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Hundred Eighty Six and Seaven and in the Third year of y^ Reign
of our Souveraign Lord James y^ Second by y^ grace of God of

1 Thus in original.

DEEDS I 678- I 704 347

England, Scotland, France and Irland king, Defender of y^ Faith &
Supream Lord of y^ Plantation and Collonie of New York

Cathalina Schuyler David Schuiler
y^ Scale (L:S:) hanging The (L:S:) Scale

to y^ dead hanging to y^ [deed]

Sealed and Delivered

in y* Presence of

Johamies Wendel Justice of y^ Peace

Livinus Van Schaik Justice of y'^ Peace

Articles of agreement between Pieter Schuyler, Jan Jansen
Bleecker, Dirck Wessels, Johannes Wendel, Robert Living-
ston, David Schuyler and Cornelis van Dyck for the division
of the arable land of Saratoga

[352] Articles of agreement made by [the seven partners] ^ in-
terested in the lands named Saraghtoge [for a division] ^ of the
arable land into seven parts, which land at [the request] ^ of said
seven partners has been laid out into seven lots numbered from i
to 7 by Mr Marte Gerritse in the presence of Gerrit Gysbertse,
Cornelis Gysbertse, Peter Davidtse Schuyler and Melgert Wyn-
antse. The land is divided as hereinafter specified under the afore-
said numbers, whereby it shall appear that regard has been had to
the location of the land and homesteads, so that one lot contains
more morgens than another, but as the lots (as hereinafter de-
scribed) are to be drawn, each of the partners is fully agreed, as
we hereby declare, that there shall be no change or alteration here-
after, but that each shall hold himself content with the lot which
he shall draw, without one nearing the other further than the lots
shall stipulate anci mention.

Lot no. I begins at the foremost land on the west shore by the
kill where we last winter slept at night, called by the Indians [blank]
and runs northward up along the river to a post standing on the
shore which is marked no. i, and thence runs from the shore
through the first flat to a marked oak tree in the cripple bush
(Creupel Boss) which is marked no. i ; and the person to whom

1 Manuscript mutilated. The deed from the Indians, dated July 26, 1683,
printed on p. igS-97, conveyed the land to Cornelis van Dyk, Jan Janse
Bleeker, Peter Phil : Schuyler and Johannes Wendel, but the patent of
November 4, 1684, adds the names of Dyrick Wessell, David Schuyler and
Robert Livingston, who, it says, are equally concerned in the purchase of
said tract of land.


falls lot no. I may take his homestead in lot no. 2 on the wood side,
it being understood that he who draws no. 2 shall have the first
choice of a homestead and then no. i shall take but one morgen
for his homestead, with the express condition that if no. i does
not build on this morgen of land, no. 2 shall keep it till no. i builds
thereon and uses it for his homestead.

Lot no. 2 begins at the post on the shore where no. i ends and
runs northward up along the river across a little kill to a tree on
the side of a still water (Doove kill) marked no. 2, and extends
therefrom into the woods.

Lot no. 3 begins at the boundary of no. 2 and runs along the
river northward to an oak tree on the shore marked no. 3 and
thence straight across the land into the cripple bush by an ash tree
also marked no. 3. The person who gets no. 3 shall have the priv-
ilege of taking his homestead within the limits of no. 4 by the viss-
kill (fish kill) in the same way and on the same conditions as no.
I with regard to no. 2 and not otherwise, it being understood that
he must remain one hundred rods south of the homestead of no. 4.

Lot no. 4 begins where the land of no. 3 ends and runs north-
wards to the visskill.

Lot no. 5 contains all the land lying to the north or on the other
side of the visskill away up as far as the rights extend, to which
is joined the marsh (vley) on the west shore between the still water
and the land now laid out in lots.

Lot no. 6 begins at the great kill on the east shore where the
watershed (water sheydingh) is to the north and extends along
said great kill on the east shore to the rift and thence southwards
down the river to a kill known by the name of Meesen kill, where-
to shall belong (because the lot is small) two flats below no. 7, the
one flat lying over against lots nos. 2 and 3 and extending there-
from southwards down the river to a flat to us known by the name
of the Eelants (Elk's) flat, which flat is also comprehended in no.
6 and lies on the east bank about halfway between the land the
marsh {vley) with all the foreland {avance) that lies between lot
no. 7 and the aforenamed Eelandts flat.

Lot no. 7 begins on the south side of Meesen kill and compre-
hends the whole flat that lies in one piece extending down the
river, embracing the woods and the cripple bush lying therein and
ends on the south end at a little kill next to a cripple bush.

It is to be obser\^ed that all the land embraced and mentioned
in the patent of Saraghtoge granted to us, the undersigned seven
partners, under date of November 4, 1684, and which is not men-

DEEDS I 678- I 704 349

tioned and expressed in the seven allotments aforesaid shall remain
and be in common, always with the understanding that each [part-
ner's claim] shall extend two hundred rods behind his land into
the woods, of such width as his lot is, except that one shall be free
to cut and haul timber and fire wood outside another's homestead
and fences without hindrance or molestation by anyone.

The persons who draw nos. 6 and 7 on the east shore shall have
the right of a common road over the arable land on the west shore
where it shall be judged to be most convenient by the seven part-
ners; likewise, the man who shall dwell over the vissklll (fish kill)
shall have a right of way according to decision as above.

The allotment was made by means of seven tickets in a hat which
were drawn without fraud or deceit by the children of the seven
partners as follows :

Lot no. I was drawn by Peter Schuyler

Lot no. 2 was drawn by Jan Jansze Bleeker

Lot no. 3 was drawn by Dirk Wessells

Lot no. 4 was drawn by Johannes Wendel

Lot no. 5 was drawn by Robert Livingston

Lot no. 6 was drawn by David Schuyler

Lot no. 7 was drawn by Cornelis van Dyk

It is agreed by the aforesaid seven partners that if hereafter the
Indians should make any claim to the land, no matter whose lot or
land it may be, the seven partners, or their heirs or assigns, shall
equally bear and pay for the same and no one shall pay more than
another. Thus done and performed without fraud or deceit, where-
with we declare that we are altogether well satisfied, in Albany the
15th of April 1685, in the presence of Mr Marte Gerritse and Mr
Richard Pretty as witnesses called hereto.

Was signed :

PiETER Schuyler
Jan Jansz Bleecker
As witnesses : Dirck Wessellse

Marten Gertsen Johannes Wendel

Rich'^. Pretty Rob'^. Livingston

Davidt Schuyler
Cornelis van Dyck

[End of volume 3 of Deeds]

DEEDS 167S-I704 351


Deed from Wouter Uythoff and Elisabeth de Lendt (van der
Linden) to Claes Laurence Purmerent for farm No. lo and a
corner lot in the village of Schenectady

[35] ^Know all men by these presents that Teunise Cornelis
Swert in his lifetime received and obtained a certain parcel of
land at Shinnechtade marked n\ lo, lying over the Third kill, to
the east N°. 9 and N". 6, to the west N°. 9 and N°. 8, south of the
kill,' to the river south by west four and sixty rods, comprising four
and twenty morgens, five hundred and seventy-six rods according
to the Dutch patent thereof, granted by the late Governor Peetrus
Stuyvesant of date the i6th of June 1664, and confirmed by the
Governor Rit[c]hert Nicolls according to patent of date the 15th
January 1667. Likewise the magistrates of Shinnechtady have
conveyed and made over to the behoof of Elysabeth van der Linde,
widow of the late aforesaid Teunise Cornelise Swert, in the name
of her second husband Jacob Meuse Vroman, a certain corner lot in

1 The following pages contain, besides Professor Pearson's translations of
the Dutch documents in volume 4 (or D) of Deeds, copies of a few English
bonds and memoranda which were appended to these Dutch documents and
which were needed to make the record of the transactions complete. The
remaining portions of the volume, which are in English, have been omitted,
hence the lack of sequence', in the original page numbers inserted in the
text. The volume is lettered on the back " 1688-1708," and the first page is
headed : " In the Name of God amen Record of Conveyances and Mortgages
of houses & Lands in y^. Citty and County of Albany Begunn P™°. January
1685." The first deed is dated December 21, 1688, recorded January i, 1685,
and the last deed September 26, 1705, sworn to September 28, 1705, but there
are a few documents of earlier date than the one first recorded and two
receipts respectively of May i, 1707, and May i, 1708. Moreover, at the end
of the volume, there are five pages of proceedings of the Court of Sessions
for the town and county of Albany, of March 3, i68i, and June 2, 1685, which
like the majority of the deeds are in English and have not been included in
the present publication.

2 iV°. 10: gelegcn over d'Derde Kill, beoosten N°. 9 en N^. 6 bewesten
No. 9 en No. 8 Suyt vant Geberghte, which in the confirmatory patent of
Jan. 15, 1667, reads : " over y« 3*^ Creek or Kill markt w^^^. N°. 10 to y^ East
of No. 9 & No. 6 to ye west of No. 9 & No. 8. to ye South of ye Hills." About
this farm N". 10, see Jonathan Pearson. History of the Schenectady Patent,
p. 67-68, where the date of the patent is by mistake given as January 16, 1667.


the village of Shinnectady lying over against the Blockhouse (to wit
the Church), in length two hundred feet and in breadth one hun-
dred and seventy feet, having to the south and west the streets and
to the east Jan Labathe, according to conveyance of date the 7th
of February 1685; and whereas the aforesaid Elysabeth van der
Linde some time before her second marriage with Jacob Meuse
\"rooman, deceased, bought out all her children procreated by the
aforesaid Teunise Cornelise Swart with regard to their father's
patrimonial estate, therefore the aforesaid Elysabeth van der Linde
has sold all the aforesaid farm lands with the said lot and the
house, barn and ricks, etc., thereon standing to Claes Laurence
Purmerent^ for the sum of five hundred and forty beavers, except-
ing that her son Esias Swert from the aforesaid land is to have
[36] forever and as an estate of inheritance a small parcel of land
in the corner where in the year 1681 pease were sown, all according
to contract of sale thereof dated the 30th of June 1681. For
which parcel of land, lot, house, barn, ricks, etc., the aforesaid Claes
Laurence Purmerent the aforesaid five hundred and forty beavers
has fully paid ; therefore Wouter Uttenhoffe and his present wife
Elisabeth van der Linden aforenamed have granted, conveyed and
made over, as they hereby do grant, convey and make over, to
Claes Laurence Purmerent the said farm lands and the lot whereon
the house, barn and ricks stood in real and actual possession for-
ever and as an estate of inheritance to the behoof of the afore-
named Claes Laurence Purmerent, his heirs, administrators, or
those who hereafter wholly or in part may receive his claim, to dis-
pose of said farm lands and lot and the right and title thereof
according to their pleasure, promising the same to warrant and
defend from all claims and demands from whomsoever it may be,
for which the aforesaid grantor and his wife bind their persons
and estates, real and personal, present and future, nothing ex-
cepted, submitting the same to all courts and judges and in acknowl-
edgment of the truth hereof they have signed and sealed the same on
this twenty-fifth day of April, at Xew Albany, in the fourth year
of their ^Majesties' reign, William and Mary, King and Queen of

1 Professor Pearson here supplies the name " Van der Volgen " while in
the History of the Schenectady Patent, p. 67, 173. he calls him " Claas
Laurense Van Purmerend {alias Van der Volgen)." Purmerend is a city
not far from Edam in the province of North Holland.

DEEDS I 6/ 8- I 704 353

England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defenders of the Faith,
Anno Domini 1692.

Signed, sealed and N. B. That the eldest son of Elisabeth

delivered in pres- van d"". Linden, procreated by her first hus-

ence of band Teunis Cornelise Swart, the afore-

Paulus Martense said purchase of land under date of the

Johannes Glen 30th of June 1681 and also the above con-

veyance approves of and confirms forever
and ever and in acknowledgment of the
truth thereof has signed and sealed this
with his own hand

Was signed: Cornelis Swart (L. S.)
WouTER Uythoff (L. S.)
Elisabeth de Lendt (L.S.)

Recorded 7 January 169I

Grant of water rights on Beaver kill from the deacons of the
Dutch Reformed Church at Albany to Melgert Wynantsen
van der Poel

[52] Know all men by these presents that we, the luidersigned,
Hendrik van Renselaer and Anthony van Schaik, deacons of the
Nether-Dutch Reformed Church of Albany, declare that by virtue
of a certain grant which the deacons of this church received from
the Hon. Mayor Pieter Schuyler, dated the 4th of October 1689,^
they have thereof sold and conveyed, as hereby they do convey, to
Melgert Wynantsen van der Poel and his heirs the water rights
on the Bevers kill below the falls where his sawmill now stands,
to maintain a sawmill there, together with one morgen of land adja-
cent thereto on the north side of the kill, [to have and to hold the
same] forever, with this reservation that the aforesaid Melgert van
der Poel and his heirs or assigns must pay as rent to the ruling
deacons of this church two beavers in boards and four boards more,

1 This grant was from the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of Albany
to the deacons of the Nether-Dutch Reformed Church for " a Certain fall
of waters for a Saw mill upon y^ Bevers Creek Commonly knowne by y^
name of y^ fall of y^ Bevers Creek together with ten acres of Land adjoyning
to said fall on y^ north of the Creek." It is recorded in English in Deeds,


yearly, forever. Hereto we bind ourselves and our successors,
having signed and sealed this with our own hands in Albany, the

9th of March 169!.

Was signed: Hend''. van Renselaer (L. S.)
Anthony v : Schaik (L. S.)

Signed and sealed
in presence of

Johannis Roseboom Record'^, bv

Johannis Cuyler Rob"^. Livingston, Jun"*.

Bond of Cornelis Dyckman to Cornells van Dyck, mortgaging
Dyckman's land at Canistigione (Niskayuna)

[74] Know all men that I, Cornelis Dykman, dwelling at Cani-
stigeone, acknowledge that I am honestly and truly indebted to
Cornelis van Dyk, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns
in the exact sum of two hundred and six guilders in beavers, which
sum aforesaid I, the aforenamed Dykman, promise to pay with in-
terest according to law in January in the year one thousand six hun-
dred and eighty-six and seven; as security for which I, the afore-
said Cornelis Dykman, bind and mortgage my land lying at Kani-
stigione heretofore bought of Dirk Hesseling to the aforesaid Cor-
nelis van Dyk, his heirs and administrators or any one of them, the
same to be at any time declared forfeited ; thus done without fraud
or deceit according to all laws in the year one thousand six hun-
dred and eighty-five in the first year of his Majesty's reign, James
the Second by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, France
and Ireland, in presence of two credible witnesses, with his own
hand signed and sealed December 20th, 1685.

Was signed :

Cornellis Dykman (L. S.)
Signed and sealed
in presence of
Rynier Barents
Gerr-. Lansing

Receipt by Hendrick van Dyck, eldest son of Cornelis van Dyck,
deceased, for seven pounds paid by Johannes Dyckman on
account of the bond given above

I underwritten Hend : van dyk Eldest sonne' and heir of Mr
Cornelis van dyk late of y^ Citty of Albany Deceased and moreover

DEEDS I 678- I 704 355

atturney made by y^ Tutors and oversiers^ (appointed in y^ s^. De-
ceased's Last will and Testament) to Receive all such summe and
summes of money as are due owing to the Estate of s"^. Deceased
doe [therefore] ^ acknowledge to have Received of Johannis Dyck-
man sonne of y^ abovenamed Cornells Dykman y^ summe of seven
pounds Currant money of this Province upon account of y^ above
Mortgage and Doe further hereby stopt y^ Interest of the above
Mortgage from y^ Date hereof to y^ arrivem*. of s*^. Corn : Dyk-
man hier or at alongs ^ to p'"^. Novemb. next Ensueing In witnesse
whereof I have hereunto sett my hand in Alb. this 14*^ of Aprill
1701 *


Memorandum of assignment of the mortgage given above

Alb: y« 15''' of Decemb. 1701

Then appeared M'". Joh^. Abeel and produces an assignm^ of
hend: van dyk in quality as above written who thereby assigns and
setts over unto y^ said Joh^ Abeel all y^ Right title & Intrest which
he y^ said van dyk hath or ought to have to y^ abovewritten mort-
gage as by said assignment in y^. book on folio 226 more at Large
doth appear^

RoB^. Livingston Jun'*. D CI.

Bond of Philip Philipsen de Moor to Anna Cuyler whereby said
de Moor mortgages his farm called De Willigen at Schenec-
tady together with satisfaction of said mortgage

[81] Know all men that I, the undersigned Phillip Philipx d'Moor,
of the county of Albany, acknowledge that I am honestly indebted
to Anna Cuyler, widow of the late Hendrik Cuyler, for goods re-

1 Overseers.

2 Thus in the original, meaning that the word "therefore" should be

3 Read : " at the longest."

* This receipt and the following memorandum were written in English.

5 This assignment, duly recorded in Deeds, 4 ■.226. as above indicated, is in
English and dated the 13th of December 1702. It is accompanied by a
certificate of Ph. Livingston, clerk, dated March 6, 173}, stating that an
original assignment was produced to him, executed by Christophel Abeel, son
of John Abeel, deceased, Goose van Schaick, who married one of the
daughters of said Abeel, and Rutger Bleeker, attorney to the executors of
said Abeel, dated the 14th of February 17IT, whereby they made over to
Cornelis van Dyck of the city of Albany the contents and their interest in
the above " surrender " and also produced an original discharge and acquit-
tance from said Cornelis van Dyck for the consideration money in full for
the mortgage executed by Cornelis Dyckman, recorded on folio 74 of the
same book.


ceived and debts assumed for Lea, widow of Claes Willemsen ^
altogether in the sum of eight hundred and eighty-five guilders
and three stivers seawan ; likewise I acknowledge that by a final
settlement of accounts I owe Pieter Luykasse, free negro of N. York,
for wages earned by him three hundred and eighteen guilders sea-
wan, amounting with the above written altogether to the sum of
one thousand, two hundred and three guilders and three stivers,
which aforesaid sum of / 1203 13 I promise honestly to pay to the
aforenamed Anna Cuyler, her heirs, or the bearer hereof. Hereto
I bind my person and estate, specially my farm land above Schan-
hegtade called De Willigen [the Willows],^ comprising about twenty
morgens, and that nothing thereof shall be sold before said entire
debt shall have been paid, for which I further bind my heirs and
administrators. Thus with my own hand signed and sealed in
Albany, this 26th of May 1693.

The mark P P and seal of Phil:
Philipse (L. S.)

Signed and sealed in
presence of
M: Creiger
Stevanus Groesheek

Albany y^ 14*'' of Aug** 1706

I underwritten doe acknowledge to have Rec^. of Ph : Phillipse
the summe of seven pounds nineteen shillings Curr'money of
n : yorke which is the Remaind''. due by y^ above mortgadge & all
payd & satis fyed Rec*^. my me

JoHANNis Cuyler, Ex^}

Deed from Wouter Aersen to Johannes Cuyler for a house and
lot outside the north gate of Albany

[97] Know all men by these presents that Wouter Aersen Ra-
maker,^ late of the city of Albany, declares that he has conveyed
as he hereby does convey in true, rightful and free ownership to
Johannes Cuyler of the aforesaid city of Albany a certain house
and lot at Albany without the north gate, having to the south the
lot of'Barent Bratt, heir of Jan Janse Noorman, deceased, and to
the north the house and lot of Hillegont, widow of Ryck Claesen ;

1 Professor Pearson here supplies the name " Van Coppernol."

2 About this farm see Professor Pearson's History of the Schenectady
Patent, p. 70, 167, 183, 185.

3 The original of this satisfaction is in English.

4 Meaning " wheelwright." not " sashmaker." as Professor Pearson trans-
lates the variant form Raemmaker in Early Records of Albany, v:i84.

DEEDS 1 6/8- 1 704 357

which he does by virtue of a patent granted to him by Governor
Rich^. Nicolls, deceased, dated May 18, 1667/ in breadth to the
west on the street four rods Enghsh, being three rods, 10 feet, 8
inches Rhineland measure, and also by virtue of a conveyance to
him given by Sw^eer Teunissen van Velsen, dated June 12, 1678,^
in breadth six rods, 2 feet and 6 inches, together ten rods, one foot
and two inches ; to the east ten rods, seven feet and two inches ;
in length to the south (between the street lines of the houses, front
and rear) eight rods and a half and to the north eight rods nine
feet and a half Rhineland measure ; and that free and unincum-
bered, acknowledging that he is fully paid and satisfied therefor,
giving therefore full power to the aforenamed Johannes Cuyler, his
heirs and administrators to do with and dispose of the aforesaid
conveyed house and lot as he might do with his other effects, de-
fending said Johannes Cuyler and his successors from all trouble
and claims either in or out of court in any manner, binding him-
self thereto as by law provided. Thus with my hand signed and
sealed in New York this 2d of November 1696.

Was signed :

The mark -f- and seal of Wouter Aer-
SEN, made with his own hand (L. S.)
Grietie Wouter (L. S.)

Signed and sealed
in presence of
Leonard Lewis
J oh: Groenendyk

Recorded in Albany y^ 16"^ of Ap'. 1697 by

R"^. Livingston JuN^

^ This was a confirmation of the ground brief granted by Stuyvesant to
Jacob Symonsen Klomp, dated October 25, 1653, and made over by Klomp
to Aertsen on November 9, 1655, for a house and lot in Beverwyck " having
to the South Wynan van d'Poole to the West a certain w^ay to the North
Jan Jansen Cuyper and to the East the Waggon way, conteyning in length
tenn Rod three foot & in breadth foure Rod. Together with another Lott
of Ground, & a Garden lying by the Lott: N^. 27, being in Length seaven
Rod, & in breadth five Rod lying upon a square."

2 See Early Records of Albany, i : 184-85.


Mortgage by two Mahican Indians of their land at Schaghticoke

to Robert Sanders

[io8] We, the undersigned, Gekameek and Massehaes, Mahikan-
der Indians, acknowledge and declare that whereas we are indebted
to Rob*. Sanders in a considerable sum in beavers, as appears by his
books, we bind to him all our right and title [to land] which we have
at Skachkook, which shall have effect till we have paid him in full
and if the city of Albany shall happen to buy said land, then Rob*.
Sanders shall be paid the just value of the land as it shall then be
bought by the city. In witness of the truth of which we have signed
this with our hands on the i8th of September at Albany 1686.

This is X the mark of Gekameek
This the mark X of Massehaes
As interpreters of the above :

Abraham Schuyler
AbraJiam Cuyler

In my presence, Jan Becker, Notary Public

Recorded in Albany this lo**^ day of May 1698.

Power of attorney from Margareta van Slichtenhorst, widow of
Philip Schuyler, deceased, to Willem Banken (Banker), mer-
chant at Amsterdam

[log] Appeared before me, Dirk Wessells, mayor of the city of
Albany, lying in the province of New York in America (olim
N: Nederlant), the worthy Madam Margareta van Slichtenhorst,
daughter of the late Brant Aertse van Slichtenhorst, widow of the
late Phillip Schuyler, deceased, assisted by Mr Evert Banken, her
chosen guardian and tutor in this matter, who, being qualified by
the will of her husband deceased to dispose of the real estate de-
volved upon her by inheritance from her father deceased, declared

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