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Walton Jeremiah, cabinet maker, 155 Green
Walton Jeremiah, cordwainer, Charlotte near Poplar
Walton John, printer. 4 Pratt's court
Walton Joseph, bookseller, 434 north Front
Walton John, waterman, 333 north 2d
Wakon Sarah, widow, 70 Plumb

Walton Thomas, wood wharf and c order, 149 north Water
Walton William, mariner, 45 Penn
Wampole Isaac, conveyancer &c. 163 Arch
WandeU Abraham, upholsterer, 1S3 south 2d
Wands A. H. boot anil shoemaker, 57 Dock, d. h. 36 Graj

Wand's Jane, widow, 133 south 9th
Wank Ann Elizabeth, widow, Hanover near Prince (K.;
Wantes John, labourer, Greens court
Ward Catharine, mahtuamaker, Bakers court (N: L.)
Ward John 1. taylor, 167 north 4th
Ward widow of John, tavernkeeper, S. W. corner of Wall

aflfl Water
Ward John, beerhouse, 75 south Water
Ward John, grocer, 40 Oak (N. L.)
Ward Jehu, clock and watchmaker, 42 High
Ward Margaretta, widow, back of 47 South
Ward and Millet, jewellers, 163^ Chesnut
Ward Mrs. widow, 115 German
Ward Patrick, labourer, near New Penetentiary
Ward William, accountant, 122 Spruce
Wardeil Henry, tavern and grocer, 8 High, and 10 X. W;
Wardell Abraham, upholsterer, 183, south 2d
Wardle T. merchant, Minor — d. h. 7th above Chesnut
Warden William, weaver, Bible'

Fhiladelphia fniac WAR

Warder and Brothers, merchants, Race st. wharf, south side

Warder Benjamin H. merchant, 117 Race

Warder John, gentleman, 117 Race

Warder John H. merchant, Race st. wharf— d. h. 85 N. 7ft>

Warder Philip, gentleman, Rose alley

Warder William S. merchant, 117 Race

Ware Benjamin, oak cooper, Ann near Sch. 7th

Ware, John T. ship joiner, 8 Noble

Ware John, ship joiner, 8 Noble, and 235 north Front

Ware John, jr. ship carpenter, 10 Emlen's court

Ware Sarah, widow Hunter's court

Ware Thomas, chair maker, 74 Penn

Ware William, mariner, 11 Coxe's alley

Warman John, accountant, 57 Noble

Warwer Adam, painter, Maria st.

Warner Andrew, labourer, back of 317 north 3£

Warner Ann, widow of Charles, Starr alley

Warner and Carter, painters and glaziers, 34 south 4th

Warner Eliza, seamstress, 387 south Front

M'arner Edward, combmaker, 443 north 3d

Warner John C. combmaker 84 north 3d

Warner Joseph, silversmith, 22 Greenleaf court

Warner Joseph, mariner, 15 Mary (S)

Warner Jacob, collector of ashes, 189 Green

Warner John, carpenter, 30 Pine

Warner John, victualler, N. W. corner of Callowhill and 8th

Warner Joseph, Executor to the estate of Benjamin Warner

deceased, 171 High
Warner Joseph, gentleman, 223 north Front
Warner Martha, widow, 65 New
Warner Margaret, widow, Lemon
Warner Matthias, miller, Cresson's alley
Warner Susan, mantuamaker, 7 Rose alley
Warner Wm. watchcase maker, 7 Cherry
Warner Wm. sea captain; 35 Coates
Warner Wm. victualler, 24 Lawrence
Warner Wm. and Son, merchants, and Wilmington Packet

Office, 15 south Water
Warner widow of \S m. 200 north 8th
Warner Perry, boatman, Fourteen Chimnie9
Warner Philip, boot maker, Heydes' court
Warnack Francis, carpenter, 4 Garden at.
Warner widow, gentlewoman, 13th above Walnut
Warnick William, constable, 284 south 6th
Warnock John, nailer, 10 N 10th— d. h. 1 Caledonian court
Warnock Albert, chair maker, Lilley alley
Warnock Jane, widow, shopkeeper, 19 north 8th
• Warr John, inkeeper, 305 Vine, N.W. corner Garden
Warr John, engraver, 110 Walnut
Warr Jonah, labourer, Chesnut above 13th
•Warren David, weaver, in Court back of 529 north 3d
Warren Henry, artist, 175 soMth 11th
Warren Isaac, carter, Oak above the Hay fcalea f N, L >
200—2 V ;

WAtt Philadelphia Index

Warren Jacob, cheese store, 31 High— d. h. 2 Quarry
Warren John, tailor, 77 north 8th
Warren Josiah, dealer, 120 Locust
Wuren J. cordwainer, 15 Pine alley
Warren James, painter and glazier, 89 north 3d
Warren James, teacher, 6 nortli 8th
Warren .Jones, mariner, Coates near 6th
Warren Philip, cabinet maker, 363 Arch
Warren Sarah, nurse, S.W. corner Union and 3d
Warren Am. manager of the New Theatre, 12 Sansom
Warr V* m. W. engraver, 10 Garden

Warren William, painter and glazier, Frankford road, n. Bed-
ford (K)
Warren Robert, tavern keeper, 172 Cedar
Warren Thomas, shipwright, Christian near 2d
Warrence Frederick, coachmaker, 3 Laurel,
Warrence Win. coachmaker, cf?c. 105 and 119 Spruce
Warrington John, well digger, German town road neur Fo
~»\ 'arrington I. and S. K. clock and watchmakers, 58 High
Warrington Purnell, sea captain, 185 south 2d
Warrington Sarah, C. boarding house, 81 Cherry
Wartman Abraham, victualler, corner 5th and Noble
Wartman Edward, victualler, Button wood near Old Y. Road
Wartman George, victualler, Buttonwood near Old Y. Road
Wartman John, victualler, corner of 5th and Noble
Wartman Jacob, victualler, 28 'John
"Warwick Catharine, widow, dealer, 126 German
Warwick John, carter, 20 Carter's alley

Warwick Samuel E. innkeeper, N. E. corner of 7th and Ce-
Warwick Samel E. tavern keeper, corner of Cedar and 7th
Warwick T. blacksmith, 110 Wood

Warwick Thomas, bricklayer, 5 Cherry
Wass Joseph, shoemaker, 36 Strawberry
Waterman Jesse, tea merchant, and teacher of French
English, 88 south 5th

Waterman Jo) in, dealer, 456 north 2d

Waterman Thomas, accountant, 76 Union

Waterman Lewis, weaver, 468 north 3d

^aterraan John, carpenter, Fetter lane, near Bread

Waters Esther, widow, 186 Chesnut

Lyyaters Francis, mariner, Elizabeth below 7th

lyyaters John, labourer, Green's court

■^y at ers James, labourer, St. Mary below 7th

Waters John, mariner, Prime opposite Navy Yard

Waters John, teacher, 113 Carpenter (S)

Watkins Henry I> Summei -Ps wharf

Watkins Samuel P. sea captain 96 Oatharine

Watkirts Thomas, sailmaker, Rihles' cotirt

Watkins Catharine, 231 south 2d

Watkins Samuel currier, Vine near Sch. Front

■^atkinson, Martha, widow, 16 1 north 3d

Watmough Anna, widow, 75 south 6th

Vhiluihlphia Index. WAV

vV aires Charles, liquor store, lower 18 south 8th— d, h. 34

north 4th
Watson Archibald, stonecutter, 108 Filbert
Watson Charles, gentleman, 136 Pine
Watson Benjamin, trader, 6th near Noble
Watson and Hunting, lumber merchants, corner of Pine and

8th, and corner of 8th and Orange
Watson Charles C. merchant taylor, 92 Chesnut
Watson Charles C. and Sons, woollen drapers, men's mercers

and tavlors, 92 Chesnut
Watson David, letter earner, S. W. corner Filbert and lith
Watson George, Christian near 5th
Watson Hugh, brickmaker, Sch. 5th above High
Watson Hannah, 8th below Locust
Watson Joshua, silver plater, 15 Plumb
Watts James, broker, 100 Lombard S. W. corner 4th
Watts James G. and co. publishers of the Union, N, E. cornei

of Walnut and 2d
Watts James G.— N.E. cor. of Walnut and 2d— d. h. 152 Pine
Watson John, shipwright, 18 Mary (S)
[Watson John, boot cleaner, 38 Blackberry alley
Watson John, merchant taylor, 46 S. od-Al. h. 103 Walnut
Watson Joseph, Alderman, office S. E. corner Pine and 8th

— d.h. 208 Pine
Watson' James, clock and watchmaker, d. h. 3 Lodge. and 72

High street
Watson James, tavernkeeper, 21 north 5th
Watson Joseph, merchant, 2 Sims' alley — d. h. 62 Spruce
Watson Margaret, stay and corsletmaker, 174 Spruce
Watson George, Morocco dresser, Forks Germantown lload
Watson Moses, grocer, Calldwhill street wharf
Watson Thomas, baker, 84 north Front
Watson Thomas, biscuit baker, 132 north Front
Watson widow, 86 Crown
Watson Thomas, teacher, 73 Pine
Watson Hannah, mantua maker, Little's row
Watson Samuel T. teacher, S. E. corner of 4th and Christian
f Watson Wm. mariner, 247 Spruoe
Wattson Thomas D. teacher 222 south 4th'
Watt John, manufacturer, 119 south 11th
Watt James, weaver, 121 south 11th
Waugh Jane, widow, 32 GHles' alley
Way Andrew, agent for the Washington glass manufactory 01

north 3d - • .

Wayne Benjamin, carpenter 462 Race
Way Caleb, accountant, 14 Branner's alley
Way Joseph, pilot, 102 SWanson ■

Way James, merchant, 51 south wharves — d. h. 16 Union
Wayne Caleb P. merchant, S. VV. corner of th and Market—-

d. h. 38J north 4th
Wayne Hannah, widow, 60 Lombard

*v"KB Philadelphia. Index.

Wayne Jacob, cabinet maker 136 and 166 north Front

Wayne Joseph, lumber merchant 34 New Market

Way Lewis, wheelwright, back 57 Budd

Way Wm. balance weigher, back 78 south Front— <1. b. 37*

Wayne Wm. jun. hardware merchant 257 High
Wyane Wm. and Co. hardware merchants 257 High
Wayman Daniel, inkeeper, 308 north Front
Weatherby David, clock and watch maker, 81 north 3d
Weatherby Mary, widow of Joseph, storekeeper, 181 Coats
Weast Susan, layer out of the dead, 21 New Market
Weatherly Joseph, innkeeper, 117 south Water

Weatherly , cordwainer, 2 Vernon

Whcaton Enoch, sea captain, 14 Callowhill
Weaver Adam, victualler, 12 Lawrence
Weaver Adam, baker, Marlbrough near Bedford (K.)
Weaver Alexander, brass founder, Thorn's court (N. L".;
Weaver Charles and Co- stove factory, 325 north 2d
Weaver Charles, stove manufactory, 231 north 2d
Weaver Charles, stove manufactory, 281 north 2d
Weaver Charles and Co. stove manufactory, 325 north 2d
Weaver Christian, baker, Spruce west of Sch. Front
Weaver Dolly, whibewasher, corner Race and 12th
Weaver Emor T. silversmith and jeweller, 73 north 3^1
Weaver Elijah, bookseller, 5 north Front
Weaver George, labourer, Swanson near Prime
Weaver George, constable, 252 south 2d
Weaver George, coachmaker 19 south 8th
Weaver Henry, labourer, 6th near Green
Weaver Henry, sugar boiler, Forks Germantown K«ad
Weaver Jacob, cordwainer, 7 Shippen
Weaver John, 12 Pear
^Weaver James, coachman, 35 Currant alky
Weaver Jacob, labourer, 393 Tammany
Weaver John. G. taylor, Germantown Road
Weaver John, ship joiner, 22 Budd
Weaver Jacob, carpenter, 44 Tammany
Weaver John, bricklayer, 6th near Coats
Weaver John, dry good s*ore, andd. h. 188 Callowhill
Weaver Lydia, M. widow of John, ship joiner 22 Budd
Weaver Mary, widow of Albright, Schuylkill 7th near Cherry
Weaver Mary, widow 5 Poplar alley
Weaver Matthew, agent 114 north 7th
,- Weaver Michael, rope maker, 20 north Water — rope walk 7th
near Germantown Road
Weaver Wm. gardener, Marlboro' near Prince (K)
Weaver W m. merchant, 101 High
Weaver Prettyman, Toy maker 445 north Front
Weaver Thomas, brick maker, 6th near Green
•J- Webb Francis, china packer, 61 Relief
Webb Charles, merchant, Vine near 10th
Webb Henry, engine maker, Smith's ccurt
. Webb Isabella, 35 Keys' alley

Philadelphia Indeu. WEI

Webb Jane, widow, seamstress, back 345 south 2d

[>b John L. pilot, 140 Swanson
Webb John, cooper, 137 north Water
Webb John, merchant tailor, 89 south 2d
Webb Man-, widow, 22 Little Water
Webb Moses, carpenter, 221 Callowhill
tWebb Peter, labourer, Catharine near 5th
Webb Rebecca, widow of John, 137 Callowhill
Webb Reuben, currier. 78 north 4th

Webb Rebecca, widow of Thomas, 445 south 2d

Webb Samuel, tailor, 21 Coombs' alley

Webster Charles, carter, 15 Laurel

Webster James, bookseller and stationer (medical bookstore ■]■
24 south 8th

Webster John, wearer, Pearl

Webster Sarah, widow, 224 Green

Webster Thomas, 1). D. 18 Kunkel

Webster William, carter, 11 Poplar lane

Weckerly Abraham, victualler 127 Coats— stall 7N.L mar-

Weber Godfrey, merchant, 160$ south 2d

Weckerly Abraham, jr. victualler, 177 Coats

Weckerly Conrad, 205 north 3d

Weckerly Peter, victualler, 28 Duke

Weckerly widow, 23 Green
- Weckerly W. oak cooper, N. W. corner of Coats and 4th

Wedlake George, waiter 244 Lombard

Weed Ann, teacher, back of 8 south 5th

W'eeks Caleb, stable keeper, 2 Fro mberger*s court

Weeks Elizabeth, widow, 115 Green

Weeks Mary, dry good sore, 134 High

Weeks Samuel, house carpenter, 75 south 11th

Weeks Zephina, labourer, Bird's alley

Weliner Benedict, cordwainer, 57 Race

Weems Patrick, grocer, 242 south 6th

Weer James, grocer, S E. corner Race and 6ui

-We est Mary, widow, 16 Lawrence

Weike! and Berger, storekeepers, 214 north 2d

Weir Adam, labourer, Brook

Weir James, cordwainer, Carpenter near 4th

Weir Silas E. auctioneer, 2J south Front — d. h. 353 High

Weir Samuel weaver, Green near Shackamaxon (K)

Weir Thomas, weaver, Jones's alley near Sch. 5th

Weiser George, shoemaker, 187 St. John

W r eiss Christopher, weaver, Margaretta north 2d

Weiss Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 117 north 3d

Weisseman Samuel C. shoemaker, 2 Juniper lane

Weissman Samuel, stove manufactory, 353 north 2d

Weisman widow, huxter, Black Horse alley

Weisman John, ropemaker, 492 south 2d

Weisman Joseph, coach painter, Prune below 6th

Weisman Samuel, stove manufactory 353 north 2d

Weisman Samuel, blacksmith, New Market near Xobte

WEN Philadelphia Index

Weisart Levenhart, shop keeper, Mulberry alley

Weisenbauch Elizabeth, widow, Mulberry alley

Weitzells John H. grocer, 212 north 2d

Welch Ghristopher, carter, Federal near 3d

Welch Catharine, widow, 5 South alley

Welch Hezekiah, printer, 38 Zane

Welch John, plasterer 14 Bons.ll (see Welsii

Welch John, bottler, 128 north Front

Welch John, plaisterer, 14 Bonsail

Welch James, weaver, Ceaar below 10th

Welch James H. chair maker, 16 Newman's alley

Welch Wm. plaisterer, 2 Bonsall

Welch Wm. St. Mary near 7\h

Welch Wm. mariner, Paynter'scouit

Weldon James, shoemaker, 156 Lombard

Weldon John, labourer, Federal near Front

Weldon Joseph, labourer, Prime oppoaite Navy Yard

Weldon John, cordwainer, 92 Christian

Wellford Robert, original manufactory of composition orna-
ments cJc. 145 south 10th (tet Wu/fi'd

Wellington Wm. tallow chandler, back 21 Union

Wellard ltichard, innkeeper, Cedar above 4th.

Welles Maria, 105 Christian

Wells Aquilla, waterman, 8 Little Water

Wells Benjamin, teacher, 264 Mulberry

Wells Benjamin, saddler, back Sch. 3d between George a.

Wells Catharine, widow, tayloress, 11 Sassafras alley

Wells Edward, labourer, 23 Mechanic

Wells H. and H. chemists and colourmen, 20 Branch

Wells Cooper, grocer, N. E. corner Bedford and 7th

Weils John, coachmaker, Heydes' court

Wells I. Dagworthy, attorney at law, 66 south 6th

Wells l.ewis, attorney at law, 93 north 9th

Wells Levi, inkeeper, Vine near 8th

W ells Stephen, shingle shaver, Nagle's court

Wells \\m stone mason, Callowhill near Schuylkill

Weiman Martha, widow, nurse, Smith's court

Welser Godfrey, doctor, S. IV . coiner Say and Sch. t

Welser John, shoe maker, 1 U ood

Welsh Jacob, carpenter, Vine near 15th

Welsh John, merchant, 148£ Chesnut above 6th

W eUh Henry, cordwainer, 484 north 2d

Welsh James, weaver, Cedar below 10th

Welsh Peter, morocco dresser, back 212 Vine

Welsh Phoebe, seamstress, 5 Hoffman's alley

Weltin Mary Ann, dealer, 257 sonth 4th

W elsh James, 272 south 5th

Welsh John, mariner, 94 Catharine

W catling David, confectioner, corner Wood and 4Th

Wentworth S. fruiterer, 131 north 3d

VA eifcz Kltaorth, innkeeper, CaflowhTO near 5Jh,

Philadelphia Ind*x* "WET

Wentz Hilary, clock and watchmaker, 150 High

Werthym Alexander J. messenger to the Health Office — d. h.,

247 south 3d
Wescoatt Joel, corder, comer Oak and Coats — d. h. 401 N.

Front (see Westcott

Wesener Chaistopher, manufacturing chemist 140 Juniper —

d. h. 471 Race
West Abby, bonnet and cloak maker, 49 Spruce
West Ann, widow, dealer, 301 south 3d
West Barzilla, taylor, 154 Coats
West Charles C. merchant taylor, 45 Arch
West David, taylor, 8 Shields' court
West Francis, merchant, 108 south Front
West Henry, cordwainer, 9 Hoffman's alley
|West James, oysterman, 23 Cedar and under 97 Walnu-
West Joseph, labourer, Swanson near Prime
West John, cordwainer, 19 Currant alley
West James, salt merchant, 3 Vine
West John, shallopman, 7 Budd
fWe$t John, drug pulveriser St. Joseph's avenue
West John, painter 11 Race
West Joseph, gentleman, 5 Fetter lane
West Mrs. widow of Win. Prime near 2d
West Mary, widow, 220 north 4th
West Mary, widow, Faris' alley
West Richard, sign painter, Chesnut above 12th
West Robert, cabinet maker and sofa manufacturer 12f W&l

nut — d. h. 55 south 5lh
West Samuel, plaisterer, 14 Brown

West , painter, 69 Gaskill

West Wm. gentleman, N. K\ . corner Arch and 9th

West Wm. sea captain, 8th below Locust

fWest Wm. C. clothes dealer, under 120 south 2d

West Wm. and John, painters, 30 north 4th

I West Stephen«-carter, 13th above Cedar

Westcoat Charles, labourer, Cherry near Sch. 8th

Westcott Charles, innkeeper, 91 Plumb

Westcott Robert, gentleman, Filbert near Sch. 8th

Westcott I. R. attorney at law, 50 south 6th

Westcott and Vogdes, conveyancer, 1 George (C^

Westphall Ferdinand, watchmaker and jeweller 131 north 4th

Westphall Juliana, widow, 90 Race

Westler Erederick, cordwainer, 159 Cherry

Westlun Charles, cordwainer, 234 south 5th

Westley John, mariner, back 51 Mead alley

Westeln James H. stocking weaver, 439 south Front

Wester 'A m. taylor; 32 German

\\ etherill Christopher, grocer, 310 Vine

Wetherill Charles, druggist, 80 north Front

\yetheri8 Geor-e D. druggist, 16 Mulberry

\V etherill George D. and Co. druggists, Stc. S. B. corn. Front

and Mulberry
W etherill John, druggist and cotourman, S. E. corner Front

WHA Fhiladelphia Indus.

Wetherill John P. druggist Uc. 65, and d. h. 210 DortU

Wetherill Joseph, coachrnaker, 378 south 2d
Wetherill Mordecai, oil and colourman, 8 south alley
"Wetherill Samuel, druggist and colourman, 65 north Front —

d.h. 419 High
Wetherill Samuel M. 8 South alley
Wetherill Samuel P. druggist and colourman, 65 and d b. 76

north Front
Wetherill Samuel, jr. druggist, 65 north Front — d.h 41 r

Wetherill Miss Mary, 270 south 4th
Wetherill Mrs. widow, boarding house 28 Mulberry
Wetherill Henry, mariner, 6th above Caliowhill
Wetherill Price, druggist, 210 Mulberry
Wetherill Thomas, carpenter, 324 south Front
Wethfrington Amelia, 183$ south 7th
Wetherstine, Adam, grocer and victualler Tammany below

old York lioad
Wetherstine John, victualler, 4th above George (K.)
Wetherstone Ki chard, drayman, 117 old York Koad
Wevill and Nicolas, upholsterers. N. W, cor. Chesnut and

Weygand Philip I. baker, 1 Chancer)- lane,
Weymer Samuel, tinman, 692 north 2d
Weyman Jennett, widow, dry good store, 73 South
W'eyant Peter, carpenter, 10 Kunkle
W'eyant John, drayman, 526 north 2d
Whartonby Thomas, silver smith, 33 north 3d
V\ barton Deborah, dry good store, 25$ north 6th
Wharton Francis It. gentleman, 242 Walnut
Wharton I. and T. C. stock and exchange brokers, 45 Dock
Wharton Josiah, shoemaker, Maria
Wharton Samuel, shopkeeper, 4th near Brown
Wharton Charles, gentleman 136 south 2d
Wharton Fishbourn, conveyancer 60 south Fourth north west

com. Library — d h 240 Spruce
Wharton James S. shoemaker 173 north Third
Wharton Deborah, Mrs gentlewoman 29 1-2 Powell
Wharton Margt. gentlewoman 118 south 8th corn Locust
Wharton Kobcrt, Esq. mayor of the city — office city hull south

west cor. 5th and Chesnut — d h 135 south Third
Wharton Sarah, widow of Joseph 161 south Fifth
Wharton Thomas C. broker 26 Walnut — d h 87 Piae
Wharton William, farmer 130 Spruce
Wharton Thomas, attorney at law, 173 Walnut
Wheaton Wm. sea captain, 391 north Front
Wharfe .lames, boarding house 1 52 soutn 2d
W'hartenberry Thomas, silversmith 33 north Sd
W Intake r Ann, widow, 4 Willow court
Whcelef Charles, attorney at law, 142 Chesnut
W heeler Enoch, grazier, 99 Vine

Wheeler John I merchant, 201 High — d. h. S. E. com-
Filbert and 9th


Philadelphia Index* M'Hl

Wheeler Amos, carpenter, 3 shcppard's alley
Wheeler John, artist, 1 York court (N. L.)
Wl er John, I rylor, 78 north Water
Wheeler Jonathan I. sea captain, 5 Pfeifler's alley
Wheeler Mary, u idow, Carpenter near 4th
Wheeler Man, shopkeeper, 30 Kunkel
Wheeler Samuel, carpenter, Toy's court
Whelan Catharine, widow, Drinker's court
Whelan Matthew, soap boiler, Pewter Platter alley
Whelan Win grocer, N. W. corner Chesmit and 4th
Wexstrim Samuel, mariner, Prime near Swansou
V estcoal Ann, widow, baker, 280 south 4th
W< nn Elisha, 88 Shippen
Weytnan Janet, storekeeper 73 Cedar
Wcymaer Samuel, tinpla'e worker 192 north 2d
Whelen Israel, merchant 39? High
Wheldon Johnson, shoemaker, Queen near Cherry K
Whetstone Abraham, plaisterer4th near Green
Whetstone Isaac, ferryman 33 Comb's alley
"Whetstone Sarah, widow Sch 7th near Arch
Whilden Jonathan, pilot 196 south Front
Whilden I. G. M. D. north east corner 4th and Walnut
W hiley Eleanor, tayloress Simmon's Court
Whiley Elizabeth, corner of Sassafras and 13th
W hilt Jacob, ship joiner 57 Coates
, "WhiUdin M. dry good store 238 north Front
Whilden W jun apothecary north east corner 4th and Wai-

Whilden Wilmon captain New Castle steam boat 224 south

Wlutaker James, iron and stove merchant 107 old York road
W hitaker I. & I. nail and stove manufactory 166 north 4th
Whipple Job, inspector of customs 182 south Front
Whipple William, oa!; cooper 54 Charlotte
"Whisker and Seely tailors 210 High
Whistler David, tailor 87 old York road
Whistler ' illiam, oak cooper 54 Charlotte
Whitaker Ann, widow 4 willow court
Whiuker Joseph, carter Sch 5th below Chesnut
W hitaker Eliza, widow, Prices' court
Whitaker Sarah, widow, 17 Vernon
White Ambrose, merchant 1 south 9th
-j White Daniel, carter NE. corner of Lombard and Twelfth
White Britain, jun stock etc. broker — d h 7 Palmyra row and

75 Walnut
White Benjamin C. merchants, 53 N. Water — d. h. 77 S. 6th
White Charles H cabinet maker 33 north 7th
White George, waiter, 160 south Fifth
Whue George, fri ,»•• inakei, 233 north 2d
White Henry, merchant 23 south Water — d h 111 south 4th,
White Huauah, china store 3H0 north 2d
While Hugh, tallow chandler Arch alley
Wkite Jacob, plane maker 19 old York road

WHl Philadelphia Index.

White, Johnson, and Tinglcy, merchants 233 High

"White Jonathan, carpenter 263 north 3d

White John, tavern £c. 202 S. Water and 203 south Front

White Joseph, confectioner 370 High

"White Charles, victualler, north front near Poplar

White Miss Dilly, seamstress 20 Cypress alley

"White and Flake, hard ware store 162 north 2d

White George, fringe maker 233 north 2d

White Hugh, soap boiler 175 Coate's street

White James, labourer 67 Bedford

White James, carpenter 7 Poplar

White James, collector, 15 Willing's alley

White John, blacksmith 138 St. John

White John, cordwainer 122 South

White John G. nailer 24 Budd

White Joseph, ironmonger 103 old York road

White John, Chair maker 87 Budd

White John and Co. merchants 3 south Water — d h 122 Arch

White John, chair and ornament maker 120 north Front

White John, sea captaiu Galbreath's court

White Joseph, hardware merchant 29 High

White Lemuel, professor of elocution Filbert near Sch.4th

f > hite Maria, dealer 229 Shippen

White Martha, mantumaker 7 Comb's alley

White Mary, dry goods store 18 Key's alfey

White Mary, widow 37 north 3d

White Mary, teaeher 14 Tammany street

White &. Milhgan, diy goods store 54 High

White Samuel, tobaceonist Hunter's court and 385 High

-j-White Samuel, labourer St Mary's alley

White Samuel, Ladies shoemaker 263 north 3d

White Sarah, widow 97 Green

White Samuel, merchant, 10? High

White Samuel, o) sterman, back 385 south Frout

White Solomon, shoemaker 2d Germantown road

White Thomas, grocer corner of Willow and 6th

V hite William, grocer south side of Draw Bridge
;j White William, barber Shippen near 8th

V hite, widow tutoress 4 south 12th

t White Robert H. dealer 12 Bard's court and 163 Lombard
vhite Samuel, merchant 107 High
White Samuel, dyer, 40 Christian
White Sarah, widow 17 south 5th
White Thomas, bookbinder 13 Sterling alley
White Thomas, te:.ch-r369 north Front
White Thomas, cord vainer 342 Sassafras
White William, Ulluw chandler 6 Cypress alley
White William, storekeeper 6 south 6th
White William L. vict.— stajl 16 old shambles— dh 449 north

White William, D. D. bishop of the Epis. church 89 Walnut
White Wm. mariner, Christian near 4th
White William, coachmuker Arch near Sch 2d

Philadelphia Tndex. AVID

Whitccar Jane, grocer south west cor. Tammany and Dillwyn
W hitecar Joseph, accountant 29 Julianiu
W'hilecar John, hatter Coates near 6th
\\ hitecar Sarah, widow 6 Hmkefs Court
Whitecar Thomas, cliair maker 209 south Front
Whitefbrd Sarah, widow mantuamaker 369 south Front
Whitaker widow ofThos. cabinet maker and mahogany dealer,

91, 9:>, and 95 south Second
White bread Joseph, carpenter, 83 Christian
W litehead Caleb, cordwainer 296 south 4th
A' ■ itchead Eliza, widow, 16 Swanson
W behead James, merchant 27 Vine
W tehead Ma^giret, widow 158 north 5th
Whitehead Robeit, scrivener 72 Vine

V ■ < !\ Elizabeth, shop keeper cor. Sassafras and 13th