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Clause John H. accountant NW corner Pine and Eleventh
Clavier Mrs widow 167 south Second
Cluvv John, mariner 21 Cox's alley
Clawges Dante), painter, SJc. 188 Vine
Clawges iuii. painter, &c. 3 Clawges' court

Clawges Jacob, painter, &c. 189 Vine
Clawges John, j .. teacher and conveyancer 464 Race
Clawges Wm. combm^ker Old York road above Brown
ClaxtonG. •; li merchant 5 north Wharves, dwelling "6

Claxton . ; reliant 6 North Wharves, dwelling 11 south

Clay Cu . ant 179 south Eleventh

Claypoolti r», upholsterers 74 iouth Tr

Chiypoole ■ gentleman 219 Spruce

Ciaypoole ei f ieinan 301 Chesnut

t'laypooi' neyailaw 50 Walnut

Clavpooh i, soman's nurse almshouse

Claypoole Jos ;•! , deputy keeper of the prison 183 Cc
« iiypool- keeper at prison 183 Coats'

Claystine biker 162 Vine

(-Clayton tsawyer back 100 north Eleventh

Clayton C ,T .:m 3 Filbert

Clayton Ec edge's court

CJayton Jo 8 -^pi-iice

Clayton I acker 369 Mulberry

Clayton 1: 126 south Front


f/illudclfihia Index. CLI

Cleaver Elizabeth, widow 1UJ St. John's

Gleghorn John \V accountant back 36 north Front
Clemens Ann, midwife 70 Green

Clemens Benj. S. turner in ivory and wood and musical in-
strument maker 22£ Walnut

Clemens Jacob, gentleman 70 Green

Clemens Lear, carpet weaver back 301 south Second

Clemmens Robert, weaver Marlborough near Shackamaxon

Clemmen Wm victualler, Charlotte near Brown

fClement Elizabeth, widow washerwoman 200 south Fifth

Clement Jacob, tobacco manufactory 11 N. Water, dwelling
65 Pine

Clement Mary, nurse 9 Franklin court

Clement Mrs. gentlewoman 14 Swanwick

Clemmer John, tobacconist Petticoat alley

Qemmer Mary, widow 483 north Third above Poplav

Clemson widow of Thomas, corner Filbert and Ninth

Clendenon S. <y R. dry good store 128 north Fourth

Clentz Alexander, carter 34 Budd

Clerry Archibald, carpenter Mulberry near Schuylkill Front

Clever Mary, widow 215 north Eighth

Clevinger Squire, tailor 12 N. Water, dwelling Race

Clew Edward, bricklayer 4 Acorn alley

Clew Peter, brickmaker Race nesr Sch. Eighth

Clew Wm. porter in the U. S. bank S. 4th opposite Library

fCliff Joseph, labourer 37 Elizabeth

Clifford George, tailor back 35 German

Clifford John, oyster man 38 Penn

Clifford, widow 72 south Eleventh

jClift Ann, washerwoman Currant alley

Clifton Isaac, hatter 1 Wood near Second

Clifton John, hatter 29 Ann

Clifton Sarah, widow 64 Almond

Cline & Lawrence, painters and glaziers 56 south Tenth

Cline and Rothtrock, tailors 387 north Front

Cline Benjamin, bricklayer 47 Brown

Cline David, porter 17 Fayette

Cline Elizabeth, gentlewoman 68 north Third

Cline George, tailor 282 Race

Cline George, labourer 458 north Third

Cline Henry, tailor 141 south Eleventh

Cline Mary, widow grocer 354 noith Front

Cline Mary, widow Walter's court

Cline Peter, bricklayer 3'4 north Third

Cline Thomas, grocer, NW corner Ninth and Sassafras

Cline Thomas, pilot back 35 Beck's alley

-Clincher Adam, porter 10 Cordwainer's alley

Clinton Ann 6? Elizabeth, shopkeepers 5 south Fourth

Clinton Francis, soapboiler 2 Roger's court (N. L.)

Clinton John, printer SE corner of Cedar and Seventh

Clinton William, boatbuilder Beach near Maiden

Clinton Wm. trader Filbert near Schuylkill

COB Philadelphia Index.

Climer Andrew B. currier 76 Christian

Clippen Mary, widow dealer 34 Plum

Clopp George, innkeeper 15 Branch

Clopp Flenry, cabinetmaker 151 north Fourth

Clopp John, gentleman 174 north Fourth

Clopp John, jun coach wheelwright 131 north Fourth

Clopp John, smith 15 Branch and 93 New

Clopp John wheelright near Fourth in Vine

Clopper Sarah, widow boarding house 18 south Front

Close Christian, baker 4S3 south Front

Close Henry, grocer 3b north Third

Clossan Sarah, milliner 8i -\rch

Clothier Charles, shoemaker Starr aliev

Clothier Margaret, widow nurse 152 Sassafras

Clothier, widow 565 north Front

Clotworthy John, biscuit bake; back 19 south Wharf and 27

south Water, dwelling 2-24 south Fifth
Cloud Caleb, carter 51 Green
Cloud Joseph, refiner in the mint 276 Mulberry
Cloud Joseph, student in the Alms house
Cloud Parsha, widow 27 Emlen's court (N. L.)
Cloudes David, carter corner Oak and Noble, (N. L.)
Clouny John, weaver 261 Catharine
Clowney Levin, weaver 220 Shippen

Clufty John, blacksmith 119 Brown, dwelling 61 Tammany
Cluley Francis, wire worker 19 Cherry alley
Cluley J. & T. wire fender and bird cage manufacturers 17

south Fourth
Cluley John, jun. wireworker 17 south Fourth, dwelling

back 3 south Fourth
Cluley John, tavernkeeper back 5£ south Fourth
Clunn John, shipwright Shackamaxon near Queen
Clutch Rebecca, widow back 89 High
Clyde Joseph, labourer 4 Smith's court
Clymer Archibald, tailor 101 German
Clymer Jacob, carpenter 75 Crown
Coad Patrick, teacher 63 Union
Coanes Jesse, coachman 16 Currant alley
Coaston George \V. lumber yard Bear near Marble street
Coates Beryn, M. D. north west cor. Walnut and Front
Coates George M. china merchant 49 High
Coates Isaac, shipwright Beach near Warren (K.)
Coates John It. merchant 32A Walnut, dwelling 225 Spruce
Coates John B. attorney at law 225 Spruce
Coats Margaret, widow of Wm. 38.? north Front
Coates Mary, widow 60 north Third
Coats Matthias, accountant 47-> Sassafras
Coates Samuel, jun. accountant 65 (iaskill
Coates Samuel, 82 south Front SW corner Walnut
Coates Warwick, cordwainer Christian between Second aSid

Coats William, grocer 174 Swanson

Philadelphia Index. COL

< obb & .Tohnslon, blacksmiths XE cor. Vine £ff Ridge ro

Cobb Man, widow of Thomas 438 north Fourth

Cobb Samuel, carpenter 117 Carpenter

Cobb William, carpenter 38 Pallhyra square

Cobb William, ship carpenter Frankford near Otter

Cobb Win. tailor Vine near Thirteenth

Coburn Abel, distiller 74 and 119 Cedar

Coburn James, weaver High west Schuylkill Second

Coburn Robert, distiller 74 Cedar

Cochran Ann, washerwoman and seamstress 130 X. Front

Cochran Ann, bottling-cellar 86 north Water

Cochran Catharine, widow 39 Palmyra square

Cochran Cornelius, shopkeeper corner Chancery lane

Coombs' alley
Cochran John, mariner back 135 Plum
Cochran John, merchant 376 and 386 High
Cochran Maria, tobacconist 19 Strawberry alley
Coe Richard, merchant dwelling 171 Callowhill
Coffee Geoge F. spring manufacturer 16 German
Coffee James, plumber 61 Walnut dwelling 46 Union
Coffee Jonathan, smith 292 Vine
Coffin A. boarding house 44 south Six'h
Coffin Albert, sea captain, boarding house 160 Union
Coffin Jeremiah, copperplate printer 10 north Eleventh
Coffin Thomas M. lump &.oil store 10 south Fourth, dwe]
44 south Sixth

Coghling Maria, mantuamaker 21 Frown

11 Charles, tailor 52 Arch
Coggins Joseph, boot and shoemaker 36 Carter's alley
Cohen & Xisbet merchants 26 south Front
Cohen A. B. 58 Chesnut

Cohen Abraham, dealer 233 south Fifth

Cohen A M &E. L. druggists 453 High and 7 south Se T

Cohen Barnet, cabinet maker 120 Cedar

Cohen E. merchant 26 south Front
Cohen Emanuel, mariner 262 south Third

Cohen Jacob I. merchant 135 Mulberry

Cohen M. B. scourerer 45 Chesnut, dwelling 52 X. 1

Cohen Joseph S. attorney at law 7 south Seventh

Cohill Richard, shoemaker 23 north Tenth
il James, mariner 24 Little Water

Coit Gabriel, last maker and finder 57 Walnut

Coit Richard, shoemaker 7 Bedford

Colbert T mariner 255 south Front

Coldekit William, rigger opposite navy yard

Coldwater James, watchman Buttonwood above Fifth

Coldwater Philip, watchman Buttonwood above Fifth

Cole Deborah, widow of Samuel back Cherry near T:

Cole Eiijah, carpenter James' street

Cole Francis, shoemaker Xicholson's court

Cole Hannah, widow 42 Christian

Cole laaac F u se cor Sixth and Sugar al

COL Philadelphia Index,

Cole James, blacksmith 374 south Front

Cole James, H. merchant 99 High

Cole John, boot manufacturer 42 south Third

fCole John, mariner 94 Bedford

Cole John, tailor 163 Green

Cole Thomas, cordwainer High near Sch. Front

Cole "William, tailor 62 Tammany

Coleman Ann, mantua maker 64 north Sixth

Coleman Jacob, dry good store 419 north Second

Coleman James, whip maker 70 north Second

Coleman John, brewer 24 George

Coleman Margaret, widow 65 Coats'

Coleman Margaret, widow 30 Mead alley

Coleman Nathan, tobacconist 1 north Fifth

Coleman Nathan, tobacconist 187 north Second

Coleman Philip, glue maker 22 Noble

Coleman S innkeeper NE corner Twelfth and Sassafras

Coleman Thomas, grocer 127 Plum

Coleman William, labourer 264 south Fifth near Maiden

Coleman William, mariner 76 Plum

Colerick Catharine, widow boarding house 74 north Fifth

Coles Cornelius, ladies' shoemaker back 33 German

Coles William, carpenter 237 Race

Colescott Othneall, carpenter SE corner Lawrence e J N/obk

Coley Ezra, sea captain 13 Sassafras

Colhoun Doctor, 6 Sansom

Colhoun Elizabeth, widow of David Federal above Secc

Colhoun F. & G. grocers SE corner Third and Vine

Colhoun G. &> H. merchants 37 north Water

Colhoun Gustavus, 37 N. Water, dwelling 265 Chesnut

Colhoun Hugh, merchant 37 N. Water, dwelling 5 south !

Colhoun Joseph, cordwainer 306 south Front

Colladay Theodore, carpenter Castle street

Collady Charles, carpenter Castle and 5 Elbow lane

Collar Jacob, ship carpenter corner Queen and Cherry (K

Collar Mary, widow dealer 62 Penn

Collard John, bricklayer Beach

Collin Nicholas Rev. Dr. Swanson street near Christian

Colling James, cordwainer 5 below South

Collins Benjamin, painter &c. 120 Chesnut, dwelling 60 Cheat.

|Collins Benjamin, woodsawyer 112 north Juniper

fCollins Cato, white washer 100 north Fourth

Collins Charles, tailor 50 S. Water, dwelling 51 south Front

Collins Daniel, brass founder, bellhanger and locksmith bad

of 42 south Fifth
Collins Elisha, Tenth below Pine
Collins Eliza, widow 75 south Fifth
Collins Frederick, mariner 285 south Third
Collins George, cooper 1 Elbow lane
Collins H. cake baker and confectioner 60 Chesnut
Collins Henry, oysterman 9 Tammany
Cpllins John, accountant 5 Pennsylvania arcjiue

Philadelphia Index. CON

lins John, labourer Swanson near Prime
; Collins John, porter 44 Passyunk road
Collins Joseph, back 85 Pussyunk road

,!ins Lydia, widow 1 Myer's court
< 'ollins Margaret, wido;V grocer 184 north Second
Collins Mary, widow 70 Dock
Collins Robert, painter &c. 19 Filbert
Collins Robert, grocer Frankford road near Bedford
Collins Samuel, block and pump maker 47 south Water,

dwelling corner Uilktt's wharf
Collins Sarah, widow Petticoat alley below Browne
Collins Wm. baker 14 Almond
Collins Wm. bookseller 112 Arch

Collins William, weaver NW corner Thirteenth and Cedar
Collins Zaccheus, gentleman 29 north Second
Collinson George, 288 south Fourth
Collison Joseph, sea captain 58 Vine
Collom John, carpenter 120 Coats'
Collom Jonathan, teacher 132 Coats'
Collom William teacher school N. L. Commissioner's Hstf*

dwelling 401 north Third
Colrjuhoim, widow gentlewoman 177 Walnut
Colson I), bonnet maker 9 Strawberry
fColson James, labourer 231 south Fourth
Colton Oren, shuttle maker 1 College avenue, dwelling 293

Walnut near Tenth
Colton Sarah, 3 Library
Colvin James, labourer 231 south Fourth
Colwell James, grocer 6 Little Water
Combes G. apothecary north-east corner Fourth and Pine
Combes John R. grocer 44 Oak (N. L.)
Combs Thomas, cabinetmaker 120 south Fourth
Combs, widow at 92 Crown
Comegys Cornelius Sc Co. merchants 40 north Eighth, d.&

42 north Eighth
Comelow Airs, widow bandbox maker 67 Coats'
Comfort Catherine, widow of John, Wright's court
Comly and Tevis, auctioneers 73 High
Comley Ethan, dry good store 199 north Second
Comly Jacob, livery stable keeper 20 Coombs' alley
Comley Pearsan, sballopman 51 Budd
Comly Samuel, auctioneer 26 Church alley
■j-Comley William, labourer 31 Middle alley
Commer Charlotte, spinner of threads Rose alley
Commissioner's Hall, 325 north Thrid (N. L.)
Compton Joseph, mercer and tailor 27 north Sixth
Conard and Lancaster lumber merchants below Tammany
Cbnard John^ marshall's office west wing state house, dwell*

ing 221 north Eighth
Conard Jonathan, lumber merchant 18 1 north Fourth, yailS

Noble below Fourth

CON Philadelphia Index.

Conaway George, cordwainer back 262 south Fifth

Conde Charles, perfumer and hair dresser 114 N. Fifth

Condie David F., M. D. 99 south Fifth

Condy J. W. counsellor at law 48 Walnut

Condie Thomas G. attorney at law 99 south Fifth

Condy William, book binder 3 Elfreth's alley

Condon Mary, widow 42 George

Conden William, Beach near Maiden

Condon William, blacksmith shop Penn (Kensington) dv. eli

21 Beach
Cone A. M. widow gentlewoman 82 south Eighth
Cone Elizabeth widow 54 Crown
Coner John, cabinetmaker 196 Pine
Conger Elizabeth, widow 53 Brown
Conger William, cordwainer 51 Budd
fCongo Martha, widow Dean's alley
Conkle Henry, toy shop 84 north Seventh
Conklin James, cordwainer Vine near Thirteenth
Conly and Fraser, milliners 56 Arch
Conn Sarah, victualling house 9 Elbow lane
Connelly Henry, cabinetmaker 8 Library, dwelling 233 Spruce
Connelly Henry, 233 Spruce
Connelly J blacksmith 274 south Third
Connelly John, gentleman 280 Chesnut

Connellv John, labourer Sch. Fourth between High & Filbe;"
Connelly Joseph, painter and glazier back 111 Catharine
Connelly Peter, shoemaker 14 Arch

Connellv Sarah, widow of James, Filbert near Sch. Eit
Connelly William, gunsmith Baker's court
Connell Elizabeth, seamstress Fourth near Poplar
Connell Maw, mantuamaker 72 New
Connell Thomas, M. D. 87 Mulberry

Connor Charles, tailor and tavernkeeper 310 south Second
Connor Daniel, labourer back 246 Shippen
Conner Edmund, cordwainer 25 Mary
Connor Ellen, shopkeeper 232 north Water
f Connor James, oysterman and coachman under 157 Walnut
Conner J. saddler' 194 Market
Connor Mary, tailoress iOo New
Cor. widow 50 Penn

Idow, 75 George
fCo:. :.c\, widow 23 Union

Conn.. ■ ;ack of 12 Cresson's alley

"Cor.: per 3 and dwelling 43 Pel

Cor. *er corner Hamilton & Washin;

ker back 122 Market

ill south Fifth
r Simmons' court (X. L.)
< nuker Pine allley near i'ourth.

•51 Milberry

ear Poplar iRr.e
;.8 Coats'

Philadelphia Index. COO

Conrad Johu, bookseller NE corner of Fifth and Callowhill
Conrad Kelley and Co. shoe store 60 Market
Conrad Mathew, shoe dealer 25 Mulberry
Conrad Peter, brushmaker 163 High, dwelling 4 north Front
Conrad Solomon W. bookseller 87 High, dwelling 81 Arch
Conray Thomas, 116 north Water

Constable Curtis, basket maker Eighth above Callowhill
Constable Richard, gunmaker 88 south Second
Constable William, cordwainer 426 south Second
y Constancio, Francisco Solano Chevalier, charge des affaires of

his most faithful majesty 238 Spruce
Conway Barney, labourer back 126 south Sixth
Conway Bernard, labourer Race near Schuylkill Eighth
Conway Edward, brewer 73 Union
Conway Patrick, hatter back 170 Spruce
Conwell Ann, widow brushmaker 185 south Front
Conwell Henry, Right Rev. Dr. of the catholic church Wil-

ling's alley

Conyers , bootmaker 1 south Third

jConyers J. oyster cellar under 356 Market

Conyers Walter, boot manufactory 40 south Third, dwelling

20 Little George
Conyngham David H. gentleman 109 south Fourth
Cook Abraham, letter carrier 37 Mulberry
Cook Alexander, soap and candle manufactory 136 and 140

North Fourth
Cook & Leuffer, whiskey &c. merchts. High W. Sch. Fourth
Cook and Parkins, cabinetmakers 56 Walnut and 42 Dock
Cook and Pettit, whitesmiths & grate factory 3 Wagner's alley
Cook and Snowden, china merchants 47 north Third
Cook Benjamin, drayman back 459 north Third
Cook Charles L tailor 73 north Fifth
Cook Christiana, widow Cresson's alley
Cook Conrad, labourer 156 St. John's
Cook Curtis H. carpenter 195 Green

Cook , cordwainer 159 south Sixth

Cooke David, merchant 13 south Front

Cook Elizabeth, Prime below Moyamensing

Cooke Tamer, tailoress 126 south Second

Cook E. W. turner back 8 Goforth alley, d. h. 122 N. Second

Cooke Zachariah, coach maker 9 Meyers' court

Cook George H. grocer, &c. NW cor. Walnut & Thirteenth

Cook George L. merchant tailor 149 north Second

Cook George, planemaker Laurel near Budd

Cook Hannah, teacher 40 George (S.)

Cook James, brushmaker 238 High

Cook Joel, merchant tailor 301 Vine

Cook .'©el, merchant tailor 26 north Fifth

Cook John, china merchant 47 north Third

Cook John, fish vender Black horse alley

Cook John, gratemaker Nicholson's court

Cook John, labourer Rose alley S jp

COO Philadelphia Index.

Cook John, merchant 68 south Front and 298 Chesnui

Cook John, morocco dresser Cleaver alley near Filth

Cook John, newspaper carrier Cresson's alley

Cook John, stevedore back 35 Penn

Cook Margaret, widow 98 Gaskill

Cook Margaret/widow shopkeeper 18 north alley

Cook Maria, widow 82 Brown

Cook Martha, widow back 8 Oak (S.)

Cook Mary, washerwoman back 1~2 Pine

Cook Michael, cordwainer 8 Oak (S.)

Cook P. and M. dry good store 122 north Second

Cook Philip, cabinetmaker W\L»bs' alley

Cook Samuel, bookbinder 92 north Fifth

Cook Samuel, grocer north-east corner Green and Fourth

Cook Samuel, tobacconist 271 north Second

Cook Susannah, grocer 79 south'Third

Cook Philip, shoemaker 159 south Sixth

Cook William, bootmaker and grocer north-west corner of

Third and Christian
Cook William, brickmaker Schuylkill Fifth between Market

and Chesnut
Cook William, cordwainer 24 Parham's alley

north Fourth
Cook William, tobacconist 10 High
Cooker John, victualler 130 German

Cooley L. intelligence and exchange office 125 north Fifth
Coombs Amos, carpenter corner Charlotte and Poplar lane
Coombs David, teacher 50 German
Coombs George W. Venetian blindmaker 131 Pine
Coon James, tin pedlar 10 south Tenth
Coon William, painter and glazier 137 Cherry
Cooney , mai iner 4G- Mead alley

Cooper Adam, carpenter Sbhuylkill Seventh near Vine
Cooper and Patterson, grocers lower 40 north P'ourth near

Cooper and Wright, tobacconists 313 High
Cooper Ann, widow 17 Key's alley

Cooper B. and U. merchants High street wharf south side
Cooper Benjamin, tailor 33 Erfretli's alley
Cooper Britain, merchant 2 High, dwelling 36 Filbert
Cooper Charles, victualler Fayette street
Cooper Colin, merchant 31 Mulberry
Cooper Collin and Joseph, me reliant 35-north Front
Cooper Conrad, shoemaker 255 north Front
Cooper Deborah, widow 159 Spruce
Cooper F. smith 100 Shippeu, dwelling 230 Cathar'.
Cooper Hannah, widow 194 north Front
Cooper Henry, printer 138 north Fifth
Cooper Hugh, blacksmith Da\is' court
Cooper Hugh, duelling 315 Aixa

Cooper Hugh, grocer 50 north Third, dwelling 313 Arch
Cooper Isaac, gentleman corner of John and Vine

".*> ..... ? ^y >*«->

Philadelphia Index. COP

j Cooper Isaiah, labourer 127 Cedar

Copper James C. accountant 87 south Sixth

Cooper James, oak cooper 90 south Water, d. h. 91 S. Front

[Cooper James, porter 21 North alley

Cooper James, sea captain 212 south Third

Cooper James, 249 north Front

Cooper Jane, widow of John 137 Pine

Cooper John, leather store 273 south Second

Cooper John, merchant 175 High, dwelling- 85 Mulberry

f Cooper John, porter and beer house 150 Lombard

Cooper John, printer 10 Green's court

Cooper John, tailor and scourer 89 north Front

Cooper Joseph, merchant 35 north Front, d. h. 55 N. Fourth

(jooper Joshua, carpenter Race W. of Broad

Cooper Margret, widow 117 Germantown road

Cooper Michael, constable 177 Shippen

Cooper Michael, labourer Cedar above Thirteenth

Cooper Robert, carpenter 139 Pine and 18^ south Fifth

Cooper Robert, oak cooper 200 south Water

Cooper Thomas, constable 33 Strawberry

Cooper Thomas, hardware merchant 51 High

Cooper Thomas merchant 31 Mulberry

■ Jooper widow. 31 Mulberry

Cooper William, baker back 36 north Third

Cooper William, dry good store 433 north Second

Cope Charles, victualler John's, stall 39 New-market

Cope Elizabeth, widow 28 John

Cope Godfrey G. victualler corner of Fourth and Tammany,

stall 8 High street ril trket
Cope H. and C. merchants 165 High

Cope Henry, merchant Walnut st. wharf, d. h. 102 S. Fourth
Cope Herman, merchant 165 High, dwelling 413 Arch
Cope Israel, merchant 165 5-Jigh, dwelling 186 Arch
Cope Jacob, accountant Bear old York road and Tammany
Cope Jacob, woddsawyev Jones' alley

Cope Jasper & Co. mi rchanfa 165 High, dwelling 391 Arch
Cope John, accountani of Fourth and Tammany

Cope John, mariner Noble near Front
Cope Margaret, widow Church street near Christian
Cope Thomas P. and Son, merchants Walnut street wharf

north side, dwelling 36 north Fourth
Cope William, carter Catharine near Third
Cope William D. merchant 36 north Fourth
-i Copeland Allen, shoem.k under 75 south Second
Copeland Amelia, widow N. W. corner of Prime and Front
Copeland A. ship joiner Federal near Front
Copeland George, sea c ptain China street
Copeland Jacob, ship joiner 516 south Front
Copeland Nancy, housekeeper 148 Market
Copeland Sarah, seam bue 3? Mark's lane
Copia Jacob, coach trimmer 183 Pine

COR rUlcddfJda Index.

Copland Nathaniel, deputy flour inspector 159 Vine

Copland Samuel P. carpenter 27 old York road

Corbett Inlos, mariner back 81 Walnut

Corbett Samuel, dry good store 160 south Sixth

Corbm Henry, gentleman 166 Vine

ourwltt Elizabeth, widow 176 south Front

Corbitt Israel, carpenter 472 Race

J-Cordosa W. waiter 6 Burd's alley

Corfield Adam, draper, mercer and tailor 64 Vine

Corfield Edward D. justice of the peace 234 north Trout

Corfield Jesse, morocco dresser. 225 Mulberry

Corgee Arthur, clockmaker 412 south front

Corgee Arthur F. block and pumpmaker 126 Swanson and

115 south Water
Corgen John, weaver Bonsall
Corger George, pilot 87 Christian
Corker Robert, wheelwright 24 Union alley
Corkrin James, carpenter 207 south Fourth
Corlett Catharine, widow 81 Swanson
Corlies Britton, bricklayer 55 north Eighth
Corlies J. W. &, Co. merchants 29£ south wharves
Cormick David, mariner 29 German
CorndeflTer Philip, labourer Vine alley near Twelfth
Corneau John B. carpenter Shield's alley
Corneil John, hatter 135 north Fifth
Cornelius Christian, silverplater 183 Cherry
Cornell Mary, widow 475 High corner Thirteenth
/ Cornell William, sea captain N. W. cor. Thirteenth and High
Cornely William, labourer, Brown near Charlotte
Corner Mary, milliner 123 New
Corners Joseph, blacksmith Plum above Second
Cornish James, gentleman 143 south Sixth
Cornish O. B. bookseller 350 south Second
fCornish Tilghman, porter Christian near Fifth
Cornman Adam, primer 146 Locust
Cornman Adam, sugar it finer 30 Wood
iCorr Joseph M. paincer 161 Lombard
Corran Thomas, labourer Prime near Front
Corry & Co. bootmakers 47 south Fourth
Correy Ann, storekeeper Fourth near Brown
Correy David md William K. merchants 29 north Water
Correy David, merchant 29 north Water, dwelling Ritter.

house place Locust below Tenth
Corry Helen, milliner 123 south Second t
Correy John, attorney at law 224 south Fourth
Correy William K. merchant 29 north Water, d. h. 8J Arch
Corrin Josiah, silver smith 17 Queen
Corson Amos, blacksmith 47 south Juniper
Corson Jacob, sea captain 74 Queen
Corson James, gentleman 112 Green
Corson James, grocer Oak below Coats'
Coryell Henry L. carpenter 23 lower Lombard

Philadelphia Index. COX

jart Mary, cedar cooper 483 north Second
Cost George, turner 125 north Water
Costen Constantine, shallopman Johnson's court
Coster J. M. gentleman Mechanic near Maple
Coston Bolton, cabinetmaker Nonnater's court

ton Joseph, tailor N.W. cor. Chesnut and "Water dwelling
25 Carter's, alley
Coston Joshua, labourer 19 Budd
Cotterell Richard, mariner 469 south Front
Cottinger John, papcrmaker little Seventh
Cotton John S. grocer 34 Passyunk road
Cottman William B. turner and smith, shop B^ach near

Sliackamaxon (K.)
Cottringer John J accountant 75 south Fifth

^len Joseph, stonecutter 292 south Fourth
Coudrick Mary, nurse 4 Budd

Couliu Cornelius, dealer N. E. corner Lombard and Fourth
Coulon Helena C. fancy store 129 Chesnut
(joulson Jonathan ^ china merchant near O. Y. R. and Tammaiu
f ulston Barnabas, tanner 4 Franklin
Collision G. W. inkeeper 150 Sassafras
Coulston Israel, cabinetmaker 66 Tammany
Coulter John, weaver near George's in Third
Coulter Israel, merchant 183 Union

Coulter John, merchant counting-house 3 and d. h. 5 Union
Coultoq and Rakestraw, tailors N. E. corner Penn and C.
Coulton Margaret, widow Gaskill above Fou.th
Councell Thomas, hatter Davis' court
Counril Joseph, bricklayer Shippen above Shippen's lane
Countryman C. ornamental painter back of 120 German

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