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Activities During the Period 1931-1931 115

upon the neighborhood, induce others to build as he did, and eradi-
cate the slum areas.

Unfortunately this has not happened. Instead, the East Side has
deteriorated enormously since the erection of the building. Our
immediate vicinity is a picture of desolation. Many stores are vacant
and many tenements are either in a shocking state of neglect or
boarded up and abandoned.

All of these tenements are for sale. But practically all are on lots
of 25 x 100 feet, and under the present building codes it would be
impossible to build on such small areas. Land assembly at reasonable
land cost is with our legal structure impossible. The rental in new
multiple dwellings would be considerably above what our present
neighbors can pay. If higher income families can be induced to
come to this neighborhood, better schools, more playgrounds, and
better transportation must first be provided.

In the past, real estate on the East Side was of a speculative nature.
People bought and sold on short turnover, and could do so because
of the influx of immigrants who made this section their first station.
Now the whole shelter problem here must be approached as an in-
vestment. In my opinion, this neighborhood for years to come will
remain a slum area.

A small project like ours cannot react favorably upon the neigh-
borhood. On the contrary, it is our project which may be reacted
upon, and consequently we must constantly watch against adverse
influences. At this period we are still vibrant with life and activity,
set down in this slum area as an oasis in a desert, and providing a
contrast that is greater than ever.

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