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Mulock Edward, cordwainer, 33 Lawrence st.
Mulock George, currier, cor. Third and Ger. road
Mulock Leah, widow, boarding house, 249 High

Philadelphia Indent. MUR

Mulock Isaac R. currier, Maria st.

Mulve\ Joseph, merchant, 33 sovith Front st.

Mulvey Charles, Spanish consul for Georgia, 242 Spruce

Mununer Henry, weaver, 4-8 Kunckel

Munheimei Jacob, trader, 175 Coates st.

Muny Michael, 236 N. Water

Muiiyan John, wheelwright, 497 High

Murdoek Hannah, widow, cor. Carpenter and Fifth

Murdock Mrs. widow, NE cor. Fifth and Carpenter

Murdoek Samuel, sea captain, 200 south Fourth

Murdock Thomas, bookhinder, 4 Frombergcr's court

Murdock Wm. merchant, 67 N. Water — d. h. 309 Arch

Mnrk Adam, 502 S. Front

Murphcy Cornelius, cordwainer, 38 Vine r

Murphey Daniel, tailor, 41 Coates's alley

Murphey David, tailor, 2 N. Water

Murphy Arthur, bricklayer, 62 Arch

Murphy Daniel, dry goods store, Frankford road

Murphy Hannah, widow, Cresson's alley

Murphy James, tavernkeeper, 34 Washington st. (C)

Murphy John, weaver, Shippen above Shippen's lane

Murphy John & James, trunk &, saddle tree makers, 75 Green

Murphy Joseph, tador, 11 Woodst.

Murphy M. tavernkeeper, 141 Walnut st.

Murphy Malcom, smith, Juniper near Kelley's alley

Murphy Patrick, labourer, 92 N. Water

Murphy Richard, boarding house, 43 Prune <

Murphy Robert, boot &. shoemaker, 17 S. Third

Murphy Samuel, 96 Oak st. (N. L.)

Murphy Wm. G. bookbinder, &c. 316 Sassafras

Murphy widow, 52 Oak st. (N. L.)

Muiphy , cabinetmaker, 30 S. Fifth

Murray Abraham, steam scourer, 78 S Fifth

Murray Alexander, blacksmith, 206 Cherry

jMurray Charles, waiter, 33 Middle alley

Murray Daniel, wheelwright, Maple st.

Murray George, oakcooper, 204 S. Water and 205 S. From

d. h. NE cor. Second and Union
Murray George, fancy store, 187 S. Second
Murray Hugh, weaver, 30 Mead alley
Murray Isabella, nurse, HofTher's alley
Murray Jacob, mariner, back 15 Parham's alley
Murray James W. attorney at law, 60 S. Sixth
Murray James, bookbinder, 2 Hinckel's court
Murray James, weaver, 289 Race
Murray Jane, 47 Race

Murray John, cordwainer, S. Second near Mary
Murray Joseph, boot & shoe manufacturer, 51 S. Third
Murray Lewis, blacksmith, SE. cor. of Federal and Irish

Track lane
Murray Mary, widow, 166 S. Fifth

MYK Philadelphia IruU

Murray Michael, tailor, 19 Noble

f Murray Hobu rt, labourer, Osborne's court

j Murray Samuel, master sweep, ^o Small

Murray Simon, clothes dealer; Dean's court

Murray Wm. oukcooper. 205 S. Front

Murrow Peter, ehairmakcr, 400 N Second [See Mo

M ..row Peter, chairmaker, Boehm's court

Murtha Wm. dry goods store, 39 N. Second

Musgrave Catharine, storekeeper, 352 N Second

Musgrave James, broker, SE cor. Chesnut and Third— d. h*

234 Spruce
Musgrove Andrew, drover, SE cor. High & Sch. Seventh
Musgrove Massey, gent. 180 Spruce
Musser Sarah, widow, boarding house, 28 north Sixth
llusser Wna merchant, 263 High — d. h. 36 X. Seventh
MussLni Nancy, widow, storekeeper, 343 H:gh
Mustin Anthony, accountant, Fries's court
Mustin Benjamin, gent. 6 Library st.
Mustin John, storekeeper, 80 N. Second
Mybert E. widow, 7 Tammany
Myerle David, ropemaker, Seventh near Prince
Myers Ann, marketwoman, St. John st.
'Myers Anthony, merchant, 154 High— d. h. NW cor. Fifth

and Powell
Myers Catharine, Mary, and Martha, widows, Sixth n. Greetf
Mj ers f atharine, widow, 141 N. Filth
Myers Catharine, widow, 11 Gray's alley
Myers Frederick & Melchor, carters, Sixth near Green
Myers George, tavernkeeper, 92 S. Water st.
M; ers Jacob, baker, Vine near Thirteenth
Myers Jacob, carpenter, George st, (X. L.)
Mj ers James, carpenter, 198 Lombard
Myers Jane, widow, boarding house, 338 High
Myers John, victualler, Locust above Juniper
Myers John H. baker, 9 Elfreth's alley
Myers John, storekeeper near New Penitentiary
M} ers John Henry, tavernkeeper, 26 Franklin court
Myers John, victualler, SW cor. Broad 8c George st.
Myers Marmaduke, watchman, Federal above Second
My •> Mary, widow, dealer, 28 Lombard
Myers Mrs., widow, 32 Christian

Myers Samuel, carter, Wright's court [See .1/t.

Myers Thomas, accountant, 82 Wood st.
Myers Thomas, seaman, 44 i N. Front
Myers Wm bleeder 8c tooth drawer, 299 N. Third st.
Myers Warnet, coach & sign painter, shop Front second

"door above Callowhil! — d b. 58 Budd
Myley Catharine", widow, victualler, 106 Brown
Mynich Jacob, painter &. giazier, 81 N. Fifth
Myring Joseph, lapidary 8c engraver on glass, 16 Franklin ct.
Myrtetus Susanna, widow, 43 Christian

Philadelphia ludt KE

>L>, nail manufactory, 163 St. John
John jr. nailer, Lily alley

hel, nurse, 29 Cresson's alley
- ian, carpet weaver, 297 Callowhill
1 Samuel R. book-binder, 1 Little Pine
Benjamin, lumber merchant, yard Beach (K) near
High Bridge— d. h. 454 North Second [See Jfegley

Nagle George, silver-plater, High near Thirteenth
Nagle John, 413 North Front

Nagle John, lumber yard and steam saw -mill, Beach and
Marsh streets
le Michael, innkeeper, 145 Locust

Patrick G. shoemaker, 58 North Fourth
Nailer Samuel, ship carpenter, 52 Duke (N. L.)
Nail William, watchman, Arch near Juniper
Nancrede Joseph, gentleman, 164 South Tenth
Nancrede Joseph G. M.D. 151 South Tenth
Nancrede Nicholas, M.D. N. W. corner Fifth and Powel
Naphevs Cornelius, carpenter, 33 Palmyra square
Napier Wm. printer, Merriott's lane above Fifth
Nardin F. J. watch-case maker, 14 Quarry
Nare Tobias, nailer, Lily alley
Narth Sarah, widow, milliner, 177 South Second
Nash Sarah, widow, 12 Kunkel street

-Liu Wm. tobacconist, 77 High — d. h. 64 South Fifth
Nathan Isaac, labourer, N. E. corner of Green and St. John
Nathans Isaiah, merchant, 252 North Second
Nathans Jacob, exchange broker, 78 North Ninth
Nathans Benjamin, attorney at law, 177 South Fifth
Natt Thomas, carver, gilder, and looking-glass manufacturer.

78 Chesnut
Naverre Peter, baker, 212 South Sixth
Naves Benjamin, mate, 111 South Front
>r Charlotte, widow, Sansom court
Neagle James, engraver, 12 North Seventh
Neal Anna, store keeper, 306 North Second
Neal B. T. hatter, 108 High
Neal Christiana, widow, Union Circulating Library, 201

Chesnut street next door above the Theatre
Neal E. weaver, Peg street corner Roger's court
Neal John, sea captain, 6 New Market
Neal John, cordwainer, 250 Lombard
Neal Mary, 75 Queen
Neal William, printer and tavernkeeper, Franklin hotel,

2 Harmony street [Se.

Neber Christopher, baker, 264 North Eighth
Nebinger Anthony, coachmaker, 467 South Front
Needles Edward, druggist, &c. 105 South Ninth
Needles Joseph and John, wireworkers, Stc. 58 N. Front
Needles Joseph A. wireworker, 23 Race
Neely Archibald, innkeeper, corner Sch. Seventh and
Neely John, drover, Say street


NEW Philadelphia Index

Neely Robert, drover, Sch. Eighth above Race

Neely William, drayman, Juniper near Vine

NeffG. W. attorney at law, 64 South Sixth

NefT.T. R. merchant, 37 North Water— d. h. 7 South N

Neff Jacob, mercer and tailor, 309 High

NefF Robert W. tobacconist, 106 High from Schuylkill
„ Neff Rudolph, grocer, N. W. corner Vine and Eighth

Negley Wm. pilot, Christian between Second and Third

Negus Stephen, merchant, 4 Ranstead court

Neil Lewis, gentleman, 184 High

Neil Thomas, weaver, Jones' alley near Sch. Fourth

Neill Daniel, watchmaker, 254 North Second

Neill Henry, M.D. 112 Spruce [See jYeat

Neill Rev. Dr. William, 214 Pine
r Neill Sarah, boarding- house, 15 Elfreth's alley

Neill Samuel, grocer, Second street Germantown road

Neiman Casper, blacksmith, 95 Crown

Neiser George, jeweller, M'Culley's court

Nekervis Thomas, 6 Norris's alley

Neide Charles, ladies shoemaker, Christian near Fifth

Neilson Noble Caldwell, 172 South Third

Nelson Ambrose, sea captain, 201 South Seventh

Nelson George, currier, 4 Pennsylvania Avenue

Nelson John, tanner, 83 St. John

Nelson James, coachmaker, 33 Mechanic

Nelson Martin, suspender, &c. manufactory 158 High

Nelson Mary, tutoress, 3 Bird's alley

Nelson Noble C. 113 North Fifth

fNelson Ralph, waiter, 241 South Seventh

Nelson Thomas, 33 Mechanic

Nelson, Thomas, caulker, Marlboro near Shackamaxon (K)

Nepps Abraham, gunmaker, 262 St. John

Nepps Mary, widow, 262 St. John

Nepps Charles, gunmaker, 262 St. John

Nesbitt , 39 Bedford

Nevling Daniel, sign Hornet and Peacock, Reach (K)

Nevins James, exchange broker, 25 S. Third — d. h. 300 Arch

Nevins S. &. G. stock and exchange brokers, 25 S. Third

Nevins Samuel, exchange broker, 25 and d. h. 134 S. Third

Newbold C. jun. merchant, 33 S. Front — d. h. 148 Chesnut

Newbold Samuel, gentleman, 18 Pine

Newburn Sarah, widow, Old York road above Noble
/ Newcomb & Dantferth, curriers, N. E. cor. Fourth & Race
' Newcomb Hezekiah, N. E. corner Fourth and Race

Newell Ann, widow, 100 W T ood

Newell James, labourer, St. John near Poplar

Newell James, tobacconist, 233 Shippen

Newell Jane, widow, Barclay's court

Newell James W. tailor, John street

Newell John, grocer, High near Sch. Fifth

Newell John B. accountant, 26 Mulberry

Newell Martha, widow of Wm. grocer, 32 Arch

Philadelphia Index* NIC

Minon, ship carpenter, Marlboro near Prince
Newell William, merchant, 12 High

Newell Win. flour and feed store, 166 Cherry

Newhani John, carpenter, S. E. cor. Sassafras and Broad

wham Richard, pattern maker, Sassafras near Broad
Ncwhouse Jacob W. hairdresser and bleeder with leeches,

156 North Third
Newkirk Garrett, merchant, 41 North Front — d. h. 34
Newkirk Matthew, dry good merchant, 95 High — d. h. 94

Newkirk & Heberton, merchants, 95 High
Newkirk Isaac, carpenter, 563 South Front
Newkirk Sarah, widow, Hanover near Queen (K)
y. Newliu John S. dry good store, 54 North Second
Newlin Margaret, widow, grocer, 50 Spruce
Newlin Nathaniel, cordwainer, 58 North Fourth
Newlin, P. C. boarding house 100 Arch street
Newlin Thomas, boarding house, 76 South Eighth
Newbold Michael, grazier, 77 South Sixth
Newcomb Asaph, stirrup manuf. Queen below Sixth (S)
Newcomb Bayse jr. attorney at law, 124 Walnut
Newman Benjamin, tailor, 11 Sterling alley
Newman Caleb, bricklayer, 15 Quarry street
Newman C. tavern keeper, Library street
Newman Conrad, tailor, 96 New
Newman Daniel, grocer, 259 North Eighth
fNewman Elizabeth, washerwoman, Webb's alley
Newman Henry, cordwainer, 174 South Second
fNewman James, dealer, 49^ S. Eighth — d. h. Acorn alley
Newman J. B. mercht. 53 Walnut — d. h. 20 Washington
Newman Jacob, accountant, 214 North Sixth
Newman Lucy, shopkeeper, 249 North Front
Newman Thomas, stock and exchange broker, 42 Walnut — •

d. h. 20 south Seventh
Newman William, labourer, Lombard E. of Sch. Seventh
Newman widow, Beach near Shackamaxon
Newman widow of John, 6 S. Water, New England Hotel
Newport Bcni. wheelwright, 8tb~. 305 North Third — d, h.

217 north Fourth
Newport Jesse W". dry goods store, 69 North Second
Newsman Thomas, shoemaker, 422 north Fourth
Newton George, grocer, S. E. cor. of Callowhill and Eighth
Newton Thomas W. turner and machine maker, 42 North

Newton Thomas, cork cutter, 90 South Fifth
Nice Fi*ederick, shoemaker, 5 Poplar
|Xice James, whitewash er, 114 Cherry
Nice John, cabinet maker, M'Crollish's court
Nice John, turner and machine maker, 51 Old York road
Nice Joseph, accountant, 20 Cresson's alley
Nice Levi, machine maker and turner, 51 Old York road
Nicholas A, St. Clair, merchant, 79 S. Front— d.h. 289 Rac«-

SOL Philadelphia Ind>,

Nicholas Aaron, saw maker, 118 south Front
Nicholas F. C. & Co. morocco dressers, 194 Vine-
Nicholas S. merchant, 185 "Walnut
Nichol Jacob, carter, Noble near Front
Nicholl John, labourer, Say street
Nichols George, waterman, 460 South Front
Nichols A. S. merchant, 289 Race
Nichols "William, Arch near Sch. Front
Nichols Enoch, tailor, 47 Callowhill
Nicholson John H. carpenter, 226 North Sixth
fNicholson John, dealer, 219 Shippen
Nicholson John, mariner, 252 north Water
Nicholson Lindsey, lumber merchant, yard 254 Chesnui

above Ninth— d. h. 326 High
Nicolas Lewis, upholsterer, N. W. corner Chesnut and Fifth,

d. h. 438 Chesnut
Nicols James, shipwright, 6 Mead alley
Nickels Casper, jeweller, 3 Kurd's court
Nicklin Julia, widow of Philip, 278 "Walnut
Nicklin Philip H. bookseller, &c. 175 Chesnut — d. h. 110

South Eighth
Nickerson David, printer, 198 Race
Nickerson John, mariner, Rose alley
Nldda Frederick K. merchant, 12 North Third
Nigley Francis, morocco dresser, 204 Vine
Xightlinger John, vict. James above Rugan
Nile William, shoemaker, 95 Mulberry
Niles Daniel, cordwainer, 95 Arch
Niles Elizabeth, widow, back 22 North alley
Nisbet Ann, widow, 64 North Fourth
Nisbet John, grocer, 381 North Second
Nisbett Michael, merchant, 26 South Front — d. h. 86 Race
Nixon Alexander G. coachmaker 112 Vine
Nixon Henry, merchant, 333 Arch, N. E. comer Ninth —

c. h. 93 south wharves
Nixon- James, merch. 159 High — d. h. 22 North Seventh
Nixon John, house carpenter, 13 South Thirteenth
Nixon Richard, dealer, 238 South Seventh
Nixon Rebecca, widow, 37 Pewterplatter alley
Nixon Silas, mariner, 58 Coates's street
Noble Eleanor, dry goods store, 381 South Second
Noble Helen, dry goods store, 381 South Second
Noble James, coppersmith, 205 North Fourth
Noble Samuel, shoemaker, 111 Browne
Noblet Keulin, carpenter, Lemon street
Noblet Man', widow of Francis, Fourth below Chiv
Nogle Gottleib, paver, Lily alley
Noland Elizabeth, tutoress, Clever alley
Nolen Charles, furniture warehouse, 189 south Second— d. h

153 South Second
Nolen Elizabeth, milliner, 194 South Second

Philadelphia Index. NUG

Nolen Spencer, clock dial manuf. 8 S. Third — d. h. lb ( J

Nones Benjamin, notary public and 3\vorn interpreter of fo-
reign languages, 22 Cheanut
Nones David 15. merchant, 150 South Second
Nonnater Charles II, \ ict. Juniper above Cherry
Norbury Joseph 15. attorney at law, d. h. 71 Wood.
Norcross Chapin, corkcutter, 40 Strawberry
Norgrave Hannah, widow, 423 North Third
fNorman John, coachman, Raspberry alley
Norkway Catharine, widow, 403 South Front
f Norris Isaac, hatter, 32 North Front

orris Isaac, dry good store, 63 North Second
Norris Isaac W. shipchandler and ropemaker, store corner.

Vine and Water— d. h. 218 North Front
Norris John, drayman, Sch. Eighth near Vine
Norris Joseph P. president Bank of Pennsylvania, 509 Ches-

Norris Joseph, shipwright, Beach near Warren
Noma Jos. P. jr. attorney at law, 183 Cheanut
Norris Samuel, mariner, Carpenter near Fourth
Norris Samuel, shoemaker, S.E. corner of Fifth and Race
Norris Wm. I., stone-cutter, Sch. Second above Vine
North Caleb, late sheriff, 277 Chesnut
North Jacob, 253 North Front
North John, seminary corner of Dillwyer and Green — d. h,

359 North Third •■
North Jane, storekeeper, 66 Sassafras
North R. stonecutter, 53 Filbert andN. E. corner of Tenth
^ North Stephen, druggist, &c. 14 North Second — d. h
North Fifth N. W. corner North street
Northern Liberty Bank, 77 Vine
Northrop Enoch, cedar cooper, 55 Lombard
Norton Barbara, washerwoman, Kugler's court
Norton Wm. L. printer, South Second near John
Norton John, hack owner, 254 South Fourth
Norton Jane, nurse, 13 Cresson's alley
\ Norton Wm. baker, Middle alley
Norton Rebecca, layer out of the dead, Kugler's court
Norvell J. editor and publisher of the Franklin Gazette-
office Carpenter's court— d. b. 119 South Ninth
Nossitter Thomas, assistant at Post Office, 119 north Front
Notter J. baker, 46 Green street
Nouch Lewis F. oysterman, 220 Lombard
Novering Nathan, tanner, Second street Germantown road
Nowland John, mahogany sawyer, Cedar below Seventh
Nowland Thomas, court back of 46 North Seventh
Nowland Thomas, storekeeper, 34 South Third
Nowlen John, mahogany sawyer, Lily alley
Nowlin C onlay, 379 North Front
No wling Joseph, shingle shaver, back of 42 Ann
Nugent R. cooper, 43 South Water


O'HA Philadelphia Indt

Null Anthony, saddler, 367 North Fourth

Nunelly Nathaniel, accountant, S. E. corner of Pine

Nutt A3ron, tobacconist, 8 Baker's court
Nutt Edmund, tailor, Shield's court
Nuttz Ebenezer, store keeper, 55 Wood
Nutt John, tailor, 170 North Water
Nutt William, plasterer, 61 North Seventh
Nuttall David, weaver, 103 North Ninth
fNutde Isaac, boot cleaner, Acorn alley

OAKFORD & PENROSE, curriers, 38 S. FifUi street

Oakford Joseph L. merchant, 196 High — d. h. 195 Spruce

Oakford Richard, merchant, 84 High— d. h. 21 Sansom

Oakley George, gentleman, 22 Dock

Oat Charlotte, widow, 306 Race

Oat George H. accountant, 158 Cherry

Oat Joseph, bookbinder, 2 Clawges' court

Oat Joseph, coppersmith, 26 Old York road

O'Bayle Barnabas, N. W. comer Fourth and Christian

O'Brien Arthur, drover, Arch near Sen. Second

O'Brien John, painter, &c. 40 south Fifth

O'Brien, Martin, innkeeper, 72 Locust

O'Brie Nicholas, & Co. merchants, 221 High

O'Brien , ostler, 32 Strawberry

O'Burn Elizabeth, widow, 1 Pleasant Avenue

O'Conner Ann, widow, 299 Spruce

O'Conner A. M. boarding house, 229 High

O'Conner Peter, grocer, N. W. corner of Wood and Garden

O'Connor Mary, shoe birder, 1 Taylor's alley

O'Connor Sarah, innkeeper, near corner Callowhill and Thir-

O'Conway Mathias James, interpreter and teacher of lan-
guages, 8 Union

O'Daniel John, attorney at law, 97 Walnut — d. h. 34 Union

O'Donnald Peter, teacher, 190 Germantown road

O'Donnell Anthony, grocer, 18 Ninth or Ridge road
O'Donnell Bridget, widow, Locust above Juniper
O'Donnell Hannah, widow, tayloress, Nicholson's court
O'Donnell Hugh, collector of ashes, corner of Noble and

Old York road
O'Donnell Isaac, morocco dresser, 125 Pine
O'Dear Sprogal, wheelwright, corner Toy's court and h

O'Driscoll Dennis, shoemaker 154 South Fourth
O'Ellers Miss Maria Louisa, boarding house, N. W. corner

Fourth and Spruce
O'Ellers James P. of U. S. navy, 167 Pine
O'Gorman Patrick, saddler, 30 Gaskill
O'Harra Charles, accountant, 162 South Third
O'Harra Thomas, carpenter, 24 Hurst
O'Hara John, brushmaker, 162 south Third — shop

Philadelphia Ind> .

, widow, tutoress. 4 Kellej

al Daniel, groctr, 177 North Front
I .ilbert, weaver, Germantown roa
.race, widow, 94- Crown street

al John &. Samuel, cotton spinners, 178 Germar
- f.l John, china store, 102 North Third

all Neal, labourer, Vine near Sch. river

ill Edward, tavern keeper, S. E. corner Sch. Third and

ill John, gTOcer, N. E. corner Cedar and Hurst
O'Neill John, Juniper alley

ill John, carpenter, 103 Spruce
O'Neill Michael, bottler, back of 126 South Sixth
O'Neill Robert, tailor, 30 Mulberry
Odenheimer E. dry good store, 99 North Fourth
Odenheimer John W. merchant, 121 High — d. h. 79 Unio#
Offerman John C. flour store, 87 North Water— d. h

Ogden Elizabeth, 60 Juniper
Ogden Hannah, shopkeeper, Tenth near Vine

n John M. carpenter, 82 Dillwyn street
:>:n Josh' r, Wood near Thirteenth

Ogden Michael, mariner's mate, 41 Noble
Ogden Robert, printer, Cherry above Thirtec
Ogeby Richard, woodsawyer, back 18 Kunkel
Ogilby Derrich, shipwright, 520 south P'ront

y Joseph, shipwright, 56 Sw&nson
Ogle Thomas, coachmaker, 9 S. Sixth— -d. h. 1 Sausom
Ohler Henry, victualler, 77 I
Ohler John, victualler, 77 Garden
Ohmer Barbara, widow, washerwoman, Race near Sch. Se

O'Kief Robert, painter, back 16 Pewterplatter ail
Okie Abraham, merchant, S3 High
Okie & David, merchants, 83 High
• Olden Deborah, widow of James, 96 North Front
Oldenburgh Daniel, hatter, 43 High
Oldden James, store keeper, 19 Crown
Oldmixon Man", widow of John, 51 George street
Oldridge John, hair dresser and inventor of Balm Columbia,

57 South Front and 11 North Fourth
Oldsan John, mariner, 48 Penn
Oliphant Mary, 25 Pewterplatter alley
Oliver Andrew, innkeeper, (Indian king) 80 High
Oliver David, hatter, 213 North Front
Oliver George, merchant, 35 Wood
Oliver G. & S. bell merchants, 1S1 High
Oliver & Hubbs, domestic store, 98^ High
Oliver Joshua C. merchant, 30 Church alley
Oliver J. G. merchant, 37 S. Front — 19 Pain,

er John G, k Co mprcban*

OUR Philadelphia Index.

Oliver Reuben, tailor, N. E. corner Spruce ami Water — cl. h.
43 Spruce

Oliver Thomas P. tailor and clothing store, 15 north Front

Oliver Thomas P. clothing store, 15 north front

Oliver Wm. G. & Co. auctioneers, S. E. corner of Lombard
and Second

Oliver William, merchant, 322 Mulberry

Oliver Wm. merchant, 37 south Front — d. h. 85 south Ele-

fOlmstcad John, waiter, 45 Currant alley

Olmstead S. widow, boarding- house, 98 south Fourth

Omarla George, baker, Black Horse alley

Omer Aaron, china packer, back 65 Pace

fOmer James, porter, Paschal's alley (N. L.)

Omer Samuel, porter, back 18 Kunckel

Ondley Robert, waiter, 2 Henry Bell's court

Ong, widow of Joseph, 184 St. John

Onetto Joseph, blacksmith, back 38 Ann (N. I,.)

Onetto & Causland, blacksmiths, Front above Cedar

Oram James, carpenter, Mark's lane

Ord George, shipchandler, 99 south wharves, and 354 south

Ord John, teacher, 57 Tammany

Orr John, coachmaker, 56 Crown — d. h. Castle

Ozt Robert, storekeeper, 317 Walnut

Orr Jacob, cordwainer, Washington street, Morrisville

On* James, cordwainer, 7 Greenleaf 's court

Orr William, tinsmith, 164 Pine

Orrell James K. reed maker, Germantown road, above fork

Orth Alexander, baker, 16 south Tenth

Orth Augustus, baker, 127 Race

Orum Davis, dry goods store, 52 north Fourth

Orman Henry, innkeeper, N. E. corner Seventh and Pine

Osborn Christopher, labourer, 88 Bedford

Osborn James, mariner, 325 north Front

Osborne Sarah, 1 Laurel

Osbourn David, hatter, 3 Trotter's alley

Osbourn Jeremiah, drayman, 41 Cedar

Osterheldt Fredk. hog victualler, 100 Garden
Oswald Wm. H. accountant, 34 Palmyra square

Otis B. portrait painter, 63 Cherry

Ott Francis, brushmaker, 22 Currant alley

Ott Henry, victualler, back 37 New Market

Ott Henry, victualler, 319 north Front

Ott & Rovoudt, turners, 22 Old York road

Ott Samuel, labourer, Broad near Walnut

Ottcnheimer Barbara, widow, 492 north Second

Otto John C, M. D. 139 Mulberry

Otto John, cabinetmaker, 8 Charlotte

Otway Nicholas, mariner, 22 Queen

Oudinot Henry, hairdresser, 345 Race

Ourt Charles, combmaker, 458 north Second

jPhiladelphia IndeM, VAI

v)urt Lewis, smith, Broad near Race

Ouram Wm. whitesmith, &c. Prune near Sixth — d. h. 314

south Sixth
(Overman William, broker and commission merchant, 2 Bank

alley— d. h. 188 Pine
Oves William, bricklayer, 323 Lombard
Overn John, trunk maker, Juniper corner Lambert
Ovington Mary, widow, milkwoman, cor. Cedar and Ninth
Ovington John, carpenter, 170 south Ninth
Owen Edwards, hatter, shop Carter's alley
Owen Jane, dry goods store, 141 north Second
Owen John, silversmith and combmaker, 182 north Second
Owen John P. attorney at law, 160 Walnut
Owen John, teacher, 197 south Fourth, and 133 Lombard
Owen Maria M. tutoress, 10 Cypress alley
Owen Mary, grocer, 217 north Second
Owen Thomas, jun. merchant, 131 High — d. h. 10 Old York

Owen Thomas, distiller, 115 north Fifth
Owen Thomas, merchant, 28 Chesnut
Owen Turner, widow, mantuamaker, 42 Frankford road
Owens Ann, widow, shoebinder, court north side of Race

between Seventh and Eighth
Owens Ann, widow, 26 Branch
Owens Elizabeth, 6 Chester
Owens Edward, smith, back 83 north Seventh
Owens John, 98 Union
Owens James, coachman, 5 Juniper alley
Owens James, carpenter, 298 south Tenth
Owens M. gentleman, Walnut above Thirteenth
Ox Frederick, labourer, Fourth near Coats
Ozeas Peter, inspector of customs, 313 Mulberry

PACEY LEWIS, looking-glass frame maker, 248 Brown
Page Hannah, widow 7 Vine
Page James H. wine merchant 15 Palmyra Row
• Page John, hatter 84 N. Second

Page James N. attorney at law 46 S. Sixth— d. h. 27 S. Tentlr
Page Joseph, military cap & ladies shoe maker 81 S. Third
Paine Mrs. milliner 367 N. Second
Page Rachel, Spinster court between 7th h 8th iu Sassafras

north side
Page S. & Son, conveyancers 8 S. Fifth
Page Samuel, innkeeper 390 N. Secomlr
Page William, merchant 268 Chesnut and 16 S. Fron
Paine Mrs. milliner 367 north Second
Paine William, sea captain back of 24 N. Ninth
Painter Adam, cordwainer Penn (K.)
Painter Devalt, carter Fourth near Poplar
Painter Jacob, gentleman 42 Garden
Painter James, merchant 118 Spruce
Painter Margaret, widow Thirteenth below High

PAR Philadelphia Index.

Painter Margaret, widow Fourth below Poplar
. widow 48" X. Third