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Snyder George, accountant, 1 Sassafras alley
Snyder Henry, bookbinder, back 53 Coates
Snyder Henry, tinman, near Tammany st. Old York road
Snyder Henry, painter Sc glazier, 39 Christian
Snyder Jacob, gentleman, 167 south Eleventh
Snyder Jacob, shoemaker, Beach near Shackamaxon
Snyder Jacob, tailor, 242 Sassafras
Snyder Jacob, boot & shoemaker, 5 north Eighth
Snyder John, brewer at Pepper's, 113 Cherry
Snyder John, mariner, cor. Juniper lane & Juniper alley
Snyder John, cabinetmaker, 12 Cypress alley
Snyder John, grocer, 321 High
Snyder John, shoemaker, 36 Appletree alley
Snvder John, hatter, 17 Ann st.
Snyder John, deputy sheriff, 50 Oak (N. L.) ab. hayscales

-Snyder John, cabinetmaker, 334 north Front
Snyder Joseph, shipsmith, NW cor. Swan son 2c Christian
Snyder Joseph, shipwright, 352 south Front
Snyder Joseph, gilder and composition manuf. 105 Walnut
Snyder Joseph K. grocer, NW cor. High & Twelfth — d. h.

Thirteenth below High, opposite Clover
Snyder Mary, teacher, 4 Fromberger's court

Snyder Mrs. , widow, 117 south Sixth

Snyder Peter, blacksmith, 20 Raspberry alley

Snyder Peter, oak cooper, back 404 north Third

Snyder P. tailor, 139 Spruce

Snyder Rebecca, widow, 5 Brown

Snyder Sarah, widow, Eighth near Callowhill

Snyder Sarah, widow, 3 Sugar alley

Snyder Sophia, widow, nurse, Fourth near George (N. L

Snyder Wm. Grand Tyler of Masonic Lodge, 62 Zane

Snyder Wm. gunsmith, 14 Green

-Sober James, labourer, 364 north Front
Soby Mary, widow, 25 Ann
Soby Nicholas, tobacconist, 1 Cresson's court
Soby William, tobacconist, 31 Mechanic
Soil Catharine, shopkeeper, 112 Crown
Soil)- John, cordwainer court bet. 7th & 8th in Sassafras
Solms John, merchant, 217 High

Philadelpliia Index. SPA

Solomon H. attorney at law, 16 south Sixth
Solomon John, barber, near Poplar
Solomon widow of Myer, 175 south Sixth
Somervile Wm. irontbunder, Filbert near Sch. Eighth
Somerndike J. stablekeeper, corner Locust and Eighth
Sommer John, M. D. 149 Sassafras [See Summers

Sorby Peter O. 52 Chesnut
Sorrin Mary, widow, 163 Christian
.Sorver J. B. grocer, 190 north Second
Souder Casper, boot and shoemaker, 36 Chesnut
Souder Charles, justice of the peace, 212 north Sixth
Souder Christopher, victualler, Crown (K.) — stall 18 N. I.

Souder Jacob, bricklayer, 99 Dillwyn st.
Souder M. milliner and bonnet maker, 297 N. Second
Souder Philip, late innkeeper, 173 south Front
Souder Philip, oak cooper, Eleventh above Sassafras
Souder Thomas M. agent for the inland transportation of

merchandise, 3o7 High
Souder widow, cakeshop, next 223 Walnut
Souders Elizabeth, storekeeper, 386 north Third
Souders Godfrey, grocer, 173 Mulberry
Souders John, bricklayer, Lily alley
Souders William, planemaker, 74 Callowhill
Souffrain John, hairdresser, 106 north Front
Soullier John M. 132 Pine

Sourby Mary, widow, shopkeeper, 90 north Fourth
Sourwalt Margaret, widow, 7 Kunckel
South Ann, widow, mantuamaker, Diehl's court
South George, jeweller, 157 south Eleventh
South Elizabeth, widow, boarding house, 74 Spruce
Souzard Samuel, merchant, 27 Filbert
Sowerman Rosanna, widow, 97 north Ninth
Sowers George, victualler, James above Rugan
Sowers Hannah, widow, tailoress, Hoffman's alley
Sowers Mathias, victualler, Rugan st. (N. L.)
Sowers Peter, carter and storekeeper, Germantown road
j-Sowerwall Anthony, silversmith, back 34 Plum
Sowerwaltz Anthony, cordwainer, Scott's court
Spackman Samuel, merchant, 22 Church alley — d. h. 308

Mulberry above Tenth
Spackman & Wilson, merchants, 22 Church alley
SpafFord Jacob, sea captain, 37 Race
Spangler Henry, blacksmith, 32 Cedar
Spargella J. B. merchant, 178 north Second
Sparhawk Thomas, merchant, 121 High — d. h. 19 Chesnut
Sparks Elizabeth, widow, 145 south Ninth
Sparks Henry, grocer, NE cor. Fifth & Sassafras
Sparks P. &. A. S. druggists, 465 High
Sparks Sarah, widow of R. F. 163 south Second
-j-Sparks Susan, washerwoman, 9 Barclay's alley
Sparks Thomas, milkman, back 368 north Third


SflrR Philadelphia Indejc.

Sparks Thorny, shot manuf. 476 south Front

Sparks T. an<| R. plumbers, 49 south wharves

Speace Christian, cotton winder, 51 north Eighth

Speace William, hairdresser, 65 north Third

Speakman Hannah, widow, If 8 Mulberry

Speakman John, commission merchant, Vine near Crown,

and 2 Hartung's alley
Speakman Samuel, accountant, 3 Garden
Speal George, gentleman, 112 Callowhill
Spear Abigail, widow, boarding nouse, 465 High
Spear Hannah, widow, dealer, 34 Plum
Spear John, weaver, Vine alley near Thirteenth
Spear William, blacksmith, Chesnut above Broad
SpecierTRudderow, morocco manufactory, Whalebone alley
Speck Christian A. tavemkeeper, NW cor. Budd &. Poplar
Speck Jacob, victualler, James st.
Speel John, baker, 92 north Eleventh

Speel John, labourer, Sch. Eighth between Sassafras 8c Vine
Speer Alexander, grocer, lower side of South st. Wharf
Speers Manuel, back 93 Lombard
Spence Mary, widow, 48 Penn

Sperxe , widow, 48 Penn

Spencer Charlotte, boarding house, 35 Sansom
Spencer James S. gentleman, 13 Palmyra row-
Spencer Joseph, gentleman, 103 north Fifth
Spencer Philip, cabinetmaker, 110 Christian
Spencer Robert, sailmaker, 50 Shippeh
Spennanberg Charlotte, storekeeper, 68 north Second
Sperry Jacob, merchant, 99 south Front
S perry Maria, widow, 133 south Third
Sperry and Stansbury, merchants, 33 south wharves
Spicer Frances, dealer, 468 south Front
Spiegel John R. potter, Apple bet. 4th & 5th (N. L.)
Spikeman Samuel, bricklayer, Vine near Eleventh
Spillman Charles, bleeder and toothdrawer, 548 N.-Secoml
-pohn Wm. grocer, 133 N. Second — d. h. 230 Sassafras
Spooner Caroline, lady, 175 N. Fourth
'jpooner Charlotte, lady, 175 N. Fourth
Spottswood Thomas C. merchant, 201 High
Spragg Richard, jun. dealer in household furniture, 8 south

Fourth— &b. 36 Dock
■ague Edward, coiner at mint, 172 Vine
Spranza John, fisherman, Bishop near Queen (K.)
Sprigg James S. grocer, 2o9 N. Third
Sprigg James, grocer, 313 N. Third
Springer Catherine, widow, ladies feather maker, Paschal's

alley (N. L.)
Springer Hannah, nurse, 66 Union
Springer Isabella, widow, 119 Green

Springer Joseph, shipwright, Frankford road near Bedford
Springle Frederick, millwright, Mulberry new Sch. Second
Sprogel Mary, widow. 153 south Tenth

Philadelphia Lid-. STK

Sprong John, carpertter, Beach near High Bridg —

Xorris's •■

Sproul Margaret, grocer, NW corner Eleventh and Walnut

Spyers llo >~s, dealer, 66 Callowhill

elix John K. merchant, d. h. George street near Ninth

St. John Mrs. widow, gentlewoman, 22 Sansom

Stacey Jas. G. agent for N. Y. Union and Despatch Lines of
Packets, 22 south wharves

Stackhouse Amos, cliina store, 178 & 176 north Front

Stackhouse Powell, stove pattern maker, d. h. 19 Vine

Stackhouse Samuel P. china merchant, 130 north Third

■{■Stafford Charles, barrow porter, Lombard below Tenth

Stafford David, labourer, Swanson near Prime

Staggers Cornelius, shoemaker, 175 north Front

Staimier Sarah, widow, 26 Raspberry alley

Stainer Elizabeth, widow of Philip, l07Coates

Stalder John, carpet weaver, Quince below Walnut

Stall Eliz. widow, Mint court

Stallard James, 11 Stamper's alley

Stamper Sarah, gentlewoman, 163 south Third SE cor. Pine

Stanbridge John C. & Co. china merchants, 211 High — d. h.
5 south Ninth

StanclifFe Benjamin, optician, philosophical and mathemati-
cal instrument maker, 123 south Front

Stanfield Sarah, Maginnes's court

Stanley Norris, merchant, 208 south Water — d. h. 74 Lom-

Stanley Ralph, dyer Sc printer, Race near Sch. Front

Stannard Wm. attendant on city surveyor, back 150 Cherry

Stant Wm. tailor, Lesley's court

Stanwood Wm. plasterer, 10 Well's row

Stappen H. cordwainer, 197 north Second

Stark Christian, victualler, 211 north Eighth screei

Starkpine Henry, caulker, Palmer below Duke

Starn Isaac, carter, 118 Oak street

Starne J. & M. curriers, 407 north Second

Starr Catharine, widow, 44 Vine

Starr Charles W. carpenter, 92 Diliwyn street

Starr Moses, blacksmith, 101 Budd

Starr James, gent. 23 New Market

Starr John, saddler, 373 High

Starr Joseph, druggist, 31 Vine

Starr Richard, letter founder, d. h. 163 south Ninth

Starratt James, grocer & feed store, cor. North & Eleventh

Starratt James, carter, 83 Bedford

Staughton Wm., D.D. pastor Baptist Church Sansom st. —
seminary Swanwick st — d. h. north Eighth cor. of Schri •
ver's court

Stead Henry, printer, 22 Cedar ^

Stearly Jacob, 136 Coats

Steel Eliza, widow, 122 south Second

Steel Elizabeth, xuhse, Smith's alley

STE Philadelphia Index.

Steel & Field, silverplaters, &c. 11 north Seventh

Steel Gen. John, collector for the Port of Philadelphia, 196

Steel Jacob, back of 552 north Third
Steel James, carpenter, Fair's alley
Steel James, shipwright, 7 Budd

Steel James, merchant, Spruce st. wharf — d. h. 29 Walnut
Steel John, manufacturer, 248 south Seventh
Steel John, brassfounder, SW cor. Second and New
Steel Josiah, carter, Race west of Broad
Steel Mathias L. sea captain, 18 Ann (N. L.)
Steel Mary, widow, washerwoman, 255 Race
Steel Robert, silverplater, 89 north Ninth
Steel Thomas, morocco manufactory, 114 St. John
Steel Thomas, plasterer, court between Seventh & Eighth

in Race
Steel William, gentleman, 180 south Front
Steer James, accountant, 26 Washington
Steer Joseph, victualler, 104 Wood street
Steer Mrs. dress maker, 26 Washington
Steever Daniel, flour merchant, Ann west Sch. Eighth
Steever Henry, flour merchant, 407 High
Stegagnini L. ornamental sculptor, cor. Ninth & George
Steib Michael, baker, 90 Brown
Steif John, baker, 17 north Eighth
Steimel Peter, tobacconist, 258 Race
Stein Abraham, dealer in watches,'86 north Tliird
Steinauer G. W. gentleman, 104 Vine
Steinauer Michael, shoemaker, 33 Vine
Steinaur Adam, oak cooper, back 31 Kunckel
Steinback Adam, victualler, 13 Lawrence st.
Steinberger John, trader, 125 Callowhill
Steinbrook D. blacksmith, cor. of Callowhill & Crown —

d. h. 90 Crown
Steiner George, baker, 124 south Second
Steiner Jacob, cabinetmaker, 295 Arch
Steiner John, cutler, 118 Arch — d. h. Littleboy's court
Steinhaeur Joseph accountant, 76 Wood st.
Steinman John, baker, 550 north Third
Steinmetz Charles, innkeeper, NW cor. Rugan & Callowlull
Steinmetz Eliza, gentlewoman, 270 Chesnut
Steinmetz Peter, brushmaker, 327 High
Steinmitz Daniel, accountant, 84 south Front
^teinmitz Wm. brickmaker, Coats above Seventh
Steinnutz Elizabeth, tutoress, 84 south Front
Stell E. dry goods store, 19 south Second
Stell & M'Alpin, merchants, 161 High
Stell John, labourer, 2 St. Mary
Stellman Susan, 36 north Water
Stell waggon Daniel, sailing master, U. S. Navy
Stelwaggon Charles, baker, 51 north Sixth
Stelwaggon Frederick, iron merchant, 219 north Secoild

Philadelphia Index. STB

Stelwaggon Jesse L. iron merchant, cor . road aflri

Callovvhill— d. h. 100 Crown
Stenethel Waithell, distiller, Charles st.
Stensan Thomas, tailor, 211 Lombard
Stephens Alexander, weaver, Eleventh below Walm
Stephens David J. gToeer, NE cor. Callowhili &. Garc
Stephens David, collector, 139 Green street
Stephens John, grocer, 287 south Fourth
Stephens John, Indies shoemaker, 62 Venn
Stephens Mary, widow, Charlotte near Brown
Stephens Peter, mariner, Ruse alley
Stephenson E. shoemaker, Fourth near Coates
Stephenson William, carpenter. Lombard below 7'enth
Stergus Samuel, blacksmith, 436 north Third st.
Sterling Thomas, weaver, 39 Plum

SteiT George, carpenter ik storekeeper, 154 north Eighth
Stetler Susannah, shopkeeper, Sch. Eighth between Race &


-Stettezell Jacob, turner &. chairmaker, 473 north Second
Stetsel Henry, brassfounder, Hank's court
f Stevens Augustus, labourer, Wright's court
Stevens Benj. accountant, 10 south Twelfth
Stevens John, accountant, 184 Chesnut
Stevens Morris, innkeeper, SW cor. Ninth and Race

■ Stevens Samuel, capt. of the watch N. L. 371 north Second
Stevens Sarah, widow, 28 Goforth alley
Stevens William, plasterer, Beach near Maiden (K)
Stevens Wm. hotel & tavern, 64 south Front
Stevenson Aaron, soap & candle manufac. 221 sc^th Fifth
Stevenson A. merchant, 186 north Fourth st.
-Stevenson A. hatter, Sassafras alley
Stevenson Charles^ jeweller, 113 south Second
Stevenson Cornelius, collector of taxes, 4 nortlrWinth
Stevenson Eliza M. shopkeeper, 374 north Second
Stevenson & Hart, dry goods store, 225 north Third
Stevenson John, ship joiner, 8 Emlen's court
Stevenson John, iron founder, Callovvhill near Thirteenth
Stevenson John, bricklayer, 94Hig-h west of Centre Square
Stevenson John H. & Co. merchants, 35 north Water
Stevenson J. & Co. ship joiners, Maiden street wharf
Stevenson Mary, widow, 78 south Fifth
Stevenson Solomon, hod carrier, Stewart's alley
Stevenson Thomas, tallow chandler, Sixth abov'e Cedar
Stevenson Thomas, cordwainer, Poplar above Fourth
Stevenson Wm. cedar cooper, St. John near Callowhili
Stevenson Wm. gentleman, 288 Chesnut
Stevenson Wm. currier, shop Kunckel above Callowhili

d. h. 252 north Third
•{•Steward Alexander, carter, Cedar above Twelfth
Steward Elizabeth, widow, Lily alley below Green
Steward John, carpenter, 86 Poplar lane
Steward Peter, painter & glazier, China st.

STE Philadelphia Index.

Stewardson Thomas, gentleman, 90 Arch

Stewart Alexander, gentleman, 278 south Front

Stewart Alexander, weaver, cor. Race 8c Sclj. Seventh

Stewart Andrew, weaver, Ann near Sch. Seventh

Stewart Ann, 224 north Water

Stewart & Barger, painters, 8cc. 73 Dock

Stewart Charles, teacher, 15 Budd

j-Stewart David, vender of old clothes, 208 south Sixth

fStewart Eliza, Rose alley (C)

Stewart Elizabeth, widow, nurse, 190 Cherry above Ninth

Stewart Francis, smith, 373 Race above Tenth

Stewart George, carpenter, Juniper alley

Stewart James, /inspector of customs, 155 Cedar

Stew art James, carpenter, 17 Plum

Stewart James, grocer, NVV cor. Juniper 8c Walnut

Stewart James, merchant, 32 south Front

Stewart James, weaver, Pearl street

Stewart James, grocer, 416 Race

Stewart James,' grocer, 73 Locust

Stewart John, labourer, Marriott's lane, near Fourth

Stewart John, printer, Bradford's alley

Stewart John, teacher, 3 Fetter lane

Stewart John, merchant, 182 Lombard

Stewart John, grocer, cor. Callowhill 8c Ridge road

Stewart John, cordwainer, 186 Lombard

Stewart John, merchant, 142 Pine

Stewart John, labourer, NW cor. Eleventh & W alnut

Stewart John A. cabinetmaker, 83 Dock

Stewart John, merchant, 7 south wharves

Stewart John, cabinetmaker, 5 Sugar alley

Stewart John, ship carpenter, back of 22 Duke

Stewart J., M.D. 301 Arch

Stewart Margaret, 182 Lombard

Stewart Margaret, widow of Walter, Say st.

Stewart Mary, widow of Chailes, Leghorn bonnet store, 29

north Second
Stewart Mary, widow, 479 Sassafras
Stewart Moses, late grocer, 394 Race
Stewart Paul Cox, accountant, Tenth above Lombard
f Stewart Pearson, waiter, back 8 Blackberry alley
Stewart 8c Pratt, cabinetmakers, NW cor. Sixth 8c Arch
Stewart Samuel M. stationer, &c. SW cor. Walnut 8c Third

— d. h. 141 Spruce
Stewart Samuel, M.D. 100 south Eighth
Stewart Sarah, widow, shopkeeper, 199 north Front
Stewart Thomas, 7 Lodge
Stewart Wm. carpenter, 11 Knight's court
Stewart Wm. innkeeper, 46 north Sixth
Stewart Wm. H. ornamentaljminter, japanner 8c gilder, 29

Stewart Wm. saddler, back 295 south Third
Stewart Wra. attorney at law, 100 south Eighth

Philadelphia liicltw. ^T ( >

Stewart Win. bricklayer, 20 Queen

Stiles George, cabinetmaker, 116 Oak

Stiles Hubert, cabinetmaker, Quince below Walnut

Stiles Henry, lumber merchant, yard Stiles' wharf Oak st.

(N. L.)— d. h. 386 north Front

lies Henry & Co. lumber merchants, Oak above Coats^

iles John, lumber merchant, Oak above Coats — J. h. 384

north Front
Stiles Samuel, cordwainer, Button wood below Fifth
Stiles Thomas T. city commissioner, 98 Eleventh below

Walnut, west side
Stiles, widow of John, 411 north Front
Still John, druggist, M. P., NE cor. of Sixth & Race
Still Rebecca, washerwoman, Middle alley
Stille Benj. merchant, 33 south Water— d. h. Chesnut below

Stille Catharine, widow of Samuel, 204 Walnut
Stille John, gentleman, Walnut above Twelfth
Stille Mary, gentlewoman, 40 south Front
Stiller Catharine, dry goods store, 76 north Fourth
Stiltz John U. baker, 122 Dillwyn st.
stineeman Casper, ropemaker, Hanover near Queen (K)
Stinger Adam, tanner, 167 north Front
Stinger Eve, widow, 127 New
Stinger Joseph, coachman, back of 176 Race
Stirling 1 John, 195 south Sixth
Stite Alexander, cordwainer, Faris' alley
Stites Daniel, pilot, 33 Beck's alley
Stock Catharine, widow, 75 Tammany
Stock Elizabeth, nurse, Miller's court
Stock Fred, carpenter, Tammany near Fourth
Stock John, painter, &c. 11 south Seventh
Stock Philip, carpenter, Davis's court
Stockdale Eliza, widow, Lombard above Eleventh
Stockdall John, teacher, 8 Plum
Stockdall John, jun. printer, 8 Plum
Stocker Anthony, merchant, 118 Pine
Stockley Thomas, cordwainer, 317 and 321 Spruce
Stockley William, tailor, 251 High
Stockman Christopher, mariner, 63 Penn
Stockman Jacob, thimble maker, Sec. 46 Chesnut
Stockton Charles, tailor, 145 Spruce
Stockton E. tailoi, 251 High

Stockton Samuel W. watchmaker, 371 north Front
Stockton Sarah, gentlewoman, SW cor Eighth 8c Walnut
Stoddard John, merchant, 101 north Seventh
, Stokes Benjamin, flour store, 221 N. Front — d. h. 23 Key*;
Stokes Abraham, storekeeper, 333 north Second
Stokes Aquilla, flour merchant, 242 north Front
Stokes Charles, merchant, lower 54 south Second
Stokes Charles, fancy store, 82 High

Sj 10 l J kiladelph a Index.

Stokes Jacob, dry goods store, S08 Vine

Stokes Joshua, carpenur, 23 New Market

Stokes S. milliner, 6 Strawberry

Stokes Thomas, collector, 51 Cbester

Stokes Thomas, jun. plasterer, 48 Chester

Stokes Wm. constable, 50 Race st.

Stokes & Williamson, tailors, 49 north Third

Stone Andrew T. plumber, 356 south Front

Stone Asaph, merchant, 63 south Front — d. h. Washington

Stone Benjamin, painter 8c glazier, Wiley's court
Stone & Coffee, plumbers, 61 Walnut near Dock
Stone Dexter, merchant, 45 north Water — d. h. 354 High
Stone John, storekeeper, 151 south Second
Stone Mary, widow, back 251 Race
Stone Mary, milbner, 103 north Second
Stone & Todd, merchants, 63 south Front
Stone William, grocer, 14 north Third
Stoneman William, oak cooper, 124 Brown
Stones Samuel, merchant, 111 south Tenth
Stoops James, grocer, 359 north Front
Stop John, innkeeper, 235 north Third street
Stork Aaron, merchant, grocery &. liquor store, 10 N. Front

— d. h. 90 south Front
Stormb Win. sea captain, 123 Cedar
Story Elizabeth, widow, dealer, 293 south Third
Story Ceorge P. bookfolder, 9 Gray's alley
Story Henry, shipwright, Beach near Shackamaxon

— d. h. 90 south Front
Story James, mariner, 36 Mead alley
Story Mrs. segar maker, 20 Cyprus alley
Story Samuel, sea captain, 79 Lombard
Stotcsbury Arthur, sea captain, 59 Almond
Stothard John, grocer, Broad near Sassafras
Stothart Wm. merchant, store 49 S. Front — d. h. 349 High
Stotsenburgh Christopher, cordwa'uier, Sassafras above Sch.

Stotsenburgh George, paper stainer, Race near Sch. Eighth
Stotsenburgh Margaret, widow, Sassafras near Sch. Eighth
Stouffcr John keeper Washington Inn, 248 High
Stouse Darnel, blacksmith, 34 Cherry st.
Stouse Joseph, M. D. 417 X. Second cor. Coates
Stout George, whipmaker, 29 New Market
Stout Jacob C. hatter, next 30 Sassafras alley
Stout Jacob, bricklayer, back of 4S7 north Third
Stout John L. looking glass frame maker, Coates near 4tl
Stout John, whipmaker, 52 Crown
Stout Peter, mariner, 11 Mead alky
Stout Peter, blacksmith, back 134 Brown
Stouts Charles, drygoods store, 41 Race
Stow Charles, drygoods store, 38 N. Sixth
Stow John, ship carpenter, Marlborough near Bedford (K)

Philadelphia twlex. I H

Stow John, Uimcr, 76 Sassafras— slwp 35 Bread
iw Samuel, bricklayer, 75 Arch

Stqwew widow of John, NW cor. HighBc Sch. Sixth

Stowman John, shoemaker, Cobb's court, (N. L.)

Strahhn widow of Gregory, 190 south Eighth below Pine

Strain Grace, widow, St. Mary below Seventh

Straley Frederick, saddletree maker, 142 Swanson

Stratton Albert, labourer, 52 Frankford road

Stratton Ann, trussmaker, 167 N. Second

Stratton Ann, milliner, 55 Brown

jStratton Christopher, waiter, Green's court

Stratton Ebenezer, tailor, 18 Quarry st.

Stratton Henry, tailor, 15 Relief st.

Stratton Jemima, widow, Sansom alley

Stratton John, well digger, Callowhilf bet. Sch. 7th &. 8th

Stratton Levi, carpenter, 75 Budd

Straw bridge George, merchant, 73 south Front — d. h. 224*

Strawn J. bricklayer, 141 Green

Straylir.e Elizabeth, widow, milkwoman, Ridge r. ab. Vine

Strcaper Richard, distiller, 196 south Third

Streble Joseph, blacksmith, 5 Rachel st.

Streeper John, nail cutter and grocer, 544 N. Third

Streeper Wm. attendant on flour inspector, Davis's court

Street John, copal varnish maker, forks of Germantown road

Street Robert, shoemaker, 48 Green
' Street Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 108 north Second

Streeton Wm. shipwright, opposite Navy Yard

Strech' Amy, widow, grocer, 112 Swanson

Streicker Margaret, widow, 56 Callowhill

Strembeck Catharine, 94 Christian

Strembeck Mrs. widow, 96 Christian

Strembeck John, painter, Francisville
" Strembeck J. sen. measurer of painters' work, 60 S. 11th

Stretch David, bricklayer, back 217 St. John, Miller's court

Stretch Nathaniel, bricklayer, 14 York court, (N. L.)

Stretcher Fenix, carpenter, 129 south Sixth

Strieker Barbara, widow of Adam, 16 Ann

Strieker Charles, skindresser, New Market near Pegg

Strieker Elias, shipwright, Liberty alley near Duke

Strickland George, designer, 5 Cleaver' alley

Strickland Wm. architect & engineer, 117 south Ninth

Strieby Joseph, brassfounder, 402 north Front

Strieby Sarah, widow, 402 north Front

Strieper John, blacksmith, 427 l.orth Fourth

f Stringer Telly, shoemaker, Currant alley

Strobel Benjamin, 448 south Front

Srrobel John, 418 north Front
-» Strober Frederick, baker, 164 north Second
A Stroby Ann, widow, back 8 Budd

Strode Rachel & Elizabeth, teachers, school 13 north Fifth

Stron. James, mariner, 70 Christian



SUN Philadelphia Jnde.v.

•j-Stroops Hannah, widow, 155 Lombard

Strothers John, stone cutter, 3 north Tenth

Strothers &. Wilson, stone cutters, near Filbert and Tenth

Stroud George If. attorney at law, office 110 Mulberry

Stroup John, tailor, 4 south Water — d. h. 127 north Front

Stroup John & Son, tailors, 4 and 8 north Water

Stroup John, jun. tailor, 4 N. Water — d. h. 205 N. Second

Stroup Mrs. boarding house, 24 Franklin court

Stuurt James, grocer, 207 south Second

"Stuart John, cordwainer, 186 Lombard
Stuart Joseph, 490 south Second
Stuckert David, grocer, 36 Old York road
Stuckert David, grocer, SW cor. Third and Sassafras
Stuckert H. jun. druggist, So north Fourth
Stuckert Wm. druggist, 354 north Second cor. Green
Stugg Josiah, brickmaker, 104 Juniper
Stull Charles, sugar boiler, back 39 New Market
Stull John, currier, back 25 Cresson's alley
Stull John, oak cooper, 214 Vine
Stump George, victualler, 44 New Market
Sturck Jacob, shoemaker, Fourth near Poplar lane
Sturgeon Robert, mariner, 158 Swanson
Sturges L. shoemaker, 92 St. John
Sturgis John, paperhanger, 172 south Third
Sturgis Peter, drygoods store, 138 south Fifth
Sturk David, shoemaker, Apple bet. Fourth & Fifth (N.L.;
Stutgard Isaac, merchant, 190 High

| Subers James, black lead crucible manufactory, 364 N. Front
Sulger Jacob, jun. secretary to Marine Insurance Company,

161 Mulberry
Sulger Mary, widow, 218 south Seventh
Sullivan Catharine, mantuamaker, 184 N. Fifth
Sullivan Charles, merchant, 233 High— d. h. 129 N. Sixth
Sullivan John T. stationer, NE cor. Front and High — d. h.

241 Spruce
Sullivan Mary, widow, nurse, 184 N. Fifth
Sullivan Mary, mantuamaker, 184 N. Fifth
Sullivan Nehemiah, shallopman, Brown's court
Sulhvan Sarah, widow, 179 Lombard
Sully Obadiah, shoemaker, Kose alley
Sully Thomas, portrait painter, 49 George

,imers Ann, mantuamaker, Sch. Sixth near High
Summers Catharine, widow, 45 Noble near Second

.- Summers George, watchman, SW cor. Tammany & St. John
Summers Henry, ironfounder, 134 Thirteenth
Summers John, carpenter, 145 Cherry
Summers John, at U. S. mint, Wright's court
Summers Martin, planemaker, SW cor. Sch. Sixth &. S

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