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\xii Philadelphia Index.

Spafford street, from 50 Bee] ford to Fitz water
Spring Garden Tavern and lVigicam,\n north Sixth

near Buttonwood
Spruce street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill be-
tween Locust and Pine
St. Andrew's street, from Sch. Second to Broad be-
tween Hunter street and Fiancis lane
St. Barnard's court, from 460 south Second
St. George's alley, from 55 Elm (New) street
St. -John street, from Pcgg's run or Willow street to

Cohocsink creek
St. Joseph's avenue, from Sch. Fifth to Sixth between

High and Chesnut
St. Mary's street, from 220 S. Sixth to Eighth
Stable alley, from S. Seventh to opposite 46 Eighth
Stall's court, from 203 Sassafras to Bryan's alley
Stamper's alley, from 208 south Second to 163 Third
Stamper's wharf, opens at 127 south Water
Starr alley, from 163 Cherry to 189 Sassafras
State House, the S. side of Chesnut between Fifth

and Sixth
Steinmetz's court, runs east from 93 N. Fourth
Steinmetz's court, (N. L.) N. from Buttonwood near

Steinmetz's wharf, opens at 51 north W T ater
Stephen's court, runs west from 404 north Front
Sterling's alley, from 15 Cherry to 118 Sassafras
Stewart's alley, from Cherry to 394 Sassafras
Stewart's court, west from Eleventh near Sassafras
Stewart & Wiltberger's wharf, opens at 173 north.

Stiles' wharf, first north of Coates' street
Stillhouse's wharf, first north of Christian
Stillhouse alley, runs west from 330 north Front
Story street, from 152 north Third to near 93 Fourth
Strawberry street, from 58 High to 55 Chesnut
Sugar alley, from 32 north Sixth to 23 Seventh
Sugar-house alley, from Vine to Wood, east of Third
Summerl's wharf, opens at 75 north Water
Summers' court, runs west from 414 south Second
Swanson street, south from 10 Cedar
Swanwick street, from Little George to 153 Walnut
Swede's alley, the commencement of Church street,
runs from 22 Christian

Philadelphia Index. xxiii

Swift's wharves, below the Swede's church

Tammany street, from 518 N. Second to the Old

York road
Taper alley, runs north from 53 Green
Taylor's alley, from 58 south Front to 73 Second
Tenth street, (N) from 373 High to Wissahiccon rd.
Tenth street, (S) from near 371 High to Cedar
Thatcher's wharf, opens at 319 north Front
Theatre, (New) Chesnut first above Sixth
Theatre. [City] Prune between Fifth and Sixth
Third street, fNJ from 115 High to Germantown.

Third street, ( ?i) from 90 High running south
Third street from Schuylkill, (N. & S.) runs from

Vine to Cedar between Second and Fourth
Thirteenth street, (N.) from High to Vine between

Twelfth and Juniper
Thirteenth street, (S.) from High to Cedar between

Twelfth and Juniper
Thomas' wharf, opens at 137 Swanson
Thorn's court, enters Fourth near George (N. L.
Tidmash street, from Passyunk road facing Carpen

ter street to Shippen's lane
Timber lane, from Frank ford road above Shaekamax

on street to Turner's lane
Tivoli Garden, High east of Centre Square
Ton alley, from 57 south Water
Toff's court, runs east from the Ridge road above

Townsend's court, runs south from 86 Spruce
Traquairs court, runs east from 1 1 north Tenth
Trimble's court, from 510 north Front
Trotter's alley, from 22 south Second to Strawberry
Trusty's court, runs south from 6 Locust
Tunis*' wharf, opens at 71 south Water
Turner's couvt, runs north from near 101 Catharine
Twelfth street, (N.) from High to Vine between.

Eleventh and Thirteenth
Twelfth street, <3.) from High to Cedar between
Eleventh and Thirteenth

Union alley, from ISO Swanson to 4C3 south lYonf-
Union Insurance Qffii*, 45 Walnut

>cxiv Philadelphia Index.

Union street* from 166 south Front to 79 Fourth
ion -treet, (K.) from Bedford to Prince between

Mat _h and Hanover

United States Bank, v^hesnut between Fourth and

United States Insurance Office, 49 Walnut
United Irsenal, Gray's ferry road, S. of Cedar

United States 8tage, Office," 30 south Third
United States Loan Office, in bank of the U. States
Unity court. >o<ith from 16 Little Pine
University of Pennsylvania and Medical Lyceum. S.

Ninth near High
Upper Delaware. Ward, between Sassafras and Vine

and Fourth and Schuylkill
Upper ferrv road, from Callowhill near Washington

to the Upper Bridge

Vanduson's wharf and ship-yard, first N. of Hanover
Vauxliall Garden, Broad between George &. Walnut
Vernon street, from *4 CVdar to 29 Shippen
VidePa court, west from 58 south Second
Vienna street, fr >m Prince to West street between

Cherry and Wood
Vine alley, runs from Tenth to Broad above Vine
Vine street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill between
Sassafra- and Callowhill, being the northern boun-
dary of the city
Vineyard street, from the Wissahiccon road \n

Charles between Anne and George
Vineyard's ship-yard, at S. Brusstars wharf

Wagners alley, from 135 Cherry to 252 Sassafr;
Walker's court, runs ea.-^t from 259 north Second
Wallace's court, ryn* west from 10 north Fi
Wall's elbow, run* from Ernleu's to Rogers court
Wall's wharf, opens at 127 south Water
Wain's (R.) wharf, opens at 135 south Water
\ aln's (W ) wharf, opens at 7 Swanson
■■ "alnut ali Thirteenth to Juniper bet. Cher-

ry and as

alnut stree; .ware to Schuylkill between

Che&nut arm S

alnut Want, retween Chesnut and Walnut th-
Delaware and Fourth

Philadelphia Inatye. w\

Walter's wharf, opens at S55 north Front
Warden's Office, 18 Walnut

Warder's wharf, first south of Race street landing
Warder's wharf. (N. L.J opens at oTl X. Front
Warren street, (C.) from Qui;nc£ to Twelfth north

of Spruce
Warren street. (K.) from Beach to Queen between

Hanover and Bishop
Warner's court, south from 230 Shipper* street
Washii.gton court, runs north from 205 Lombard
Washington Hall and Hotel, Third m. above Spruce
Washington street, (formerly Columbia avjeriue) fornix

the west and south angles of Washington square
Washington street, a continuation of High f om the

.Permanent Bridge, running through Hamilton

Washington street, (Penn township) cast from the

Ridge road between Gieen and Hickory
Washington street. (Penn township] north from Viue

between William and Front
Washington street, (Southwark) runs from 550 south

Front to Movamensing road
Water street, (N\) fiom )6 High to Willow ov

Poole's Bridge
Water street, (S ) from 12 High street to Pine ' ,
Watkins' alley, from 22 Bread to 8a N. Third
Watson's alley? from Branch to Story
Watson's alley, tuns south from 104 Locust
Watson & Paul's wharf, first south of Chesnut street

Weaver's alley, runs from Twelfth to Thirteenth,

between Lyndall's alh-y and Locust
Webb's alley, from 221 Cherry to 334 Race
Well's alley, from Oak street to 37 i N. Front
West street, fr. Frankford road to Wood above Duke
West's court, east from 27 New Market street
West's Picture Exhibition, Spruce street ab. Eighth
West's (C.) wharf, first north of Vine street landing
West's (W,) wharf, opens at 155 north Water
Wharf street, sooth from Cedar along the wharves
Wharton street, from the Delaware to Passyunkroad

near Federal
Wharton's wharf, opens at 67 Swanson


xxvi Philadelphia Index.

Wharves, (M) from High along the Delaware
Wharves, ( S. J fr. High along the Delaware to Cedar
Whitaker's row, runs west from 66 south Fifth
White-Bear Inn, 220 High street
White's ship-yard, at J. Blower's wharf ( K.)
White-Swan Inn, 106 Race near Third
Widows' Asxjlum, High west of Sch. Seventh, S. side
Wiggin's court, runs south from 62 Cherry
Wilcock-s wharf, opens at 57 S. Water
Wiley's court, runs south from Castle street
Williamson's court, fr. 262 Cedar to 7 1 Bedford (M.)
William street, from Otter to Rose
Wiliing's aliey, from 98 S. Third to 75 Fourth
Willing h Francis' wharves, at 15 and 21 Penn
Willow court, runs south from Pine above Sixth
Willow street, (Sch.) from Locust to Cedar between

Schuylkill and Beach
Willow street, (K.L.) fr. Delaware along Pegg's run
Wilson's wharf, second south of Maiden landing
Wissahiccon road, N. W. from the corner of Ninth

and Vine
Wistar's court, runs south from Vine east of Broad
W r itman's alley, fr. Kunckle n. Callowhill to Fourth
Witman's court, runs west from 400 N. Second
Woglom's court, east from 73 N. Eighth
Wood street, f.V. L.J fr. 190N. Second to Schuylkill
Wood street, ( K.) runs from Queen near Gunner's

run to West street
Woodland street, or Darby road, runs S. W. from the
intersection of the Lancaster turnpike and Wash-
Wright's alley, from Miller's alley to Vine between
Schuylkill Eighth and Broad

York BiiifiHnga* on the south side of Walnut between

Washington and Eighth
York court, runs east from 37 Budd
York street, from 135 south Third to Laurel

Zachary's court, north from 31 Walnut

Zaire street, from 32 north Seventh to Eighth.

Philadelphia Index. xxvii


.TAMES MONROE, President of the U. States of America.

DANIEL D. TOMPKINS, Vice-President.

John Q. Adams, Secretary of State.

W . II. Crawford, Secretary of the Treasury.

John C. Calhoun, Secretary of Way.

Smith Thompson, Secretary of the Navy.

William Wirt, Attorney General.

Joseph Anderson, Comptroller of the Treasury.

Richard Harrison, Auditor of do.

Joseph Nourse, Register of do.

Thomas Tudor Tucker, Treasurer.

John M'Lcan, Com. Gen. Lund Office.

Return J. Meigs, jun. Post-Muster General.

Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States.

John Marshall, Chief Justice; Bushrod Washington, "Wil-
liam Johnson, jun. B. Livingston, Thomas Todd, Joseph
Story, Gabriel Duval, Associate Judges.

Seventeenth Congress of the United States.


Maine — John Chandler, John Holmes.
New-Hampshire — S. Bell, J. F. Parrott.
Massachusetts — James Lloyd, Elijah H. Mills
Rhode-Island— H. R. Bright, James D'Wolf.
Connecticut — James Lanman, E. Boardman.
"Vermont — William A. Palmer, H . Seymour.
New-York — Rufus King, M. Van Beuren.
New-Jersey — Mahlon Dickerson, S. L. Southward.
Pennsylvania — William Lowrie, William Findlay.
Delaware — C. A. Rodney, N. Van Dyke.
Maryland — Edward Lloyd, Samuel Smith.
Virginia — J. Barbour, James Pleasants.
North Carolina — Nathaniel Macon, M. Stokes.
South Carolina — John Gaillard, W. Smith.
Georgia — John Elliot, Nicholas Ware.
Kentucky— R. M. Johnson, Ishum Talbot.
Tennessee — John Williams, J. H. Eaton.
Ohio — W. A. Trimble, Benjamin Ruggies.
Louisiana — James Brown, II. Johnson.
Indiana — Walter Taylor, James Noble.
-Mississippi — T. H. Williams, D. Holmes.
Illinois — Ninian Edwards, Jesse B. Thomas,
Alabama— William R. Ring, J. W. Walker.
Missouri — T. H. Benton, David Barton.


Maine — J. Cushman, E. Lincoln, M. L. Hill, E. Derricks^
J> Dana, Ezekiel Whiteman, William D. Williamson — 7.

xxviii Philadelphia Index.

New-Hampshire — -William Plumer, jun. N. Upham, Josiah
Butler, M. Harvey, Aaron Matson, Thomas Whipple, jr. — 6.

Vermont — S. C. Crafts, Elias Keytr, B. C. Mallory; C. Rich,
Phineas White, J. Mattocks — 6.

Massachusetts — J. Reed, B. Gorham, G. Barstow, William
Eustis, T. Fuller, J. Nelson, A. Hobart, F. Bavlies, J. Russel,
L. Bigelow, 8. Lathrop, S. C. Allen, H. W. Dwight— 13.

Rh^de Island— J. DUrfree, S. Eddy— 2.

Connecticut — G. Tomlinson, N. Barber, H. W. Edwards, J
Ross, E. Stoddard, A. Sterling-, Daniel Burrows — 7.

New York— C. D Colden, S. Wood, C. C. Cambreling, J. I.
Morgan, J. H. Pierson, W. W. Van Wyck, W. Patterson, •"
HL Buggies, R. M'Carty, S. Van Rensselaer, J. D. Dickinson,
-I. W. Taylor, N. Pitcher, R. H. Walworth, J. Gebhard, A.
Conklir.g, J. Hawks, S. Campbell, J. Kirkland, T. H. Hubbard,
M. Sterling-, E. Litchfield, W. D. Rochester, D. Woodcock,
K. Spencer, A H. Tracy, Charles Burland, jun. — 27.

New Jersey — Lewis Condit, E. Bate man, G. Cassedy, S.
Swan, G. Holcomb, J. Matlock — 6.

Pennsylvania — J. Sergeant, J. Hemphill, Thomas Forrest,
S. Edwards, W. Darlington, S. Gross, J. Phillips, J. Buchanan,
J, S; Mitchell, J. Findhiy, J. M'Sherry, S. Moore, Thomas J.
Rogers, L. Worman, J. Tod, J. Brown, G. Denison, T. Mur-
ray, jun G. Plumer, T. Patterson, A. Stewart, H. Baldwin, P
F?.rclly— -23.

Delaware— W. Mall, L. M'Lane— 2.

Maryland— I. M'Kim, jr. P. Little, H. R. Warfield, 3. Kent. T
Baylcy, R. Neal, R. Nelson, R Wright, J. Casricn— 9.

Virginia— M. Alexander, W . S. Archer, W. Lee Ball, P. P
Barbour, B. Bassett, J. Floyd, R. S. Garnett, E. B. Jackson,.'
Jones, J. Leftwich, W. M'Coy, C. F. Mercer, T. L. Moore, II.
Nelson, T. Newton, J. Randolph, W. Smith, A. Smith, A.
Sni)th, A. Stevenson, T. Van Sweaiingen, G. Tucker, J
Williams - 23.

North Carolina— J. Crudup, W. N. Edwards, H. G. Burton,
r, \ 11. Hall, L. Sawyer, W. S. Blackledge, C. Hooks, A
t'Xeiil, H, Connor, F. Walker, L. Williams, R. M. Saunders,
John Long — 13.

South Carolina— W. Lowndes, S. Tucker, T. R. Mitchell,
.1. Overstrect, G. M'Duffie, I. Gist, James Blair, Major IIu
milton, J. Wilson — 9.

Georgia— J. Abbott, J. A. Cuthbert, E. F. Tatnall, R. B
Reid, G. R. Gilmor, W. Thompson — 6.

Kentucky—'). Trimble, J P. Brackenridge, T. Metcalf, S
H. Woodeson, B. Hardin, J. T. Johnson, J. S. Smith, F. John-
son, A. New, T. Montgomery— 10.

Tennessee— N. Cannon, R. Allen, II. II. Bryan, J. Cocke,
F. Jones, J. Rea — 6.

Ohio— T. R. Ross, J. W. Campbell, L. Barber, D. Chan*
s, J. Vance, J. Sloane — 6.

Louisiana — J- §. Johnson.

Indiana — William Hendricks

Philadelphia Index. xxix

Mississippi — Christopher Rankin.

Illinois — Daniel P. Cook.

Alabama — Gabriel -Moore.

-Missouri — John Scott.

Michigan Territory — Solomon Sibley.

\rkansas Territory — James \V. Bales.


\ndrew Gregg, Secretary of State.
Thomas Elder, Attorney General.


The Supreme Court, (as a Court in Bank,) hold six terms
ior argument, &c. in the five districts of the state, and ad
iourned courts as they may deem necessary. The regular
ternis are,

For the Eastern District, composed of the city and count)
of Philadelphia, and the counties of DelaVare, Chester, Mont-
gomery, Bucks, Northampton, Lehigh and Pike, at Philadel-
phia, on the 2d Monday in March, to continue two weeks,
and on the 2d Monday in December, to continue three weeks.
The last Monday in July is the return day for July term, but.
no court is then held. For the Lancaster District, composed
of the counties of Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Lebanon, Schuyl-
kill, and Berks, at Lancaster, on the 3d Monday in May. For
the Middle District, composed of the counties of Northunv
herland, Union, Columbia, Centre, Mifflin, M'Kean, Clear-
field, Lycoming, Potter, Tioga, Bradford, Susquehannah^
Wayne and Luzerne, at Sunbury, on the Wednesday follow-
ing the second week of the teim of the Lancaster District.
For the Western District, composed of the counties of Alleg-
, Westmoreland, Somerset, Fayette, Washington, Greene,.
Beaver, Butler, Mercer, Crawford, Erie, Warren, Venango,
Armstrong, Indiana, Jefferson and Cambria, aft t ittsburg, on
the first Monday in September, to continue two weeks if ne-
cessary. For the Southern District, composed of the coun-
ties of Franklin, Adams, Cumberland, Huntingdon and Bed*
i'ord, at Chambersburg, on the Monday week next following
the end of the second week of the term of the Western Dis-

Note. It is only in the city and county of Philadelphia that

Supreme Court has original jurisdiction, and there only

where the sum in controversy exceeds 500 dollars; all issues

i>f fact are tried by jurv, before a sinarle judge, at nisi privs.

WILLI A M T I LG H M AN, Chief Justke

THOMAS DUNCAN, j ***»cia*«.

C 2

Philadelphia Index.

The District Court for the city and county of Philadelphia
lias original jurisdiction of all cases where the sum in con-
troversy exceeds 100 dollars. This Court holds four terms
annually. On the first Mondays in March, June, September,
and December. If business requires it, they are bound to hold
courts nine months in the year.

MOSES LEVY, Esq. President.

BENJAMIN R. MORGAN, Esq. >f*****#™**-

The District Court for the city and count}' of Lancaster, in
the city of Lancaster, on the first Mondays of February, June.,
September and December.

CHARLES SMITH, Ebq. President-.

Courts of Oyer and Terminer and general Jail

Are held twice in each year for the City and County of
P-hiladelphia alternately, by the Judges of the Common Pleas,
and the Judges of the Supreme Court; in the other Districts*
they are held by the Judges of the Common Pleas. Trials off
civil causes in the Common Pleas of Philadelphia County are
adjourned Courts, held at such times as the Judges may an-
point. »


Select Council.-— George Vaux, President; Thomas
Bradford, jr. Clerk; John W. Thompson, Anthony Cuthbert,
Win. Rush, Joseph S. Lewis, Wm. Meredith, J. M. Scott^,
Thos. Hale, John Miller, jr. T. Kittera, G. Worrali, L. D. Car.

Common Council. — James S. Smith, President; John C t
Lowber, Clerk; ttenj. Jones, jr. Thos. Williams, Danl. Knight,
Wm. A. Peddle, Wm. Heyl, Joshua Percival, Berj. Tilghman,
Tames M. Broome, S. J. Bobbins. John Markland, Ephraim
Haines, John R. Coates, Samuel Robinson, Anthony M. Buck-
ley, Wm. Gerhard, Charles W. Schreiner, Alexander Purves,
Aquila A. Browne, James Wilmer.

Robert Wharton, Mayor.
Joseph Reed, Recorder
John Bacon, City Treasurer.

Philadelphia Index. xxxi

Itobt. W. Sykes, attorney and solicitor to the Corporation.
Thomas T. Stiles, Joseph Morris, and Nathan Athevton-,
City Commisioners.

John M'Lean, and Wm. Hines, High Constables.

Aldermen. — Matthew Lawler, Abraham Shoemaker, Jas.
N. Barker, John Douglass, George Bartram, Samuel Badger,
John Inskeep, Andrew Pettit, John Geyer, John Connelly,
Peter Christian, William Duane, Joseph Watson, and John

George Beck and Joshua f lenszey, Clerks of High street
John Land, Clerk of the Second street Market
Robert Stiles, Clerk of Broad street Market.
Captain of the Nightly Watch, Anthony Elton.
Lieutenant of the Nightly Watch, Samuel Stevens.


Corders of Wood and deceivers of Wharfage:
Vine street, John B. Ackley.
Race street, Henx-y Meyer, jun.
Arch street, Benjamin Meredith.
Chesnut street, Charles M'Elwee.
Drawbridge, Philip Winnemore; Peter Field, deputy
Public Landing on Schuylkill, John Marley.
Inspector of Wood coming by land into the city, John

Controllers of the Public Schools

For the First School District of the State of Pennsylvania.

[Office, City Hall.]

Roberts Vaux, President; Wm. W. Pishef, Samuel J. Roh-

tnns, Rev. P. F. Mayer, first section. John C. Browne, Jacob

Justice, second section. George M'Leod, Andw. Hooton, third

section. Joseph Norbury, /our/A section. Thomas M. Pettit^


Managers of the Pennsylvania Hospital.

Samuel Coates, Pattison Hartshorne, Wm.L. Hodge, ThoV
Stevvardson, Thomas P. Cope, Joseph Watson, Israel Cope,
Thomas Morris, Henry Hoilingswoilh, Joseph Johnson, Alex,
FOlmslie, and Matthew L. Bevan.

Treasurer — Joseph S. Lewis.

Managers of the Jims House.
George Swope, 351 north Second; James Schott, 385 Arch;
Thomas D. Grover, 15 Christian; Charles A. Harper, 21 Archj
Josephs. Walter, 237 Vine; Nathan Folwell, 343 north Third;
Charles N. Bancker, 320 Che^uut; BaukSon Taylor, 30 Ra'ce^
Jfchn H, Curtis, Jl Queen.

xxxii Philadelphia Index.


Wnv Brown, 6 St. John st. Jeremiah Hukill, Callow-hill
near 9th; M. Ludie, Germantown road n. Rising Sun; I. Eyre,
Beach above Maiden st. Kensington; Daniel Fttler, German,
town road; Geo. Wilson, Third st. above franklin; Jacob
Moser, Queen st. Kensington; "Wm. Sutton, Queen near Marh
borough st. Kensington; S. P. Courtney, corner of Hanover
and Queen st. James A. Mahany, 55 Vine st. Tobias Becbler,
corner of Second Si Brown; Maurice Starne, 407 N. Second st
William Lee, 3 Lilly alley; Thomas Coats, jr. 320 N. Third:
George Egert, 357 north' Second st. William Bruner, 112 St.
John st. John Garritson, 49 Vine street and 131 N. Second
Aaron Kille. 88 Vine st. Daniel Smith, 99 north Third st.
Wm. Widdifield, 42 N. Third and 160 Arch st. Job B. Rem-
ington, Arch near Twelfth st. Joseph Blame, 5 north Fifth St.
George Peterson, 3 south Third st. Timothy Abbott, 74 S.
Third st. H. Harrison, Chesnut one door from Thirteenth st
Joseph Williams, 211 Walnut st. Henry Troth, 222 Market;
T. Wicket-sham, 161 Pine st. J. N. Harmes, 3 Minor st. Clay-
ton Earle, 20 Pine st. John Rakestraw, 279 south Front st;
John Curry, 267 south Second st. John Floyd, jr. corner of
German arid Fourth st. Joseph Hartley, 266 south Second st.
.Samuel Sweeny, corner of German and Third st. John Bel.
rose, 315 south Second st. James Virtue, Fourth street be
tow Christian.


Warden's Office, Philadelphia.
"Cor the information and government of Owners, Masters, and
others, having the command, care, or charge of Ships or
Vessels within the port or harbour of Philadelphia, the
Wardens of the port conceive it necessary to publish the
following Rules and Regulations:

1. Kvery ship or vessel that may arrive in this harbour,
and that shall come to anchor in the stream, any where be-
tween Almond street (in the district of Southwark,) and
Vine street, having previously caused bet gunpowder, if she
bad any on board, to be landed as the law directs, may
main in that situation 24 hours, and no longer: taking care
to lay as near to the Island, or Sand-bar, as may be eo:.
tent with their safety. But if, from the circumstance of a
vessel having servants on board, or from any other cause, it
may be thought necessary or convenient to lie a longer time
in the stream, then, and in every such case, the Owner, Mas
ter, Pilot, or other person, having the charge or direction of
such vessel, shall remove her from opposite the city, and
.shall moor her, or cause her to be moored to the northv.
vf Vine street, with one anchor and cable up, and one anchor

Philadelphia Index, xxxiii

and cable down the stream; and in both the above-mentioned
situations, the regulations contained in the next succeeding
article to be duly attended to.

2. When a ship or other vessel shall be hauled into any
wharf or dock, or along side of another vessel that may be
lying at such wharf or dock, the Owner, Master, Pilot, or
whoever may have the command, care or direction of her,
shall have her securely made fast, and if outside of another
vessel, shall get one good fast from each end of the vessel to
the shore, and within 24 hours thereafter, cause her jib-
boom, spritsail-yard, main-boom, ring-tail and driver-booms,
if any they have, to be rigged in, and their lower yards top-
ped up, in such a manner as least to interfere with vessels

3. If any vessel, properly moored in the stream, shall have
her anchor or cable overlaid by another ship or vessel, in an-
choring or mooring, the Master or person having the care or
direction of such last-mentioned ship or vessel, shall imme-
diately, or soon as may be, after application made to him by
the party aggrieved, cause the said anchor and cable so over-
laying, to be taken up and cleared.

4. If the fasts of a ship or vessel, when moored at a wharf,
shall extend across a dock, so as to obstruct the passing or
repassing of a shallop, lighter, ov other craft or vessel, the
Master or other person having the charge or command of
such ship or vessel, shall, upon the first application, imme-
diately cause such fast or fasts to be cast off or slacked down.

5. No outward bound vessel putting off from a wharf, shall
?ie longer in the stream, between Vine street and Almond
street (in the district of Southwark,) above-mentioned, than
24 hours. And if vessels lying at the end of wharves, so
much interlock with each other, as to prevent vessels from
hauling in or out of the docks, the Master, Owner, Pilot, or
other person having charge of the same, shall immediately on
application from any person so wanting to haul his vessel in
or out of the dock aforesaid, have the vessel or vessels, so in-
terfering-, moved in such maimer as to accommodate the one
applied for; in which case the vessel making room for ano-
ther to haul in or out, shall have liberty to make her warps
fast to the most convenient place adjacent for a reasonable
time, and that all sea vessels, when transporting or wanting

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