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Richards Joseph, merchant, 160 south Fourth
Richards Lawrence, labourer, Jones's alley
Richards Mark, iron merchant, 125 and 127 N. Third
Richards Mary, Coates near Ridge road
f Richards Myers, dealer, 188 south Fourth
Richards R.B. bellows manufactory, Callowhill near Garden

RIC Philadelphia Inde,

Richards Richard, drayman, Fifth below Queen

Richards Samuel, brushfmisher, 85 St. John

Richards Samuel, lime merchant, 3 Dock — d. h. 136 S. Front

Richards Samuel, iron merchant, 111 N. Water — cl. h. 347

Richards Thos. tobacconist, 166j S. Sixth £c 195 Lombard
Richards Thomas, grocer, SW cor. Third and Vine
Richards Thomas, grocer, 214 Shippen
Richards Thomas, 50 Vine
Richards William, jeweller, 8 Carter's alley
Richards William H. china merchant, 182 High
Richards Win. gentleman, cor. Baker's court & Callowhill
Richards W. & S. R. watchmakers and silversmiths 136 S.

Richardson Adam,ropemaker, Marlborough near Prince (K.}
Richardson Ann, widow, drygoods store, 64 N. Fourth
Richardson Benjamin, cutler, 77 south Second
Richardson Elizabeth, widow, 61 Tammany
Richardson Hannah, grocer, Prime opposite Navy Yard
Richardson Jared, carpenter Broad above Mulberry
fRichardson Joseph, coachman, 8 Bonsall
Richardson J. bookseller, 6 Minor
Richardson John, bellhanger, 17 Elfreth's alley
Richardson John, rigger, 247 St. John
Richardson Sc Kinsman, merchants, 89 High
Richardson Mark, carpenter, Broad above Mulberry
Richardson M. R. tavenikeeper, 121 north "Water
Richardson Oliver, shoemaker, 121 north Fourth
Richardson Robert & John, whitesmiths, engineers, and bell*.

ha ngers, 1 9 X orri s al 1 e y
Richardson R. B. brush finisher, 165 north Eighth
Richardson Thomas, 4 Biddle's alley
Richards* li, cutler, Ann near Sch. Eighth

Richardson William, merchant, 85 Mulberry
Richardson William, innkeeper, 139 north Fourth
Richardson Wi md 93 Gaskill

Richardson Win. umbrella rnanuf. 6 south Third
R cue Samuel, carpenter, Callow' .11 near Schuylkill
lie William, merchant, 117 High
iman John, joiner. 416 north Front
Richman Wm. shipwright, 261 St. John
itnond Isaac, carpenter, 107 Cherry
Richmond Isaac, superintendant public burial ground, 471

Richmond Mar}', widow. 94 north Ninth
f Richmond Peter, 417 north Fourth above Coates
Richter Augustus Charles, hairdresser, 440 N. Front
* Richter &. Glasby, tailors, 35u north Second
Richter John, tailor, Whitehall st.
Rickard Leonard, painter, 13 Watson's alley
Rickards William, 8 Carter's alley
Rickerman William, drayman, 15 south Watii

Philadelphia Index. RIL

Ricket Joseph, inspector of lumber, 6 Bivnner's alley
Ricketts Cato, porter, back 18 Kunckel
Ricketts Isaac, labourer, Second below Prime
Hickson Andrew, rigger, 69 Queen
Rickstine John, morocco dresser, 6 Franklin
Ridaboch P. blacksmith, 16 S. Fifth— d. lu 277 Walnut
Riddle Joanna, widow, back 393 south Second
Middle John, cabinetmaker, back 7G Dock
Riddle John, drayman, 126 Queen
>»Riddle Samuel, boot and shoemaker, NE corner Front ana

Riddock James, dealer, 42 South

Rider A. portrait painter, Chesnut- 2d door above Eighth
Rideout George, grocer, SW cor. Eighth & Chesnut
Ridgway Benj. & Thos. flour merchants, 51 north Water
Ridgway Jacob, gentleman, 181 Chesnut
Ridgway Joseph F. flour merchant, 55 north Water — d, h.

172 Mulberry
Ridgway Joseph, merchant tailor, 10 south Third
Ridgway John, bricklayer, 76 north Ninth
Ridgway Miss Rebecca, boarding house, 141 Mulberry
Ridgway R. S. innkeeper, NW cor. Green &. Old York road
Ridgway Thomas, flour merchant, 52 Vine
Ridles Adam, turner, 10 Strawberry-
Ridley Edward, weaver, Pearl st.
|Ridley Peter, labourer, German near Third
Riebsam John, grocer, 290 N. Second — d. h. 95 CallowhiH
Rief Daniel, grocer, 106 north Seventh
Riehle Wm. tanner, cor. Fourth & Noble — d. h. 53 N. Fourth
Riflferts Peter, drover, James st.
Riffbrd Matthias, rigger, Marlborough near Prince
Rig Ferdinand, confectioner, 52 Brown
Rigby Henry, late cabinetmaker, 15 Sassafras
Rigden Christiana, widow, milliner, 205 south Second
Righter John, gardener, 13 Franklin court
Rigler John, victualler, Cherry near Sch. Eighth
Rigley Francis, stove manufacturer, 34 Church alley
Rile William, innkeeper, 69 Sassafras
Riley Charles, chairmaker, 513 south Second
Riley Charles, chairmaker, Fearris' court
Riley Isaac, gentleman, 250 Walnut
Riley Jacob F. baker, 165 Vine

Riley James, tailor, Germantown road above the forks
Riley James, organist of St. Mary's church, 4 Stampers' alley
Riley James, labourer, Swanson near Prime
Riley Joseph S. currier, 171 N. 3d — d. h. cor. Vine £>: 3d
Riley John, shopkeeper, 15 Strawberry
Riley Paul, tavernkeeper 220 High
Riley Tobias, bakei", 391 Sassafras
Riley Wm. brass founder, 22 Sassafras alley
Riley Wm. mariner, 316 south Third
Riley William, brass founder, 23 North alley

ROA Philadelphia Index,

Rimer Thomas, late cordwainer, 10 Carter's alley

Rinck Elizabeth, widow, Love lane near Ninth

Rinedollar Henry, ship carpenter, 14 Piatt's court

Rinedollar Henry, ship carpenter, Beach

Rinedo.Ilar Jacob, shipwright, S§5 X. Fro

Rinedollar Jacob, j an. mast maker, \ard Oak near Coatcs —
d. h. 9 Duke

Rinedollar Samuel, ship carpenter, 62 Green

Rinehart Michael, cordwainer, Juliana near Callowhill

Ring- Man-, back 150 Locust

Ring- Rachel, widow, nurse, 19 Coxe's alley

Rink Wm. D. combmaker, 133 south Second
■ Rink Jacob, tavernkeeper, XW cop. Brown & St. John

Riphey Daniel, weaver, N. Third near Rihl's court

Ripperger Wm. dentist, 158 south Fourth

Rippinger Conrad, bleeder and leecher, 35 Cherry

Risband Mary, seamstress, 20 Cypress alley

Risborough John, drygoods store, 250 south Second

Risdale Isaac, tailor, 48 Tammany

Hisdell P. widow, upper 157 Pine

Rising Eli, trader, 214 north Fifth

Risley R. S. china store, 68 north Third

Ristene Jonathan, combmaker, 463 N. Third

Ristine John, victualler, West above Palmer (K.)

Ritchie Francis, gentleman, 26 Goforth alley-
Ritchie H. I. tavlor, Vine near Thirteenth

Ritchie Robert* leather store, 318 N. Third— d.h. lONorris'r

Ritchie Thomas, M. D. Pennsylvania Hospital

Biter Michael, merchant, 130 Callowhill Sc 216 N. Fifth

Rltsey John L. cordwainer, 112 Vine

Rittenhouse Benjamin, gentleman, 1 Caledonian court

Rittenhouse Henry, carpenter, 77 Crown

Ritter Ann, widow, baker, 24 X. Fifth

Ritter Abraham, merchant, 16 south Seventh

Ritter Catharine, tailoress, 4 Knight's court

Ritter Edward, chairmaker, 113 N. Front

Ritter Edward, chairmaker, 317 X. Third

Ritter George, cabinetmaker, 72 X. Fourth

Ritter George, horse auctioneer, 98 Filbert

Ritter Henry, baker, 129 south Fourth

Ritter Jacob, storekeeper, 70 X". Fro.it

Ritter Jacob, jun. merchant, 196 High

Ritter J. & A. merchants, 333 and 196 High

Hitter Mathias, paver of stone, Franclsville

Ritter William, baker, 24 X. Fifth

j-Rix Eliza, washerwoman, 21 Lyndall's alley

Rizer Charles; druggist, junction of Fifth and PassyUi ...

Roach John, bookbinder, 99 Budd

Roads Henry, carter, Lombard near Schuylkill
■•Roads Marks, merchant, 246 Sassafras

Roan James, caulker, Marlborough near Prince (K.)

Ph ilndi Ijiii ia Inch . i R( )B

Roan Jo* r.iLmukrr, 479 Sassafras

Rout Jacob, cordwainer, 13 Pratt's court

Roat Richard P. cordwainer, 15 Pratt's court

Roatch &. Fair, drapers and tailors, 4 S. Sixth

Bobb Alexander, letter carrier, 81 south Fifth

Robb Catharine, widow, baclj 43 Coates

Robb Charles, tailor, 188 south Fifth

Robb James, back of 22 Shippen

Bobb James, cabinetmaker, 10 Plumb

Rob!) & Winebrener, merchant tailors, 100 Chesnut

Robbins Aaron, bricklayer, 32 Palmyra square

Bobbins Benj. carpenter, cor. Seventh Sc Buttonwood

Robbins C. S. baker, 7 Gray's alley

Bobbins Jo!), weaver, corner Fourth & Crown

Robbins John, chainr.aker, back 17 N. Eighth

Robbins & Smith, merchants, 173 High

Robbins Samuel J. merchant, 75 N. Fifth

Robbins Sarah, widow, 9 Little Water

Robe no Andrew & John, tailors, NW corner Front & Cedar

Robe no Andrew, tailor, NW corner Front & Cedar — d. h. 26

Watson's alley
Robcno John, tailor, 96 Christian
jRoberjohn Thomas, cabinetmaker, 269 south Sixth
Roberson Jacob, mariner, Shippen near Eleventh
Roberts Abigail, widow of James, 454 south Front
Roberts Amos, tax collector, 64 south Eleventh
Roberts Ann, widow, Smith's court
Roberts Ann, widow, 101 Christian
Roberts Ann, bonnet maker, 315 south Second
Roberts Catharine, widow, of Thomas, 45 Mechanic
Roberts Catharine, widow, Mulberry near Twelfth
Roberts Charles, lumber merchant, Oak below Coates — d.h,

174 Mulberry
Roberts Charles, carpenter, Fourth above Tammany
Roberts Daniel, painter, he. 315 south Second
Roberts Daniel, saddler, &c. 125 New
Roberts Eleanor, shoe binder, Maginnes' court
Roberts Frances, widow of Michael, 212 Walnut
Roberts George, 252 Chesnut
Roberts George, shoemaker, Lily alley
Roberts Helen, widow, 70 Union
j-Roberts Isaiah, labourer, south Second near Mary
Roberts Israel, coppersmith, NW corner Branch & Second
Roberts James, cordwainer and newspaper carrier, 46 Penn
Roberts John, accountant, 285 Spruce
Roberts John, grain measurer, cor. Tenth and Lombard
Roberts John, grain measurer, Tenth near Pine
Roberts John, cabinetmaker, 25 N. Eighth
Roberts Jonathan, tax collector, 38Kunckel
Roberts Joseph, jun. teacher of mathematics and natural

philosophy, Friends' Public School, south Fourth— -d. h.

2 Library st.

ROB rhilttdelpkia Inch

Roberts Joseph L. accountant, 44 N. Seventh
Koberts Joseph, teller in GhiarcPs bank, 1G8 Mulbem
Roberts Joseph, tailor, 48 south Third
Roberts Joseph, sawyer, back 11 York court (N. L.)
Roberts Lewis, grocer, 322 south Front
Roberts Mary, widow, back 9 Crown
Roberts Mary, widow, seamstress, Smith's alley
Roberts M. &. S. drygoods store, 104 N. Seventh
Roberts Rachel, widow, 12 N. Fourth
f Roberts Robert, south Seventh, near Fitzwater
Roberts Robert, weaver, Sch. Eighth near Vine
j-Roberts R. waiter, Osbourne's court
Roberts S. 8c M. 155 Lombard

Roberts Samuel, dep. keeper of the prison, 117 N. Fifth
Roberts Sylvester, printer — office Decatur street — d. h. 66

- Roberts Tacy, widow of Algernon, Drinker's court
Roberts Thomas P. accountant, 25 N. Twelfth
Roberts Thomas S. accountant, 128 Cherry above Seventh
Roberts Thomas, merchant, 50 High

Roberts Thos. II. merchant, 12 S. Water— d. h. 216 "Walnut
Roberts W. G. cordwainer, 9 York court (N. L.)
Roberts, widow, 253 'Chesnut

Roberts V\\ D. upholsterer, Thirteenth above Walnut
Robertson E. 60 Catharine
Robertson Mary, market woman, 96 Budd
Robertson Gilbert* British consul, 291 Chesnut
Robertson Jas. merch. 58 S. Front — d. h. 8 Franklin row
Robertson Rebecca, widow, teacher 88 Spruce
Robertson Wm. merch. 60 S. \vh. — d. h. 148 S. Second
fRobeson Jacob, mariner, Shippen near Eleventh
Robinett Eliza, widow, back 92 Gaskill
Robinett Richard, merchant, 5 Powell
Robins B. labourer^ 90 Bedford
Robins Eleanor, widow, shopkeeper, 154 Sassafras
Robins Enoch, bricklayer, Filbert near Sch. Eighth
Robins John A. baker, Loxley's court

•■■ Robins Steward, appraiser at Custom House, NE corner of
Seventh and Buttonwood
Robinson Andrew, weaver, Yinc alley near Thirteenth
Robinson Ann, Mrs. drygoods store, 10 N. Sixth
Robinson Ann, milliner, 1 Strawberry

Robinson Ann, 262 Lombard, and 83N. Ninth [See Robisffn,
Robinson Anthony W. carpenter, 214 N. Eight',
Robinson Benjamin, gold and silversmith, 12 N. Second
Robinson Benjamin, carpenter, near St. John & Poplar
Robinson Catharine, mantuamaker, 210 south Seventh
Robinson Catharine, widow, south Eleventh above Pine
Robinson Charles, carpenter, Prime near Front
Robinson Charles N. carver and gilder, 86 Chesnut
Robinson Charlotte, widow, 531 south Front
Robinson Christian, mariner, back 35 south Second

Philadelphia Indoor. ROD

Robinson David, NW cor. Eleventh and Pine

Robinson David, mariner, 78 Penn

Robinson George, currier, 80 Chesnut — d. h. 35 Union

•Robinson Isaac, labourer, 34 Burd's court

iiobinson James, rigger, Marlborough near Prince (K. 1 )

Robinson Jehu, carpenter & box maker, 18 Church alley —

d. h. 53 High
Robinson John, mariner, 444 N. Front
Robinson John, ladies shoemaker, 134 Locust
Robinson John, portrait & miniat\ire painter, 1442 Chesnut
Robinson John, distiller, 287 Cedar
Robinson John, rigger, 41 Christian
Robinson John, mariner, 13 Christian
Robinson Joseph, constable, 135 south Tenth
Robinson J. rigger, north side Almond street wharf
Robinson Joshua, carpenter, 73 Passyunk
|Robinson Kime, shipwright, Merriott's lane near Fourth
-[Robinson Lydia, widow, 20 Burd's court
Robinson Margaret, 19 Middle alley
.Robinson Martha, widow, 321 Sassafras
Robinson Mary, widow, shopkeeper, 17 Jones's alley
Robinson Mary Miss, 12 Chester
Robinson M. 427 N. Front
Robinson Rebecca, teacher, 149 Sassafras
4- Robinson Robert, labourer, Middle alley
[•Robinson 'ally, widow, 248 south Seventh
Robinson Samuel, hatter, 36 High
Robinson Samuel &. Son, hatters, 36 High
■[- Robinson Sarah, whitewashes 248 S. Seventh
Robinson Thomas, carpenter, 9 Pleasant avenue
Robinson Thomas, victualler, Eighth near Buttonwood —

stall 75 New Market, south Second
Robinson William, hatter, 36 High
Robinson William, labourer, back 74 Plum
Robinson Wm. II. cordwainer, 15 Callowhill
Robinson widow, gentlewoman, 21 Greenleaf's court

Robinson , mariner, 28 Mead alley

Robson Mary, tailoress, 31 Wood

Robson Ralph, mariner, 16 Vernon

Roch Christian, china store, 99 N. Ninth

fRochambtau Peter, barber, NE cor. Eighth & Sassafras

Roche Manning B. rector of Trinity Church, Southwark, 6l

Rock Sarah, widow, shoebinder, 12 Sugar allev
Rockwell Justice, smith, 217 N. Eighth — shop SW corner

Callowhill & Garden
Rockhill Thos. C. merchant, 162 ? High— d. h. 299 Chesnut
Rockingbourg George, painter, 251 Vine
Roderfield Wm. accountant, 41 Wood *
Rodgers Amos, shoemaker, 450 N. Third


1100 Philadelphia Index.

Rodgers Sarah, widow, Christian near Fourth

•j-Rodgers Win. mariner, 167 Christian

Rodgers Wm. Indies shoemaker, German near Fourth

Rodgers William, cordwainer, cor. Myers's court & Mulberry

id ley
Rodgers Wm. carter, George above Broad
Rodrigue Andrew, cor. Seventh & Walnut
Roft'John, labourer, back 211 Queen
Roffei't Mrs. widow of Philip, 138 Sassafras
Rogers Benj. copperplate printer, back 18 George
Rogers & Brothers, hardware merchants, 52 High
- ' Rogers Charles, 52 High above Second
Rogers Daniel, mariner, 268 south Fifth
•Rogers Evans, hardware merchant, 52 High above Second
Rogers George N. hardware merchant, 52 High
Rogers Hugh, labourer, Vine near Broad
Rogers Mary, widow, 106 south Fifth
| Rogers Jacob, labourer, Faschall's alley
Rogers James, hardware merchant, 259 High
Rogers John R. cordwainer, Eckfeld's court
Rogers John, hardware merchant, 52 High above Second
Rogers John, cordwainer, 259 south Second
Rogers Joseph, sen. justice of the peace, 2 Emlen's court,

and cor. Pegg st.
Rogers Margaret, widow, corner Twelfth &, Sassafras
Rogers Mary, 109 Christian

Rogers Rev." William, D. D. 198 Chesnut SE cor. Eighth
Rogers Thomas, brassfounder, 61 Mulberry
Rogers Thomas, gentleman, 411 Mulberry
Rogers William, merchant, 43 N. Third
Rogers Wm. hardware merchant, 52 High
Rohrman Henry, tinman, 441 N. Second
Rohrman Henry, wheelwright, 441 N. Second
Rohrman John, wheelwright, Sch. Eighth above Cherry
Roland John, merchant, 206 High — d. h. 14 N. Seventh
Roland Mary, mop and thrum maker, back 18 Budd
Rolctt Gabriel, cordwainer, 37 Lombard
fRolley Abner, barber, SE cor. Ninth & Cherry 2c 112 N. 5th
Rolley Meloley, mantuamaker, Eleventh above Filbert
Rollin Benoit R. bra*s, steel, 8c cane reedmaker, Thirteenth

above Vine
Rolling Otho, labourer, Spruce west Sch. Fifth
Rolph* Mrs. boarding house, 258 High
Rombia Benner R. NW corner Ninth Sc Cherry
Ronaidson James, letter founder, Cedar above Ninth
Ronaldson Richard, letter founder, Cedar above Ninth
Roney Ann, widow, 30 Penn
Roney John, gentleman, Second near Beaver
Roney Thomas, currier, cor. Dock & Third — d. h. 8 Prune
jRoney Thomas, waiter, back 49 Pine
JRooch Benjamin, mariner, 112 Christian

Philadelphia Index. ROT

Rookstool Jacob, bricklayer, 129 Coates

Rookstool Samuel, carpenter, 118 Coates

Rookstool Ulrlck, cordwainer, 150 Coates

Room Barzilla, mariner, S E. corner Swanson and Almond

(toper. Lewis, bouse carpenter, 93 S. Ninth

Roper William, stone cutter, back 4 N. Tenth

Rore Elias, batter, back of 33 N. Fifth

Rorer John, surgeons' instrument maker, 179 Mulberry

Rorer Samuel, surgeons' instrument maker, 78 Sassafras

Rose Ann, midwife, 6 Wood

Rose Ann, widow, shopkeeper, 33 N. Tenth

Rose B. F. surgeons' instrument maker, 12 south Eighth

Rose Charles, farmer, Irish lane

Rose Francis, shopkeeper, 37 New Market

Rose James, milkman, between Sch. Seventh and Eighth

Rose James, milkman, Cedar west of Sch. Eighth

Rose Jane, midwife, 7 Brewer's alley (W r ood street)

Rose Jane, 73 New

Rose John, currier, 6 Wood

Rose Mrs. widow, 54 Almond

Rose Moses, segar maker, 51 Bedford

Rose Thomas, tanner, Rihl's court

Rose Thomas, tailor, cor. St. John & Brownev

Roset Jacob, merchant, inquire 170% High

Roset John, merchant, 170£ High— d. h. 10 N. Fifth

Roset , widow, 8 south Tenth

Ross Aaron, saddler, &c. 38 N. Third

Ross David, carpenter, NE cor. Ninth & Cherry

Ross Elizabeth, seamstress, 1 Juniper lane

Ross Frederick, painter, &c. 342 south Second

Ross James, saddler, &c. Prospect alley

Ross James, professor of Latin & Greek, 44 N. Fourth

Ross J. & Co. feed store, Thirteenth above Walnut

Ross John, ropemaker, 66 Passyunk

Ross John, grocer, corner of Coates & Front

Ross Martha, widow, dealer, 142 Lombard

Ross Mary, widow, 159 Pine

Ross Mary Ann, widow, 75 Penn

Ross Mary L. boarding house, 79 Penn

Ross Mary, widow, 342 south Second

Ross Mrs, M. boarding house, 184 High

Ross Oliver, segar maker, 121 Plum

Ross Rebecca, widow, Third below Queen

Ross Rebecca, Front near Laurel

Ross Samuel, bricklayer, 95 Old York road

Ross Samuel, appraiser at Custom House, 291 Sassafras

Ross William, late printer, 87 Locust above F/ighth

Ross William, confectioner, 74 High

Ross William, whipmaker, 115 Cherry

Rossell John, oysterman, 46 South

Rostain F. merchant, NW cor. Pine & Fifth

Botts Andrew, victualler, 67 Garden

RUE Philadelphia Index.

Rook Rachel, doctress, preparer of the grand pectoral syrup,

7 Cauffman's court
Roulston & M'Farlane, seminary, SW cor. Chesnut& Eighth
Rounds Saniuel, cordwainer, 15 Cox's alley (S)
• Rous.-cau John C, M. D. 149 S. Sixth SE cor. Pine
Rousseau Josh, tailor, S2h South
Ro | . ter, turner, 18 Old York road

Rj. Lt Win. druggist, &c. 18 Old York road

iirv, toll-keeper at Callowhill st. bridge
Row Rachel, widow, 108 Wood
Rowan Adam, accountant, 195 Christian
[Rowan Emanuel, barber, Bradford's alley
JRpwen George, hairdresser and perfumer, Decatur nea;-

Row-en Jane, widow, 48 south Sixth
Rowland Catharine, widow, 15 Shippen
Rowland & Ford, grocers, 206 High
Rowland James, iron merchant, 46 Mulberry — d. h. Fronv-

berger's court [See Roland

Rowland John, cabinetmaker, 6 Mary
Rowland Sarah, widow, 49 Christian
Rowland Wm. saw factory, 54 Zanc — d. h. 24 N. Ninth
Rowiandson Wm. merchant, 166 High
Rowles Doctor, NE corner Walnut &. Third
Rowley h Alburger, plumbers, 9 S. Sixth & 8 Walnut
Rowley H. G. plumber, 8 Walnut— d. h. 22 N. Third
Rowley Richard, merchant, 22 N. Third
-{-Rowley Wm. waiter, 204 south Fifth
Roy Hannah, 176 St. John
Roy John S. carpenter, 53 Duke (N. L.)
Roy John, victualler, Charles st.
Roy John, shoemaker, 367 N. Third
Roy Mary, widow, washerwoman, 82 Garden
Royal Wm. B. teacher, 3x9 south Front
Royal Thomas, fisherman, Duke st.
Rover George, carpenter, 126 Dili wyn
Kuan John, M. D. 21 1 N. Sixth
Rubicam Daniel, wine & liquor store, 24 Minor
Rubicam Darnel, '.on hotel, 20 S. Sixth

Rubicam Joseph, fruiterer, 105 X. Third
Rubicam Jonathan, carpenter, 36 Palmyra
Rubicam Justin, gentleman, 89 Wood
Rubican Charles, hatter, 387 N. Second
Rude John, labourer, Miller's court (N.L.)
Rudolph Catherine, layer out of the dead, 321 Si
Rudolph George, carpenter, 321} S
Rudolph Jacob, coachman, 12 Stamper's alley
Rudolph John, oakcooper, 96 Green cor. Rose alley
Rudolph Joseph, oakcooper, M'Crollish's court
Rudy Jacob, carpenter, 488 N. Third
Rudy Jacob, innkeeper, 371 I!
Rudy John, combmaker, 428 N. Fourth
Rue John, grocer, 472 south Front

Philadelphia Index. RUS

Rue Miss Sarah, milliner, 113 S. Second
Ruff Wffl. painter, &c. 14 S. Eighth— & h. 132 N. Fourth.
Rugan George, merchant, 37 Noble
Rugan John, merchant, 97 N. Water — d. h. 248 Sassafra c
Ruggles widow of Sherman, tailoress, 106 Cherry
Rubardet Catharine, widow, 198 S. Front
Ruhl John, coachmaker, 23 Lombard
Ruhl Rosencrantz, labourer, 188 St. John
Ruhl Samuel, cabinetmaker, 188 St. John
Ruhlman John, cordwainer, back 123 Mulberry
Rule John, tallow chandler, 139 Plum
Rulhman John C. oysterman, under 108 High
Ridl George, coachmaker, 90 N. Fifth

Rulon John W. storekeeper, 13 J S. 2d— d h. 12 Church alley
fRuly Michael, labourer, 155 Lombard
Rumer Jacob, plasterer, 278 south Third
Rumpf Peter, rinding store, 146 Cedar
Rumsey Sarah, widow, 572 N. Front

Rumsey William, M. D 202 N. Fourth [See Ramse**

-Runchey Wm. tavemkeeper, NE cor. MulbeiTy & Front
Rundle George, stock & exchange broker, 1 Yorke court
Runner Samuel, vict. Fifth below Buttonwood
Runnington, widow, boarding house, 20 Sansom
Rush Charles, shoemaker, 372 N. Second
Rush James, M. D. 191 Chesnut

Rush James 1. ironfounder and engineer, 12 Palmyra row
Rush John, carver, 184 and 469 N. Front
Rush Julia, widow of Dr. Benjamin, 98^ south Fourth
Rush Lewis, gentleman, 125 Sassafras
Rush Margaret, widow, market woman, 245 St. John
Rush & Muhlenberg, counting house corner Ninth & Vine—

founderv at Bush Hill
Rush Miss Mar)-, 3 Powell

Rush Samuel, attorney at law, 96^ and 98£ sourth Fourth
Rush Stephen, innkeeper, corner of Willow & Sixth
Rush Susan, gentlewoman, 355 Sassafras
Rush Thomas M. 73 Wood
Rush Thomas, hatter, Brook st.
Rush Wm. accountant, N. Fifth above Callowhiil
Rush Wm carver, 172 and 177 N. Front
Rush Wm. engine maker, back 62 Cherry
Rushton Edwards, bandbox maker, 93 N. Front
Rushton Wm. manufacturer, Warren st. (K.)
Rush tons Abraham, dry goods store, 109 N. Third
Rusk George, tanner and currier, Brook st.
Rusk Phoebe, widow, back 13 German
Russell Frances, grocer, 155 S. Second
Russell James, labourer, Lombard, west of Sch. Eighth
Russell James, letter founder, Lombard W. of Sch. Eighth
Russell John, painter, &c. Jones's alley
Russell John, flour store, 224 High


SAl Philadelphia Index.

Russell John, black and whitesmith, 476 Sassafras

Russell .Jonathan, dealer, 54 Swanson

Russeil Joseph S. oil and lamp store, 68 Chesnut — d. h. 00

N. Second
Russell Joseph, grocer, corner of Beach and Maiden
Russell Philip M. trader, 275 N. Second
Russell Robert, boot-tree and last-maker, 72 S. Front
Russell Stephen, merchant, 92 south wharves — d. h. 77

Russell Wm. shipwright, cor. Marlborough &. Bedford
Russell William, weaver, 366 High
Ruth E. widow of Wm. 51 Tammany
Ruth Jacob, house carpenter, High between Sch. 3d & 4th
Rutherford Jacob, carter, 44 Ann
Rutherford John, drover, Locust above Juniper
Rutter Mary Ann, carpet weaver, cor. Federal and Second
Rutter Mrs. widow of Samuel, 48 S. Sixth
Rutter Thomas, accountant, 48 S. Sixth
Rutter Thomas, sea captain, 20 Noble
Ryan Amelia, widow, dealer, 268 south Sixth
Ryan Daniel, carter, Vine near Broad
Ryan Hannah, widow, boarding house 5 Coomb's alley
Ryan James, gentleman, 77 N. Seventh
Ryan James, milkman. Pine near Schuylkill
Ryan Lewis, boot and shoemaker, 50 S. Third
Ryan Lewis, cordwainer, 123 Germantown road
Ryan Mary, teacher, 2u7 south Fourth
Ryan Patrick, china store, 8 N. Third
Ryan Richard &. Co. paper store, 345 N. Third
Ryan Timothy, ship joiner, 192 S. Front
Ivan Thomas, cabinetmaker, 176 St. John
Ryan William, labourer, 73 N. Sixth
Ryan William, tailor, Hodge's wharf
Ryan Wm. currier, /owe?- 38 south. Fifth
ifychman Louis W. cordwainer, 82 Sassafras
'iychnvan John, cabinetmaker, 243 north Front