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Byerly Sophia, shopkeeper Queen near Hanover
Byers Margaret, widow 15 north Third
Byrne Ellen, widow of Patriek NE corner Chesnut and I
Byrne Gerald, 7 north water
Byrne John, bleeder 125 Swan son
Byrne Margaret, seamstress 124 Queen
Byron Rebecca, dry good store 2JT south Second
By water William, shoemaker, 183 north Eighth

CADDY ROBERT, tailor 1 Eimslie's a]

alader gen. Thomas, counsellor at law SE corner Arch

and Ninth
Caffrcy James, tailor 3 I north Fourth
Cahill Edward, blacksmith 32 Powell
Cahoone John, porter St. Joseph's avenue
Cain David, hostler 5 South alley
Cain Robert, tailor 33 Mulbe:

.* r 5I Philadelphia Index.

Cain Tboaaas, labourer Washington 9treet Morri,

Caines Hetty, widow 5 Shepherd's alley

'air John, weaver Jones' alley north Schuylkill 5th S: Filbert

Cake Joseph, hatter 110 north Second

Caldcleugh Kobert A. gentleman 6i and dwelling 1 66 Walnut

Caldwell Alexander, inkeeper 23S High

Caldwell 5c Kilpatrick, blacksmiths, corner Brown and Front

Caldwell David, clerk of the circuit and district courts of
United States, office i.i state house — dwelling' 181 Callowhill

Caldwell Dennis, ship watch back of 69 Christian

Caldwell James, fish siore 7 Strawberry

Caldwell James, gentleman 2G2 Walnut

Caldwell James B. grocer 99 south Second

Caldwell James, 25 Branch

Caldwell James, shoemaker 54 Chester

Caldwell Jane, shopkeeper 195 north Fifth,

Caldwell Martha, Widow 11-6 north Eighth

Caldwell Ninian, grocer SW corner Swanson and Almond

Caldwell Noble, fenccmaker Coats' below Sixth

Caldwell Sarah, widow 107 Lombard

CaJ dwell Thomas, accountant Hamilton village

Caldwell Thomas, nailer Twelfth near Vine

Caldwell Thomas, sea captain 22 Christian

Caldwell Timothy, brickmaker 16 Chester — kilns Hickon.
lane above Eighth

Caldwell William, marble labourer Race near Sch. Eighth

Call John, harnessm&kef 55 Mary

Call William, tanner and currier 161 south Tenth

Callahan Charles, grain measurer 9 Wood

Callahan Martin, water works 198 Cherry

Callahan Thomas, labourer 108 Thirteenth

Callaghan Charles, merchant Spruce street wharf— dwelling

164 Spruce
Callan Samuel, weaver 165 south Tenth

.:i William, weaver 5'; Bedford
Calender Mrs. widow \? j south Eleventh
Calfender Mrs. boarding school for young ladies 79 S. Sixth
Calliole Peter, fruiterer &.c. 160 High
C-Mion Marshall, printer Hyde's court
Callord Henry, carpenter 15 Elizabeth
Calscher David, keeper of carts i orth Ninth near V.
Ca'htrt James, accountant Simth's alley
Calvert Nathaniel, broker 54 German
Camac Turner, gentle man 152 south Third
(;amm William, hatter 2i north Third
Cammeron Alexander, cordwainer 503 Walnut
Cammeron Elizabeth, seamstress 6 Milter's court
Cameron James, gentleman 169 Walnut
Cameron John, smith 104 north Eighth and Rasberry lane
Camp Nathaniel, labourer Prime above Second
Campardon John B. tailor i 37 south Fourth above Pine
Campbell Alexander, boot and shoe manufacturer 83 Cedar

Philadelphia Index. CAN

Campbell Andrew, cordwainer cor. Fourth and Noble
Campbell Archibald, weaver SWxorj^gr leaver and Second
Campbell Archibald, weaver Annular Schuylkill Eighth
;''ampbe11 Benjamin, mariner 206 south Fifth
Campbell Catharine, widow Queen below Sixth
<"ampbell Daniel, weaver Hopkins' court
Campbell David, cabinetmaker &c. 17 Chesnut
Campbell Elizabeth, storekeeper 268 St. John's
Campbell Henry, coaebmaker Eighth between Carper.tr •;

Love lane
Campbell Hugh, & Co. plumbers &c. 15 north Seventh
Campbell Hugh, plumber dwelling 85 north Sixth
Campbell Isaac, watchmaker 98 north Third
Campbell James, carpenter Ninth below Lombard
Campbell Jame», carter 171 Green
Campbell James, labourer Queen below Third
Campbell James, labourer Schy. 3d between Walnut & Geor-go
Campbell James, labourer 11 Pewterplatter alley
Campbell Jane, widow tailoress 156 south Tenth
Campbell John I), merchant-tailor 8 south Third
Campbell John, sea captain 94 Lombard
Campbell John, sea captain 19 Shippen
Campbell John, tailor 109 south Second
Campbell Jonathan, shoemaker 261 St. John's
C tmpbell Joshua, grocer cor. Callowhill and Old York v
f Campbell Joshua, segar-box maker 6 Sassafras alley
Campbell Maria, boarding house 10 Sansom
Campbell Michael, hostler back of 36 north Third
Campbell Michael, shoemaker back 33 north Fifth
Campbell Qu'mtin, cashier of the Philadelphia ban 1 ?, .50 ssuth

Fourth next to the bank
Campbell Robert, engraver 86 South
Campbell Richard, watchman Perkenpine court
Campbell Thomas, ladies' shoemaker 81 Cedar
Campbell Thomas, merchant 224 Pine
Campbell Tristram, tailor >41 north Front
Campbell William, oakcooper 58 Union
Campbell William, cabinet maker 136 south Fourth
Campbell William, shoemaker 89 Cedar
Canby Caleb H. plumber 29 Bank alley — d. h. IJrMar*
Canby Isaiah H. grocer N\V corner Walnut and Fourth
Cane Catharine, cake shop High west Schuylkill Fourth
Cane James, grocer north Eleventh above Race
Caner John, cabinetmaker 196 Pine
Caner Michael, coachmaker 205 south Seventh
Canfield P. lottery and exchange broker 127 Chesnut
Cann Hannah, widow 115 Coats'
Cannon Andrew, mariner 569 south Front
Cannon Daniel B. flour dealer 24 Plum <J C4 S. wharves
Cannon F.. straw bonnet maker 67 south Second
Cannon John, grocer north-west cor. Second aud Catherine
Cannon Patrick, labourer 84 Budd

CAR Philadelphia Index.

Cannon Samuel, merchant 343 High

Cannon William, tavern, coach and livery stable keeper S3

south Fifth
Canter Jacob, cabinet maker 9 Filbert — d, h. 143 Eleventh
Cantrell Robert, innkeeper corner of Swanson and Prime
Cantrell Robert, victualler north-east corner Cedar and Sixth
Cany Charles, dry good merchant 67 north Second
Cape Joseph, back 100 Plum
Capehard James, carpenter Poplar below Fourth
Capp Catherine, Juniper near Vine
Capp John G. Juniper near Vine
Carberry William, gentleman 60 Union
Card Hannah, tailoress 121 north Sixth
Cardeza J. M. gentleman 57 Lnion

Cardwell Margaret, millinery and fancy store 62 S. Second
Cardwell William C. merchant 14 Chesnut — dwelling south-
west corner Twelfth and Walnut
Care Barbara Ann, widow 238 Spruce
Care Jesse, saddle-treemaker 10 Alms-house
Cary Edward, hairdresser NW corner Second and Walnu'
Carey Edward, victualler Fourth near Carpenter
Carey Daniel, cordwainer Christian near Eighth
_Carey H. C. & I. Lea, booksellers and stationers 126 Chesnut
Carey Henry C. bookseller 126 Chesnut — d. h. 114 Walnut
Carey Mathew, gentleman 124 and 126 Chesnut cor. Fourth
jCarey Robert, mariner back 51 Small
Carlile Abm. hardware mer. 139 High — d. h 219 X. Front
Carlire Mahlon, cordwainer back 4 Stamper's alley
Carlisle John, cordwainer 204 south Second
Carlisle William, carpenter Vine near Juniper
Carlisle Sarah, widow Arch near Twelfth
Carll Maskell M., D D. 40 Sanson) and back 231 Arch
Carl ley Jeremiah, cordwainer 56 Shippen
Carlley Joseph, carter 7'J Shippen
Carlley Rebecca, midwife 55 Shippen
Carlton George, late tavernkeeper 145 Spruce
Carmalt C. & J. conveyancers 241 Mulberry
Carmalt Caleb, jun. conveyancer 298 north Third
Carman Jacob, carpenter 132 south Fourth
Carman James, saddle-treemaker 142 Swanson
Carman James, labourer China

Carman William, merchant 317' High — dwelling .04 Arch
Carman Wilson P. roachmaker 30 Cherry
Carmack Mary, grocer 204 north Water NW corner Vine
Carmichaei George 6c Son, tooacconists 404 High
Carnahan Samuel, widow 96 Christian
Carnes Thomas, labourer back 81 Walnut
Carney Patr'x and shoemaker 47 south Third

Carney Patrick, labourer 265 south Third
Carney Rachel, -hoebinder 16 Oak (S.)
Carpente <;%an, grocers 213 north Third

Carpenter benjamin E. grocer 213 north Third

Philadelphia Index. CAR

-Carpenter Collins, 20 Elizabeth

Carpenter George W. cordwainer Workman's coir. :

Carpenter John, bookbinder 32 Coats' alley

Carpenter John, cabinet maker Sixth near Coats'

Carpenter J. shoe dealer 208 south Second

Carpenter Joshua, painter 70 Lombard

Carpenter Mary, widow Sixth below Coats'

Carpenter Miles N. grocer 89 Wood

Carpenter Powell, bricklayer 79 Tammany

Carpenter Robert, saddler back 154 Sassafras

Carpenter Sarah, widow, 69 Cherry

Carpenter Stephen H. carpenter, Rose alley

Carpentier L. D. merchant 4 York buildings

Carr Ann, Marriott lane between Fifth and Sixth

CaiT Benjamin, professor of music 7 Powell

Carr Edward W. screw and saw maker and smith 15S Race-
dwelling- 120 north Fifth
Carr James,wharf builder Beach near Maiden (K.)

Carr J. innkeeper 149 north Fourth

Can* John, ashman, Hodge's wharf

Carr Leah, widow nurse Juniper alley

f Carr Leven, labourer Currant alley

Carr Martha, widow nurse 2 Miller's court
. r Mary, widow Townsend's court
rr Morgan, grocer 146 south Third corner Cypress a!
' arr Samuel, augur filer 68 Noble

e Charles, blacksmith Second near Queen and 66 G:
Carrell Elizabeth, widow 1 Chester
f Carrell Elizabeth, widow Blackberry alley
Carrell Hannah, tailor Raccoon alley (X. L.)
Carrell John if Son, hardware merchants 198 High
Carrell John, cordwainer 4 Gilbert's court
Carrell John, hardware merchant 198 High
Carrell John, jun. hardware merchant 198 High
Carrell Thomas, blacksmith back 42 Zane, and back

Carroll James, drayman 11 Gaskill
Carroll Osborn, clothes' dealer Portland lane
Carrey Thomas, cabinetmaker 19 Pewterplatter alley
Carrygan James, carpenter Mark's lane
Carson Ann Mrs. widow corner Bryan's court Cherry a!
Carson George, cordwainer 105 north Ninth
Carson John M. shoemaker 62 north Fourth
Carson John, paper hanging factory Kunkel
Carson Jonathan, 397 High

Carson Robert, cordwainer Federal near Second
Carson Robert, shoe store 18 Market — dwelling Prime

tween Front and Second
Carson Sarah, shopkeeper 27 Cresson's alley
Carson Thomas, cabinetmaker Sch. Seventh near Mul
Carson William, mariner 502 south Front

CAS Philadelphia Index.

Carsfield Francis, whitesmith 252 St. John's

Carstairs James, grocer and liquor merchant south Wharves

second door above Cedar — dwelling" 121 Lombard
Carswell Samuel, mariner Lombard street alley near Penn
Carswell Samuel, widow of 24 south Front
Cart Elizabeth, widow 83 Germantown road
Carter Barnaby, gentleman 168 Chcsnut
Carter D. C. merchant 182 High — dwelling 2 Palmyra row
Carter Elizabeth, layer-out of the dead 3 Hinkel's court
Carter Enoch, painter and glazier 34 south Fourth — dwelling

12 Swan wick
Carter Henry Y., M. D. 82 south Fifth
Carter Job, blacksmith Scott's court
Carter John, 7 Randall's court

Carter John, jr. ship carpenter Queen near Shackamaxon
Carter John, ship carpenter Queen near Shackamaxon
Carter Joseph, livery stablekeeper 86 south Eleventh
Carter Joseph, nail factory 331 south Second
Carter Joseph, tailor 9 Coombs' alley
Carter Joseph, tavernkeeper 8 Letitia court
Carter Samuel, accountant 133 north Sixth
Carter Sarah, widow of John. 52 south Fifth
Carter Sharon, china merchant 18 S. Front — dwelling:

north Third
Carter Thomas and William, livery stable keepers Prune

near Sixth
Carter Thomas, livery stable keeper 52 south Fifth
Carter Thomas, watchmaker north-west cornel Swan son and

Parham's .-Hey
Carter William, dyer and scourer 93 \ew
Carter Wm. weaver near forks Germantown road
Carteret Joshua, cabinet and cbairmaker 399 south Front
Cartmell & English, smiths 125 S. Sixth and back of 50 Zane
Cartmell Solomon, blacksmith 125 south Sixth
Cartey Jeremiah, ordwainer Prime opposite navy yard
Cartwright Mary, widow 44 George (».)
Carty John, carpenter 7 Myers* court
Party Josiah. hatter 177 Race
Carty Mary, widow 148 Pine
Carve'." Jacob, currier 52 Green
Carver Hannah, widow of Samuel, 96 Spruce
Carver Mrs. boarding house 100 south Fourth
Carvill H. and C. gold leaf manufacturers 55 Dock
Carvll Henry, goldbeater d. h 48 north Fifth
Casey Michael, cordwainer 356 and 29 Duke (X. L.)
Cash Jacob, tobacconist 3 and 14 Arch — dwelling 28 Pace
Cash Thomas, inspector .of customs 46 Crown
Caskey Joseph, distiller and grocer 392 High above Twelfth
Caskey Man', widow 3.3 I'nion
ifcaslin John H. mariner back 27 Peck's alley
Caspar Martin, Pine alley near Fourth
Cassedy Francis, mastmafeer 453 south Front

Ptiiladctfihfa Index-. CHA

Cassady John, grocer north-west corner Filbert & Eleventh

Cassady John, labourer and shopkeeper Hodge's wharf
sady Mary, widow 387 south Front

Cassady Robert, labourer Cedar below Thirteenth

Cassady bV.se, widow Ann near Schuylkill Eighth

samaj6r Prudent, jr. merchant 12 Dock, d. h. 48 Wuhmt

Cassan Mary, dry good store 427 south Second

Cassey Dennis, nailer 26 Christian

Caster Susannah, mantua maker 81 Crown

Castleline C. shoemaker 538 north Third

Castles James, grocer 214 south Second

Castles Joseph, grocer 14.5 Lombard

Cathcart Eleanor, widow 6 Perm

CatHcart Laetitia, shopkeeper 7 Duke (N. L.)

Cathcart William, rigger south-east corner Front and Argylc

Cathrall Edward, West's court (N. L.)

Cathroll Edward, boat builder 22 liuke

Catherall Elizabeth, washerwoman back 119 north Juniper

Cathrall George, paper hanging store 471 north Third

Gathers John, 112 Cherry

Catherwood Hugh, distiller 211 and 217 Cedar

Cat 11 n George, miniature painter 116 Walnut

Catliri George, musical instrument maker 6 Randall's court

Caton Jesse, waterman Rog-er's court (NT. L.)
• Cattell Joseph, oyster cellar under 112 .Market

Cauffman Lawrence, china merchant 207 north Third

Caulton Wm. & Co. clothing store 128 south Water

Caury Philip, cordwainer 256 south Fifth

Cauver Nicholas, baker 49 Lombard

Cave Thomas, druggist &fe. 334 High and south-west corner
of Ninth and Locust

Caven Robert accountant 48 north Second

Cavenaugh Hugh, grocer and tavernkeeper south side of Al-
mond ( Argvle)"street wharf

Cavenaagh Michael, grocer and tavernkeeper south-west
corner Second and Queen
ivenau<^ii Wm. tavernkeeper NE corner High and Juniper

Cavender Custis, storekeeper 233 south Second

Caverly Catherine, cake seller 12 Pewterplatter alley

Caverly .Peter, merchant 111 High dwelling 99 Pino

Cavet Jesse F. printer 10 Elbow lane

Cerah John, farmer Shippen's lane

Cerls William, carpenter 320 Vine

Cerveau Joseph, toy store 52 Chesnnt

Chadwick Isaac, plaisterer 150 Cedar

Chadwick Thomas, silversmith and jeweller Broad below

Chaffin Fortune, keeper of bath house 124 south Second and
oyster cellar under 106 Race

Chaloner Wm. merchant 192 Market

Chambers George W. druggist 69£ Race

Chambers Mary, widow 71 Coats'

CHA Philadelphia Index.

Chambers Mary, widow German near Tliird

Chambers Robert, sea captain 68 Swanson

Chamberlain and Evans, boot and shoemakers 258 Market

Chamberlain Horatio N. merchant 9 south Water, dwelling'
40 Race

Chamberlin H. N. and J. jun. merchants 9 south Water

Chamberlain John, carpenter 50 Kunkel

Chamberlain Joseph, merchant 9 S. Water, d. h. 40 Sassfras

Chamberlin Lydia, shopkeeper 284 north Second

Chamberlain Mrs. boarding- house 86 Aarch

Chamberlain, widow 353 north Third

Chamberlain, widow shoe binder 17 Walnut

Chamberlain William, shoe store 353 north Third

Champion Benjamin, dry good store 5?j north Second

Champion Charles, inn and ferry keeper Arch street wharf

Champion Peter, comedian 97 Gaskill

Champion Wm. inn and ferry keeper, Cedar st. wharf

Chance Marinas, saddle and harnessmaker Camden (N. J.)

Chanceaulme Martin, cabinetmaker 44 German

Chancellor Grace, tailoress 18 Noble

Chancellor Hannah, widow of Wm. 271 Chesuut

Chandler Ann, back 47 Cedar

Chandler Elizabeth, widow boarding house 16 north Ninth

Chandler George, shoemaker 79 Green

Chandler William, merchant, dwelling 353 Mulberry

Chandler Joseph R. teacher 164 north Third

Chandler John, stable keeper 149 north Fourth

Chandler, widow of late Dr. S. 99 Walnut

Chandler Thomas, labourer back 63 Union

Chany Wm. brush maker under 122 Market

Chapin Samuel, grocer 102 Gaskill

Chapin Nathan & Son, grocers NW cor. Cedar and Fifth

Chap ley David, shoemaker St. Joseph's avenue

Chapman Abraham, grocer NE corner Coats' and Fourth

Chapman Abraham, steam boat 479 north Second

Chapman Benj. publisher {blind) 28 N. Tenth cor. Filbert

[Chapman Clayton, cordwainer 109 south Fifth

Chapman Elizabeth, teacher 56 Arch

Chapman Elizabeth, widow of George It. 365 south Front

Chapman George, cordwainer 164 south Sixth

Chapman James, distiller 4th near Charlotte and Poplar lane

{-Chapman James, labourer 7 Pine alley

Chapman John, sexton (to Friends' meeting house in Arch

street) 84 Arch
Chapman Jonathan, engineer 54 Vine
Chapman Lucas, turner 288 Lombard
Chapman Lucretia, teacher 187 Pine
Chapman Mrs. Mary, widow 222 Pine
Chapman Nathaniel, M. D. 9 York buildings, office back in

Goodwater alley
Chapman Robert, painter, 8cc. 108 Cedar
Chapman William, bricklayer 30 Garden

Philadelphia Index. ClI J

Chapman William, jun. bricklayer 30 Garden
^Chapman William, inventor of the means of restoring 1 per-
sons of defective utterance, to the fiee use of speech, 187
Chappcll Thomas, baker 205 Race
Chapron and Nidelet, merchants 1.55 High
Chapron John M. merchant 14 north Ninth
Chardon Anth. paper hanging, &c. manufactory 107 Walnut
Charles Bolter I. potter 103 north Juniper
4 harles Henry, copperplate printer and map publisher 117

north Fifth
Charlton Benjamin, tailor 83 Green
Charlton Martha, widow tavernkeeper south-east corner Zane

and Eighth
Charlton Robert, hatter 12 Cresson's alley
Charnley Mrs., widow 76 Locust
'liarpentier Daniel confectioner 64 High, dwelling 156 north

Chase Ezra, coach trimmer 5 Prune

Chase John, new theatre hotel NW cor. 6th and CarpentQT
Chase Paine M. grocer 388 north Front
• base Wm. F. accountant 17 Wood
Chatfield E. widow 152 St. John's
Chatham Joseph, cordwainer blackberry alley
Chance Walton, sea captain 68 Swanson
Chauncey Charles, counsellor at law office 85 and dwelling

87 Walnut
Chauncey E. cashier of Pennsylvania bank, 157 Walnut
Chauvenet William M. grocer south-west cor. 3d and Shippen.
Chaver Amelia, widow near Callowhiil and Ridge road
;Chaui Theresa, (Indian) cure of rheumatism Germanlown
road above the forks
Cheek Godfrey, baker 126 north Fifth
Cheever and Fales, merchants 17 south Front
Cherry Margaret, widow grocer 142 Spruce
Chesnut Jane, widow shoopkeeper near corner Callowhiil
and Thirteenth

Chesnut Mary, widow 14 Sugar alley

Chesnut Samuel and William, grocers 303 High

Chesnut Sam. grocer 327 High, d. h. SE cor. \ Im and 8th

Chesnut Samuel, stonecutter Prrry

Chester Hiram, shoemaker 86 Budd

• ;hester Henry, attorney at law 85 Walnut, dwelling 58 S. 6th

Chester Seth, shallopman Kesler's alley

cheston Elijah, coachma!.er -81 and 83 Pine

Cheavens Frederick, cabinetmaker 07 Shippen

Chevalier Clement E jeweller 12 Ridge road

Chevalier Jane H. widow 70 Tammany

Chevas Anthony J. merchant 104 Pine

Cheveau Jane, gentlewoman 26 Powell

Chrves Langdon, Esq. gentleman 319 Chesnut above Twelfth

CLA Philadelfihia Index.

Chew Benjamin, counsellor at law 87 south Fourth

Chew Misses, Walnut first house below Eleventh

Chew Isaac, shoemaker Beach near Maiden

Chew James, chair maker back 338 south Second

Chew Jeffrey, confectioner 221 Shippen

Chew Job, tavernkeeper 144 Cedar

Chew Jonathan, ladies' shoemaker 140 German

Chew Joseph, ladies' shoemaker 223 Chesnut above Seventh

Chew Samuel, attorney at law 114 south Fourth

fChew Wm, dealer 98* south Second and 187 south Seventh

Chierdal Paul, tailor Elbow lane

Child John, clock and watchmaker 452 north Second

Child Stephen, comb maker Lilly alley

Child Stephen, comb maker 368 north Second

Childs C. G. historical and landscape engraver 30^ south 7th

Childs Eliza, boarding house 180 Market

fChilds George, coachman George 3d house above Eleventh

Childs Henry, gentleman 452 north Second

Childs James, tailor Whitehall street

Childs Stephen, comb maker Whitehall street

Childs Thomas, sea captain 268 south Sixth

Childs William, comb maker Whitehall street

Christian Daniel, shallopman 254 south Fifth .

Christian Peter, alderman 72 noi*th Third

Christy Archibald, grocer SE corner German and Third

Christy Christiana, grocer 125 Browne

Christy Dennis, wheelwright 124 German

Christy George, cordwainer Green's court

Christy Robert, boot manufacturer, 41 south Front

Christy William, cordwainer 113 Christian

Christie William, upholsterer and Venetian blind maker

Christine Abraham, labourer 464 south Front
Christine John, innkeeper 371 north Front
Christman Henry, _ ^ worsted and woo i len yar n mar,
Christman Henry, jr. £ turers 116 Sassafras
Christman William, J

J-Christmas Samuel, carpenter 189 south Sixth
Chrystler Jacob, 3 north Third

Christopher John, grocer NW corner German and Fourth
Chubb Samuel, dry good store 151 north Third
Chur Jacob, baker 85 Race
Church Mary Ann, 24 Almond
Cist Mrs. boarding house 190 Market
City John, plaister of pans moulder Delhi's ^ourt
Claghim J. W. 36 north Front
Clampffer Mary, widow 21 Elfreth's alley
Clampffer William W. late tavernkeeper 156 north Fifth
Ctampit f-ook, pilot 328 south Second
Clapier Lewis, merchant 6 Lombard, d. h. 216 south Front
Clare B. tavernkeeper 14 south Fifth

• idge Philip I. millinery and fancy store 25 north Second

Philadelphia Index. CLA

• lark and Rascr, printers, office back 88 Chcsnut
Clark and Jones, boot and shoemakers 98 north Fifth
Clark Alexander, & Co. merchants 177 High

(.lark Benjamin, carter 286 Cedar

• lark Benjamin & Ellis, clock and watchmakers 1 S. Fron'.

south-east corner High
Clark Benj. watchmaker 1 south Front, dwelling 88 Arch
Clark Calvin C. printer 194 south Fifth
' lark Daniel, gunsmith 212 Green
Clark Elizabeth -Mrs. of Robert, Tenth above Vine
Clark Elizabeth, oyster house Broad near Sassafr as
Clark Ellis, watchmaker 1 south Front SE corner li.
Clark Ephraim, gentleman 3 south Ninth
Clark George, currier 18 Bank alley
Clark George, labourer Vine near Schuylkill
Clark George, mariner 257 south Front
Clark George, painter, &c. Eckfeld's court
Clarke Henry, silversmith 22 Franklin court
; 'lark Hugh, dealer Queen near Sixth
Clark Jacob R. cotton and wool card maker 221 Cherry
Clark James, bookbinder 25 Coats*
Clark James, carpenter 8 Nicholson's alley-
Clark James, farmer 72 Queen
Clark Jane, bonnet maker 11 Strawberry
Clark Jeremiah, cordwainer 431 south Secoad
'lark Job, shoemaker 46 Chester

Clark Johanna widow mantua maker 19 Sassafras alley
Clark John C. printer, office Carter's alley, d. h. 83 Locust
Clark Jchn, drayman, SE corner Fourth and Cedar
Clark John L. merchant over 99 S. Front, d. h. 32 N. Fifth
Clark John, plumber 106 north Sixth
Clark John, turner 198 south Fourth
Clark John, washing machine maker 177 St. John's
Clark John, weaver Maiden st. near Stone bridge (K.)
('lark John Y., M. D. 167 Arch
Clark Joseph, merchant, dwelling 67 Vine
'"lark Joseph, merchant 7 S. Water, dwelling 102 S. Front
Clark Joseph, gentleman 24 north Sixth
'lark J. S upholsterer 223 north Second and 103 N. Third
Clark L. B. half price book store 4 south Front
Clark Alary M. seamstress 59 south Juniper
Clark Mary, widow Bryan's court
Clark Mary, widow dealer 105 Catharine
Clark Marv, widow 469 south Front
Clark Mary, 38 north Fifth
Clark Michael F shoestore 90 High south-west corner Third

dwelling 157 Arcfc
Clark Morris, shoemaker 8 Weils' ro**~
Clark Mrs "hoarding house 55 "Walnu;
Clark Mrs/M. 27 Pine
Clark Mrs, near 32 Gille's alley
Clark Neal, labourer 104 Fiib

j lit V Philadelphia Index.

Clark Ponuel, 162 south Water

tClark Peter, labourer in the mint 8 Oak (S.)

Clark Robert, blacksmith 353 south Front

< lurk Robert, grocer 12 J Swahson
Clark Robert S. broker &c. Ridge road
C lark. Samuel, labourer Rrook

Clark Samuel, merchant 227 south Front
♦ 'lark Sarah, w;do\v 104 Filbert

< lark Stephen, carpenter 4 Poplar alley

Clark Thomas, bookbinder, dwelling 10 Sugar allev and over

249 High
Clark Timothy, jr. south Second near Mary
'• lark Timothy, sen. 492 south Second
Clark William, clerk in alms house
Clark William, grocer 532 north Second
Clark Wm. looking glass frame maker 23 north Tenth
Clark Wm. shallopman 44 Coats'

Clark William, storekeeper South near Gray's ferry road
Clark Wm. tailor 17 German
Clark son Comly, teacher 167 Pine
Clarkson Elizabeth, widow Race near Sch. Eighth.
Clarkson Jacob, merchant 193 Spruce
Clarkson Samuel, merchant 226 Pine
Class Petti-, copperplate printer 38 Strawberry
Clatham John, cordwainer 1 Gaskill

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