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south Eleventh
Townley Sarah, widow, Federal near Second
■{Townsend Andrew, labourer, Meredith's court
Townsend Charles, clock & watch maker, 105 Chesnut
Townsend Elijah, plasterer, 310 south Seventh
Towiisend John, gentleman, 86 Spruce
Townsend Joho, shallopman, 3 Callowhill
Townsend John, jun. clock and watchmaker, 2 N. Fifth near

Market— d. h. 86 Spruce
Townsend Jonathan, corder, 68 Tammany
Townsend J. planemaker, 216 N. Fourth
Townsend Sharpless, drygoods store, 30 south Second
■jTowson James, porter, 7 Little Pine
Towson Obadiah, silversmith, 73 St. John
Toy Andrew, carpenter, 13 Mary


TRI Philadelphia Index.

Toy Bucklell, bricklayer, 126 Locust

Toy John, ship carpenter, Marlborough near Bedford (K)

Toy Nicholas, shipwright, 25 Parham's alley

Tracey Ann, widow, shopkeeper, 80 N. Seventh

Traccy James, porter, 166 N. Water

Trackman Christian, baker, 144- Coates

Tracy Edward, tavernkeeper, 427 Chesnut above 13th

Train Henry H. carpenter, Juniper below Walnut

Train J. H. merchant, 244 Mulberry

Train, widow, 25 Green

Trainer James, blacksmith, 16 Sugar alley

Trail Mary, widow, baker, 340 south Front

Traner Felix, grocer, 174 Swanson

Traquair Adam, marble mason, NW cor. F'dbert St Tenth

Traquair Ann, widow of James, 5 N. Tenth

Trash Josiah, shoemaker, 51 Green

Traveller Reuben, tavernkeeper, Broad first above Walnut

Travelli Francis, French teacher, 67 N. Fifth

Traverse Elizabeth, widow, Chesnut below Thirteenth

Travier James, carter, 264 N. Eighth

Travilla James, cordwainer, 21 Jones's alley

Traxler Mary, washerwoman, 479 N. Second

Treadaway Henry, fireman at Craige & Huston's factory

Treat Thomas, blacksmith, Germantown road

Tree Lambert, sailmaker, 33 S. wharves — d. h. 156 S. From

Trees Abraham, cordwainer, Fourth above George (K)

Trego C. B. teacher, 173 Pine

I^reichel C. drug& chemical store, 99 Walnut

Treichel Charles G. accountant, 6 Lodge st.

Treichel George, chairmuker, 3 Knight's court

Tremble Sarah, widow, tailoress, New Market near Pegg

Trembles John, mariner, Raspberry alley near Locust

Tremper Henry, jun. merchant, 99 N. Water — d. h. 30 N.

Tremper Henry, gentleman, 30 N. Front
Tremper William, merchant, 30 N. Front
Trendel Thomas, Washington academy, 21 S. Seventh
Tresse George, M. D. at Philadelphia Dispensary
Tresse Thomas, carpenter, 170 south Fifth
• Trexer George, victualler, Germantown road above Second

—stall 17 N. L. market
Trexler Jacob, hairdresser and bleeder, 143 N. Front
Tribble James, cordwainer, 13 Hoffman's alley
Trick Catharine, cake baker, 114 Spruce
Trickett William, brassfoonder, Cedar above Ninth
Trimble Henry, innkeeper, 6 Stamper's alley
Trimble Samuel, 11 Christian
Triinner Francis, musician, back 20 Almond
Triol Peter A. carpenter, 43 Mechanic
Tripler Jacob & Co. grocers, 1340 N. Second
Tripler Wm. grocer, 307 N. Third cor. Tammany
Tripner George, victualler, Charles st.

Ph i ladelph ia In de.x\ T UtJ

Tripner Jacob, cordwainer, James at.
Tripp John, currier, 121 Callowhill

Tripple Anthony, shoemaker, 51 N. Fifth

Tripple Daniel, hog 1 victualler, Charles street — stall 18 New-
Market south Second

Trost John, teacher, 118 Crown

Trost Martin, brassfounder, 118 Crown

Troth Ann, shopkeeper, 267 Sassafras

Troth Henry 8c Co. drug-gists, &c. 222 High

Trotter Joseph, accountant, 215 N. Fourth

Trotter Mary, widow, 221 N. Front
.Trotter Nathan, merchant, 170 N. Front

Trotter Nathan & Co. merchants, 47 N. From

Trotter William, cabinetmaker, 28 Tammany

Troubat John, merchant, 108 south Second

Trout John, deputy sheriff, 73 Crown

Trcutman George, merchant, 292 High

Troutman & Eckert, merchants, 292 High

Troutwine William, oak cooper, 1.3 N. Water

Trowger John, carpenter, 113 Browne

Troxell Joseph, tailor, 19 Sterling alley

Trudeland William, gunsmith, 22 Callowhill

Truefit Henry P. broker, 182 Spruce, 3d door above Fifth,
south side

Truit Thomas, ladies shoemaker, Paynter's court

Truit William, hatter, Hand 21 Cedar

Truitt G. B. sexton Scotch Presbyt. church, 7 Cypress alley

Truman George, house carpenter, Whalebone alley

Truman George, carpenter, 125 south Third

Truman Hannah, teacher, 76 New

Truman James, tinplate worker, 102 N. Seventh and High

Truman John, currier, back 16 Jones's, alley

Truman Joseph M. tinplate worker, 4 N. Seventh

Trump Isaac, carpenter, Marks' lane

Trump Mary, tailoress, 106 N. Eleventh

Trunk George, labourer, St. John near Poplar lane

Trunk George, carter, St. John near Poplar lane

-{■Trusty Jonathan, sweepmaster, 184 Pine

Truxtun widow of 'Fhomas, 328 Mulberry, above Eleventh

Tryon George, copper and tinsmith, 152 N Second

Tryon George W. gun manuf. and store, 165 N. Second

Tryon Jacob G. sheriff*, d. h. 204 N. Sixth — office west wing
of the statehouse

Trvon Jacob A. store, Beach near Maiden

Tucker A. B., M. D. 146 south Fourth

Tucker Ann, teacher, Lily alley

Tucker Benjamin, teacher, 44 N. Fifth — academy SW cor.
Fifth and Mulberry

Tucker H. B., M. D. south Seventh above Chesnut

Tucker Mrs. Mary, of James, fancy feather store 34 S. 3d

Tucker Poisalla, widow, 4 Mary

Tucker S., M. D. 114 Mulberry

TUR Philadelphia Index,

Tucker Thomas S. tailor, 6 south Eighth
Tucker Win. E. historical &. landscape engraver, 13 M
Tucker Wm. drygoods st»n-e, 44 north Fifth
Tudor .lohn, tobacconist, 414 High
Tudor Samuel, ropemaker, Eighth near Carpenter
jTull Charles, porter, 251 Spruce
Tull John, ship carpenter, Beach near Shackamaxon
Tully James, carpenter, Christian near Fourth
Tally Thompson, carpenter, Catharine below Third
Tumbelstoii Henry, tailor, 154 S. Water— d.h. 106 S. Fh>nt
Tunis Thomas B. 53 S. wharves — d. h. 17 Sansom.
Tunis & Way, merchants, 58 south wharves
Ttipman George, frame work knitter, 16 Walnut
Turley Enoch, sea captain, 50 Almond
Turfey John, tallow chandler, 157 north Fourth
Turnbull Alexander, sen. 7 south Sixth
Turnbull Alexander, jr. 447 High

Turnbull George, baker, 173 Coates below Old York road
Turner Abigail, widow of Wm. 315 Chesnut below Eleventh
Turner Edward, blacksmith, Hopkins's court
Turner Francis, teacher, Queen near Marlborough (K)
. Turner George, chairmaker, Drinker's court
Turner Hannah, tailoress, 513 north Third »

Turner, Humphreys &, Co. ship chandlers, 251 Swanson be-
low Chris
Turner Isaiah, shoemaker, Smith's court
Turner Jesse, shipwright, 21 Beck's alley
Turner John, jun. merchant, 64 Queen
Turner E cor. Front and Christian

Turner John sen; i71 south Front
jn, sea captain, 64 Queen
Furner J€ -.3 Cox's alley

Turner Jt hn, sen. gentleman, 68 Swanson
Turner John, ;>i'i. mastmaker, Swanson below Almond — 3.

h. 68 Swanson
.. Turner lo ,n, gentleman, 471 S. Front NE cor. Christian
lurner Joseph, grocer, 4 1 7 north Front
Turner Mary, sboebinder, 11 Hinckel's court

timer Mary, washerwoman, Web's alley
Turner Mary, widow, Brook street
Turner Mrs! widow, boarding house 91 south Third
Turner Patrick, labourer, 422 south Second
Turner Robert, weaver, Charles near Coates
Turner Samuel, oysterman, 238 Lombard
Turner Samuel, mariner, Queen near Second
Turner Sarah, w ; dow, Mulberry alley
Turner Stephen, labourer, 142 Swanson
Turner Susannah, widow, boarding house 1 Prune
Turner Wm. A. attorney at law, 315 Chesnut bel. Eleventh
Turner Wm. shipwright. Hanover above Bedford
Turney Hannah, widow, 90 north Ninth
Turnpenny John, commission merchant, 145 S. Sixth

Philadelphia Index. l. T PT

Tusser Ruth, seamstress, Middle's all< y

Tutler Henry, blacksmith, back 18 Duke

Tuttle Edward, shoe store, 32 High

Tuttlc Jacob, caulker, Beach near Marlborough

Tattle Mary, widow of captain Andrew, 29 Key's alley

Twaddell James, merchant, 47 south wharves— d. h. llamil-

tonville and 23 Powell
Twells Edw. 269 Chesnut and 177 High
Twells Sarah, widow of Godfrey, 177 High
Twells Standley, gentleman, 177 High
Twibill Joseph, conveyancer, 21 south Thirteenth
^Twibels P. W. hatter,' 387 north Second.
Twist John, gardener, 463 Sassafras
Tybout Mrs. widow of Richard, 194 Pine
Tyler J. W. phiijlDEWHM hotkl, 24 Bank st.
T) ler Rufus, machine maker, 82 Locust
Tyndale Robinson, china merchant, 10 north Third
f Tyrone Charles, ladies shoemaker, Dean's alley
Tyson George, broker & commission merchant, 20 Arch
Tyson Isaac,' storekeeper, 371 north Third
Tyson Leech, watchmaker, 368 north Third st.
Tyson Wm. B. accountant, 6 south Twelfth

UBAR JOSFPH, bricklayer, 464 north Third

Uber Elizabeth, widow, Charlotte near Poplar

Uerresed widow, 344 north Second

Uhlary Anst, mariner, 98 Christian

Uhle Catharine, storekeeper, widow of John, sen. bleeder,

45 north Fourth
^.Uhle John, surgeon dentist, bleeder, cupper, and leeclier,

45 north Fourth
Uhler George, M. D. 414 north Front
Uhler John, jr., M. D. 416 north Front
Ulman Myer, dry goods store, 82 north Fourth
Ulmer David, sugar boiler, 3 Lawrence
Ulmer George, cordwainer, 89 Brown
Ulrav Frederick, milkman, 51 Garden
Ulrich Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 425 north Third
Ulrick A. & H. tobacconists, 38 Market
Ulrick A. & H. tobacconists, 199 north Third
Ulrick Frederick, cordwainer, 203 north Eighth
Ulrick Mary, 192 St. John
Ultman, Mathias, saddler, 32 Juliana
yUmpleby John, sackingbottom manuf. 318 north Front
Unbehent Valentine, drayman, 216 Race
Uncle Henry, shoemaker, Naglee's court
Undei'wood James, bricklayer, George near Tenth
Underwood Jones, M. D. 28 north Ninth
Unrhule Nicholas, saddler, 150 Coates
Unrode Frederick, saddler, M'Culley's court
Upperman Charles, carter, 117 north Fourth
Upson Dana Judd, keeper Judd's hotel, S. Third bel. High
Upton John, innkeeper, 66 Dock

VAN Philadelphia Index.

Urwiler George, refiner of metals, Fourth ab. George (K)
Usherick Henry, carpenter, Webb's alley
Utter Charles, carpenter, 128 Browne

VACHE FRANCIS A. gunsmith, 262 north Fourth

Vail Daniel, hatter, 5 South alley and 162 High

Vail Mrs. widow, tavernkeeper, S. Front below Almond

Vail Wm. S. draper & tailor, 1 south Third

Vail Wm. H. & Co. fur & hat trimming store, 162 High—

d. h. 24 Garden
Vale John, tavernkeeper, 57 south Water
Vallaly James, tallow chandler, Fifth near Noble
Vallance John, engraver, 171 Spruce
Vallee Francis, gentleman, 63 Gaskill
Vallee Prosper, gunsmith, 101 south Second
Valleite Eli Augustus, of the U. S. navy, 308 N. Second
Vallitte William, schoolmaster, 183 St. John
Van Amringe G. (>. grocer, N W cor. Chesnut & Strawberry
Van Araringe Samuel, grocer, NW cor. Chesnut & Straw-
berry »
Vana Elizabeth, widow, 26 Parham's alley
Vanarsdal John, Fourth near Vine
Vanarsdale Isaac, cordwainer, 11 John
Vanarsdell Aaron, merchant, 305 Spruce
Van Beuren Abm. merch. 109 S. Front— d. h. 19 Branch
Vanblunk Richard, mast maker, 15 Parham's alley
Vanborn W. D. 28 Kunckel
■j Van Brackle Samuel, cabinetmaker, 267 Spruce
Vance John, shipwright, back 63 Queen
fVandeback Jacob, dealer, Cedar below Fifth
Vandegrift James R. saddle, &c. maker, 144 Spruce
Vanderer Peter, mariner, 17 Mary
Vanderkemp John J. agent to Holland Land Company, 77

Vanderslice Andrew, trader, Queen near Shackamaxon (K)
Vanderslice George, bleeder, &c. 105 Sassafras
Vanderslice George, jun. ladies shoemaker, 83 N. Seventh
Vanderslice Henry, carpenter, 350 north Front
Vanderslice Henrv, cordwainer, Laurel st,
Vanderslice J. H. 209 north Eighth
Vanderslice K. shoebinder, 159 St. John
Vandersloot Rev. Wm. F. 127 Dillwyn
Vanderwood Daniel, ladies shoemaker, 48 Spruce
Vandikc Thomas, wheelwright, 20 Gaskill
Vandusen Eliza (Miss) Beach above Marlborough
Van Duson Nich. shipbuilder, Queen near Shackamaxon
Van Fossen Thomas, house carpenter, back 261 St. John
Vangelder Susan, widow, 57% Union
Vanharlingen, John M. dry goods store, 250 south Second
Vanhert Renier, watchman, P'earis's court
Vanholt Valentine, engineer at Fair Mount
Vanhook Wm. shipwright, Queen near Cherry (K)
Vanhorn Abraham, labourer, 13 Laurel st.

Philadelphia Index. VEL

Vanhorn Abraham, suspender maker, i"7 n. Second — d. h

I tfreth's alley
Vanhorn Jacob, carpenter, II Maker's court
Vanhorn John, coachman, 35 North allej
Vanhorn Joseph, hair dresser, 293 south Fourth

thorn m K. carver, 30 Pom eU
Vanhorn Nathaniel, Windsor chair rnanuf. 95 N. Front — d.h.
4 J \ in'-

inborn Peter, labourer, Christian near sixth
Vanhom Redman, coachman, George above Jumper lane

inborn R. upholsterer, 27 south Front — d. Ii. M Carter'-


Vanhorn , mariner, Christian near Second

\ anho) A.brm., M. l). 6c professor of midwifery, 227 Spruce
», millinery, 65 north 9econd

metre John, paper hanger, 53 north Second

\ ;ui:,< man Fi d< rick, tailor, .Mr south Second

V'aimini Joseph, '.mentor new series lottery — office NM

cor. Walnut and Third

Vannosten E Iwartt, fancj chairmaker, 56 Arch
Vannosteri W tn. carpenter^ Woglam's court
\an ivlt Peter, surgeon dentist, Ml' Chesnui
Vansant James, drayman, 18 Green

er I acob, drayman, 31 Newmarket
isciver Joseph, carpenter, fourth near Maria si.
Vansw litis, shoemaker, 490 north Third

\ ansisc .lane, wnlow of Joseph, 196 north Front
Vanstavoren Cornelius, oysti rman, Paschal*! allej (N. f

nst ivoren Cornelius, jun. carpenter, .">J Garden
\ ;m James, constable, 12 Myer*s court

Vansycklc Elijah, grocer, I 31 N. Sfcecond— d. h, 74 N. From
Vansycl l< 8c Garrison, grocers, 131 north Second

ytle John, M. I). 95 iMuin
Vaotine Joseph, ladies sho< maker, 40 Plum
Vantrice Alien, mariner, 40 Plum

rah, back 46 Sprm
Vuiiti-uii]) Elizabeth, widow, l$$ south Fourth
Van \ hek Rev. Wm. h. pastor oi the United Bretji
church, 74 Race

i.!i/a, boarding house, 151 south Water
\ aughan .lames &. Mattlu -w, w. avi ;s, Seh. Third beli M
Vaughan John, merchant, and vi.v consul for Philadelphia
of his majesty the King of Portugal, BrasTil and
107 south Front, BE
mghan John, tanner, 8.5 Bndtl
\ aughan John, ship carpenter. ieaf Marlborough

Van* <.< urge, attorney at law, !.»i MEuIberrj
Vaux James, gentleman, 159 Mulberry

Roberta, gentleman, 346 vi u < :
\ eacock Ann, widow, 50 Lombard

Le M. baker.. 115 north Ninth
\ i fthoven Lambert, city Watchman, 54 Lomb
Richard V. dealer, 270 south Fro

VY.V Philadelphia huh.

n&ble Jacob, mariner, 6 Springett alley
\ Viiiii man John, gentleman, 188 north Fourth
Verdie Mil s, tailor, NW cor. Pine and Water
Vernhes Jehri, clotli sponger, 67 Walnut NE cor. of Dock.
Vernon Samuel, wheelwright, 5 Randall's court
VernouJohn, perfumer, See. 3 south Front
Yezin &. Yon Lcngerke, merchants, 8 south wharves
iVezin Charts, merch. 8 south wharves — d. h. 195 Walnut
Vezy Zaehariah, tailor, 1 Relief st.

Vial Eh/.abeth, widow, grocer & boarding- house, 300 S. Front
Vianee John, gentleman, Second near Beaver
■ A'icker.-. David, merchant, 11 N. Water — d. h. 15 Key's alley
Vickers Rezia, widow, 32 Zane
Vickeiy Benjamin, shoemaker, 241 St. John
Vickery Thomas, sea captain, back 46 Spruce
f Victor John, barber, 113 south Fifth
Vidler Richard, bricklayer, &c. 22 Strawberry alley
Vilegrain John, toy and fancy store, 51 south Second
Vincent Elizabeth, widow, Federal near Second
Vincent Michael, oysterman, 111 south Third
Vmtable Abraham, gunsmith, 15 Raker's court
Vinton Able, merchant, 153 High — d. h. 287 Chesnut
Vinton T & A. merchants, 153 High
Vinton Thomas, merchant, 153 High
Vinyard James, sailmaker, 47 Vine
Vinvard & Shincller, sailmakers, back 123 north Water
Virchaux Henry T. register of German passengers, 56 soutk

V T irtue James, cordwainer, Fourth below Christian
Vitry A. gold & silver lace manuf. Sec. 88 Race
Yivant Charles, carver & gi'der, 127 south Fourth
Voccliu Mary A. 115 north Fifth
Yogdes John R. attorney at law, 50 south Sixth
Vogel Frederick, bricklayer, Sixth near Noble
Vogel John, brushmafcer, 149 north Third
Voge^s Joseph P. accountant, 47 Lombard
Vogelsang Daniel, cabinetmaker, 64 south Front
Voigl plumber, 47 S. wharves — d. h. 91 Lombard

1 Tbo. clock Sc watchmaker, 44 north Seventh — d. h.

58 Zane
Volans Samuel, gentleman, 324 Arch
VoJentine Amy, engineer. Noble near Fourth
Yolk John F. labourer, 33 Charlotte

Volkmar Henry, stove maker, NEcor. of Seventh 8c Cherry
Vollura Henry, carpenter, 141 Locust
Yo" hb John, carpenter, Juniper above Locust
Von Le.igerke H. F. merchant; 8 south wharves— d. h. 5 S.

Vorhees James J. clothing store, NE cor. of Walnut and

Vorh '• drv goods store, 157 south Second

Yo< itlies shoemaker, Maginnes's court

Vyant Peter, carpenter, 124 Dillwyn st.

Philadelphia Index* >YAL

Waeker Christopher, 559, south Front

Wackerlv Elizabeth, 29 Lawrence

Wackerlv Elizabeth, cake baker, 4 York court, N I

Wackerly Jacob, vict. Old York road near Germantown road,

stall 21 N L market
Wade Benjamin, millinery store, 153 S 2d
Wade Francis, grocer, S'W corner 5th and Minor
Wade and Morgan, grocers, S W. corner 5th and Minor
Wade Mary, dry goods, 236 S. 2d
Wade John, grocer, 244 south 4th
Wadman Mary, widow, 220 S. 3d
Wadlow Moses, saddler 113 Dillwvnn

Wager Hannah, widow of Philip S E corner of 12th and Arch
Wager Peter, wine merchant, 3 South 5th, and 136 north 2d
Wagner Adam, oak cooper, Liberty alley (N L)
Wagner Ann, widow 257 Catharine
Wagner Adam, oysterman 255 and 290 Vine
Wagner George W. oakcooper 30 Bread
Wagner Gruce G. widow 32 Bread
Wagner George, watchman 21 Rachel st
Wagner John, gentleman, 13 N 8th
Wagner John, sexton, Little 7th
Wagner John, gravedigger 216 Vine
Wagner Jacob, shoemaker, back of 147 St. John street
Wagner Jacob, saddler and harness maker 283 N. 3d
Wagner Jacob, tanner 19 Lawrence
Wagner Samuel, merchant 13 N 8th

Wagner Samuel and Tobias, auctioneers, 29 and 31 N Front
Wagner Tobias, auctioneer 29 and 31 N. Front — d h 13 N.8th
Wagner William, painter 216 Vine — shop 273 Sassafras
Wagner Wm. carpenter 6th near noble
Wagner -'•■ Hliam, cordwainer 70 German
Wainright Isaac, dry good store 35 south 2d
Wain right Jacob, mariner Numan's alley
Wainright Jonathan, block, and Pumpmaker, 61 i? Water—

d h Beach st Kensington,
Wainright John, confectioner, 40 N 6th
Wainright James, hatter 4 Chancery lane
Wainright \\ m, tavlor Federal near 2d
Wainright Wm. grocer N E corner 2d and Arch
V air Thumafi, weaver, 62 Coats
Waite G W. lottery and exchange office S W corner Chesnut

and 3d— d h 123 S 3d
Waite G. and R. lottery and exchange brokers, S. W. corner

3d and Chesnut
Waite Thomas, weaver 62 Coates st
Waite Thomas, labourer, Charlotte near Brown
Wadge Sarah, widow dealer 263 South 4th
Wadmore Mary, widow dealer 220 south 3d
Waiey Wm. carter, Church near Christian
Wakely Justice, shoemaker 16 Laurel st
Wall er Ambrose, printer, 24 Mulberry
Walker Ann widow, boarding house 5* Garrigues' oour

WAL Philadelphia Indez.

Walker Ann, widow «f George, Lumbard above 11th

Walker Benj. labourer, Catharine near 5th

Walker B. widow of Joseph 24 Race

Walker David, grocer, N E corner of Almond and Front

Walker David, cordwainer Say st

Walker Edward, carpenter 4 York court N. L.

Walker Eliza, widow 119 Swanson

Walker John, weaver, near forks, Germantown road

Walker John, shoe store 242 S 2d

Walker Johti G. taylor 291 Callowhill

Walker Joseph, butcher 448 N third

Walker James, saddler back of 76 N fourth

Walker John, grocer 156 S 3d

Walker John, cordwainer Cobb's court N. L.

Walker John, labourer, Catharine near 5th

Walker John, labourer 6th above Catharine

Walklev James, innkeeper Queen near 3d

Walker Lewis, hatter 358 High

Walker Matthew, lumber merchant yard S. W. corner C a;

lowhill and 6th — d. h. 6th above Callowhill
Walker Robert, rigger 12 York court N L
Walker Robert, grocer 46 north 7th
Walker Samuel, gentleman 22 Sassafras
Walker S. dealer 392 S. second
Walker Sarah, widow nurse 9 Coxes alley
Walker Thomas E. dry good merchant over 6th south 4th
Walker William, brassfounder 80 north 3d
Walker Win. M. & Co. merchants, 137 High
Walker William, ladies shoemaker 179 Cherry
Walker William M. merchant 137 High— d h 202 Arch
Walker John, jeweller & manufacturer in metal 55 Meadallej
Walkins Isaac, oak cooper Coates near 8th
Walkins Robert, Leghorn hat store 23 north 2d
Wall Alexander, Tenth near Vine

jWall Alex, scourer, under south west corner High &f Decatur

Wall Eli B. chemist20 Braneh

Wall George, flour and feed store N.W. cor. Front and Race

Wall George, taylor 6 Swanson

J^all John, tailor 61 Peon

Wall John, fancy etc. chairmaker 87 and d h 81 north Front

Wall Margaret, widow 35 Chester

Wall Rachel, washerwoman 2 Sterling alley

Wall Richard, windsor chairmaker 108 north Front

Wall Ulrich, grocer 300 south 2d

Wallace Alex, merchant 57 S. wharves — d h 137 Lombard

Wallace Burton, gentleman 67 south 11th

Wallace Catharine, widow, Church near Christian

Wallace Edward, coachmaker22 Watson's alley

Wallace Eleazer, saddler 28 north 3d— d h 95 Race

Wallace George, distiller 89 Plumb v

Wallace Isaac, mariner 14 South

Wallace Isaac, labourer June's alley

Wallace James, dealer Queen near 3d

Wallace Margaret, Queen near 2d

W'AL Fhiladelphia Index,

Wallace Robert, lumber merchant 513 and 517 north Front
Wallace Robert, carpenter 109 Dillwyn
Wallace Robert, waiter 20 Burd's court
Wallace Thomas, carpenter 112 Thirteenth
Wallace Thomas K. merchant 275 Race
Wallace Thomas, stationer 74 north 3d
Wallace Thomas, chairmaker, Fearis' court
Wallace Thomas, grocer Ridge, road above Francis' Yillc
Wallace Thomas, grocer S E corner of* 7th and Shippen
Wallace \\ illiam, weaver 13th below South
Wallaee William, grocer 24 South

-Wallace Wm. millinery, bonnet & hat stores 59^ N 2d ZJ 22 S 3d
Wallace William shipright Hanover near Prince
Wallace William, weaver 13th below Cedar
Wallace William, tallow chandler Cherry near 11th
Wallace William K. merchant 25 south Water— d h 275 Race
Wallace and Secger, merchants, 19 8. wharves &f 25 S Water
Wallheimer E. N. boarding house, 363 north Front
Wallovcr John, ship carpenter, Marlborough, n. Bedford (K)
.Walling Sarah, widow, Drinker's court
Walmsley W. M. stock cfc. broker, 55, Walnut, d. h. 98 S. 4th
Waley William, carter, Church near Christian
Wain Elizabeth Miss, 223, Walnut
Wain .Nicholas, gentleman, 2^3 Spruce
Wain Jacob S. merchant, 34, south wharves, d. h. 2 York

buildings, Walnut near 8th ^se,e Wall

Wain and Morris, merchants, 34 south wharves
Wain Jacob, attorney at law, 144, south 2d
Wain and Learning, domestic dry good store, 154 High
Wain Robert, merchant, 411 High
Wain Sarah, widow 223 Spruce
Walnut Francis, hair dresser, 29 south 3d
Walnut John, carpenter, 12 Carpenter (S)
Walshaw John, inkeeper, sign Globe Mill, Germantown road
^Walsh Christopher, accountant, 127 south 11th
Walsh James, cordwainer, 184 Lombard
Walsh James, painter and glazier, Vine near Broad
V alsh Robert, jr. Editor of the National Gazette, 72 south 2d

-»-d. h. 83 south 6th
Walter Fred, tin-plate worker, Schuylkill 6th near High
Walter George, tayler, 24 south Water
Walter Jacob F. bricklayer, 140 north 8th
Walter Joseph 9. bricklayer, 237 Vine above 6th
Walter Peter B. boat builder, Oak above Noble
Walter Thomas, teacher, 209 Spruce
Walters Abraham, white smith, 517 N. 3d
Walters Barbara, washer woman, Juniper above Cherry
Walters Eliza, washerwoman, Green's court
Walters Eliza, widow, 246 south Front
Walters George, labourer, Schuylkill 8th near Vine
Walters George, oak cooper, 24 Swanson
Walters Jacob, tin manufactory, 177 north 3d
Walters James C. tayltr, 349 north Frew*

\\ A R Philadelph ia Index

Walters John, glove maker, 5 Wood j
Waiters John, currier, 88 St. John
Walters Joseph, labourer, 1 Well's Row
"Waiters Juliana, nurse, 87 Coates
Walters Michael, glover, 59 north 4th
Walters Mary, widow, 332 north Front
Walters Matthias, carter, James above Charles
Waiters Philip, sand man, 21 Coates
Walters Samuel, glue manufacturer, Vine alley
Walters William, sea captain, 32 north 4th
Waltman Catharine, victualler, Marriott lane, n. Passyunk K.
Wakman widow of Michael, 163 Locust above llth
Wa'tman William, painter, 19 Currant alley
Waltman William, mariner, 45 Penn
Waltmeyer Lewis, taylor, Marks lane
Waitmeyer Philip, cordwainer, Marks lane
Walton Benjamin, auctioneer, 51 Wood
Wakon Benjamin, commission merchant, 15 north 4th
'Walton Benjamin, cabinet maker, N. W. corner of Front and'

Meade aliev
Walton Daniel, looking glass frame maker, 178 Coates
Walton Enoch, dry p-ood store, 192 south 2d