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seph's avenue
Summersett John, oysterman, 220 south Seventh
Sumpton Rebecca, cakebaker, 119 Spruce
Sunderland John, blacksmith, 18 Sugar alley

Philadelphia Index. SWJE

Super Jane, widow, 13 Key's alley

Super Jane, widow, cabinet warehouse, 162 Sc d. h. 1(

Suppled Job, house carpenter, 3 Elbow lane
Supplee John, house carpenter, 40 Carpenter st.— d. h. 21

N. Eighth
Sutch Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 34 Green
Sutherland Jane, widow, 60 Plum

Sutiley John victualler, Frankford road near stone bridge
Sutter Ann, widow, boarding-house 30 north Sixth
Sutter Daniel, late grocer, 97 New
Sutter Elizabeth, widow, Mintzer's court, between Callow -

hill and Noble
Sutterly Charles, academy, 118 New
Suttie Nicholas, brickmaker, Sch. Front near Filbert
Sutton John, accountant, 7 Brown
Sutton Mary, washerwoman, back of St. John
Sutton Sarah, widow of Jesse, layer out of the dead, 31.

Gilles's alley
Sutton Susan, washerwoman, 287 north Eighth
Sutton Wm. shipbuilder, Beach near Marlborough
Surveyor's Office, Custom House

Swaim Wm. discoverer of " S-waim's Panqcea" 13 S. Ninth
Swain Eben, umbrella maker, 85 Kunckel
Swain Eliza, storekeeper, 69 south Second
Swain Elizabeth, nurse, 121 north Fifth
Swain John, painter & glazier, 301 N. Second
Swain John W. druggist, 363 N. Second
Swain Shubel, sea captain, Green below Fourth
Swain Sophia, shopkeeper, 363 N. Second
Swallow J. tavernkeeper, 57 George
Swan Andrew & Sons, 574 N. Third— tan yard Beach near

Maiden (K)
Swan James, weaver, 330 south Front
Swan James, M. D. 164 south Fourth
Swan & Johnson, shoe store, 332 High
Swan Robert, silversmith & umbrella manuf. 75 S. -Second
Swan Thomas, shoe store, 332 High

Swank Henry, tanner, Second above forks Germantown road
Swanson Charles, mariner, 3 Bird's alley
Swarf Catharine, tailoress, 70 Budd
Swartz George, tailor, 124 N. Water
Swartz John, furrier. Minor between Fifth and Sixth — d. h.

NW cor. Mulberry &. Eighth
Swartz Joseph, weaver, 319 N. Third
Swayer Peter, 366 north Third
Sweat James, shoemaker, New Market near Pegg
Sweeney James, ropemaker, 111 Carpenter
Sweeny Archibald, Federal near Second ^
Sweeny Dennis, dealer, 46 Mary street (s!;
Sweeny Hugh & Dennis, grocers, NW cor. Shippen 8c Crab
Sweeny John, sandman, Pegg near Front

TAM Philadelphia Indejc.

■ Sweeny Martha, boarding- house, 1 N. Eighth
Sweeny Miles, labourer, Say st.
Sweeny Samuel, grocer, NW cor. Third & German
Sweeny Sarah, milliner, 1 13 north Second
Sweepcnheiser John, gunstock maker, 453 north Third
Sweet John B. merchant, 65 8. Front — d. h. 43 S. Eighth
Sweeten William, Federal below Second
Sweitzer John, cordwainer, Old York road near Brow n
Sweney Archibald, NW cor. Sch. Seventh & Cotter
Sweny Dennis, dealer, 46 St. Mary

Sweyer Henry, grocer, 195 I\ . Third — d. h. 70 N. Seventh
Sweyer Sc Koons, grocers, 195 N. Third
Swift Crispin, cordwainer, 174 Vine
Swift John, attorney at law, oflice 60 S. Sixth — d. It. 107

Eleventh below VValnut
Swift John W. 103 Pine
Swift Robert, shopkeeper, 232 Mulberry'
Swift Samuel, drayman, Fourth near George (N. L.)
Swinney Da\ id, labourer, Lombard W. of Sch. Seventh
Switzer Jacob, combmaker, 264 St. John
Switzer John, comb maker, Fourth above Georg'e (K.)
Swope George, painter, 351 N. Second
Sword A. C. storekeeper & boarding house, 70 S. Fourth
Swyer Sarah, widow, shopkeeper, Perry st.
Svbert Elizabeth, widow, shopkeeper, Fourth near Georgr,

Svbert Phoebe, widow, shopkeeper, 7 Wagner's alley
Syors Abbey, widow, 138 Brown
Syfrist Uphanina, widow of Frederick, 227 Cedar
Sykes R. W. attorney at law, 49 south Fifth
Sykes William, gentleman, 49 south Fifth
Sykes William, shoemaker, back 207 Boehm's eoui't
Symington Sarah, teacher, 270 Mulberry

TABER ANTIPAS, mariner, 224 south Fifth

Tacey Joseph M. hairdresser, 324 N. Second

Tacy Robert, gentleman, 85 south Second

Tage Wm. tailor, Phiffer's alley near New Market st.

Tagert Joseph, president of the Farmers' and Mechanic* 3

Bank, 70 south Sixth
Taggart Ann, widow, seamstress, back 20 Almond
Taggart Charles, labourer, Dougherty's alley
Taggert John, stonecutter, Raspberry lane
Taggert Robert, cabinetmaker, 194 Lombard
Taggert Wm. at mint, 110 Cherry
Talbert John, blacksmith, Smith's court
Talley Mary, milliner, 169 south Second
Talmage E. S. shoemaker, 172 Sassafras
Talmage Wm. shoemaker, 7 Hinckel's court
Tallman George, victualler, 252 N. Front
Tallman Mary, widow, Margaretta near Fn
Tarns & Co. china merchants. 192 High

Philadelphia Index. TAY

Tanner Ann, widow, 111 Carpenter (S.)
Tanner Benjamin, engraver, 74 south Eighth
Tanner H. B. engraver, Library— d. h. 8 Sansom
Tannier John, ropemaker, NE cor. Federal and Second
Tappan Win. B. teacher, 34 S. 6th — school over 118 Chesnut
Tarbett Henry, stocking weaver, Sch. Second below Pine
Tarbett James, weaver, Sassafras near Sch. Seventh
Tarney James, labourer, 198 St. John
Tarripin Benjamin, keeper of carts & carter, Rose alley
Tarris Charles, carpenter, 6 Federal
Tarris John, sea captain, 489 south Front
Tasca G. B. confectioner, 188 and 175 High
Tash Samuel, grocer, cor. Callowhill and Washington
Task Joseph, cordwainer, 10 Pennsylvania avenue
Tate L. drygoods store, 15 Powell
Tate Robert, grocer, NW cor. Fourth and Plum
■{-Tate Solomon, labourer, Sansom's alley
Tate Wm. sandman, Thorn's court (N. L.)
Tatem Ann A. widow, 45 N. Eighth
Tatem Edward, sea captain, 74 Christian
Tatem Joseph E. sailmaker, China st.
Tatem Mary, widow, 187 Green
Tatem Mary, widow, 17 Lombard
Taws Catharine, widow, dealer, 60 German
Taws Charles, musical instrument maker, 74 Union
Taxis John, cabinetmaker, 29 Green
Taylor Abraham, tallow chandler, 2 New Market
Taylor Absalom, cordwainer, 39 Beck's alley
Taylor Adam, rigger, M'Culley's court
Taylor Alexander, shipwright, 502 south Second
Taylor Alexander, sea captain, 5 Chancery lane
Tavlor Alice, widow, 20 Cvpress alley
Taylor Amos, merchant, 44 & 46 N. Water — d. h. 219 Arch
Taylor Ann, dealer, Fourth near Carpenter
Taylor Anthony, labourer, Swanson near Almond
Taylor Bankson, merchant, Bickley's wharf— d.h. 30 Race
Taylor Benj. brushmaker, 4 N. Third— d. h. 90£ X. Front
Taylor Charles, oak cooper, 121 N. Water
Taylor Charles, merchant, 47 N. Water
Taylor Charles F. cordwainer, 5 Cherry
Taylor Christiana, seamstress, Marriott's lane near Sixth
Taylor Curtis, plasterer, 213 Callowhill
Taylor Deborah, drygoods store, 24 N. Sixth
Taylor Elizabeth, widow, 114 south Eighth
Taylor Enoch, bricklayer, back 29 Elfreth's alley
f Taylor George, stevedore, 3 Freytag's alley
Taylor George, carter, 13 Kunckel
Taylor George, mariner, 12 Stamper's alley
Taylor George W. silversmith, 5 Knight's court
Taylor George, baker, 21 Bank
Taylor George, jun. stock &c. broker, 85 Cheenut
/Taylor George, tinplate worker, 116 N. Second


TAY Philadelphia index,

Taylor Hester, widow, 37 Sansom

Taylor Henry, attendant in store, N. Second near Ottei

Taylor Isaac P. storekeeper, ISO N. Second

Taylor Isaac, cordwainer, Fiftli near Plum

Taylor James, labourer, back 134 south Fourth

Taylor James, carpenter, Fourth near Carpenter (S. v ,

Taylor James, shipwright, 67 Budd

Taylor Rev. James, 246 Walnut

Taylor Jane, drygoods store, 25 N. Front

Tavlor Jane & Mary, mantuamaker and schoolmistress, 286

N. Eighth
Taylor Jeremiah, cordwainer, back of 9 Crown
Taylor John, turner in metals, Vine above Thirteenth
Taylor John M. victualler, 223 Swanson
Taylor John, gentleman, S\V cor. Margaretta and Front
Taylor John, carpenter, 102 Budd
Taylor Joseph, gentleman, 94 Wood

Taylor Joseph, innkeeper (sign of Cross Keys) 18 N. Fourth
Taylor Joseph, plasterer, Sch. Seventh above Mulberry
Taylor Levi, grocer, 246 south Second
Taylor Levi, trader, Germ an town road
Tavlor Levin, well-digger, Rihl's court
Taylor Lewis, merchant, 59 N. Seventh
Taylor Luther, watchmaker, 51 N. Third
Taylor Lydia, widow, 60. Mulberry
Taylor Mary, seamstress, 299 Vine
Taylor Mary, shopkeeper, Tammany near Dillwyn
Taylor Moses, teacher, school NE corner Buttonwood and

Eighth— d. h. 299 Callowhill
Taylor Mrs. widow of Robert, Windsor chairmaker, 154 N.

Taylor Philip, morocco dresser, Fourth above George (K)
Taylor Philip, saddler, 223 .Swanson

Taylor Rebecca, widow, shopkeeper, S W cor. Cherry & 7th
Taylor Richard, mariner, 223 Callowhill
Taylor Richard, mariner, NE cor. Callowhill and Sixth
Taylor Robert, hatter, back 326 Sassafras
Taylor Robert, weaver, Vine alley
Taylor Robert, merchant, 206 Mulberry
Taylor R. & C.Keen, merchants, 143 High
Taylor Samuel, brush maker, 28 Branch
Taylor Samuel, carpenter, Thirteenth below High
Taylor Sarah Ann, tailoress, SW cor. Swanson and Queen
Taylor Shadrack h Joseph, bookbinders, 384 N. Second
Taylor Simon S. manner, back 375 south Front
Taylor Thomas, tailor, 34 and d. h. 150 N. Water
Taylor Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 247 south Front
Taylor Thomas, currier, 39 Walnut
Taylor Thomas, sea captain, 7 Penn
Taylor Thomas, cordwainer, 183 N. Front
Taylor Thomas, cordwainer, 267 N. Front
Taylor Tracy, hardware merchant, cor. Beach k Maiden

Philadelphia Index. THA

J'ayior Tail) - , mariner, 7 Little's row

Taylor William, jun. merchant, 132 Mulbern

Taylor William, blacksmith, Sheaff's alley

Taylor William, tinplate worker, 55 Sassatr^s

Taylor William, labourer, Vine near Broad

Taylor Wm. jun. merchant, 184 and d. h. 399 High

Taylor Wm. & Geo. W. shoe warehouse, 124 High

Taylor Wm. tin 8c sheet iron manufacturer, 135 N, Sec

Taylorson Robert, cordwainer, 133 south Sixth

Teal Aaron, shallopman, Perkenpine court

Teal George, lace weaver, 6 Hoffman's alley

Teal Harvey, sea captain, 53 Queen

Teal Jacob, cabinetmaker, 4 Hoffman's alley

Teamer Henrietta, 17 Blackhorse alley

Teamy Sarah, nurse, 32 German

Teany Jacob, carpenter, 50 Mechanic

Tear Mary, widow, 88 Shippen

Teas Bernard, copperplate printer, 228 N. Sixth

Teas M. schoolmistress, back of 463 N. Second

Teas Rachel, teacher, 5 Fetter lane

Tebou Marv, mantuamaker, Hoffman's alley

Teel Ezekiel, 15 Beck's alley

Teeple John, cordwainer, back 161 Christian

Teese Daniel, spinning-wheel maker, 150 north Front

Teisseire Anthony, merchant, 247 High — d. h. 294 Chesnut-

Teisseire James, merchant — 247 High — d. h. 294 Chesnut

Teller Curtis, plasterer, Wood near Tenth

Tempest Robert, jeweller, 36 George (S)

Tempest Wm. carpenter, 94 Cedar

Temple Daniel G. drygoods store, 40 south Second

Temple Solomon, druggist, 2 N. Fourth — d. h. 6 Church ay.

Tenbrook Abraham, attorney at law, 115 Spruce

Tennant Christopher & Co. stone cutters, SE cor. of Tenth

and Filbert— d. h. 397 High
Tennant Christopher, drygoods store, 443 High
Tennant J. drygoods, Sec. 227 south Second
•JTennant William, 23 Union

Tennent J. ladies corset manufactory, 77 south Third
Tennery William, shoemaker, back of 97 Coates
Tenncy E. M. bellman, &c. 43 Mead alley
Terrier Frederick Daniel, gentleman, 297 N. Third
Terrill Ephraim, fancy dry goods store, 26 south Fourth
Terry David, cordwainer, 1 11 Cherry
Terr}' Jonas, cordwainer, Hause's court
Terry Wm. worsted manufac. 28 Budd
Test David, tanner, 198 Noble
Test John, brushmaker, Noble near Fourth
Teston Sarah, widow, Lombard above Tenth
Teter Mary, widow, Race near Sch. Eighth
Teterel Francis, merchant, 265 High — d. h. 2 north Ninth
Texier M. Master of Arms, 14 south Eighth
Thackara William, plasterer, 218 Pine

THO Philadelphia Index.

Thackara William, engraver, 12 south Twel
Thackaray Mark, tailor, German near Second
Thatcher Hannah, widow, Smith's alley
Thatcher L. R. & Co. merchants, 33 north Water
Thatcher Mary, widow of Andrew, 312 north P'ront
Thatcher & Thompson, druggists, &c. NW cor. of High 8c

Thatcher Rev. William, of St. George's Church, 86 north

Thatcher, widow of Joseph, 396 north Third
Thaw Man-, tailoress, back of 198 north Eighth
Thaw Win. accountant, 39 Old York road
Theill Henry, printer, 243 Cedar
Thibault & Brothers, jewellers, 66 south Second
Thibault C. widow, 31 Powell

Thibault Felix, jeweller, 66 south Second — d. h. 159 Pine
Thibault Fred, goldsmith, 66 south Second— d. h. 12 Spruce
Thomas Abigail, storekeeper, 153 north Fourth
Thomas Amor, tailor, 60 Shippen
Thomas, Ann, teacher, NW cor. Fourth and Vine
Thomas Augustus, oysterman, 48 Bedford
Thomas & Baldwin, grocers &, livery stable keepers, 9 and

13 south Fourth
Thomas Benjamin, silverplater, Fourth near Green
Thomas Benjamin, custom house officer, 138 Swanson
Thomas Catharine, back 162 Shippen
Thomas Catharine, Sixth below Fitz water
Thomas Catharine, widow, 127 Old York road
Thomas Charles, barber, 273 south Third
Thomas Daniel, merchant, Tammany near Old York road
Thomas Daniel J. merchant, 24 Church alley
Thomas David, blacksmith, back 1 Little Pine
Thomas David, shoemaker, 256 Mulberry
Thomas Elijah, seminary 36 Vine
Thomas Elijah, carpenter, 469 north Third
Thomas Ezra S. tavernkeeper, Marlborough n. Bedford (K;
Thomas E. clerk Court of ^Quarter Sessions — office west

wing of the State House
Thomas George, labourer, 345 south Front
Thomas George, shoemaker, 457, d. h. back of 463 north

Thomas George, labourer, 209 south Fourth
Thomas George L. merch. 45 north Front — d. h. 27 Mul-
Thomas Hartley, grocer, NW cor. Lombard & Fifth — Paa-

svunk road near Gray's Ferry
Thomas &. Hymer, grocers, Queen near Cherry (K)
Thoma9 Isaac, cordwainer, Ninth below Lombard
Thomas Israel, nailer, Noble ab. St. John near Third
Thomas Jacob M. merchant, 180 north Fourth
fThomas Jacob, fruit store, 139 Cherry
Thomas Jacob, carpenter. Eleventh below Cedar

Philadelphia Index. VI 10

Thomas James, dry good merchant, Fifth ab<

Thomas James, merchant, 103 Yi;.e

Thomas James, grocer, 142 north Second

Thomas Jesse, merchant, 38 north Front

Thomas John, carter, Apple between Fourth and Fifth (N. L;

Thomas Jonathan, bricklayer, 116 Dillwyn

Thomas Jonathan, carter, 45 New Market

Thomas Jonathan, merchant, 20 north Front

Thomas Jonathan, salt merchant, 212 north Front — store

cor. of Water 8c Vine
- Thomas Joseph, M. D. 254 north Second — laboratory, 69

St. John
Thomas Joshua, brash clamp maker, Marriott's lane
'Thomas Josiah, cordwainer, 46 Spruce
Thomas J. L., M. 1). 286 north Second
fThomas Laiv: bburer, 142 Coats

Thomas Margaret, widow, Poplar lane near St. John
Thomas Margaret, widow, 274 St. John
Thomas Sc Martin, merchants, 45 north Front
Thomas Mary, widow, 29 Mulberry
Thomas Moses, books-.-. 108 Chesnut

fThomas Nicholas, Labourer, 32 Blackberry alley
'Thomas Richard, glazier, . b Front

Thomas Kobeit, carter, Jacob;

Thomas Samuel H. merchant, 107 and d. h. 245 Wain
Thomas Sarah, widow, 16 Mary
-Thomas Sarah, widow, 123 north Second
Thomas Stephen, mariner, 196 Cedar
Thomas Thomas G. comb maker, 72 Brown
Thomas William, coal merchant, 23 Key's alley
Thomas William, milkman, Spruce above Broad
Thomas Wm. mastmaker, Prime opposite Navy Yard
Thomas Wm. morocco dresser, back 269 south Second
Thomas W. dealer, 216 Cedar
Thomas Zebulon, stable-keeper Sc grocer, 9 south Fourth. —

d. h. 2 Ranstead court

Thomas , gentleman, 155 north Fourth

Thomman Frederick, grocer, 50 X. Third — d. h. 14 Cherry

'Thompson Aaron, cordwainer, Scott's court

Thompson Alexander, carpenter, Millard's alley

Thompson Alexander, cabinetmaker, 94 Union

Thompson Alexander, weaver, Sch. Seventh near Vine

[■Thompson Alexander, sweep master, 257 Spruce

Thompson Andrew, shoemaker, 155 north Second

Thompson Anthony, bottle]*, 183 Cedar,

Thompson Anthony, dealer, 183 Cedar

Thompson Atcheson, Christian near Third

Thompson Benjamin, cabinetmaker, 177 north Second

d. h. Callowhill above Third
Thompson Charles, labourer, James street
-[Thompson Charles, mariner, 13 Gaskill
Thompson Charles, plasterer, Sixth near Green

THO Philadelphia Ind<

Thompson Charles, shipwright, Perm (K)

Thompson Charles, gent. Thompson's court

Thompson Christopher, weaver, Spruce west of Sch. Second

Thompson C. W. attorney at law, 14 south Seventh

Thompson D. dry goods store, 7£ south Second

Thompson David, hatter, 4 Trotter's alley

Thompson Elizabeth, widow, shopkeeper, 158 N. Fifth

Thompson Elizabeth,-tailoress, 13 Juniper lane

Thompson E. mautuamakcr & milliner, 329 north Second

Thompson Francis, jun. merchant, c. h. 56 Church alley

Thompson George, merchant and agent for the Phccnix najl

manufacturing company. 1 5 south Front
Thompson George, weaver, Thirteeenth below Cedar
Thompson George, gentleman, 39 Penn
Thompson George, gentleman, 33 Penn
Thompson Hugh, cordwainer, Fourth below Christian
Thompson Isaac, druggist, cor. Race and Fourth
Thompson James, sea captain, 96 Union
Thompson James, brush maker, 9 Currant alley
Thompson James, stonecutter, 3 Garrigues's co'urt
Thompson James C. stonecutter, 24 Sugar alley
Thompson James, sea captain, 8 Penn st.
Thompson Jas. cordwainer, 66 Passyunk
Thompson Jesse, gent, Thompson's' court
Thompson John, carpenter, 31 Cresson's alley
Thompson John, hatter, back 154 Mulberry alley
Thompson John, oakcooper, 14 Little Water and 17 Penn
Thompson John, stonecutter, 14 IJause's court
Thompson John, carpenter, 120 north Eleventh
Thompson John S. teacher, over Mariner's Church, Cherry

st.— d. h. 110 north Eighth
Thompson John, jun. cordwainer, 76 Plum
Thompson John W. grocer, NW cor. Second and Cedar
Thompson John, justice of the peace, 377 south Front
Thompson John, innkeeper, 235 south Second
Thompson John P. clock & watchmaker, 151 north Second
Thompson Jonah, merchant, 15 S. Front — d. h. 221 Walnut
Thompson Joseph H. pilot, back of 205 north Fourth
Thompson J. &. G., Phoenix nail store, 15 south Front
Thompson Margaret, widow, Gaskill above Fourth
Thompson Mark, labourer, Meredith's court
Thompson Mary, widow, 119 Swanson
Thompson Mary, wielow, boarding house, 26 Brown
Thompson Mary, military feather store, 45 Chesnut
Thompson Miss, milliner, 83 Arch
Thompson Mrs. J., seminary 63 south Eleventh
Thompson Peter, jun. druggist, 34 Sassafras
Thompson Peter, conveyancer, 219 Arch
Thompson Richard, hatter, 4 HiuckePs court
Thompson Robert, saddler, 162 south Sixth
Thompson Robert, merchant, NW cor High & Second —

d. h. 188 Spruce

Philadelphia Index. TIE

Thompson Samuel, dry good merchant, 31 north Front
Thompson Samuel, pilot, 37 Perm
Thompson Samuel, weave]-, Wiley's court
Thompson Samuel, merchant tailor, 35 south Tliird
Thompson Thomas, blacksmith, 203 Cherry
Thompson Thomas, machine maker, back 365 Arch
Thompson Thomas, carpenter, 563 south Front
Thompson Wm. S. ladies shoemaker, 151 Cedar
Thompson Wm. carpenter, cor. Sassafras and Juniper
Thompson Wm. R. &Co. grocers, 15 High— d. h. 137 S. Fifth
^Thompson Wm. porter, 5 Hurst
Thompson Wm. R. grocer, 130 south Third
Thompson Wm. watchman IT. S. Bank, 364 south Second

Thompson , widow, dealer, 360 south Front

Thorns Jonathan, merchant, 97 north Fifth

Thomson Edward, merchant, 90 & 92 south Fourth

Thomson George, gentleman, 189 Chesnut

Thomson James, printer, Fries's court

Thomson Wm. oakcooper, 17 and 25 Penn

Thbn Charles, dry good merchant, 69 Coatesst.

Thopp J. 8c J. gunsmiths, back of 214 Green st.

Thonnan Nicholas, rigger, back 313 south Second

Thorn Christiana, widow, Coats above Eighth

Thorn Daniel J. carpenter, 137 south Eleventh

Thorn George, grocer, Fourth near George (N. L.)

Thorn Joseph, gentleman, 41 Old York road

Thorn Matilda, boarding house, 29 Mechanic

Thorn Wm. tanner & currier, near Sen. Seventh & Race "

Thornhill Patrick, soap boiler, 75 Plum

Thornhill Richard, plasterer, 11 Willing's alley

Thornton Henry, tallow chandler, 2 Little's row

Thornton James, carter, 4 Garden st.

Thornton John, 54 Swanson

Thornton Elizabeth, widow, Drinker's court

Thornton Robert, stevedore, Fitzwater above Sixth

Thorp Hezekiah, domestic manufacturer, 4 north Eighth

Thorp J. innkeeper, Merino Hotel, 3 Cherry

Thorp, Siddall, &, Co. merchants, 19 Minor st.

Thouron Nicholas & Co. merchants, 229 High

Thouron Nicholas, merchant, 229 High — d. h. 18 Powell

Thouron Peter, merchant, 18 Powell

Thrift Jesse, manner, Prime NE cor. Second

Throckmorton Joseph, merchant, 285 Race

Thum John, baker, 267 south Second

Thumlert George, cordwainer, 242 Brown

Thunn Daniel, 132 south Second

Thurston John, sea captain, 128 Christian

Thurston Robert, sea captain, 128 Christian

Tichenor Richard, boot 8c shoemaker, 70 north Fifth

Tiebout C. engraver, 1 Clover [See Tijbo}d& Tkieka uP*

Tierney Ann, widow, 43 Prune

Tierney Hugh, carpenter, Acorn alley''

TOL Philadelphia lnde.v.

Ticrney 1 ith and Crab

Tierny John, watchmaker, 81 south Water

Tiers Cornelius, blockmaker, Jcc 8.5, 74, and 211 Swansoa,

and 50 and near 1U2 south wharves
Tiers &. Myerle, ship chandlers, 85 Swanson and 50 south

T3den John, mariner, 146 north Front
Tilge John FI. hatter, 289 south Third
Tilghman Benj. counsellor, at law, 185 Chesnut
Tilghman, widow of Edward, 234 Walnut
Tilghman Wm. chief justice of the state of Pennsylvania,

205 Chesnut
Till Daniel, carter, 332 south Third
Till George, ship carpenter, back 57 Budd
Till Philip, labourer, 14 Bard's court
Till Wm. ship carpenter, Marlborough near Prince (K)
Tiller Robert, bricklayer, back 139 Green
Tiller Robert, engraver, 18 north Third
Tiller Samuel, copperplate printer, 32 Church alley
Tillinghast John C. teller in the Commercial Bank, 183 9.

Tillinghast Nicholas, accountant, 229 Lombard
Tilly George, seaman, 238 north Water
Timings Charles, druggist, 185 north Third
Timing's k Holme, storekeepers, 395 north Front
Tindale Henry, accountant, 125 north Eighth
Tingle John, merchant, XE cor. of Ninth and Pace
Tinney Joseph, labourer, 500 south Front
Tissat John, oysterman, under 213 High
Tittermary Ann, tailored 450 south Front
Tittle Moses, bootmaker, 135 north Sixth
Toambs Joseph, weaver, 267 SC*th Seventh
Toby Simeon, sea captain, 15 Pine
Tock John C. tailor Sc grocer, 162 Bhippen
Tod Mary, widow, Pace near Sch. Eighth
Tod Moses, grocer, NE cor. Sixth and Cherrj
Tod William H. attorney at law. 153 Walnut
Todd Alexander, sea captain, 41 German
Todd &. Crab, grocers, Swanson near Navy yard
fTodd Jacob, labourer, Cox's alley near Second
Todd Joshua, waiter, Osb urn's court
Todd Samuel P. of U. S. navy, inquire at Navy Yard— 11

Palmyra row
Todd Philip, carpenter, back 126 south Sixth
Todd Thomas T. grocer, 269 Spruce
Todhunter Joseph, dry goods store; 54 south Second
Toland Henry, merchant, 168 High— d. h. 122 S. Eighth
Toland George W. attorney at law, oilice 36 north Fifth —

d.h.274 Walnut
Toland Robert, merchant, 228 High— d. h. cor. Quince and

Toland Stephen, labourer, Washington st. Morrisville

Philadelphia Index. TOli

1 oland, widow of Henry, 274 Walnut

Tolbert John, accountant, 61 south Eleventh

Tomasoi) John, tinplate worker, under 12 south Second

Tomkins John, cartel*, 420 N. Front

Tomkins Rebecca, nurse, "Wright's court

Tomkins Thomas, bricklayer; 30 Washington st.

Tomlin Enoch, chairmafeer, 79 N. Front

Tomlin Hudson, drayman, 93 Budd

Tomlin Samuel, drayman, 76 Budil

Tomlinson Benjamin, carpenter, Twelfth below Pine

Tomlinson John, Lancaster & Pittsburgh stage office, 41 N.

Third — d. h. Darby road below High
Tomlinson Richard, carpenter, Lombard below Thirteenth
"Tompkins Samuel, mariner, 414 south Second
Toms James, cordwainer, 3 Bird's alley
Toms Aaron, carter, Harris's court
Tonkins William, saddler, back 246 south Front
fTonson John, waiter, 223 south Eighth above Cedar
Toole Arthur, bottler, SE corner Sixth and Cedar
fToolson.lohn, coachman, Ninth above Cedar
Toombs Joseph, weaver, 267 south Seventh
Topham John, carpenter and constable, NE cor. Twelfth

and Spruce [See Tapham,

Topham Reuben, tinsmith, Arch near Juniper, below Broad
Toram Stephen, tailor, 94 north Eleventh
Torbenson Thomas, city watch, 3 Swede's court
Torbert William, 7 Pennsylvania avenue
Ton- Jaboel, tailor, 74 north Sixth
Torr John, boot & shoemaker, 108 High
Torr Margaret, widow, 397 south Second
Torr Mrs. widow, boarding house, 37 Mulberry
Tony Hamilton, tallowchandler, 125 south Eleventh
Tourison Stephen, shipwright, 188 Lombard
Touze John, gunsmith, 101 south Second
Tow ell William, grocer, Fourth' below Christian
Towers John, sea captain, 84 Callowhill
Town Thomas, printer, office back 110 Walnut — d. h. 177

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