Sassafras alley
f Metford Samuel, porter, Dean's alley
Mettler Samuel, accountant, 93 Green
Mettler Wm. inspector of bark, Green street wharf and inn-
keeper, 397 north Second
Metts Lawrence, cordwainer, 68 Vine
Metz Georg-e, 26 Lombard
Metzger John M. tailor, 245 N. Second
Metzger John, constable, 7 Hartung's alley
Meuley John, grocery and feed store, 105 north Juniper
Meurer Frederick, dyer, Germanto'.vn road below Third
Meyers Abigail, widow, boarding house, 131 N. Sixth
Meyers Andrew, painter, 94 Poplar
Meyers Ann, widow, milliner, 79 N. Second*
^Meyers Ann Mary, storekeeper, 120 N. Second
Meyers Ann Mafia, widow, 161 St. John
Meyers Bartholomew, trader, Dorminger's court
Meyers Catharine, widow, Christian near Ninth
Meyers Daniel, cabinetmaker, 334 Sassafras
Meyers Frederick, coach painter, 90 Poplar
Meyers George, victualler, Brook st
Meyers George, 10 Carpenter (S)

Meyers Hannah, widow of George, innkeeper, 269 Vine
Meyers Henry, corder Ruce st. wharf — d..h. 20 Sassafras
Meyers Henry, quill manufacturer, New Market n. Pegg st.
Meyers Henry, sen. gent. 133 N. Third
Meyers Henry, innkeeper, S*V. cor. Fifth and Sassafras

[See Mayer, JHafter, JWyers, Mears, & Jlleres.
Meyers John, P. weaver, 79 N. Fifth
Meyers Margaret, nurse, 105 Vine
Meyers Mary, widow, washerwoman, Petticoat alley
Meyers Michael, oakcooper, Rogers's court (N. L.)
Meyers Peter C. merchant, 133 N. Third
Meyers Wm. carter, Coates near Eighth