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Meynie John U. merchant, 193 High — d. h. 148 S. Fourth

[See JMisany.
Michael Christopher, drayman, near Fourth and Poplar lane
Michael John,, labourer, back of 182 St. John
Michaels Naomi, widow, grocer, 248 Lombard
Michaels Rachel, widow, 100 Swanson
Mickle James, cedar cooper, Queen near Shackamaxon
Midcalf Margaret, widow, 6 Chancery lane
Midcalf Leonard, shoemaker, Walnut alley »


MIL Philadelphia Inde.v.

Middleton Abraham, blacksmith, 130 Dillwyn

Middleton, Allen & Co. blacksmiths, 281 N. Third, 70 Cal-°

lowhill — d. h. 10 Kunckel
Middleton Ann, dealer, 4 St. Mary's alley
Middleton Enoch, bricklayer, 78 Diflwyn st.
Middleton Gabriel, lumber merchant, 188 N. Fourth
Middleton George, oysterman, Miller's court
Middleton Hannah, teacher, 101 Dillwyn st.
Middleton Hudson, tailor, 19 Key's alley
Middleton Hudson, tailor, 39 Mulberry
Middleton John, hatter, Raspberry alley
Middleton John, carpenter, 129 Spruce
Middleton Joshua, carpenter and box factory, Black Horse

alley *

Middleton Lewis, cabinetmaker, 151 N. Fourth
Middleton P. P. P., M. D. 147 S. Eighth
Middleton Win. agent to the guardians of the poor, 70 nortix

Middleton & Woollev, lumber yard, cor. Fourth and Green
Middlecott Mrs. 301 Mulberry
Miercken Mrs. widow of Peter, 208 Pine
Mifflin Benjarifin, printer, 139 S. Fifth
f Mifflin Charles, carpenter, 7 Hurst
Mifflin George, M. D. 351 High

Mifflin James L. merchant, 36 S. Front — d. h. 351 Higk
Mifflin Llovd, merchant, 7 and 21 Church alley
Mifflin Mary, widow, 139 S. Fifth -
Mifflin Mrs* C widow of John F. 226 Walnut
f Mifflin Peter, carpenter, 216 S. Seventh
Mifflin Samuel, merchant, 2 Rittenhouse place
Mifflin Sarah, widow of Thomas, 351 High
Miguel Francis, barber, 236 N. Front
Miles Catherine, widow, 110 S. Tenth
Miles Edward, drawing master, 206 Walnut
Miles Jacob, boot and shoe manuf. 25 S. Fourth
Miles James, porter, near Tammany and Old York road
Miles John, attorney at law, 86 Callowhill
Miles Robert, carpenter, 114 south Tenth
Miles Rebecca, widow, boarding house, 73 S. Sixth
Miles Thomas, mariner, Penn above Cedar
Miles Mary, widow of John, gunsmith, 86 Callowhill
Miley Frederick, carter, Juniper above CJierry
Miley Frederick, jun. carter, Thirteenth below Sassafras
Miley Jacob, victualler, Fourth above George

[See Mar ley £f Myerle.
Milford S. dentist, 163 S. Fifth
Millard Charles, carver, 412 N. Front

Millemant , Christian near Fourth

Miller Abraham & Andrew, jun. potters. 45 and 47 Zanc
f Miller Ann, washerwoman, back 169 S. Third

Philadelphia Index. MIL

Miller Ann, widow, nurse, 513 N. Third

Miller Ann, gentlewoman, 199 Spruce

fMiller Benjamin, coachman, 2 Dean's alley

Miller Catharine, nurse, 22 Poplar lane

Miller Catharine, widow, shopkeeper, 92 N. Third

Miller Catharine, widow, washerwoman, Cherry near Juniper

Miller Charles, chocolate manufacturer, Callowhill near 4th

Miller Charles, baker, 56 Union

Miller Christian, gentleman, German town road near Otter

Miller Clement S. attorney at law, 113 Walnut— d. h. 202

south Front
Miller &. Cooper, drygoods store, 13 N. Second
Miller Conrad, tailor, 345 N. Front
Miller Cornelius, ropemaker, Christian near Sixth
Miller Daniel, innkeeper, 416 N. Second
Miller Daniel H. hardware merchant, 162 N. Second
- Miller Daniel K. potter, 310 N. Second
Miller Daniel L. merchant, 13 N. Second
Miller Daniel H. Coates near Eighth
Miller David, labourer, Cedar near Thirteenth
Miller David, porter, 8 Burd's alley
Miller David, cedar cooper, Laurel near Budd
fMiller David, back 5 Middle alley
Miller Eleanor, widow, 172 Spruce
fMiller Elisha, porter, Norman alley
Miller Elizabeth, widow, 45 Browne
Miller Elizabeth, tailoress, 5 N. Fourth
Miller Frances, washerwoman, back 78 N. Fourth
Miller Geoi'ge, morocco dresser, 94 N. Juniper
Miller George, cordwainer, 187 St. John
^Miller George, victualler, 267 Eighth above Buttonwood
Miller George, stove and saddletree maker, 148 N. Third—

d. h. 212 Vine
Miller George, ship joiner, 31 Charlotte
Miller George, blacksmith, Marriott's lane near Fifth
Miller Hannah, schoolmistress, 238 St. John
Miller Henry, engraver, 24 Coombs's alley
Miller Henry, saw tiler, 67 Tammany
Miller Henry, saw filer, 42 Mulberry
Miller Henry, sugar refiner, Noble near Second
Miller Henry, victualler, 262 N. Eighth— stall 12 High ft.

Miller Isabella, tavernkeeper, 95 south Water
Miller Jacob, sugar boiler, Rihl's court
Miller Jacob, baker, 18 Mulberry
Miller Jacob, ropemaker, 73 S. Sixth between 11th and 12th

south of Love lane
Miller Jacob, carpenter, bet. 11th & 12th S. of Love lane
Miller James, tailor, 52 N. Eighth
Miller James, sailmaker, H2Swanson
Miller Jane, widow, storekeeper, 260 Sassafras


MIL Philadelphia Index.

.-"Miller Jesse, sexton 1st Baptist church, 42 N. Second
Miller Joel, carpenter, 98 N. Fourth
Miller John, NW corner Swanson & Catharine
Miller John, farmer, Love lane near Ninth
Miller John, mariner, 50 Swanson
Miller John, innkeeper, 63 N. Fourth
Miller John, sawshurpener, 06 Vine
Miller John, jun. merchant, 109 and d. h. 202 5. Front
Miller John, constable, 126 Callowhill
Miller John, victualler, 20 old shambles High st. — d. h. 260

N. Eighth
Miller John, smith, 153 south Fifth
Miller John C. innkeeper, 228 Swanson
Miller John, house carpenter, 268 N. Eighth
Miller John, combmaker, cor. Thirteenth and Cherry
Miller John, hostler, 13 Sugar alley
Miller John, drygoods store, 285 High
Miller John P. carpenter, 22 Rachel
Miller Jonathan, tailor, 5 Pratt's court
Miller Joseph, grocer, NW cor. New and Third
Miller Joseph, salt store, NW cor. Third and New
Miller Margaret, widow, mantuamaker, Rose alley
Miller Margaret, tutoress, 73 Queen
Miller Mary, milliner, 128 New
Miller Mary, segarmaker, Sch. Eighth near Cherry
Miller Mary, tailoress, 77 N. Sixth
Miller Math i as, ladies shoemaker, Christian near Fifth
Miller Miss, boarding house, 93 Mulberry '

Miller 8c Moses, potters, 310 N. Second

Her Moses, woodsawyer, 217 Lombard
Miller Nicholas, blacksmith, New Market above Fegg
-j-Miller Peter, labourer, back 159 S. Sixth
Miller Peter, M. D. 181 Mulberry
Miller Peter, gardener, NW cor. Cedar & Broad
Miller Philip,' printer, 5 Bell's court
Miller Ph'uip, tobacconist, 47 Cedar
Miller Rachel 3i Co. storekeepers, 34 N. Second
tMiller Reuben, labourer, Middle alley near Seventh
Miller Robert, copperplate printer, Cedar above Twelfth
Miller Robert, labourer, Lombard below Tenth
Miller Samuel, carpenter, 47 Green
1-Miller Thomas, waiter, Ninth above Cedar
Miller Thomas, watchmaker, 95 Mulberry
Miller C-i Van Feuren, merchants, 109 S. Front
Miller Wm. jeweller, &c. 49 south Second
Miller V.'-.i. cai-ter. 136 Cherry

Miller Wm. cordwamer, Fourth near George (N. L.}
\j T T. tobacconist, 43 Coates

M33 . merchaat, 55 Union

Miller VYm. J. seg:ir manufacturer, 55$ N. Third
Miller Wm. tobacconist^ Simmonafe court (N. L.)

Philadelphia Index. MIN

Miller widow, washerwoman, 389 N. Third

Miller widow, Harris's court

Miller widow, tavernkeeper, 56 S. Water

Millett Wm. bark manufactory, 142 N. Water

Milligan Francis, storekeeper, 40 north Second— d. h. 13

Church alley
Millig-an Samuel, attorney at law, 263 Chesnut
Millig-an Wm. labourer, Jones's alley near Sch. 5th &. Filbert
MiHikin Robert, boot and shoe manuf. 24 Chesnut
Millikin Wm. grocer, 25 Strawberry — d. h. 24
Milliman John, constable, 17 Carter's alley
Millis Nehemiah. cabinetmaker, 60 Tammany
Millman Jesse & Co. shoe warehouse, 260 High
/Millman Wm. shoemaker, 348 N. Second
Mills George, printer, back 268 Sassafras
Mills George, looking glass frame maker, Germantown road

above Fourth
Mills George, jun. cabinetmaker, 44 Crown
Mills John &. Wm. weavers, Queen near Shackamaxon
Mills Lewis, labourer, 35 Pine
Mills Smith, constable, 79 New

Milne Richard, merchant, 9 S. Front — d. h. 7 Sansom
Milner Elizabeth, widow, 46 Dock
Milner George, carpet weaver, 100 N. Fifth
Milnor & Clarkson, merchts. S W cor. Chesnut 8c S. wharves
Milnor Phcebe, boarding house, 1 N. Sixth
Milnor Robert, ML D. & U. S. gauger, 161 S. Second
Milnor Wm. gentleman, 141 south Tenth
Milnor Wm. jun. attorney at law, 204 Spruce
Milward Wm. mastmaker, 9 Duke st. (N. L.)
Minch Benjamin, SE cor. John & Second
S Minck Adam, innkeeper (Golden Fleece) 240 N. Second
Mine J. print cutter, Queen near Shackamaxon
Minear Phoebe, preparer of eyewater, 8 Friends' Almshouse
Mines Hannah, tavcrnkeeper, Beach near Maiden (K)
Ming John, gentleman, cor. Fifth & Mulberry alley
Mingle John, mariner, 22 Appletree alley
Mingle John & Son, blacksmiths, 263 Sassafras
Mingle John. sen. blacksmith, 263 Sassafras — d. h. 65 N. 8th
Mingle John, jun. blacksmith, 263 Sassafras — d. h. 65 N. 8th
Mingle Philip, brewer, 53 Mechanic
Mingle Philip, bellows maker, 55 Mechanic st.
Minhinnick Wm. plumber, Schriver^s court
Minier Wm. carpenter, 112 Dillwyn
Minore T. confectioner and fruiterer, 115 N. Third
Minshall John, carpenter, 1-0 south Fifth
iMintus Barzillai, labourer, 14 Burd's aliey
f Mintus Elizabeth, whitewasher, adjoining 5 Gray's alley
s Mintus Jas carpenter, SWcor. Shields'* & Raspberry alley
Mintworth Fadis, confectioner & fruiterer, SW eor. High &


MOA Philadelphia Index.

Mintzer Adam, carter, 321 N. Third
Mintzer Christopher, victualler, 24 Rachel
Mintzer Deborah, storekeeper, 315 N. Third
Mintzer Francis, ladies shoemaker, 7 Gaskill
s Mintzer John la. police officer for N. L. and innkeeper, 351

N. Second
Mintzer Joseph, victualler, 244 S. Second
Mintzer Peter, coachtrimmer, &.c. 75 Mulberry
Miskey Anthony, drvgoods store, 382 N. Second
Mitchell Abel, ropemaker, 566 N. Second
Mitchell Abel, jun. tailor, 566 N. Second
Mitchell A. accountant, cor. Dillwyn & Noble
Mitchell Benjamin, bricklayer, 114 Callowhill
Mitchell Caleb, mariner, 194 south AVater
Mitchell Catharine, back of 3 Little Pine
Mitchell Charles, hairdresser and bleeder, 416 High — d. h.

near cor. Cherry & Broad
Mitchell Daniel, cell keeper Philadelphia Almshouse
Mitcheil Doctor, 116 Green st.
Mitchell Edward, eor. Vine and Crown
Mitchell Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 128 N. Fifth
Mitchell Francis, tax collector, Vine near Broad
Mitchell Jacob, mahogany merchant, 131 Cedar
Mitchell James & Co. grocers, 4 and 8 Old York road
Mitchell James, fancy chairmaker, 10 and 12 Chesnut
Mitchell James, chair & furniture manuf. 135 Walnut
JVIitchell James, M. D. 22 Prune
j- Mitchell James, paper stainer, 14 Christian
Mitchell Jesse, carpenter, SE cor. Tammany & St. John
Mitchell John K., M. D. 1 19 south Fifth
Mitchell John, labourer, Prime near Swanson
Mitchell John, tailor, North st.
Mitchell Joseph, gunsmith, 2 Pratt's court
Mitchell Joseph, accountant, 64 Gaskill
Mitchell Samuel A. publisher, &c. 305 Mulberry
Mitchell & Scheetz, grocery & flour store, 12 Old York road
Mitchell Thomas, fancy chairpainter, 24 Prune
Mitchell Thomas, conveyancer, NW cor. Third & Spruce
Mitchell & Thoinman, grocers, 50 N. Third
Mitchell YV'm. currier, 45 S. Eighth
Mitchell widow, gentlewoman, 2 S. Twelfth
Mitclulson R. distiller, 275 N. Third
Mite Elizabeth, spinster, Smith's court
Mitten Robert, dealer in hay, Eighth above Callowhill
Mittion John, tobacconist, Fourth near Poplar lane
Mitton & Co. tobacconists, 55$ Chesnut
Mitton John, tobacconist, 55$ Chesnut — d. h. 4th near George

(N. L.)
Mix George, coinbmaker, cor. Baker's court &-CalJpwl»U]
Mix George, combmaker, 124 Brown
Sflpak Cynthia, tailcfess, 7 Juniper allej

Philadelphia Index. MON

Mfoe Catherine, storekeeper, cor. of Rihl's court 8c Third

Moffat Adam, shoemaker, Pearson's court

Moffat Spencer, grocer, N\V cor. Eleventh &, Sassafras

Moffett Alexander, NE cor. Cedar & Twelfth

Moffit &. Killion, grocers, Hicklcy's wharf

Moffitt Henry, shoeftnder, 177 Sassafras

Mogridge Thomas, currier, under 65 Chesnut

Moliere Henry, ship chandler, 37 Shippen

Molineux Benjamin, hatter, 377 Sassafras

Molineux John E. hairdresser, 187 and 189 Cedar

Mollony Joseph C. brushmaker, 62 Dock ?

Molony James, currier, Gray's ferry road below Cedar

Molony James, porter, 4 St. Mary's alley

Molony John D. grocer, cor. Laurel & Front (N. L.)

Molony , leather store, 34 Carter's alley

Monell John, merchant tailor, 20 S. Third

Monell Wm. shoemaker, 167 St. John

Money Joseph, tavernkeeper, Lrttitia court

Money Mary, widow, 170 S. Sixth

Monges John R., M. D. 13 Sansom

Monier Daniel, watchman, lower Lombard

Monk Wm. gilder, 23 Franklin court

Monnington Elizabeth, widow, 87 Kunckel

j Monroe Stephen, mariner, 13 Gaskill

Monroe Wm. F. shoestore, 145 S. Second

Montant Claudius, 149 Fine

Montelius Marcus & Co. tobacconists, 270 High

Montelius Wm. 277 High— d. h. 50 N. Seventh

Montgomery Andrew, teacher, 330 S. Front — school 64

Montgomery Austin, merchant, 41 N. Front — d. h. 252 Mul-

Montgomery Charles, 123 Spruce

Montgomery David, carter, 4 Prune

Montgomery Henry, combmaker, 171 S. Second — d. h. NE
cor. Third &. Lombard

Montgomery, J. C. 338 Mulberry

Montgomery James, 48 Mead alley

Montgomery John, carpenter, cor. Wood & Ninth

Montgomery Joseph, merchant, 101 N. Front — d. h. 4 Rit-
tenhouse place

Montgomery Rev. James, 148 S. Ninth

Montgomery Samuel, weaver, Ann near Twelfth

Montgomery Thomas, gentleman, NE cor. John Sc Wood

Montgomery Wm. merchant, 128 Mulberry

Montgomery Wm. boot & shoemaker, NE cor. Chesnut Sc

Montgomery Wm. merch. 101 N. Front— d. h. 128 Mulberry

Montgomery William, jun. merch. Union st. — d. h. 63 Lom-
bard cor. Third

Montgomery Wm. &. Son* merchants, 101 N. Front


MOO Philadelphia lndejc.

Montgomery widow of Benjamin, 14 Wells's row
- Montmollin Fredk. late auctioneer, SE cor. Ninth & Hif
Montmollin M. Sc L. fancy drygoods store, 3^ S. Second
Moody David, teacher, 1 Strawberry alley
Moon Wm. ladies shoemaker, 12 S. 2d &" Fourth near Arch
Mooney Dennis, blacksmith, 401 N. Third
Mooney Hugh, mariner, Swanson near Catharine
Mooney Hugh, labourer, 191 S. Sixth
Mooney Jacob, victualler, 250 St. John
Mooney James, carter, 2 Cedar
Mooney James, carter, St. Mary near Seventh
Mooney John, brewer, 118 Callow hill
Mooney John, labourer, Washington st. Morrisville
Moor Ann, fortune-teller, 5 Little Dock
Moore Abednego, wire coverer, 108 Bndd
Moore Andrew, brushmaker, 119 N. Third
Moore Arthur, teacher, Pearl st.
Moore Bernard, dealer, 44 south Fifth
Moore Catharine, 73 south Eleventh
Moore Charles, drayman, Kesler's alley
Moore David, boarding house, 26 Spruce
Moore David, grocer, south side Spruce st. wharf— d. h. 26

Moore David, George west Schuylkill
Moore Elizabeth, widow, 43 Filbert
Moore George, 16 N. Front
Moore Hannah, washerwoman, 270 S. Seventh
Moore Henry, carter, Cherry near Eleventh
Moore James, soapboiler, Sixth near Coates
Moore James, maltster, 5 Meyers's court
Moore James, merchant, 61 N. Front

Moore James, weaver, Sch. Front between High & Filbert
Moore James, oak cooper, 28 Bread
Moore James, sea captain, 132 S. Eighth
Moore Jeremiah, cordwainer, 181 Cherry
Moore John, carpenter, 321 Sassafras &. Kunckel bel. Green,
Moore John, bricklayer, 279 Sassafras
Moore John, victualler, 98 Garden
Moore John Wilson, M.D. 61 Spruce & 63 S. Seventh
Moore John, engraver, 57 Filbert
Moore John & Son, curriers, 96 N. Seventh
Moore John, plasterer, 24 Mary
Moore Jonathan, boarding house, 13 Crab
Moore Joseph, shipwright, Second above Federal
Moore Maria, bandbox maker, 122 New
Moore Mary, widow, shopkeeper, 189 Cherry
Moore Mary, widow, Marble st.
Moore Mary, widow, 20 New Market
Moore Mary and Sarah, 2 Bank
Moore Priscilla, boarding house, 33 Coates
Moore Robert, grocer, 270 S. Seventh

Philadelphia fnde.v. MOR

Moore Robert M. accountant, 20 New Market
Moore Robert, collector, 25 Coates
Moore Samuel, carpenter, cor. Fou"th &. George
Moore Samuel F. plasterer, Callowhill above Eleventh
Moore Sarah, widow, 89 Pine

Moore Sarah, widow, boarding house, 19 N. Seventh
Moore Sarah Ann, mantuamaker, Maple st.
Moore Sarah, widow, Quince near Walnut
Moore Wm. Rev. 100 Green
Moore Wm. plasterer, 227 Shippen
Moore Wm. carpenter, 120 Dillwyn
Moore Wm. cordwainer, Starr alley
Moore Wm. L. accountant, 20 New Market
Moore Wm. weaver, Pegg st.
Moore Wm. soap and candle manuf. 127 S. Sixth
Moran Patrick, welldigger, near cor. Sch. Second & Tine
jMorant Charles, mariner, 5 Allen's court
•Morasco Sebastian, innkeeper, NW cor. Second St Lombard
Moreland Daniel, soap boiler, Lily alley
Morgan Benjamin, merchant, 297 Chesnut
Morgan Benjamin R. judge district court, 41 Mulberry
Morgan Gilbert, cabinetmaker, 3 Hoffman's alley
Morgan Jacob, grocer, 1 55 N. Sixth
Morgan James, carpenter, 198 Eighth above Vine
Morgan John, gentleman, \E cor. Third & Union
Morgan Nicholas, stevedore, 2 Eifreth's alley
Morgan Peter, storekeper, 201 south Second
Morgan Thomas, neats foot oil, glue, &c. manufactory, 381

Morgan Thomas, A. merchant, 41 Dock — d. h. 94 S. Front
Morgan Wm. glue Sc cowskin whipmaker, Wood u. Twelfth
Morgan Wm. H. carver & gilder, 114 Chesnut
Morgan W. sea captain, Swanson below Christian
Morgan "Wm. labourer, High W. of Sch. Fourth
Morgan Sc West, s.gn and wall painters, 207 S. Fourth
Morin Alexander C. jeweller, 113 N. Third
Morin John, jeweller, &.c. 23 north Third
Morning Jarvis, baker, Maria st.

Morrell Abraham, sea captain, between Vine & Wood
Morrell I. W. accountant Sc. collector, 181 south Front
Morrell James, accountant, 218 N. Fifth
Morrell James, hatter, 121 north Water
Morrell Mrs. midwife, 88 Union [See JTurrell <J JMoret,

Morrell Robert, house carpenter, 8 Franklin court
Morrell T. chocolate manufacturer, 26 S. Tenth
Morris Aaron, carter, 48'J north Seccr.d
Morris Abigail, widow, 326 Arch
(-Morris Amy, washerwoman, 3 Elmslie's alley
Morris Ann, widow 52 Zane st.

Morris Anna, Mrs. widow of Robert, jun. 282 Chesnut
Moms Anthony, druggist, 28 north Sixth

MOR Philadelphia Index,

(Morris Anthony J. gentleman, 126 Pine
Morris Anthony P. currier & morocco finisher, 68 S. Third

— d. h. 19 Church alley
Morris Benjamin, cordwainer, 98 Poplar
Morris Berzilla, widow, betweeen Ninth and Garden
Morris & Brother, druggists, &c. 45 north Third — laboratory

470 Race
Morris Catharine "VV. 56 north Fourth
Morris Casper VV. gent. 19 Prune
Morris & Coates, merchants, 32J Walnut
Morris & Carter, merchants, 175 High
Morris Frederick, shoemaker, Maria st.
tMorris George, porter, 39 Currant alley
Morris George, merchant, 175 High
Morris George W. brushmakcr, 19 north Third
Morris George, merchant, 236 Spruce
Morris George L. bookbinder, 2 Dock
Morris Henry, iron store & coal yard, SVV cor. Sch. Seventh

and High st.
Morris Isaac, cordwainer, 97 Poplar
Morris Isaac AV. late brewer, 144 S. Fourth.
Morris Israel W. gent. 3 north Thirteenth
Morris Jeremiah, druggist, 293 High
f Morris Jeremiah, porter, 22 Gaskill
Morris John, carter, 137 north Fifth
Morris John, brushmaker, Washington near Second
Moms John, carpenter & storekeeper, 336 Sassafras
Morris John, accountant, 309 Walnut
Morris Joseph, hatter, 12 Chancery lane
Morris Joseph, city commissioner, 58 north Eighth
f Morris J. dealer, cor. Spruce & Second — d. h. 85 Bedford

Morris Luke W. gentleman, 93 south Eighth
Morris Lydia, widow, Washington near Second
Morris Miles, baker, 10 St. Mary
Morris & Moore, shopkeepers, 67 Sassafras
Morris Morris, shopkeeper, 179 Race st.
Morris Mrs. widow, 1 Loxley's court
Monis Rachel, N. Front abore Coates, west side
Morris Reese, tax collector, 33 Wood NVV cor. of Fifth
Morris Richard Hill, stock &. exchange broker, Walnut be-
low Dock— d. h. 250 Spruce
Monis Samuel P. smithery, SW cor. Sch. Seventh & High

Morris Samuel B. merchant, 34 south wharves — d. h. 93 S.

Morris Wm. tailor, 32 Elfreth's alley
Morris Samuel, mariner, Penn above Cedar
Morris Susan, Miss 35 Filbert
Morris Wm. shoemaker, 40 Garden
Morris Wm. P. attorney at law, 86 Arch

Philadelphia lndejc. MOS

Morris Thomas, brewer, 86 N. Second

Morris Warder, druggist, 45 N. Third — d. h, 29 Mulberry

Morris Win. turner, 10 Elfreth's alley

Morris W. cabinetmaker, 143 south Fifth

Morris , bottler, George st. next Dr. Staughton's Ch.

Morrison Ann, gentlewoman, Sch. Fifth near Market st.

Morrison Israel, silversmith, 221 Shippen

Morrison John, agent for Lehigh Coal Comp. 109 Poplar lane

Morrison Sarah, teacher, 140 south Ninth

Morrison Wm. cordwainer, 4 Cypress alley

Morrison Wm. sea captain, 152 S. Tenth

Morrow Archibald J. carpenter, SE cor. of Juniper & Cherry

Morrow Catharine, teacher, 174 north Fifth

Morrow John, weaver, Thirteenth below Cedar

Morrow Samuel, smith, 187 and 189 S. Fifth [See Murrow.

Morse Henry, teacher, 43 Zane st.

fMorss Andrew, waiter, 131 Locust

Mort & Boraersler, merchants, 125 High

Mort Wm. P. dry good merchant, 125 High — d. h. 90 Vine

Mortimer J. bookseller & stationer, 74 S. Second — d. h. 78

Mortin James, flour & feed store, SW corner of Second and

f Morton Abraham, waiter, Bedford near Eighth
Morton A. leghorn & bonnet warehouse, 35 S. Fourth
Morton John, president of N. A. Hank, 116 S. Front
Morton Joseph, boatbuilder, Maiden near Stone Bridge
Morton Margaret, widow, 287 Spruce
Morton Thomas, carpenter, Otter st.
Morton Thomas, 94 N. Second
Mory Elizabeth, widow, 249 S. Front
Mosely George, house carpenter, 61 S. Juniper st.
Moser Jacob, victualler, Queen below Cherry
Moses Henry, currier, Fourth near Poplar lane
Moses Manuel & Co. dry goods store, 230 S. Second
Moses Solomon, merchant, counting house, NE cor. Walnut

& Front — d.'h. NE cor. Chesnut and Eighth st.
Moslander George, oysterman, 326 south Second
Mostey Samuel, cabinetmaker, 4 Henry Bell's court
Moss Ann, widow of George, Callowhill above Eleventh
f Moss Benjamin, labourer, Green's court
Moss Christopher, cordwainer, Ger. road below Fourth
Moss Elizabeth, school mistress, 467 N. Third
Moss Jacob, quilt manufacturer & fancy stationer, 65 S.

Third st.
Moss James, at Merchants' CofFee House, 198 N. Eighth
Moss John, merchant, 77 S. Front — d. h. 189 Spruce

[See Jlaas, Morse £J J\for$x.
Moss Samuel, merchant, 77 S. Front — d. h. 191 Spruce
Mossett Francis, dealer, NE cor. of Sixth & Lombard
Mossop John, cordwainer, 142 N. Third

MUL Philadelphia Index.

Mott Edward, paint manufactory, 10 Fetter lane — store S

Cherry st.
Mott Wm. accountant, 279 N. Third
Mott Wm. china merchant, 237 N. Second
Moulder Isaac, mariner, 9 Cleaver alley
Moulder Joseph, shipwright, 13 John
Moulder Margaret, widow, 24 Pear
Moulder Wm. justice of the peace, 330 N. Second
BlouHin Nicholas, cordwainer, China st.
Moult Wm. merchant, 29 N. Twelfth
Moult Wm merchant, 42 S. Front st.
Mourner J. P. hairdresser, &c. 22 S. Fourth
Mount Timothy, gem. 134$ Arch
j-Mounteer Joseph, cordwainer, back 9 Middle alley
Moutea George, cordwainer, 27 Sugar alley
Mover Casper, gardener, Shippen's lane near Carpenter
Mover Thomas, saddler, &c. 26 High
Movers Michael, oakcooper, New Market near Noble
Movers Charles, shoemaker, 116 N. Third st.
Moves James, gentleman, 119 Pine
Moyn John, bootmaker, 88 south Third
Mowrey Andrew, victualler, back of 216 N. Eighth
Mowrey H. shopkeeper, 80 Green st.
Mowrey Jacob, Ridge road near toll gate, Francisville ,
Mudge Enoch, shoe store, 232 High st.
Muhlenberg David, iron founder, 295 Sassafras
Muhlenberg, widow, 162 Arch
Muir David, cordwainer, 7 Christian
Muir John, house carpenter & sexton Mrs. Duncan's church,

Thirteenth near Market
Muirhead Wm. keeper Burn's Tavern, Bank st. head of

Elbow lane
Mulford Samuel, tailor, 36 Kunckel
Mulhollen Charles, weaver, Cedar above Thirteenth
Mull Benjamin, combmaker, 177 Cherry st.
Mullen Elizabeth, nurse, 16 Watson's alley
Mullen James, tailor, back of 184 Lombard
Mullen James, biscuit baker, 134 St. John
Mullen John, labourer, 35 Zane st.
Mullen John, dealer, 10 Hurs\
Mullen John, carpenter, SheafF's court
Mullen Man - , milliner, 46 Arch
Muller Mrs. boarding house, 31 Chesnut st.
Muller Charles, sea captain, 94 Lombard
Mulligan Samuel, weaver, Thirteenth above Ceriav
Mulliken Magdalen, milliner, 91 Callowhill
Mulling John, merchant, 23 Minor
Mullison John, bricklayer. 63 Tammany