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Couper David, agent and collector 101 old York road

Courtney Joseph, carpenter 8 Sugar alley

Courtney Joseph, weaver Jones' alky near Sch. Fifth an i

Courtney Samuei P. grocer cor. Frankford road and Green

Couston Barnabas, lime merchant il Garden

Couzens John, carpenter 160 St. John's

Covert Isaac, block and pump naker 65 south Water, d h.
15 Budd

Cowan John iar

Coward William "lit 5 Fetter lane

Cowden John, stonecutter 91 old York road

Cowden Samuel, si ecutter Juniper above Arch

Cowdy John rbpemaker 79 Ger.iantown road

Cowcl John V. n .8 south Second

Cowperthwaite A . ' cklayer

Cowperthwaite J :. in U. S. bank d. h. 30 Wood

Cowperthwaite Mart aker 165 Spruce

Cowperthwaite P. teacher 72 Locust

Cowperthwaite San > ot Hulings 204 north Front

Go w plan d A. . oath Second

Cox Abraham L nis-house

CRA Philadelphia Index.

Coxe A. S. attorney at law 34 south Sixth, d. h. 167 Pine

Cox C. dealer 224 Cedar

Coxe Charles S. attorney at law 34 south Sixth, d. h. 167 Viul

Coxe Daniel W. merchant 256 Walnut

Cox David, carter 110 north Juniper

Coxe Edmund S. attorney at law 34 south Sixth, d. h. 167 Pien

Cox Edward, smith Maiden near stone bridge

Cox Elizabeth II. seminary 25 Filbert

Cox Gabriel, carter 542 north Second

Cox Gideon, cedarcooper 2a3 and dry good store and d. h

233 High
Cox Isaac carpenter 66 Zane
Cox Isaac, ladies shoemaker 365 north Third
Cox Isaac N. attorney at law 108 south Fourth
Cox James, drawing-master N. E. corner Fourth and Chesnut,

d. h. 39 Almond
Cox James S. president of the Pennsylvania Insurance com

pany, 295 Chesnut
Cox James, 28 Newmarket
Cox John, gentleman 295 Chesnut
Cox John, labourer Queen near Second
Coxe John Redman, M. D. 8 York buildings, office back in

Goodwater alley
Cox John, seminary back 57 Filbert
jCox Joseph, sweep master 90 Lombard
Cox Margaret, widow 89 north Juniper
Cox Maria, fancy millinery store 1 north Ninth
Cox Martin, blacksmith 419 north Front
Cox Paul, late sea captain 88 south Front
Cox Rebecca & Co. storekeepes 18 north Second
Cox Rachel, widow milliner 125 Arch
Cox Richard, carpenter 25 Filbert
'>ox Sarah, storekeeper 190 Filbert
*-oxe Tench, gentleman 167 Pine
^ox widow, gentlewoman 226 Market
Cux William, carter 452 north Second

Cox William, coachmaker Germantown road above the Forks
Coyld William, labourer High west Sch. Fourth
Coyle James tailor 169 south Third
Coyle Patrick labourer Prices' court
Coyles Daniel, tallowchandler 102 Crown
Coyn Patrick, doctor 148 Coats'
Coyud Patrick, labourer Lombard above Twelfth
Cozens A. J. pilot's hotel south-east corner Penn and Pine
Cozens A. J south-east corner Second and Vine
Cozens Archibald J. \\ orkman's court
Cozens Benjamin, sea captain Swanson near Catharine
Cozens Henry S. conveyancer 319 south Third
Cozens J B. watchmaker S.W. cor. Harmony court and Fourth
Cozens Josiah B. jeweller 12 north Second
Oabb William, accountant 34 south Tenth
Crabb William, coidwainer 139 Locust

Philadelphia Inc CRA

J>b William, cordwainer 161 Lombard
Crab William, clerk in the navy yard
Craft Gersham, city watch 60^ Union
Craft Jacob, carpenter back of 529 north Third
Craft John C. hatter 14 Raspberry alley
Craft Rosanna, nurse St. John's near Coats'
Cragg George, dyer back 529 and d. h. 475 north Third
Craig and Stokes, house carpenters 13 Decatur

Craig Charles, whiskey store High west of Sch. Third

Craige Eliza, widow of Win. 172 Germantown road

Craige John, saddler &.c. Germantown road below Third

Craige Samuel, tailor back 62 Cherry

Craige Seth, jun. 110 and d. h. 246 High

Craighead Mary, widow dealer 196 south Second
-Craighead Samuel sea captain 11 Keys' alley

Craig, Huston and Co. saddlers 110 Market

Craig Isabella, widow back 89 Passyunk road

fCraig Jacob, coachman Mark's lane

fCraig Jacob, jackmaker Green's court

Craig James, carpenter 13 Decatur, dwelling 197 S. Seventh

Craig James, gentleman 208 Chesnut

Craig Jane Miss 113 Spruce

Craig John, blacksmith 20 Bank alley, d. h. Dawson's court

Craig* John, nailer 136 Locust

Craig Lydia, widow 405 south Second

Craig Margaret, widow shopkeeper 385 Race

Craig Saml. smith and farrier 39 Locust, d.h. 124 south Tenth

Craig Samuel, blacksmith 18 Rachel

Craig Samuel, tailor 5 south Water dwelling Cherry

Craig Thomas, saddler 550 north Front

Craig William, merchant 8 Chesnut, d. h. 136 south Second

Cramer Philip V. bleeder Lombard above Twelfth

Crammer Ann, widow 6 Starr alley

Crammer Thomas, carpenter 22 Garden

Crammond William, merchant 43 Dock, d h. 248 Walnut

Cramp George, ship carpenter Marlborough near Bedford

Cranchal B fruit store 66 south Third

Crane Elizabeth, Laurel (N.L.) above Front

Cranmer Joseph, shingle dresser back 44 Coats'

Cranmer Joseph S. ladies' shoemaker 36 south Second

Cranmer Newell, tanner Miller's court

Crans Peter, cordwainer 106 German

Crap George M. tin plate worker 3 Duke (N. L )

Crause Louisa, victualler 59 Garden

Crap Nicholas, boot and shoemaker 17 Spruce

Craven lshi, accountant 398 north Third

Craven John, farmer Second below Prime

Craven John, labourer St. John's near Coats'

Craven Mary, porter house 66 south Water

Craver John, farmer Second below Prime

Crawford Alexander, tailor 28 Kunckle

Crawford Allen, dealer Cedar near Twelfth

CRE Philadelphia Index.

Crawford Elizabeth, widow 43 Noble

Crawford James, labourer Feari«' alley

Crawford James, labourer 260 St. John's

Crawford James, mariner 142 south Tenth

Crawford James shopkeeper, 25 Coats'

Crawford John, labourer North street

Crawford John, mariner 162 Swanson

Crawford John, tailor 54 Ann

Crawford Samuel H. boat builder 328 north F<-ont

Crawford Samuel W., D. D. teacher 5 doors above Eleventh

near George
Crawford Margaret, widow 151 St. John's
Crawford \V. cabinetmaker south Eleventh, above Walnut
Crawley Abraham, cardmaker Loxley's court
Crawley Edmond, jeweiie.- 295 Walnut
Crawley John, labourer Schuylkill Second above Vine
Crawley Mrs. boarding house 5 south Sixth
Craycroft Benjamin, sea captain 35 Queen
Craycroft Joseph, shoemaker 309 south Second and 226 High
Creamer Christian, labourer back 41 Prime
Creamer Jacob, dealer 71 Cedar

Creamer Mathias, ship carpenter Marlborough near Bedford
Crean John, gentleman 94 south Eighth
Crease Wm. G. fancy feather manufactory 43 south Third
Creese Jesse, carpenter 364 south Second
Crees Thomas C. coach-lamp maker and ornamental glass

cutter 12 Juniper lane, dwelling 81 south Eleventh
Cre?ar Samuel, shoemaker Noble corner Sansom's court
Creighton John, bookbinder 9 Unkle's court
Crelan Henry, cordw ainer 353 south Front
Cremer Christian, widow washerwoman 2 Garrigue's court
Grengal Patrick, ! 153 south Third

Creps Philip, potter St. John's (N. L.)
Cress Alexander, shoemaker 422 north Third
Cress George, jun haruessmaker 249 Vine
Cress George, Lombard above Twelfth
<>ess James, bricklayer 176 St. John's
Cress John, coach painter 176 St. John's
Cress John jun. oak cooper near New market and Callowhill
Cressman Henry, cap maker 138 north Eighth
Cress&n Henamin, china merchant 197 Sassafras
Cresson James and Brothers, china merchants 281, dwelling

227 High
Cresson James, china merchant 227 High, d. h. 37 N. Seventh
Cresson John (I. china merchant 281, dwelling 227 High
Cresson Joseph, china merch. 281 High, d. h. 104 S. Fourth
Cresson Joshua, accountant 18 Chester
Cresson Mary, widow of John E. 30 Sansom
Cresson Richard C. grocer 391 north Front
Cresson, widow of Caleb 261 Arch
Cress Philip, potter Poplar near St. John's
Cress Thomas, cooper John above Callowhill

Philadelphia Index. CRO

Creth Daniel, distiller north-west corner St. Mary &. Sixth
Creth Wm. distiller 132 North street and 108 north Ninth
Crichton David, domestic manufactury 70 Frankford road
Crispin Peter, waterman north-west corner Browne and Budd
Crispin Benjamin, labourer Budd above Laurel
Crispins Benjamin, labourer Prime below Moyamensing road
Crissy James, book binder and stationer 177 Chesnut, dwell-
ing' 142 Chesnut
Crissy Joseph, rigger 38 Penn

Cristman Henry, "woollen manufacturer 116 Sassafras
Critza Jacob, oak cooper back 19 Garden
Critzer Philip, shoemaker Charlotte near Poplar lane
Croasdill Wm. merchant 174 High, d. h. 154 Callowhill
Crock Bartholomew, carter north-west cor. Seventh & Coat?*
Crocks John, currier Cherry near Schuylkill Eighth
Crocks John, watchman Second above Germantown road
Croft E. carpenter 15 Pewterplatter alley
Croft Thomas, sea captain 25 Elfreth's alley
Croket Maria, widow 78 Christian
Croll Martin, grocer 1 Mulberry alley
Croll Martin, watchman 4 Branner's alley
Crombarger John, flour mer. 326 High, d. h. 84 S. Eleventh
Cromley Henry, brick maker Irish Tract lane below Cedar
Cromley Jacob, brick maker Sch. Third bet. Cedar & Spruce
Cromley Jacob, brick maker Spruce west Schuylkill Front
Cromley Sophia, widow NE corner of Cedar and Broad
fCromwell George Sc R. L. Allen, confectioners 55 S. Fourth
Cromwell John, bricklayer 20 Schrivers' court
fCromwell John, sailmaker Green's court
Cromwell Oliver, bricklayer 134 Dillwyn
Crone Phcebe, widow dealer back 125 Plum
Cronger James G. merchant 127 Mulberry
Cronin Edward, grocer south-east corner Fifth and Spruce
Crooks George R. currier and leather cutter 127 N. Fifth
Crooks G. R. currier 216 north Second
Crooks Wm. tailor north-east corner Chesnut and Water
Cropper Edmund, carpenter 106 South
Cropper Isaac, grocer 302 south Second
f Cropper London, labourer Cropper's court
Cropper Randall S. dry good store 215 south Second
[Crosby Edward, porter 172 north Eighth
Crosby Sarah, widow Lombard above Eleventh
Crosby M. stonecutter 30 north Tenth
Crosdell John, woodsawyer Cobb's court
Crosier Benjamin, shoemaker 3 Elmslie's alley
Croskey George D. accountant 161 north Ninth
Cross Benjamin, gentleman 151 south Fifth.
Cross Daniel, watchman back 207 St. John's
Cross Joseph, labourer corner Thirteenth and Wood
Grossman Henry, grocer 85 north Sixth
Crossman John, oysterman Otter
Crossman W. tallow chandler NE corner Juliana & CaUbyrfiill

CUL Philadelphia Index.

Crosson James, bricklayer and grocer 298 south Fourth

Crothers Mary, widow 72 north Sixth

Crothers William S. merchant 219 High, d. h. 389 Arch

Crotto Henry, labourer 32 Sugar alley

Croucher Samuel oakcooper 22 Sugar alley

Crouding Elizabeth, shopkeeper 148 Cherry

Crouse Andrew, victualler 100 Thirteenth
r- Crouse Christopher, victualler stall 4 Old Shamble?,
Fourth near Vine

Crousie Peter, carpenter Fourth near Vine

Crowell Elisha, druggist 258 south Second and N. E. corner
Cedar and Fifth

Crowell Ellis T5. Lombard below Tenth

Crowell Ephraim, brush maker Ann street

Crowell James, teacher 26 Almond

Crowell Samuel, pilot 92 Swanson

Crowell Smith, bottler opposite Wharton market

Crowell S. storekeeper 186 north Second

Crowell Thomas, gentleman 147 Pine

Crowell Thomas, painter, &c. back 53 Coats*

Crowers George, skindresser Fourth above George

Crow Jane, widow back 265 South

Crowley and Farr, clock and watchmakers 106 High

Crowley Cornelius, carpenter Holmes' alley

Crowley James, shoemaker Sheaff 's alley

Crowley John, watchmaker 132 south Front

Crowley Joseph, teacher 405 High

Crow Owen, hatter 40 Cherry

Croy Sarah, widow 90 north Ninth

Crozier Andrew, grocer 425 south Front

Crukshank Joseph, printer & stationer 16 St 20 Church al

Crumback Catherine Sch. Second near Spruce

Crumback Godfrey, innkeeper Swanson near navy yard

Crumback Juc >b, constable 260 south Sixth

Crumpton Elizabeth, widow 161 Locust

Crumpton Thomas, silver plater 161 Locust

Cruse John, diayman, 50 Crown

Crusel Peter, mariner 93 Christian

Cryder M. d y good store 165 north Second

Cubler Jacob, carter 252 south Fifth

Culin Daniet, tailor Brooks' court

Culin George, 24-* north Second

Culin Isaac J. tailor 349 south Second

Culin John, Son & Co. tailors S. W. corner High and Water

and 5 south I ont
Culin Robe; i • ■- Co. tailors 5 south Front
Cullan Martha, x.Mrer north-east corner Seventh and Spruce
Cullen & Pt , ers 203 Spruce

Cullin Jon.ur;an, aiumer 30 John
Cullin Thomas, se^ captain 348 south Front
Culnan wide* ies, 264 south Fourth

Ctilp Aaron J dealer 74 Almond

Philadelphia Index. CUR

Gulp Jacob & Co. grocers 222 north Second
Culp Jacob, gTocer 222 north Second, d. h. market

•en George, tailor 40 Ann

i, teacher 104 Union
Cumberland Factory, nail hoop and iron store 33 north Fr
Cumley Edward, carpenter 196 Cherry

iming Jane, widow south Seventh
Cummings Abigail, midwife cor. Bake. *s court and CallowhiU
Ctunmings 3c Duy, merchants 1 north Fifth
Cummings Abraham, weaver -195 north Second
Cummings Enoch, grocer "96 north Third and 428 K. 8e :
fCummings Isaac, coachman Currant alley
Cummings James, weaver Vine alley
Cummings Jane, widow, 234 south Front
Cummings John, shoemaker corner of Budd and Green
Cummings John, mariner 19 Cedar
Cummings Martha, widow 276 north Second
Cummings Richard P. tinman 27-5 north Second
Cummings Samuel S. druggist, he. 288 and 276 north Second
Cummings Samnel S. cJ Co. druggists, Sec 288 north Second
Cummings William, drayman 141 north Fifth
Cummings William, grocer and corn factor 92 south wharves*

dwelling 26 Plum
Cumm'n James, grocer 415 north Third
•V.mmins Ann, milliner 29 north Fourth
Cummins David, merchant 63 south Wharves
Cummins John, carpenter 152 Coats'

Cummins John, shoemaker S.W. cor. Green and Xewmarket
Cummins Richard, porter Acorn alley
Cummins Thomas, coppersmith 6 Chancery lane
C'imraiskcy J. Rev. pastor of St. Mary's church Willing^ alley
Cumpston Thomas, merchant 244 Sassafras
Cunningham John H. printer 70 south Third
Cunningham John, shoemaker 91 north Second
Cunningham John, teacher 2 Bedford

Cunningham , mariner 2C7 south Fifth

Cunningham M. widow 91 south Fifth

Cunningham William, mariner 225 south Fifth

Cunitz Jacob S bricklayer Ann near Schuylkill Eighth

Cunius Philip, hlacksmith Charlotte near Poplar lane

Cunriden William, mariner Church street near Christian

Cupples Samuel, merchant 284^ High

Cuppuck John, bricklayer 22 Chester

Cuq Francis, 4 Goforth alley

Curby Edward, mariner 14 Pine

Curbv Michael, gauger and cooper 91 south Water, dwelling 1

Curcier Andrew, mer. S. Third next below St. Peter's churrh
f-n'irli*::! Ann, widow segarmaker back 73 north Eighth
fCuvltew Susannah, washerwoman Duncan's con
Arthur, T2 0*k street VBL L.)

DAL Philadelphia Index.

Curren Crederick, ropemaker N. E. cor. Newmarket & Duke

Curren William, livery stable keeper 9 Little George

Curren William, livery stable keeper Marshall's alley n. Fifth

Currie Helen, boarding- house 148 south Second

Currie William, M. D north-west corner Front and Pine

Currin Timothy, plaisterer 301 Walnut

Curry David, mere bant 7o Walnut

fCurry Elizabeth & Mary, washerwomen 135 Spruce

Curry Enoch, turner back 49 Pine

Curry George, shoe store 30 High

Curry James & William, type founders Cedar below Tenth

Curry John, shoe seller 265 south Second

Curry John, tailor 57 south Third

Curry Joshua, hatter 2 Richardson's court

Curry Richard, cordwainer Camac below Old York road

Curry Richard, cordwainer Cobb's court

Curry Samuel, cordwainer 4 south alley

Curry Thomas, cordwainer Federal near Front

Curry William, colourman Mulberry near Sch. Front

Curry William, typefounder Shippen above Ninth

Curtis A. hatter 241 south Second

Curtis Asa, grocer 232 north Second, dwelling 15 Vine

Curtis Henry W. potter 122 Swanson

Curtis John, brass founder 129 north Eighth

Curtis John H. accountant 31 Queen

Curtis John, potter 407 south Front

Cushing John, sea captain 421 south Front

Curtis Jonathan, weaver 5 Apple-tree alley

Curtis Margaret, widow mangier 16 Coombs' al!?y

fCurtis Saul, pump maker 211 Shippen

Cuseck John, grocer 194 north Water

Custif Margaret, widow 95 Lombard

j-Custino William, waiter 6 Madison's court

Cuszine William, shipwright 154 Swanson

Cuthbert \nthony, gentleman 41 Penn

Cuthbert Ehza, gentlewoman 397 north Cront

fCuthbert Enos,*boot cleaner Acorn alley

Cuthbert Geay, weaver 213 Plum

Cuthbert James L. gentleman 189 south Third

Cuth.be K James, weaver 20 Cranklin

Cuthbert Samuel, gentleman 204 south Second

Cuthbert Thorn as, gentleman 262 south Second

Cutbush James, assistant apothecary-general of the United

Statt's, 207 south Fourth
Czekay&ki Stanilas, jeweller 16 south Fifth

DAHLGREN BERNARD, merchant south-east corner Wal-
nut and Front, dwelling 14 Sansom
Daily Dennis, grocer 22 Poplar lane
•Dainty John, copperplate printer and innkeeper (Cedar ward
Hotel) 1 Elizabeth
Dale James, sailmaker Rose alley

Philadelphia Index. DAR

Dale Peter, labourer Carpenter near Fourth

Dale Richard, commodore 55 Pine

Daley Bernard, shoemaker 390 Market

Daley James, 3 Library

fDaley Joseph, mariner 199 Cedar

Dallas Alexander A. ladies' shoemaker 7 Mary „.

Dallas George M. attorney at law 165 Walnut

Dallas widow of Alexander James, 64 south Eighth

Dallas William, plaisterer 7 Mary

Dallett Elijah and Thomas, soap and candle manufacturers

34 and 341 High
Dallett Elijah, tallow chandler 341 High
Dalrymple Ephraim, ladies' shoemaker Second near Prime
Dalrymple James, cordwainer 379 south Second
Daly John, sailmaker 48 German
Daly John, sea captain 9 Summer's court
Daly Nicholas, cabinetmaker 133 Lombard
Dalzeli Elizabeth, widow 158 Spruce
Dalzell William, inspector of customs 80 Lombard
Damon John, tailor near Fourth in Vine
Danby Joseph, engraver 254 Sassafras
Dandelot Louisa, boarding-house 40 south Eighth
Danenhower Charles, old Rotterdam inn 118 north Third
Danenhower John, flour inspector 116 St. John's
Danenhower Thomas, skindresser Charlotte near Poplar lane
Danforth Cyrus, currier 45 Old York road
Dangu Jacob, skin dressci' 313 north Second
Daniels Aaron, tanner 55 Noble
Daniel Eliza, widow 10 Budd
Daniels Ephraim N. 339 north Front

Daniels James, machine maker cor. Sch. Third and Arch
Daniels John L. cordwainer 297 Vine
Daniels John R. tailor 339 north Front
Daniels Susan, 258 north Water
Daniels William, carpenter Miller's court
Daniels William, mariner Oak (N.L) above Green
Dankel Henry, baker 150£ south Fourth
Danly John, carter 292 south Third
Dannasell George, weigh master at custom house 6 Har<

tung's alley
Dannenberg Christian 5 Thirteenth near High
Darby Samuel, carpenter 55 Duke
Darby William, lecturer on History 72 south Sixth
Dare John, labourer 440 north front
During John, brewer Webb's alley
Darland Thomas, harnessmaker 39 Chester
Darley John, comedian 80 south Eleventh
Darmon William, saddler 245s south Second
Darnel Henry, measurer of grain 19 St. Mary's
Darr Benjamin, shoemaker Lilly alley
Darr Jennett, school mistress 1*94 St John's
Darrach Cornelius, carter 27 Hurst

DAV Philaddfihia Index.

Darrach Ellen A. teacher hack 1-12 south Fourth

Darragh John, carpenter 209 south Seventh

Darach John, maltster Broad near Vine

Darrach Thomas 13. e J Co. fur dealers 96 Market

Darrach Thomas B. hat manufacturer and fur dealer 62 south

Darrach William, M I). SW corner Chesnut and Seventh
Daubaugh Bernard, shoemaker near 11 Castle
Dauci Simonj jeweller Christian near Eighth
Davenport Hannah, Vine near Sell Front
Davenport John, sti eking- weaver Eighth near Callowhill
Davenpon William, mathematical instrument maker 25 south

Front, d. h. 86 Sassafras

Davenport , 415 south Frent

David and Sieard, jr. merchants 7 Minor

David J„coh, storekeeper 118 north Second

David John T. merchant 7 Minor, dwelling 9 south Eleventh

David Lewis A. silversmith buck 115 Plum

David William K.div good store 118 north Second

Davidson Ann, Marble street

Davidson Alexander, currier Starr alley

Davidson David, tavern 183 south Front and 182 south Water

Davidson Eunice, 2 south Thirteenth

Davidson vathan, merchant 239 Vine

Davison Robert, innkeeper 116 South

Davison Bobert, sailmaker 48 S. Water and 47 south Front

Davidson William, bookseller cellar under 31 south Second

dwelling 22 Strawberry
Davidson William, gentleman 2C8 Walnut
Davies Edward, hoarding house 264 Market
Davis Aimer: shoe-store 92 High

Davis Absalom, grocer corner Cherry and Sch. Seventh
Davis Alexander, Noble near Fourth
Davis Amos, blacksmith Juniper below Walnut
Davis Andrew, labourer Lombard west Schuylkill Eighth
Davis and Robinson tanners SW corner of Fifth and Xoble
Davis Ann, widow seamstress 2 Willow court
Davis Armon, flour merchant 394 High, d. h. 7 south Eleventh

above Chesnut
Davis Benjamin, carter Sixth, near Coats'
Davis Benjamin, bookbinder Christian near Third
Davis Benjamin, dry good store 40 north Second
Davis Benjamin, merchant 75 north Front
Davis Catharine, back 89 Fassyunk
■jDavis Cfcsar, labourer Paschall's alley
Davis C, teacher 12 south Eighth, dwelling 344 Market
Davis Daniel, tailor 2 CauO'man's court near Second
Davis David, cordwa'ner 73 north Eighth
Davis David M. merchant 2 north Third, dwelling 98 Wood
Davis Fbenezer, mariner 121 Swanson
Davis Edward, carter 34 Budd
Davis Ebs, 325 south Sixth

Philadelphia Index. DAV

Davis Eli sha, collector 19 Wood

Davis Eliza, dealer south-west cor. Thirteenth and Cedar

Davis Eliza, widow 18 Stamper's alky

Davis Elnathan, Oak above Green (N. L.)

Davis George, stock and exchange broker 39 Dock, dwelling

246 Spruce
Davis Hannah, widow 72 north Ninth
DaVis Henry It. broker 87 south Eleventh
Davis Isaac", domestic coffee -factory SW cor. Fifth and Noblr
Davis Isaac, tailor south Second near Christian
Davis Isaac, tanner corner Old York road and Noble, dwell'

ing 88 New
Davis I. suspender maker 31 south Front
Davis Jacob, combmaker 31 Green
Davis James, blacksmith and clerk of Moyamensing 185

Shippen, dwelling 53 Fitzwater
Davis James, shoemaker 123 Budd
Davis Jesse, carter 179 Coats'

Davi9 John and George, grocery & feed store 147 N. Sixth
Dwis John, assistant in the mint North st.
Davis John, bookbinder 16 Fromberger's c»urt

Davis John, hatter 70 north Sixth

Davis John, inspector of customs 305 High

Davis John, labourer Arch west Schuylkill Second

Davis John, labourer 115 Christian

Davis John, morocco finisher 78 Dock

Davis John, paper hanger 147 north Sixth

Davi9 John, tailor Vine near Thirteenth

Davis John, trunkmaker 73 north Fifth

Davis Jonathan F. grocer 306 High, dwelling 31 N, Third

Davis Joseph, hatter 3 Wood

Davis Justini, saw whetter 5 Little Dock

Davis Margaret, next 22 Christian

Davis Mary, 12 Wagner's alley

Davis Mary V. widow boarding house 2 South alley

Devis Mary, widow 98 Wood

Davis M. carter &. keeper of carts & drays 14 Elfreth's allev

Davis Mrs. 381 north Front

Davis Pardon, seminary 17 Fromberger's court, dwelling'
39 north Second

Davis Peter, Locust above Broad

Davis Phoebe, widow boarding house 253 High

Davis Rebecca, milliner 32 south Fifth

Davis Richard, gentleman south-west cor. Tenth & Walnut

Davis Roland, boarding house 55 George

Davis Sampson, shoemaker back 174 Vine

Davis Samuel V. cordwainer 356 south Second

Davis S. and D. dry good store 27 n >rth Sfihth

©avis Thomas, (Black Bear inn) 1 south Fifth near Hijgli

Davis Thomas, cabinet maker 260 south Third

Davis Thomas, carpenter 369 north Third

DEA Philuddtihia Index.

Davis Thomas, house carpenter back 21 North alley

Davis Thomas, labourer back 109 Christian

Davis Thomas, weaver 29 Browne

Davis William; carpenter 24-1 Cedar

Davis William, domestic manufactory 2 Chester

Davis William, grocer north-east coiner Tenth and WJ.

Davis William, hatter 20 Union

Davis William, jun. fancy dry good store 119 Chesnut

Davis William, moulder near Thirteenth

Davis William, shlpchandler and ropemaker SE corner Sas-
safras and Water, dwelling- 273 Kace

Davis William, shoemaker 31 Crown

Davis William, tailor 51 south Ninth

Davis William, tailor 6 south Fifth

Davis William, woodsawycr 187 north Front

Davy James, mariner back 105 Plum

Daws Ann, widow 20 north Sixth

Dawes Deborah, teacher 8 Norn*' alley

Dawes R. dry good store 48 south Second

Dawes William C. tailor Hyde's court

Dawson and Morrison, brewers 79 Chesnut

Dawson George, tallow chandler 377 south Second

Dawson H. agent 240 Market

Dawson Jeremiah, paver 27 Coats*

Dawson Jonas, clock and watchmaker 338, High dwelling
Filbert near Schuylkill Eighth

Dawson Josiah, gentleman, 101 north Second

Dawson M. L. brewer 77 Chesnut

Dawson, widow of William, 77 Chesnut

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