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the first term of fourteen years aforesaid. In securing de-
signs for paper hangings and ornaments for rooms, &c, a
specimen of which should be deposited in the clerk's office
where the inventor resides, who will describe, in writing, all
the ornaments, and the colours used in each, so as to desig-
nate them, with the changes that are proposed to be used in
changing the ground and general tint. Uet each paper, thus
described, be numbered, 1, 2, 3, &c. and after entering them
in the clerk's office, and publishing them as directed, let a
specimen of each be sent to the honourable the secretary
of state, or through him to the person who directs the patent
office, with correspondent descriptions and numbers; and a
certificate of such deposit will complete the requisitions of
the law in securing the exclusive right to each original pro-
duction of genius. WM. THORNTON.


No ship or vessel from foreign ports, or coming by sea
from any port of the United States, shall be permitted to re-
port, make entry, or break bulk, till the master shall deliver,
to the post-master, all letters under his care or within his
power, other than such as are directed to the oivner%cv owners
:h ship or vessel, and an oath or affirmation to be taken
of such deliver}'; the master to receive two cents for every
letter so delivered.

Sec 57. Goods found on board any vessel not noted on the
manifest, tire master to make post entry, previous to any per-
mit being granted therefore.

Packages wanting, or goods not agreeing with the manifest,

* See an act for the encouragement of learning, &c. laws of
the U. S. vol. ii. chap. 42, § 4, p. 122.

ee laws of the U. S. vol. ii. $ 1, p. 105, 106.

i iii Philadelphia Index.

the master forfeits 500 dollars, unless made appear to the
satisfaction of the principal officers of the customs, that no
of the cargo has been unloaded since it was taken on
board, except such as noted in the report, and pursuant to
permits; and that such disagreement arises from accident or

Sec. 61. Vessels arriving- from any foreign port, in distress,
it any port in the United States, not being destined for the
same; protest to be made by the master and mate, within
twenty-four hours, and lodged at the custom-house; and with-
in forty-eight hours enter his vessel, as in all other cases;
and if by certificate of the wardens of the port, of the neces-
sity thereof, the vessel may be unladen and cargo deposited
jn the public store, and reladen again (except such part as
may be necessary to be sold to defray the expenses of the
repairs of the vessel only, on which the duty shall be paid as
in other cases) by permission from the custom-house free
rom any other charge than storage and fee to the officers of
:he custom, as in other cases.

Sec. 93. The master or person having command of any
vessel bound to a foreign port or place, shall deliver to the
collector of the district from whence such vessel is about to
depart, a manifest of all the cargo on board, and the value
thereof, subscribed by such person: the penalty for not de-
livering such manifest, and obtaining a clearance, previous to
departure from such district, is 500 dollars for every offence


Sec. 36. Owners or consignees of goods imported are,
within fifteen days after the master's report, to make entry
with the collector, detailing the several contents and nett
cost cf each package particularly, and produce the original
Invoice, documents and bills of lading, which must be veri-
fied on oath or affirmation, by the .said parties, who must
subscribe the form of entry on oath.

When the above entry is made by any agent, factor, or
other person, other than bona fide owner or consignee of such
merchandise, such person to give bond in the sum of 1000
dollars, over and above what the duties may amount to, with
condition, that the bona fide owner or consignee of such mer-
chandise, shall, on or before the first period of payment ot
buch duty become due, deliver to said collector, a full and
correct account of said merchandise, in manner and form
aforesaid, verified by a like oath or affirmation, before any
judge of the United States, or a judge of any court of re-
cord of a state, or before a collector of the customs; and in
case the duties are paid at the time of entry, a like bond to
be given, that such an account shall be delivered, within
ninety days from such entry.

When the particulars of such merchandise are not known,
an entry thereof to be made according to circumstances; de-
claring on oath or affirmation, all the particulars the p

Philadrffihia Index. lxix

knows or believes concerning 1 the same, to be subscribed by
the party: and where an imperfect entry is made, either for
want of invoices, bills of lading, &.c. the collector to take
such merchandise into his custody, until the quantity, quality,
or value can be ascertained.

Sec. 37. Every inporter or consignee of distilled spirits,
wines or teas, to make a separate entry of the same, specify-
ing the name of the vessel and master, and place from whence;
the quantity and quality, and a particular detail of the chests,
casks, or vessels containing the same, with the marks ana
numbers; which entry, after being certified by the collector,
to be produced to the surveyor or officer acting as inspector
of the revenue for the port: and all permits granted by the
collector for the above articles, shall, prior to the landing- of
the same, be produced to the surveyor or officer acting as
inspector for the port, for endorsement; any of the above ar-
ticles landed, contrary to the above direction, are subject to
forfeiture, and five hundred dollars penalty on the master or
person having charge of the vessel.

Sec. 52. Goods without invoice, or specification of parti-
culars, to be stored by the collector until appraised, or in-
voices arrive, at the option of the importer.

Appraisers to ascertain and certify at what rate, or per
centage, such goods are damaged; but no allowance for
damage, unless such appraisement is lodged in the custom-
house -within ten days after the landing thereof, accompanied
with a certificate of the wardens of the port.

Sec 56. Goods not landed in fifteen days to be sent to the
public store, and all goods so deposited to be at the risk and
charge of the importer; and if not entered and the duties
paid, or secured -within nine months, to be sold, (being first
advertised for one month) the surplus money arising from
such sale, after the duties and charges are paid, to be paid
into the treasury of the United States, for the benefit of the
owners, who, upon due proof of the property, shall be enti-
tled to the same. Perishable articles may be sold immedi-

Sec 66. Goods entered under a fraudulent invoice to be
forfeited, or where the collector shall suspect that such
goods are not invoiced agreeable to the sum such goods are
sold for at the place from whence they are imported, to be
taken into his possession at the risk and expense of the im-
porter, until they are appraised, and in case of prosecution
for the forfeiture aforesaid, such appraisement shall not ex-
clude other proof on trial, of the- actual and real cost of the
said goods at the place from whence imported.

Sec 67. Packages may be opened in presence of two mer-
chants, upon suspicion of fraud, and re-packed under the
inspection of an officer; and if found to differ from the en-
try, to be forfeited, unless made appear to the satisfaction of
the principal officers of the customs, or a court on trial, that

i>:x Philadelphia Index,

?uch difference proceed from accident or mistake, or without
intention of fraud.


Sec. 47. When goods, &c. the growth or manufacture of
the United States shall be returned, not having- been shipped
for the benefit of drawback or bounty, no duty to be de-

Sec. 48. Report and entry of such goods, &c. to be made,
and proof, by oath or affirmation of the facts thereof.

N. B. When the goods so returned have been exported
from any other district than the one they may be imported
in, bonds to be given by the importer, in addition to the
above oath, in the sum of the duties that within six mentis.
a certificate shall be produced from the collector of the cus-
toms for the district from whence they were exported, that
such goods were actually so exported: in default of which,
the bond to be forfeited and the penalty paid.


Sec 46. Entry to be made by passengers of all clothes,
tools or implements of trade or professions, arriving in the-
United States to settle; which articles axe exempted from

If the articles shall be entered by any other person than
the owner, bond to be given in a sum equal to the amount of
what the duties would be if imported subject to duty: that
the owner shall within one year verify such entry on oath, or
the collector may direct such bag'gage to be examined; and
if any article is contained therein, which ought to pay duty,
entry must be made thereof; and if an entry is made as afore-
said, and upon examination thereof, any article is found
^herein subject to duty, {not liming been expressed at the time
of making the entry) it is forfeited, and the person in Whose
oaggage the same shall be found forfeits and shall pay treble^
the value thereof

Mode of obtaining Drawback on Foreign Merchandise.

Sec 75. Merchandise imported into the United States,
(foreign caught fish, fish oil, and playing cards excepted) if
exported within one vear from the paying or securing the du-
cies thereon, from the ports of original importation, are enti-
tled to a drawback of .such duties, or may be transported
coastwise to certain districts, and the drawback, if exported
from thence to a foreign port, excepting those immediately
adjoining the United States,* by observing* the following di-
rections: provided, the duties paid or secured on such mer-
chandise imported by one person or co-partnership, and
entered at the same time, shall amount to fifty dollars, except
iistilled liquors, which must be one hundred and fifty gali

* Su Augustine, Nora Scotia, Halifax A and the Caiudas.

Philadelphia Index. Ixxi

and exported in the original casks, cases, chests, boxes, or
other packages in which they were imported, except liquors
in casks, coffee or cocoa in casks or other packages, or un-
refined sugar which may be- filled up out of others of the
xtme importation, or put up into new casks or packages cor-
responding therewith, which must be marked and numbered
us the originals, but no change or filling up to take place
unless the casks or other packages are unfit for exportation,
a no other case; the whole to be performed under the
inspection of a proper officer appointed for that purpose.

When articles are imported in bulk, the packages in which
they are landed shall be deemed the packages of original im-
portation, ar.d must be exported in the same; and all certifi-
cates for distilled spirits, wines, or teas must be given up, or
drawback to be allowed.

Sec. 75. Twenty-four hours notice to be given by lodging
an entry thereof before shipping the goods, except distilled
spirits, which require but six hours; and goods shipped with-
out a proper permit, forfeit the drawback.

Previously to any permit being given, proof must be made
be importer, of the importation and the paying or secur-
ing the duties thereon, and every other person through whose
iiunds such merchandise may have passed, of the identity

>£c. 82. If any goods, wares or merchandise, entered for
exportation with intent to draw back the duties, shall be
landed' within the limits of the United States, the same is sub-
ject to seizure and forfeiture, together with the ship or ves-
und the vessels or boats used in landing the same, and
all persons concerned therein upon conviction, to suffer im-
nment not exceeding six months.
Sec 77. Merchandise may be transported coastwise to
: ports as vessels arriving from the Cape of Good Hope,
• vond the same, are admitted to enter at, by making the
tallowing entry, and obtaining a certificate from the port of
original importation.

c. 78. The certificate accompanying such merchandise
I ) be produced at the time of making entry, upon which a
nit will be granted for unlading; and if intended to be
exported to a foreign port, the same proceedings to be had
as if such merchandise had been originally imported into the
district from whence they are to be exported.

Sec. 79. Merchandise may be transported across the state
cw Jersey, by the following route to Philadelphia, and
exported from thence to a foreign port and obtain drawback,
viz. New-Brunswick, South Amboy, and Lambeiton, Borden-
town, or Burlington, by making an entry as if transported by
water; the said merchandise to be inspected and marked pre-
vious to the landing on board any packet with intention of
transportation as aforesaid, and obtaining the certificate as
• :i other cases; and if merchandise is transported by any
route than expressed in the passport accompanying tUa

Ixxii P hiladclfdua Index.

same, or if the marks, fastening's or seals that may be placed
thereon, by direction of any ofKcer of the customs, be broken
or defaced, or unpacked, the merchandise in respect to which
such omission or wrong doing- shall happen, or the value
thereof, shall be forfeited.

Sec. 80. If goods are exported from the districtinto which
they were originally imported, the exporter shall receive
from the collector of such district, a debenture or debentures
for the amount of such drawback, payable at the exact time
or times on which the duties on such goods shall become
due. Provided, that if the duties on such merchandise shall
have been paid prior to an entry for exportation, the deben-
ture shall be made payable in fifteen days from the time of
signing the bond; and the debenture may be made payable
to tiie original importer when the same shall be requested,
in writing by the exporter, and not otherwise.

If merchandise having been imported coastwise, accom-
panied with a certificate, shall be exported to a foreign port,
the exporter to receive a certificate from the collector of the
district from whence exported; which is to be produced to
the collector of the district of original importation; and the
di-uwback to be paid at such port, upon debenture or deben-
tures being granted thereon, payable as aforesaid: but in no
case is the drawback to be paid until the duties are first re-

Consuls and Vice Consuls.

By an act of Congress of the 28th of February, 1805, it is
made the duty of every master of any vessel bound on a foreign
voyage, before any clearance is granted, to deliver to the col-
lector of the customs, under oath or affirmation, a list con-
taining the names, place of residence, and a description of the
persons composing the ship's company, as far as lie can ascer-
Tain them, and the collector shall deliver him a certified copy
thereof, for which the collector shall be entitled to twenty-five
cents; and the said master is to enter into bond with security,
iti the sum of four hundred dollars, to exhibit the aforesaid
certified copy of the list to the first boarding officer, at the
first port in the United States, at which he shall arrive on his
return, and then and there produce the persons named
therein. The bond not to be forfeited, on failure of the mas-
ter to produce any person contained in the list, who may be
discharged in a foreign country with the consent of the con-
sul, vice consul, commercial agent, or vice commercial ajjent
there residing, signed in writing, under his hand and official
seal, nor on account of any such person dying or absconding,
eing forcibly impressed into other service.

^£c. 2. Makes it the duty of every master or commander

my ship or vessel belonging to the United States, on his

arrival at a foreign port, to deposit his register, sea-letter and

Mediterranean passport, with the consul, vice consul, com-

Philadelfihia Index. Ixxiii

meix'ul agent (if any there be at such port) and in case of
refusal he forfeits five hundred dollars: and when the said
master produces a clearance from the proper officer of the
port, it is the duty of the said consul, vice consul, or com-
mercial agent, to return him all of his said papers.

Sec 3. Whenever a ship or vessel of the United States shall
be sold in a foreign country, and her company discharged, or
when an American seaman shall by his own consent be dis-
charged in a foreign country, it is the duty of the master or
commander to produce to the consul, vice consul, or com-
mercial agent, a certified list of the ship's company, and to
pay to such consul, &c. for every seaman so discharged, three
months pay over and above the wages then due to such sea-?
man, two-thirds thereof to be paid, by such consul, to each
seaman so discharged, and the other remaining third to be
retained for the purpose of creating a fund for the main-
tenance of destitute American seamen in such foreign port.

Sec. 4. Makes it the duty of the consuls, vice consuls,
commercial agents and vice commercial agents, to provide
for the seamen of the United States, who may be found in
their districts respectively, sufficient subsistence and passages
to some port in the United States, at the expense of the
United States, subject to such instructions as the secretary
of state shall give; and it is made the duty of all masters and
commanders of vessels of the United States, bound to a port
of the same, to take such seamen on board of their ships or
vessels, at the request of said consuls, &c. (not more than
two men to every hundred tons burthen of his ship or vessel)
and to transport them to the port in the United States to
which he is bound, on such terms as may be agreed on, not
exceeding ten dollars for each person; and if the captain or
commander refuses to take such seamen on the request of
the consul, &c. he forfeits one hundred dollars for each sea-
man »o refused.

Slc 6. Fixes the fee of the consuls, &c. for a certificate
of discharge of any seaman in a foreign port at fifty cents;
and ailows them two and a half per cent on all monies re-
ceived and paid on account of such discharges.

Sec. 7. Subjects tbe consuls to a fine not exceeding ten
thousand dollars, and imprisonment not exceeding three
years, for knowingly giving a false certificate, stating that
property of foreigners belongs to citizens of the U. States.

Sec 8. Subjects the consuls, &c. to a fine not exceeding
one thousand dollars, for know ; ingly certifying that an alien
is a citizen of the United States.

Sec. 9. Provides that all powers of attorney executed in a
foreign country, for the transfer of any stock of the United
States, or for receiving interest thereon, shall be verified by
the certificate and seal of a consul, vice consul, commercial
agent, or vice commercial agent, if any there be at the place
where the same shall be executed, for which the said consul,
&c. shall receive fifty cents.

ixxiv Philadelphia Index.


.itcd Quarterly Communications are held at their Haii
in Chestnut street on the first Mondays in March, June, Sep-
tember, and December, when the annual election takes place

Officers of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, for

the year 1823.

.Tosiah Randall, R. W. Grand Master.

John B. Gibson, It. W. Deputy Grand Master.

James Harper, R. W. Senior Grand Warden.

Thomas Kittera, R. W. Junior Grand Warden.

George A. Baker, R. W. Grand Secretary.

Joseph S. Lewis, R. W. Grand Treasurer.

Nathan R. Potts, Deputy Grand Secretary.

Randal Hutchinson, Senior Grand Deacon.

Edward King-, Junior Grand Deacon.

Rev. William Rogers, }

George Potts, V Grand Chaplains.

Gregory T. Bedell, J

Thomas Amies, 7 r- j e* j

,,-„• m w ' > Grand Stewards.
\\ llham YV ray, 3

James M'Alpin, Grand Sword Bearer.

Elhanan W. Keyser, Grand Marshall.

Robert R. Bell, Grand Pursuivant.


Lodge No. 2, meet Second Monday — Lodge No. 3, meet
J bird Tuesday — Lodge No. 9, meet First Friday — Lodge No.
19, meet First Thursday — Lodge No. 43, meet at Lancaster,
Second Wednesday — Lodge No. 50, meet at West Chester,
Second Saturday, except June and July, when they do not meet
— Lodge No. 51, meet Fourth Thursday — Harmony Lodge,
No. 52, meet First Wednesday — Washington Lodge, No. #59,
meet Second Thursday — Concordia Lodge, No. 67, ,*tteet
Second and Fourth Fridays — Orange Lodge, No. 71, meet
Fourth Wednesday — Philadelphia Lodge, No. 72, meet
id Saturday — L'Ani-oite Lodge, No. 73. — Hiram Lodge,
No. 81, meet at Germantown, first Saturday before full moon,
but if full moon falls on Saturday, then on that day, present
officers, Stephen Boisbrun, W. M. Jacob S. Wunder, S. W.
John Burgnrian, J. YV. — Columbia Lodge, No. 91, meet Fourth
Mondays — Jerusalem Lodge, No. 102, meet at Frank ford —
Philanthropic Lodge, No. 10-r, meet at M. Musselman's, Lea-
C'»ck township, Lancaster county, the evening before full
n, unless the moon is full on Sunday, then next day —
.oi/s Lodge, No 11-1, meet third Friday — St. John's
Lodge, No. 115, meet First Tuesday — Union Lodge, No. 121,
meet Third Thursday — Herman's Lodge, No. 125, meet
Fourth Friday — Rising Star Lodge, No. 126, meets Fourth
Tuesday — Philanthropy Lodge, No. 127, meet Second and
Fourth Wednesdays — Temple Lodge, No, 128, meet 29th of
each month, if Saturday or Sunday, then on the Monda;.

Philadelphia Index* lxxv

!<>wing — Phoenix Lodge, No. 130, meet Third Wednesday -
Industry Lodge, No. 131, meet Second Thursday — Franklin
Lodge, No. 134, meet Third Saturday — Lodge No. 135, meet
at Roxborough, first Saturday after full moon — Rising Sun
Lodge, No. 139, meet Fourth Saturday — .Mount Mori ah
Lodge, No. 155, meet Fourth Tuesday — Lodge No. 158, meet
Third Monday — Lodge La Reconnaisanee, No. 160, meet
Fourth Monday — Lodge No. 186, meet Third Thursday.


Concordia Mark Lodge, No. 67, meet First Tuesday- -
Columbia Mark Lodge, No. 91, meet Second Monday — Mount
Moriah Mark Lodge, No. 155, meet Third Tuesday.



For the City — Cornelius Comegys, president; William Man'
dry, health officer; Dr. John Barnes, treasurer; Alexander
Knight, port physician; Joseph Pryor, esq. clerk of the board j
Jacob Dunton, Joseph Smith, John Eberle, Thomas Watson.

For the Northern Liberties — Joseph R. Jenks, William

For Penn Township — Charles Gruder, esq.

For Southu-ark — Ebenezer Ferguson, esq.

For Jlloyamensing — Robert L. Loughead.

For Kensington — Jesse R. Burden, secretary; George F,
Lehman, Lazaretto physician; Henry Kenyon, quarantine mas-
ter; C. Eiuckson, inspector of vessels; Benjamin Ferguson,
superintendant of Blockley burying ground; John Bucking-
ham, and A. J. Werthym, messengers.

Northern Dispensary.

Managers. — Rev. George Boyd, president; Rev. James Pat-
terson, Joseph Townsend, Jonathan Roberts, John C. Browne,
Robert A. Parrish, Joseph S. Riley, John Simmons, Dr. John
Barnes, Dr. John Perkins, Dr. George Uhler, Dr. Alex.
Knight, secretarv. Attending Physieiuns — Edwin P. Atlee,
M. D; John F. "Brooke, M. D. ; Samuel F. Freedley, M. D ;
John Uhler, M. D. Consulting Physicians — John C. Otto, M. D.;
Joseph Parish, M. D.; Thomas F. Herbson, M. D. Apotheca-
ry — Edmund Pryor. Collector — John Simmons. Treasurer-
John Barclay, esq.

Pennsylvania Literary Association — Instituted A. D. 1820,
meet every 7th day evening, at Harmony-hall, in Fifth street,
below Market. Samuel M. Lynn, president; Henry C Corbit,
vice president; Peter Hathaway, secretary; H. C. Corn'.'
cording secretary; Isaac Lloyd, jr. treasurer.

Jxxvi Philadelphia Index.

The following persons are elected as officers of the Penn-
svlvania Society for promoting Abolition, 8tc. for the ensuing

President — William Rawle.

Vice Presidents — Jonas Pusten, Joseph M. Paul.

'JYeasurer — Henry Troth.

Secretaries — James Mott, jr. Samuel Mann, jr.

Counsellors — John Sergeant, David P. Drown, John Keat-
ing, jr. James W. Murray, William Rawle, jr. James P. Nor-
ris, jr. Matthias Norris, Bucks county, Levi Paulding-, Moni-
gomery; James Hopkins, Lancaster; Samuel Edwards, Dela-

Board of Education — Benjamin Abertun, J. T. Bunting-,
Thomas Erie, John Field, jr. B. M. Hollingsheatl, James

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