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A..M. Mar. Coll.
.MansHeldius I'orbes, Aberdoncnsis,

ace. 1810
Nigellus Koj', Aberdoncnsis ; burs.,/),

.•; ; /, in, A.M. Mar. Coll.
Patricius Inglis, Banffiensis. See

Robertus Adam, .Aberdoncnsis, A.M.
Robertus Hinlay, Angusicnsis; in,

A.M. Mar. Coll. 1812
Robertus Innes, Moraviensis; burs.,

b, s, t, in
Robertu.s Mintie, Aberdoncnsis, ace.

1810. See 1811-15
Robertus More, Rossiensis (//, .s. Mar.

Coll.), aec 1811; .A.M.
Robertus Rannie, .Aberdoncnsis
Robertus Warrand, i^nncrncsius
Robertus Wilson, Bervicensis ; in,

A..M. .Mar. Coll. 1814
Simon Fraser .Macintosh, Invernesius
Thomas Inkson, Moraviensis, A.M.
Gualterus Bethune, Sutherlandensis,

Gualterus Ross, Rossiensis


[Regents: H. .Maepherson. John
TuUoeh, W. Paul, W. Jack,

Alexander Cameron, Invcrnessensis,

ace. 181 1, A.M. ; l-'raser's div. burs.

Alexander Clark, Narniensis
Alexander B. Mackey, Aberdonen..

Alexander MacPherson, .Aberdonen.
Alexander MacRac, Rossicn., /^ [.•>]/ f
Alexander Munro, Sutherlandiensis,

ace. 1813, A.M.
Alexander Noble, liivernessicnsis
Barronus Milne, Aberdoncnsis, A M.
Calenus Mackenzie, Invernesius, burs.,

Carolus Begrie, Aberdoncnsis; 1st

burs. ; A.M.
Carolus Fyvie, Aberdoncnsis, .A..M.
Carolus Ogg, Aberdonen. [b, s. Mar.

Coll. 1809-11), ace. 1812; A.M.
Colinus Macdonald, Inxerncssensis,

aec. 1812, t -f
Donaldus .Maclachlan, Ahricnsis, ace.

1812, / +
Duncanus MacRae, Rossiensis, b, [s] ,

t +
Evanus MacLennan, Rossiensis
Farquhar Maclver, Rossiensis, burs.,

h,s. See 1811-15
Georgius Begg, Angusien. ; burs., b, ,s
Gulielmus Forrest, .Aberdoncnsis, acc.

1812, A.M.
Gulielmus Gerard, .Aberdonen., .A..M.
Gulielmus Johnstone, Anglus, acc.

1811 ; A.M. Mar. Coll. 1813
Hugo Munro, Invernesius; burs., /;, 5
Hugo Urcjuhart, Rossiensis, A..M. ;

1-raser's div. burs. 1815; D.D. 1856
Jacobus Anderson, .Moraviensis
Jacobus Bird, Aberdoncnsis, .\..\1. :

.M.D. 1848
Jacobus Clarke, Sutherlanden., A.M.


t I.e., is a tertian in 181213, but does not appear again.




Jacohus Dunn, AbcriloncnKiR ; burs.,

ti, i, I, III
Jacobus Gall, AbonJimcn.. A.M
JacubuK ()(;ilvic, K.inflicMKiK
Jacobus U<ibb, Annusn-iisis, A M.
Jacobus Kolvrtwjn, HanRicnsis, A.M.

Jacobus Smith. Cathaiicn. (/', Mar.

Coll.). ace. 1811
Joannes Davidson, .Mvrdoncnsis, h,

[s . I*
Joannes i-inlayson, Kossicnsis, ace.

1812. A..M.
Joannes l^-es, Uossiensis, ace. 1813,

Joannes Machir, AnKusicnsis, AM.;

D.D. GlasK. 1847
Joannes .Maclntyre, Invernesicnsis.

See 1812-1«
Joannes .Mclntyre, Invernesicnsis;

burs., //. s, I. See 1811-l.S
Joannes tannic, Alx'rdoiiensis. A..M.
Joannes Taylor. Aberdonensis
.NUirdochus Campbell, Wossiensis, ace.

1811. See 1812-1«

Uobertus Clark, Sutherlandensis, ace.

1812. A.M.

Uobertus Leslie, Sutherlandensis
Uobertus Uoy, Invernesius, A.M.
Thomas Caic, Aberdonensis, A.M.

1811-15 T

[licgeiil'' : H. .Macphersoii, J. Tul-
l(Kh, W. Paul. \V. Jacl(|

Alexander Ksson. Aberdonensis, A.M.
Alexander l-orsyth. lianHiensis, b, s,

{t, .Mar. Coll.). A.M. 1817 (.V.n. of

June 25)

Alexander .Maclachlan, Abricnsis, 5, /
Alexander McDonald.* burs,, in
.•Mes.mder Uolland. .\n)(usiensis, 1 , /.

.Mar. Coll.
Archibaldus Anderson, Banflicnsis, I.

See 1812 l«
Arcturus Duff. .Mearniensis. s
Calenus .MatKen/ie. UosNiensis, A.M.
Carolus .Macintosh, .lamaicensis, .«, 1
Carolus .Murdocus .Maclcod, ii Inver-
nesicnsis. A..M.
David l-'raser. Uossiensis, /, in. AM.
David Ueid, Uossiensis, l>, .1
Donaldus .MacAulay. Uossiensis, A.. M.
Donaldus .MacDonald. Invernessicn.,

Donaldus .Mackcn/.ic, Invernesiensis,

h, s
Duncanus Chisholm. Invernesicn , /*, 4
Duncanus Gil/.ean, Invernesicn., /'..<./
l"erchaidus .Matlver, Uossien., t, A.M.
l-ranciscus Gul. Grant, linernesien..

b. s. See 1813-17
Hranciscus Hay. Hanfliensis. A..M.
Gcor^ius H. Gordon, J burs., b. Sec

1807 II
liulielinus Allan, Aberdonensis, A..M.
Gulielnius Craifjie. Aberdonen., A..M.
Cjulielnius Glass. Hanfliensis. A.M.
Gulielnius .Macnillivray, in, A.M. ;

LI..D. 184-1: Prof Civ. and Nat.

Hist . .Mar Coll. 1841 52
(julielnius Uobertson. Uossien., A.M.
Gulielnius SUinner. Uossiensis, b,s,l.

See 181 2- lb
(itilielmus Wilson. Invernesicnsis, /;, .<
Hu^o .Macleod. Sutherlandensis, //.

See 1812-16
.lacobus Gordon, Aberd<inensis. //. i

* lu., in u tcrtiun in IHI2-I3. hul docs nut up|vai' ;i)(ain.

t A« cxnIiiincJ in the Preface, from Session IHTJ 13 onwards. sc|>aralc records arc
(tcpl of the najans. ncniis. tcrtiank and nia|;iBlrands. ThcMr clanscs arc indiiatcd liy the
ilalii IcltorH h. i, /, »i, appt-ndi-d to HliidcnlH' iiaincs A .M.. without a date and without
itahc Icltrrs. implies thai the student was b, s, /. m. in regular sequence, and ({raduuted
nt the completion of hiH fourth •vcssiun.

; Not in Album*.

I \Vri>n|{ly jjivcn as " l.ewi» Charles " in l.iti of I'm., p. 14. and Ojf. ami (rr<i</.. p. 275.


Al.l'.MM IN ARTS: Al.HlMS I) AMi K.

I Jl

ilacobus Innes. Cathanen., h, s. See

.lacobus Taylor. Banffiensis, /;, .s- ;

-M.D. 1865
Jacobus Troup, Abcrdonensis, h. s, t
Joannes Allan,* burs., /;/
Joannes Praser. Invernesiensis, /;.

.V, t
Joannes Garden, Aberclonensis, b, s
Joannes Geddes, Moraviensis, b, s
Joannes Irvine, Abcrdonensis, b, s
.loannes Mclntvre, Invernessensis, );^

Joannes .Mann, .Abcrdonensis, .A.-.M.
Joannes Mathcson, Rossiensis, b
.loannes Nicoi, Abcrdonensis, h, s
Joannes Scott, .Mearnicnsis (b, .Mar.

Coll.. 1810), /;..<,/,■ A..M. 1846 (.V/;;.

of 23 Sep.); .M.D. Edin. 1820
Joannes Taylor, Abcrdonensis, s
Joannes Watt, Banffiensis, .<.
Joscphus Beattie, .Abcrdonensis,

Josephus i^rovan, .Abcrdonensis; 1st

burs.; A..M.
Kennethus .Macqueen, Rossiensis, b,

s, I
Normannus W. C. .MacLeod, dc Dal-

vey, .V, /
Patricius Gray, Abcrdonensis, b
Patricias lnj;lis, Banffiensis, /, in,

Robertas Lyon, Banffiensis, A.M.
Robertas iSliddlcton, Abcrdonensis,

Robertus Mintie, .Aberdonen., priore

anno relatus, cum Mathematicis .

studeret, b
Robertus Simpson, Angusiensis,A.M.;

Murray lect. 1831-32; Prof.

Hebrew, .Mar. Coll. 1832-37;

D.D. 1856
Rodericus .Macleod, Invcrnessiensis,

Thomas Mackenzie, Rossiensis, s, t


[Regents : H. .Macpherson, J. Tul
loch. W. Paul, W. Jack]

Adamus Spence, Abcrdonensis, b : t.

.Mar. Coll. 1816
Alexander Braick, .Aberdonen., .A..M.
Alexander Bransby, .Aberdonen., A..\L
Alexander Cameron, Abriensis, b
Alexander Donaldson, Bervicen., /;, .s.

/. See 1838-42
.Alexander Fowler, Rossiensis, b, s
Alexander Grant, Invernessen., ,■;, /
Alexander Imlay, Abcrdonensis, A..M.
Alexander Irvine, Abcrdonensis, A.M.
.Alexander .Mac I vcr, Invernesien., A.M.
Alexander .Mac Kcnzic,. Aberdonen. ,/y,.\-
Alexander .Morison, .Aberdonen., h. s
Alexander Patcrson, .Aberdonen.. A.M.
Alexander Reid, Abcrdonensis, A.M.
.Alexander L'rquhart, Rossien., A.M. ;

D.D. 1853
Alexander Wiseman, Banffiensis, b
Andreas .Murray, Abcrdonensis, /),,•;, / ;

III, A.Al. .Mar. Coll.
Andreas Will, Abcrdonensis, A..M.
Archibaldus Anderson, in, A..M.
Christopher .Nockclls, Londinensis, ,?
David Grant, .Moraviensis, A..M.
David .Mac Donald, Rossiensis, b, s, t.

See 1813-17
Donald Macleod, Moraviensis, b. See

Donaldus Stewart, Aberdonen., A.M.
Forbesius Rannie, Aberdonen., A..M.
Franciscus Finglas, Benj^alensis, b
Georgius Allan. Abcrdonensis, .A..M.
Georj<ius Davidson, .Aberdonen., .A..\L
Georgius Johnston, Aberdonen., /*, .s'
Georj>ius S. Taylor. Suthcrlanden., b
Georgius Will, Aberdonensis, b ; s, t,

in, A..M. .Mar. Coll.
Guliclmus Hardic, .Aberdonensis, ft, ,«, /
Gulielmas Hay, .Moraviensis, -s

* Not in Albiinis.




Guliclmus Skinner, iit, A.M.
HuRo l-rascr. Invcrnesicnsiii, /■. »
Hunu .NlutConiiiicli. Abcrdoncn., A.M.
Hu^d .M.uLcikI, Suthcrlandcn., A..M.
Jucohus Clark. AbiTdunciiMs, A..M
Jacobus Cumniinj;. .Ahcrdoncnsis, b, i
Jnccibus l-alcoiiar, .N'arnionsis. /», s
.lacobus Horbcs, Cathancnsis. /». See

1813 17
Jacobus Prnscr, Inverncsicn. ; Praser's

burs., h, s
Jacobus Inncs, Cataiicnsis, i
Jacobus .MacKay, Narnicnsis. I>. \. /
Jacobus Murray, Moariiicnsis , 1st

burs. ; A.M.
Jacobus Nicol, Abrcdoncnsis, b, s ; I,

m. A.M. .Mar. Coll.
Jacobus H. Kobinson, Banfticn. ,/<.<./
Jacobus Wilson. Hanllicnsis, U, s
Joannes Arbuthnot. .Abcrdoncn.. //, >
Joannes Hethune. inverncsicn., A.M.
Joannes Downic, Kossiensis. I>. Sec

1813 17
Joannes Grassich, AK'rdoncn., A.M.
Joannes Henry, Banfliensis, b, s
Joannes .Maclntyre. Abriensis,* .?, t,

m, A..M.; LL.D. 18tS3
Joannes .MacKay, .Abredonensis, A,M.
Joannes Smith, Banfliensis, A..M.
Joannes Tod, Banfliensis, i, s
Murdochius Campbell, Kossiensis,

/, /H, A..M
I^etricius Tawse, Abcrdonensis, b, y
Petrus Grant, Invernesiensis, a
Kodericus .Macieod, Moraviensis, b, s
Thomas Buchan, Abrcdoncnsis, de

.Auchmacoy, A.M.
Thomas Kose, Invernesiensis, b, s, /.

See 1817-21


[Regents: H. .\lacphers4jn, J. Tul-

loch, W. Paul, W. Jack]

Alexander Campbell, Catancnsis, b
Alexander Duthie, Abcrdonensis, b, s

Alexander .Mclean, Catanensis, A.M.

Alexjtnder .Moir, An^usianus, h. >
Alex;inder Smison, Kossiensis, A..M.
Allanus McKenzie, Kossiensis, A.S\.
Andreas Lamb. Perthcnsis, A..M.
Andreas Tod, Banniensis, A.M. ;

DM. 1858
Archibaldus Innes, Catanensis, /.
Carolus Joannes Bayne, .Moraviensis,
A..M. , l-raser s div burs., 1817-20
Carol us .Macieod, lnvcrnesicn../',i,/,m
Carolus Simpson, Banflien., b. See

Cosmo Innes'f : Glasf{. 1814-17: B.A
Oxon. 1820, .M.A. 1824 ; Prof Hist,
lidin.. 1846-74
David .Macdonald, Kossien., /'/, A.M.
Uonaldus Davidson, Invernes., 6, .^, t
Donaldus l-inlayson, Invernes., b, s, I
Donaldus Grassick. Stratlidon., A..M.
Donaldus .McLean, Catancnsis, /', .^
Donaldus .MatleiKl. .Moraviensis, b.

See 18I.S h)
Duncanus .McKcnzie, Invernesiensis,

Franciscus Gulielmus Grant. Inver-
nesiensis, /, lit, A..M.
Franciscus .Mackenzie, Aberdonen., />
Franciscus Porter. Abcrdonensis ; 1st

burs. ; A..M
Geor^jius Arthur, Kossiensis, /
Geoi^jius Pine, Abcrdonensis, b. s
Gulielmus Brodie, de Brodie, .Moravi-
ensis, s. I
Gulielmus Cassic, Abcrdonensis, b, s
Gulielmus l^umsden, Aberdonen., s, /
Gulielmus .Murray, Aberdonen., b, a :
I t, .Mar. Coll.

' Gulielmus Koss, Sutherlanden., /<, .(.'.
See 1816 20
Gulielmus Taylor, Aberdonen., A..M.
Hector Holm, Kossiensis, '>. See

Henritus Leith, Alx'rdonensis, A.M.
Hu^o .Mackay, Sutherlandensis, /
Jacobus Adam, .Moraviensis. /<, a

• Wrongly K'^'<^" " AbcrJccn " in List of Ptr\., p. 15, and Off. onA (iraii., p. 27.S.
t Not in Albums. Sec Shmoir by hi* dauKhtcr. Edin. Iti74.




Jacobus Christian, Kincardinen., b,s,l
ilacobus Forbes, Catanensis, s. See

Jacobus Forrester. Perthen., ;//. See

1814 18
Jacobus iMorison, Rossiensis, A.M.
Jacobus Simpson, Abredonensis, b,s,

/, III
Jacobus Smith, Abredonensis, A.M.
Joannes Bey, Abredonensis, b, s, I
Joannes Brown, Banffiensis, s, /
Joannes Cameron, Banffiensis, b, s, t
Joannes Cameron, Invernesien., b, s,t.

See 1814 18
Joannes Downie, Rossiensis. .s
Joannes Forbes, Aberdonensis. A.M.
Joannes .McLennan. Rossiensis, h.

See 1814.18
Joannes Macpherson. liivernesicnsis,

/), S, t, III

Joannes Murray, Aberdonen. (/', .Mar.

Coll.), 5, /, III
Joannes Primrose, Banffiensis, /;, .s, t
Joannes Ramsay, .Abredonensis, A.M.
Joannes Wilson, Bervicensis, h
Joannes Wink, .Moraviensis, A.M.
Kennethus Mackenzie, Rossiensis,

h, s, t, III

Ludovicus Carmichael, ,Moravien., 5 ,■

/, Mar. Coll.
Ludovicus Grant. Invernesien., A..M.
.Mackay Gordon, de Swiney. Cathnen-

sis, .V
.Murdochius Campbell, Rossiensis, /;.

See 1812-16
.Murdochus Robertson, Rossien., b, s
Petrus Gordon, Aberdonensis, b : s.

Mar. Coll.
Petrus Robertson, Aberdonen., b. s,

t; III, A.M. .Mar. Col! 1818
Robertus Bethune, Sutherlandcn., /',,s
Robertus Simpson. Banffien.. /', .s, /
Rndericus .Macaulay. Rossien., b, s. t.

Sec 18KS.19
Thomas .MilhourncClark,ilamaicen.,/j
Thomas [.'rimrf)se, Banffiensis, A.M.
Gualterus Turnbuli, .Aberdonen., b, s, t


[Regents : H. Macpherson, J. Tul-
loch, W. Paul, D. Dewar]

Adamus Duff, Merniensis, b, s, t
Adamus Lind, Angusiensis, b
.4£neas .^1cKay, Invernesiensis, b
Alexander Bremner, Banffiensis (b,

Mar. Coll. 1813). .f. See 1815-19
Alexander Colvin, Invernesiensis;

Fraser's burs., /;
Ale.xander Elder, Invernessiensis, .i
Alexander .McDonald. Cathnen., b, s, t.

See 1815-19
.Alexander .McKav. Invernesiensis, b
Andreas l\nl<;ht Beattie. Aberdonen.

{b. Mar. Coll.), .s t, 111, A.M.
Archibald .Macqueen, Invernesien., b
Benjamin Baillie, Invernesien., b, s
Carolus Ross, Rossiensis, i
Daniel Fraser, .Marniensis, h, s. See

David Simmie, Banffensis, b, s, t, in
DonaldusChisholm, Invernesien., A.M.
Donaldus Gordon, Sutherlandensis, b.

See 1815-19
Donaldus MacLeod, Invernesiensis,/;.

Sec 1815-19
Donaldus Sutherland, Rossensis, b, s.

See 1815-19
Duncanus Fraser, Invernesiensis, b
Ebenezer Brown. Londonensis, A.M. ;

M.D. 1825
Edwardus Stirling, Jamaicensis, .f
Georgius .Angus, Aberdonensis, A.M.
Georgius Edward, Aberdonensis, A.M.
Georgius Glcig, Anguscicnsis, b, s
Georgius Kirkland, Angusciensis,A.M.
Georgius 1. Jameson, Invernesien., /;
Georgius Tulloch, Cathancnsis, b.

See 181(S-2()
Gulielmus Brown, .Anguscicnsis, A.M.
Gulielmus Campbell, Invernesiensis;

1st burs.; A.M.; Libr. 1819-23
Gulielmus Creighton, Perthensis, b
Gulielmus I-orbcs, Aberdonensis. /'. .^





OuliclniuM Cioddeh, lii\crne»8icnsiii, li
OuliolmuK In-inc. AbtTdiincn«i«, /' ; .»,

/. Mar. Coll. 1816-18

(juliclmus .Murray, Kossicnsis. v
Ouliclinus Scott, Abcrdoncnsis, A..M.
HuKo .Munro Warrand, InverncRsicn.,

Huf(o Prascrius VouHKi Invcrncssien.,

James Duchan, dc Auchmacoy, Abcr

doiicnsis, I), s
James Cobbon, Abcrdoncnsis, h, .<•, I ;

//(.A.M. .Mar. Coll.
JamcR CrKik, .MoraviensiH, h
Jacobus Porbcs, Cathanensis, I. Sec

I81S 19
Jacobus Porrester. Pcrthensis, '/, i
Jacobus Grieve, Rervicensis, s, t
James Henderson. Catanensis. >
James Henr\-, Hanfliensis, /-, v
James Innes. Hannk'nsis, /<. *, /, /// ,

.\..M. 1822 (James Kose Innes)

<\tui. of 1 Jan.): LL.I). I84(i
James Kinnaird, Ranftiensis, />
Jacobus .Macintosh. Rossicnsis. A..M.
Jacobus .Mair. Abcrdoncnsis, h. .\ .

/. »//. A..M. ,Mar. Coll.
Jacobus .Morice, Kincardinensis.A.M.:

.M.I) 1826
.lacf/bus Smith, Aberdonensis, A.M.
Jacobus Taylor, Aberdonensis, />
Jacobus \\'all<er, .MHTdonenRis, A.M.
Joannes Allan, Ixossiensis, // See

I8I.S U)
Joannes Arbuckle. Invernessiensis.

Joannes Cameron, ln\crnessiensis. />/.

Joannes Davidson. .Moravicnsis, //
Joannes Ounn. Abredonensis, lt,s,l,ni
Joannes l-orbes, Aberdonensis. />. s
■toannes (irant. .Moraviensis, A. a
•loannes Humphrey. Hanfliensis, //, .^,

/. ;//
Joannes l.ind, AnKusiensis, //

.loannes .McKenzic. Kt>Ksien.. /> See

1815 19
Joannes Mcl^-nnan. KussicnsiR, s, t,

///. A.M.; .M D. 1849
Joannes .McUae.(jlenshiellcn.,</,J,/.i«
John Smith .Meinmes. Hrechinensis,

b. s, I, „i . A..M. 1822 ; LL.D 1825 ;

I.ibr 1819 21
Joannes .Miller. Narniensis, A.M.
Joannes .Morrison. Ranftiensis, A.M
Joannes Ueid. Aberdonensis. A.,M.
Joannes Scott. .-Xlvrdoncnsis, A.M.
Joannes Smith, Cromartien., h. See

1815 19
Joannes Watson, .Moravicnsis, /», s.

See 1815 19
Joannes Wilson, .Aberdonensis, A..M.
Joannes WimkI. .Mernensis. //, i, I
.Michie (jlei;;. .Xnnusiensis, b, i
Patricius Kil)iour. Aberdoncn., b, i, I
Patricius .Macdunell, Inverncssien., // ;

.MI). Kdin. 1820
Uobertus Williamson, Cromartiensis,

Uodericus .MacLeod. Invernessiensis,

Thomas Davidson. Invernessiensis. //.

See 1815 19
Thomas A. Duff, Kincardinen.. h, s. I
Thomas (junn, Cathanensis, A.M.
Thomas .lohnston. Aberdonensis. /■, •-


[Ktfitiits . H. .Macphcrson, .1. Tul
loch. W, Paul. A Alexander;

Adamus (lunii. Cathanensis, A..M
Adam Mitchell. Alx-rdonensis. /<. Sec

.Adamus Rettie. Abredonen., //. s, 1, 111 ,

A..M I8.>6 (.U//(. of 15 July)
Alexander Mreniner. BanfTiensis. /. ///,

Alexaiuler Mruie. Abredonen.. \.\\
Alexander Chejne. AI»crdonensis. /', .»,

/, ///





Alexander Douglas, Foifaren.,/j,.s, /, //(
Alexander Finlayson, Skyensis, .s
Alexander Irvine, Aberdonensis, /; ;

i, /, III, Mar. Coll.
Alexander Macdonald, Catanensis, iii,

.Alexander Mackintosh, Nairnensis, /;
Alexander Mann, Aberdonensis, .A.M.
.Alexander Morison, de Auchintoul,

Banffiensis. h, s, t
Alexander Stewart, Banffiensis, A.M.
Alexander Urquhart, .Janiaicen.. /;, .v ,•

/,/;;, A..M. .Mar. Coll.; .M.D. Hdin.

.Alexander Webster, Old Deer, b. s, t.

See 181«-2()
.Alexander Voiini>, Aberdeenshire, .s, /
Andrew Jamieson, Aberdonensis, h,

S, t, III

Andrew Ritchie, Abredonen., /;, ,s, /, in
.Archibald Brown, Abredonen., A.M.
.Archibaldus Miinro, Invernesien., h
Carolus Airth. Porfarensis, 1st burs.,

b, s, t, III
Carolus Baillie, de Madrass. I nverness.

b. .s
Carolus Gordon, Suthei'landen., I>. s. t
Charles Maclnnes, .Aberdeen, s
Carolus Simson, Banffien..,s, /,;;;, .A..M.
Daniel Fraser. .Narniensis, t
David Denoon, Rossensis ; Fraser's

burs., /;, .s, t, in ; A.M.
David Whyte, Forfarensis, b. .s, /, ;//
Donaldus Gordon, Sutherlandensis.

s, t. III, A.M.
Donaldus [Alexander .Macleod, Mor-

aviensis. s. /, 11,, A.M. ; M.D. 1821
Donaldus .MacLeod, Skyiensis, .«, /
Donald .Mitchell, Invernesiensis, b, s
Donald .Murrav, Rossiensis. /), ,s. See

Donald Sutherland, Rosien.. /,;/;, A.M.
Hdward .Masson. Kincardinen.. /), .f,

/, III , A.M. 1824 {Mill, of 31 Aug.)
Georgius Cooper, Aberdonen.,/), s, /, in
Georgius Crati. Aberdonen., />, .v. /, /;;
Gef)rgius I-orbes. Banffiensis, h, .s

Georgius Johnston, Banffiensis, A.M. ;

Hutt. (1st award );B.D. Cantab. ISSK
Georgius Mackav. Sutherlandensis, b.

See 1817-21
Georgius Milne, .Abredonensis, A.M.
Georgius .Morgan, Abredonensis,

b, s, t, III
Gulielmus Bruce, Aberdonien.. A.M.
Gulielnuis Cruickshank, Aberdonen.,

Gulielmus Hay, .Moraviensis, b
Gulielmus Kinloch, Invernessiensis,

b, .s, I
Gulielmus .Masson, .Aberdonensis, b.

See 18US-20
Gulielmus Niel, Aberdonensis, b. See

Gulielmus Webster, Banft'ensis, A.M.
Hector Holm, Rossiensis, .s. See

Jacobus Cant, Brechinensis, /
Jacobus Forbes, Cathensis, in, A.M.
Jacobus Fraser, Rossiensis. b. See

Jacobus Grant, BanfTensis, b, .v, /, ;;/
.lacobus Milne, Banffensis, A.M.
Jacobus Rait. .Aberdonensis, b, s, t
Jacobus Simpson, Invernessiensis, .<
Jacobus Smith, .Aberdonensis, A..M.
Jacobus Smith. ,Moravicnsis, b
Jacobus Topp, Aherdoniensis, b, s, t, in
John Allan. Rossiensis. .s, /. See

Joannes Gordon, Banffiensis, b
Joannes Mclnnes, Argatheliensis, i
Joannes McKenzie, Rossiensis, A.M.
.loannes Murray, Rossiensis, b, s
Joannes Smith, Cromartiensis, s
Joannes Watson, .Moraviensis, t, in
Joannes Wilson, Banffensis, b, s, t
Kennethus McKen/.ie, Rossiensis,t,.v.

See 1816-20
Kennethus MacLeod. Rossiensis, /.

See 1816-20
Neil .Mcinnes, Aberdeen. .\
Nicolas Munro, Invernesiensis, b
Patricius Kinncar, Forfarensis, b



I Sis.

PctruK SuthiTland. CathncnHiK, /», j

Sec 1817-21.
Kobcrt Ruchan, ANrrdccn. s,/, in
Kcibcrtus ,N\;kU;i\ . SutherlandcnuiB. />
Kolvrtus .M.intach. MurnivionsiK. h,

s. /, III . A.M. IS-IO <.Ui<i. of 27

Sept.); B.I).
Wodericus .Mn(':iiil.i\ . U'onsiciisik, hi
Thomas D.iviJson. liivorncRsicnsis.

s, I, III. ,A..M.


IRef^tnli . H. .Mai;plicrs»)ii. .1. Tul
och. W. Paul. .1. I-cc (A. SimpHon)]
AUamus .Mitchfll, .Abrcdoncnsis, />, i,

t.iii : A .M. 1843 (.<//>;. ..f 1 8. Mar):

.Murray kct. 1839 •».<; LI..I> 1856
Alexander Heattic, Abrcdoncnsis, h, i,

t. Ill . .M.I) 1848
Alexander I). Cameron, BamHen., Ii :

5. .Mar. Cull.
Alexander (icddes. .Morayviensis, /», .*
Alexander Henry. Banffien., It, s, I, m
.Alexander .Mitchell. Banfliensis, b
Alexander Taylor. Banfliensis, h, j, /
Alexander Webster, Abredoncnsis, ;/; ,

.Ml). Hdin, 1823
Andrew Allan, .Mairnensis. A..N\.
Charles (jrassiclt, .Abredoncnsis, A.M.
Charles .M. .Macdou^al. Invernesicn

sis, A.M.
Carolus NocUells. l-ondinensis. s.l, in
Charles Skene. Abcrdoncnsis, li
Ca nil us Calder Stewart. Uossien. ,/;,.«,/
Colinus 1-raser, Kossensis, b, .<, /. ni :

l-rasi-rs div. burs.. 1820-22
David Christison, l-'arfaren.. b, s, /, /;/
David .Maeken;ric. Cathness. h. See

1817 21
David \Villiams<in, Uossiensis, b, t, I.

See 1817-21
Donaldus .Munni. Kiissicnuis. /'. See

Donaldus .Murray. Utissiensis, /. See

DumanuH Dunbar. .Moravienois. !>. <
Diincanus Robertson. Banntcn . A ..M

.Murray led. 1828

DuncunuH Stewart. KoMiensia, b, i, I :

.M.D. 1824
l-ranciscu« l-orbes. Aberdonen., /», *.

/. /. ,Mar. Coll 1819 See 1817 21
GcorK<uK Adam, BanfliensiK, A.M.
(icor^jius liddie. .Moravicnsis, b
(ieiir){mK liray. Aberd<>nensi«,i, .»,/.('*
OcurtfiuH Hu^h .Maed<)nell..M<»ravicn..

b. s, t
(leorse U. Stenneti. Jamaica, i, /
tjcor^ius TulUK'h, Cathnensis, j, t. in :

A..M. 1830 {Mm. of l-eb. I81;

.Murray Icci. 1829 34: L1..D. 1847
Gordonus Reid, Cathanensis, b, \
Guliclmus Henderson. Cat hanen., A. M
(julielmus l.illie. Abredoncnsis, A.M.;

Hutt.; .Murray lect. 1828-29: D 1).

Guliclmus .McKilli}>in. Banfliensis, .^.

See 1818-22
(iulielmus .Masson. Abredoncnsis. b.

Sec 1818 22
Guliclmus Niel, Abredoncnsis, b, s, I
Guliclmus K'cid, An^usiensis {b, s. I,

•Mar. Coll.), m
Guliclmus Koss, Suthcrlandien., m
(juliclmus Wussct, .Moravicn.. b, s. I.

See 1820-24
Harry G. Gordon, Banfticnsis, b, .», I
Heitor Holme, Wossicnsis. /, ni
Hu^o Hrascr. Invernesicnsis, b, I
.lacobuK Brown, Abredoncnsis. A..M.
Jacobus Cochrane. Invernesicn., /'. >
.lacobus H. David.son, lianftiensis b
.lacobus l"raser. Uossiensis, v. See

.lacobus .Mcintosh, Uossiensis, />, v, I.

Sec 1817 21
.lacobus .McKilli>(in, Banfliensis, ^
.lacobus W, .Moffat, .Moravicnsis, b, .\
Jacobus Paterson. Invernesicn.. /', ^
Jacobus Caldor Stcvv.irt. Kossicnsis.

/'. \ I
.loannes Allan. Uossiensis, in. A.M.
.loanncs Anton. Banliensis, A.M.
.loaiincs .Macdonald Brown, Abre-
doncnsis, A .M.
Jo.innes Kddic. .Mor.iviensis. A..M.




Joannes Hrasci% Moraviensis, A.M.
loannt-s Gillan, Moraviensis, /;
John Henderson. Caithness, h, s
Joannes l\ennecly, Londonensis, h
Joannes Maedonald, Invernesien.. h, s.

See 1817-21, J. .M., minor-
Johannes MeKenzie, Rossiensis, /;,.■>, /.

See 1818-22
Johannes .Maekenzie, Rossiensis, /;.

See 1817-21
Johannes G. Malcolmson, .Moravien.,

h. s : t. Mar. Coll.
Johannes Murdoeh, BanHiensis. h, s,

I, III : 1st burs.
Joannes Nieol, .Moraviensis, h
Joannes Burnett Pratt, .Aherdoiiensis.

A.M. ; LL.D. 1864
Joannes Smith, Aberdonensis, b, s
Johannes Stewart, Argathehensis, .v
iloannes Sutherland, Invernesien., h, s
Kennethus .MeKenzie, Rossiensis,/;..'.
Kennethus .MacLeod. Rosiensis, h, m
Laehlane .Mcintosh, Jamaieensis, li
Patricius Hender-son, Cathenensis,/),.s
Robertus Finlayson. Cathnensis. h, s.

See 1817 21 '
Robertus .Jack, Aberdonensis, //, ,s, l.iii
Samuel Barron Luint", Xairnen., b, s, t
Thomas Ross, .Aberdonensis, h .■ s,

t, in, A.M. 1823. .Mar. Coll.


[Rfi^ciits : H. .Macpherson. .1. Tul-
loch, W. Paul, H. Scott]

Abercromby Lockhart Gordon, Banl-

fiensis, /;, .s',/,;/;
.Adam Gordon, Kincardine O'Neil, h :

s, t. III, A..M. .Mar. Coll.
Alexander Chapman. .Abcrdoniensis,

.Alexander Cowie, Aberdonensis, A.. M.
.Alexander Gordon,* Aberdonensis, l>,

s, t. Ill : A..M. 1829 (Min.oii 2 Nov.) :

B.A. O.xon. 1842; M.A. 1847
.Alex. .MacLennan, Rossiensis, b, s

-Alexandei- Rose, .N'arniensis, b,s,t,iii
.Alexander VVm. Shand, Rossiensis,

ex Tania, b, s. /, /« . A..M. 1837

{Mill, of 18 Feb.)
Alexander Simpson, N'arniensis, /;, .v
Alpinus Fowler, Inverncssis, I), s, t
.Archibaldus Brown, Aberdonen., A.M.

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