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November 21, 1894, i,s married, and
has two children. He is engaged in
farming and woodturning, and is at

Hon. Ellsworth H. Rollins,
Senator from District No. 6, was
born in Alton, October 26, 1861, son
of Enos G. and Adaline (Piper) Rol-
lins, both his paternal and maternal
ancestors being of Revolutionary
stoc.:. The Rollins family were
among the first settlers of the town
of Alton, and its representatives
have always been among the ear-
nest workers for the social and civic
welfare of the community, i Mr.

Hon. Fred Gage

present a member of the Grafton
board of selectmen.

In the present Senate, Senator
Gage is chairman of the Committee
on Towns and Parishes, and a mem-
ber of the Committees on Manufac-
tures, Public Improvements (clerk),
Roads, Bridges and Canals, and
State Prison and State Industrial

Rollins /received his education in
the Alton schools and at Wolfeboro
Academy. In business he is a lum-
ber manufacturer of forty years ex-
perience, alert and progressive in his
ideas, and familiar with the prob-
lems which confront men in his line
of activity and in the general busi-
ness world, as well as the questions
with which the average citizen has



to deal. In religion he is a Congre-
gationalism and politically a stead-
fast adherent of the Republican par-
ty, in whose interest he has labored
as well as for the general welfare
of the town by which he has been
honored by election to most of the
offices within its gift ; also serving
for six years as one of the Commis-
sioners of Belknap County. He was
a member of the House of Represen-
tatives in 1893, serving on the Corn-

Senator Rollins is chairman of the
Committee on Railroads and a mem-
ber of the Committees on Forestry,
Judiciary and Labor.

Hon. Charles H. Bean, Senator
from District No. 7, was born in
Lebanon, N. H., July 21, 1866, son
of Reuben and Adal.ine (Hoyt) Bean,
removing to Franklin in early life,
where he was educated in the public

Hon. Ellsworth H. Rollins

mittee on Military Affairs, and
was a delegate in the Constitutional
Conventions of 1912 and 1918-21.
He is a 32d degree Mason, an Elk
and Knight of Pythias, and a mem-
ber of various other organizations.
In manner he is cordial, sympathetic
and easy of approach. He married
February 14, 1907, Miss Maude
Weymouth of Laconia. They have
one daughter, Abbie Adaline, now 11
years of age.

schools, and has since resided, and
where he is engaged in the moving
picture business, is owner and man-
ager of the Pastime Theatre, and is
the head of the State organization
of those engaged in that interest.
He is a thoroughly public spirited
citizen and his theatre is often open-
ed for the use of public gatherings,
and frequently without charge. In
religion he is a Roman Catholic.
He is a Knight of Columbus and of



the Maccabees, and an Elk, being
First Exalted Ruler of Franklin
Lodge, B. P. O. E. 1280, and a Past
District Deputy of the order.

In politics he is a Republican. He
represented Ward 3, Franklin, in the
Legislature of 1905, serving as a
member of the Committee on
Towns. In 1911 he represented the
former Sixth District in the State
Senate when he was Chairman of

chant. They have one son, Charles
11. Dean, Jr., now thirty years of
age, who is married, has a son eight
years of age, and is the operator of
his father's motion picture theatre.
Senator Bean is Chairman of the
Fisheries and Game Committee and
a member of the Public Improve-
ments, State Hospital, and State
Prison and Industrial School Com-

Hon. Charles H. Bean

the Committee on State Hospital
and a member of the Committees on
Revision of the Laws, Elections, La-
bor and Fisheries and Game. He
was elected a delegate from his
Ward to the Constitutional Conven-
tion in 1912, and at the last election
was returned to the State Senate
from the present Seventh District,
where his former experience renders
him a valuable member.

He was united in marriage, Octo-
ber 20, 1889, with Miss Mary Mer-

Hon. George Arlington Fair-
banks, Senator from District No. 8,
was born in the town of Newport,
where he has always resided, March
24, 1863, son of George H. and Helen
M. (Nourse) Fairbanks. He was
educated in the Newport schools,
graduating from the high school in
1881, studied one year at Tilton
Seminary, and later engaged in
mercantile life in Newport, in which
he continued successfully for four-
teen years. In 1899, in company



with George A. Dorr, he purchased
the Granite State Mills at Guild in
Newport, which had been for some
time practically dormant, made ex-
tensive improvements and in a short
time had the same running in a high
state of efficiency, employing a
large force and doing a profitable
business, from which he retired some
two years since. Meanwhile he has
always been interested in agricul-
ture, as was his father before him,

Methodist General Conference at
Des Moines, Iowa. Politically he
has always been identified with the
Republican party. He served twelve
years as a member of the Newport
school board, and was a Represen-
tative from that town in the Legis-
lature of 1917, serving as Chairman
of the Railroad Committee and
member of the Committee on
Banks. In 1916 he was one of the
Republican candidates for Presiden-

Hon. Charles A. Fairbanks

and his home is a spacious residence
on the old Fairbanks place, com-
manding a fine view of the village,
and located on the spot where he
was born.

In religion he is a member and ac-
tive worker in the Methodist Epis-
copal church, and he has also been
prominent in the work of the Sul-
livan Co., Y. M. C. A. In 1920 he
was one of the two lay delegates
from the N. H. Conference in the

tial electors. In the Senate this
year, he is Chairman of the Finance
Committee, and a member of the
Committees on Agriculture (clerk),
Banks (clerk), Manufactures and

Senator Fairbanks is a Royal Arch
Mason (Past High Priest of the
Chapter of the Tabernacle) and a
Shriner. He is a director and presi-
dent of the Citizens National Bank
of Newport; director and treasurer



of the Carrie F. Wright Hospital,
and a trustee of Tilton Seminary
and president of the board.

He married, October 22, 1885,
Margaret A. Gilmore of Newport.
They have three children — Helen
M., a graduate of the Lucy Wheel-
ock Training School, for some
time a sucessful kindergarten
teacher, now Mrs. Horace A.
Redfield of Mount Vernon, N.
Y. (two children) ; Marian S., a

Hon. John Gilbert Winaxt,
Senator for District No. 9, was born!
in New York, February 23, 1889, som
of Frederick and Jeanette L. (Gil-
bert) Winant. He was educated at
St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H.,
and Princeton University, Prince-
ton, N. J., graduating from the lat-
ter in the class of 1913. Since that
time he has been a teacher at St.
Paul's school, except during a period
cf 21 months in the service during

Hon. John G. Winant

graduate of Boston University and
a talented soprano singer, now Mrs.
Harold D. Andrews of Concord, and
Harold G., a graduate of Tilton
Seminary, who served in the late
war, enlisting in the Coast Artillery,
and later served as a Lieutenant in
the Quartermaster's Corps, over-
seas, who is now married and engag-
ed in business in Newport.

the World War. He enlisted as a
private in the American Expedition-
ary Force ; was later commissioned
in the air service, and served on the
front as a pilot and squadron com-
mander in observation aviation.
Since his return he has been an As-
sistant Principal at St. Paul's. In
religion he is an Episcopalian, and
in politics a Republican of progres-



sive tendencies. He was a Repre-
sentative from Ward 7, in the Leg-
islature of 1917, .serving as a mem-
ber and clerk of the Committee on
Revision of the Statutes, and as
Chairman of the joint committee
on State House and State House
Grounds. In the Senate, this year,
he is Chairman of the Committee on
Agriculture, a member and clerk of
the Committees on Education, Ju-
diciary and State Hospital, and a

Hon. Fred O. Smallev, Senator
from District No. 10, was born in
Rockingham, Vt., December 9, 1857,
son of Orren E. and Elizabeth
(Roundy) Smalley, and was educat-
ed in the Rockingham public schools.
He is a farmer, living upon the Con-
necticut River farm in Walpole,
which he purchased 35 years ago,
to which he has made extensive ad-
ditions, including meadow, pasture
and woodland, and another entire

Hon. Fred O. Smalley

member of the joint standing com-
mittee on Engrossed Bills.

He is an Odd Fellow, a Patron of
Husbandry and a member of the
Wonolancet Club and the Concord
Chamber of Commerce, in which
work he takes an active interest

On December 20, 1919, he was
united in marriage with Constance
R. Russell of New York. They
have a daughter, Constance R.,
born January 3, 1921.

farm, so that he has now a farm of
420 acres, in excellent condition.
Politically he is a life long Republi-
can, and has always been interested
in whatever pertains to the welfare
of the town. He is chairman of the
Town Trust Funds, has served two
terms on the board of Selectmen,
during one of which terms he built
the first mile of State road construct-
ed in town, and was a member of the
House of Representatives during the



last session of the Legislature,
serving on the Committee on Agri-

In religion he is a Universalist
and in fraternity life he is an Odd
Fellow and a Patron of Husbandry.
He is a member of the Cheshire
County Farm Bureau, serving on the
executive board of that organization,
and is president of the Cheshire
County Farmers' Exchange.

December 20, 1883, he married

Ordnance Department in the late
World War.

Senator Smalley is chairman of
the Senate Committee on Labor, and
a member of the Committees on Ag-
riculture, Claims and Roads, Bridges
and Canals.

Hon. Merrill Gould Symonds,
Senator from District No. 11, was
born in Rindge, April 30, 1882, son

Hon. Merrill G. Symonds

Nora E., daughter of Martin R. and
Laurenza (Davis) Lawrence, of
Rockingham, Vt. They have two
sons, Dean F., born July 22, 1885,
and Lee S.. born April 23, 1887.
Both are graduates of the New
Hampshire College in the four years
Mechanical Engineering course.
Dean F., who is in the employ of the
General Electric Company of Lynn,
Mass., is married and has three chil-
dren. Lee S., was a Captain in the

of Augustus F. and Addie (Wether-
bee) Symonds. He was educated
in the Rindge public schools and at
Mt. Hermon Academy, Northfield,
Mass. He resided in Rindge until
1910, engaged in lumbering, and
serving three years on the board of
selectmen. Removing to East Jaf-
frey in 1910, he has there been en-
gaged in the manufacture of box
shooks and match blocks, as a mem-
ber of the Bean and Symonds Co.,



of which he is secretary and treas-
urer, and is also connected with
various other business activities.
He is a director of the Monadnock
National Bank and chairman of its
Loaning Committee ; trustee of the
Monadnock Savings Bank ; a direc-
tor of the Annett Box Co., of the
Jaffrey Development Co., of the
Jaffrey Construction Co., and vice-
president of the Building and Loan
Association, and a trustee of Conant
Academy funds.

mittee on Banks, and a member of
the Finance (clerk), Fish and
Game, Incorporations and Labor

He is a Knight Templar, Mason,
and Shriner, and a member of the
I. O. O. F. He was united in mar-
riage, September 22, 1910, with
Miss Marion E. Garfield of Jaffrey.

Hon. Charles Sumner Emerson,
Senator from District No. 12, native

Hon. Charles S. Emerson

Senator Symonds attends the
Baptist church and in politics is an
active Republican. He has been for
ten years a supervisor of the check-
list in Jaffrey, and for .six years a
member of the Play Grounds Com-
mittee. He was a Representative
from Jaffrey in the Legislature of
1919, serving on the Committee on
Appropriations. In the Senate, this
year, he is Chairman of the Com-

and life-time resident of Milford,
was born April 2, 1866, son of Sum-
ner B. and Martha A. (Bales) Emer-
son, and received his education in
the Milford schools and at Cushing
Academy, Ashburnham, Mass. Af-
ter a short period of school teach-
ing, he entered the furniture and
home-furnishing store of his father,
in which he has continued to the
present time, having been for many



years the directing spirit in a large
and growing business, as well as a
potent figure in town and com-
munity affairs. He is president of
the Milford Building and Loan As-
sociation, president of the Granite
Savings Bank, ex-president of the
Milford Hospital Association, and
has served as secretary and presi-
dent of the Milford Board of Trade.

Politically Senator Emerson has
long been an active and prominent
Republican. He has been the town
moderator .since 1910, and served
with marked ability as a represen-
tative in the state legislature of 1907
and 1909, acting as chairman of the
House Committee on Public Im-
provements each year.- Largely to
his influence is due the permanent
retention of the State Capital in
Concord and the following enlarge-
ment of the state house and passage
of the Trunk line highway bill. He
is prominent in the Congrega-
tional church in Milford and the
state at large, serving as .superin-
tendent of the Sunday School, and
as Moderator of the N. H. Confer-
ence of Congregational Churches in
1915-16. He has long been active
in Odd Fellowship, is a Past Grand
Master of the Grand Lodge of N.
H., and served for twelve years as
grand representative to the Sov-
ereign Grand Lodge. He was ap-
pointed by Gov. Keyes, chairman of
the Trustees of the State Industrial
School and of the N. H. Pilgrim
Tercentary Committee. During the
world war he served as chairman of
the 2nd Hillsboro County Selective
Draft Board and as a member of the
State Committee of Public Safety.

June 13, 1889, he married Miss
Estelle F. Abbott. They have
four children, three sons and a
daughter. The elder son, Dean A.,
(Dartmouth, 1914, Thayer School,
1916), served as a lieutenant in the
Aviation branch of the A. E. F.

The second son, Sumner B.,
(Dartmouth 1917), was a lieutenant

in the balloon section, Aviation
branch. The third, Mark F., is a
student in the Milford High School.
Senator Emerson is chairman of
the committee on Revision of the
Laws and a member of the For-
estry, Public Health, School for
Feeble-Minded and State Prison
and Industrial School Committees
and is ready and active in the dis-
cussion of all matters of impor-
tance coming before the Senate.

Hox. Thomas F. Moran, Senator
from District No. 13, was born in
the city of Nashua, which has al-
ways been his home, June 13, 1876,
son of Michael and Mary (Sweeney)
Moran. He received his prepara-
tory education in the Nashua pub-
lic schools, pursued the study of
law and graduated from the Boston
University School of Law in 1900,
in which year he was admitted to
the New Hampshire bar, and com-
menced the practice of his profes-
sion as a partner of Hon. Edward
H. Wason, present Representative
in Congress from the second
New Hampshire District, which re-
lation has continued to the present
time, the firm doing an extensive
business and the burden of the
work necessarily falling upon Mr.
Moran, since Mr. Wason's congres-
sional service began.

Politically Mr. Moran is a mem-
ber of the Democratic party and is
prominent in its councils. He
served as a member of the Nashua
Board of Aldermen in 1907-8, and
was a Representative in the Legis-
lature in 1905, when he was a mem-
ber of the Judiciary Committee.
He was also a delegate from his
ward in the Constitutional Conven-
tion of 1912. He has frequently
been urged to be a candidate for
Mayor of his city, but has never
been disposed to do so. In the
present Senate he is chairman of
the Committee on Claims and a



member of the Elections, (Clerk)
Judiciary, Rules and Soldiers' Home
Committees, and of the Joint Com-
mittees on Rules and Engrossed
hills. He is a ready and forceful
speaker and frequently heard in de-

Senator Moran is a Roman Catho-
lic in religion, a Knight of Colum-
bus, Elk, Hibernian, Forester, and
a member of the Nashua Country
Club. August 30, 1905, he was

Julia (Hardy) Flanders. He re-
ceived his education at the Clinton
Groye Academy and from private
instructors, and for the last thirty
years or more has been successful-
ly engaged in the manufacture of
tool handles and small hardware
specialties at North Weare, which
is his post office address. He takes
an active interest in all matters per-
taining to the welfare and prosperi-
ty of his town ; is president of the

Hon. Thomas F. Moran

united in marriage with Maude C.
Matthews. They have five chil-
dren: Kenneth, Dorothy M., Made-
line, Barbara, and Thomas F. Jr.,
varying in age from fourteen to five

Hon. William W. Flanders,
Senator from District No. 14, was
born in the town of Weare, Septem-
ber 30, 1869, son of William and

Weare Board of Trade, and a mem-
ber of the New Hampshire Manu-
facturers Association. He is also
vice-president and general manager
of the Weare Improvement and
Reservoir Association, and his most
important work has been along the
line of water power development in
the Piscataquog River region. In
religion he is a Universalist, and in
politics a Republican, though his
town is generally Democratic. He



was elected to the last House of
Representatives, however, being the
first Republican chosen to the Leg-
islature from Weare in twenty
years. He was a member of the
Appropriations Committee, took an
active part in its deliberations, and
was a frequent speaker in the
House. In the Senate, this year,
Mr. Flanders is assigned to the
Chairmanship of the Committee on
Public Improvements and member-

American ancestry, June 5, 1873,
a .son of John and Elizabeth A.
(Hall) Qrr. His father was a
farmer, and postmaster of his town
for 25 years. He was educated in
the schools of his native town,
learned the plumber's trade in
youth, coming to Concord more
than a quarter of a century ago,
and soon establishing himself in
business, in which George H. Rolfe
became a partner about sixteen

Hon. William W. Flanders

ship on Claims, Finance and Labor

May 29, 1890, he was united in
marriage with Miss Mabel Thorn-
ton of Weare, by whom he has had
four children : Theodore W., Marion
J., (deceased), Russell B., and Isa-
dore R.

Hon. Benjamin Hall Orr, Sena-
tor from District No. 15, was born
in Armagh, Quebec, of Scotch and

years ago. Here he has continued
since, the firm conducting an ex-
tensive business as plumbing and
heating contractors, though he was
personally absent four years, from
1913 to 1917, while engaged in the
same line of business with a
brother in Vancouver, B. C.

Politically a Republican, he serv-
ed several years as Moderator in
Ward 5, from which he was elected
to the legislature of 1919 by the



largest majority ever given any
man in the ward, and served as a
member of the House Committee on
Education. At the last election, as
his party's candidate for Senator,
he also received the largest majori-
ty ever cast, and that against the
strongest Democrat in the district.
His committee assignments in the
Senate are Chairman of the State
Hospital Committee and member of
the Committees on Education,

Hox. William B. McKay, Sena-
tor from District No. 16, is a native
of Concord, where he was born,
February 5, 1875, son of William B.
and Catharine (McDonald) McKay.
He was educated in the public
schools of Concord and Manchester
in which latter city he has resided
since childhood, having long been
employed by the Amoskeag Mfg.
Co., for which corporation he
has been for some time overseer


Hox. Benj

Manufactures, Public Health, and
Railroads, also of the Joint Com-
mittee on State House and State
House yard.

Senator Orr attends the South
Congregational Church, is a 32nd
degree Mason, Knight Templar,
Shriner, and a member of the Won-
olancet Club of Concord. He mar-
ried, September 21, 1908, Caroline
Dudley of Concord. They have two
sons, Dudlev, born June 21, 1908,
and John, March 29, 1914.

amin H. Orr

of printing and is editor of the
Amoskeag Bulletin, published semi-
monthly in the mills. He has seen
21 years of service in the N. H. N.
G., and is at present Captain of
Headquarters Company in the N.
H. State Guard. He is a Congre-
gationalist in religion, and political-
ly a Republican. He was a Repre-
sentative from Ward 9, Manches-
ter, in the Legislature of 1917,
serving as Chairman of the Com-
mittee on Military Affairs, and as



a member of the Committee on Rail-

Senator McKay is Past Exalted
Rnler of Manchester Lodge, No.
146, B. P. O. E., and present District
Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler for
New Hampshire. He is also a mem-
ber of Wildey Lodge, No. 45, I. O.
O. F., and of Social Rebekah Lodge;
a member of the Golden Cross and
a member and past president of the
Amoskeag Textile Club. He was

Hon. Adams Leonard Greer,
Senator for District No. 17, was
born in the town of Dunbarton,
January 8, 1879, son of John E. and
Carrie (Roberts) Greer, and was
educated in the public schools, the
Goffstown High School and Man-
chester Business College. For the
last 22 years he has been a mem-
ber of the Greer Pjano Company,
of which he is treasurer, the com-
pany having two stores, one in

Hon. William B. McKay

active in the war work during the
late world struggle, and was local
Food Administrator for Manchester.
In the present Senate Mr. McKay
serves as Chairman of the State
Prison and Industrial School Com-
mittee, a member and clerk of
the committee on Military Affairs,
and as a member of the Committee
on Railroads and Revision of the
Laws. He is married and has one
daughter, Laura, aged 17 years.

Manchester and one in Concord.
In religion he is affiliated with the
Baptists and in politics is a Repub-
lican, and represented Ward 3,
Manchester, in the Legislatures of
1915 and 1919, serving on the Rail-
road Committee the former year,
and on Incorporations and Military
Affairs in the latter, being Chair-
mon of Incorporations.

Senator Greer was a member of
the Manchester Fire Department



for 16 years and two years company
clerk. He also served 16 years in
Battery A., N. H. N. G. and was
First Sergeant when discharged in
1916. He is an Odd Fellow, Red
Man, Knight of Pythias (member
of Astrobad Temple, No. 150), a
member of the American Mechanics,
of the Calumet Club of Manchester
and of the Battery Association.

In the Senate he holds the chair-
manship of the Committee on Pub-

educated in the Parochial Schools
of that city. He is a Roman Catho-
lic, a Democrat, and by occupation
a street railway conductor. He is
married and has four children. He
was for some time lieutenant in
the Sheridan Guards and member of
its Veterans Association. He is a
member of the Foresters of Ameri-
ca, and of the Street Railway Men's
Union. He served in the State
Legislature in 1919, and was a

Hon. Adams L. Greer

lie Health ; is a member and clerk member of the House Committee
of the Committee on Claims, and a on Military Affairs. In the Senate,

member of the Finance and Military
Affairs Committee.

June 27, 1907, he was united in
marriage with Miss Julia Canton.

this year, he is Chairman of the
Soldiers' Home Committee, clerk
of Fisheries and Game, and Labor
Committees, and a member of the
Committees on Military Affairs
and School for Feeble Minded.

Hon. Thomas J. Conway, Sena-
tor from District No. 18, was born Hon. Ferdinand Farley, Sena-
in Manchester July 17, 1885, and tor from District No. 19, was born



at St. Simon, Quebec, educated in
Nashua Schools, Boston English
High School, Harvard College and
the Harvard Law School, and is a
practicing attorney in Manchester.
In religion he is a Roman Catholic,
and in politics a Democrat. He

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