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Emlen's alley, from Clever alley to 5 Powell
Emlen's court, from Pegg st. to 4 Noble
Etris' court, from 128 north Fifth
Evans' court, from 163 north Sixth
Eye and Ear Infirmary, 4 south Seventh
Eyre & Massey's wharf, second south of Chesnut
Eyre's ( E.J wharf, third above Hanover
Eyre's ( F.J ship-yard, at J. Eyre's wharf
Eyre's (G.) wharf and ship yard, first S. of Hanover
Eyre's (i.J wharf, second north of Hanover
Eyre's fJ.J wharf and ship-yard, second ab. Maiden
Eyre's ( J.J ship-yard, at E. Eyre's wharf
Eyre's ( T. B.J ship-yard, at Cheesman's wharf

Kairview street, from Sch. Fourth to Broad
Faries' court, runs north from North st. ab. Tenth
Farmer's row, from 41 Dock

Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, 157 Chesnut nearly-
opposite the Bank of the United States
Fayette street, from 53 Filbert to 262 Arch
Fearris' court, runs west from 148 north Front
Federal alley, from Arsenal st. to Federal road
Federal street and road, from the Delaware to Schuyl-
kill between Prime and Wharton
Fifth street fN.J from 197 High to the Old York rd.
Fifth street fS.J from 168 High running south
Fifth street, from Schuylkill ( N. and S.J from Vine

to Cedar between Fourth and Sixth
Filbert street, from 22 north Eighth to Schuylkill
Fisher's fj. C.J wharf, opens at 63 north \^ater

Philadelphia Index. ix

Fisher's ("Y. & M.J wharf, opens at IT Swanson

Fitzwater street, runs west from 32 Ppssyunk road

Flinthanvs wharves, open at 137 and 141 N. Water

Flint's court, runs north from 13 Filbert

Flower's alley, from 42 Budd

Flower's wharf, at Almond street public landing

Fordham's wharf, first above Warren

Fourth st. f N. J the middle boundary of the wards,

from 155 High to the German town road
Fourth st. fS.J the middle boundary of the wards,

from 128 High, running south
Fourth st. from Schuylkill ( N. and S.J from Fran-
cis' lane to Cedar between Third and Fifth
Francis' lane, from Ridge road near Hickory lane to

Francis street, from the Ridge road to Charles bet.

Francis' lane and Anne
Frankford road runs north from Maiden
Franklin court, runs south from 106 High
Franklin row, west side of Ninth between Walnut

and Locust
Franklin st. fr. Third to Fourth near Germantown rd.
Friends' Alms House^ next above 70 Walnut
Fries' court, runs west from 2 north Eleventh
Fries' wharf, south side Walnut street
Front street (ISt.J from 21 High running north
Front street (S.) from 14 High running soutii
Front street, from Schuylkill f.N. and S.J fr. Vine

to Cedar between Asheton and Second
Fromber^ers court, from 34 north Second to Har-

tung's alley
Fuller's alley, from Swanson to 403 south Front

Galbraith's court, from 119 Queen

Garden street, from 297 Callowhill to Button wood

Gardiner's wharf, opposite 37 and 33 South Wharves

above Walnut
Garrigues' court, from 213 Race
Gaskill street, from 238 south Second to 229 Fifth
Gaw's court, runs west from S4 north Front
George street, from Ninth to Schuylkill between

Chesnut and Walnut — see Little George
George street fN. L.J from near 550 N. 2d to 6th
George street [S.~] from 68 Cedar to 27 Plum

x Philadelphia Index.

George street [V.] from the Ridge road to Cha;

st. north of Vineyard
German street, from 334 south Second to Passyunk.

see Little German
Germantown road, commences at the intersection of

north Front and Maiden
Gilles' alley, from 136 Lombard to 119 Cedar
Girard's Banking ffousr. Third near head of Dock
GiranPs wharf opens at 19 north Water
Goddard\s alley, from 2 New Market to 211 north

Goforth alley, from 72 Chesnut to 71 Dock
Golden Eagle Hotel. N. W. corner of Hi«;h & Ninth
Golden Swan Inn, 69 north Third
Goodwater alley, from Washington square to 94

south Eighth
Graff's alley, from 57 Race

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Chesnut ab. Seventh
Grape alley (V.) from Anne to George bet. Ridge

road and Powell
Grape street, from 24 south Eighth to 13 Ninth
Gray's Ferrj road, from Cedar near Schuylkill Front

running south west to Schuylkill
Greenleaf's court, runs west from 10 south Fourth
Green st from 3:>8 north Front to Old York road
Greene's alley, runs north from 127 Pine to 1

Green Tree Inn, at 50 north Fourth
Greenwich street, runs from Front to Moyamensing

below Wharton
Grice's (J. & F.) wharves and ship-yard, first above

the High Bridge
Grice's (S ) wharf and ship-yard, first above Maiden
Grindstoni alley, from 81* High to Church alley
GrizeFs alley, from Little Oak to 13 Fitzwater

Ilalberstadt & Plained wharf, opens at 311 X. F:
Hamilton street, from Upper Ferry road to Bvoad
Hamilton's wharf. nrs wharf

Hanover street, from the Delaware to Frankford road

between Marlborough and Palmer
Harmony court, runs north from -17 Coates' alley
Harmony street, from 7b' south Third to 47 Fourth
Harper's alley, runs from 83 south Water

Philadelphia Index '. xi

Harper's wharf, opens next 83 south Water
Hart's court, from 37 New-Market street
Harp and Eagle Hotel, 43 north Third
Hartung's alley, from 26 north Second to 31 Third
Hause's court, runs north from Cherry east of Ninth
Hay Markets Sixth corner of Buttonwood street and

Moyamensing road below Christian
Hazlehurst's court, runs east fr. Tenth below High
Health Office, 39 south Fifth
Heyde's court, runs north from 23 Filbert
Hickory lane, running west from Old York road and

Coat's to the Ridge road near Francis' lane
High street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill bet.

Arch and Chesnut
High street Ward* between High and Arch the Dela-
ware and Fourth
Hillegas & Clarkson's wharf, at the High Bridge
Hinkel's court, from Qft3 Race to Bryan's alley
Hinkel's court, (N. L.) runs north from 249 Vine
Hodge's wharf, opens at 85 north Water
Hoffman's alley, from 61 Cherry to 114 Race
Hollingsworth's wharf, opens at 141 south Water
Hopkins' court, runs north east from William bet.

Otter and Rose
Horse Market, Race below Fifth
Hospital, (Pennsylvania) Pine between Eighth and

Huddell's wharf, opens at 79 and 117 Swanson
Huddell's court, from 91 Swanson
Hudson's alley, from 112 Chesnut to Harmony street
Hudson's lane, runs west from Passyunk road near

Hughes' wharf, first above Warren
Humphreys' wharf, opens at 109 Swanson
Humphreys' wharf and ship-yard, below the Swede's

Hunter's court, east from N. Eleventh between High

and Filbert
Hurst street, from 146 Lombard to 191 Cedar
Hutton's ship-yard, near the Navy Yard

I m lay's wharf opens at 7 north Water* -
Increase court, from George to Juniper alley west of

xii Philadelphia Index.

Irish lane, runs south from Cedar near Broad

Jacoby street, from Cherry to Race, between Twelfth

and Thirteenth
James alley, fiom Maple to Hillzeimer
James street, from Charles street to the Ridge road

between Callowhill and Pleasant
John street, runs N. fr. Vine bet. Sixth Sc Lawrence
Johns street, runs from 466 south Front to Second
Johns & Linerd's wharf and mast-shed, first south of

the public landing at the Hay scales, (N. L.)
Johnson's lane, runs W. from Moyamensing below

Joint alley, runs E. from Sch. Eighth near Chesnut
Jones' alley, see Pewterplatter alley
Jones,' alley, (N. L.) runs south fiom Browne between

Budd and Second
Jonts' alley, runs north from *5 Mary's alley
Jones' street, runs from Scfi. Fourth to Sixth between

High and Filbert
Jones' wharf, opens at 127 north Water
Juliana street, runs north from 175 Vine, and con-
tinued above Buttonwood
Juniper alley, fr. Tenth near W'alnut to Juniper lane
Juniper lane, from George to Walnut between Tenth

and Eleventh
Juniper street, (N. Sc S.) from Vine to Cedar between

Broad and Thirteenth

Kern's wharf, opens at 1 1 9 south Water
Kesslers court, runs east from N. Fourth near Coats'
Key's alley, from 160 N. Front to 183 Second
Keyser & Gorgas' wharf, opens at 225 north Water
Knight's court, runs south from 178 Cherry
Knight's (J.) wharf, opens at 172 north Water
Knight's (D. P.) wharf, opens at 371 north Front
Knoodle street, from W 7 alnut to Locust between Sch.

Seventh an<! Eighth
Knorr's wharf opens at 195 north Water
Kugler's court, opens at 130 Race
Kunckle street v -fiom Wood to Green between north

Third and Fourth

Latitia court, from 30 High to Blackhorse alley

Philadelphia Index, xiii

Lake's wharf, first north of Cedar

Latnbert street, from Thirteenth to Juniper between

Norman and Clare alleys
Lancaster and Susqeuhanna Insurance Office,
Large's wharf, opens at 85 Swanson
Latimer Sc Murdoch's wharf, third above Arch
Latimer's whaif, opens at 163 south Water
Laurel street, from 39 Spruce to York
Laurel street, (N. L.) from near 529 north Front to

Laurence street, runs north from 255 Vine
Law's court, runs south from 106 Christian
Lebanon Garden, in Cedar near Tenth
Leech's court, runs south from 156 Spruce
Leiper"s wharf, opens near 179 north Water
Lemon street, runs from 156 north Eighth to Chester
Lewis' alley, from 24 Small to Plum alley
Liberty alley, from 9 Duke to 6 Green
Library, (Philadelphia) in Fifth corner of Library st.
Library street, from 62 south Fourth to S5 Fifth
Life Insurance Office, in Chesnut op. the State

Lily alley, from Tammany near Second to near Coats'
Little Dock street, from 50 Spruce to 177 S. Second
Little George street, from 50 S. Sixth to 51 Seventh
Little German street, from 90 Swanson to 377 south.

Little Oak street, from Pottery alley to Lewis' be-
tween Shippen and Fitzwater
Little Pine street, from Seventh to Eighth between

Pine and Lombard
Little Washington street, from Front to Second south

of Federal
Little Water street, from Lombard street alley to 7

Littleboy's court, opens at 48 Arch
Locust street, from 125 south Sixth to Schuylkill
Locust Ward, between Walnut and Spruce, soutli

Fourth and Schuylkill
Lodge alley, from 16 south Seventh to Eighth
Lolar's court, runs west from 328 north Front
Lombard street, from 212 south Front to S huylkill
Lombard street alley, from the Delaware © - 9 soutli

Freat B

xiv Philadelphia Tnde.r. ■"•>

Lombardy, west of the Centre square

Lono- lane, runs south from Cedar near Seh. ScTei

Lower Delaware Ward, between Mulberry and S

safras and the Delaware and north Fourth
Loxlev's court, runs north from 115 Mulberry
Loxlev's court, runs south from SO Spruce
Lugar's row. enters Second north of Beaver
Lyndall's allev. from Twelfth and Thirteentli be-

'tween Walnut and Weaver's all-
Lyndall's court, runs east from Tenth below Pine
Lvtle's court, runs east from %65 south Second

Madison avenue, from SheafTs alley to Vine stre<
Madison court, runs north from 23 St. Mary
Matfet's wharf, first below Queen (S.)
Magnolia street, runs south from Noble east of Sixti.
Magdalen jiaylum. corner of Sell. Second & Race
Marden's row, N. from Catharine bet. Front & Second
Maiden street, from the Delaware to the intersection

of the Germantown road and Front
Malt allev. from Nicholson's court to £06 Race
Mansion-House Hotel, see Washington Hall
Maple street, from 134 north Eighth to 113 Ni:.
Marble street, from 14 south Tenth to Eleventh
Margaret alley, from Twelfth to Thirteenth between

Cherry and Race
Margaretta street, from 258 N. Front to 275 Second
Maria street, from north Fourth to Old York road.

between Coates' and Browne
■{Marine Insurance Office, 47 Walnut
Maris & Evans' wharf, opens at 57 south Water
Marsh's wharf, opposite Swede's Church
Mark's lane, from 98 north Eleventh to Twelfth
Marlborough street, from the Delaware to the Frank-
ford road between Crown and Hanover
Marshal'* Office, west wing- of the State House
Marshall's alley, from 122 south Fourth to 157 Fifth
Marsh street, from the Delaware near the High

Bridge to Front
Mary's alley, from 27 Gille's alley to south Sixth
Mary street, (S) from 496 south Front to 505 Second
Mary street, ( Kj from Cherry to the Frankford road
Marriott's lane, from south Fourth to Passyunk road
betvseen Christian and Carpenter

Philadelphia Index. xv

Masonic Hall and Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania,

Chesnut between Seventh and Eighth
Massey's wharf, opens at 15 south Water
Matlack's court, runs south from 12 Spruce
Mayor 1 * Office, S W. cor. of Fifth and Chesnut
M'CIoud's court, opens at 154 Race
M'Culloch's court, runs west from 144 north Front
tyl'Ginnes' court, runs cast from 7 Vernon
M- Michael's court, run cast from Pitt above Beaver
M'Mullen's wharf, second below Queen
Mead alley, from 328 south Front to 349 Second

chanics' Bank, 9 south Third
Mechanic street, runs from 316 Vine to Maple
Mercer street, run; from Warren to Locust
Merchants' Coffee- House and Exchange , 86 south Se-
Meredith's alley, enters Poplar lane above Thiid
Meredith's court, enters Fifth below Button wood
Middle alley, from 168 south Sixth to Seventh
Middle Ward, between High and Chesnut and Fourth

and Schuylkill
Midien's court, opens at 369 south Front
Mifflin's court, runs west from 318 south Front
Mifflin's wharf, opens at 133 and 139 north Water
Miles' alley, runs west from 102 south Tenth
Miles' row, near Rose and William
Miller's alley, runs east from 8T south Sixlh
Miller's alley, JYom Sch. Eighth to- Broad between

Race and Vine
Miller's court, runs south from 158 Spruce
Miller's court, f .V.L.J runs wesi from 314 N. Second
Miller's court, (.WL ) runs north from 45 Green
Minor street, from 4 smith Fifth to 3 Sixth
Mint, (United States,) 27 and 29 north Seventh
Mint court, runs west from Raspberry lane between

Cherry and Race
?vlintzer's court, runs west from 244 north Second
Morgan's court, runs east from Eleventh to Faries*

court below Vine
Morgan street, (r. Ninth to Tenth bet. Race & Vine
Morris* alley, from 62 south Front to 79 Second
Morris" wharf, opens at llo south Water
Morris and Flower's wharf, at Almond street public


sari Philadelphia Index.

Morton's wharf, opens at 105 south Water
Moyamensing road, runs south from the intersection

of Christian and Second
Mud lane, from the Black horse, Frankford road, to

the Germantown road
Mulberry alley, from 282 north Eighth to Garden
Mulberry court, runs west from 8 north Sixth
Mulberry street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill

betweet High and Race
Museum, at the State House, Chesnut street
Myers' court, from 203 Race
Myers' court, runs east from 133 north Third

Navy Yard, lower end of Swanson street

,X'ew- England Inn, 5 south Water

.Yew .Market House. Second between Pine & Cedar

New Market street, from 19 Vine to 42 Green

New Market Ward, between Spruce and Cedar the

Delaware and Fourth
New street, see Story

Nicholson's alley, runs from 113 Cherry to Race
Ninth street, (NJ from 339 High to Vine
Ninth street, ( Sj from 304 High to Cedar
Nixon's wharf, opens at 1 1 Penn
Noble street, from 330 north Front to Sixth
Nonnater's court, runs south from 280 Arch
Norman alley, from Thirteenth to Juniper between

Race and Lambert •

Norris' alley, from 68 south Front to 87 Second
Norris' wharf, fourth above Hanover
North America Bank, 99 Chesnut above Third
North dmerica Insurance Office, 40 Walnut
Northern Liberty Jlank, Vine below Third
North. Mulberry Ward, between Race and Vine and

-Fourth and SchuvlkiU
North alley, from S5 N. Fifth to 39 Sixth
North street, from Tenth to Eleventh below Vine
.Vorth Ward* between High and Arch and Fourth

and Schuylkill

Oak street, ( N. L.y from Willow to the High Bridge

between the Delaware and Front
Oak street, (S.J from 22 Crab to the Passyunk road
Ogilby's wharf and ship-yard, second below Argyle

Philadelphia Index, x\ii

i eet, from Quince alley to Twelfth between
Pine and Lombard

Old Court llov.w.. Second, east end of Market house

Old Fetry, back of 45 north Water

Old York road, from HI Vine to Germantown road

Orange street, from Seventh to Eighth between Lo-
cust and Spruce

Orange street, ( K .) from the end of Palmer to Frank-
ford road

Osborne's court, \V. fr. blackberry alley S. of Walnut

Oiler street, from Frankford road N. of Queen in a
serpentine direction to Second

Palmer street, from Queen to Frankford road between

Hanover and Cherry
Paper alley, from Thirteenth to Broad between Fil*

bert and Arch
Parham's alley, from 104 Swanson to 393 south Front
Paschall's alley, from N. Fourth to the Old York road

between Green and Coats'
Passyunk road, the boundary between Southwark and

Moyamensing, runs S. W. from 178 Cedar
I'attoirs court, from 26 south Fourth
Pcate's Museum, State House in Chesnut street
Pearson's court, E. fr. St. James' church N. Seventh
Fear street, from 62 Dock to 83 south Third
Peddle's wharf, opens at 63 north Water
Pegg street, from 290 north Front to 299 Second
Penitentiary, or State Prison, cor. of Walnut 6c Sixth
Penn street, from 8 Pine to Cedar
Penn street, (K.) from the Canal to Beach street along

the Delaware
Pennsylvania avenue, from Bryan's alley to 138 Vine
Pennsylvania Bank\ 86 south Second
Pennsylvania Insurance Office, N. E. corner of Second

and Dock
Penrose's wharf, first north of Almond landing
Penrose's wharves, between Catharine and Queen
Perkenpine's court, runs east from 43 Budd
Perot's wharf, at 39 and 43 N. Water
Peter's alley, fr. Charlotte near Browne to N. Fourth
Petticoat alley, from 125 Coats' to Browne
Pevvterplatier alley, from 14 N. Front to 17 Second


xviii Philadelphia Index.

Pfeifer's alley, fr. 22 New Market to 235 N. Second
Pfeifei's court, E. fr. Second to the Germantown road
Philadelphia Bank, S. \V. cor. of Chesnut and Fourth
Philadelphia Dispensary* 37 south Fifth
Philadelphia Library, corner of Library and Fifth
Philadelphia Insurance Office, 94 south Second, cor.

of Walnut street
Phillips' ship-yard, first north of the Navy Yard
Philosophical Hall, in Fifth below Chesnut, W. side
Phoenix Insurance Office, 96 south Second
Pine alley, from Ball alley to 2.35 south Fourth
Pine street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill bet.

Union and Lombard
Pitt street, from Cohocsink creek to the Germantowh

road between N. Second and Third
Pleasant avenue, from L 2S5 Lombard to Little Pine
Pleasant street, from Charles to Wissahiccon roatl

between James and Button wood
Plum street, from 230 south Second to Fifth
Plum alley. (M.) from Grisel's alley to south Sixth
Poplar alley, runs N. from Locust between Currant

alley and Eleventh
Poplar lane, from 440 N. Front to Wissahiccon roafl
Portland lane, from 152 south Sixth to Seventh
Port Wardens Office, 18 Walnut
Post Office, 116 Chesnut
Pottery alley, from 8 Small to Little Oak
Powell street, from 100 south Fifth to 133 Sixth
Powell street, (V.) from Frauds to George
Pratt's court, from 396 N. Front
Pratt's wharf, opens at 93 K. Water
Presbyterian court, west from 170 south Fourtii
Prichett's wharf, first south of* Chesnut
Prime street, fiom the Delaware to Shippen's lane

between Carpenter ami Federal
Prince street, runs N. F. from Shackamaxon bet.

Bedford and the Frank ford road
Probate of Wills, Office in the State House
Prospect alley, east from 37 N. Tenth
Prospect court, east from Eleventh between Filbert

and Mulberry
Prosperous alley, south from Locust bet. Eleventh

and Twelfth
Protestant Episcopal Academy, in Locust ab. Ninth

Philadelphia Index. xix

Prothonotarv of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,

Office in the State House
Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas, Office

in the State House
Prune street, from 110 south Fourth to Sixth
Pryor's alley, from near 152 S. Ninth to 165 Tenth
Pryor's wharf, opens next 385 north Front
Pump alley, west from Spafford below Shippeu

Quarry street, from 36 Bread to 101 N. Third
Queen street, (S.) from the Delaware to Passyunk

road between Catharine and Christian
Queen street, (Point-no-Point road) N. E. from

Frankford road near Otter to Gunner's run
Quince street, from Walnut to Lombard between

Eleventh and Twelfth

Race street, see Sassafras

Rachel street, north from Browne to Laurel between

Budd and Second
Randall's court, W. from Blackberry alley ab. Locust
Randolph's court, west from 126 N. Second
Ranstead's court, see Patton's
Rapin's court, south from 102 High
Raspberry alley, from Walnut to Spruce bet. Ninth

and Tenth
Raspberry lane, from 173 Cherry to 236 Sassafras
Read's alley, from 190 Cedar to 5 Bedford
'Recorder of Deeds, Office in the State House
Red store wharf, opens at 75 N. Water
Relief alley, from Carter's alley to Dock
Relief street, from 218 south Front to 237 Second
Rcinmington and Simmon's wharf, opens at 223 V,

Richardson's court, north from 159 Sassafras
Ridp;e road, see Wissahiccon
RiliTs court, west from 526 N. Third
Wising Sun Inn, 133 Sassafras near Fourth
Rittenhouse place, N. side of Locust above NinUi
Robbin's wharf, opens at 9 Little Water
Roger's court, runs north from Pegg street
Rose street, runs N. E. from Germantown road bet.

Otter and Second
Rose alley, (N. E.) fr. Tammany n. Third to Browne

Philadelphia Index.

Rose alley, runs north from 127 Locust
lens at 97 south Water
Uowlinson's court, east from 169 N. .Second
Rugan street, from 347 Callowhill to Jam
Rush's cor;'. rum 142 south Fourth

Russell's wharf, nrst south of Pine st. public lan<.

tsom's allev. from Willow to Noble, bet. St. John
and north Third

Sanson's row. N. side of Walnut between Swanwick
and Eighth

Ransom's Union row, N. L., 258 N. Second

lom street, from south Seventh to Ninth between
Chesnut and Walnut
ah street, fr. Queen n. Frank ford road to Bedford
>af*as alley, from 190 Sassafras to Bryan's alley
:afras street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill be-
tween Cherry and Vine
nders* court, east from Pitt near Beaver

Savings* Bank. Decatur near Hi^h

Say street, fr. Sch. 7th to 8th bet. Race and Vine

Say's alley.fr. Cherry to Walnut west of Thirteei

"-ay's court, west from 36 N. Third

Say'fl wharf, opens at 19 N. Water

Scheme alley, see Yiiie alley

Schively's alley, see Bryan's

Schleisraan'g alley, east from N. Third betv t
Poplar lane and Beaver

Schneider's wharf, opens at 315 N. Front

Schriver's court, east from 71 N. Eighth

Schuylkill Bank. S. E. corner of Hi^h and Sixth

Schuylkill road, runs from Washington to Bridge
west of the river Schuylkill

Sott *s alley, from 379 High to 96 Filbert

Scott's court, enters Poplar lane above Front

Second street. (\. from 69 High to Mud lane
:ond street ( 1 ) from 5-2 High running south

Second street, from Schuylkill (N. & 8.) runs from
Vine to Cedar between Front and Third

S^gan's wharf and ship-yard, opens at 371 N. Fron/

Seit's court, south from 60 Sassafras

&HVtn-8tars Inn, N. W. cor. of Fourth & Sassafras

Seventh street. (N.) from .263 High to Vine and con-
tinued north from C>

Philadelphia Index. xxi

Seventh street, (S.) from 228 High to Passvunk road
. cnth street, from Schuylkill (N. & S.) from Vine

to Cedar between Sixth and Eighth
Shackamaxon street, fr. the Delaware to the Frank-
ford road between Sarah and Crown
Shakspeare Buildings, N. W. corner of Chesnut and

Sheaff's alley, fr. N. Eleventh i ear Race to Twelfth
Shepherd's court, west from 36 N. Third
Sheriff's Office, in the State House
Shield's alley, from 140 S. Ninth to Raspberry alley
Shippen's lane, from Cedar near Broad to Federal
Shippen street, from 266 south Front to Eighth
Shoemaker's wharf, first S. of Mulberry street public

Shriver's court, east from 71 X. Eighth
Simmon's court, west from 216 N. Front
Sim's alley, from the Delaware to 15 south Water
Sim's wharves, open at 153 and 159 south Water

and Pine street landing
Sixth street (N.) from 235 High to the Germantown.

road north of Vine — it is the boundary line bet.

the Northern Liberties and Penn township
Sixth street (S ) from 162 High to Carpenter
Sixth street, from the Schuylkill (N. & S.) from Vine

to Cedar between Fifth and Seventh
Small alley, opens at 27 Barron
Smith's alley, from near 219 S. Third to 32 Gaskill
Smith's alley (N. L.) from 119 Green to 128 Coats'
Smith's court, runs south from High near Sch. Eighth
Smith's court, west from 172N. Eighth
Smith's (J.) wharf, opens at 349 N. Front
Smith's (W. T.) wharf (Red-stores) 111 and 75 N.

Smith's wharf, opens at 67 N. Water
Snowden & Wagner's wharf, second below Christian
Sober's alley, from 129 Walnut to Library
South Mulberry Ward, between Mulberry and

Sassafras the Schuylkill and Fourth
South street, see Cedar
South alley, from 10 N. Fifth to 7 Sixth
South IVard, between Chesnut and Walnut and

Fourth and the Schuylkill

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