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Bra} Eikanah, sea captain 313 south Second
Bray Susannah, dealer 313 south Second
Brazier Christopher, bibcuit baker 8 Fetter lane
Brazier John, whitesmith 171 Green [see I

Breadiu James, tailor 67 south Front
Bream Hannah, 118 South

Breautigam Daniel, iron store 194 north Second
Breban John, merchant 23 south Tenth
Breed Samuel D. shoe manufactory 49 north Front

Philadelphia Index. BRI

Brecn Peter, distiller N. W. corner Juniper alley and Tenth

Breidenhart George, upholsterer 117 aouth Front

Hreintnall David, ladies shoemaker 200 Chesnut

Breintnall Rev. Thomas, inquire 200 Chesnut

Breish I. innkeeper north-west corner Poplar and Third

Brelsford Francis, boot and shoemaker 52 Mechanic

Brelsford and Joyce, Spring makers 90 Cherry

Brelsford John, shipwright 33 Christian

Brelsford Joseph, blacksmith near 11 Castle

Brelsford T. innkeeper 468 north Second

Bremen Peter, Margaretta near Front

Brentzhofer George, wheelwright 7 Quarry

Brethoff Henry, sea captain 21 Vernon

Bretz Jacob, merchant 32 north Third

Breuil Catharine, widow storekeeper 195 south Second

Brewer John, weaver Queen near Marlborough

Brewer Wm. clock and watch maker 4 Friend's alms house

Brewer William, mariner 6 Little row

Brewster Charles, grocer 473 High

Brewster Francis E. attorney at law 5 Little George

Brewster Samuel, shipcarpenter Beach near Marlborough (K.)

Brick John R. currier 182 north Fourth, dwelling 31 Chesnut

Brick William, tanner 8 Franklin

Bricker Jacob, weaver 473 north Third

nrickman George, baker 82 south Eleventh

3>ricknell Charles H. carpenter 228 Green

\ Bridge London, waiter Ball alley near Shippen

Bridges Culpepper, merchant 206 Pine

Bridges James, grocer south-east comer Third and Spruce

Bridges Jemima, widow of Robert 259 south Front

Brierd Catharme, widow 104 Cedar

Briggs Elizabeth, widow X. W. cor. Tammany and Dillwyn

Briggs John, cupper and bleeder 47 north Seventh

Briggs William, whitesmith 155 Locust

Brighman Charles, shoemaker 55 Budd

Bright Ann, milliner and seamstress 12 Coombs' alley

Bright George, gentleman north side of Chesnut between

Twelfth and Thirteenth
Bright George, ^rker.'per 132 south Water
Brill Mary, widow market woman Petticoat alley
Brindle James, grocer 447 near Fourth north-east corner «f

Poplar lanc
Bringhurst George; coachmaker 23 north Fifth
Bringhurst Mary, widow 22 north Ninth
Bringhurst Roberf R. cabinetmaker 3-*5 south Second
Brinsley J. S. merchant tailor \\ E. corner Walnut and Fifth
Brinton John H xrnsellei at law 217 Mulberry
Brinton John i attorney at law 12 south Seventh
Brish Joshua, innkeeper N W corner Poplar lane and Third
Bristoll Hannah, i03 north Second
Brittan Charics, shoemaker Cobb's court (X, L.)
Britten's board yard 215 north Water

BRO Philadelphia Index.

Britton Isaac, oysterman 18 Green

Britton Robert, basket maker Callowhill near Garden

Britton Thomas, minter Wiley's court

Britton William, lumber merchant 142 north Water, dwell-
ing north Ninth

Britz Adam, grocer 426 north Front

Broad Aaron, blacksmith 102 Market west Centre square

Broad Joseph, tanner 16 Brown

Broadie Christiana, widow 148 Locust

Broadnick Richard, house carpenter Castle

Brobston Ann, widow 45 Gaskill

Brobston Joseph, boarding- house N. W. corner Lombard and

Brobson Joshua, grocer 437 south Front

Brochman Benjamin, carter back 101 Dillwyn

Brock Charles, accountant 128 Callowhill

Brock Deacon, cordwainer 51 .Brown

Brock John, grocer north Second, dwelling 11 PfeifFer's alley

Brock John, tailor back 22 Elfreth's alley

Brock Thomas, tavernkeeper S. W. corner Tenth and Arch

Brockerman William, tobacconist 50 Tammany

Brocklehurst R. smith Wistar's court

Brodhead Daniel, accountant 12 Arch

Brodhead Rev. Jacob, 77 north Fifth

Brode Michael, tanner Noble near Front

Brodie Andrew, grocer south-east corner Coates' and Second

Broearley William, shipwright 66 Swanson

Brokerhoff Peter, sugar boiler back 500 south Front

Brongar Catharine, widow boarding house 170 Cherry

Bronson Enos, classical teacher 6 Franklin row below Walnut

Bronson John, hatter 136 Swanson

Brooke Caleb, smith 88 Callowhill, dwelling Kunkel abov«
Pegg's run

Brooke C. and J. blacksmiths 88 Callowhill

Brooke C. P. storekeeper 411 north Second

Brooke Doctor, north-east corner Fourth and Tammany

Brooke Frederick, accountant 130 St. John

Brooke James, smith Fourth near 2?rown

Brooke John, blacksmith 88 Callowhill, d. h. 412 N. Third

Brook John, blacksmith Charlotte near .Brown

Brooke S innkeeper and machinemaker 295 north Third

Brook Susan, widow Charlotte near .Brown

Brooker Benjamin, broker 244 south Fourth

Brooker Christian, s ; lk dyer 124 north Eleventh

Brooker.Joseph, stevedore back 50 .Bedford

Brookfield Isaac, cordwainer Trotter's alley

Brookover John, carter 64 north Juniper

Brooks Catharine, 22 Seventh near Walnut

Brooks James, blacksmith back 112 .Brown

Brooks John, carpenter 32 Garden

Brooks John, china store & clerk at bank N. A. 179Calk>whil

Brooks Job'., »per 63 south Water, dwelling 5 Norris' alley

Pliiladcljihia Index. BRO

Brookes John, plaisterer near Tammany and Old York road

Brooks Lewis, gentleman Noble near Third

Brooks Oliver, sea captain 17 Pine

Brooks Robert, county commissioner Callowhill ab. Eleventh

Brooks Samuel, merchant Girard's wharf, d. h. 228 Walnut

Brooks William, weaver Walnut below Broud

Broom and Wagner, coopers 352 north Front

Broom Christopher, drayman 104 Budd

Broom James M. counseller at law office 97, d. h. 9$ Walnut

Broome Miss Hannah, 118 Cedar

Broome William, carpenter 73 south Second

Broomer John, oak cooper 175 St. John

Broomer Peter, carter Fifth below Cedar

Broomer Thomas, labourer Fifth below Cedar

Brotherton Hugh, shoemaker 314 south Second

Broughton Horace, accountant 186 north Fifth

Brown Abraham, blacksmith 97 Budd

Brown Abraham, mariner Third near Shippen

Brown Adam, maltster Nonnater's court

Brown Andrew, innkeeper 44 South

Brown Andrew, teacher 51 south Fifth

Brown Ann, 241 north Front

Brown Anlay, tailor 6 Chesnut

Browne Aquilla A. attorney at law 60 south Sixth, dwelling

307 Walnut
Brown and Wagner, coopers 352 north Front
Brown Catharine, widow of Peter, Hanover near Prince
•{-Brown Charles, coachman Acorn alley
Brown Charles H. gentleman 25 Key's alley
Brown Christiana, 31 Crabb
Brown Christiana, 440 south Front
jBrown Ctement, labourer at Bushill foundry
|Brown Constant, mariner 1 Bell's court
Brown Cornelius, boarding house 135 noi'th Water
Brownhill Daniel B. hair dresser 215 north Second
Brown David, blacksmith back 99 Budd
Brown David P. attorney at law 104 Arch
Brown David, sea captain 383 south Front
Brown Deborah, widow of Dr. Thomas 42 George
Brown Draper, labourer Fourth near Brown
Brown Eleanor, widow tailoress 71 Gaskill
Brown Elias, stone cutter, yard Seventh above Pine, dwelling

13 Pine
Brown Ellas, stone cutter 195 south Seventh, dwelling P«se

below Tenth
Brown Elijah, commission merchant 48 Do'ck, dwelling 39

south Fourth
f Brown Elisha, waiter back 2 Dean's alley
JJrown Ehzaheth, back 364 south Second
Brown Elizabeth, boarding house 128 south Fourth
r Brown Elizabeth, milliner 97 north Second

BRO Philadelphia Ir.dex.

\ Brown Elizabeth, white washer 109 Cherry

Brown Elizabeth, widow High comer Schuylkill

Brown Elizabeth, widow of George 127 Callowhill

Brown Esther, widow 165 Arch

Brown Elizabeth, widow seamstress 89 Passyunk road

jBrown Emanuel, waiter back 94 north Eleventh

Brown Francis, tailor Francisville (N. L.)

Brown Frederick, chemist and druggist north-east comer of

Chesnut and Fifth
fBrown George, barber 135 Lombard
Brown George, oysterman 196 Cedar
Brown George, tavernkeeper Cedar near Gray's ferry road
Brown George, tobacconist Spruce west Schu\ .kill V.
Brown Gowen, cordwainer 20 Shippen
Brown Hannah, widow 62 Vine

Brown Henr) , cordwainer George above Second i? 155 C
Brown Henry, ladies' shoemaker 11 Marshall's alley
Brown Henry L. chair and sofamaker, 6b Hock
Bronrn Isaac, carpenter corner Fifth and Da\is' court
Brovfii Isaac, gilder 8 Spruce
Brown Isabella, widow coiner Arch and Juniper
Brown Isaiah, labourer 267 south Fifth
Brown Jacob, morocco dresser 16 Poplar lane
Brown Jacob, labourer S. W. cor. Sch. Seventh and Wall
Brown Jacob, corder Oak above Green ( \. L )
| Brown Jacob, carter Smith's court near Eighth
Brown Jacob, cordwainer Taper alley
Brown James, cordwainer N. E. corner I>ocust and
Brown James N. mariner 43 Mead alky
Brown James, M I). 352 Market
Brown James, merchant 109 south Third
Brown James, sea captain 13 "Willing's alley
Brown James, skin dresser Fourth above Poplar lai
Brown James, tailor 28 Frankhn court
Brown James, waiter 32 Bonsall
Brown James, weaver St. Joseph's avenue
Brown J. and M. and M. D Lewis, merchants 1.59 High
|Brnwn Jesse, 264 south Seventh
Brown Jeremiah, merchant 114 Arch
Brown Joel, saddletreemaker 140 Swanson
Brown John A. &. Co. merchants 28 Chesnut
Brown John 8t Co. merchants 16 Chesnut
Brown John, brushmaker 24 Ann

Browi* John C. blacksmith Beach above Marlborough £K .)
Browne John C, shipsmith and lumber mercba

north Front, Dwelling Beach above Hanover
Brown John, city collector 44 Mead alley
Brown John, engineer near 11 Sassafras
Browne John, gentleman 376 north Front
Brown John, house carpenter 62 south Elevenfo
jirov-reJohri, labourer Fiuwater below Siatk
Mr&wnjSthc, mariner hack 253fou\h Front

Philadelphia Index, BRO

Drown John, merchant 216 Chesnut

Crown John M. rigger 14 Noble

Brown John P. fisherman Warren

Brown John, painter &c. 22 Raspberry

Brown John S. shoemaker 167 north Third

Brown John, silver plater north Tenth second house above
Cherry or 15 north Third

Brown John, tailor 16 Broad

Brown John, 376 north Front.

Brown Joseph, boot-tree and lastmaker and finding store l>
Dock, dwelling 5 Lxtitia court

Brown Joseph, currier 6 Elmslie'3 alley

Brown Joseph, mariner 9l> Christian

Brown Lewis, merchant 146 High

Browne Liberty, conveyancer 18 S. Sixth, d. h. 59 Tammany

•[Brown Lowery, coachman Mark's lane

■{■Brown Lunar, sweep Brown above Fourth

f Brown Lunar, jun. ragman Brown above Fourth

Brown M. and J. M. riggers first wharf below Hay-scales

Brown Margaret, widow Galbraith's court

Brown Maria, widow of Stephen fancy millinery store 6 N.Sixth

Brown Mark, labourer at Bushill foundry

Brown Martha, widow back 111 Catharine

fBrown Mary, Rose alley (City)

Brown Mary, shopkeeper Brown near Fourth

Brown Mary widow 6 South alley

f Brown Mary, widow Gaskill above Fourth

■Brown Mary, widow Brown's court

Brown Mary, widow 36 Zane
Brown Michael, rigger 6 Margaretta
Brown Mrs. M. teacher 205 Arch

Brown Noble, carter opposite 320 south Sixth

Brown Paul S. merchant Girard's wharf, dwelling 132 Spruce

Browne Peter A. counsellor at law 194 Chesnut

Brown Peter, brushmaker 72 Crown

Brown Rachel, widow back 116 German

Brown Rebecca, boarding house 135 north Water

Brown Rebecca, glovemaker 143 Locust

Brown Richard, storekeeper 353 south Second

j r irown Robert, labourer Ninth above Cedar

[Brown Robert, master sweep 149 Locust

Brown Robert, weaver Callowhill near Twelfth

■[Brown Samuel, mariner Osburn's court

Brown Sarah, widow boarding house 213 Arch

Brown Thomas, captain of U. S. navy 78 south Eleventh

[Brown Thomas, coachman 251 Lombard ,

Brown Thomas, gentleman N. E. cor. Tammany and Dillwyi

Brown Thomas, grocer south-east corner Locust and Ninth

Brown Thomas L. tailor 71 Gaskill

B own Thomas, storekeeper 17 south Second

Brown William, cabinetmaker back 132 South Front

BRV Philadelphia Index.

Brown William, cabinetmaker back of 132 Cedar

Brown William, bottler 50 north Fifth

Brown William, hair cutter Miller's alley

Brown William, inspector of the customs 123 I,ombard

Brown William, labourer Jones' alley n. Sch. Fifth £J Fil

Brown William, ladies' shoemaker 140 Lombard

j Brown William, master sweep 136 Cherry

Brown William, plumber 180 Lombard

Brown William, printer, office Wagner's alley near Race

Brown William, tanner Fifth above Callowhill

Brown William, tanner 69 Plum

Brown William, tanner Old York road near Noble

Brown William W. carpenter 25 Wood below Fourth

Brown William, whitesmith 21 Green

fBrown William, waiter 32 Bonsall

Brown William, watchmaker 57 south Front

Brown widow, 87 north Ninth

Brown widow, boai'ding house 4th door ab. Eleventh in George

fBrownhill Daniel B. hairdresser 215 north Second

Bruce Mrs. gentlewoman 39 Swanson above Eighth

Bruce Queen, biscuit baker 30 Queen

Bruce Thomas, cabinetmaker 152 St. John

Brack William A. cracker & biscuit seller 99 Crown & 68 Arch

Brudanell George, 250 South

Bruff Robert, carpenter 108 north Second

Brugiere C. and A. Teisseire, merchants 247 High

Brun De Dostor, 136 north Third

Brunei Andrew, 14 Magaretta

Brunner Adam, skindresser &c. 11 Margaretta

Brunner John, carver and gilder 87 north Third

Brunner William, skindresser 112 St. John and 11 Margaretta

Brumer Adam and William, skin dressers and parchment

manufactory Peg near Front
Brumer Benjamin, sailmaker, 13 Budd
Brustar Lucinda, widow 4r3 Sassafras
Brustar Samuel, cabinetmaker Queen near Marlborough
Bryan Catharine, seamstress 273 south Fifth
Bryan Isaac, shallopman back 28 Duke
Bryan James, tavernkeeper 289 Vine
Bryan John, cabinetmaker 5 Hinckle's court
Bryan John, oak cooper 50 Cherry
Bryan Mary, widow boarding house 89 south Sixth
Bryan Thomas O. coachman 15 Filbert
Bryan T. M. merchant 223 Arch

Bryan William P. merchant 223 High, dwelling 401 Arch
Bryant Henry, manner 222 Shippen
Bryant John Y. chemist Sec. 173 south Second
Bryant Moses H. tailor 83 Brown
Bryant M. Y. druggist 230 north Second
Bryant T. J. druggist &c. 396 north Front & 205 N. Eighth
"Bryant William, cabinetmaker 67 Dock
Brynan John, umbrellamaker and shoe seller 192 S. Second

Thihdilphia Index. BUN

son William, cordwainer 30 Elizabeth
Buck ;.ml Krumbhaar, merchants 144 South Thild
Buck Chauncey, tinplatcworker George near Thirteenth
Buck Christian, shoemaker 223 north Fourth
Hack Ebenezer, dry good store 455 High
;Buck Edward, mariner \20 Cedar
Buck George, labourer Charlotte near Brown
Buck Leonard, cedar cooper 3U north Third
Bucklev Adam, cedar cooper Smith's court
Buckley Anthony M. merchant 139 S. Front, d. h. 87 S. T.
Buckley Chauncy, attorney at law 48 Walnut
Buchanan Alexander, cordwainer, Duncan's court
Buchannan Elizabeth, widow grocery store 1 >6 north JuTTlper
Buchannan George, bndle-bitmaker Fourth near Coats'
Buchannan George, basketmaker 496 north Second
Buchannan Margaret, widow 119 north Juniper
Buchannan wid /V, gentlewoman 68 south Eighth
Buchhulter George F. baker 25 Franklin court
Buckius Ann, widow Margaretta near New-market
Buckman and Benson, exchange brokers 2 south Third
Buckman Benjamin, hatter 15 Norris' alley
Huckman Jacob, house carpenter Rose alley
Buckman J. exchange broker 2 S. Third, dwelling 19 SvTr.r
Buckingham Edward, shoemaker 60 north Sixth
Buckingham John, messenger to the health office 42 S. Fifth
Buckle} Elizabeth, 240 north Water
; Buckley Martha, widow 219 Spruce
Budd JohnB. merchant 7 north Water
Budd Samuel, stove finisher 2 Pfeiffer's alley
Budd Susan, widow 171 Pine

Budd Thomas W. cabinetmaker Tammany near St, John,
Budd Thomas, attorney at law 15 south Fifth, d. h. 148 Jtv h
Budden Joseph, shoemaker 459 north Second
Buffing-ton A. dry good store 53 south Second
Buffington Isaac, cabinetmaker 11 Green's court

.ass Marv, bookbinder Coombs' allev
Bujac M. merchant, 176 Market

ey Wilhelmina, Deane's alley
flulkley C hatter 61 south Third
Bulkley Elizabeth, widow 1 Randall's court
Bull M'arcus. gold beater 22 Pear
Bullen Henry, harnessmaker 28 Raspberry alley
Bullin Justus P. lades' shoemaker 5 Shippen
Bullock and Davis, tanners 473 north Front
Bullock Benjamin, tanner 471 nurtn Front
Bullock Benjamin, wood dealer 471 and 473 north Front
Bumm Elizabeth, widow washerwoman ab. Race Sch. Eighth
Suinm George, carter S. W. corner of Lombard and Broad.
liimra Peter, silversmith and jeweller 119 '-.hesnut
Bund Maria, confectioner 66 Almond
jTtndick John, cordwainer German below Fourfa
D 2

BUR Philadelphia Indes

jBundy Solomon, waiter 14 Elizabeth

Bunker and Starr, merchants 19 S. Water and 56 S. wharves
Bunker Charles, confectioner and fruiterer 278 S. Second
Bunker John, mariner Church near Christian
Bunker Nathan, merchant 19 S. Water, d. h. 22 Washington
Bunn George, boarding house 5y9 north Second
Bunn Revil, ladies' shoemaker back 101 Cherry-
Bunting Alice, teacher 117 north Front
Bunting and Schofield, 37 north Front
Bunting Charles, coachmaker 74 Wood
Bunting George, labourer 175 St. John
Bunting John, carpenter 172 south Sixth
Bunting Joshua, 12 Co. commission merchants Latimer and

Murdock's wharf
Bunting Josiah, lumber merchant 281 Spruce
Bunting Patrick, mariner 3 Miller's court
■ Bunting Philip S. merchant 95 north Second
Bunting Samuel, merchant 12 Branch
Bunting S. C. merchant 93 north Second, dwelling 63 Pine
Buonaparte Joseph, gentleman S. E. corner Market &? 12th
FBurch John, old clothes dealer south Seventh near Fitzwatei
Burchall Sarah, widow of Caleb hatter Jones' alley near

Schuylkill Fifth and Filbert
Burd Albert, silver plater Shriver's court
Burd Edward, gentleman 233 Chesnut
Burd Edward S. counsellor at law 276 Chesnut
fBurd James, shoemaker 6 north Tenth
Burd John, confectioner 72 Budd
fBurd John, mariner Stewart's alley
Burd John, tallow chandler 6 Cypress alley
Burd Matthias, carter 317 Callowhill
Burd William, gentleman 200 Arch
Burden Alexander, fancv and Windsor chairmaker

297 Mulberry
Burden Doctor, office corner St. John and Green
Burden F. bricklayer 6 doors above Walnut in Thirteenth
Burden Hannah, widow 5-9 south Front
Burden Joseph, Windsor and fancy chairmaker 95 and 97

south Third north-east corner York
Burden J. R., M. D. 95 south Third
Burden Lydia, seamstress 216 south Third
Burdick Lewis, painter &c. 13 Mark's lane
Burdin Calvin, tavernkecper S. E. corner Spruce and Water '
Buret Charles, cabinetmaker N, W. cor. Third and Lombard
Burge John, confectioner 38 south Eighth
Burger George C. taVernkeeper 116 Callowhill
Burgess Mary, widow 280 south Sixth
Burgess Robert, wholesale grocer High between Schuylkill

Fifth and Sixth
JSurgin David, druggist Arch street ferry
Burgin George, druggist 74 Chesnut
Burgins David R. druggist 57 north Third

Philadelphia Index. YXft

Burk Eleanor, widow 169 south Eleventh

Burk Elizabeth, washerwoman 464 north Third

Burk George, soap boiler 228 Catharine

Burke Hugh, shipsmith 30 Christian

r.urk Jacob, teacher 153 S. John's

Burk James, tailor and clothing- warehouse 30 south Sixth

Shakspeare buildings, dwelling 1U5 south Tenth
Burk John, painter 216 Vine
Burk Michael, cordwainer Green's court
Burk Peter W. saddler Hyde's court
Burk Thomas, coachtrimmer south Jufiiper near Kelley's alle_\

(say 35 south Juniper)
Burk Thomas, gentleman 33 Plum
Burk Thomas, merchant 6 north Second
Burkart Adam L. turner 45 Wood
Burkhardt and Bailey, merchants 7 north Second
Burkhart George, baker 46 Filbert
Burkhard Henry, dry good merchant dwelling 70 Vine
Burkhart John, bootmaker cor. Green st. and Rose alley
Burkhart J. sea captain near old York road and Tahimany
Burkhart Peter, hairdresser 57 north Water
Burkhart R. dentist bleeder Sic. 72 north Front
Burkhart R. F. piano forte maker 83 north Fifth
Burkart Samuel, brushmaker -66 north Front
Burkhart Samuel, tobacconist 91 north Fifth
Burket Valentine, accotintant 30 Appletree alley
Burkitt William, carpenter 13 Cox alley
Burkelow Isaac, storekeeper 258 north Second
Burley Joshua, carter Oak above Green
Barley Thomas l'eed maker Green and Germantown rdad
Burling B. S. merchant 213 north Eighth
Burling Matthew, watchman 36 Coats'
Burman John, victualler Julian near Callowhill
Burman Samuel, carter 321 south Front
Burn John, silver plater 22 Callowhill
Burn Joseph, storekeeper 244 north Front
Burncater Elizabeth, widow washerwoman Maria
Burnell Robert, painter and glazier 16 Noble
Burnett George, machinist 141 south Sixth
5 Burnett James, plaisterer Race west of Schuylkill Eighth
.Burnett Samuel, cordwainer corner Pine and Ball alley
Burns Aaron, sea captain 42 Vine
Burns Eliza, widow Lombard below Twelfth
Burns George, labourer Mark's lane
Burns Jesse, sadler 142 Cherry
Burns John, sea captain 152 -Locust

Burns John M. boot & and shoe manufacturer 49 S Third
Burns Nicholas, grocer corner Sansom and Seventh
Burns William, tailor 3 Carlyle's court
Burnson Peter, labourer 106'north Eleventh
Burr Beaulah, boardinghouse 78 north Front

^ 1' PhiladtlfiJiia Index.

Burr George H. merchant 13 north Front — dwelling U \

Burr Joseph, painter and glazier 237 Lombard

Burr Rebecca, widow 11 Vine

Burrell , oysterroan and dealer 118 Lombard

Burrough Archibald, tailor 113 Brown

Burt Nathaniel, dry good store SW corner High and Sixth

Burtes John, accountant Beach above Warren (K..)

Burtis John, cotton factory corner Beach and Warren (K.

Burton and Vanbohink, mastmakers near navy yard

{■Burton D. coachman 32 Bunt's court

j Burton Elisha, coachman 14 G ray's alley

f Burton Milford, si abh keeper buck 80 north Front

fBurton Moses, waiter Lombard above Tenth

Burton Robert, shipwright Swanson near navy yard

Burton Samuel, silk woollen and cotton dyer and scour>
Bank alley.

Burroughs Ann, widow 43 north Eighth

Burrows Benjamin, tailor 54 Almond

Burrows James, weaver Say

Burrows Jesse, carpenter Malt alley — dwelling 82 X. Seventh

Burroughs L. tailor 206 St. John's

Burrows Wm. spectacle maker 71 Xoble

Rurwell Stephen, bootmaker, 3 Bedford

Bury John, merchant 37 Keys' alley

Busar Edward, drayman 16 Mulberry alley

Busby F. W. dry good store 43 new Market

Rush) H. flour merchant 215 north Eigth

Busch Andrew, shoemaker 138 north Third

Bush Peter, innkeeper 395 High

Bush Susannah, widow nurse 19 Plum

Bushart George, storekeeper 9 north Fifth

Bushart John, cedar cooper 42 old York road

Bushell John J. morocco factory 210 Vine street dwelling
house 38 Chester

Busman John, bleeder and hair dresser 93 north Fifth

Busser Moses, mariner back 79 Swanson
Bussiere Francis, tinplate worker 241 and 321 soutt
Bussier Samuel, siarchmaker 103* Christian
Bu-ssinger Frederick, lace weaver 3 Applctree alley

Bustin David, plaisterer CailowhtU near Crown
Butcher Amos W. merchant *9 north Water

^Butcher John, tinplate worker 363 south Front
Butcher Joseph, wheelright 25 Wood
Butcher Martha, seamstress 6 Riddle's alley
Butcher Samuel, cordwainei 300 south Third
Butcher Wm. boot & shoe manuf. SE cor. Arch and Seventh
Rutland John, lace and fringe weaver 137 Cherry
Butler Ann, widow 13 Elfreth'a alley
Butler Eli, carpenter Abbott's garden Gray's ferry road
llutler Eve, widow washerwoman Eleventh bela\v Sprute
Batler Charles, plaisterer C»eerge near Tenth
Butler George, planemaker 1'8 north Eighth

Philadelphia Index. CAI

Butler Isabella, widow Duncan's court
Butler James, combmaker 85 north F.
. ler John, planemaker 11 Quarry
tier John, shoemaker 116 Dillwvn
Butler John B. sea captain 7 Harmony court
Butler John, watchman buck 24 Duke
Cutler Joseph, tailor 1 \\ atsoivs alley
Butler Joseph, tailor 92 Crown
Butler J. tavernkeeper 44 south Eighth
Butler Magretj widow 56 Lombard
Butler Moses, cordwainer 22 Oak street
Butler Pierce, wharf builder Beach n^ar Maiden
Butler Pierce, accountant Third below Shippen
Butler Richard, oysterman, Baker street near Fitzv. .
Butler Samuel, tailor Nonnater's court
Butler Samuel G. painter &.c. 136 sout.
[Butler Thomas, hair dresser 46 north I
Butler Thomas, Esq. gentleman SW cor. Chesnut and Ei
Butler William L. ladies' shoemaker 106 Locust
|Butler William, labourer 27 B msall
Butler William, bill sticker 126 south Ninth
Butterworth 1. tanner 355 north Third
Butterworth John, tinplate worker under 90 Market
Buvier Peter, victualler S. W. cor. Prime Ss. Moyamensin
Buzby & Cauffman, stone cutters 339 Sassafras
Buzby H. &: Co. merchants 365 High dwelling 26 Wood
Buzby B. Harman stone cutter 164 Cherry
Buzzell Daniel, bone and ivory button maker SW corner of

Lombard and Broad
fByard David, feed store 228 Lombard
Byer John, comb maker Lilly alley
Byerly Andrew, supercargo 9 Sansom
Byerly Christopher, gentleman 9 Sansom
Byerly John, gentleman 192 Vine
Byerly John, shipwright Hanover (X. L)

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