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\V R I 1'hiladelph ia Index.

Workman John, lumber merchant 67 Swanson — d. h.314 S.

Worth Josiah, ship carpenter Marlborough n. Shackamax. (K)
Worthington Thomas H. innkeeper Frank R. n. Queen (K.)
| Worthington Archer, dealer 221 Cedar
Worthington Jonathan, tallow chandler, Laurel
AVray Andrew, saddler 319 N. Front
Wray James, drayman Ruganst. (N. L.)
Wray Matthew, labourer Galbreath's court
W ray Mm. grocery and dry goods stores 9 and 11 High
Wrench Henrv, carter 224" Catharine
"Wight Abegail, glove and buckskin manufactory 169 S. 2d
"Wright Archibald storekeeper 118 St. John
"Wright Charles, dry good store 11 N. 2d
Wright Eliza, mantuamaker 126 S. 2d
Wright Ellis, carpenter 5 Perkenpine court
Wright Enoch, tay lor 80 Mulberry
|W right Edward, woodsawyer Apple bet. 4th ami 5th (N.I.."-

V right George, shipwright Marlborough near Bedford (K)
Wright Gideon, cordwainer 120 Browne and Cobb's court
Wright Isaac, shoemaker 104 Crown

Wright Isaac, grocer S. W. cor. Budd and Coats

"W right John, tobacconist High near 13th

Wright Jonathan, shoemaker New Market near Callow-hill

W right Jonathan M. merchant 151 High— d. h. SON. 3d

Wright John, chemist 154 Lombard

Wright John I. merchant 17 Tammany

M right John, carter back of 171 Green

Wright John, shoemaker 177 Green

Wright John, umbrella and woolen manufacturer 5 Harte:

Wright Joshua, gentleman 11 north 2d

V right Joseph, labourer Lilley alley
Wright James M. merchant 151 High

"Wright J. and E. and Co. Umbrella manufacturers, 56 High

"Wright Mrs. tutoress 161 S. 10th

Wright Mrs. widow back 111 Catharine

Wright Nathan, carpenter, cor. Emlen's court and Noble

Wright Peter F. dry goods store 21 1£ S. 2d

Wright Mary, nurse 19 Coats

W right Margaret, mantuamaker 128 N. 5th

Wright Rebecca, spinster, 145 south 5th

Wright Robert, printer N. W.cor. of Walnut and 2d — d. f).

103 Lombard
Wright Win. cabinet maker, 8 Whitaker's row

V right and J. grocers S. W. corner Front and Mulberry
Wright Mary, widow boarding house 140 Bace
Wright Peter, china store 27 N. 3d — d. h. 153 Vine
Wright Robert, carpenter 72 N. 11th

., Wright Samuel G. merchant 13 S Front — d. h. 160 N. Front
Wright Sarah, bonnet maker d^c. 85 N, 3d
Wright Sarah, plain bonnet maker 21 N. 4th
Wnght Thomas, saltmerch. 13 3 N. Water — d. h. 203 N. 4th
Wright Wai. W .merchant 261 Walnut

Philadelphia Index. YOT

Wriglev F. printing- ink maker, Lombard he
Worthingfton Mrs. B. boarding house 316 II

-lis, Richardson and Co. merchants 191 H

th David, merchant 41 X. Front

G_>o. victual!-. 127 Gei . MitownRoad — stall 10 N.l .

Vunder Jacob, victualler Gernvantown Road below 4th and
139 B' uld

- Wm, merchant 173 High — dwelling Arch near 12th
•I rts John, attorney at law 36 N 5ih

j Samuel B. d. d. teacher Walnut above 11th

V \-nan J ; lrt s, merchant 10 south wharves — d. h. 3 Sansom

ht Tnomasand Co. salt store 123 N. Water
V'i:v*5 IVer, printer, Marlborough near RcdforJ K J

V right Wm, upholsterer Xo 2, O. Y. Road
V\ rght Wm. weaver RihFs court

3 ley Francis, n-.a;v.;fac r u:er S2 Tammany
Wyantjohn, roptmaker Crown near We^t (K.)
Wurts John, victualler Rugan (N. F.)
Wurts Rodman and Wurts, merchants 1S9 High
Wurts M. boarding house 120 Arch
Wurtz Charles, victualler 43 Bedford
Wy.-ian and Haseltine, merchants 10 S. "Wharves
Wynkoop Abraham, 1-3 St.. John
Wynott George, tobacconist 62 Coats

YARD EDMUND, jr. collector of taxes, 116 south 10th
Yard John, cabinet and chairmaker, 30 north Fourth
Yard Mary Ann, widow, 30 north Fourth
Yard Fearson, dry goods store, 135 north Third
Yardley Mr<?. widow, 71 Mulberry
•Yardley William, flour inspector 110^ north Front
Yar.uall B. H. hardware merchant, 39 High— d h 34 Sanaom
Yarnall Ellis, merchant, 357 High
Yarnall Israel, storekeeper, 104 north Second
Yakel Elias, hairdresser, Maiden near stone bridge
Yard John, comb maker, 1.3 Mulberry
Yard Charlotte, widow, 169 Green

Yard James, merchant, Walnut st. wharf — d. h. 240 Walnui
+Yard Sarah, cook, 263 Spruce
Yardley Thomas, M. D. 219$ north Front
Yardley Joshua, carpenter, Buttonwood lane near Sixth
Yarr.aii E. C. & Co. wholesale druggists, 24 north Front
Yates Elizabeth, widow, nurse, Vine near Juniper
M& Wm. cotton manufacturer 14 Knight's court
Y'atman John, improved venitian blind maker, 104 N. 5th
Yeager Benjamin, victualler, 214 north Eighth
Yeager Thomas, labourer, 118 north Water
Yeager Catharine, shopkeeper, 103 Race
Yerkes Jonathan, labourer, Vine near Broad
Verkes Titus, innkeeper Red Lion Inn, N. side High ab. 6t

I'OU Philadelphia Index.

Yhost Jno. victualling house, 29 Franklin court

York Win carpenter, 30 Garden

Yokum Margaret, widow, 69 north Fifth

York Edward, commission merchnnt, 145 Mulberry

Yates Abigail, nurse, 193 north Front

Yates Edmund, tinsmith, 156 Spruce

Yeates Abraham, assistant to regulator, 4 Chester

Yeates Edman, merchant, 235 High — d. h. 14 north 8th

Yeager Adam, cooper, 6 Heyde's court

Yeager Joseph, engraver, 37 Chester

Steager Jobn, shoemaker, 146 St. John

Yeger John, skindresser, 284 north Front

Yerks Silas, flour and feed store, 335 north Second

Y r ohe George, Washington hall inn, 6 norih Fourth

Yonker Jacob, smith, 27 Noble

Yorke Mrs. Man, 146 Mulberry

Young Andrew, tailor, corner Poplar and St. John

Young Andrew, brassfounder, 481 north Third

Young Ann, widow, china store, 87 north Seventh

Young Benjamin, shipwright, Hanover above Queen

Young &?Bake., brassfounders, 424 north Third

Young Christopher, weaver, 5 Wagner's alley.

Young Clayton, tanner, Sansom's ay. N. L.

Young David, shingle dresser, Roger's court

Young & Deleker, engravers, SW. cor. of Third and Chewu :

Young Elizabeth, widow, 149 Race

Young Elizabeth, maiket woman, Poplar 1. near St. John

Young Edmund, coach painter, 35 Coates

Young is! Felton, coach painters, 226 Race

Young Francis, tailor, 9 Fearris's court

Young Henry, gilder, 8 Branch

Young Henry, blacksmith, 28 Sugar ay.

Young Henry, packer, Union n. Marlborough K.

Jfoung Henrv, paper hanger and marble paper maker, li£

Young Isaac, plaisterer, back 37 New Market
Young Israel, ladies shoemaker, 121 south Secon
Young Jacob, victualler, Second near Beaver
\ Young Jacob, blacksmith, 95 south Eighth
Young Jacob, ropemaker, cor. Passyunk and Sixth
Young Michael, 81 Callowhill
Young Maria, C. widow, 300 Race
Young Peter, baker, 191 north Fourth
^ Young Samuel, fruiterer, 185 north 2d corner Key's allej
Young Susannah, ship's colour maker Fanner's row
Young Thomas, hardware mercliant, 2u3 south 2d
Young William, broker, 1 Farmer's Row
Young William, grocer, north east corner of Shippen and

Passyunk road
Young Willi im, Son and Co. Delaware woollen factory ware-
house — they manutacture superfine broadcloths, csssimeres.
sattinetts and fancy cords, 10 south 3d
Young William S. merchant, 75 Wood
Yuckley Eliza, dealer, 2 Oak (S)

Philadrtphsa Index. ZRB

Young- Jeremiah, cabinetmaker, 388 south Second — d. h. 13

BurdN alley.
Young .lames H. engraver, 8 south 8th— d. h. 73 Gaskill
Young Jane, dealer, 3 Fine

:ig John, tavernkeeper, 32 north Seventh «or. Zane
Voung John, plaisterer, 40 north Second
Yountf John H. carpenter, corner Fourth and Noble
Young John G. accountant, 13 Pennsylvania avenue
Young John, printing office, back of 34 north Third
Young John, vendue huckster, barber, &c 80 Cedar
Youug Joseph, meal store, cor. Browne and Fourth
Young Joseph, wheelwright, 53 Noble
Young Lewis, cabinetmaker, 261 south Second
Young Mark, 133 south Eleventh
Young Mary, widow, Baker's court
Young Hoses, porter, back IS Kunkel
Young Peter, shallopman, Flint's court
Young Philip, wheelwright and blacksmith, 15 Summer>sct.
Young Philip, shoemaker, 88 north Fifth
Young Richard, victualler,?/" Garden
Young Samuel, tobacconist, corner of 4th and Noble
Young Thomas W. carpenter and drum maker, 43 S. Front;
Young Thomas, grocer, Oak near Coates
Young Win. I. 14 Walnut
You.ig M m. coach painter, 35 Coates
Yourson Giles, drayman, Race near Sch. Seventh

ZANE Jesse S. balance weigher, 72 S. Front— -d- h. 19 Arch
Zanes Wilkins, mariner 63 Penn
Zeigler Ann, widow J 97 Christian
Zane John, ca.-penter 59 Mechanic
Zane Eliza, widow seamstress back 293 S. 5th
Zebley Benjamin F. carpenter Hause's court
Zedin Jncob, tavernkeeper 32 south 6th
Zell H. gentleman 71 6outh Eleventh
'Zeigler George, brewer N. E. cor. 4th and Callowhill
Z^ntzng^r Thomas B. merchant, 174 Chesnut
Z-trgable Anthony, shoemaker Frank. Road near Bedford (K)
Zebley Benjamin, carpenter Woglom's court
Zebley Jacob, inspector of customs 44 Union
Zebley Rudolph, carter 468 Race
Zeiss Andrew, baker 44 Spruce
Zell Catb. widow, hat binder back of 146 N. 3d
Zeil Christopher grocer Sassafras alley
Zell J.icob, 7 St, John

Zed Thomas, hardware merchant 272 High
Zeller Daniel, merchantl4 Branch

ZIM Philadelphia Index.

Zeller Jacob, bookbinder and.corder 121 N. 3d;
Z< Hev John, taylor, 4 Branner's alley

• Zentler Conrad, printer, office back 104 N. 2d— d, h. 233
Lombard ;

Zigler Jacob, collector of taxes 74 New
Zimmerman Sarah, grocer 68 Race
Zollich offer Henry M. druggist N. R. cor. 6th and Pine
Zottman Ann, storekeeper 84 N. 4th
Zink Geo. carpenter Fearis* court
Zizelman John, baker 13 above South
Zimmerman Sebastian, grocer Cailowhill nearJohA

Philadelphia Index.


Stages, Packages and Steam Boats,

With the time and place of their departure from

JEtna Steam boat, High street Ferry, north side, 2 o'clock
P. M.

Alexandria packets, (Col.) Hamilton's wharf

Allentown, Pa. stages leaves White Swan, No. 106, Race st.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 4 A. M.

Amboy Steam boat, at Bickley's wharf

Baltimore Post Chaise, leaves 43 south 4th street, on Tues-
day, Thursday, and Saturday, at 4 A M

Baltimore Mail Coach, leaves Bailey's, 30 south Third, daily
at 7 A M

Baltimore Steam boat, Delaware and Baltimore, via New Cas-
tle, Market street wharf, south side, daily, at noon

Berwick, Pennsylvania stage, leaves White Swan, 106 Race
street, Thursday, at 4, A M

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania stage, leaves White Swan, 106 Race
street, Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday, at 4, A M

Boston packets, Chesnut street wharf & Perott's wharf above

Bridgeton, New Jersey, Mullberry street ferry, (Sunday ex-
cepted) at sunrise

Burlington stage (by Jersey) Market and Mullberry street fer-
ries, north side

Bustleton and Holmsburg, Buck, 130 north Second street,
daily at 3, P M

Chester stage, White horse, Bank street, daily (Sunday ex-
cepted) at 8, A M, and half past 1, P M

Charleston (S C) packets, Clifford's wharf

Chesnut Hill (via Germantown) leaves 18 north Fourth street
daily, at 10 A M, and 118 north Third, at 10 A M and at 3

Downingtown, Black Bear, 5th near Market, Tuesday Thurs-
day and Saturday, at 7, A M

Doylestown stage, from 106 Race, Tuesday, Thursday and Sa

Egg Harbour, Mullberry street ferry, Thursday at 10, A M

Eastonand Wiikesbanv, Green Tree, 50 north 4th street

PhiladelphiM Index.

Falls ef Schuylkill, Green Tree, 50 north 4th street, daily, at
2 and half past 6, P M

F lower-town, Cross Kevs, 18 north 4th street, daily at 8, A M
and 3PM

Flowerlo^n, Old Rotterdam, daily at 3 P M

Frankford, Sorrell horse, north 2d street, daily at 9 A M and

Gerrr.antf-wn, Cross Keys, 18 north 4th street, daily at 8 A M
and 3 P M

Germantown, 94 north 2d street, daily af 9 A M and 6PM

Germantown, Chesnut Hill and Flowertown, 106 Race street
daily at 9, 10. 11, A M and 3, 5, 6 P M

Great Egg Harbour, Mullberry street ferry, Thursday at 10

Hamiltonville, Rlack Bear, 5th near Market street, daily at 9
A M and 3 and 7 P M

Holmsburg, 130 norih 2d, daily 3 P M — another runr from Ca-
mel Inn 140 north 2d

Lancaster and Pittsburg mail leaves 286} Market, daily (Sun-
days excepted) at 7 A M

Mount 4ollv, Mullberry street ferry, daily (Sunday excepted)
2 PM

New York Post Coach, apply at Bailey's, 30 south 3d street
daily (Sunday excepted) at 5 A M




List of Si-reets, Roads, Lanes, Alleys, Courts, Ave-
nues, Public Places, Wards, Wliarves, and Ship-
Yards, in the City, Northern Liberties, including
Kensington, Penn Township, Southwark, Moy-
amensing and Passyunk. [See the Editor's Ad-

Academy of Fine Arts, Chesnut ab. Tenth, N. side

Acorn alley, from 52 Locust to Spruce

Adams' street, runs south from Fitz water ab. Sixth

Adelphi avenue, runs from Pegg to Noble

Adelphi School House, Pegg st.

Alban street, from Norman to Clare alley

Alberson's court, runs north from John st.

Alberson's wharf, opens at 99 Swanson st.

Alder alley, runs from Castle st. to North

Allen's alley, from 159 south Sixth

t Allen's court, from 150 Spruce

Allen street, runs N. E. from Frankford road near

Allen's wharf, opens at 67 north Water
Almond st. from 314 south Front to 315 Second
Alms House and House of Employment, Spruce be*

tween Tenth and Eleventh
American Fire Insurance Office, 101 Chesnut
Ann st. (N. L.) fr. 52 Vine to (Pegg's run) Willow
Ann street ($ch.) from Sch. Seventh to Eighth bet.

Filbert and Arch
Ann st. from Twelfth to Thirteenth bet. Lombard

and Cedar
Anne street (V.) from Wissahiccon to Charles bet$

Francis and Vineyard


ii Philadelphia Index.

Anne-ley's wharf, first north of Walnut

Apollo street, see Crab

Apple st. runs south from George between Fourth

and Old York road
Apple Tree alley, from 50 north Fourth to 55 Fifth
Apricot alley, runs from Currant to Poplar alley
Arch street," see Mulberry

Argrvle st. from the Delaware to 537 south Front
Arsenal st. from Gray's Ferry road to Federal alley
Artillery lane, aee Duke street

Ash alley, fr. Sch. Front to 2d bet. High and Chesnut
Aspen allev, from Aspen court to Lombard
Aspen court, runs south from Ash alley
Asheton sL (N. and S.) along the Schuylkill from

Vine to Cedar, west of and parallel to Front
Atkinson's court [all blacks] opens at 153 Lombard

Baker's alley, from 55 Elm to 70 Vine
Bakers court, runs east from 49 Budd
Baker's court, from 145 Coats'
Baker street, runs west from Spafford
Baker's wharf, first north of Bishop (K.)
Ball allev. from 1:20 Cedar to 77 Shippen
Ball's alley, from the Delaware to 391 north Front
^Ball's wharf, opens at 391 north Front
Bank\> — see Camden, Commercial, Farmers and Me-
chanics', Mechanics', North America. Northern
Liberties, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Schuylkill,
Stephen Girard's, and United States
Bank allev, from Second, south side of Pennsylvania

Bank, to 67 Dock
Bank Btreet, from 70 High to 69 Chesnut
Barclay's aHey, from 190 south Sixth
Baike." st. from Sch. 4th to 7th bet. High & Chesnut
.Barron street, from 24 Gaskill to 75 Cedar
fceach st. £Scn ) from the Perm. Bridge to Cedar
Be. (K.) from the High Bridge "to Bishop

3earsti*;ker?s court, from 68 north Sixth
Beasley's wharf, below the Swedes' Church
Beaver 3 t. from north Second to Third bet. Poplar

e and Cji
Beck's alley, from 172 Swanson to 453 south Front
Be from Pussyunk read near the intersec-

tion of Sixth

Philadelphia Index. iu

Beck's Shot Manufactory, Sch. Second near Arch

Beck's wharf, opens at 15 south Water

Bedford st. (late Small) from Passyunk road bet.

Cedar and Shippeu to Eighth
Bedford st. (K.) from Frankford road to Hanover
Bell's (Wm.) court, runs west from Bingham's court
Bell's (Henry) court runs north from Marshall's al-
Benner's alley, from 85 Elm to Vine
Bickham's wharfs opens at IT Swauson
Bickley and TaUor's wharf, at the High Bridge
Bickley's wharf, opens at 7 and 13 north Water
Biddle's alley, from 78 High to 9 Elbow lane
Billing's court, from 110 north Eighth
Bingham's court, from 69 Spruce
Bishop st. from the head of Beach to Queen
Bishop § Co.'s Shot Manufactory, John's between

Front and Second
Bishop's wharf, first south of Walnut
Black Bear Inn, 1 south Fifth
Blackberry alley, from Walnut to Spruce, and from

Pine to Lombard between Eighth and Ninth
Black Horse alley, from 20 south Front to 19 so. 2d
Bonsall st. from 'Ninth to Tenth between Lombard

and Cedar
Bowers' (J.) wharf, second south of Marlborough
Bowers' (S.) wharf, third south of Maiden
Bowers' (S.) wharf and ship-yard, 3d ab. Maiden
Bradford's alley, from 246 south Seventh to Eighth
Branch street, from 150 north Third to 59 Fourth
Branner's alley, from Bryan's alley to 180 Vine
Bread street, from 77 Arch to TO Race
Brewer's alloy, see Wood street (N. L.)
Bridge street, runs from Upper Ferry Bridge through.j^

Mantua village to the Lancaster turnpike road
Bfight's wharf, opens at 123 and 127 north Water
Bringhurst's wharf, opens next 97 south Water
Britton's alley, runs from 205 north Water
Britton's (J.) wharf, opens at J 49 north Water
Britton's (Wm.) wharf, opens at 207 north Water
Broad st. runs north from Cedar to Wissahiccon id.
Broad street Market, south Broad near High
Brooke's court, from 126 north Front
Brooke's wharf, opens at 109 north Water

iv Philadelphia Index.

Browne street (N. L.) from the High Bridge to Old

York road
Browne street (K.) from Cherry to Vine between

Prince and Duke
Brown's court, from 03 Race
Browne's court (N. L.) from 19 Budd
Browne's v.harf, second south of Warren
Browne's wharf, opens at 325 north Front
Brusstar's (H.) wharf, first above the intersection of

Penn and Beach (K.)
Brusstar's (S.) v.harf. first south of Marlborough
Brusstar's alley, from Beach to Queen near Shack:* -

Bryan's alley, from 148 north Fifth to 141 Sixth
Bryon's court, runs south from 102 Cherry
Buck road runs S. E. from the U, S. Arsenal, Gl

Ferry road
Budd street, from 67 Green to Germantown road
Burd's TBird's on the corner si^u board] alley (S. - ).

from 78 Catharine to Queen
Burd's alley (C.) runs from Raspbern- to "Watson's

Burd's court, runs south from 124 Locust
Burd's row, runs N. and S. back 40 Currant alb
Bush-Hill Hotel, north of Callowhill between .

Fifth and Sixth
Buttonwood alley, from north Thirteenth to Juniper

near High
Buttonwood street, from the Old York road to >

sahiccon between Noble and Green

Cable lane, see New Market street

Cadwalader street, between Second and the Get

mantown road above Masters' street
\ Caldwell's wharf, first south of High
Callowhill street, from the Delaware to Shuvlkill

between Vine and Willow
Camac street, runs west from north Second near

Mud lane
Camden Bank Office, 21 Church alley
Carlyle's court, from 46 south Fifth
Carpenter's alley (S.) from 105 Catharine
Carpenter's court, from 116 Chesnut
Carpenter's Hall* back of 118 Chesn


Tw h

,. outer's street (C.) from Sixth to Seventh, rear i
of the New Theatre, !. High and Chesnut

Carp eatet street (S.) from Church to Shippen's lane *
Carroll's court, enters Fourth near Germantoun rd.
Carter's alley, from 65 south Second to 55 Third
-ile st. fr.* Tenth to Eleventh bet. Raceand Nortli
iliarine street, from the Delaware to Passyunk rd.
between German and Queen
Cauffman's court, from 14* north Second
Cauftman r s court, from 14 Cherry
Cavenaugh's wharf, south side of Almond street.
Cedar (or South) street, from the Delaware to the -
Schuylkill, between Lombard and Shippen, being
the southern boundary of the city
Centre alley, from Eleventh to Twelfth between

Walnut and Locust
Chancery lane, from 15 Coombs* alley to 32 Arch
Charles street, from $55 Callowhill to Buttonwood
Charles street (V.) from Francis' lane to George

, lotte street, from 121 Browne to Poplar lane
Cheesman's wharf, first south of Maiden
Cherry street, from 7"- north Third to Schuylkill
Cherry street (K.) from Queen to Frankford road

between Palmer and Vienna
Chesnut street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill be-
tween High and Walnut
Chesnut Ward, between High and Chesnut, the De-
laware and Fourth
Chester street, from 297 Race to Vine
China street, from 466 sou'h Front to Second
Christ Church Hospital* 107 Arch, and Cherry near

Christian street, from the Delaware to Passyunk rd.

between Queen and Pri>«e
Church alley;, from SO north Second to 11 Third
Church alley, from Arch to 142 Cnerry
Church street, from £2 Christian
Circus and Equestrian Theatre, N. E. corner Ninth

and Walnut
City Hall, S. W. corner of Fifth and Chesnut
City Hospital* corner of Francis lane and Fourth
Clare alley, from Thirteenth to Juniper between
Lambert and Vine


f i Philadelphia bid.

Clapier's wharf, first north of Cedar

Clawges' court, from Bryan's alley running north

Clever for Cleaver] alley, from 90 south Fifth to I

Clifford's wharf, opens at 29 north Water
Clifton street, runs south from Cedar near Eleventh
Clinton's ship-yard, at Wilson's wharf
Clover street, from Twelfth to Thirteenth bet. High

and Chesnut
Clymer's alley, from Fitzwater near Passyunk roatl

to Sixth
Coates' alley, from 134 north Front to 151 Second
Coats' court, from 31 New Market st.
Coats' street, from the Delaware to the Wissahiccou

road between Green and Browne
Cobb's court, runs W. from Fourth S. of Poplar lane
Colhoun's wharf, opens at 29 north Water
College avenue, runs E. from Tenth below High
Columbia Garden. High west of Thirteenth
Comley's wharf, second north of Callowiiill
Commercial Bank* 104 Chesnut
Commissioner's Offices (City and County) City Ha'

and State House
Commissioner's Hall (S.) Second near Christian
Commissioner's Hall (N. L.) 323 north Third
Connelly's wharf, first south of Warren
Conestoga Wagon Inn, 140 High
Coombs' alley, from 44 north Front to 51 Second
Cooper's court, from 33 Arch
Cooper's court (N. L ) from 404 north Front
Cordwainer's alley, from Pine to Lombard between

Ninth and Tenth
Council Chambers (Select and Common) City Hall
Cox's alley, from 300 south Front to 323 Second
Crab street, from Gaskill to Shippen, bet. Fourth

and Fifth
Crawford's wharf, opens at 99 north Water
Cresson's alley, from 96 north Fifth to 91 Sixth
Cresson's court, from 61 Cherry
Crooked-Billet wharf, opens at 21 south Water
Crown street, from 155 Race to Old York road and

W r illow
Crown street (K.) from Queen to Frankford road be
tween Shackamaxon and Hanover

Philadelphia Index. vii

Currant alley, from Walnut to Spruce bet. Tenth

and Eleventh
Custom House. 114 south Second
Cuthberfs wharf, opens at 247 south Front, 25 Peiii*

and 9 Little Water
Cuthberfs wharf, first south of Coats' st. (N. L.)
Cypress alley, from 144 south Third to 79 Fourth

Darby road, see Woodland street

Davis' court runs W. from CM York road ab. Fifth

Davison's alley, from Thirteenth to Juniper between

High and Chesnut
Dawson's court, from 85 Chesnut
Dean's alley, from 144 S. Eighth to Blackberry alley
Dean street, from Walnut to Lombard bet. Twelfth

and Thirteenth
Debtor's Gaol, corner of Arch and Broad
Decatur street, from 210 High to Carpenter
Delavau's ship-yard opposite the Swede's church
Delaware Insurance Office* 42 Walnut
Dispensary (City) 57 south Fifth
Dispensary (Southwark) Shippen between Third and-

District Court, held S. E. corner of Sixth & Chesnut
Dock street, from 158 south Front and 15 Spruce tv

67 third '
Dock Ward, between Walnut and Spruce, and the

Delaware and Fourth
Donaldson's alley, from Gray's Ferry road to Fede-
ral alley between Arsenal st. and Buck road
Donaldson's wharf and mast-shed, Kensington
Downing's wharf, opens at 119 north Water
Drawbridge Public Landing, at the east end of Dock
Drinker's alley, from 108 N. Front to 119 Second
Drinker's court, runs south from 66 Union
Duke st. (N. L.) from 242 N. Front to 565 Second
Duke st. K.) runs N. E. from Palmer bet. Prince

and West
Duncan's court, from 289 south Fourth
Duval's court, runs W. from 56 Ann (N. L.)

Eckfeldt's court, runs north from 4 South alley
Eighth street (S.) from 265 High, rnnning south to
tsyimk road

via ' Philadelphia Index,

Eighth street (N.) from 351 High, running north
Eighth street, from Schuylkill (N. and S.) from Vine

to Cedar between Seventh and Broad
Elbow alley, from 184 south Sixth, and turns south

to Barclay's alley
Elbow lane, from Bank street to SI south Third
Eleventh street (N.) from 407 High to Vine
Eleventh street fS.J from High to Cedar between

Tenth and Twelfth
Elfreth's alley, from 9 4 north Front to 105 Second
Elizabeth street, from Ninth to Tenth above Race
Elizabeth street, from 164 south Sixth to Seventh
Elm street, from 160 north Second to 153 Third
Elmslie's alley, from IIS south Second

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