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rent, a peck of wheat per morgen. Phillip Phillipse promises next
spring to provide the sixth flat with a proper fence against hogs,
from one end on the river back to the woodland and around to the
other end on the river, provided that Coppenhol help lay the logs.
Phillip Phillipse is holden to make conveyance of the land and
house next April 1690 and promises to pay to boot to Claes W^illemse
the quantity of one hundred and sixty-seven beavers, reckoned at
eight guilders apiece, in good winter wheat or peas at market price,
promising in the spring to release Claes Willemse from [his obliga-
tion to] Willem Teller in the sum of one hundred beavers with the
interest thereon; and the contracting parties promise to carry to

1 Philip Philipsen de Moer; see History of the Schenectady Patent, p. 75.
- The village of Schenectady.
3 gemeens niannen.


Albany together in the winter months the grain that Phillip
Phillipse delivers on the hundred beavers, but as to what shall be
delivered in the spring, that Phillip Phillipse must carry there alone.
Furthermore Phillip Phillipse promises to pay to Claes Willemse
sixty-seven beavers within five years, every year in the three w'inter
months a just fifth part of said sum in good winter wheat and
peas at market price, the first payment to be in the winter of next
year; and Claes Willemse promises to release the land whenever
he shall be discharged of the hundred beavers due to Willem Teller
and the 67 beavers likewise being paid Claes Willemse promises
a proper conveyance to make. For the performance of the above
the contracting parties mutually bind their respective persons and
estates, real and personal, present and future, nothing excepted,
submitting the same to the authority of all lords, courts and judges.
In witness of the truth, this is subscribed w'ith their own hands the
24th of April- 1689 in the Woestyne} present Daniel Janz- and
Jacobus Peek, called as witnesses hereto, who wnth the parties have
subscribed the original draft hereof remaining in my custody.

Collated by me,


As the principal ^ of this contract is missing, therefore we, Phillip
Phillipse and Elisabeth, his wife, hereby declare and certify that
we hold valid said contract in all its parts and will perform and
execute all that this contract calls for and will give such further
writings as are required by this agreement according to the decision
of the arbitrators. Schinnechtady the 3d October 1691.

Was signed:

X (L. S.)

These are the marks of Phillip

X (L. S.)

Phillipse and his wife
Witnesses :
Daniel Janz
Adam Vroman
Recorded y^ 28^ of feb. i/Oj

^ Meaning: the ^^'ilderness. or Desert. See History of the Schenectady
Patent, p. 7^, 127, 130, 174, 201, 226, 268.

2 Daniel Jansen van Antwerp.

^'t Principaele ; that is. the original signed by and issued to each of the
contracting parties, as distineuished from V^.e original draft, or viiniiut, which
is kept hy the clerk of the court or the notarj'.

DEEDS I 678-1 704 395

Quitclaim deed from Wouter Aertsen to the heirs of Evert
Lucassen for a garden behind Fort Orange

[239] New York at Sapohanick

On this i6th of May 1702 I, Wouter Aertse, acknowledge that
in the year 1660 I sold to Evert Luykasse a garden behind Fort
Orange and to the south of the village of Beverwyk, to the west of
the highway, to the north of Hendrik van Doesburch and to south
of Evert Wendel, for which garden aforesaid I acknowledge the
receipt in full payment therefor of the sum of forty guilders cash,
whereupon I convey my right and title to the heirs of the aforesaid
Evert Luykasse. Without fraud or deceit I have hereto set my
hand and seal.

This is the X mark of (L. S.)

Wouter Aertse, made with his own hand
Witnesses :
Jan Mead
David Mendeviel
Pieter Bogardus

Contract of sale between De Joncker and Claes Laurensen of
land at Kinderhook and certificates regarding the same

[243] On this day, the first of May Anno 1661, de Joncker^ of
the one side and Claes Laurense^ of the other side have agreed and
contracted- about certain pieces of land and woods lying and being
in the jurisdiction of Albany, behind the Kinderhoek, on a large
kill which flows into the river by Abraham Staets, namely, de
Jonker sells all his rights on both sides of the kill to Claes Laurence
for the sum of 86 guilders ; in the first place the seller's land runs
on the west side of and down said kill, in breadth two thousand
paces, to the last large falls, and thence again up said kill on the east
side, of the same breadth, eighteen hundred paces above the third
large falls. Thus done on the aforesaid date, the first of May, both
parties being fully resolved thereto, by ^ me, Volkert Janse, in

1 The identity of this person is uncertain, but judging from his mark, he
may be the same as Jonathan Borns, or Brons, who on May 9, 1661, with
Samuel Allin and Pieter Symonsen, entered into a contract with Jeremias
van Rensselaer, Arent van Curler and Volckert Jansen to plant tobacco.
See Notarial Papers, i :83.

2 Professor Pearson here supplies the name Van der Volgen, but from
the certificates that follow it would seem that he was the same person as
Claes Bever, and perhaps also as Claes van Schaak.

3 Intended for "before"?


presence of the undersigned witnesses, Hendrik Coenraedse and
Abraham Stevense.

Was signed :

d'Jonker I his own mark
Hendrik H Coenraetse his own mark
Abraham A Stevense his own mark

I (underwritten) Laurence van Ale, acknowledge that Claes
Bever bought of de Joncker certain land and woods, which was
allowed him by Evert Luykasse [in] 1667 ; the marking of the woods
was seen on the date hereof, the ist of March 1697, by Pieter Vos-
burgh and Hendrik Coenradse on the south of the land on the bank
of the kill a fir tree, on the north a little by a rift and thence
across the kill.

Pieter Vosburgh
This is H the mark of Hendrik Coenrades

Anno 1702, the 25th of September, at the Kinderhoek, upon the
request of Laurence van Schaak to the aldermen of the Kinderhoek
whether his father Claes van Schaak is mentioned in the patent.^
we acknowledge that he appears therein as a rightful owner accord-
ing to the purchase, the required quitrent having been paid. Sub-
scribed and signed at the Kinderhoek.

Abraham van Alstyn
Coexraet Borghget^
Recorded y^ 30^^^ of Sep''. 1702

[In the margin was written:]

Att a Court of Sessions held for y« Citty & County of Albany
on y^ first of June 1703 It is ordered that these annexed three
writtings be Chancel ed and annuld which said writteings are hereby
annulled accordingly^

by Robert Livingston Junior D. CI.

Quitclaim deed from Adriaen van Ilpendam to Capt. Hans
Hendricksen for part of a lot in Albany

[254] I, the undersigned, Adriaen van Elpendam, hereby acknowl-
edge that on this i8th day of June 1679 I have sold and delivered to

1 Probably the Kinderhook patent of March 14, i68f , which contains
the name of Claes Beaver, but does not mention Claes van Schaak. Cf.
note 2 to contract of sale above, and Edward A. Collier, History of Old
Kinderhook, p. 100, 534.

2 Apparently intended for Coenraet Borghardt.

3 The minutes of this Court of Sessions have disappeared.

DEEDS I 678- I 704 397

Capt. Hans Hendriksen fifteen wood feet from the length of my
lot lying in New Albany, to wit on the west side of my lot and is
in breadth from the street to the lot of Jacob Tyse van der Heyden.
and I deliver said fifteen feet of lot to him free and mimcumbered
(excepting the lord's right) ; for which said piece of lot I acknowl-
edge that I am fully paid and satisfied to my content.

In confirmation of which I have (in presence of Claes Janz van
Baren and Frans Janz Pruyn, called as witnesses hereto) sub-
scribed this with my own hand in New Albany, date aforesaid.

Was signed :

As witnesses : Adriaen van Elpendam

Claes Janz van Baren
Frans Jans Pruyn

Recorded y^ 27 of Octob. 1702 by R"^. Livingston Jun«. D. CI}

Deed from Wattawitt, a Mahican Indian, to Laurence van Alen
for a parcel of land near Kinderhook

[259] Appeared before me, Lodowicus Cobus, secretary of
Albany, colony of Renselaerswyk and Shinnechtady, on the date
underwritten, in presence of the hereinafter named witnesses,
Wattawitt, a Mahikan Indian, who acknowledged that he had sold
to Laurence v : Ale, as he hereby does sell, a certain parcel of land
to the southwest of the land formerly sold by him, together with
the woodland of the same width as the land, extending with a small
thicket {creupelhossie) to the little lake,- for which Laurence van
Ale promises to pay a coverlet and a child's coverlet, two axes, two
handfuls of powder, an adze and a bar of lead, wherewith said
W^atawith acknowledges himself to be fully paid and satisfied, and
does hereby convey to said Laurence van Ale the real and actual
possession of the said land, promising to warrant and defend the
same from all trouble, claims and demands according to law and
nevermore to do nor cause to be done anything contrary hereto,
binding himself thereto as by law provided. Done in Albany the
17th of October 1669, in presence of Arnout Comelise Viele and
Willem Teller, as witnesses on the part of Laurence van Ale, and
on the part of Wattawit, Wanawakin and Waptow, also as wit-

1 The deed is recorded twice on the same page, the first record being

2 This land was apparently situated near Kinderhook. See Doc. Rcl. to Col.
Hist. N. Y., 13 :399, and Edward A. CoUier, History of Old Kinderhook,
p. 69.


nesses, who with the parties have signed the original record hereof
in the protocol of me, the notar}-.^

Upon collation this is found to agree with
the original, by me,

LoDOWicus CoBES, Noti Pub: i6/p

Recorded y^ 19^ of March 170 |.

Release by Anthony van Schaick of all demands on account of

his father's estate

[260] I, the undersigned, Anthonie van Schaick, Junior, son of
Sybrant van Schaick, deceased, of the city of Albany, hereby
acknowledge that I have received as my share of my father's
estate the sum of sixty beavers in money, to wit, thirty-six pounds
current money of this province, which by the settlement between
my mother Elisabeth van der Poel and my guardians, dated the
1st of June 1686, was apportioned to me, and that I have been
fully satisfied therefor by my step-father Bennonie van Corlaer by
the hands of Barent Pieterse Coeyman, who was to pay the same
as mentioned in a certain conveyance from B : v : Corlaer dated the
1st of January i/Oi;- therefore I release my said stepfather and
aforenamed mother from all further claims on account of the afore-
said estate. Thus with my own hand signed and sealed in Albany,
this 3d of Alay 1703.

Anthony van Schaick, Junior (L. S.)

Signed, sealed and delivered
in presence of
Johannis Ctiyler, alderman
Anthony van Schaick
Recorded y« 10 of June 1703

Deed from Aeltie. widow of the late Gerrit van Slichtenhorst,
to Gysbert Marcelis and Johannes Roos for a house and lot
in Albany on the hill
[267] On this day, the 15th of August 1684, Aeltie, widow and

relict of the late Ger^ van Slechtenhorst, declared th^t she granted

^tcn Prothocolle mijiis Xotaris: imph-ing that besides his secretarial record
published in Earh Records of Albany, i :4J0-509. he kept a record of trans-
actions executed before him as notary public. Of this latter record no other
trace has been found.

- Referring to a deed for a house and lot and parcel of ground in Albany,
recorded in English on p. 229-30 of Deeds, v. 4.

DEEDS I 678-1 704 399

and conveyed in true, rightful and free ownership to and for the
behoof of Gysbert Marceelis and Johannis Roos a certain house and
lot, standing and lying here in Albany on the hill, with all that is fast
by earth or nail, as it was sold to her and was then inclosed in
fence, according to bill of sale of date the 19th July 1680, having
to the south and west the streets, to the north Claes Ripse and to
the east Jacob Abrahamse Cuyper ; which she, the grantor, does
by virtue of the patent to her late husband granted by the late
Governor-General Richard Nicolls, of date the 27th of April 1667,^
to which reference is herein made, and that free and unincumbered,
without any charges thereon or issuing out of the same, saving the
lord's right, without the grantor's making any further claim thereto,
acknowledging that she is fully paid and satisfied therefor, the first
penny with the last, therefore giving plenam actionem cessani and
full power to the aforesaid Gysbert Marceelis and Johannis Roos,
their heirs, successors and assigns, to do with and dispose of the
aforesaid house and lot as they might do with their own patrimonial
estates and effects, promising to warrant and defend the same
against all persons from all claims, demands and incumbrances
according to law and further nevermore to do nor cause to be done
anything contrary hereto in any manner, binding herself hereto as
by law provided. Done in Kinghston, the 15th of August, 1684.

Aeltie v: Sleghtenhorst (L. S.)
Signed and sealed
in presence of us,
John Spragge
Roeloff Swartwout
N : Anthony

Recorded y^ 16^^. of Septemb. A°. 1703

by R^. Livingston y.

1 This refers apparently to a confirmatory patent to Gerrit van Slichten-
horst bearing date the 26th of April 1667, for a " certain Lott of Ground
lying in Beverwick at Albany bounded on the west with the Highway com-
monly called the Hill street being in breadth on the west side seaven Rod,
& three foot Rynland measure in length on the south side of the way
twenty Rod and a halfe on the East in breadth foure Rod tenn foot & a
halfe & on the North in length as on the south which s^i Lott of Ground
is now in the possession of Gerrit Slichtenhorst he having made purchase
of the same of Cornelys Cornelyssen yoor woout [van Voorhout]." Professor
Pearson places this lot on the northeast corner of Maiden Lane and North
Pearl street, which agrees with the description in the above deed " having
to the south and west the streets," but conflicts with the statement in the
patent " in length on the south side of the way."


Agreement between Volkje Juriaens, widow of Jan van Hoesem,
and Gerrit Visbeek and her son Juriaen van Hoesem respecting
the settlement of the estate of Jan van Hoesem

[278] Know all men by these presents that we, the undersigned,
\'olkie Juriaense, widow of Jan van Hoesem, and Gerrit V'isbeek,
of the one part, and her son Juriaen van Hoesen, of the other part,
acknowledge that in all love and friendship we have agreed in
manner following:

First, we ha\"e annulled and canceled a certain contract between
said Volkie and Juriaen together with his brother-in-law Jan Tyse
and Luykas Gerritse made in the presence of the honorable orphan
masters under date of the 30th of May 1667, and contracted anew,
namely, that Volkie shall remain in full possession of the whole
estate, as well lands, houses and lots at Claverak^ or elsewhere, as
all other property, real and personal, nothing excepted, during the
term of her life, on condition that she remain holden on demand to
furnish a statement and inventory of the entire estate and effects
and that after the death of Volkie the whole estate, lands, houses,
lots, personal and real property, shall be divided as follows :

First, Juriaen, as the eldest son, shall receive for his birthright
in advance, before any partition is made, the value of eight pounds
current money of this province wuth a certain parcel of woodland
over on the east side of the Great kill, extending northwardly along
the Kleykuls (Clay pit) kill and ending at a great height called
Beeren (Bears') island, provided that his brother Johannis shall
have one-third thereof ; likewise Johannis shall have in advance a
certain parcel of land called Carels Bouwereye- lying to the north
over the Great kill, beginning at the first settled farm and extending
to the small flat of Frenck Herdingh f furthermore the small fiat
possessed by Frenck, Johannis shall have also, together with another
small flat opposite the farm opposite the Great kill, and his house,
buildings and lot and other rights on the strand possessed by him.

[279] His brother Jacob shall have in advance the land that he at
present possesses.

ijan Fransen van Hoesem bought a tract of land at Claverack from the
Indians on June 5. 1662, and received a confirmatory patent for the same
on May 14, 1667. The parcels of land mentioned in this agreen.ent were
all part of this tract, as shown by the various releases for these parcels
which are recorded in English immediately after this agreement.

2 Hans Card's farm.

3 Frank Haringh, or Francis Hardick; see below and Deeds, 4:281-82.

DEEDS I 6/ 8- I 704 401

His brother Volkert shall have in advance the woodland over the
Kleykuyls (Clay pit) kill, along the Kalebergh (Bald mountain).

His brother-in-law Frank shall have in advance the land pur-
chased by him and the buildings thereon, which he possesses, be-
ginning at the strand, north of the cart path, upwards to the sprout
of Drent's bridge, the boundary of Jacob's claim. ^

Anna, wife of Luycas Gerritze, shall have in advance a bed, two
pillows and a bolster, for the reason that Volkie has heretofore
promised them, and then the residue of the whole estate, lands,
houses, etc., real and personal property, nothing excepted, shall be
distributed equally among the eight children and heirs, to wit,
Juriaen ; Styntie, wife of Jan Tysse ; ^ Anna, wife of Lucas Gerritse ;
Marya, wife of Hendi^. Coenraetse;^ Catharina, wife of Frenck
Hardingh, Johannis, Jacob and Volkert van Hoesem, on condition
that Juriaen shall have the prior right and privilege to buy the farm
lands or other real estate, provided he pay his brothers and sisters
what four impartial men shall judge the same to be worth. It is
further agreed between Volkie and her son Juriaen that he shall
have a lease of the aforementioned farm and buildings which are
now leased to Johannis Dyckman, beginning next autumn and to
last during his mother's lifetime, for which he promises to pay as
rent the fourth sheaf of all the crops on the land. All that is here-
inbefore written the aforesaid Volkie and her son Juriaen, each as
regards his [or her own obligations], promise to perform in all its
parts, annulling and canceling hereby all former contracts, wills, or
other writings by the aforesaid Volkie or the aforesaid Gerrit
Visbeek jointly or severally made, [declaring the same] as of no
force and efifect for any action contrary to this preceding contract,
to which end the aforesaid Volkie and her son Jeuriaen bind them-

'^beginncndc vant t straiit bcnoorden het wage pat opicaerts totte Spruyt
van dr^iit syn Brugh schcydendc by Jacob syn gcrechtighcyt. In the release
from Juriaen van Hoesem to Francis Herdick, Deeds, 4 :282-83, the description
reads : " Beginning from y^ River side and Runs up Eastwarde unto y^
woods allong y^ north side of y^ waggon way to y^ Spruyt of Drents Bridge
at ye bounds of y^ said Juriaen van hoese and so along y^ said Bounds
northward to y^ bounds of Jacob Janz van hoese and from thence West-
ward along his bounds to y^ said River side."

2 Jan Tyssen Goes; see Deeds, 4:281.

3 The release from the other heirs to Juriaen van Hoesem, dated January
7, 1707, mentions Coenraet and Jan Borghart, heirs of Maria van Hoese,
deceased, showing that Hendrick Coenraetsen's name was Borghart, and not
Ten Eyck, as stated in Edward A; Collier, History of Old Kinderhook, p. 98.
In an affidavit attached to the same release, dated February 5, 170!, Jan
Borghart is referred to as " John Barheyt, now full aged."


selves each in the sum of one thousand pounds current money of
this province or the value thereof, to be paid by the opponent to the
other party, or his or her heirs. Without fraud or deceit, thus
executed on the 226. day of June at N : Albany, at the house of the
aforesaid \'olkie, A°. 1694, being in the sixth year of the reign of
William and Mary, King and Queen of England, Scotland, France
and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith, etc., and in witness of the truth
they have signed and sealed this with their own hands.

This is the X mark of



Signed, sealed and delivered

in our presence

/; Abe el, Mayor

Dirk Wessells, Recorder

Johannis Cuyler

J: Becker, Notary Public

Recorded y^ 16 of Novemb. 1703

Agreement between Gerrit Teunissen and Jonas, Andries and
Hendrick Dow regarding the partition of a farm bought by
them from Samuel Staets

[289] Whereas we, the undersigned, Gerrit Teunise,^ Jonas Dow,
Andries Dow and Hendrik Dow bought of Joghim Staats, attorney
for Samuel Staats, a certain farm, etc., according to the preceding
contract of sale- dated the 4th of April 1700, therefore we hereby
certify and declare that the just third part of said farm, etc., is for
the behoof of Gerrit Teunise and Jonas Dow and their heirs and
assigns forever, a just third part as before for Andries Dow and
his heirs and assigns forever, and a just third part as before for
Hendirk Dow and his heirs and assigns forever and that whenever

1 Gerrit Teunissen van Vechten.

2 This contract of sale is in English and recorded in Deeds, 4 :288-89. In
it the buyers are called Gerrit Teunise, Jonas Volkertse, Andries Volkertse
and Hendrik Volkertse Dow, and the farm is described as " Belonging to said
Samuel Staets Scituate Lyeing and being to y^ South of Albany aforesaid
on }•« East side of hudsons River upon ye Island Commonl}- called Papskney
with ye houses Barnes orchards and Chatells so as y^ same now is in y^
Tenure & occupation of Cornelis Teunise together with all and singular y^
Right. Title & Intrest of said Samuel Staats so as y*" same is made over to
him by ye Patroon Kelliaen van Renselaer."

DEEDS I 678- I 704 403

the same shall be partitioned it shall be laid out into three parts, for
the performance and execution of which we bind ourselves, our
heirs and assigns. Thus done in the county of Albany, this 31st of
January i7of.


Gerrit X Teunise
Witnesses : his mark

W. De Meyer Jonas Dow

Harpert Jacobse Andries Dow

Vplkert Dozv Hend*^. Dow

Marriage contract between Claes Jansen van Bockhoven and
Cathalyna Andriese de Vos, widow of Barent Jansen

[296] Know all men by these presents that we, the undersigned,
Claas Jansen van Bockhoven,^ widower of Volkie Janz, bridegroom,
of the one part, and Cathalyna Andriese de Voss, widow of Barent
Janse,^ bride, of the other part, both dwelling in the county of Al-
bany, acknowledge and declare that we, out of sincere love and
mutual affection which we have for each other, being inclined and
disposed to enter into wedlock and therefore desiring to avoid all
future disputes and discord as well for ourselves as for our heirs or
assigns respecting our respective temporal estates which God Al-
mighty far above our merits and deserts has pleased to grant us,
so have we together first made and concluded this our present mar-
riage contract in manner and form following:

First, the bridegroom aforenamed for the maintenance of this
their proposed marriage shall contribute his lands and claims lying
at Canastagioene on the east side of the river, comprising about
eighteen to twenty morgens of arable land with a pasture and
woodland thereto belonging.

Also the house and lot by the bridegroom aforenamed now
[occupied?] lying in the city of Albany between the houses ot
Jan van Loon and Harmen Gansevoort.

1 Also referred to as Clacs dc Brabander, Bokhoven being a village about
six miles northwest of Bois-Ie-Duc in the province of North Brabant.

2 Barent Janse van Dittmarse (Ditmarschen, the western part of Holstein) ;
see Deeds, 4 -.ij. According to Jonathan Pearson, History of the Schenectady
Patent, p. 62-63, Barent Janse was Cathalyna de Vos's second husband, her
first husband being Arent Bratt.


Furthermore a lot lying on the south side of Canastagioene
river, to the east of the fort. Also all his other estate and personal
property, nothing whatever excepted or reserved.

On the other hand so shall the bride aforenamed for the mainte-
nance of this their proposed marriage contribute, two parcels of
land lying at Shinnechtady, the one being next to the land of Barent
W'emp, the other parcel lies over against Malwyk,^ together with a
pasture and woodland bought of Sassiaen."

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