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fPorter Robert, blacksmith Starr alley
fPorter Robert, blacksmith, back 34 Currant alley
Porter Samuel, smith 25 N. 10th— d, h. Prospect alley

/ ' h i la delph i a 1 ruk. e. PO \\

' -rter Samuel, woodsawyer 57 Currant alley
"Porter Stephen, cabinetmaker, 136 South
Porter S. fe W. tin plate workers, corner Thirteenth and

Porter Thomas, whalebone cutter 16 Franklin court
Porter "William, gentleman 3 New Market
Porter "William, drayman, Brook st.
Porter "William, tailor back 250 Lombard
PortLr Wra. merchant 22 S. wharves — d.h. 252 N. Second
Porter, widow of John, sen. brushmaker48 Sassafras
Post Henry H. carpenter 119 north Fourth
Poth Conrad, tallow chandler 178 St. John above Green
Potter James, dry goods store 71 north Third
Potter Richard C. merchant 29 north Third
Potter S. & Co. booksellers & stationers 85 Chesnut
Potter Sheldon, bookseller 85 Chesnut
Potter William W. bookbinder 65 Chesnut
fPotter Wm. musician Webb's alley
Potts Eliza, innkeeper 142 south Water
Potts James, oak cooper 63 and 73 north Water
Potts John, merchant 25 Old York road
Potts John, ladies shoemaker, 531 south Front
Potts Mary, widow 25 Old York road
Potts Nathan R. attorney at law 97 Mulberry
Potts Nathaniel, merchant 5 N. Water — d. h. 26 N. Seventh
Potts Rev. Geo. C. pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian churchy

130 south Eighth
Potts Robert T. merchant 103 High
•fPotts Samuel, labourer 209 south Eighth.
Potts Stacy, accountant 153 north Ninth
Potts Susan, storekeeper 72 south Fourth
Potts Susan, widow 85 Mulberry
>*■ Potts W. L. coal yard 1 Drinker's alley

Potts Wm. L. iron merchant SE corner Second & Sassafras

Poulson Andrew, labourer 6 Pratt's court

Poulson Charles Augustus, 172 south Front

Poulson George, bricklayer back of 177 Cedar

Poulson Samuel, tanner 120 St. John

Poulson Zachariah, editor and publisher of the American

Daily Advertiser, 106 Chesnut
Pouleat John, cordwainer 142 Juniper
f Poullin Joel, tailor 49 Currant alley
Poultney James, gentleman 150 south Seventh
Pound J. combmaker 157 Green

Pounder Jonathan, stationer H N. Third— d. h. 77 Chenn
Poval Richard, M. D. 115 south Ninth
Powel John Hare, 172 Chesnut and Powelton
Powell Elizabeth, gentlewoman 207 Chesiv
Powell Edith, widow 137 north Third *

Powell Elihu, cordwainer, 113 Christian
Powell Benj. labourer 8 Juniper a 1;

PRI Philadelphia Index,

Powell George, carpenter Hinkel's court Vine st.

Powell George H. carpenter Juniper alley

Powell John, tinplate worker 51 Callowhill

Powell John, 86 south Eleventh

Powell Martha, gentlewoman 15 south Third

Powell Peter, brewhouse man Flint's court

Powell Samuel, carpenter 24 Brown

Powell Sarah, widow 168 south Fourth

Powell Wm. wheelwright Queen below Shackamaxon

Powers James, labourer, 493 south Front

Powis James, painter Stc. 3 Ranstead's court

Prager George, saddler and harness maker High W. of Sclu

Prager Susan, widow 19 Wagner's alley
Prall Edward, chair maker NW corner Mulberry & Sixth —

d. h. 64 north Fifth
Pratt & Davis, lottery & exchange brokers 62 Chesnut
Pratt Henry, merchant back 95 N. Water & 112 N. Front
Pratt J. B. fancy store 56 south Second
Pratt James D. merchant 22 Elfreth's alloy
Pratt James, tobacconist, 128 South
Pratt John, cabinetmaker, 23 Parham's alley
Pratt Thomas, merchant 42 Walnut — d. h. 58 S. Eleventh
Pray Henry, victualler 4th below Poplar
Pray John, sen. vict. Fourth below Poplar
Pray John, jun. vict> Fourth below Poplar
Pray Peter, merchant Vine between Second & Third
Praze Charles, 335 Callowhill
Prentzel Charles S. baker 150 north Eighth
Presser Jacob, baker N. E. corner Seventh and Lombard
Preston Catharine, widow Duke st.
Preston Edward, manufacturer back 17 Branch
Preston John, carpenter back 50 Kunckel
Preston John, carpenter back 27 Cresson's alley
Preston John, painter, &c. Prime above Front
Preston Jonas, M. D. 250 Mulberry

Preston Sarah, widow washerwoman Paschal's alley (N. L.)
Prescott D. W. provision store 22 S. Water — d. h. NE cor.
. Third & Walnut
Prettyman Eliza, nurse 35 Charlotte

Prevost A. M. stock broker 45^ Walnut — d. h. 65 Spruce
Prevost Emma K. widow of H. M. boarding house SW cor.

Walnut & Seventh
Price Abijah, deputy keeper of the prison 71 Crown
Price Charles, carpenter Lemon st.
Price Chandler, merchant 41 Dock — d. h. 297 Chesnut
Price C. &. Morgan, merchants 41 Dock east of Second
Price Elizabeth, 58 south Sixth
Price Eli ^attorney at law office 205 Mulberry
Price Ferriss, carpenter 299 Walnut
Price Isaac, turner, 490 south Second

Philadelphia Index. PRY

Price Joseph, hatter 79 High

Price Joseph, feather store, 96 north Second

Price M. widow boarding house 47 Spruce

Price John, sea captain SW cor. Seventh & Buttomvood

Price John, medicine pulveriser Mintzer court

Price John M. merchant 143 High & 3 north Ninth

Price Philip, jur. clock and watchmaker 71 High — d. h. 1

Church alley
Price Rebecca, teacher 78 Crown
Price Richard, merchant 151 Mulberry
Price Seth, deputy keeper of the prison 10th above Lombard
Price Win. M. D.36 north Ninth
Price Win, grocer, NE cor. Callowhill & Thirteenth
Price Wm. mariner 197 Lombard
Price William, pilot, 27 Mary
Prichavd James D. cordwainer, 69 Christian
Prichett Chas. flour merch. 25 S. wharves — d. h. 98 S. 8th
Prichett James, currier 127 Chesnut
Prichett Thomas &. John, flour merchants 41 S. Water and

98 south Eighth
Prichett William &. James, curriers 127 Chesnut
Prichett Wm. gentleman 98 south Eighth
Priest George, tailor 37 north Fourth
Priest Elizabeth, layer out of the dead, 37 N. Fourth
Priest Emanuel, caulker, 12 Mary

Priest Levi, combmaker Buttonwood between 5th & 6th
Priestman W 7 m. merchant NE cor. High and Ninth
Primer Elizabeth, widow grocer SE cor. Sixth & Lombard
Primrose Vailot, saddler &c. 291 High
Prince Isaac, 154 south Tenth

Pringle John, stone cutter, High near Sch. Seventh
Pringle W T m. gentleman 212 Pine
Pringle widow of John, High near Sch. Seventh
Prise Henry, tobacconist 370 N. Third
Pritchett Catharine, widow, 239 Spruce
Pritchet Charles, flour merchant, 25 south wharves
Pritz Joseph, turner 17 Rachel st.
Probasco Henry, justice of the peace 37 Coates .
Probasco Mailha, widow 124 St. John
Probasco Peter, planemaker 74 Callowhill
Proct Ann, sempstress Biddle's alley
Proct Jacob, pocket-book maker 5 south Sixth
f Proctor Walter, cordwainer Bedford above Seventh
Proro Levi, barber 366 High

fProsser James, oysterman 124 High 8c 162 Spruce
Provenshure Peter, 183 south Eighth
Prudule Mary, widow 157 south Fifth
Pruft' Robert H. carpenter 246 north Water
Pryfold Philip, drayman Old York road above Browne
Pryor Edmund, druggist, &.c. 373 north Front
r Pryor Joseph, clerk to the Health Office, 26 Elfreth's alley

QUI Philadelphia Index*

Pry or Joseph, jun. cabinet shop 7 north Front — d. h. -J6 £1-

freth's alley
Pryor Margery, widow, 47 Union
Pryor Mat. M. D. office 182 Mulberry
Pryor Richard, hatter 42 north Front
Pryor Samuel, grocer 206 south Fourth
Pryor Thomas, ferryman, 22 Little "Water
Pryor Thomas W. merchant, 373 north Front
Pryor Thomas E. druggist 373 north Front
Pugh Hugh, house carpenter St. Joseph's avenue
*» Pugh Isaac, bookseller SE corner Third & Sassafras
Pugh Jesse, cabinetmaker, 10 Wagner's alley
Pugh Rebecca, widow 301 Callowhill
Pugh Samuel, innkeeper 10 South alley
Puglia J. Ph. professor of languages 2 Bell's court
Pullen Robert, auctioneer 124 south Sixth
Pumeroy David, cakebaker, 114 north Eighth
Pumeroy Israel, shoemaker Fourth near Poplar lane
Pumeroy Ralph W. Fries's court
Purcell John, cordwainer 146 Lombard
Purches Elizabeth, widow, 94 Christian
Purdon Rachel, boarding house 62 south Sixtli
Purdon John, attorney at law, 104 south Fourth
-rPurnall Daniel, waiter, 152 Lombard
Purnell Isaac, labourer, St. Mary's street
Purves Alexander, merchant, fewer 22 south Second [Set
Pybus John, shoemaker, 44 Race Purvu

Pyle Jos. storekeeper, 31 north Second — d. h. 69 Wood

QUA1N WM. S. hatter, Loxley's court
Quantrell Wm. shopkeeper 84 Sassafras
jQuard John, hairdresser, 131 south Fourth
Queenville A. G. cabinetmaker, 11 Lombard
Quesnet B. 4 south Tenth
Quick Margaret, widow, 68 Union

Quicksall Joseph, shoemaker, Queen below Hanover (K)
Quicksall Joseph, under 28 J|toket — d. h. 15 Gray's alley
Quig Henry, tallow chandler,- 5 Quarry
"Tt^uig Josiah, cordwainer, 51 poplar
Qj^g Robert, porter at bank of Philadelphia, 21 Carter's
j Quin Andrew, tavern keeper, S. W. cor. Fifth and Shippen

/ Quin Bamet & Co. grocery, 135 and 137 south Water

I Quin Daniel, weaver, 19 Laurel

Quin Felix, tallow chandler, Cedar above Tenth
Quin Mary, widow, Relief street near Front
Quin Samuel, combmaker, Seventh above Coates
Quinlan Patrick, Painter & glazier
Quinley Moses J. house carpenter, 15 Chesnut
Quinlin Mary, mantuamaker and teacher, 159 St. John
Quinn Bamet, grocer, N. W corner Fifth and Prune;
Quinn Bernard, whiskey and flour store, 388 High

Philadelphia Index. RAN

Cimnn Charley grocer, S. W. corner Argyle and Swanson
Quinton Joseph, tavern keeper, corner Marlboro andPrjnce

RABAY JOHN, mariner, 79 Swanson

Rabb Elizabeth, widow, Galbraith's court

Rahjohn George, oak cooper, 229 St. John

Rabjohn John, tailor, 229 St. John

Rabsom Mary, widow, boarding house, 143 High

Radcliff C ., sea captain, 88 Wood

Radford Thomas, tailor, back 106 Cherry

Rae Robert, mariner, 28 Almond

Rafield John, accountant, 110 Union

Rafferty Patrick, ashman, 214 Shippen

Rafferty Thomas, sandman, Lombard corner Eleventh

Rafsnyder John, plasterer, 66 north Sixth

RafusAbraham, carpenter, Hause's court

Rain Elizabeth, washerwoman, back of 115 Callowlull

Rainer Nathan, carpenter, North street

Rainey John, carter, Filbert near Sch. Fourth

Rakestraw John, tailor, 279 south Front

Ralston Archibald, labourer, Jones west Sch. Fifth

Ralston 5c Lyman, domestic warehouse, 11 south Front

Ralston Robert, merchant, 189 Mulberry — compting house

103 south Front
Ralston Robert, jr. merchant, 383 Mulberry
Ramage Adam, print ers* joiner and cabinetmaker, Library

near Fifth— d. h. 137 south Fifth
Ramage Emily, schoolmistress, 11 Penn. avenue
Ramage James, stone mason, Wood near Thirteenth
Rambo David, cordwainer, Paynter^s court
Ram bo Hannah, widow of Daniel, 43 Green
Rambo Peter, shipwright, Hanover corner Bedford
Ramsay John, combmaker, 69 Tammany
Ramsay Susan, widow of Alexander, 465 Raee
Ramsey Jacob, paper stainer, Say street
Ramsey James, upholsterer, Say street
Randies Mary, widow, back 79 Swanson
Ramson George, carpenter, Noble between Fifth and Sixth
Rand B. H. professor of penmanship 36 south Sixth
Randall A. storekeeper, 16 south Second
Randall Archibald, attorney at law, 50 south Sixth— d. h.

229 Market
Randall A. Sc J. R. Vodges, attorneys at law & conveyancers..

N. W. corner south Sixth and Little George
Randall David, labourer, back 19 Garden
Randall James, grocer, Beach near Maiden (K)
Randall Joseph, carpenter, 103 south Ninth
Randall Josiah, attorney at law, 80 Walnut
Randall Margaret, widow, 167 south Fifth
Randall Matthew, prothonotary Court 'Common Pleas, office

west wing State House — d.h. 171 Pine
Randall Robert, shoemaker, Fourth near Brown


HAY Philadelphia Index.

Randolph Edward, gentleman, 126 north Second
Randolph Edw., jr. merchant, 241 High — d. h. north Fourth

near Noble
Randolph G. F. merchant, 241 High— 2T. h 192 Mulberry
Randolph G. F. & E. dry good merchants, 241 High
Randolph J., M. D. 74 south Fifth
-j Randolph Josh, painter, &c. 212 South
Randolph Richard, merchant, Vine near corner of John
Randolph Robert, shoemaker, 21 Callowhill
Randolph William, lumber merchant, 233 north Water —

d. h. Juliana above Wood
Ranken Alexander, cordw ainev, 430 north Front
Ranken & Adam?, grocers, 49 Chesnut
Ranken David, grocer, 49 Chesnut
Ranken George &. Son, cabinetmakers, 20 Walnul
Ranken George, jr. shoemaker, 9 north Eighth
Rankin Wm. blacksmith, back 8 Noble
Rankin 8c Fowle, hatters, 122 High
Banner John, victualler, 59 Garden street
Ransley James, mariner. Federal near Second
Raphune John, tailor, 53 Currant al;
Rapp Catharine, widow, 107 Christian
Rapp Joseph, feed store, 293 north Second
Raser Aaron, labourer, Race near Sch. Third
Baser Matthias, printer, 33 Carter's alley — d. h. 41 Chcny
Raser, Thomas M. teacher, seminary N.W. corner Fifth and

Cherry, d.h. 83 Locust
Raser Jacob, carpenter, Sch. Eighth nearCherry
Raser John, labourer, Race near Schuylkill Third
Raster Wm. tavern keeper, corner of Ruttonwood and OKI

York road
Rauch J. C. G. tailor, 18 Watson's alley
Ravegneaux Francis, shopkeeper, 82 north Third
Raw George, ladies shoemaker, Queen below Sixth
Rawerd Henrietta Miss, 44 Gaskill

Rawle Edward, attorney at law, 112 and 116 south Third
Rawle Wm. counsellor at law, 112 and 116 south Third
Rawle William, attorney at law, 178 Chesnut
Raw lings Thomas, cordwainer, back of 102 Christian
Ray Benjamin, grocer, 200 north Water
Ray David, drayman, 20 North alley
David, tailor, 253 south Fourth
Ray Mary, fancy and dry goods store, 43 south Second
Ray Mary, nurse, 11 Carter's alley
Bay Margaret &. Co. storekeepers, 4 south Second
Ray Rachel, widow, 105 Filbert [See Jiea and Jl

Ray William, carter, Chesnut above Broad
RaA William, tailor, 134 Coates street
Raybold Jacob A. druggist, 24 3 south Fourth
Baybpld John, paper staincr, Sch. Front near Filbert
Raybold Joshua, justice of the peace, 179 Shippen — d. h,

51 Fituwatex

Philadelphia liuhw. REA

Has bold Thomas, Windsor chairmaker, Mulberry west Sch.

Raycr Peter, labourer, back of 40 Ann
Ruyfield Eleanor, morocco hat maker, 56 south Fifth
Kay] Henry, carpenter, 246 Brown
rRaymond A. hairdresser, 74 Dock

nond A. & Tondillier, hairdressers, 74 Dock ^^
{-Raymond Jacob, coachman, 12 Currant alley
Raymond Jane, tutoress, 139 south i'ourth
Raynes Charles & John, mariners, 73 and 74 Pean

Vlexander, umbrella maker, 38 south Third
Rea Charles, bricklayer, 5 Clawges' court
Rea Daniel, sea captain, 30 Budd

Rea John, upholsterer, 153 Chesnut [See Ray & IVray.

Rea William, blacksmith, corner Ger. road and Second
•Read Alexander, weaver, Germantown road above the forks
Read Alexander, china merchant cor. Fifth and High — d. h.

37 south Tenth
Read Christian, grocer, 48 Budd
Read Eleazer, paper stabler, Galbraith's court
Read EUmaleck, innkeeper, 95 North Third
Read Elizabeth, boarding house, S. W. corner Bread street

and Fetter lane
Read &. Cray, china merchants, 199 High
Read James, 81 Walnut [See Reed and Reid.

Read James, weaver, Callowhill near Thirteenth
Read Joelj brushmaker, 11 Wagner's alley
Read John, labourer, 262 north Water
Read John, tanner, 62 north Sixth
Read John, shoemaker, 57 Mechanic
Read John, umbrella maker, 37 south Second
Read John, mariner, back of 12 Shippen
Read John M. attorney at law, and president of Philadelphia

Bank, 176 Chesnut
Read Joseph, labourer, Rose alley
Read Luke, tkvplate worker, 1 Kelly's alley
Read Mary, widow, Perry street
Read Moses, grocer, 482 Sassafras
Read Peter, painter & glazier, 58 Race
Read Richard, ship master, 45 Lombard
Read Sarah & Co. dry goods store, 45 north Second
Read Wm. bookbinder, Davis's court
Read William, agent (L\ S. N.) 15 Sansom
Header Isaac, agent, 133 Vine
Ready & Walters, tinplate workers, 246 High
Rearfenbart Peter, baker, Perry st.
Reakart John, grocer, 439 north Second
Reakirt Jacob, dep. keep, of the prison, 12 Fromberger's $f,
Re all Michael, house carpenter, Marlboro near Bedford
Reall Samuel, inspector of lumber, 255 North Frorrt
Reamer Frederick, grocer, 10 Elizabeth
Reamer John. gent. Poplar near St John

KE E rh i lade Iph i a In d.

Reamer Susan, widow, carpet weaver, Frankford road near

Bedford (K)
Reap John, cordwainer, Crown street (K)
Reap Philip, carpenter, 100 Budd

muel, labourer, 16 Burd's court
Thomas, gTocer, 269 High
Reaud Elizabeth, widow, back 86 south Third
H • ■-■:■:., storekeeper, Hanover near Queen r K\

Reel id, cordwainer, 35 Mechanic

-cefus SamueL cordwainer, 35 Mechanic
1 Jacob, sugar refiner, 5 Crown
Redifer John, weaver, Germantown road
Reding Patrick, grocer, 5 Spruce
Reddifer Wo, shoe .orth Third stre^

Redherfer RacheL market woman, Lily alley
Redfem Robert, saddler & leather cutter, 403 High
Redman Barnabas, bookseller and stationer, 121 south
Redman Joseph, gent. 144 Pine
Redman Margaret, widow, Bedford near Fifth
Redman M. shopkeeper, 68 south Fourth
Redman Thomas, M. D. 188 Chesnut

Redstreke J. cabinetmaker, 54 Dock — d. h. 123 S. Second
^Redwood John, waiter, Acorn alley
Reece Enos, storekeeper, 8 north Eleventh ^

Reecles Anthony, labourer, Carpenter near Fourth
Reed Isaac, watchmaker, 176 north Second
Reed James, Christian near Fifth
Reed Joseph, counsellor at law and recorder for the city of

Philadelphia, 187 Spruce
Reed John, inspector of customs, 286^ Race
Reed John Be Co. dry goods store, 132 High
rReed John, cordwainer, 46 Bedford

. Michael, storekeeper, 78 north Second
Reed Robert, cordwainer, 63 Penn

I Samuel, S. E. comer of Second and Mary
Reed Samuel, labourer, 126 Thirteenth s
Reed Samuel H. grocer, 400 High
Reed Sarah, widow, Relief street near Front
Reed Wm. tailor, 68 south A J 69 south F:

Reel John. Budd

Rees Charles B. cordwainer 111 S
Ree? I . 3 Budd


Knos, labourer, 1 1
Rees Evan, stirrup filer, 19 Budd
Rees George, cord .76 south Second

Be H-:-nry, tailor, S. \V. corner of Fourth a:

ler, Charlotte near Br
Rees Jacob, cedar cooper, 77 Race
Rees Jane, widow, washerwoman, back 5 Cypresa alley

-John, collector of taxes, 115 B
Rees John, bridle bit make:', Juniper below Wai

Philadelphia Index. REl

Uets Thos. I., dry goods store, 80 north Second

Iters Wni. carter, SW corner Wood &. Eighth

Reese Ezekiel, 246 north I'mul

Reese Jacob 8c Son, merchants, 195 High— d. h. 399 Mul-
berry [See Iteys, Iihees, &f lteigs,
Margaret, widow, Hunk's court

Reese Valentine, soap boiler, Race near Sch. Seventh

Reess George, victualler, Viae west of Bread — stall 73 New
Market, south Second

Reess Mrs. shopkeeper, 103 south Fifth

Reess Mrs. innkeeper, 97 south Fifth

Reeves Aaron, wheelwright, Duke corner of New Market

Reeves Benjamin, 13 High

Reeves Benjamin, Market street Ferry, north side

Reeves Catharine, boarding house, 5 Franklin court

Reeves Isaac, carpenter, near Callowhill Sc Ridge road

Reeves Nehemiah, cordwainer, 8 Little Pine

Reeves Sheppard A. teacher, 1 Bread street

Reeves 8c Sedgley, millwrights, 170 Spruce

Reeves Thomas, jun. grocer, NW cor. Second 8c Mulberry -
— d. h. 355 Mulberry

Reeves Timothy, dry goods store, 240 north Front

Reeves Thomas, grocer, N. W. cor. of Penn and Cedar

Reeves Thomas, millwright, Fifth second door ab. Walnut

Reford Elizabeth, storekeeper, 24 south Third

Regent Isaac, labourer, Queen near Second

Regli, widow of Joseph, toy store, 208 High

Regnault C. F. paper hanger, 218 Lombard

Regnault George, paper hanger, 220 Lombard

Regnault Joseph, paper hanger, 122 Locust
yrRehn Casper, merchant, 164 N. Second

Rehn George, and Co. brewers, 68 New
Rehn George, blacksmith, China street

Rehn John, brewer, 60 New
Reible John, grocer, Charlotte street
Reibsam John, merchant, 47 Noble
Reicker Peter, victualler, Perry street
Reid Adam, grocer, N. W\ corner of Second and Plum
Reid Alexander J. grocer, N. E. cor. of Third and Shippen
Reid Catharine, widow, storekeeper, 25 Callowhill
Reid Patrick, house & sign painter & glazier, 46 south Fifth
Reidy Samuel, victualler, near Callowhill and Ridge road
Reiff Abraham, grocer, 125 Old York road
Re iff Mathias, grocer, 428 north Front
Reilly James, tailor, 137 Locust

Reilly Joseph, paper hanger 8c stainer, Charlotte near Brown
Reilly J. C. sea captain, 260 south Front
Reilly Mathew, cordwainer, 245 south Fourth
Reilly Philip, grocer, N. E. cor. of Second and Shippen
Reilly Wm cabinetmaker, 24 Prune
•^Reily James, dvsterman, 8 Dock


REY Philadelphia Inde.c

Reily Thomas, merchant, 7 Franklin row

Reinagle Hug;., artist, 133 south Fourth

Reinboth George, carpenter, Mulberry alley

Reineck Lewis, biscuit baker, 32 Penn &. 91 south whan*.

Reinhart Christian, near Hopkins's court 8» "Williams st.

Reinhart George, gentleman, SW cor. Tenth & Walnut

Reinhart John H., watchman, back 147 Cherry

Reinhart John G. blacksmith, N. W.cor. Second and Primfe

Reinsemier Christian, carter, Union near Marlborough (K.)

Reiter John, glover, 239 north Second

Relf Francis, mariner, back 380 south Second

Relf Samuel, editor of the Philadelphia Gazette, office 97

south Second— d. h. 109 south Tenth
Rementer, Peter, carpenter, Passyunk road near Federal
Remich John, ladies shoemaker, 106Gaskill
Remington C. lumber merchant, NW cor. Sixth and Vine —

d. h. 192 N. Sixth
Remington Elizabeth, widow, 37 Christian
Remington J. B. gentleman, 334 Mulberry
Remy John, shoemaker, back of 42 Ann
Rennel Michael, shopkeeper, 196 Callowhill
Renouf Nicholas, tailor, back of 99 Old York road
Renshaw Benjamin, Mansion House Hotel, south Third
Renshaw Benjamin, gentleman, 218 Chesnut
Renshaw Frances, 112 south Eighth
Renshaw Richard, justice of the peace and notary public.

office 304 and d. h. 302 south Second
Renshaw Samuel, of U. S. Navy, 90 Union
Reppard Sarah, nurse, Barnard's court
Repsam Adam, labourer, 250 St. John
Repsher Elizabeth, seamstress, 1 84 St. John
Resoster Daniel, mason, Washington street, Morrisville
Rex Ann, widow, 13 German
Rex Charles, victualler, near Rugan in Callowhill
Rex George, innkeeper, cor. Sixth and Vine
Rex Samuel, blacksmith, Ridge road near toll gate
Reyburg Mary, widow, 320 Mulberry
Reynolds St Adgate, grocers, 21 south Third
Reynolds Charles, druggist, 491 north Second
Reynolds David, tanner, 93 Budd above Laurel
Reynolds Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 25 Walnut
Reynolds James, tailor, 308 south Front
Reynolds Jos. grocer, 21 S. Third — d. h. 20 New Market
Reynolds Margaret, milliner, 52 Mulberry
Reynolds Margaret, widow of John, Cherry near Sixth
Reynolds Margaret, teacher, 33 Coates
Reynolds Mary, widow, back of 109 Christian
Reynolds S.oysterman, under 202 High — d. h. Franklin court
Reynolds Samuel, gentleman, NW cor. Callowhill & Sixth
Reynolds Simeon, teacher, 27 Branch
Reynolds Wm. carpenter, Federal above Second
Reynolds Z. J. supercargo, 283 Sassafras

Philadelphia Index RIC

Rhea David, gentleman, Frankford road cor. Otter (K.)

Kheem Jacob, flour merchant, 371 High

Rhees Ann, widow, LbxJey*9 court

Rhees Benj. R., M. D. 225 south Front

Rhcimer John, grocery store, High between Sell. 5th 8c 6th

Rhinehart Joseph, cordwainer, 142 South

Rhoades Joseph, carpenter, 2 Wood

Rhoades Henry, labourer, Lombard W. Sell. Eighth

Rhoades Thomas, accountant, 2 Wood

Rhoads Hannah, widow, 2 Wood

Rhoads & Jeanes, lumber merchants, High near Permanent

bridge— d. h. High W. Sch. Sixth
Rhodes Charles, grocer, NE cor. Callowhill & Sixth
Rhodes Jane, innkeeper, adjoining U. S. Arsenal
Rhodes Samuel, merchant, 42 south Front
Rianhard John, merchant, 179 High — d. h. 127 south Ninth
Rianhard, Senat, & Co. merchants, 179 High
Ribbath Moses, weaver, 493 north Second
Ribble John, shoemaker, Miller's court
Ribblet Peter L. pastry cook, 174 south Second
Rice Ann, widow, 53 Almond

Rice St iisher, grocers, NW cor. Fourth and Mulberry *

Rice Isaac, carpenter, 13 Wood
Rice James, labourer, 5 Little Dock
'Rice John, sea captain, 324 south Second
Rice Joseph, blacksmith, Old York road — d. hi 30 and shop

above Noble
Rice Joseph, gunsmith, 132 South
■Rice Michael, grocer, NW cor. Mulberry and Fourth
Rice Robert, whiskey &. flour store, High W. of Sch. Fifth
Rice Wm. gentleman, 41 Browne
Rice Wm. blacksmith, 164 Coates
Rice Wm. house carpenter, Hanover near Queen (K.)
Rich George, grocer, 477 north Third
Rich Margaret, nurse, Rose alley near Green
Richard Ann, 117 north Sixth
Richard M. drygoods store, 31 south Third
Richards A. G. merino shawl and Canton crape cleaner, 90

Richards Ann, teacher, 39 Key's alley
Richards Benjamin, auctioneer, 381 Mulberry
Richards Bridget, widow, back 14 Oak (S)
Richards Catharine, tavernkeeper, 87 south Water
Richards Hester, grocer, cor. Sch. Front and Vine
Richards Isaac, blacksmith, back of 91 Callowhill
Richards Joseph, grocer, 22 north Second

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