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Painter Nicholas, bricklayer Fourth near Poplar

Painter Philip, cordwainer Oak near Bro

Painter G. \\ . brewer, Goforth alley

Paleske Hannah, widow 85 Lombard

Paleske Lewis, sea captain 85 Lombard

Palethorpe J. H. & Robert, jun. pewter ware 8c ink powder
makers ond

Palm Henry, printer Heyde's court

Palmer Aaron, comb maker 42 Ann

Palmer Amos, liquor store High west of Sch. 7th

Palmer Amos, carpenter corner of Tammany and Dilh

Palmer Ann, widow comer of Juniper and Arch

Palmer A. A. grocer 6 High— d. h. 4 Union

Palmer Aaron, carter Lily alley

Palmer George, printer, office 59 Locust

Palmer John B. treasurer Scsec'ry of the Mutual Insurance
Co. 54 Walnut

Palmer Job, dry-goods store 24 south Second

Palmer J. merchant N W. corner Chesnut street wharf —
d. h. 181 Mulberry

Pulmer Jonathan, teacher 193 Pine

Palmer Richard, justice of the peace 64 Shippen

Palmer Samuel, druggist 26 Bank — d. h. 99 Pine

Palmer Simon, pilot 118 Sw'anson

Pancoast Samuel, jun. {county commissioner) hardware mer-
chant 148 High'

Pancoast Samuel, sen. S. E. corner Twelfth and Clover

Pancoast Thomas, shoemaker Fourth near Brown

Pannell R. A. widow 48 Union

Papegay Miss, dry-goods store 151 "Walnut

Parham, Robert, cabinetmaker 39 Noble

Park Christiana, widow boarding house 5 Marshall's alley

Park Samuel, merchant 273 High— d. h. 2 north Seventh

Parke Charles B. brass Sec. founder Penn near Maiden

Parke James P., office 74 S.2d — d. h. 1 Rittenhouse Place

Parke Thomas, M. D. 1 Rittenhouse place

Parke William, hatter 9 Coomb's alley

Parker Alex, nursery k seedsman Love lane opposite Tenth

Parker Alice and Hannah, milliners 21 north Third

Parker Anderson, mariner 7 Bird's alley

Parker Andrew, tailor 1 Wood

Parker, Antrim Si Co. cotton manufacturers, Ark v.
steam mill north Front above Otter (N. L.)

Parker B. 67 Pine

Parker Benj. cabinet and chairmaker 114 north S-

Parker Daniel, livery stablekeeper 14 and 16 Bn

jParker Dominick, porter 89 north Fifth

r Edward, bookseller and stationer 178 1 1

Parker Esther, boarding house 71 north Fifth

h Third

Philadelphia Index. PAR

Parker George, whip maker Love lane opposite Tenth
Parker Hannah, widow grocer 34 north Seventh
Parker Isaac, watchmaker 10 Shield's court

rfcer James, hrassfounder hack 210 St. John
Parker J. merchant 117 north Fifth
Parker John, cordwainer 45 Chester
Parker Joseph, cotton manufacturer 117 north Fifth

ker John, manner S. W. corner Shippen and Sev(
Parker John, tavernkeeper 112 north Sixth

ker John, hardware merchant .127 north Second
Parker Joseph, collector of UiXj. ifras

Parker Nathaniel, gentleman Sixth ahove Callowhill
Parker Peter, hatter 3 "Wood

Parker Richard, cojttoj^ manufacturer 13 south Third
fParker Richard, shoeblack 29 S. 3d k 11th bcl<
fParker Stephen, hootclear.er 108 south Seventh
j Parker Stephen, hootcleaner 32 Elizabeth
Parker Thomas, clock Sc watch maker 13 south Third
Parker Thos. coachdriver cor. Callowhill & Old York road
Parker Thomas, carpenter Tenth above Cedar
Parker Thomas, jun. dry goods store 27 south Second
Parker William C. carpenter 263 south Seventh
Parker William, tavernkeeper 139 north Front
Parker William, watchmaker 123 south Sixth
Parker William, currier 88 St. John
Parker William, accountant 201 Sassafras
Parkinson George, tavernkeeper 161 Chesnut
Parkinson Hannah, nurse Cherry near Eleventh
Parkinson James, tailor Hause court —

Parkinson Mrs. pastry cook and confectioner 161 Chesnut
Parmentier Charles, accountant 17 north Twelfth
PaiT John, taylor25 north Ninth
Parris Benjamin, chairmaker Littleboy's court
Pan-is Gabriel, calenderer 42 Mulberry
Pan*ish Isaac, gentleman Mulberry court
Parrish Joseph, M. D. 109 Mulberiy
Parrish Robert A. planemaker 238 north Third
Pany Anna, widow 134 Mulberry
Parry Edward, innkeeper 106 Sassafras
Parr}- John J. clock and watchmaker 252 High — d. h. 14 so.
> Parry Thomas, storekeeper 43 north Second
Pany Samuel, tobacconist 133 north Sixth
Parry William, mariner Prime near Front
Parsons Abraham, shallopman Juniper above Locust
Parsons Margaret, widow 163 south Tenth
Parsons John G. teacher back 49 north Seventh
fParsons Samuel," carter St. John near Poplar lane
Parsons William, ferryman 30 Jones's alley
Partenheimer Adam," 77 Mulberry
Partenheimer 8c Co. brewers 9 Bread
Parteniieimer Philip, baker 107 north Third

PAT Philadelphia Index.

Parvers John, labourer High between Sch. 3d &. 4th

Parvin Pearson, teacher 25 north Fifth

Parvin John, merchant 19 Juliana

Pascall John, ship master and tavern 24 south Tenth

Pascal Jane, widow 142 south Filth

Pass Peter, tailor 18 Prune

Passeveau John, gentleman 19 Pine

Passon Thomas, shoemaker 85 Budd

Passmore Carleton, teacher 56 New

Passmore Thomas, 126 south Third

Patchell Thomas, weaver south-east corner Broad 5c Shipper.

Patrullo N. merchant 224 Spruce

Patrullo Josephine, 224 Spruce

Patrullo N. merchant Washington square

fPatten Benjamin, porter Cropper's court

Patterson Abner, grocer, See. Coats above Oak

Patterson Alexander, weaver Pearl street

Patterson Amos, shoemaker Wright's court

Patterson Edy, grocer S. W. corner Lombard and Eighth

Patterson Elizabeth, widow 102 Thirteenth

Patterson Hester, widow 149 south Eighth

Patterson Isaac, Robinson Crusoe inn, 23 south Third

Patterson James, spooler Maiden near Front

Patterson James, weaver Morgan's court

Patterson John, fancy chairmaker Cobb's court N. L.

Patterson John, drayman Germantown road

Patterson John, grocer 40 north Fourth — d. h. 61 N. Fourth

Patterson John, carpenter Kessler's alley

Patterson John, bvickmaker Jones's alley

Patterson J. & Co. merchants 53 south Front

^Patterson Johannah, cook Smith's court

Patterson Sophia, widow, spooler, Hopkins's court

Patterson Joseph, ship joiner 57 Mead alley

Patterson Joseph, cabinetmaker 90 north Front

Patterson Mary, widow, spooler 126 north Eleventh

Patterson Mary, schoolmistress Elliott's court
• Patterson Mar}*, widow Juniper above Locust

Patterson Rachel, 40 Palmyra square

Patterson Robert, merchant 286 High — d. h. 113 S. Ninth

Patterson Robert, block and pump maker 64 Swanson

Patterson Robert M. m. d. vice-provost, professor of mathe-
matics and natural philosophy in the University of Penn-
sylvania, 173 Chesnut

Patterson Robert, president U.S. mint 285 Chesnut

Patterson Thos. teacher 205 south Fifth — d. h. 23 Prune
■ Patterson William & Co. merchants N. E. corner Mulberry
and Water — d. h. 17 Mulberry

Patton William, jun. accountant 2iil Lombard

Patterson William, blacksmith Mulberry near Sch. Second

Patterson William, merchant 39 Vine

Pattison Robert, house carpenter George near Tenth

-Patton Ann, Cedar near Broad

Philadelphia Index, ^ PEA

Fatton James, merchant — d. h. 293 Sassafras

Patton James, jun. merchant 23 N. Front — d. h. 59 N. 4th

Fatton John, merchant 327 Chesnut

Fatton John, turner Marble court

Fatton Margaret, widow 34 Browne

Fatton Mary, widow Merriott's lane between 4th and 5th

Patton Samuel, grocer 61 south wharves

Patton William, jun. accountant 221 Lombard

Fatton William, queenswarc store 65 Cedar

Patton William, comb store 60 south Second

Paul Aaron, carter 18 Jones's alley

Paul James, merchant S W corner North alley & Fifth

Paul Jane, widow shopkeeper 405 north Third

Paul Jonathan S. grocer 195 Callowhill

Paul John, M. D. corner Fifth and North alley

Paul John, cabinetmaker China street

Paul Comegys, merchant 42 north Fifth

Paul Joseph, merchant 60 north Fourth

Paul David, flour and feed store 3 Spruce — d. h. 177 Pine

Paul Robert, victualling cellar 7 Spruce

Paul Jesse, carter 48 Kunckel

Paul Rebecca, widow 6 north Fifth

Paul William, carpenter 17 Franklin court

Paul William S. carter 2 Fetter lane

Paul, Williams & Co. lumber merchants NW corner Sixth,

and Buttonwood
Paul Yamons, labourer 502 south Second
Paulding Sarah, widow Thirteenth above Race
Paulin Jesse, blacksmith 93 north Fifth
Pavonarius John, oak cooper back 19 north Sixth
Pawling Abraham, smith 17 north Ninth
Paxon Phineas, wheelwright, Front near Poplar
Paxon Richard, merchant, 323 Mulberry
Faxon William, merchant, 40 Filbert
Paxon William, merchant, 215 High
Paxson Benjamin, dry good merchant, 40 north Front
Paxson Benjamin, merchant, 124 Cherry
Paxson & Gregg, merchants, 36 Church alley
Faxson Lorraine, cordwainer, 30 Elizabeth
Paxson Samuel, hatter, 70 north Third
Paxson Timothy Sc Son, flour merchants, 65 north Water
Faxson Timothy, merchant, 65 north Water, and 158 north

Paxson Wm. J. 184 north Front
Payne Wm. carpenter, 164 south Fifth
Payne John, mariner, 30 Carter's alley [See Paine

Paynter Samuel, grocer 117 German
-j-Payton Julius, waiter, 245 Spruce
Paysant Jacob, oyster and beer house, 151 Locust
Peace Joseph, gentleman, N, W. corner Sixth and Walnut
Peacock Eber, carpenter, 372 north Third street
Peacock James, hatter, Mint court


PED -^ Philadelphia fade,

Peake Samuel, labourer, 563 soutli Front

Peake Thomas, shipwright, Alien near Beach (K)

Peale James, portrait painter, 228 Spruce

Peale Raphael, portrait painter, 24 Powel

Peale Rubens, naturalist, Museum, Statehouse — il. h. 46

south Sixth
j-Pear F. widow, 204 south Fourth
Pearce Hannah, plain bonnet maker, 56 Mulberry
Pearce John, mariner, 5 Pewterplatter alley-
Pearl John, shoemaker, Lily alley
Pearce John & Co. plumbers, ike. back 12 south Fifth—

d. h. 171 Mulberry [See Peirce and Pierce.

Pearce Mary, widow, 87 Browne
Pearce Timothy, shoemaker, Roger's court
Pearson Andrew, skin dresser, 87 St. John
Pearson Cyrus, turner, Sarah near Queen (K)
Pearson David, skindresser, 282 north Eighth
Pearson Ezra, hatter, 70 north Third
Pearson Henry B. attorney at law, 24 Walnut
Pearson Isaac* whip and cane manufactory, lower 284 High
Pearson Isaac, stationer, 109 High
Pearson John, turner, 412 north Front
Pearson Joseph, labourer, 28 Pine
Pearson Thomas, saddler, &c, 138 High
Pearson Martha, 235 Mulberry
Pearson Man", widow, nurse, 1 Knight's court
Pearson Mary, storekeeper, 17 north Seventh
Pease Charlotte, boarding house, 295 High [See Peace.

Peason George, regulator of the district of Southwark, 399

south Second
Pechelles J. F. W. teacher of music, S. E. corner of Fourth

and Spruce
- Pechin John, collector of taxes, 21 north Twelfth
'Pechin widow of Christopher, 12 Elfrcth's alley
Pechin Wm, tanner, 21 north Twelfth, and Cherry near

Peck Collins, ladies shoemaker, 10 Currant alley
Feck Daniel L. teacher, school N. W. corner Mulberry and

Third— d. h. 123 south Ninth
Peck Edward, ship carpenter, Queen near Shackamaxon (K)
Peck Elizabeth, nurse, 90 Poplar
Peck Eh, gunsmith, 137 Green
Peck Joseph, cordwainer, 195 north Front
+Pecker George E. mariner, Cherry near Eleventh
Peckford John, grocer, Second street Germantown road
Peckworth John P. comb maker, 139 south Second
Peddle widow of George, 8 Elfreth's alley
Peddle Joshua, oakcooper, 10 Penn and 7 Little Water-^

d. h. 153 south Water
Peddle Wm.A. oakcooper, 63 north Water, and 8 Elfteth/fc


■I'/iiladelphia lnde.v. PKR

. esq. minister resident and consul gen. from tl
irl di Denmark, 393 Mulberry above Tenth
i'edrick John, carter, Callow hill near Broad
Pedriek John, cordwainer, Perry street
Peek Thomas, shipwright, Swanson near Prime
l'cel James, blockmaker, 483 south Front

■rs John, broker, 86 south Fifth
Peers Samuel, weaver, 79 south Fifth
Pcice John, painter & glazier, 304 south Third
Peiree Caleb, hardware merchant, 81 High — d. h. 10 Church

Peirce Charles, clerk of the Mayor's Court — office Chesnut

between Fifth and Sixth streets — d. h. Germantown
Peiree Cyrus, merchant, 51 south wharves — d. h. Frankfort!
Peiree E J. umbrella maker, N. E. corner Third and Hi

irce Jacob, teacher, 16 north Fifth
^ Peiree & Smith, dry good store, 55$ north Second
Peiree John, 36 Christian [See Pc

Peirsol Win. iron merchant, 197 Walnut
Pell Mary, washerwoman, back 107 north Ninth
Peltz Philip, grazier, 12 Lombard
Peltz Susan, widow, 38 Brown
Pember Christian, bellman, 30 Kunckel
Pemberton Philadelphia, shopkeeper, 61 north Third
Pendergast J. L. cabinet and blind maker, S. E. corner oj

Third and Vine
Pendergast T. tavern and beer house, 30 south Water
Fenington Edward, sugar refiner, 155 and 159 Sassafras
^-~ Pennebecker Benj. sign of Sorrel Horse, 150 north Fourth
Pennel Joseph, carpenter, 9 Watson's alley
fPennington Mrs. widow, Dean's alley
Pennington John, carpenter, 4 Bonsall
Pennington Wm. shipwright, Beach near Maiden
Pennock Ann, -widow, tayloress, 90 Spruce
Pennock Abraham L. merchant — d. h. 122 north Fifth—of-
fice 231 Market
Pennock Horatio B. 27 south second — d. h. 71 New
Pennock J. W. merchant, 17.5 High
Pennock Sarah, widow, 336 Mulberry
Penot Francis, ladies shoemaker, 135 Chesnut
Penrose John, carpenter, 396 Sassafras
Penrose Joseph, carpenter, 431 Chesnut
Pepin Victor, equestrian, 158 south Tenth
Pepper George, brewer, 2 south Fifth N W. corner Mine:

— d. h. Chesnut next above Masonic Hall
Pepper Jacob, mariner, Neiman's alley
Pepper Joseph, coachmaker, 8 Pennsylvania avenue
Pepper Michael, carpenter, 8cc. 23 Little Water
Percival Joshua, merchant, 78 south Front — d. h. 162 south

Pereiza Joaquim Borrago, of the Portuguese Legation, 68

*outh Fifth street

PET Philadelphia Index:

Perdriaux P. fancy store, 57 south Second
Perfield Joseph, shipwright, 355 north Front
fPerhus Hannah, 182£ south Fourth
Perine Daniel, bricklayer, 12 Prospect alley
Perine Daniel, tailor, 56 north Eighth
Perine H. G. attorney at law, 46 south Sixth
Perine John, bricklayer, Fourth near Green
Perit &. Cabot, merchants, 123 south Front [See P

Perit John W. merchant, 121 south Front — d. h. 105 Mul-
Perkenpine John, skin dresser, Rugau street (N. L.)
Perkenpine John, victualler, 2 Pcrkenpine's court
Perkin John, ML D. 159 north Second
f Perkins Francis, steward, back 138 Cherry
Perkins Henry, smith, 302 Race
Perkins He my, wheelwright, Frankford road above Queen

Perkins Hannah, 182A north Fourth
Perkins Joseph, engraver, 34 south Sixth
Perkins Isaac, block & pump maker, Pfeiffer's alley
Perkins Samuel H. attorney at law, 72 south Sixth
fPerkins Wm. vender of second hand clothes, N. W. corner

of Second and Stamper's alley — d. h. 40 Gaskill
Perle James, deputy measurer, 20 south wharves
Perlasca Peter, morocco case manufacturer 21 Sterling 1 alley
Pernier John, confectioner High W. Sch. 8th
Perpignan Peter, watchmaker and jeweller 359 N. Second
Perroteau B. agent for the Union Line 9 south wharves—

d. h. 22 Vine
Perot Charles, merchant, 297 High
Perot Edward, merchant, 297 High
Perot Elliston & John, merchants 41 north Water
Perot Elliston, merchant 41 jiovtk Water — d. h. 299 High
Perot Francis, brewer 120 Vine & 107 New — d. h. 299 High
Perot James, merchant 41 north Water— d. h. 297 High
Perot John, merchant 41 north Water— d. h. 297 High
Perot Joseph, merchant, 299 High
Perot Joseph & Charles, merchants, 40 north Water
Perot William S. brewer, 107 New
Perrine James, bricklayer, Simmon's court
Perry Charles &. Co. merchants, second wharf above

Perry Richard, merchant, 192 north Fifth
Perry Sarah, widow, 135 Locust
Perry Thomas, tavern keeper, Lxtitia court
Persico G. portrait painter, south Sixth between Chesnu'.

and Little George
Pesoa widow of Isaac, merchant 105 north Front
j-Peter John, barber, Christian corner of Church
fPeter John, barber 33 Prune

Peterman Geo. flour merchant 366 High— d. h. 106 Fill. *
Peterman George & Jacob, flour merchants 366 High

Philadelphia Index. PHI

IVt. n.Mn Jacob, flour merchant 366 High. — d. h. 59 S. llth
Petennan Lewis, grocer, S. E. corner Poplar lane and St.

■.'iters Charles, bookbinder, 88 north Ninth
Peters George, accountant, 152 north Eighth
Peters Evan, bricklayer 23 north Ninth
Peters James, thimble &c. manuf. 65 Mulberry
Peters John W\ accountant 33 south Tenth
Peters John, mariner 8 Coomb's alley
fPeters John, porter, 82 Gaskill
Peterson Abraham, mariner 10 Gaskill
Peterson Catharine, widow Budd near Laurel
fPeterson Daniel, vender of* clothes 179 & 218 south Sixth
Peterson George, grocer 3 south Third — d. h. 102 Sassafras
fPeterson Henry, porter, 226 Shippen
Peterson John, currier 95 Chesnut — d. h. 18 Sansom
Peterson John, jun. gentleman 18 Wagner's alley
Peterson John, shipwright, S. E. corner of Front and Chris.

Peterson John, mariner, 94 Swanson
Peterson Jacob, mariner 12 Franklin
Peterson Joseph, carter West's court
fPeterson Nathan, labourer Quince above Locust
Peterson Susannah, widow 93 Callowhill
Peterson Thomas, drayman Wood between Ninth & Garden
Peterson William, gentleman 323 Sassafras
Peto Ann, corset maker 132 south Fourth
Peto Elizabeth, corset maker 132 south Fourth
Peto Elizabeth, corset maker, 54 south Fifth
Petit Nicholas, tailor 119 north Second
Pettit Andrew, alderman 12 south Fifth- S- 1*. 69 S. Sixth
Pettit T. M. attorney at law, 36 south Fifth— d. h. 69 south

Peusch Jacob, tavemkeepcr 192 north Water
Peusch Jacob, labourer 197 north Front
Pew Ezekie!, ropemaker, new Second opposite Mary
Pew Marshal, whitesmith 45 Callowhill
Peyrouse Andrew, tailor 57 Union
Pfafr' M. F. mould candle maker 79 Callowhill
PfeifTer Peter, victualler Coates near Fourth
PhifFer Charles, currier Lily alley
Phiffer John, blacksmith Mintzer court
Philbert Peter, 2 Stamper's alley
Philler Andrew, gentleman 529 Front
Philley Edward, Hodge's wharf
fPhilleman Charles, nail cutter 88 Gaskill
Philip Hipolite, hair dresser 28 south Fourth
Philips Thomas, cordwainer SE corner Front & Sassafras
Philips William, hatter Sixth above Callowhill
Philips William, last a»d boot tree maker 64 Dock
Philips William, merchant 178 Spruce


PIC Philadelphia Index.

Phillips A. L. fancy store 47 north Second

Phillips Ann, widow Perry st.

Phillips Benjamin, late storekeeper, Mulberry near S<

Phillips Charles, baker 479 north Second
Phillips Edward, lastmuker 57 Dock
Phillips Goodhour, widow 10 Wood
Phillips Isaac, merchant Washington square
Phillips James, mariner 113 north "Water
Phillips James, carpenter 603 north Second
Phillips John, labourer back 97 Budd
s* f Phillips Jolin, hairdresser comer Tenth & Marble & Green's
Phillips John, confectioner 326 north Second
fPhillips John, mariner 80 Gaskill
Philips J. B. merchant 107 north Front
Phillips Levi, 22 north Fourth
Phillips Lydia, 182 Mulberry
Phillips &. Lovering, sugar refiners 73 Vine
Philips M , M. D. & druggist corner Ninth & Vine
Phillips Mary, dealer 240 south Seventh
Phillips Mary, cake baker 11 Tammany
Phillips Manuel M. D. 41 north Fourth
Phillips Peter, grocer and bottler, comer Locust & Tenth
Phillips R. 8c I. merchants 75 south Front
Phillips Rebecca, widow of Jonas, 41 north Fourth
Phillips Robert, calico-printer Germ, road above Laurel
Phillips Samuel, coachmaker Blackberry alley
Phillips Samuel, last and boot tree maker 36 Walnut
Phillips Sarah, widow 101 Cedar
Phillips Thomas, shoemaker Baker's court (N. t.)
Phillips William, gei*l e man 200 south Front
Phillips Wm. blacksmith, Parham's alley near Swanson
Phillips Zeligman, attorney at Uw 118 Mulberry
Philson Jane, widow 242 Filbert
Philson Robert A. druggist SW corner Coates & Thirtf

Phipps M. 129 Dillwyn st.

Phipps Thomas, gentleman 11 north Eighth

Phipps Wm. grocer, N. W. corner Second and Mavy

Pliister & Beans, saddlers 1 Decatur st.

Physick Abigail, 210 north Fourth
hysick Philip S., M. D. professor of Surgery, south Fourth
between Union and Cypress alley

Picard Mrs. widow, 266 Lombard

Picard Mrs. of Peter M. 266 Lombard

Pickel Caspar, coach lamp maker and repairer of all sorts of
lamps 111 Walnut

Pickering George, tailor 103 Coats

Pickering Elihu, teacher Key's alley — d. h. 194 N. Sixth-

dickering John, silver plater 82 north Sixth

Pickett Joseph, gentleman 16 Powell

Picfcette Andrew, confectioner 334 High

Philadelphia IndeA-. PLU

Pidgeon John, brassfounder 133 Green

con Samuel, ladies shoemaker Quince below Walnut
on Joseph A. shoe warehouse 126 High

Pidgeon Robert, wheelwright, 119 Carpenter (S)

Piecil Charles, coachmaker 28 Watson's alley

Pierce Peter, umbrella manufactory 89 south Second

Pierie John, bleeder, 122 south Fourth S. W. corner Mar-
shal's alley

Pierpont Robert, silk dyer Filbert above Tenth

Piersol Jeremiah, county commissioner, Sixth near Noble

Pike Marinus Willett, carver and gilder 39 north Sixth

Piggot Robert, bookseller, agent to Adult Sunday School 29
north Fourth

Pile Adam, bookbinder Holmes alley

Pile Benjamin, hatter 8 Cypress alley

Pile Rebecca, widow, 164 Swanson

Piles William, merchant M ; Culley's court

Pilmore Rev. Joseph, D. D. 171 "south Fifth

Pinchin Jane, widow of William, 9 Randall's court

Pinchin John, paper hanger -18 Gaskill

Pinchin William, silver plater Jacoby st.

Pine John, pumpmaker shop Old York road near Noble

Pinyard Bright, house carpenter Sch. Third below High

Piper Frederick, currier 370 north Second

Piper James, labourer Bonsall near Tenth

Pippitt Isaac, cabinet & chairmaker 71 Walnut

r Jacob, ship carpenter, Beach near Marlborough (K.)

Pitman Rebecca, widow 7 Clever alley

Pitcher Rufus, umbrella man uf. 46 Sassafras

Pitner Charles H. sea captain, 209 Swanson

Pitner Aim, widow, 209 Swanson

Pitaux Mrs. dres* maker 140 south Fourth

Pitt Thomas, watchman Filbert near Sch. Eighth

Pittfkld Robert L. merchant 345 High

Planter Rudolph, tailor 200 Coates

Plantou Anthony, surgeon dentist, 110 south Fourth

Plantou Mrs. portrait painter, 110 south Fourth

Piatt William, hatter Blackhorse court

Piatt William, merchant 47 N. Water — d. h. 201 Mulberry

Platus David, carter 327 Cherry

Pleasants Charles, 276 Walnut

Pleasants Joseph, hardware merchant 267 High

Pleil John, cabinet maker 338 north Second

Pleis Jacob F. stove store 173 north Second

Pleis Matthias, apothecary and druggist 461 north Second

Pleiss John M. druggist 170 north Third

Pleiss J. M. & Co. druggists SW corner Fourth Sc Vine

Pless George, oak cooper 27 Budd

Plish Jonas, shoemaker 91 Budd

Plitt John, regulator of weights and measures 68 north Ninth
and 128 north Second

Plummer Silas 6c Theodore, cordwainers 121 Cedar

POR Philadelphia Ind,.

Plunket James, copper plate printer 9 Juniper alley
Plocher John J. wheelwright Thirteenth below High
Plowman T. L. map publisher SE corner of Callowhill and

Poalk Robert, auctioneer 96 south Front
Pochin John, grocer Sc baker, 473 south Front
Point John, pumpmaker north Fourth between Vine and

Callowhill — d. h. Richardson's court
Poke Joseph, drayman Sch. Eighth near Sassafras
Pole Edward, gardener, near U.S. Arsenal
Polhemus Mrs. boarding house lower 192 High
Polhman Frederick hair dresser 27 Franklin court
Polk John, shopkeeper 27 Tammany
Pollack James R. 128 south Fourth
Pollick Kime, merchant 82 Vine
Pollin Philip, type founder Cedar below Tenth
Pollin Thomas G. painter & glazier 552 north Second
Pollock Hester, boarding house 88 Crown
Pollock Robert, weaver Say st.
Pollock W. N. trader 170 north Fourth
Polly Richard, weaver Cedar near Eleventh
Pommer Charles, piano forte maker *ras

Pomryol Israel, cordwainer Fourth below Poplar
Pond Mary, widow 11 Duke (N. L )
Pond Joseph, merchant 12j north Third
Pool Elizabeth, widow 62 north Second
Pool Edward, coachmaker 7 Harmony court
Pool George, weaver & tavern Third near George
Pool Hannah, widow Taper alley
Pool Peter S. hatter 29 Cherry '
Pool Joseph, comb maker 63 north Sixth
Pool William, comb maker 101 Cherry
Pool William, druggist 62 north Second
Pope Mary, widow 143 Budd
Pope Nathaniel, bricklayer 74 north Ninth
Poppe Henry, tavernkeeper 154 Vine
|Porter Cyrus, coachman 79 north Sixth
Porter Henry, brushmaker 50 High — d. h. 89 Mulberry
Porter Isaac, tinplate worker 45 High — d. h. 375 N. Second
Porter James, copperplate printer back of 12 south Fifth —

d. h. Franklin's court
Porter James, accountant 44 Brown
Porter J ohn, cordwainer north Fourth near Poplar lane
Porter John, M. D. 81 south Sixth
Porter John, brushmaker 52 north Front
Porter John, saddler 34 Sugar alley
Porter Margaret, shopkeeper 24 Carter's alley
Porter Patrick labourer Castle st.
fPorter Rebecca, 241 south Seventh

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