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Thus signed and sealed in Albany November i, 1700.

Was signed :

JoANis Appel (L. S.)
Signed, sealed and de-
livered in presence of
Johannis Cuyler, justice
Peter van Brugh

Recorded the 31"^ December 1700

Deed from Jacob Jansen van Noortstrant to the Dutch Reformed
Church of Albany for a lot in the great pasture of the church
to the south of the city

[184] Know all men by these presents that Jacob Janse van
Noortstrant of Albany, acknowledges that heretofore he sold to
Jacob Tysen van der Heyden in his lifetime a lot for a garden,
lying within the limits of the city of Albany in the great pasture


of the consistory of Albany aforesaid, bounding now on the garden
of the heirs of Jacob Schermerhoorn, deceased, and the Httle
pasture of Robert Sanders and Johannis Beekman, by allotment
N°. 19, in breadth four rods and a half rod, length six rods and a
half ; and whereas there was never given any conveyance for the
aforesaid lot, therefore Anna, widow of said Jacob Tyse van der
Heyden, (in consideration of another garden lot conveyed this
day by the deacons of the church of Albany to said widow's son
Dirk van der Heyden, lying on the plain behind the fence of Mar-
selis Janz, deceased), has requested him to convey the aforesaid lot
to said deacons, as he hereby does convey the aforesaid lot to
Johannis Cuyler and Evert Banker, deacons of said church, with
all his rights therein, conveying the same by virtue of a certain
patent to him granted by the late Governor Petrus Stuyvesant of
date the 25th of October 1653,^ to which reference is herein made,
acknowledging furthermore that he is fully paid and satisfied
therefor and therefore giving full power to said deacons -and to
their successors to do with and dispose of the aforesaid lot as
they might do with their other property, and that forever. Thus'
signed and sealed with my own hand in Albany, December i, anno

Was signed:
Jacob van Noortstr-\nt (L. S.)
Signed, sealed and de-
livered in presence of
David Schuyler, alderman
Johannes Bratt

Recorded y^ 31^* December 1700

Inventory of the estate of Sybrant van Schaick

[187] Inventory taken at the house of Elisabeth van der Poel,
widow of the late Mr Sybrant van Schaik,- master brewer of this
place, on the 20th of May, 1686, at New Albany.

1 The record of this patent, like that of all other patents of 1652 and i6S3,
is lost and there seems to be no confirmatory patent for the property.

2 Sybrant van Schaick was a son of Goosen Gerritsen van Schaick. who in
the accounts of the colony of Rensselaerswyck is entered under date of
April 8, 1637, as " Goosen gerretsz van westerbroeck." Though there is a
place by the name of Westerbroek (also called Westbroek) in the province
of Groningen, it is likely that Goosen Gerritsen came from Westbroek. a
village about three miles north of Utrecht, and that he was related to
Gerrit van Schaick, a brewer at Amersfoort, who between 1547 and 1579
repeatedly was chosen as councilor, schepen and burgomaster of that city,
the same as Aert, Jacob, Willem and Hendrick van Schaick, or van Schaeck,
during the following century. See Van Rensselaer Bon'ier Mss, p. 758,
811-12, and Abraham van Bemmel, Beschryving lan de stad Amersfoort,
2 083-633-

DEEDS I 6/8- I 704


The brewery with its belongings, the house and lot

by her now occupied f 4,000

A piece of land lying at Kinderhoek in joint

ownership with Mr Pieter Shuyler 400

A negro, negress and child 1,040

Two horses and a cow and i fat beast 2/2

Seven hogs 72

One log chain and i scythe and 2 axes 28

Two horse hames and two bridles 24

A saddle and i riding cushion [pillion] 12

For Goose^ a pair of pistols with holsters 32

A sword and belt for Goosen

A good gun and two old ones 40

A cane and two slates 8

Five earthern platters and 3 earthen mugs 13

Two hats 20

A round wooden box 2

A clothes brush . . ^ 2

Two earthen cups i

A bed pan 6

A looking glass 14

A punch bowl 8

A little trunk to keep papers in 6

A portmanteau 2

A clothes chest 10

A small pine clothes press 28

Amounting with the principal to / 6,040

[188] Two wooden benches and a baby walker. 5

Five large chairs and 2 little ones 5

One cradle 2

A small cupboard and a large cupboard 8

Three water pails 10

Two kettles 13

Four iron pots, large and small 18

A copper stewpan 16

Two small copper gravy pans 5

1 Goose van Schaick.





Two small brass scales and i skimmer

Eleven pewter platters

Twenty-five pewter plates

Two pewter bowls

Two pewter bottles

Two pewter mustard pots

A pewter salt cellar and one earthen ditto

A pewter nursing bottle and 14 pewter spoons. .

A copper funnel

A pepper box and i tin funnel

A tin kettle

A large stone jug and i two-quart can

■. , , ] Three pewter pints and two
This reckoned

pewter cans

under pewter V . , ,

, A pewter and an earthen

above , ,

chamber pot

A small box with needles

A pair of boots

A meat tub and a pork barrel

Five butter tins and a churn

A pair of tongs and shovel

Two pairs of andirons . )

An iron hearth plate . . j '

Two Bibles

A church service book with silver trimmings. . . .


96 100



o o







Amounting with the principal to / 6,387 13

[189] Seven hand books small and large.
A half pound of sewing and stitching silk. ,

A quarter [pound] of candle wick

A marking iron

A gridiron and small trivet

Two chimney chains

An empty brandywine cellar with bottles . . ,

Four glass bottles

Five earthenware pots

A saltbox and pepper box

A pothanger and pancake pan ,

A cot

Two beds and two bolsters )

Seven pillows and i cushion C









DEEDS 1678-I704 373

Nine bed covers and a white spread / 56

Two curtains for the bedstead 16

Two bedsteads 22

An iron stand 9

Three Hnen chimney valances 4

A sewing basket and a sewing cushion i

A chopping knife and a flat iron 5

A brass mortar )

Two small tin baskets [ '■■

A cotton sanitary belt 2

Three black dresses for the children and i hat. . 40
Twelve children's shirts, large and small )

Four shirts somewhat larger I

Some neckcloths and bands for the children )
Some children's linen caps and the silk cap i * ' '

Twenty men's and women's large shirts 70

Twenty-two Osnabriick towels 7

Six napkins 2

A white tablecloth and two colored ditto 2

Six pairs of white pillowcases 24

Amounting with the principal to / 6,906 10

[190] Light bed sheets 36

Seven pairs of men's undersleeves )

> ^o

One dozen white nightcaps f

Twenty-five women's caps 20

Ten neckkerchiefs without lace 12

And two ditto with lace 20

One large white linen neckkerchief with lace )

And two black silk ditto \" '

Six white aprons without edging )

And 2 ditto with edging C

A black Tours [grosgrain] apron 9

Sixteen white linen neckcloths )

Two dozen pocket handkerchiefs j

Eight white linen hoods ) -

Seven pairs women's undersleeves \

One pair of man's white linen breeches and )

One ditto of unbleached linen \ ' '

Six pairs of children's linen undersleeves, old ) ^

Five white linen children's aprons ) * *



Sixteen children's caps )

Four children's white linen hoods (
Three children's neckkerchiefs^
Ten women's neckcloths
Three children's tuckers

Two fans

N. B. A little coral chain ^ for Catie. . . .

Four children's neck cloths

A red silk ensign with gold and silver fringe

Nine silver spoons f lbs

N. B. A silver bell and chain for Goosen

N. B. A silver medal and chain for Catie

A silver hair pin and headdress

A silver knife and silver toothpick

A silver braid and some buttons

A box with ribbons

A box with sea wan, pipes and checkers . . .
Two silver beakers and a punch bowl






Amounting with the principal to /

[igi] A gold signet and a gold ring

A small piece of gold and silver

A pair of silver trouser buttons

Three black aprons

A white and green apron

A red serge petticoat

Two crape bodices, i colored, i black

A black silk bodice )

A pair of white and a pair of blue stockings j
A white under-waistcoat
A pair of colored and a pair of man's black

worsted stockings and two pairs of gloves, a

pair of white thread woman's gloves

A black cloth mantle

Tw^o men's black coats, i black breeches and i


Two man's colored cloth coats and i breeches . . .

Two pairs of gold buttons

A pine dining table















90 10

1 Brant korale ketcntie ; meaning either a necklace of special coral, or
else an amber bead chain.

DEEDS I 678-1 704 375

A pair of chamois skin breeches and i serge un-

der-waistcoat with silver buttons / 4

Three table knives i 10

Tv^'O tuns of strong beer 26 14

100 lb shot 18

One child's white spread 6

A parcel of silver buttons 7 13

A parcel of swaddling cloths 16

Amounting with the principal to.. / 'J,']y/ 17

The above is the whole account and inventory of
the estate (except the book debts and credits)

Was signed :

. Lysbet van der Poel
The value of the effects was appraised and agreed
upon as above, by us,


Anthony van Schaik
Jan Lansingh
Lysbett van der Poel

In my presence,

/.• Becker, Notary Pubhc

Agreement between the widow of Sybrant van Schaick and the
guardians of his minor children in regard to said children's
paternal inheritance

[192] On this date, the first of June, at New Albany 1686, being
in the second year of the reign of our sovereign king of Great
Britain, James the second of that name, Elysabeth van der Poel,
widow of the Sybrant van Schaik. of the one side, and
Anthony van Schaik, Jan Lansingh and Livinus van Schaik, as
guardians authorized thereto by the court of this place, upon state-
ment and inventory and appraisal of all the property, both lying
and standing, real and personal, debts and credits, have in all love
and friendship agreed with each other in regard to the apportion-
ment of the property among the children, to wit, Gose aged about
nine years, Catharyna aged about seven years, Anthony aged about
live years and Gerrit aged about two years.

Each of the aforesaid children shall receive for his or her
paternal inheritance sixty good, salable beaver skins, at eight


guilders beaver value apiece ; furthermore, the aforesaid Gose and
his sister Catharyna shall each receive five beaver skins of the
value above named coming from their late uncle Gerrit van Schaik ;
furthermore, Gose shall receive two pistols with holsters coming
from his grandfather Goosen van Schaik, also a sword and baldric,
a silver rattle bell and a silver chain coming from his grandfather
Teunis van der Poel ; also for Catharyna a silver medal and silver
chain coming from her grandmother Catharyna van der Poel and
a coral chain ; which aforesaid monies and goods the aforesaid
Elysabeth shall pay to the aforesaid children to each in particular,
when they shall come to maturity or enter into wedlock and fur-
thermore a proper outfit as the aforesaid mother shall then in
conscience think fit.

Furthermore, all the aforesaid children and each in particular
shall participate in the inheritance which may come to her, Elysa-
beth, hereafter from her side to the same extent as each of those
children who hereafter may be borne by her in lawful wedlock
and in the meanwhile the aforesaid Elysabeth shall be holden the
aforesaid children during their minority to provide with food,
[193] clothing and proper education, and also to have them learn
some honest art or handicraft thereby in after times to earn their
living, and furthermore to do all things as an honest and faithful
mother is bound to do. Furthermore if one or more of the afore-
said children happen to die under lawful age then his or their por-
tion shall go to the other child or children. Also as about two hun-
dred beavers of book debts are found which the savages or Indians
owe, on which at present little can be counted, the aforesaid
mother binds herself to pay to the aforesaid children the just half
of what shall be received therefrom. Also, if there happen to be
found debts and credits without this jurisdiction, they shall inure
to the profit and loss as well of the mother as of said children.

For the just performance of what is above written, the afore-
said Elysabeth van der Poel specially binds her house and lot lying
in this city, now occupied by her, and also the brewery with the
ground whereon it stands and all its appurtenances, and further-
more her person and estate, nothing excepted, [submitting the
same] to the control as by law provided.

And whereas the contracting parties herein mentioned are well
satisfied with all that is hereinbefore written, therefore they each
for himself for the just performance of the same, bind their per-
sons and estates, subject to the laws thereto provided and have

DEEDS I 678- I 704 377

without craft or guile subscribed with their own hands and sealed
this at the house of the aforesaid Elysabeth, datum ut supra.

Witnesses :

Lysbett van der Poel



Dirk Teunise

Anthony van Schaik



Ben: van Corlaer

LiviNus VAN Schaik



John Lansingh



In my presence, J. Becker, Notary Public

Marriage contract between Bennony van Corlaer and Elisabeth
van der Poel, widow of Sybrant van Schaick

[194] In the name of the Lord, Amen.

Know all men whom it concerns, that on the second day of the
month of June, at New Albany 1686, being in the second year of
the reign of our sovereign king of Great Britain, James the second
of that name, Bennony van Corlaer, young man and present bride-
groom of Elysabeth van der Poel, widow of the late Sybrant van
Schaik, who left behind four children by her to whom yesterday
was apportioned their father's estate as by the settlement thereof
appears ; which widow is now minded to enter into wedlock for
the second time ; therefore, before entering into the same they have
caused this their marriage contract to be drawn up, as they do
hereby, in manner following:

First, the parties bring together all monies, goods, claims and
credits, nothing excepted, which they have individually, the same
to be possessed by them in common.

Second, the monies and goods which the bride during marriage
may receive by inheritance and if she happen to die during the
marriage before her future husband, her aforesaid four children
shall participate in equally with the other children who during
the marriage may come to be lawfully procreated.

Third, the aforesaid Elysabeth during marriage happening to
die before Bennony, he shall release the just half of the whole
estate and property to the behoof of the children aforesaid and
those whom they may have together in order to let each of the
said children participate therein equally with the others, but the
clothes and all that belongs to the bride's body shall be for the
children alone, the bridegroom retaining and keeping whatever
belongs to his body, and the household furniture and effects shall


also be set aside and remain in the full possession of the survivor.
The bride being the survivor of the two shall remain in possession
of the whole estate and effects, without interference by an3'one
whomsoever or anyone demanding security, much less the delivery
of an account and inventory thereof during the time of her widow-
hood, but again entering into wedlock she shall also release a just
half, but the clothing, household furniture and chattels shall go as
was said of the bridegroom above.

[195] Furthermore, the bride shall have the power to choose
guardians as she pleases. Also, the survivor remains holden to
bring up honestly according to their estate and condition the
children which are now living and which may yet by them together
come to be procreated, until their maturity, and also to cause them
to learn some honest trade whereby afterwards to earn their living.

This the aforesaid bridegroom and bride declare to be their
earnest and deliberate will and promise the same faithfully to
perform, submitting themselves hereby to all courts and judges and
have in witness of the truth subscribed this with their own hands
and sealed it at the house of the aforesaid bride standing in this
city, on the date above written, in the morning about nine o'clock.

Lysbet van der Poel (L. S.)
Bennony VAX Corlaer (L. S.)

Witnesses :

Lh'inus van Schayk

Dirk Teunise

In my presence,

J. Becker, Notary Public
Recorded by R"^. Livingston Jun". D.Cl.

Release by Goosen van Schaick of his paternal inheritance

I, the undersigned, Goosen van Schayk, eldest son of Sybrant
van Schaik, deceased, of the city of Albany, acknowledge hereby
that I have received from my step-father Bennony van Corlaer
in full satisfaction of my paternal inheritance the sum of sixty
beavers in money together with what was further apportioned to
me in the settlement between my mother Elysabeth and my guard-
ians dated the ist of June 1686, and I therefore release my afore-
said step-father and said mother from all further claims with

DEEDS I 678- I 704 379

regard to the aforesaid inheritance. Thus subscribed with my own
hand and sealed at Albany this ist of January 170 J.

Was signed :
Goose van Schayk (L. S.)
Signed, sealed and delivered
in presence of
Johannis Ciiyler, alderman
Adryaen Quackenbos
Andries Cooyeman

Release by Adriaen Quackenbos of his wife's paternal inheritance

[196] I, the undersigned, Adriaen Quackenbos, as husband
and guardian of Catharyna, daughter of Sybrant van Schaik, de-
ceased, of the city of Albany, acknowledge hereby that I have
received from my wife's step-father Bennony van Corlaer in full
satisfaction of her paternal inheritance the sum of sixty beavers
in money together wdth what was further apportioned to her by
the settlement between her mother, my mother-in-law, Elisabeth,
and my wife's guardians, dated the ist of June 1686, therefore I
release our step-father and aforesaid mother from all further
claims with regard to the aforesaid inheritance. Thus with my
own hand signed and sealed in Albany, this ist of January 170^.

Was signed :

Adryaen Quackenbos (L. S.)

Signed, sealed and delivered
in presence of
Johannis Cuyler, alderman
Goose van Schaik
Andries Koeyemans

Release by Bennony van Corlaer to his step-son Goose van
Schaick of his third interest in land at Kinderhook purchased
by Col. Pieter Schuyler, Sybrant van Schaick and Jan Tysen

Know all men by these presents that I, the undersigned, Bennony
van Corlaer, of the city of Albany, declare that in consideration of
a certain sum of money I have partly sold and furthermore given
to my step-son Goose van Schaik, eldest son of my predecessor
Sybrant van Schayk, deceased, my right in the land heretofore


bought by Col. Pieter Schuyler and my predecessor aforesaid with
Jan Tysen Goes, lying at Kinderhoek near Pompoenick, on the little
kill, by the claim of ^laj''. Jan Hendrikse Bruyn, in the county of
Albany, according to patent thereof in the hands of said Col. Pieter
Schuyler. I therefore hereby fully relinquish my said rights, to
wit, the first third part of the land and rights in said patent and
conveyance thereof, to the said Goosen van Schayck, his heirs and
administrators forever, binding thereto my person, heirs and ad-
ministrators. Thus with my hand subscribed and sealed in Albany
the first of January i/O ? .

Bexnony Corlaer (L. S.)
Signed, sealed and delivered
in presence of
Johannis Ctilycr, alderman
Adryaen Quackenboss

Record [ed] y« i^^ Jan>". 170 ?

Bond of Bennony van Corlaer to Barent Pietersen Coeymans
mortgaging his house and brewery in Albany

[197] Know all men by these presents, that I, the undersigned,
Bennony van Corlaer, of the city of Albany, acknowledge that my
predecessor Sybrant van Schayk, deceased, remained indebted to
Barent Pieterse Koeyman of Albany county in the sum of two hun-
dred and sixty-six guilders in beavers with the interest at six to the
hundred yearly, by obligation of date the 6th of November 1685,
and also by entry in the book of said Van Schayk written with his
own hand. Also, I acknowledge that I am indebted to said Bar:
Koeyman in the sum of thirty-seven pounds, twelve shillings, ten
pence for wheat heretofore received, likewise the remainder of
interest thereon reckoned from the 25th of May 1694, amounting
to six pounds, five shillings : furthermore that I have now received
the sum of thirty pounds current money of this province, being in
payment of the remainder on the (former old house and) lot brought
by my aforenamed predecessor of Major Abraham Staets, deceased,
and in pa}Tnent of the remainder to Goosen and Catharyna, two
children of lawful age of my wife Elysabeth van der Poel, according
to her settlement with the guardians of date the ist of June 1686.

Which above written obligation and the debt by me made, being
the principal sum of sixty-seven pounds, twelve shillings and 10
pence current money aforesaid- with interest thereon at six to the

DEEDS I 6/8- I 704 381

hundred yearly, I honestly promise to pay to the abovesaid Barent
Koeyman, his heirs and administrators, likewise the aforesaid six
pounds, five shillings at the time when my aforenamed wife's
youngest child by her first husband shall become of age and not
before; binding hereto my person and estate, specially my house
and half interest in the brewery, with all the ground thereto belong-
ing, standing and lying here in Albany city aforesaid between the
house of said Abraham Staets's widow Catryn Jochims and the
house of Ju.riaen van Hoesen, [promising] that nothing thereof
shall be sold before and until said whole debts and interest shall
be paid, always with this understanding that in case said mortgaged
house and lot should be sold before the coming of age as aforesaid
then the aforesaid debts and interest shall be at once paid out of
the proceeds.

Whereto I further bind my heirs and administrators. Thus with
my own hand subscribed and sealed in Albany this first of January

Was signed:

Bennony v: Corlaer (L. S.)
Signed, sealed and delivered
in presence of
Johannis Cuyler, alderman
Goose van Schayk
Adryaen Qiiackenboss

Recorded p"^°. January 170"

Decision of referees in the matter between Geurt Hendricksen
and Barent Albertsen Bratt of Half Moon in regard to the
fencing of their respective lands

[200] Memorandum that on the 5th of June 1683 the Court
ordered the following decision to be recorded, which as it is not
found under its date of September i6th, nor yet in any other place,
is therefore here recorded as follows :

We, the undersigned, having been appointed by the Court to
decide the dispute between Geurt Hendrikse and Barent Albertse
Bratt, residents of the Halve Maen, in regard to their fences, pur-
suant to the order of the Court dated June 5, 1683, therefore now
judge and find that each shall fence his own land, that is, that Geurt
shall fence his land on the main shore and that Barent Albertse
likewise shall have lo fence his island and that if any loss come to


him by the trespassing of either Geurt's or other people's cattle, he
must suffer the same and also make good the damage done by him-
self or his men to any cattle, in so far as the same is due to his
land not being fenced, and all this according to his offer. Done in
Albany, the i6th of September 1683.

Was signed : Marte Gerritse

Hendrik van Ness

Upon collation this is found to agree with the original.
Oiiod attestor,

Robt. Livixgston, Secretary
Recorded y'^ 21^' of Feb. 170^

Agreement between Geurt Hendricksen and Barent Albertsen
Bratt in regard to the fencing of their lands at Half Moon

[201] Know all men by these presents that we, the undersigned,
Geurt Hendriksen of the Halve ]\Iaen in the county of Albany, and
Barent Albertsen Brad of the city of Albany, neighbors as to lands
in the Halve Alaen aforesaid, declare that we have agreed with each
other in love and friendship as follows, to wit : Respecting the
fencing of their lands in the aforesaid Halve Maen, namely, that
they shall maintain the partition fence on the division line of their
lands in common, and instead of Barent Bratt's being obliged to

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