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Adams Elizabeth, widow, 179 North Front

Adams Elizabeth, widow of Wm., Filbert near Sch. Eighth

Adams George, ladies' shoemaker, George near Shippen

Adams James, grocer, 49 Chesnut

Adams John, oak cooper, 4 Little Water

f Adams Jonathan, turner, 5 Kean's court

Adams Joseph, shoemaker, 183 North Eighth

Adams Robert, grocer. N. W. cor. of High and Sch. Eighth

Adams Robert, carpenter, 9 Pine street

Adams Robert, merchant, d. h. 182 Chestnut, counting house
79 South Wharves *

Adams S. W. crier of the court of common pleas and agent",
21 Franklin court

Adams Thomas, shoemaker, back of 486 North Third

Adams William, shipcarpenter, Liberty alley

Adams William, grocer-, 56 S. Second

Adams William, schoolmaster, 362 North Front

Adams Zephamah, wharf builder, Beach above Maiden (KJ

Adams William, .schoolmaster, 362 N. Front

Adair William, cordwainer, 76 German

Adcnck Elizabeth, widow, Coates' above Seventh

Adcock William, accountant, Coate's near Eighth

Adg-aie Daniel, grocer, 21 South Third 3c 65 South SevYnih

Adkinson Jane, widow, 26 Little Water

Adoloh Leorge, house carpenter, 365 north Third

Adolph John, carpenter, 172 Su John

Philadelphia Index. 3

Afflick Mary, milliner, 49 North Second
Agan Jolin, paver, Kckfeldtfs court
Agens Isaac, currier, Cobb's court (N. L.)

v Andrew, dry good store, 6 South Second
Agnew John, fire engine maker, Zane near Seventh
Agnew Margaret, widow, 1 Duke street (N. U)
Agnew Samuel, dry good merchant, 28 North Second

new William, dry good store, 70 North Second
Aiken Robert, tailor, N. B. corner of Cedar and Fl'dril
Aitken John, printer, 89 New street
Aitken Hobert, trunkmaker, 60 Co ites'
Aitken Wiliiam, trunkmaker, 66 Cortes'
Aitkin William, M. I), surgeon, 415 Arch
Akin James, rural lodge, opposite new penitentiary
Akins William, drayman, 66 Coates'
Akins William, labourer, Maginnes' court
Alben Samuel, oysterman, Whitehall street
Albert Eve, widow, 71 Green
f Albert Joseph, bleeder 23 Bedford
Alberti George F., M. D. 164 North Fifth
Alberson Gilbert, 103 Swansor.
Albertson Hannah, nurse, 30 John
Albertson Isaac, blacksmith, 164 Vine
Albertson James, saddler, 9 Fayette
Albertson Joseph, shoemaker, Queen near Marlborough
Albison Timothy, shipcarpenter Marlborough n. Bedford
Albrecht Charles, musical instrumentmak^r, 95 Vine
Albright Frederick, cedar cooper, 81 Browne
Albright Jacob, watchman 80 German
Albright Frederick, 14 North Fifth
Albright John, labourer Petticoat alley
Albright Christian, instrumentmaker 106 St. John
Albright Conrad, 11 Elfreth's alley

Albright J. W. paymaster United Spates, 147 North Ninth
Albright John, watchman at Gtrard's bank
Alburger Abraham, victualler 259 Callowhill and 79 Second

street market
Alburger Elizabeth, ornamental ne.-dleworker 112 N. Eighth
urger John, victualler 261 Callowhill, stall 25 High
.rger Philip, victualler James, stall 64 Second st. market
Alburger Wiliiam M., plumber 6 Walnut, dwelling bouse

Wood above Seventh
Alcock William, callico stampmaker back 97 N. Eleventh
Alcorn and Brown, boot tree and lastmakers, leather cutters,

finders and dealers in all kinds of morocco and sole leather

77 Dock
Alcorn George, (same as Alcorn and Brown)
Alcorn Henry, lastmaker and leather dyer 77 Dock
Alcott Benjamin, millwright 70 liace
Aleut Joseph, shoemaker Smith's court, North Front
Alciitt Jacob, 80 North Water

ker Elizabeth, dealer Queen near Second

4 Philadelphia Index,

/Alexander A. painter 154 Pine

Alexander Margaret, widow, dealer 81 South Fifth

Alexander Richard, cabinetmaker and sexton of St. Paul's
church, 92 South Third

Alexander Ann, widow back 364 South Second

Alexander Elizabeth, grocer 27 Green

Alexander Eleanor, widow 112 South Tenth

Alexander Eleanor, grocer N. W. cor. of Second and Shippc;

Alexander James, shoemaker 147 Walnut

Alexander John, painter, he. 15 Fromberger's court

Alexander John, mariner, 160 Swanson

Alexander George, grocer 52 Swanson

Alexander Lydia, shoebinder 128 German

Alexander Mary, widow tailoress 202 Vino

Alexander Mary, widow 15 Fromberger's court

Alexander Rebecca, cake baker 132 South Ninth

Alexander Samuel, merchant 196 South Fourth
Alexander Sophia, widow 146 Twelfth below Walnut
Alexander William G. grocer N. W. cor. Second and Shipper
Alexander William, team driver Filbert near Sch. Fourth
Algeo James, grocer, south-cast corner Catharine & Swanson

Algeo John, accountant, back 58 Zane street

Algeo Thomas, Cedar near Twelfth

Alkcn Martin, merchant 19 Lombard

Allaneese, boot and shoe cleaner, under the north-west cor

ner o^ Walnut and Second
Allardice Peter, silk dyer Sec. 181 South Second
Allchin George, bookbinder 163 Vine street
Allchin John, trunkmaker, New-market near Callowhill
Allen Ann, widow, Church near Christian
Allen Ann, widow Fifth below Buttonwood
Allen Ann, widow, 123 Swanson
Allen Atlanta, shopkeeper, 10 York court (N. L.)
Allen Benjamin, 9 Shield's court
Allen Benjamin, currier 13 North Fourth
Allen Rev. Benjamin, rector of St. Paul's church, north v:ey

corner of Fourth and Pine
Allen Cairns, M. D. practitioner of midwifery 39/ Race
Allen Chamless, 76 South Eleventh

Allen Charles, druggist and apothecary 180 South Second
Allen David, trader 117 Brown street

Allen David, sexton of Third Presbyterian ch. 34 Christian
Allen Edward, ladies* shoemaker 90 Locust
Allen Enoch, tailor south-west corner of Chesnut and Water.

dwelling house 15 Combes' alley
Allen George, painter and gla/.ier, back 147 Cherry
Allen George, painter 71 North Eighth
Allen Henry, labourer back 109 Plum
'[Allen Israel, waiter Raspberry alley
Allen Isaac, carpenter 11 York court (N. L.)
Allen James, teacher back 49 North Eighth
Allen James, ornamental plaisterer, Vine near Thirtee

Philadelphia Index. C

Allen Jared, widow 77 Wood
J \ lien John, mariner 124 Catharine
Allen John, merchant 39 Union

\llen John, grocer 10 North Fifth, dwelling- 8 South alley
Allen John, sexton of Ebenezer church, next to the cln
Allen Joseph, druggist 202 South Third
Allen Jedediah, gentleman, 23 -Mulberry
Allen Martha, widow 156 South Sixth
Allen Mary, widow, 460 South Front

Mien Michael, cordwainer, 68A S. Third and 20 Carter's alley
Allen llebecca, widow 16 Vine
-Allen Itichard, meUiodist minister 150 Spruce
Alien Samuel, stablekeeper 44 North Sixth
Allen Samuel, merchant back 85 N. Front, dwelling 397 Arc!
Allen S. and M. lottery office 18 South Third
Allen Sarah, widow, washerwoman 259 Race
Alien Solomon, broker 18 South Third
Allen Susan, 180 Lombard
Allen Thomas, rigger ?vlargaretta near Front
f Allen Thomas, clothes dealer 2 Allen's court
Vital Thomas, combmaker 19 South Fifth

. Thomas H. collector of taxes, 6 Elizabeth
n Thomas, grocer Vine near Twelfth
Allen widow, boarding house 66 South Sixth
Alien William C boarding house 2d door ab. South in F
Allen William, livery stable keeper 31 North alley
Allen William G. dry good store 109 North Second
Allea William, grocer 56 South Second, dwelling corner o'-

Fifth and South alley
Allen William, mariner, 71 Plum
Allen Wiliiam, merchant 33 South Front
Allen William, plasterer 98 North Seventh
Allen Zachariah, porter Bradford's alley
Allen John, cordwainer back 296 South Fourth
fAUen John, waiter 50 Spruce
t Allen John, labourer 22 Burd's alley
Allen Ann, widow, cake-baker 91 South Sixth
AUibone Sarah, boarding house 139 Walnut
AHibone William, currier 16o North Third
AUick Philip, gentleman 86 Tammany
Aliigood Thomas, mariner, 567 South Front
Allin Mrs. V boarding lio.se 9 Lombard
Aliingham WU'.iam, carpenter Jones' alley near Schuylkill.

Fifth and Filbert
Allinson Be mice, widow 218 North Fourth
Allinson Samuel, merchant S. E. corner Julian and Wood
Allison And; w, oak cooper 24 Filbert
Allison Ante;, storekeeper 396 North Front
Allison John, carpenter, 12 John

Allison John, v^rain measurer South Fifth below Cedar
Allison Margaret, gvocei 12i Spruce

A 2

u Pl.uadcl/ihia Index.

Sarah] av'Moav 122 Drown

Allison Walter, printer 1 Elmslic's alley

Allman Thomas, bricklayer 108 North Sixth

Allmending Jacol), grocer N. K. cor. of Thirteenth a

Allmendinger Catharine, baker 130 North Fourth

Allmendinger George, carter Beach near Maid-

Alloway Samuel, innkeeper 17" South Front

fAlsop I. Avaiter Sink's court

Alsop Othniel, vinegar merchant 149, dwelling 167 V

Altemus Isaac, sailor 3 Cresson's alley

Altemus James, Avheelwright N . W. cor. of Brown and Se

Altemus John, merchant tailor, 38 Mulberry

Altemus T. steward of city hospital Sch. Fourth nr Busl

Aitimus German, blacksmith Pfeifei's alley

Altimus Samuel, wheelwright Otter street

Alsbach George, baker 1 Chancery lane

Alter and Bispham, grocers 325 High

Alter Jacob, grocer 272 High, dwelling 23 Filbei".

Amber Levi, shoemaker Hopkins' court (X. L)

Ambrose G. scourer 43^ Chesnut

Amer Henry, gardener Callowhill near Schuylkill Th

America Richard, porter German near Fifth

Ames Josiah, mariner, 65 Mead alley

Amos Abraham, shoemaker 176 North Fifth

Amos Abel, grocer near Ninth in Callowhill

Amos Walter, grocer, 133 Mulberry

Amos Jacob, carpenter 37 Coates' alley, d. h. 43 Vine

Amey Samuel, watchman north -Avest coi . Tammany 8c St. Join

Ammidon Otis, merchant 10 Minor,dwelling house 190 S .

Ancora Peter, drawing master 145 Pine

Ancrum J. H., gentleman 325 Walnut

And Michael, labourer 75 Green

Anderson Ann, boarding house 95 North Ninth

■{-Anderson Cecelia, whitewasher 2 Pine alley

Aaderson Joseph, tallowchandler Vine alley North Twc : .

Anderson Frederick, merchant 2 North Fourth

Anderson Hugh, hatter Cauffman's court

Anderson Ezekiel, oysterhouse 4S6 North Second

Anderson Elizabeth, Avidow 63 Shippen

Anderson James, stonecutter, Hodge's wharf

Anderson Isabella, dry good store 239 South Second

Anderson Isaac, labourer 61 Germ: n

Anderson John, grocer south east corner of Queen .

Anderson James, labourer 3 Madison's court

Anderson James, stone-cuuer back 83 North Water

Anderson James, printer 13 North Seventh

f Anderson Joseph, waiter 39 Currin alley

Anderson M., mantuamaker 132 Pine

Anderson Nicholas, rigger Budd

Anderso l Philip, cordwainer 22" Walnut

Anderson Andrew, tobacconist, 9S North Second

Anderson Andrew, mariner back 55 Arch

Philadelfilria Index. f

Anderson Clark, M. I). 69 South

Anderson Elizabeth, widow Shakamaxon near Queen (K.)

Anderson Charles, inspector of customs Brooks' court

f Anderson Daniel, boarding house 21 St. Mary's

Anderson David, coachmaker 221 Sliippen

{Anderson Henry, porter 119 Plum

A::derson George, turner in general, 60 Dock, d. h. Elm bile's

Anderson Hugh, engraver 448 Xorth Second
Anderson Isaac, blacksmith Paries' court
Anderson James, carpenter Pearl street
Anderson Joseph, taylor 137 North Front
[■Anderson -Moses, sailmaker 16 Cypress alley
Anderson Samuel V. merchant 25 Xortn Water, dwelling

house 1.52 Xorth Front
Anderson Samuel, cordwainer Shippen near Tenth
Anderson Sarah, widow Taper alley
f Anderson Samuel, labourer at Deck's shot factory, SasSaf/a?

street, West Schuylkill Third
Anderson Thomas, labourer 121 R".dd
Anderson "William, gentleman 48 Wood
[-Anderson ^ illiam, labourer Portland lane
Anderson William V. merchant 186 Vine
Andrille Charlotte, widow 260 Mulberry
Anderson William, innkeeper north-ea>t corner of Fifti;

Anderson Christian, city watch, Swedes' court
y Anderson William, labourer 2J6 Lombard
Anderson Walter, china merchant, 192 High, dwelling bjrikse

Yohe's hotel
Andress George, tobacconist 56 Frankford road
Andrews John, labourer Beach near Maiden
Andrews H., boarding and day school 300 Chesnut
Andrews Joseph, merchant 259 Xorth Second
Andrews Joseph, dry good store 34 South Second
Andrews Joseph, merchant 92 Xorth Second
Andrews John, cashier bank U S. Walnut near Thirteenth
Andrews Michael, bricklayer 7 Pratt's court
Andrews Robert, gentleman north side Arch 5 doors a- ■

Andrews William, accountant M'Culley J s court
Andrews Joshua, merchant, 259 Xorth Second
Andrews Sophia, 468 South Front
Andrews Israel, sea captain 61 Green
Andrews Thomas, hatter 6 Wagner's alley
Andrews David, shipwright Frankford road near Bed
Andrews William, tobacconist 478 Xorth Second
Andrew Elizabeth Catharine, widow 272 St. John
Andrew Philip, stone cutter 170 North Eighth
Andrew Robert, gentleman, 387 Mulberry
Angel John, gunsmith 97 Dil'wvn street
Angell James, mariner 290 South Front

3 Philaddlihia Index.

Angue John, gentleman 109 North Second
\ngue John, jun. cordial distiller 30 North Third

Anlock , mariner, 83 Penn

Annadown Thomas, ladies shoemaker 207 North Front no.

east corner Vine
Annesly widow, washerwoman, north side Chesnut, fuv

above Thirteenth
.\nnew Samuel, engraver on wood, Sixth near Coates'
Annesly Robert, gentleman, 163 Walnut
Aimers Thomas S. perfumer &c. 141 Chesnut
Antelo Charlotte, widow 33 Lombard
Anthony Joseph, house carpenter 57 Coates'
Anthony Emanuel, se.uai maker, 10 Almond
Antonio John, mariner Fourth above German
,\ntonio Joseph, mariner south-east corner Third and Pluir.
Anthony E. boarding bouse 19 south Seventh
Anthony Frederick, 32 Budd
Anthony Jacob, shipwright 57 Coates'
Anthony Robert D. smith, Cau firman's court
Antrim P. manufacturer, north-west corner <>f Julian St Wood
Antrim John, grocer and Mayor's clerk 90 South Third
Apwith Thomas, tailor Miller's alley
App George, pumpmaker 46 Frankford road
App Elizabeth, widow, grocer cor. Queen and Marlborough
Apple George, carver and gilder 50 Chesnut
Apple Adam, paper stainer, Arch West Schuylkill, Second
Apple Philip, coppersmith, S. W. corner Branch and Third
Apple William, dry-good store S. E. cor. Vine and Second
Apple Henry, north-east corner Fourth and Brown
Apple Henry, oak cooper 92 South Water, d. h. 5 Gray's alley
Apple John, ladies' shoemaker, 21 Race
Apple Jacob, paper stainer Schuylkill Front above Arch
.Apple Valentine, oak cooper cor. Hoffman and Cressoivs alley
Applegate Lydia, widow 137 South Tenth
Appleton Christian, carver and inlayer 15 York court (N. L ;
Appleton Daniel, shoemaker, SheafFs alky
\ppiegate Jonathan, carter, 137 Swanson
Applegate David, Nicholson's alley
Apple George, shipwright, 26 Union alley
Apkey Henry, ropemaker, Marriott's lane near Sixth
Apt Charles, harness maker, 341 North Second
Arbuckle J., D.D. 85 South Eleventh

Arbuckle James, grocer 576 Second, cor. Gerrmntown rood
Archer Charles, ccrdwainer 7 York Court, (N. L )
Archer Benjamin, carter, at Arch st. ferry 22 Elfreth's alley
Archer Job, brush maker back of 132 Coates'
Archer Charles, brushmaker 124 Coates'
Archer Samuel, merchant 39 North Front, d. h. 291 Mulberry
Ardin John, carpenter, 564 South Front
Ardley K A., broker 16 Carter's alley and 123 Lombard
Arentrue William, tallow chandler 262 Mulberry
Armbruster Nicholas, grocer, 361 North Second

Philadrtjihia Index. 9

Armbruster Peter, grave digger, Sch. Seventh near Cherry

Armbrustar Henry, near 11 Castle street

Arinat James, merchant S.W. cor. Twelfth and Ceorge

Arni'tage George, silverplater 438 Sassafras, corner Jacoby

Armour Susan M., storekeeper 6 Old York road

Armroyd Helen, 2 North Eighth

Armstrong Allen, hardware merchant 113 High, dwelling

38 North Fourth
Armstrong Henry, plasterer 130 St. John
Armstrong Thomas A., attorney at law 106 South Fifth
Armstrong John, carpenter 95 Rudd
Armstrong Susan, widow 12S South Sixth
Armstrong William, tailor 343 North Front
Arney Elizabeth, widow 10 North Ninth
Arnold George, ladies' shoemaker 178 Sassafras
Arnold John, labourer, back of 569 South Front
Arrison Matthew, sen. and jun. carters corner George and

Schuylkill Eighth
Arrott James, merchant 35 South Front, dwelling south-west

corner of George and Thirteenth
Arrowsmith Edmond, gentleman 110 North Sixth
Arthur James, grocer and feed store 2 North Tenth
Artis C. widow, 54 Christian
Arundal Margaret, boarding house 239 Arch
fArmitt Thomas, labourer 7 Middle Alley
ArmistesdJas. cabinetmaker N.W. corner Callowhill & Kunkel
Armon Peter, hairdresser S.W. cor. Tenth and Marble street
rArmstead John, waiter 4 Burd's alley
Armour John, tailor, 6 Cypress alley
\rmour William, merchant 6 Old York Iload
Armstrong Julian 178 North Water
Arner Joseph, hairdresser 18 Market
Arnold Thomas, 191 South Second
Arrison John, carter 169 North Sixth
Arrison Joseph, innkeeper 169 South Front
Arundel Robert F., attorney at law 239 Mulberry
Artherton Humphrey, 108 St. John

Arthur Samuel, tavernkeeper N. E. cor. Eleventh &. Sassafras
Arsh Martin, plasterer 93 Wood
Ash Caleb, jun. druggist 66 North Ninth
Ash James, gentleman 2u8 South Third
\.sh James, gentleman 155 Walnut
Ash John P. plasterer, Fifth above Buttonwood
Ash Michael, tavernkeeper corner Callowhill and O. Yk. Rd,
Ash Thomas, carpenter 2 Watson's alley
Ash Joshua, grazier 54 Christian
Ash Rebecca, widow 54 Christian
Ash Joseph, grazier 144 Swanson
Ash Mary, widow 101 South Fifth

Ashurst Richard, merchant 76 High d. h. TO South Fifth
Ashbrook Joseph, sailmaker, Church street

Phi la dclfi h ia In dcx .

Ashton Frances, widow, 37 Queen

Ashburner John, tanner, 321 North Second

Ash burner Benjamin, tanner 315 North Second

Ashburner Adam, merchant 315 North Second

Ashman Charles, ladies' shoemaker 295 North Second

Ashmead Thomas, accomptant 297 South Front

(Vshbridge Thomason, w\ i-,u- .121 Mulbeiry

Ashbridge Sarah, uidow 157 Vine

Ashburner John, tanner 65 South Third d. h. 321 N. Second

Ashburner John, jun. merchant 17 Sassafras

Ashburner Adam, merchant 515 North Second

Ashburner Benjamin, tanner 315 North Second

Ashburner I. and Sons', leather tannery 66 South Third

Ashbrook Thomas, tavlor 30 Wood

Ash'er D. dentist 34 North Sixth

Ashford Eleanor, widow 126^ South Sixth

iurst Richard, merchant 76 High, d. h. 70 South Fifth
Ashman Daniel, ladies 1 shoemaker, 153 North Second
\ahman Peter, cedar cooper back 91 Brown

Ashman , widow, gentlewoman Thirteenth above Walnut

Ashrne-id I. & Co. printers, Ha purt

Ashmead Benjamin, in-pector of eustoms 159 North Ninth
Aihmead John, auctioneer and commission merchant, south-
east corner Second and Lombard, d. h. 50 Lombard
Ashmead Samuel, carpenter 55 Shippen
Ash ton John, clothing' store 150 South Water
Ash ton Samuel, carjtentfer 12 Ann
Ashton Samuel, cabinetmaker 273 South Second
Ashton Susannah, widow 94 Crown

Ashton Thomas, chairrnaker 83 and d h. 114 North Front
Ashton Thomas, chairrnaker 63 North Front
Askew ami Odenheimer, dry good merchants 2-13 High
•Ashton John, carpenter, S. E. corner Duke and New market
Askew I. merchant, 318 Mulberry
Aspell Thomas, teacher 42 North Fourth

Aspell Richard C, conveyancer and land broker 39 N Seventh
Aspin George, calllco printer 300 Soutli Fourth
Aslie Feter, harnessmafeey near corner Tenth and Sassafras
Astley Thomas, merchant south-west corner Walnut & Ninth
Atchinson Adam, beer-house 1U Walnut
Atherton Humphrey, attorney at law 190 Chesnut
Atherton Nathan, city commissioner North Twelfth near High
Atkins James, Blacksmith corner High and Schuylkill T:
Atkins W. and J., printers 154 Novth Fourth
Atkinson Ann, teacher over 0-i North Sixth
Atkinson Araos, bricklayer 225 Lombard
Atkinson Andrew, 68 Queen
Atkinson Alexander, printer back 53 High
Atkinson Asher, saddler 5 North Fifth
Atkinson C. brickmaker 253 South Seventh
Atkinson Heniv H. blacksmith 156 Sassafras

Philadelphia Index.

Atkinson Harrison, silver plater 20 Barron street

\tkinson James, teacher 96 Poplar

\tkinson Joel, merchant tailor 64 Ohesnut d. h. 129 S. Ninth

f Atkinson Maria, widow Dean's alley

Atkinson Phineas, biscuit baker 6 Prospect alley

Vtkinson Samuel C. printer 16 Elfreth's alley

Atkinson Watson, conveyancer, 19j Cresson's alley

Atlee Edwin A., M. D. 180 Sassafras

Atlee Edwin P., M. D. 137 Vine

Atmore Hannah, 163 South Third

Attmore, M. clock and watchmaker S.E. corner Front & Chest

Atwood James, merchant 9 North Front, dwelling 19 Race

Atwood St Co., merchants 111 High

Aubert John Peter, cook 209 South Fourth

Aubrey George, blacksmith 206 Lombard

Auchinfeck Mary, widow Drinker's court

Audes Joseph, painter and glazier 2 Smith's court

August B., dancing master 2 Taylor's alley

\ugustine Peter, pastry cook 219 South Fifth

Aujour Rebecca, widow, Sixth near Fitzwater

Auner Peter, tailor 79 Cherry

Auner Joseph G., bookbinder &c. 79 Cherry

Austin Hannah, widow 148 Mulberry

Austin Esther, widow Federal near Second

Austin Hosea, oysterman 50 Mead alley

Austin James A., druggist 273 North Third

Austin Margaret, widow, teacher, 364 South Second

Austin Grace, boarding house 183 High

Austie Margaret, widow boarding house 215 High

Avery John & Co., merchants 65 South ?ront

Avery Isaac, combmaker, 133 South Second

Avis Joseph, innkeeper 13 Shippen ,

Avis George, shoemaker, Beach nea T Maiden (K.)

Avolt John, sawyer Sch. Sixth between Chesnut and G*eoi

Axford Samuel J., merchant taylor Fries' court

Aydclatt Margaret, widow 17 Parbam's alley

Ayers Mary, widow, seamstress S2 Mead alley

Ayers David B., druggist, Beacn near Maiden (K.)

{Avers Daniel, mariner, 20 Blackberry alley

Aykroid Josiah, cordwainer, Scurgesse's court

Aylward Michael, harness-rmker, 23 Lawrence

Aymard L., cabinetmaker 7'1 Penn

Ayris James, bricklayer, 162 South Fifth

Ayrs S., grocer north-easi corner Catharine and Swanson

Azan Rachel, silk dyer aid plumist, 132 South Sixth

BABCOCK JACOB, set captain, 163 North Water
Babcock Joseph, sea captain New-market near P<?gg street
Bab Grace, widow seamstress 15 Sassafras alley
Babe Margaret, shopkeeper 197 South Second
Babe Luke, cabinetmaker 45 CaJlowhill

12 Philadelphia Index.

Babe Richard, hatter 85 Shippen

Babe Catharine, milliner 39 Pine

Rube George, druggist north-east corner of Front and South

Babb'mgton Thomas, Vrushmaker Queen near Fourth

Babblington James, oysterman 2 Bird's alley

Babnew David, innkeeper S. E. coiner Front and Spruce

Bache Franklin, M. U. 206 Spruce

Bache Richard, post master 116 Chesnut, see Beach

Bachman P., baker 96 Crown

Bacon David, carpenter 192 North Front

Bacon Edmond, shoemaker back Poplar lane n. St. John's st

Bacon George, engraver of music 168 South Third

Bacon George, music store 66 Chesnut street

Bacon Ephraim, gentleman 279 High

Bacon and Hart, music store 11 South Fourth

Bacon Job, merchant 25 Dock, dwelling 234 Filbert

Bacon John, city treasurer, office city hall south-west cornet'

Chesnut and Fifth, dwelling 119 Race
Bacon David, livery stables 1 New-market
Bacon Richard, carpenter 98 Budd
Bacon Isaac, cabinetmaker 66 Lombard
Bacon Joseph, sen. late ironmonger 190 North Front
Bacon Joseph, jun. ironmonger 188 North Front
Bacon Thomas, merchant 25 New-market
Badlun Joseph, tallowchandler, 8 and 10 Vernon
Badger James, hatter Lemon street
Badger Samuel alderman, office corner Little George ami

Swanwick, dwelling S. W. corner Sixth and Little George
Badaraque Thomas, accountant 179 Pine
Bafford William, mariner 19 Cox's alley
Bagia Angelo, innkeeper 145 South Eighth
Bagge John G., grocer 1 CI Swanson
Baggs and Barras, tailors 137 North Third
Bailey Chester, agent for V. S. mail stage and New York and

Baltimore post coach lims 30 South Third and 24 Wash

ington square
Baiiey Lydia R., widow printtr 10 North alley
Bailey Nathan, merchant 7 North Second
Bailey Wm. jun , clockmaker, &.<t. 80 High d. h. 3 Lodge alley
Bailey Abner, stone mason Upper-ferry road near Schuylkill
Bailey Francis, back 134 South Fourth

Bailey Charles, house carpenter Hgh West Schuylkill Fifth
Bailey Jane, widow Third above German
Bailey James, labourer 40 St. Mury
Bailey John, dyer 196 South Third
Bailey Samuel, dry good store 425 North Second
Bailey Richard, supercargo N. E. cornel George and Tenth
j-Bailey Levi, labourer 15 Middle alley
Bailey Sarah Mrs. 290 Lombard
Bailey and Willis, merchants 31 South Wharves, dwelling

91 South Third
Bailey John, tavernkeeper 10 Lsctitia court

Philadelphia Index. CAK

Baily John, sea captain 5 Elfreth's alley

Raily John, carpenter Scott's court

Baily Joshua, jun. merchant 113 High, dwelling 18 S. Eighth

Baily Joseph, ropemaker Front near Federal

Raines Artileus, M. D. Beach near Maiden (K.)

Rainbridge Commodore, 310 Chesnut

Baird Catharine, widow of James, tavernkeeper 4 Chesnu!

Baird John, spinner and spooler 37 Franklin

Baird James, labourer back 295 South Third *

Baird Peter, currier Fckfeldt's court

Baird Sarah, widow 275 South Second [see Be

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