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Baker Allen, music seller 11 South Fourth

Baker Adam, joiner 541 North Front

fBaker Adam, woodsawyer 28 Barron

Baker Bartholomew, chairmaker Smith's court, N. Front

Baker Benjamin H., clock and watchmaker 70 S. Third

Baker Basset, widow of, 4 tavernkeeper Laetitia court

Baker Christian, mariner 2 Elmslie's alley

Baker Christiana, marketwoman St. John

Baker Charles H. merchant 61 Race, dwelling- 310 Arch

Baker Charles, cabinetmaker 46 Gaskill

Baker Doodle, plumber 34 Old York road

Baker Elizabeth, 116 Arch

Baker Elizabeth, widow 126 Browne, [see Barker and Bale;-

Baker Elizabeth, widow 58 Arch

Baker Edward, teacher 49 Prune

Baker George, brass founder 8 York court (N. L.)

Baker George, inkeeper 264 Race

Baker George A. attorney at law and conveyancer north-east

corner of Fourth and Cherry
Baker George N. lumber merchant 7 Wood
Baker Henry, stablekeeper 51 Noble
Baker Hannah, storekeeper 72 North Fifth
Baker Henry, sign and ornamental painter 82 North Sixth
Baker Isabella, widow, keeper of the store of the Female

Hospitable Society 54 North Fourth
Baker Jacob, cordwainer 61 Queen
Baker Jacob, smith Rose alley below Green
Baker Jacob, victualler 47 Budd and 32 Browne
Baker John H., exchange and intelligence office, dwelling 3,

Franklin court
Baker John, victualler 7 Rachel
Baker John R. and Son, merchants 61 Race
Baker James, victualler 123 Old York road
Baker John, trader S. E. corner Schuylkill Fifth and Market
Baker John, grocer and feed store corner of Front and Otter
Baker John L. exchange broker and commission merchant

dwelling 126 South Fifth, office Walnut belew Sixth
Baker John R. merchant 63 Race
Baker John, sea captain Federal near Front
Bak$r John F., mariner 80 Christian

BAL Philadelphia Index.

Baker Margaret, widow Buttonwood near Sixth

Baker Mary, widow seamstress Lilly alley

Baker Michael, coppersmith 227 North Second

Baker Michael, hardware store 59 High, dwelling 16GArch

Baker Michael, lumber merchant 74 Browne and cor. Second

Baker Michael, jun. coppersmith 330 North Front and 227

North Second
Baker Michael, ropemaker Hopkin's court (N. L.)
Baker Mrs. S. widow 387 Race

Baker Nathan, house carpenter, shop Sixth near Noble
Baker Richard, preparer of essences 3 Little Dock
Baker Samuel, cordwainer 79 Green
Baker Samuel, carpenter 47 North Sixth
Baker Samuel, sexton and tailor, Queen and Marlborough
Baker Stephen, cordwainer 90 Locust
Baker Sylvius, copperplate printer 11 South Fourth
Bilker William, druggist See. 6 North Fifth
Baker William J. wine merchant 136 North Second, dwelling

5 Palmyra row
Baker William, carter Apple and George
Baker widow, 23 Old York road
Bakerly Catharine, widow hack 176 North Eighth
Balan Elizabeth, widow confectioner 241 South Second
Balbeck David, tanner Rose alley

Bald Adam, grocer 472 North Second N. W. corner Poplar
Bald Robert, 144 North Eighth
Baldwin David, blacksmith Ann, near Schu\lkill
Baldwin Geoige, stablekeeper 1J S. Fourth, d. h. 69 Crow;>
Baidwin Isaac, gro« .;■, dwelling 190 Vine
Baldwin John, bookbinder 144 South Fifth
Baldwin Jose]);., ew'iler 106 Lombard
Baldwin .loser.h, accountant, 49 Mulberry
Baldwin Lewis, teacher 4 Powell
Baldwin M. W. machinist 1 College avenue, dwelling house

160 Seuth Tenth
Baldwin Phoebe, milliner 40 South Fourth
Baldwin Stephen, sea captain 146 Pine
Ball George, cabinetmaker 323 North Second
Ball Israel, ladies' shoemaker 66 German
Ball Joseph, gentleman 250 North Second
Ball Richard G. carpenter 336 South Third
Ball Stephen, tavern keeper south-east corner Fifth h Second
Ball Stephen, labourer 266 South Third
Ball William, couchmam 13 Knight's court
Hall widow of Joseph, 248 Mulberry
Ballard Matilda, Cordwainer's alley

Ballentine Joseph, dealer north side of Almond street wharf
Ballentine Rev. William, school room over south-w«st corner

of High and Decatur street
B.- linger Jacob, carpenter 70 North Ninth
Balingp Michael, tanner Second, Germantown road
Ballentine Mary, dry good store 437 North Second,

Philadelphia Index. BAR

Ballentine Tier. William, Bryan's court

Bailor Philip, tavernkeeper lower 12 South Sixth

Balfe Lucas 8c Thomas, hoot manufacturers 31 South Fourth

Bait John, housecarpenter Marlborough near Bedford (K.)

Bancroft James, sea captain 29 Mulberry

Bancroft, Jewell & Co., goldbeaters 38 S. Front & 68 Market:

Bancroft Titus, goldbeater

Bancker Charles N. merchant counting-house 33 North Front,

dwelling 320 Chesnut m

Bandarnin Catharine, widow 15 SpafFord
Banger Thomas, pocketbook maker Filbert near Eleventh
Banger Timothy, accountant Francisville (N. L.)
Banger William, morocco dresser near toll-gate, Ridge roac! 5

Banks George, smith back 187 North Second
jBanks Jonathan, dealer Shippen near Eighth
Banks John, D. D. 13 Powell
fBanks M., basketmaker 119 Plum
Bankson Henrietta, 69 Wood
Bannen John, carpenter SheafPs court
Bannon Joseph, carpenter 10 Wagner's alley
Bannerman Ruth, nurse 3 Hinckle's court
Bantleor Elizabeth, nurse 49 Pine
•j-Bantom D. porter Currant alley
fBantom Joseph, carter Smith's court
Barber Alexander, stonecutter SheafPs court
Barber Nathaniel, carpenter 203 Arch
Barber Joseph, woodsuwyer Vine near Thirteenth
Barber Alexander, shoemaker, south-east corner Thirteenth

and Market
f Barber Anthony, labourer back 15 Middle alley
Barber John, commission merchant 24 South wharves
Barber John, blacksmith Second near Prime
Barber Rebecca, widow 23 Mary
Barber William, painter, North street
Barbier P. goldsmith and jeweller 161 North Third
Barbin Amos, tailor Germantown road near Fourth
Barclay Elizabeth, widow 324 South Second
Barclay James J., attorney at law office 119 Walnut dwelling

207 Pine
Barclay John R , cordwainer 18 Little Water

relay John, president N. L. bank 227 North Third
Barclay John A. accountant 41 Union
Barclay Joseph, mariner 72 Almond
^Barclay Robert, mariner 163 Pine
Bardier Samuel, innkeeper 136 North Fifth
Barclay Samuel, gentleman 323 South Second
f Barclay Sancho, porter CVuffman's court
Barcus Stephen, labourer Schuylkill Seventh above Arch
fBarclay Tobias, 41 Currant alley
Barclay widow of George, grocer 168 South Second
Bard Ezekiel, carter 88 Budd street

BAR Philadelphia Index.

Bard Marks, innkeeper forks Germantown road

Bard Nicholas, gentleman Charlotte near Brown

Bard Samuel, printer court back 46 North Seventh

Bard William, victualler Charlotte near Brown

Bardotle J., hairdresser and perfumer opposite United State-
bank 1-17 Chesnut

Barga 'John, grocer 421 North Fourth

Barger Abel, painter &.c. 73 Dock, dwelling- 14 Carter's alley

Barger Jacob, cooper Germantown road above Third

Barg-er William, rigger 78 Budd

Bargh William, grocer 149 South Eleventh, d. h. 225 Walnut

Eargh \\ illiam, baker 225 Walnut

BarkofFer Frederick, wheelwright 67 Garden

Barkraan Jane, widow Rose alley (city)

Barker James N. alderman, S W. corner Sixth and Chesnut

Barker Alary, tayloress Charlotte street, near Poplar lane

Barlow George, mariner 12 Almond

Barlow Philip, tavernkeeper 328 Race

Barnard John, carpenter 270 South Third

Barnard Joseph &. Son, ploughmakers High W. Sch. Fourth

Barndollar W. S., trunk and shoe factory 393 North Second

Barnes Abraham, Apple between Fourth and Fifth

Barnes Alexander, blacksmith 26 Gaskill

Barnes Daniel, merchant 87 Wood

Barnes Elizabeth, (formerly Dickinson) glovemaker 43 dies

Barnes Elizabeth, 65 Race

Barnes Henry, drayman Fourth above Poplar

Barnes Isaac, tailor 111 Vine

Barnes Isaac, shoemaker Cropper's court

Barnes John, M. D. 79 Mulberry

Barnes John, ladies' shoemaker 147 South Second

fBarnes John, labourer back 295 South Third

Barnes John If. and N. Diehl, notaries public, and ship bro-
kers, 117 South Second

Barnes John H. notary public and ship broker 117 South
Second, dwelling 23 South Second

Barnes Joseph, attorney at ia-tir 11 Sansom

Barnes Peter, caulker China street

Barnes Rebecca, widow 13 North Fourth

BaPnes Robert, house carpenter Harris' court

Barnes Sarah, widow milliner south-east corner Eighth and
Cherry, and victualling cellar under 20 Market

Barnes Samuel, merchant, 23 South Water, dwelling Wood
near Seventh

Barnes Thomas, currier 55 Chesnut, d. h. 16 North Fourth

Barnes Thomas and Robert, curriers 55 Chesnut

Barns James, coachtrimmer 45 Plum

Barns Esther, widow 14 ParhamValley

Barns James, pilot 12 Parham's alley

Barnhart Philander, boardinghouse 48 North alley

Burnet Edward, counsellor at law, office 45 North Seventh

Barnet Joseph, gentleman 1-1 i Chesnut

Philadelphia Index. BAR

fiarnct Joseph, carter opposite .119 South Sixth
Harriet Thomas, turner 198 North Front

nett Thomas, starcli manufactory Passyunk road corner

of Eighth
Barnitt Thomas, Columbian printing- press manufacturer am'

turner in brass, iron Sec. 198 North Front and 7 N. Market
Barlow Arnold, mariner Christian above Eighth
Barnard John, carpenter 499 South Front
Bartram David, printer back 300 South Third
Bartlett Thomas, shipwright 11 Mary
Baringor Margaret, widow 20 Mary
Barritt George, mariner Nieman's alley
Barling William, caulker HOSwanson
Barnholt Frederick, victualler 237 St. John, stall 24 N, L.

Barnholt George, victualler corner Callowhill and Seventh.
Barnholt George, jun. victualler Charles st. N. L.
Bavr Christian, caulker 36 Budd
Barlow Joseph, weaver 27 Franklin
Barnman John, victualler 158 St. John
Barnard Joseph, house carpenter and ploughmaker High

West Schuylkill Sixth
Barr Adam, shoemaker Sch. Tifth, bet. Market and Chesnut;
Burr James, carter Jones' alley near Sch. Firth and Arch
Barr John, weaver Wood near Thirteenth
Barr John, stonecutter Mint court
Barr Philip, printer 4 Hoflher's alley
Barr Samuel, carpenter near Fourth
Barr Thomas, cell keeper Pennsylvania hospital
Barrett Eliza, widow 3 Willow court
Barrett Samuel, teacher 32 North Sixth
Harrington Charles, teacher 129 Lombard
Barrington Eleanor widow 75 Gaskill
Barrington Eleanor, widow 75 Gaskill
Barron Joseph, ladies' shoemaker 12 South Fourth
Barron Mary, widow 161 Pine
Barry Ann, nurse 185 Cedar
Barry Cordelia, widow 25 Lombard
Barry Edward, teacher 90 South Eighth
Barry Joseph B., cabinetmaker 134 South Second
Barry John, blacksmith Poplar near Budd
Barry Joseph B., jun. cabinetmaker 189 South Second
Barry Joshua, sea captain 49 Almond

Barry Patrick, grocer 136 North Water and 191 North FroT:';
Barry Sarah, widow of commodore 214 Chesnut
Barry William, labourer 100 Plum
Barry William, phmemaker 107 Dillwyn-
Barry William, tobacconist 285 South Fourth
Barry William, brickmafcer 10 Barbara's alley
r Barras Charles, carpenter Julian near Callowhill

QAS Philadelphia Index.

Barret Catharine, widow 8 Hinckle's court

Barret Eliza, widow 3 Willow court

Barret Robert, bricklayer 8 Myers' court

Barrett Robert, bricklayer 8 Castle

Barrington Charles, grocer, 8cc. 216 High

Harrington Henry, manufacturer of coffee and chocolate:

South Fourth north-west corner of Ga3kiH
Barry Cordelia, widow 25 Lombard
Barry John, mariner 9 Parham's alley
Barsh George, tailor Fifth above- Noble
Barth John, tailor 3 Harmony court
Barthe Ishmael, 8 Madison's court

Bartholomew Catharine, widow 106 Wood above Eighth
Bartholomew Charles, tobacconist 88 North Third
Bartholomew Mary, gentlewoman 157 North Niuth
Bartholomew Thomas, commission merchant 176 Souths
Bartholomew Joseph, tinman north-east cor. Garden and Wood.
Bartholomew Frederick, tavernkeeper 51 George
Barth Gutlieb, locksmith 283 North Second
j;Barth Ishmael, plasterer 8 Madison's court
Barth John Joseph, barber corner Brown and St. John
Bartle William, pump and blockmaker 107 Catharine
Bartleson Eunice, widow 105 North Front
Bartleson Peter, carpenter Fifth near Noble
Bartley Margaret, bandboxmaker 63 Coatee'
Bartley Richard, hosier back of 192 Race
Bartling Christlieb, inspector of lumber 485 North Se-cc
Bartling Conrad, carpenter 455 Arch above Twelfth
Bartling Charles, sea captain 67 Cherry
Bartling Eliza, 453 Arch above Twelfth

Bartlit John 8c Co., merchants 1? S. Water, d. h. 147 S. Thirc
Barton Isaac, storekeeper 16 North Second
Barton Mary, widow of Benjamin S., M. D. 204 Chesnut
-Barton Thomas, tailor back of Randolph court
Barton Rhea, M. D. 204 Chesnut
Barton Richard, carpenter 13 Cherry
Barton William, taylor back 126 North Second
Barton Elizabeth, widow, nurse 36 Coates' alley
Bartram George, alderman 68 South Second
Bartram Isaac, late druggist 13 Juliana
Bartram Rebecca, 170 V ine
Barwell John, painter 105 Old York road
Berwick John, currier, dwelling 22 Bank alh so

corner Little Dock and Second
Bashford Heath, block and pumpmaker 198 South F;
Basle Henry, ship carpenter Hanover near Bedford
fBass Samuel, barber 15 High
Bass J B , gentleman 30 Elfrcth's alley
Bassett 8c Atwood, dry good store 78 Market
Bassler David, victualler corner Buttonwood and Ga:
Basso Daniel, cakebaker 238 South

Philadelphia Index. BAY

Bastion Joseph, scnr. George West Schuylkill Fourfti

Baatran Joseph jun., paper stainer 12 South Broad

Batehelder Alexander S., hatter back 63 Union

Batchelor William, carter Charles 6t. (N. L.)

Batchelor Hester, widow Miller's court

Bateman John, sailmaker Spruce street wharf, d. h. 41 Plum

Bateman Susannah, widow 15 Wagner's alley

Bates Benjamin, accountant 21 Cherry

Bates Benoni, late lumber merchant 225 CallowhiC

Bates Elizabeth, widow nu»se440 South Front

Bates Isaiah, blacksmith back 169 North Second

Bates John, carpenter Cobb's court

Bates William, cordwainer 291 South Fourth

Bates William, baker Mead alley near Second

Battel Philip, oak cooper 303 Callowhill

Buttes John, oysterman 166 Shippen

Batiiea George, tavernkeeper 379 Sassafras

Button John, labourer Arch West Schuylkill Second

Button Mary, widow, dealer 6 above Catharine

■j Buttis John, hairdresser 29 Union

Battis Nicholas, mariner 21 Parham's alley

Batts John, mariner 447 South Second

B't'Kh Margaret, widow 131 Green

gh Harm an, turner 291 Vine
Baughman Catharine, widow Acorn alley
Baalt Henry, victualler, N. W. corner Hanover and P.
CaultMary, widow of Henry, Hanover near Prince
Baulu Adelaide, widow 325 Sassafras
Baum Charles, student in Alms House
Baum Micael, labourer Sassafras near Sckuylkill Third
B&urbeck John N., German g-oods store 67 North Third
Baush George, tailor Fifth above Noble
Baxter Isaac B. & Co. hardware merchants 248 South Second
Baxter Matthew, grocer 305 High
Baxter Anthony, furcutter Kugler's court
Baxter Charles, carter 183 Shippen
Baxter William, dealer 244 South Front

Baxter Edward, tavernkeeper cor. High and Schuylkill Front
Baxter Joseph, weaver Frankford roardnear Otter
Baxter Rebecca, widow seamstress Sanson] alley
Baxter Thomas, labourer Vine near Broad
Bayard Andrew, president of Commercial Bank 102 S. Eighth
fBayard Andrew, labourer 8 Burd's alley
Bayard George, tinplate worker 50 North Front
Bayard Richard U., gentleman 254 Walnut
Bayard R H. attorney at law 59 South Seventh
Bayard William, cordwainer 247 South Third
Bayne Esther, w.'dow Eighth near Callowhill
Bayne Joseph, rule, square and umbreliamaktr behind 100

Bayne Nathaniel, turner 85 North Front

BEC Philadelphia Index,

Bayne Samuel, labourer Lombard above Twelfth

Rayne Samuel, cnrdwaincr 316 South Second

Bazeley Charles \V. and Mrs. B., female seminary 75 £

Fourth [see Haselei,

, Beach Waldon, carpenter 86 Lombard, [see Ifacht

Beach William, house carpenter St. Joseph's avenue
Beade John, cordwainer 105 Christian
Beag-le Henry, blacksmith Fifth above Callowhill
Beale William, carpenter and joiner Sansom alley
Bealert Margaret, widow 52 Lombard

Bean James, store keeper 163 tforth Second, [see JJayw

Bean Samuel, tailor 163 North Second
Beard David, briekmaker George West Schuylkill Fourth
Beard Mary, widow 10 Noble

Beal Jacob, sugarboiler north -west corner Cherry and Eleventh-
Beale Jacob, sagarrefiner and sugarhouse Nicholson's court
Beal Henry, weaver and dyer Pearl
Beam Jacob C, collector Vine near Thirteenth
Ream William, storekeeper 402 North Second
Beamer Samuel, stovefmisher 20 Currant alley
Bean "William, innkeeper 121 Vine
Bear John, carpenter Brooke's street
Bear William J., German teacher John above Callowhill
'Beard A., coachman back 5 Cypress alley
Bears Hannah, widow washerwoman Smith's alley
Beasley Abigail, widow 21 Christian
Beasley Rev. Frederick, D. D. Provost of the Universit}

Chesnut [see Ba

Beasly William, 418 North Front
Beates Frederick, scrivener 94 North Third
Beatman James, methodist minister 194 North Fifth
Beatman John, sailmaker Spruce street wharf, dwelling hoi! re

41 Plum
Beatty Arthur, weaver 234 Catharine
Beatty David, weaver 229 Shippen
fieatty Edward, weaver Cedar near Tenth
Beatty Isabella, widow back 20 Cypress alley
Beatty John, flour inspector 101 Crown
Beatty Mrs., widow 33 Powell
Beatty Samuel, weaver 129 South Eleventh
Beaty George, grocer 255 South Fifth
Beaty John, paper hanger 153 Arch
Beaty William, dealer 308 South Second
Bech Elizabeth, grocer Second near Federal
Bechler Charles, mariner 51 Bedford
Bechler Tcbiss, grocer 426 N. Second and 57 Brown
Bechtel George, shoemaker 29 Duke (K. L.)
Bcchtel Jacob, boot and shoe manufactory 64 South S'econJ
Bechtel John Sc Co., 6hoe warehouse 50 High
Bechtel Wilson L., shoe merchant 30 Church alley
Beck Abigail, widow seamstress 293 South Fifth

Philadelphia Index, BEL

Keck flazilla, drayman Oak and Coates'

Heck Henry A., druggist, &c. 248 North Front

Beck Henry, exchange broker and commission merch. Third

near Noble
Beck Jacob, tobacconist 32 Dock
Beck Daniel B., painter and glazier 187" Arch, dwelling 58

Beck George, carpenter back 73 North Fifth
Beck Harvey, merchant, 11 South Water, dwelling 315 High
Beck Jacob, accountant 19 Tammany
Beck Jacob, jun. carpenter Rose alley
Beck John, combmaker 311 North Eighth
Beck John, baker 73 Budd
Beck Martin, carpenter 18 Budd

Beck Paul, merchant 11 South Water, d. h. 315 High
Beck Richard, merchant tailor 38 N. Fourth, d. h. 14 Ann
Beck Susan, widow shopkeeper 70 Sassafras
Beck Valentine, cordwainer Oak near Crabb
Beck W. C. and S. M Stewart, stationers and manufac. paper

hangings and playing cards S.W. cor. Walnut and Third
Beck William C, merchant S.W. corner of Third and Walnut,

dwelling Eighth near Locust
Beckenback Jacob, shoemaker 85 Green
Becker Francis, accountant and interpreter of foreign lan^

guages 28 North Third
Becket Henry, dealer 205 Shippen

fBecket Henry, old clothes' merchant, under 90 S. Second
Beckhorn Garret, tavernkeeper 62 Shippen
Beckman Daniel, paper carrier Charlotte near Brown
Becktold Gotlieb, baker 440 North Third
fBeckus Lewis, hairdresser 40 S. Eighth, d.h. 14 Currant aL
Bedford John, boot and shoe manufacturer 296 High
Bedford Thomas and Isaac, dry good store 59 North Second
Bedford Thomas, accountant, N. E. cor. Vine & Thirteenth
Bedford Thomas, painter &c Kunckle above Tammany
f Bedford Wm. carter Ninth above Cedar
Bedkins Mahlon, oysterman 16 South Sixth
Bedrock William J. teacher near 49 Crown
Bedwell Thomas, apothecary and druggist 250 N. Third
Beers and Bunnell, stock ami exchange brokers, 4 S. Third
Beere Robert, carter Lombard below Twelfth
Beers Ann, boarding house 13 Carter's alley
Begley Thomas, mast maker 116 German
Behncke John, boarding house 87 Penn
Beidelman Henry, fisherman Green above Wood (K.)
Beidelman Jacob, fisherman Green above Wood (K.)
Beidelman John, fisherman corner Beach and Bishop (ly)
Beidelman J. R., dry good store 88 North Second
Belair Lewis 1)., foreign bookseller, 123 North Fifth
Belangee Hannah, shopkeeper 13 North Fifth
B.ldon Hosea W., tailor 251 South Second

BEN Philadelphia Index.

Belf Samuel, grocer 236 Cedar

Belin Augustus, merchant 237 Spruce

Bell Charles, bookseller 91 North Sixth

Bell Elizabeth, widow of Henry 7 Fayette

Bell Elizabeth, widow 3 Wells' row

Bell James, distiller 228 South Sixth

Bell James and John, distillers corner of Cedar and Sixth

Bell John, distiller dwelling 219 Cedar

Bell John, grocer south-west corner German and Third

Bell John, weaver 110 Thirteenth

Bell John, M. D. 138 South Fourth

Bell John, brushfmi.sher, 3 Wells' row

Bell Joseph and Joseph Watson, merchants, 2 Sims' alley or

back 12 South wharves
Bell Mary, widow Christian below Sixth
Bell Mary, widow shopkeeper 30 Branch
Bell Peter, sea captain 9 Powell
Bell Robert R., printer Christian near Sixth
Bell Samuel, grocer and drover 230 and 2d6 Cedar
Bell Sarah, milliner 98 New
Bvrll Henry, lumber merchant, yard Ninth above Race, dwelling

145 near Ninth
Bell William, gardener Hunter's court
Bell William, whipmaker 77 St. John

Bell William J. & Co. stock &c. brokers 37 Dock, d.h. 93 Pine-
Bell William, jun. stock &c. broker 35 Dock, d. h. 54 Walnut
Bell William, weaver north-east corner Seventh and Coates'
Bell William, gentleman 97 Pine
Belling Andrew, combmaker Smith's alley
Bellknap Stephen, jeweller 59«Cherry
Bellows Hester, milliner 117 North Second
Belrose John, china store 315 South Second
Belsterling Mary, boarding- house 404 North Third
Beltzner Catharine, shopkeeper 264 North Fourth
Benckert George F., morocco dresser Queen near Sixth
Bendel Israel & Co. well diggers Germantown road
Bender Adam, victualler 62 Garden
Bender Charles, cordwainer 154 St. John
Bender Christopher, tobacconist Second near Beaver
Bender Jacob, bookbinder 98 Thirteenth
Bender John, carpenter S. W. Corner Callowhill and Kunke
Bender Richard, constable Fifth above Button wood lane
Benders Richard, shoemaker 127 Brown
Benedict John, shoemaker Stewart's alley
Benfer John, jun. tailor 351 North Front
Benjamin Theodore, jeweller 190 South Fifth
Benjamin Wolf, cordial distiller 16?' Cedar
Benner Charles, cooper 4 North Tend), dwelling 321 Ar-;
Benner Elizabeth, widow Lombard above Twelfth
Benner Elizabeth, milliner 93 Mulberry
^gentler George, merchant 200 North Fourth
Benner George, baker Frankford road

Philadetfilua Index. BEO

Benner Hannah, storekeeper comer Fourth and Poplar Jane

Benner Jacob, sen. weaver 189 North Third

Benner Jacob, jun. saddler 187 North Third

Benner James, accountant 57 New

Benner James 133 Plum

Benner John, chemist 48 South Eighth

Benner John, baker 300 North Front

Benner John, bricklayer George West Schuylkill SeventLi

Benner John, tailor 48 Spruce

Benner John, tavernkeeper 40 Chesnut

Benner Mary, grocer 11 Budd

Benner Mary, widow of Jacob sea captain 57 New

Benner "Rachel, widow 128 North Front

Benner Peter, oak cooper 365 North Second

Benner Sebastian, cabinetmaker 62 North Juniper

Benner Whiteman, silverplater Mint court

Benners Henry, porter 65 South Juniper

Bennet Ann, widow Sink's court

f Bennett Benjamin, musician 34 Powell

Bennet Christopher, mariner Workman's court

Bennett John, cordwainer back 294 South Third

Bennet John, marble cutter 13 North Tenth, d. h. 63 Filbert

Bennet John, mariner back 98 Swanson

Bennet John, merchant, 313 North Second

Bennett John, shipcarpenter Beach near Marlborough

Bennet John, stevedore, 121 South Water

Bennet Joel B , printer 11 Quarry

Bennett Joseph L. mariner 79 Plum

Bennett Lewis, seaman Front near Laurel

Bennett Nathaniel, labourer Rose alley

Bennett Nicholas, carter Wood near Juliana st.

Bennet Titus, bookseller &.c. 37 High

Bennet & Walton, booksellers he. 37 High

Bennett Wm. S s?a captain 11 Vernon

Bennett William W., d;-y good store 122 South Tenth

Benninghove Elizabeth, widow 4 Church alley

B' nninghove &• Nassau, tobacconists 77 High

Bennis Henry, hatter 155 Cherry

Bensley Clement B., teacher 150 South Sixth

Benson Alexander, stock and exchange broker 142 Market

Benson Daniel, 96 <~;askill

Benson Jane, widow boarding house 151 Chesnut

Benson Richard, ..arpet warehouse 242 High

Bent William, rraclnnemaker 116 South Eighth

Benthall John D marine? 518 South Front

Bentley Christian, tobacconist 346 North Second

Bentley David and John, coppersmiths 162 North Third

Bentley John, tobacconist Fourth near Poplar lane

Bently John, gentleman North Fourth near Poplar lane

-{•Bentley 11., labourer Fourth above Chesnut

liton John, carpenter & grocer N.E. cor. Sixth ^Fi^zwate^'
orafii^ ; -«fctaiK-, \ ittuajijHLhear^hirteerrlk V> * «4

BEW Fhiiaddfihia Index.

Berg Henry, tailar 260 St. John

Bergasse Cadet, merchant 42 Union

Berger Elizabeth, teacher Hause's court

Berger Robert B., umbrellamaker south-west corner Sixth and

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