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W hiteman Ann, widow shopkeeper 98 north 11th

V hiteman Jacob, S2Ann (N- L.)

Whiteman Charles, dray man Lawrence ah. Pegg's run

V hiteman Charles, carter south east cor. Sch 4th and High
Whiteman David, carter -or. 3d and George (S.)
Vhnv-man John, carter, Say st.

V hiteman John, oysterman 122 north Front
Whitema: S' ry, widow 429 south Front
Whiteman Margaret, widow 19 Carter's alley
Whiteman Michael, accountant 5 Filbert
Wbiteman Nathan, shallopman Beach near Maiden
Whiteman Peter, ladies shoemaker 196 Arch

W hiteman Windell, tanner 509 north 2d

Whiteman Rachel, mantuamaker 117 Green

Whiteman Peter, grocer 35 Lawrence

Whiteman, widow 196 north 4th

Whitesides Alexander, plaister, 156 Callowhill

Whitman Nathan, jun grocer 107 north 2d

W'hitmach Christian, well digger Buttonwood bel. 6th

Whitney John C. sea captain, 146 Swanson

Whitney Thomas J. conibmaker 109 south 2d

Whitney Lebius, accountant 199 Sassafras

Whitney tt. M merchant, 19 south Front— d. h. 26 S. 8*h

Whitney Thomas, mathematical instrument maker, manufac-
tures surveying instruments generally, north 6th about one
mile from the city

Whitehall printing office, Ridge road, above Callow h 11

Whittelsey Eliza, 494 S. 2d

V hittindale Robert, cordwainer 224 south 2d

W biting S. lottery and exchange broker, 11 south 3d
Whitton AbednegoT. grocer, Queen near Alarlboiough (K)
Whittinghurst John, mariner, 46 Penn
Wildes Thomasj ship carpenter, 14 Laurel
W.ckerly Everhart, widow, 87 Germantown Ror.d
■ Wickersham Joiin, wire worker, 156 north 2d
Wickham Mrs. widow, 230 Pine
Widdefield William, mariner, back 33 Beck's alley
Widderstine Peter, victualler, 91 Brown
Widener Peter, shoemaker, 15 Rachael

AVIL Philadelphia Index*

Wi Lener David, tavlor, 62 north 4th

W "iddifield Wm. &"Co. flour merchants, 49 south Water

Wiggins Ann, shoe hinder, back of 17 Green

Wiegand and Snowden, surgeon instrument makers, 49

north 7th
Vfiei' Joseph, labourer, back 41 New Market
Wicssenback Wm. comb maker, PaschalPs alley, (N.L)
Wi -more Tbomas, chemist and druggist, 126 north 3d

ok Charles, 281 Chesnut
Whittle R. hosiery store, 15 south 2d
"VTiall John, tavlor, 347 north Front
Wibles Thomas, ship carpenter, 11 Laurel
Wickersham Thomas, 161 Pine
Wickea Benj. dry good store, 210 south 2d
Wickham Geo. D. lumber merchant, Beach near High bridge
Wickham c J Co. military and fancy hardware store," 265 High
Wickham M. T. hardware merchant, 265 High

'.i field George, carpenter, back 171 High — d. h. 18

Gr«?enleaf 's court
Widdifield James, carpenter, 95 south 8th
Widdifield Wm. hardware merchant, 42 north 3d — d. h. 166

Widdows Peter, teacher, 4 Strawberry
Wiegand Conrad, smith, 338 Sassafras
Wigrgin and Whitney, merchants, 19 south Front
Wig-more Charles:, carpenter, 12 Cypres*' alley
Wikoff Henry, gentleman, 44 Pine
Wilbunk John, bras* founder, 262 High
Wilcox Mian Elizabeth, 301 Spruce
Wihit-y Richard, shipjoiner, Oak above Coats— d. h. 173 St.

Wildes Joseph, innkeeper, 50 north 4th
Wile Conrad, conlv, ainei , 112 Race
"W ile Mary \nn, widow of Conrad, 12 Bread
Wiie John, cordwaiuer, 20 Mulberry alley
Wile Rebecca, widow, layer out of the dead, 53 north 5th
Wilkey Rosina, widow, trader, North st.
iWilknta Isaac, coachman, 219 Lombard
Wilkins Jacob F. cabinet maker, 83 Dock
Wiikins and Black, merchants, 23 north Front
Wilkinson Christopher, carpenter, 286 sassafras
Wiilard Abraham, blacksmith, Far is' all^y
Willard Martin, mariner, 411 south Front
Wilcox Samuel, gentleman, 72 Wand
Wildbahn Catharine, widow, 143 north 6th
Wildey Richard, jr. ship joiner, N. W. comer New Market

and Noble
Wildes Edward, tutor, Broad above Spruce
Wiles Andrew, shot-maker, back or 218 Green
Wildes Joseph, fancy chair maker, 141 S. Front
Wildes Samuel, Uylor, 13<j V
Wiley Alexander, merchant tavlor, 137 Chesimt
Wiley Benj. shoemaker, Cfrerr >r Swanson
Wiiey Benj. carpenter, 266 Sassafras

Philadelphia Index VVIL

Wiley and Englcs, school room, back of Presbyterian Church

south lllh below High
Wiley Harriot, white washer, 4 Sassafras alley
Wiley Isaiah, labourer, 11 Crown
Wiley Paul, weaver, 3<J Frankford Road
Wiley George, shipwright, 35 Plumb
Wiley Mrs. teacher, 134 CalloWhill
Wiley Mrs. seminary, 17 Mood
Mi ley Samuel, brick maker, Sell. 2d near Spruce
Wiley Robert, tavern keeper, 39 south Wharves
Wiley Wm. tavern keeper, 142, north Water
M'iiJcs Hester, widow, washerwoman, Stewart's alley
Wilkinson Doctor, 409 High
Wilkinson George, plaisterer, 136 Queen
Mill Geo. and Win; comb makers, back north 4th near Pop-
M'ilsey Simon, comb maker, 30 Juliana
f Williams Abraham, cordwainer, 213 south 7th
f Williams Ann, washerwoman, back of 109 south 5th
•Williams Ann, widow, shopkeeper, N. E. corner of Front and

fVYilliams Anthony, mariner, 18 Parham's alley
Williams Amelia, widow, 79 Cedar
Williams and Alberson, merchants, N. W. corner High and

Williams Benjamin, dentist 161 Vine
M illiams Benjamin, accountant, 186 N. Front
Williams Catharine, 8 Cypress' alley
:M illiams Charles, gardener, 24 Blackberry alley
M illiarns Charles, currier shop, 463 and d. h. 457, north 3
M r illi3ms Charles, lumber merchant, 219 Walnat
Williams Charlotte, washerwoman, 4th near Poplar

lliaxns Charlotte, widow, 16 Lynlal's alley
M'iHiams David, shoemaker, 420 north 4th
M illiarns Dennis, labourer, Kessier's court
Williams Elizabeth, widow, 51 Konkel
M'iHiams Elizabeth, widow, 211 Spiuee
M illiarns Ennion, surveyor and scrivener, 54 Filbert
Milliauis George, commission merchant, 71 north 7th
M illiams Howard, cabinet maker, 73 Sassafras
Williams Henry J. attorney, 86 Arch
Williams Isaac, hatter. 219 Race
M'iHiams Jam-rs, fruiterer, 2 north Front and 32 Vine.
Williams James, morocco dresser, 25 Plumb
fWilliaifts James, boarding house, 40 Bedford
M'iHiams Junes, coach and sign pain f er, 80 Locust
M'iHiams Jesse, porter in Philadelphia Bank, 298 Race
M'iHiams John, lumber merchant, corner 6th and Buttoit-

M'iliiams John, victualler, 67 Garden
Williams John, cordwainer, back 263 Race.
M'iHiams John, mariner, back 352 south 2d
M'iliiams John, rigger, 110 Catharine
M'iliiams John, caulker, back 110 Catharine

WAL Philadplphia lnde.z,

"Williams John A. teacher, back 51 Budd

Williams John, mast hoop maker, Hopkin's court

Williams John, labourer, 410 south 2d

Williams Joseph, lumber merchant, 205 Spruce

Williams Joseph, labourer, 20 Burd's court

Williams Joseph, cordwainer, Christian near 8th

Williams Joseph, lumber merchant, Walnut above 8th — d. h.

205 Spruce
fWilliams Judith, widow of Oliver, 157 north 6th
f Williams Levin, clothes dealer, 84 Gaskill
Williams Margery and Mary, misses, silver and gold burnish-
el's, 43 Prune
Williams Mary Ann, widow, 244 Filbert
Williams Mary, widow, 24 Stamper's alley
Williams Mary, widow, S. E. corner South and Penn
|Williams Muses, profile cutter, 10 Sterling alley
Williams Moses, shoemaker, 48 north 7th
Williams Michael, plaisterer, Christian near 9th
Williams Nehemiah, cordwainer, back 259 Gatharine
Williams Samuel, cordwainer, CallowhilJ near Garden
Williams Samuel, currier, 247 north 3d — d. h. 273 north 2«
Williams Samuel, shoemaker, 326 Race
Williams Samuel, currier, 273 north 2d
Williams Richard, merchant, 14 South alley
Williams Robert, labourer, 268 north 4th
Williams S and A drj good store, 459 north 2d
Williams Samh, N. E. corner of Callowhill and 8th.
Williams Sarah, boarding house, 24 Ann
Williams Sarah, tayloress, 157 Cedar
Williams Samuel I. comb maker, 9 lyiight's court
Williams Statton, tanner, Mark's lane
Williams Stephen, dyer and scourer, 38 north 8th
Williams Thomas, tan yard, 2d near Beaver
Williams Thomas, chair maker, back of 136 Coats
Williams Thomas boot and shoemaker, 40 High
Williams Thaddens, combmaker, 457 north 3d
WilKams Thomas and Benjamin, tanners and curriers, 451 K

Williams Thomas, cordwainer, Pine alley near Ball alley
Williams Thomas R.75 Race
W iiams Thomas, gentleman, 75 Race
V illiams Wm. m riner, 63 Chrislian
Williams Wm. stonecutter, upper 140 south 9'h
Williams Wm 1. gentleman, 102 Pine
Williams widow, boarding house, <;hesnut ah re Broad
Wihiams widow, tinware manufacturer, 256 Kigh
Wilfiams widow, 429 north Front
William 9 widow, actress, 55 south. Juniper
Williamson Anna, widow of John, 172 south 9th
Williamson Benjamin, manufacturer of cordage, at the end f*

south 10th and Carpenter
Williamson David, merchant, 67 High — d. h. 174 south

Williamson Isaac, hatter, 99 O. York Road

Philadelphia Index, W1L

Williamson Joseph, distillery, N. W. comer 11th and Sassa-
Williamson Joseph, distiller, North st.
\\ illiamson John, cordwainer, 162, north^Water
Williamson John, carpenter Vine near 13th
Williamsen John and Isaac, hatters, 193 north 2d
Williamson Jesse, carpenter, 22 German
Williamson Jane, widow, 207 Callowhill
Williamson, Win. 506 south Front
Williamson Michael, iron merchant, 56 north od— d. b. iz

Key's alley
Williamson Peter, druggist, N. E. corner of 2d and AlmoHU
Williamson Robert, Ladies shoemaker, 79 Race
Williamson Sidney, widow, 93 north Water
Williamson Sidney and Son, sail makers, Race st. wharf
Williamson Thomas, cordwainer, back 338 south Front

Williamson , widow, 172 south 9th

Willing' George C. attorney at law, 34 south Cth

Willing George, 64 Pine

Willing Richard, merchant, 21 Penn— d. h. 42 Pine

Willing Richard, jun. merchant, 99 south 4th

Willing Robert, tanner, Kessler's court

Willing Thomas, merchant, 73 south Front— d. h. 94 south

W r iiling, Weir, Sc Co. auctioneers, 20 south Front
Willi ngmya John, shoemaker, Taper's alley
Willig George, musical magazine, 171 Chesnut

Willis Eliakim, mariner, 7 Helief st

"Willis Esther, boarding house, 14 Filbert

Willis and Halverson, cahinet makers, N. E. comer Coats and
St. John

Willitts James, dry good store, N. E. corner of Hanover and
Queen (K)

Willis Musgrove, turner, 36 Cherry

Willis Thomas, sea captain, 35 Race

Willis Win. chair maker, 81 Green

Willis Hannah, widow, 35 Race

Willis James, bricklayer, 12 Schriver's court

Wills James and Son, grocers, 84 Chesnut

V ills James, jun. grocer, 84 Chesnut

Willis John, accountant, j9 Race, at Navy Office

Willis Jonathan, flour merchant, 31 south Water — d. h. 332
Mulberry ,

Willis L. and S. storekeepers, upper 379 High

Willis Thomas, deputy marshal, 8l Locust

Willis and Yardky, merchants, 31 south W r ater

Wilhts E. grocer," S. E. corner Hanover and Prince

W illits E. mariner, M'Ginnes's court

Wilhts Jeremiah, plasterer, Ridge Road near Callowhill

Wilhts Joseph B. bricklayer, 9th between Wood and Vine

Willitts Phoebe, Milliner, 73 Mulberry

Wilkins Jo:m, ship joiner, 47 Mead alley
Wilmartti P. C. hatter, 13 oorth 3d

^yilaaei- James and Peregrine, merchants, 8 north Front

WIL Philadelphia Index.

Wilmer John accountant, 109 Vine

Wilmer John, accountant, Taper alley

W iliuer Lambert, 12'J north 4th

Wilson Andrew, weaver, 17 Laurel

Wilson Ann, widow, teacher, 11 Church alloy

Wilson Andrew, weaver, IT Laurel

W ilson Benjamin, cabinetmaker, 4 Dudd

"Wilson Benjamin, cabinet maker, 98 Coats

V ilson Bennett, corduainer, back 125 Plumb

Wilson Benjamin, 449 south 2d

"\\ ilson Benjamin, fur merchai\t, 4 Minor — d. h. 163 Walnuf

Wilson Charles, carpenter, Buttonwood neat 5th

"Wilson David, stone cutter, corner of 4th and Callowhill

Wilson Edward, merchant, 1 Greenleaf's court — d. b. 96

so.ith 4th
j* K iison Euphamy, nurse, 8 Budd
M iison Ephrairh, sawyer, Prime near Swanson
Wilson Edward, merchant, Greenleaf's court — d. h. 96 south

Four- ■ i
Wifeon Enoch, labourer, 194 sou'h Front
Wilson Frederick, N. E. corner S!iippen and Crab
Wilson George, stone cot; * . 14 Kunkel
Wilson George, lea'. her store, 35 north 3d
Wilson George, fa 1 north Front

Wilson George, oak co< >per, 63 Penn

Wilson George, morocco manufactory, corner 4th and Frank-
Wilson George, accoun f ant, 223 south Front
^n Henry, shipmaster, 192 south Front

V ilson Kaac, grocer, N. E. corner Walnut and Water

\\ ilson James, taylor, corner of Water and Mulberry, and Coi-
ner of Water and Pace — d. h. 18 north 3d
Tames, cvsterman, 13*< Cherry
Wilson James e;«!>inet maker, 87 Mulberry
Wilson James, mariner, 8 Almond

s, coach wheelwright, 3 Marlborough above Bed-
1 (N. L.)
W ilmer James, merchant, 8 north Front — d. h. 417 High
W ilson James, sballopman, 44 Coats
V< iison James, grocer, 6th near Coats

V ;!son James, labourer, 442 north Front
Wilson James, labourer, Vine near 8th

Wilson James, merchant, 86 High — d. h. X.W corner 8th and

Jon John, printer and broker, 280 Cedar
Wilson John, nailor, Christian near 3d
\S \h n John. stonecutter, back 14 south 10th
Wilson John, tavernkeeper, lower 193 Chesnut
W liion John, grocer, S. W. corner Sell. 7th and Cherry
Wilson John, deputy marshal!, 135 south 4th
Wilson John* grocer, 16 Pewter Platter alley

(on John, ladies shoemaker, 24 Watson's alley

Isdn John, labourer, 80 George
Wilson Joseph and JaiP.es, dry good store, S8 north 2d

Philadelphia Lideu. WlL

Wilson Joseph, boat builder, 27 Calluwhill

Wilson Joseph, taylor, 13 above Cedar

Wilson Job, waiter, Charlotte near Brown

Wilson Justus, boatman, Sch. 5th below High

\\ ilson Levin, labourer, 28 Barron

"Wjlson Margaret, mantua maker, 2 Pennsylvania Avenue

"Wilson Mrs. seminary, 35 Vine

>\ ilson Mary, widow, tayloress, N. E. comer of 3d and

Wilson Mary, widow Toy's court
Wilson Mary, widow, 146 north Front
Wilson Mary, widow, 218 Green
Wilson widow of Matthew, 24 Keys' alley

»n M.ndert, innkeeper, 39 north 2d
fWilson Myers, coachman, Mark's lane *»

WUson Peter, mariner, 6 Rachael
Wilson Rebecca, shopkeeper, 5th near Buttonwood
Wilson Rebecca, teacher, 32 Frankford Road
Wilson Robert, weaver, S. E. corner ll'h and Ann
W iison Robert, sea captain, south 6th near Catharine
V> ilson Robert, silversmith. N. W. comer 5th and Cherry-
Wilson Robert, tobacconist, 147 north 2d
Wilson Samuel, mas mi, near New Penetentiary
W >n Samuel, grocer, 15 south 7th

i Samuel,. carter, Noble above O. York Road
M 'son Thomas, coacii painter, 12 library — d. h. 44 Chester
Wilson Thomas, labourer, back of 254 south Front
Wilson Thomas, accountant, 50 Chester
Wilson Thomas, accountant, V. E. corner Wood and 5th
Wilson Thomas, principal cashier, Bank of Cnited States, 1

Franklin Row
V. ilson Rev. James P. d. n. pastor of the first Presbyterian

Church, 24 Sansom
Wilson Win. assistant at Museum, 4f> Currant alley
Wilson m. paper hanger, 93 south 5'.h
Wilson Wm. merchant 323 High
Wilson Wm. stonecutter, Wood near 10th
Wilson Zebeda, shoemaker, Smith's i
Wilstach wiaowof John A. copper ana tinsmith, 174 N. 2d cor.


Abraham, carter, Coats above 8th
Wiltbank Kev. James, 281 Chesmit

WUtberger George, tinsmith, X. W. corner 4th and Race
W'ftbergjer Isaac, hardware iberchaot, 105 High
V iltberger Peter anil Son, hardware merchants 105 High
WiHbergfer Thomas, druggist, 169 north 2d
W imer -Yndrew, cooper, 280 south 3d
Winebrener David, merchant taylor, 100 Chesnut — d. h. 150

south 3d
Wing Jacob, sea captain, 401 south Front
"Winnemore Philip, cord- r at Drawh ridge— -& h. 72 UniOR

tach G. B. accountant, 18 Chciry
Wilstach Hannah, widow, 219 north 6th
Wiltbank Henry, printer, James st.

WIS Philadelphia Index\

Wiltberger Charlotte, teacher, 100 north 9th
W itbohn Peter, gentleman, 357 north 3d

V imer John, tobacconist, 91 Plumb I
Winder Elizabeth, huxter, 472 north 3d

"\\ rhdburgh Jonas, mariner, N. E. corner New* Market dpd

Noble i
Wingate and Jones, merchants, 2 north 4th

V inn Peter, watchman, Ann near Sch. 8th

V inn Thomas, shopkeeper, 123 Race

V innemore Andrew, currier, 55 and 69 Pine
Wmnemore Elizabeth, widow, 29 John

M nislow Elijah K. teacher, St. Joseph's Avenue

V» inter "Stacey, taylor, back 18 Keys' alley

"Winter Wm. oyster house, 526 north Front

Winters Garrett, cor'der, 414 north Front

Winters George, smith and bell hanger, Norman's alley

Winters Garrett, wood yard, Oak near Coats

Winters Mark, grocer, i9 north 5th

■\\ istar Wm. manufacturer, 4th above George (K)

Wisdom Samuel, carpenter, 8 Knight's court

V isenger Margaret, widow, shopkeeper, 14 Coomb's alley
Wisper Mary, 4th near Poplar

Winter John, shalloi/man, Lawlcr's court

Wistar Samuel, brick maker, Chesnui west of Sch. 5th

W istar, Sittr and Price, merchants, 133 High

Wistar Thomas, gentleman, 377 High

Witcraf. Wm. shallopman, 438 north Front

Witcrivft Abner, f Steam Boat Delaware, 24 Budd

V. ithey Samuel, teacher, 95 Pine

Wuhington James, jeweller, 119 Chesnut

Wfrerean Amelia, widow, w—her woman, Flint's courj:

Wkmafi HenrV, bl&dutaitb, 23 «ld York Road

With row Ah zander, weaver, Vine near Broad

"Wythe Mrs. K. teacher, 135 Cherry

Witmeyer John, victualler, 8th above Callowhill

Witner Jobn, carter, back of 123 Browne

Winnemore Thomas, lutt manufacturer, back 19 Lombard-—

d.h. 212 south 3d
Winter Abraham, cabinet maker, 113 north 2d
Winter Jemima, widow, 127 south 3d
Winter Joseph, taylor, 21 Keys' alley and 6 south Water
. Winters Garret, carter, 414 north Front
Wiser John, carpenter, north 4th near George (X. L.)
Wiser John, baker, 2 Garden
Wisfcarn Sophia, leecher, 123 north 6th
Wisner Frederick, sugar refiner, corner Shippen and Crab
Wistar Bartholomew, merchant, 133 High — d. h. S. W. corner

7th and Molberiy
W rtar H mnah Miss, 9 south 9th
W istar widow of draper, m. n. Washington Square
Wistar Charles t. merchant, back of 143 High
Wnstar J., J. M. Price, c^C. J. Wistar, merchants, back of 143


Philadelphia Indus WOO

"\\ istar John, merchant, back of 143 High
Wistar Richard, jun. merchant, 117 High— d. h. 110 Cliesnut
Wistar Peter, wneelwright, 4th nbove George, (K)
Witcraff Wm. shailopman, 438 north Front
Withey Samuel, com bmaker, Miller's coust (N. L.)
Witman Charles, boat builder, Church near Christian
Wtrman Margaret, widow, dry good store, 96 north 4th
Witmer Henry, tavernkeeper, 244 High
Wtlter Win. carter, 196 Shippen
Woelpper David, victualler 18 Lawrence
Woglom Jane, widow of Peter 75 north Eighth
Wolbert Catharine, layer out of the dead 193 St, John
* Wolbert Frederick, justice of the peace 427 north 2d
Wolbert Frederick, victualler 193 St. John— stall 6 N. J^,

Woodland James, oak cooper, 88 Mead ay.
/Woelbert Margt. widow of Thomas, Tammany north east
corner "St. John
Wolfingston Robert, blacksmith, 117 Caapenter (C)
Wolff Abm.M. cordwainer, NE. corner of Harriot's 1. and 6th
Wolf and Folvveil, tailors 144 S. ater
Wolf John G. cordwainer 415 north Front
W olf John, carter Peg near Front
Wolfe William F. baker 390 south 2d
Wolfe Sarah, taiioress 10 German
Wolff Abr. black lead pencil manufactory 213 Cherry
Wonderly Samuel, accountant 82 Crown
• Wonderly Elizabeth, widow of Wm. 102 N. 8th— stall 9 old
sli ambles *

W T oelper Mary, widow Noble near 4th
W r oelper George, victualler 247 Vine
W'oglom Catharine, widow of Abraham 149 north 9th
Woblert Margaret, seamstress widow 9 Sassafras alley
Wohlben Mrs. seminary 20 north 8th

Wolfe David, house carpenter Green near Frankford road (K)
Wolf Hannah, huckster 218 north 6th
Wolf Jacob, grocer S. E. corner 4ui and Lnion
Wolf Jacob, carpenter Sassafras near Broad
Wolf Reese, shoemaker Stewart's alley
Wolfe William, merchant 22 nordi 5th
Wolf \aron, accountant at Navy Yard — d. h. 6 Union
, Wolf Daniel, Cordwainer 477 north 2d
Womrath George F. furrier 24 north 4th
Wonder Samuel, victualler Buttonwoud, near O. Y. Road
Wolstoncraft Joshua, hatter, Germantown road
Wonderly Martha, widow, 19 Garden
Wonderly John, china packer, 294 Vine
Wonderly John, gentleman, 6 P.drmra Row
Works James, weaver, Vine near 12th
Wood Ann, widow, 90 Gaskill
Wood Ann, widow, 4 Chancery lane
Wood Barbara, widow of James 159 north Front
Wood Bazel, silver plater 10 Pratt's Oourt
Wood and Balmblake, teachers, 04 Lombard

WOO Philadelphia Index.

Wood Grace, storekeeper, 23 Callowhill
Wood George 13. in. d. 85 Mulberry
Wood I. iron merchant 32 Callowhill
"V\ ood Jacob, last maker, Charlotte near Brown
Wood James, saw and spade manufactory, 161 north 2d
Wood James, weaver, Fitzwater above Passyuuk
Wood James, merchant, 28 south Front — d. h. 13 Prune
Wood John, accountant, 2d near George
Wood John and Thomas, morocco manufacturers, 108 Wal-
Wood John, wheelwright, Frankford Road near Queen (K*
Wood Joseph, teacher, 29 Penn
Wood John, 8 Moyamensing
Wood and Lukens, cabinet makers, 66 Dock
Wood Martha, boarding house, 88 St. Joha
Wood Mary, widow, 12 Chancery lane

V ood Peter dry good store, 258 south 4th
Wood Pi. mariner, 306 south 2d

Wood Richard L. storekeeper, 60 south 2d
Woods John, distiller, 170 Swanson
Woodruff Adam, Norman's ay.
Wooster Isaac W. sea captain, 59 Pena
Woodward John, shipwright, 5 Mary

V ood Samuel R. tanyard, S W corner of 4lh and Noble
Wood Thomas and Joseph, merchants, 8 north 2d
Wood YVm. shoermker, back of 153 north 6th
Woods Hugh, cord wainer, back 135 Plumb

Woods John, mariner, 467 south Front
Woods James, carpenter, Simmon's court
Woodburn James, weaver, 250 Lombard
Wooden John, sea captain, 70 New
- Woodhead John, card manufacturer, S. W. corner Vine and

Woodhouse Samuel, Captain of United States Navy, 26 San-

Wood Catharine, widow, dry good store, 81 north 2d
Wood Charles, shoemaker, 163 south Front
Wood Charles I. hatter, 48 Currant alley
Wood Clement, City Watch, 323 Spruce
Wood Dau. C. merchant, 33 north Water — d. h. 85 Mulberry
Wood George, paper stainer, back Prospect alley
Wood Henry, taylor, 33 Chern
Wood Isaac, boatbuilder, 10 Green — shop near 2?5 north

Wood James, merchant, 28 south Front — d. h 13 Prune
Wood James, "boatbuilder, 55 Coats
\\ ood James, lace and fringe manufacturer, 65 Chesnut
Wood James C. merchant taylor, 92 Race
W.iod Joseph, Hamilton st. west Sch. 4th
Wood Joseph, merchant, 8 north 2d — d. h. 49 Mulberry
Wood Margaret, grocer. 269 northed
Wood Richard C. attorney at lav , "2 south 4th
Wood Kichard, porter, 21 Currant alley

Philadelphia Index, WOft

Wood Sarah, widow, 357 north 3d

Wood Stephen T. shoemaker, Charlotte near Brown

Wood Thomas, merchant, 22 Mulberr)

Wood Wm. B. manager of the New Theatre, 42 south 8th

Wood Wm. and Co. merchants, 63 and 65 High

Woods Daniel S. stable keep, back 26 N 3d— d. h. o5o Race*

Woods m. merchant, 277 High— d. h. 28 north 8th

Woodman Constant, merchant, 55 High

Woodruff \1 m. engraver, 39 south 3d

Woodside John A. sign painter, Loxley's court

Woodward Ann, widow, 99 Cherry

Woodward Charles, dry good store 89 north 6th

Woodward Mary, widow 197 Green

Woodward and Wright, copperplate printers 92 S. 2d

Woodward William W. printer, bookseller and stationer,

S. W. corner of Second and Chesnut— d. h. 74 south 2d
Woodruff Margaret, washerwoman, 4th near Brown
Woodside M. fancy dry good store, 28 south 3d
W oolf Lewis, bleeder, 30 Sugar alley
Woolfe — — , clerk at sheriff s office, Francis' Ville
Woolley Charles, carpenter 168 N. 4th
Woolley Robert, trader Baker's court (N. L.)
Woohvorth Danforth, jeweller, 4 Hartung's alley
Woolworth R. C. jeweller shop Hartung's alley — d. h. 2 .Lodge
Woollet Wm. portrait painter, Brown near O. York Road
Woolman Charles, bricklayer &c. 36 Chester
Wonell George W tailor, 25 Coats alley
Wonell Eliza and Jane, 12 h riends Alms House
Work FrazerK. carpenter, 277 south 3d
Work Samuel, carpenter 277 south 3d
Workman J. lumber merch. 67 Swanson — d. h. 314 S Front
Woodbridge Robert, oak cooper, 1.1th above Filbert
Workman John, drayman, Sch. 8th near Vine
W«rl George, cedar cooper, 179 north 3d
Worn Philip, bookbinder, 110 Vine
Worn Thomas, carpenter 36 north 8th
Worrall George, sheet iron and stove manufactory, 26andd.h.

92 north 2d
Wooldridge Robert, oak cooper 11th above Filbert
Woolstant Benjamin, grocer 448 north Front
Workharmer Henry, lobaccomst Beach near Maiden
Worral Wm. g-ocer N 7 . E. cor. Prime and Front
"Worrell Ann, 295 Mulberry
Worrell Ann, milliner shop, 17 N. 6th
Worrell Catlurine, widow 13 Knight's court
Worrell Gebrge W. taylor, Charlotte near Poplar
"W orrell George W 17 N. 6th
Worrell Jesse, taylor back 110 Juniper
Worrell Joseph, 56 south 6th
Worrell John, teacher, 28 north 9th
Worrell Margaret, 90 Cedar
Worrell Sarah, widow 226 Green
"Worrell Wm. merchant 68 N. 4th
Worstall Amos, currier 4»Pfeiffer'salley

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