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v. 23



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Volumes XXIII and





-TlLbortion in Chicago, v 23... 125

Acetanilidein skin diseases, v

23 477

Acetic acid in diphtheria, v
23 238

Aconite in acute dysentery, v
23 393

Adulteration of food and drugs,
the necessity of State in-
tervention to prevent, F P
Venable, v 23 186

Agnew, Dr Cornelius R, por-
trait of, v 24 381

Alleghanies, in the heart of
the, v23 45

Amblyopia produced by men-
strual suppression, Charles
WKollock, v23 38

American Armamentarium
Chirurgicum, v 24 370

American Medical Associa-
tion meeting, v 23 478

American Physicians and Sur-
geons, Congress of, v 24 235

American Public Health Asso-
ciation in Brooklyn, v 24 313

Amputations from a patholo-
gical and medico-legal
stand-point, Prof Middle-
ton Michel, v24 321

Aneurysm, aortic, cured by
lighting the right common
carotid and subclavian
arteries, v 23 141

Aneurysm, aortic, report of a
case of, F T Merriwether,
v 23 385

Angle of the neck of the fe-
mur, v 24 413

Annual, International Medi-
cal, v23 274

Annual of the Universal Med-
ical Sciences, Charles E
Sajous, v24 297

Annual Report of the Super-
vising Surgeon-General of
the Marine Hospital Ser-
vice of the United States
for the Fiscal Year 1889, v
24 430

Antifebrin, v 24 73

Antifebrin in quinsy, v 24 383

Antifebrin in tetanus, v 23 239

Antipyrin, v 24 73

Antipyrin in acute coryza, v

23 235

Antipyrin in chorea and teta-
nus, v 24 73

Antipyrin in diabetes, v 24 233

Antipyrin in malarial fevers,

Wm T Prout. v 24 405

Antipyrin in nasal haemor-
rhage and intra-nasal dis-
ease, v 23 3S4

[! Aphorisms in aseptic and anti-
septic surgery and gyne-
cology, F T Merriwether,

v23 1

Apomoiphiue, is, a safe emet-
ic? v 23 269-394

1 1 Appleton prize, successful com

petitor for the, v23 448

I Aruold. Dr J W S, sketch of,

v24 142

; Aseptic and Antiseptic mid-
wifery, history and de-
velopmentof, LB Brough-

ton, v23 405

Asylums for the insane, the
future service in our, v 24 209

-t>ahnson, Dr H T The pub-
lic water-supply of towns
and cities in North Caro-
lina, v 23 163

Barringer, Dr Paul B, elected
to succeed Prof Cabell in
the Medical School of the
University of Virginia, v
23 480

Battle, Dr Kemp P Report
of a case of dermoid tu-
mor of the cornea and
sclerotic, v 24 1

Battle, Dr Kemp P, sand-spur
in the chink of the glottis
for four days, v 24 403

Beaumetz, Prof Dujardin, the
treatment of urinary lith-
iasis, v 23 51

Bellamy, Dr W •> H, perity
phlltlc abscess lacking the
usual symptoms, v 24 241

Biliary Becretion in man, v
24 68

Billings, Dr, an Oxford degree
for, v 23 47*3

Blood letting, remarks on, R
L Payne, v 23 244

Books and pamphlets received

v 23 240


v -I 158


Booth, DrTL, medication of
lnunction,v24 394

Brain, capillary holes for ex-
ploring the, v2;i 461

Bromidia, v 24 383

Broughton, Dr L B, history
and development of asep-
tic and antiseptic mid-
wifery, v 23 405

Burbank, DrT 8, chairman
of section on gynecology,
report of, v 24 247


'abell, JL, AM, MD, LLD,

v 24 140 j

Csesarean section, a ease of, J

M Hays, v 24 161

Caffeine, v 24 317

Uafteine in sick headache, v

21 157

('alia lily, poisoning from, v

24 234

Calomel and bicarbonate of

soda, v 24 72

Calomel, the rebel, v 2,3 235 I

Campbell's eases in February
Journal, some light on, v

23 217

Camphor poisoning, a fatal

ease of, v 23 125

Cancer, some lighl on, v 2."..... 458 i

Census, the next, v 23 447

Cerebro-spinal fluid of the
nature of a secretion, v

21 135

Chadwick, Edwin, v 23 394

Chambers, Dr T K, v 24 228

Charities and corrections, re-
habilitation of the board

Chisolm, Dr J J, persistent
headaches and how to cure
them, v 24 385

Chloramide, a new hypnotic,

v 24 232

Chloramide as an hypnotic, v

24 229

Chloroform deaths in obstetric

practice, v 24 74

I Chromic acid poisonous as a

caustic, v24 382

1 Clay-colored stools, the clini-
cal significance of, v 23 379

Cocaine-poisoning, v 23 201

Codes, the three ethical, v
23 215

Cod-liver oil, administration

of, v 24 235

Cod-liver oil, a new mode of
administering, v 24 09

College in North Carolina, a
medical, v 23 233

Compound liquorice powder,

a, v24 232

Confederate army and navy,
medical staff of the, F P
Porcher, v 24 376

Constipation in infants, v 24... 299

Cornea and sclerotic, a case of
dermoid tumor of the,
Kemp P Battle, v 24 1

Cornea, ulceration of the, J A

White, v 24 201

Creasote in diabetes, v 23 470

Creasote in phthisis pulmo-
nalis, v 23 220

Creolin,v23 234


Creolin, eczema from, v 24 147

Croup, mercurial vapor in, v
24 77

Cysticercus cellulose, v 23 394

! Cystitis in women, on the
rapid curative treatment
of, Thomas M Madden, v

24 202

Cystotomy, some practical
points about supra-pubic,

v 24 300

Cystotomy, supra-pubic, for
artificial urethra, W W
Lane, v 24

of, v 24

Children, cyclopedia of disea-
ses of, v 23


V 21




alton, DrJ C, death of, v

Deafness, its causes and pre-
vention, J M Hays, v

Death-bed confessions, v 24....





Diabetes, lime-water in, v 23..

Diagnosis, medical, J Graham
Braune, v 23

Diasatiriou, v 24

Digestive tablets, v 24

Diphtheria, acetic acid in, v

Diphtheria, and intubation in
croup, C E Billington and
Jos O'Dwyer, v 24

Diphtheria, Elizab. S Brown,
v 23

Dipsomania, J T Nicbolson, v

Doctors, how they are viewed
by a good-natured literary
man, v 23

Doctor's portrait, the, v 24

Doctor, the, as portrayed in
fiction, v 23

Doses of new remedies, maxi-
mal, v 24

Dropping names from the roll
of membership for non-
payment of dues, v 23

Dying confession, a murder
er's, disproved by surgical
and anatomical facts, Beuj
E (lotting, v24

Dysentery, aconite in acute, v

Dysentery, A Jacobi, v 23

Dysentery, treatment of, J O
Walker, v 24


a manual of diseases of
the, Albert H Buck, v 23

Ear, diseases and injuries of
the, v23

Ears in troublesome cough,
the importance of exam-
ining the, Alfred C
Palmer, v 24

Ectopia, inguinal, v 24

Eczema, principles for the
treatmeut of chronic, v

Eczema, treatment of, v 24

Education, higher medical,
and how to obtain it, R H
Lewis, v 23

Ehrlich's test for typhoid
fever, v 24

Electricity and the methods
of its employment, Plym
S Hayes, v 23

Electricity as a therapeutic
agent, M Allen Starr, v





397 1 1


227 ij

371 I



245 ' j

450 !





Electricity in diseases of
women, G Betton Massey,
v 23 375

Emperor Frederick III, case

of, v23 70

Enuett, Wm Thomas, MD, v
23 445

Ennett, Dr W T, President's
address, v 23 343

Enuresis nocturna in boys,
the etiology and treatment
of by Oberlander, v 23 41

Epilepsy, horse nettle in, v 24 129

Erysipelas in children, surgi

cal treatment of, v 24 309

Examinations, rules for con-
ducting, v23 389

Examiuers, minutes of the
meeting of North Carolina
Board of, v 23 389

Exhaustion, A D Rockwell, v
23 136

Eye, simple method for view-
ing the interior of the, v
23 236

£* aison, Dr F, moist gan-
grene of both legs follow-
ing parturition, v 24 401

Faison, Dr John M, a case of
spontaneous thrombosis of
the pulmonary artery fol-
lowing labor recovery, v

24 r. 15

Ferree, Dr T T, a case of pla-
centa previa, v 23..... 378

Fibroids, the diagnosis of ute-
rine v 23 474

Florida State Board of Health,

v 23 239

Forceps and the perineum, v
23 455

Forensic medicine, report of
chairman of section on —
dipsomania, J T Nichol-
son, v 24 ■••• 333

Formulary, international
pocket medical, v 23 215

Formulary, pocket medical, v

23 2 * 5

Foulkes, Dr James F, death of,
v 23 472

Fracture, a new advance in
the treatment of ununited,
v 24 _425

\JTall- stones, pilocarpin in, v
04 382


( langrene, moist, of !»<>tli legs
following parturition, F
Paisou, v 24

Gidney, Dr .1 C, v 24

( tinseng losing favor, v 2.3

Glanders, death from, v 24

Goelet, Dr E B, the use of pi-
looarpin in pneumonia, v

(;\ necology, report of, T S
Burbank, chairman ofsec-
tion on. v 24


dgh, Dr T D, some of the
nedico-legal aspects of
inebriety, v 23

Hamilton, Dr .lames B, v 23...

Hanks, DrJ A, death of, v 23

H unison, Dr A H, a strange
experience with tape-
worm, V -4

Hays, Dr J M, a case of Csesa-
rean section, v 24

I lavs, Dr J M, deafness— its
cause and prevention, v

Headache and neuralgia, J
Leonard Coming, v 23

Headaches, persistent, and
how to cure them, J J
CbMiolm, v 24

Heart disease, prognosis in, v

Heart, the, a muscle, J Milner
Pothergill, v23

Hernia, the diagnosis of, v 23

Histology, elements of, E
Klein, v 23

History of the war, medical
and surgical, v 23

Hvaglan laboratory, the, v 23

Hodges, Dr J A, chairman of
section on microscopy,
report of. V 24

Herman blood, medico-legal
detection of, v 24

I [ydrophobia from the bite of
a cat, v 21

Hyoscine hydrobromate, poi-
soning by, v 2:;

1 ncontinence of urine in
children, v 2:;

Inebriate, a plea for the, E J
Kempf, v 24

Inebriates, an asylum for, v

Inebriety, Norman Kerr, v










215 I

Inebriety, some of the medico-
legal aspects of, T D
Haigh, v 23

Infancy and childhood, ther-
apeutics of, A Jacobi, v 24

Influenza, epidermic, v 24

Insane in the United .States,
v 24

Insanity, what cases of, shall
we treat at home? v 23

International medical con-
gress, meeting of, v 22

Inunction, medication by, T
L Booth, v 24.....

Irido-cystitis, treatment of, v

ei ewett, Dr R D, a case of

purulent peritonitis, v 24

Johns Hopkins Bulletin, v 24

Johns Hopkins Hospital, v 23

Journal for 1890, the, v 23

Journal for 1890, improve-
ments in the, v 24


empf, Dr E J, a plea for
the inebriate, v 24

Kola nut, v 24

Kallock, Dr Chas W, amblyo-
pia, produced by men-
strual suppression, v23....

J-Jane, Dr WW, suprapubic
cystotomy for artificial
urethra, v 24

Laparotomy for perforating
typhoid ulcer, N Senn, v

Laparotomy in suppurative
peritonitis, value of, v 24..

Leidy's, Prof Joseph, fresh
honors, v 23

Leprosy, a case of inoculated,

Leprosy in the United States,
v 24

Lewis, DrRH, higher medi-
cal education and how to
obtain it, v 23

License law of North Caro-
lina, the revised, v 23

License law, proper discretion
in asking for amendments
to our, v 23

License law ratified, the, v

License to be rescinded in
certain cases, v 23





















Lichen rubea in America, v

Lipoma operation, clinical re-
marks on a gangrenous,
WONisbet, v 24

Lithotomy, supra-pubic, v 23

Liver, cancer of, Wm Pepper,

Li-beline in asthma, v 23

Longevity in New England, a
study of, v 23




alaria and arsenic, v 23...
Mallett, Dr George H, letter

from Mexico, v 24 301

Mauney, Dr James L, death

of, v23 234

Maryland, meeting of Clini-
cal Society of, v 23 193

Materia medica and therapeu-
tics, Cuthbert Bowen, v

23 214

Materia medica, therapeutics
and prescription-writing,

Henry Morris, v 24 298

Maybrick case, the, v 24 153

Medical education, a great step

forward in, v 24 208

Medical Examining Board of
Virginia, items of the, v

23..T 394

Medical News visiting list, v

24 371

Medical practitioner accord-
ing to the law, who is to

be considered a, v 24 121

Medical Society at Elizabeth

City, meeting of, v 23 367

Medical Society of North

Carolina, meeting of, v 23 225
Medical Society of North
Carolina, minutes of the
36th annual session of the,
v 23, 275; address ol wel-
come, 275; response by
vice-president Long, 27S;
Dr Haigh announces the
accident to president En-
nett; resolutions of sym-
pathy, 279; committee on
credentials, 279; roll call,
279; report of section on
practic of medicine, by Dr
H P Murray, 280; discus-
sion on treatment of ty-
phoid fever, 280; resolu-
tions of respect to Dr R B
Haywood, 285; president
Eunett's address read, 280;

Dr W J Jones, 1st vice-
president, takes the chair;
remarks of vice, president
Jones on taking the chair,
287; committee on presi-
dent's address, 287; paper
on progress of microscopy,
by Dr J A Hodges, re-
marks on bacteriology, 287:
paper on pneumonia, bv
Dr A G Carr, 288; Dr Luf-
bage invited to a seat, 288;
partial report of the com-
mittee on credentials, 289;
report of the committee
on finance, 290; a message
from the Pharmaceutical
Society of North Carolina
to the Medical Society on
the national formulary;
Dr Wood's remarks on
the subject, 291; commit-
tee on formulary, 292; re-
port of section on obstet-
rics read by the president
in absence of Dr Tayloe;
Dr Baxter invited to a
seat; fraternal greetings
to the Medical Society of
Mississippi; Dr Thorne
applies for admission, 293;
report of the committee
on the president's mes-
sage, 294; rule repealed
allowing : a physician to
join the Society by letter;
paper on aseptic and anti-
septic midwifery, by L G
Broughton; Dr Faison
reads report of the com-
mittee on surgery in the
absence of Dr Lucas; re-
port of obituary commit-
tee, 296; report of practice
by DrBodie, referred; case
of thrombosis of pulmo-
nary {artery, by Dr John
M Faison, read and refer-
red; paper by DrlPalmer
on the ear; detention of
the orator; place of next
meeting discussed, 297;
invited on excursion, 299;
paper on inebriates, by
Dr T D Haigh, discussed
and referred, 2(10; commit-
tee to Pharmacopeial Con-
vention, conjoint session
with N C board of health,

302: deafness, it- causes
and prevention, from a
rational standpoint, by
I>r .1 M Hays, read and
referred, 305; committee
on revision of Pharmaco-
pcepia; i imittee on se-
lection of essayist; Dr
Lucas' paper on surgery,
read and referred, 305;
committee on nomina-
tions! Dr I W Faison ap-
pointed essayist; report of
Dr Barringer on the pro-
gress of anatomy and
physiology, read and refer-
red; Dr Can- and Dr Baker
resign, 305; Dr Nicholson
read paper on dipsomania,
referred; place of meeting
selected for 1890; case of
Dr Gallagher; report of
the section <>n therapeu-
tics, by Dr Young, refer-
red, 307; partial report on
credentials; invited to a
banquet; report of com-
mittee to amend laws, 308;
Dr Haigh moves an
amendment to Article 3,
Section 8, 311; committee
appoinsed to draft it, 312;
'Annual Transactions;"
statement by Dr Foote;
remarks by Dr O'Hagau
and Dr T F Wood, 314;
committee on scientific
inquiry and ou national
formulary 314

Medical schools, private insti-
tutions, v 23'. 444

Medicine, States may regulate
the practice of, v 23 160

Menstruation, the influence
of permanganate of potash
on. \V Stephenson, v 24... 102

Mental factor in the causation
and cure of disease, R L
Tayne, Jr, v 24 4

Menthol in pruritus, v 23 475

Menthol, treatment of pausiti-
cal affections with, v 24... 147

Meiri wether, F T, aphorisms
in aseptic and antiseptic
surgery and gynecology,

v 23.... :... 1

Men i wet her, F T, report of a
case of aortic aneurysm,
v 23 ; 385

Mexico, letter from, C4eorge
11 Mallett. v 24

Michel, Prof Middleton, am-
putations from a patholo-
gical and medico-legal
standpoint, v 24

Microscopy, report of J A
Hodges, chairman of sec-
tion ou, v 24

Milk, citric acid in, v 24

Miltenberger, George W, teta-
noid falciform contrac-
tion of the uterus, ante-
partum hour-glass con-
traction, v 23

Mithrodatism, v 24

Moore, Dr E M, president
American Medical Asso-
ciation, v 23

Moore, S P, Surgeon General,
v 2:;

Morphine, a new antidote for,

v23 ;

Motl, Dr Alexander, death of,
v24 "

Murray, Dr H P, chairmau]of
section on practice of
mediciue, report of, v 24..

Mustard before chloroform, v
24 "


asal bougies, v 23

Nervous diseases, lectures on,
Ranuey, v 23

New drugs, notes on the value
of some, v 23 '

Nichoison, Dr J T, chairman
of section on forensic
medicine, report of, dipso-
mania, v 24

Nisbet, Dr W O, clinical re-
marks on gangrenous lipo-
ma operation, v 24

Nitrite of ethyl, a pure solu-
tion of, v 23

Nitro-glycerine, a substitute
for alcohol in emergency,
Jos B Burroughs, v 24......

Nohle, Dr R J, strangulated
hernia reduced by aspira-
tion and'taxis, t v 24

North Carolina, western, as a
health resort, Jos Graham,

Nose and throat, r a treatise on
diseases of the, F H Bos-
worth, v 24

Nurse, the trained, v 23

Nutmeg poisoning, v 24













V/bstetrieal nursing, a hand-
book of, Anna M Fuller-
ton, v24 419

Obstetric notes, (1) hydro-
peritoueum persisting af
ter delivery (22) abscess of
the ovary-discharge thro'
the bowels, v 23 129

Obstetrics, a manual of, A F A
King, v24 419

Obstetrics, the theory and
practice of, Cazeau's, v
23 272

Oieate of quinine again, v
23 471

Ophthalmology and oph-
thalmoscopy, Hermann
Schmidt Rimpler, v 24 366

Opinions asked in regard to
two fatal cases, v 23 133

Ovaries or uterus, physical and
mental changes after re-
moving, v24 146

Oxyuris vermicularis, treat-
ment of, v 23 476

Ozena, treatment of, with gly-
cerine, v 24 152

X aiu in the cicatrix of a dog-
bite in peculiar circum-
stances, v 24 145

Palmer, Dr Alfted C, the im- •
portance of examining
the ears in troublesome
cough, v24 330

Paraldehyde and sulphonal,
comparison of the value
of, v24 131

Pasteur Institute, the, v 23 231

Pate de Foie Gras, v 23 471

Payne, Dr R L, Jr, mental
factor in the causation and
cure of disease, v 24 4

Payne, Dr R L, remarks on
blood-letting, v 23 244

Pepper, Prof Win, cancer of
the liver, v 23 93

Peritoneum, flushing the, v
24 317

Peritonitis, a case of purulent,
RDJewett, v 24 326

Peritonitis, washing out the
abdominal cavity in, v 24 312

Perityphlitic abscess, F Hu-
ber, v24 274

Perityphlitic abscess lacking
the usual symptoms, W J
H Bellamy, v 24 , 241

Pharmacopoeia Convention of
1890, the, and the com-
mittee of revision of 1880,
v23 , 209

Phlegmasia doleus, a fatal case
of double, with remarks
on the nature of the dis-
ease, A K Bond, v 23 197

Phlegmon of the hand, v 24... 56

Phthisis pulmonalis, creasote
in, v 23 220

Physicians, a registration of
necessary, v 23 63

Physician himself, the, D W
Cathell, v 24 216

Physician's leisure library,

the, v 23 140

Physician's visiting list, v
24 371

Physiology, Kirk's hand-
book of, v23 374

Physiology, text-book of ani-
mal, Wesley Mills, v 24.... 364

Pilocarpin in deafness, v 24.... 145

Pilocarpin in pneumonia, the
use of, E B Goelet, v 23.... 72

Placenta previa, a case of, T T
Ferree, v 23 378

Pneumatology, essay on med-
ical, J N Demarquay, v
24 419

Pneumonia, intestinal hae-
morrhage in v 23 216

Pneumonia, malarial, v 23 378

Pneumonia, pilocarpin in,
E B Goelet, v 23 72

Polyotia, v 23 , 394

Porcher, Dr F Peyre, medical
staff of the Confederate
Army and Navy, v 24 376

Porcher, Dr W Peyre, origin
of sputa in subacute
cough, v 23 251

Portraits to be hung up in the
heart, two medical, v 24... 133

Post-partum haemorrhage, tur-
pentine in, v 24 148

Practice of medicine, report
of H P Murray, chairman
of section on, v 24 259

Practising without license,
guilty of misdemeanor for,
v24 44

Pregnancy, the early diagno-
sis of extra-uterine, J C
Reeve, v 24 108

President's address, v23 343

Prostatic enlargement, v 23.... 271

Psoralea Buck-root, v 24 71

Public health papers and re-
ports, v -1

Parpara heemorrhaglca, ni-
trate of silver in, v 24

Vjuack advertisements in re-
ligious newspapers, v 24...

Quarantine conference, the
Montgomery, v 23

Quassia in drunkenness, v 23

Quinine and einchonidia,
physiological action of, v


1\ abics, the Pasteur treat-
ment of, v 2:;

Rattle-snake bite, a case of,
recovery, v 24

Readers, to our, v 24

Reading notices, v 2:;


Reference, hand hook of the

medical sciences, v 23

v 24

Register, all North Carolina
physicians must, v 24

Register, those who have
failed to, v24

Registration of physicians
necessary, v23

Registration', the necessity of,
to show the right to prac-
tice, v 2:;

Remedies, the best twenty-
five, v 23

Retention of membranes and
placenta, the treatment of,
v 23

Rheumatism in children,
therapeutics of, v 24

Ricord, the late I)r, v 24

Ringworm, a new treatment
of chronic, V 2.'!

Ringworm, for, v 24

Rosin and tar sent to Johns-
town, v 23

Punning range; running
reins, v 2'

kJaccharine, v 2.'!

Salicylic acid, value of in

dermatology, v 24

Salol, v 28

Salol as an antipyretic, v 21. .

II Salol in the gastro-intestinal
mi derangements of children,

W B Uarr, v 24 198

67 Salufer, v 24 76

Sand-spur in the chink of the
glottis for four days,

Kemp P Battle, v 24 403

Sanitary Association, the N 0,

226 an established fact, v 23... 142
471 Sanitary Convention, a North

Carolina, v 23 60

Sanitary Convention at Ra-
355 leigh, N C, 6th February,

1889, minutes of, v 23 144

Senna pods, therapeutic ac-

21!) tiou of, v 24 228

Senu's splint fof fracture of
225 j the neck of the femur, v 24 360

382 Shoulder presentations and

77 their treatment, v 23 453

162 I Skin, a clinical atlas on dis-
242 eases of the, R W Taylor,

403 v23 138

484 ' Skin and venereal diseases,

80 j atlas of, v 23 213

160 Skin diseases, photographic
illustrations of Geo Henry

212 j Fox, v 24 420

368 I Smith, Stephen, suggestions

from a clinic, by, v 23 74

43 Southern literature, the amen-
ities of, v23 218

417 Southern Surgical and Gyne-
cological Association, v 24 126
Specialty, lines of a, sharply

drawn, v 24 125

Specialists, visiting, the. bash-
ful, lazy and indifferent

members, v 24 295

Splenectomy— recovery — con-
dition of blood a year

after, v 24 70

Sputa in sub-acute cough, the
14!) origiu of, W Peyre Por-

:;s3 cher, v 23 251

Suibb. we second the motion
463 of Dr, v 24 122

227 Squibb's ephemeris, v 24 137

State medicine, report of

480 chairman of section on,

Kemp P Battle, v 24 81

Sterility, the new treatment

of, v24 371

! Sterilizing feces, best agents

for, v24 227

1!) Stevenson. Dr S W, report on
17!» therapeutics and matera
'3 medica, v 21 266


Strangulated hernia reduced
by aspiration and taxis,
E J Noble, v24 372

Stricture, aphorisms in the
treatment of urethral. A
W Stein, v 24 39

Strychnine poisoning, inves-
tigation of, v 24 76

Student, the medical practi-
tioner should be a perse-
vering, v 24 299

Styrone, v 24 128

Sugar, simple test for, v 24 79

Sulphonal and our American

laws, v23 471

Sulphonal, the advantages and
disadvantages of, v 24 373

Surgery, a treatise on, T
Holmes, v 23 451

Surgery, operations of, W H A
Jacobson, v 23 273

Surgery, the principles and
practise of, John Ash-
hurst, Jr, v 24 364

Suspension treatment in loco-
mator ataxia, the dangers
of, v23 470

Sutures and ligatures, linen
thread for, v 23 473

Syphilis incurable, v 23 234

Syphilis, is it curable? v 23.... 397

A abes, treatment of, by sus-
pension, v 24- 75

Tape-worm, a strange experi-
ence with, A S Harrison,
v 24 303

Tar-water, v 23 473

Tennessee wheels into line,v 23 396

Testicle as a rejuvenator, the,

v24 75

Tetany, a new theory of its

pathogeny, v 24 318

Therapeutics, a hand-book of,
Ringer, v 23 449

Therapeutics and materia
medica, a guide to Farqu-
harson, v 24 48

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