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Also a lot lying within the village of Shinnechtady, where her
dwelling place was.

Also the land in company with her son Dirk Arentse Bratt.

Also a lot lying on the north side of the city of Albany.

Also two gardens lying at Shinnechtady next the pasture of
Gerrit Banker, deceased, and further all her personal property,
nothing whatever excepted or reserved.

All the aforenamed property, as well of one as of the other side,
with all the interest, rents, emoluments, income, debts and credits,
profit and loss, shall be in common to both sides and after the
death of one of them, the survivor is to remain in full possession of
all the aforegoing property without molestation or hindrance of any
one whomsoever, and receive all the profit or loss as aforesaid.

[297] Third, the two negros named Sam and Jack, a negress
named Isaabelle and also two children of said negress. the one
named Sussanna and the other Rachel, after the death of us both
shall have and enjoy their full freedom without any one's having
power to burden them further with any servile labor, or hire out or
sell them, but they shall from that time their full freedom have and
enjoy as aforesaid and if the aforesaid negress shall come to have
any more children they shall likewise at the same time have their

Fourth, after the death of us both there shall be paid out of the
common estate to Johannis Wynkoop, son of Cornells Wynkoop, a
sum of five pounds current money of this province.

Fifth, as to the residue of the common estate which on the death
of both may remain or be left the same shall be and remain for the

1 Maahvyck, a tract on the north side of the Mohawk river. See History
of the Schenectady Patent, p. 71.

- Hendrick Lambertse Bent- (Bint, Bent) alias Sassian. See History of the
Schenectady Patent, p. 80, 90.

DEEDS I 6/8- I 704 405

heirs and successors of the aforenamed bride alone. Thus done in
Albany on the 27th of February i6'^^l .

Signed, sealed and This is the mark I of Claes Janes

delivered in presence Bockhoven made with his own hand

of : This is the mark K of Cathalyna

L: v: Schaick Andries d' Vos, made with her own

Harmen Gansevoort hand
Jacob Ten Eycke

Albany the 13''^ March 170'f this was compared and examined
with the original and the same found to agree with the original by
me, Hend'^. Hansen, Justice.

Recorded y^ 14''' of March i7of.

Deed from Samuel Wilson to Jan Hendricksen Bruyn for a

house and lot in Albany

[331] ^Appeared before me, Rob^ Livingston, secretary of
Albany, colony of Renselaerswyck and Schinnechtady, etc., in pres-
ence of the Honorable Mr Rich'^. Pretty and Mr Andries Teller,
magistrates, Mr Samuel Wilson, merchant at New York, who de-
clared that he had granted, conveyed and made over in true, rightful
and free ov/nership to and for the behoof of Mr Jan Hendrikse
Bruyn a certain house and lot standing and lying in Albany on the
hill, bounded south by Robert Sanders and north by the new house
of Capt. Philip Schuyler, in breadth and length as by virtue of the
patent thereof, dated the 6th of June 1667,- to which reference is
herein made ; which he, the grantor, does by virtue of the convey-
ance to him given by Elisabeth Claese, widow of the late Jan
Burger, deceased, of date the 7th of September 1667,^ and that
free and unincumbered, without any charges thereon or issuing
out of the same (saving the lord's right), without the grantor's
having any further claim in the least thereon, acknowledging that
he is fully paid and satisfied therefor, the first penny with the last,
therefore giving plenam actionem ccssani and full power to the

1 This is a copy of a deed recorded in Deeds, i :i6o, of which a translation,
varying slightly from the present, is printed in Early Records of Albany,
I :i6i. The deed was entered a second time in connection with an English
deed from Jan Hendricksen Bruyn to Reynicr Myndertsen, dated April 16,
1702, to the original of which a copy of the present deed was attached.

2 No record of this patent is found.

3 This should be the 7th of September 1677; see Early Records of Albany,
I :i6i.


aforenamed Mr Jan Hend: Bruyn, his heirs, successors or assigns to
do with and dispose of the same as he might do with his own
patrimonial estate and effects, promising the aforesaid house and lot
to warrant and defend against all persons from all lawful claims,
chalange and demands and further nevermore to do nor cause to
be done anything contrary hereto in any manner, binding himself
thereto as by law provided. Done in Albany, the 8th of September

Sic subscribitor

Samuel Wilson

RicĀ„. Pretty (City Seal)
Andries Teller

Concordat cum suo Principali
Quod attestor

RoB"^. Livingston, Secretary

[end of translations of dutch deeds, bonds, mortgages, etc.
found in volume four.]


Abeel, John, memorandum of assign-
ment of mortgage, 355; witness,
368, 402

Abeel, Stoffel Jansen, deed to Claes
Jansen Stavast referred to, 231 ;
son of John Abeel, 355

Abrahamsen, Jacob, deed from Aeltje
Doom to, 311; house of, 311

Achneganick, 260

Adamsen, Pieter, bond and mortgage
by, 29

Adriaensen, Pieter, sec Van Wog-
gelum, Pieter Adriaensen

Aehagary (Aihagary), 339, 340

Aertsen, (Arentsen), Rutt, estate of,
deed from Gerrit Reyersen to, 206;
deed to Symon Jacobsen Scher-
merhorn, 207 ; deed to Cornelis van
Dyck, 208; deed from Jan Hend.
Bruyn referred to, 209; estate of,
deed to Barentje Paus, 237; patent
to, 237

Aertsen (Aersen), Wouter, deed to
Johannes Cuyler 356 ; quitclaim
deed to heirs of Evert Lucassen,
395; mentioned, 37

Aihagari, 196

Albany, town of, 8; vagueness of
description of house lots, 9; Pear-
son's diagrams of, 9; construction
of map of; 9; center of traffic
with Indians, 10; receives charter,
11; early houses in. 12; lots near
old fort condemned, 12; Miller's
map of, 12; settlement laid out in
regular manner, 12

Albany, Reformed Church at, see
Reformed Church at Albany

Albany county, erected, 8; first use
of term in conveyances, 221

Alberts, Femmetje, widow of Hen-
drick Jansen, 1,38

Alexander, Rev. George, quoted, 6

AUin, Samuel, 395

Amahanet, 218

Amesett, 281

Amissohaendiek, 196

Anaemhanitt, deed to Robert Sanders,

Andries, Groot, 179

Andries de Yersman, 239, 240

Andriesen, Arent, 125

Andriesen, Hendrik, 159, 362

Andriessen, Jan, 239, 301

Andros, Sir Edmund, release from
Barent Meyndertsen to, for land
at Schodack, 59

Annaneke, 161

Annape, 218

Anthony, N., witness, 399

Appel, Adriaen Jansen, attorney for
Jan Andriessen Douw, 128, 130;
deed to Barentje Gerrits Paws, 192,
194; mortgage of house and lot
to Mrs Judith Stuyvesant, 295 ;
schoolmaster, 29.5 ; deed to Dutch
Reformed Church at Albany, 369

Appel, Johannes, deed from Mohawk
Indians to, 276; deed from Teunis
Pietersen to, 279, 389; son of
Adriaen, 296 ; witness, 297 ; attorney
of Adriaen Jansen Appel, 369;
bond to Marten Cregier, 390;
satisfaction of mortgage to Marten
Cregier, 391 ; bond to Andries
Coeymans, 392

Appel, William, 296

Arents, Ariaentie. 15, 40, 74, 201 ;
deed to Barent Albertsen Bratt,

Arents, Maria, widow of Arent van
den Bergh, 31, 39

Arentsen, Bennony, sec Van Hoeck,
Bennony Arentsen

Arentsen, Rutger, see Aertsen, Rutt

Assiskowachkok, 19




Athens, 322

Attoquassovvaa, 189, 191

Aukus, Dowe, house, 286; sale of
house to Jean Rosie, 364; acknowl-
edgment of payment by Andries
Davidsen, 366

Aurich, 11

Auxhys (Auxys), 189, 191

Awaankaniss, 260

A'waanipaak, 259, 268

Awannis, 84

Backer, Jan de, an Indian, 19, 222,


Backer, Jan Harmensen, widow of,
192, 194, 237; will of, 193

Backer, Capt. John, sec Baker, Capt.

Backer, Luycas d', 81

Backer, Symon de, 99

Baker (Backer) Capt. John, 15, 25,
no; commander of fort, 19

Bald mountain, 401

Bamboes (Bombus), Harmen Jacob-
sen, 285, 385

Bancker (Banken, Banker), Evert,
358, 367; deacon, 370

Bancker (Banker), Gerrit. deed from
Volkert Jans-en Douw to, 91 ; power
of attorney from Barentje Gerrits
Paws to, 194, 237; son-in-law of
Maria Damen, 359, 361 ; agree-
ment respecting property of Maria
Damen, 362; deceased, 404; men-
tioned, 159, 171 ; witness, 253, 277,
283. 289

Bancker (Banken, Banker), Willem,
power of attorney from Margareta
Schuyler to. 358

Barent the Smith's flat. 272, 274

Barents, Geertruy, attorney for Jacob
Hevick, 17; bond of Jacob Jansen
Gardenier to, 18; bond from Sy-
fnon Schouten to, for purchase
money of horses and farm tools.
93 ; attorney for Jacob Hevick, deed
to Sweer Teunissen van Velsen,
93 ; deed to Albert Ryckman, 241

Barents. Rynier. witness, 354

Barents island, 120, 121, 255

Barentsen, Lornelis, 11

Barheit, Andries Hansen, 56

Bastiaensen, Harmen, see Visscher,
Harmen Bastiaensen

Baxter, Gervis, commander of fort,
190, 195; witness, 230, 282

Bear island, 71, 400

Beaver kill, 43, 61, 353

Beaver street, 126

Becker, Jan Juriaensen, satisfaction
of mortgage acknowledged by, 30,
31; witness, 80, 353, 375; curator
of estate of Jan van Breemen, 140;
deed from Johannes Withart to,
286; attorney of Cornelis Michiel-
sen, 291, 292, 322, 342; house of,


Beek, Elisabeth, see Salisbury, Elisa-
beth and Van Dyck, Elisabeth

Beekman, Hendrick Martensen, 182;
deed from Hilleke Bronck to. 240

Beekman, Johannes, deed from John
Gilbert and wife to, 289; deed from
Geertruy Vosiburgh to, 293 ; house
of, 293; mentioned, 370

Beekman (Beackman), William,
grant to, 114

Beeren island, see Bear island

Bensem (Bensing, Bensick), Dirck,
deed from Thomas Davidtsen
Kikebel to, 164, 235 ; deed to Jan
Verbeck referred to, 385; men-
tioned, 236, 285

Bensem (Bensing), Johannes, wit-
ness, 290

Bever, Claes, 395. 396

Beverwyck, settlement of contro-
versy with Rensselaerswyck, 10

Bleeker, Jan Jansen, attorney for
Johannes Witthart, 17, 200. 286;
deacon of Reformed Church, 24;
house of, 37, 58, 78. 127, 193, 194;
attorney for Jan Hendricksen van
Bael, 55, 184. 267; garden of, 67:
deed from Paulus Martensen to,
70; deed from Capt. Johannes
Clute to, y6; deed from Pieter van
den Bulke to, 188; deed from



Mohawk sachems to, 195; witness
to transactions with Indians re-
lating to Susquehanna lands, 198,
199; contract of sale of house with
Reyer Jacobsen Schermerhorn, 209;
deed to Jacob Lokermans, 228;
justice of the peace, 307, 308;
agreement with other partners for
division of land at Saratoga, 347;
deed from Indians to, 347; men-
tioned, 182, 210, 317, 344, 384; wit-
ness, 28, 109, 1 14-16, 128, 133-37,
140-42, 149, 152, 153, 155, 170-72,
179, 186, 187, 189, 190, 192-94, 200,
204-8, 210, 211, 213^15, 217. 219,
221, 224, 226, 231-34, 236-38, 241-43,

304, 310, Ti2i2, 340

Bleecker (Bleeker). Rutger, 355

Bleeker, Lawrence, 127

Bogardus, Annetje, patent to, re-
ferred to, 50; patent issued to
heirs of, 50; lot of, jt,

Bogardus, Jonas, deed to VVouter
Albertsen van den Uythoff, 50

Bogardus, Pieter, attorney for Jonas
Bogardus, 50; deed to Wouter
Albertsen van den Uythoff referred
to, 51 ; deed from Jacob Salomon-
sen to, 60; husband of Wyntje
Cornelis, y^; deed to Catharine
Glenn, 316; house, 368, 369; wit-
ness, 395; mentioned, 216, 236

Bogardus, Willem, notary public, 164

Bogardus, Wyntie. 316

Bont (Bint, Bent), Hendrick Lam-
ibertse, 404

Bont, Pieter, 251

Boomtjes hoek, 225

Boots, Teunis Willemsen, deed from
administrators of estate to Jean
Forte, 220

Borghardt (Borghget), Coenraet,
396, 401 ; witness, 396

Borghardt, Jan, 401

Borns, Jonathan, sale of land, 395

Borsboom, Pieter Jacobsen, deed to
Cornelis van Dyck, 66; grant from
Jan Labatie to, 67; deed to Wil-
liam Loveridge referred to, 155;

land bought from Sander Leen-
dertse, 156; heirs, ^ST)

Borsboom, Tryntic Pieterse, 383

Bosie, Pieter, woodland belonging to,
97; deed from Capt. Johannes
Clute to, 121, 256; bond to Capt.
Johannes Clute, 122 ; contract with
Jan Jacobsen Gardenier for sale of
land, 168; bond of, 169; deed to
Jan van Loon, 264

Bout, Willem Fredericksen, lot of,
mentioned, 23; house and lot, sale
to Teunis Dircksen, 203; deed to
Jan Vinhagen, 205 ; widow, 309

Bouts, Geertruy, deed from Jeroni-
mus Ebbingh to, 309

Braebander, Claes de, see Van Bock-
hoven, Claes Jansen

Brants, Geertje, see Lansing, Geertje

Bratt, Albert, JT)

Bratt (Bradt), Andries Albertsen,
deed from Jan Cornelissen Vyse-
laer to, 68; bond and mortgage to
Willem Ketelheyn, 177 ; contract
with Mahican Indians for sale of
land, 218; deed to Johannes Wen-
del, 247; interest in Poesten mill,

Bratt, Anthony, witness, i^i

Bratt, Arent, 403

Bratt, Barent Albertsen, farm, 109,
149, 166, 167; deed from Ariaentje
Arents to, 216; deed to Jacob
Abrahamsen Cuyper, 228; deed
from Reyer Jacobsen Schermerhorn
to, 236; heir of Jan Jansen Noor-
man, 356; fencing of lands, decision
of referees, 381 ; agreement with
Geurt Hendricksen van Schoon-
hoven, 382

Bratt, Dirk Albertsen, house, 99, loi,
106, 112, 113, 326; deed from Capt.
William Parker to, 210; deed to
Teunis Pietersen, 211, 212; deed to
William Parker, 214; deed to
Andries Teller, 217; mentioned,
212, 213

Bratt, Dirk Arentsen, 404



Bratt, Jan Albertsen, deed from Jan
Hendricksen van Bael to, 184;
deed to Jacob Caspersen, 186; men-
tioned, 185, 186, 187; grant to Jacob
Caspersen referred to, 188; house,
245, 246; deceased, 267

Bratt, Joliannes, witness, 370

Bratt (Brad), Wouter Storm, (alias
Wouter van der Zee), deed from
Jan Verbeeck to, 384; mentioned,

Bredstedt, 11

Brewers street, 323

Bries, Hendrik, 228

Broadway. 130, 285, 323, 385. See
also Cow street

Brockholls, Capt. Anthony, 21

Bronck, Hilletie, land of, 117; deed
to Hendrick Martensen Beeckman
and Jacob Cornelissen van den
Boogaert, 240

Bronck, Jan, 19

Bronck. Pieter. widow of, 240;
patents, 241 ; mentioned, 17, 38, 117,
120, 121, 193, 255

Brons, Jonathan, see Borns, Jonathan

Brouwer (Brouer), Hendrik, 383

Bruyn. Jan Hendrick, deed to An-
dries Hansen Huj-gh, 56, 98; land
bought from Pompoen, 63 ; deed
to Myndert Fredericksen referred
to, 117, 291; patent to, referred to.
120, 121, 222, 255, 291, 292; land
of, 179, 187; deed to Rutt Aertsen
referred to, 209; deed to Jan Dar-
eth transferred to, 209; deed from
Samuel Wilson to, 405 ; deed to
Rejmier Myndertsen referred to,
405 ; mentioned. 171, 241, 243, 380

Burger. Jan, 405

Burgersen (Borgerse. Borgertse),
Harmanus, statement concerning,
55 ; house of, 55, 60. 134; deed from
Jan van Eps. representing heirs
of Maritje Damen. 159; deed to
Robert Sanders and Myndert Har-
mensen, 160

Bye. Dirck Hendricksen, deed from
Andries Hansen Huygh to, 97 ;

mentioned, 57; deed from Dirck
\\ esselsen and Gerrit Teunissen
van Vechten to, 96
Byvanck (Byvanke), Jan, deed from
Capt. Johannes Clute to, 42; house
and lot, 58, 293; garden, 67; deed
from Gerrit Herrtenl)erch to, 78;
deed from Barentje Gerrits Paws
to, 193, 194; witness, 195, 297;
deed from Annetje Lievens van
Scliaick to, 283

Cack Patt, 64

Caggawawoone, 229

Calkoen, 84

Canachko, 185

Canasenix, 304

Canastagione, see Niskayuna

Canhowadadin, 185

Caniachkoo, 151, 152

Caniskeek, 120, 121, 255, 265

Cannondondaw, 197

Carachjundie, 199

Carel. Hans, farm, 400

Carstens, Margriet, 55

Caspersen, Isaac, mentioned, 186

Caspersen, Jacob, deed from Jan

Albertsen Bratt to, 186; account of,

186; deed to Symon Volkertsen

Veeder, 187; mentioned, 210
Caspersen. Jan, see Halenbeck, Jan

Castle island, 71
Catskill, 19, 88, 140, 141, 153. 161,

216, 221, 225, 239, 240, 301
Catskill Indians, deeds for lands, 19,

Cayugas, proposition relating to

lands on the Susquehanna, 198
Chambers, Thomas, patent granted

to, 215
Christoffelsen, David, payment of

land sold to, 366
Claerbout, Pieter. 237
Claes (Claese), Elisabeth. 405
Claes (Claesen), Hillegont, 356
Claessen (Claesen), Dirk, witness,




Claessen (Van Vranken alias Culis
or Kulenian), Gerrit, bond and
mortgage to Marten Cregier, 83 ;
mentioned, 28, 257, 259

Claessen, Ryck, deed to Johannes
Wendel, 263; widow of, 356;
mentioned, 151, 152

Claverack, 121, 232, 233, 255, 264, 365,

Claw, Frans Pietersen, 202

Clomps, Jacob, 159

Clute, Bata, 250, 30S, 310, 320, 323

Clute (Cloet, Cloete), Capt. Johannes,
contract with Symon Schouten for
sale of land, 28; deed from Gerrit
Herttenberch to, 34; deed to Wy-
nant Gerritsen van der Poel and
Jan Conell, 33, 35 ; deed from Jan
Lansing to, 38; deed to Hendrick
Lansing and Luycas Gerritsen, 41 ;
deed to Jan Byvanck, 42 ; deed to
Jan Jansen Ouderkerk, 45 ; deed to
Ludovicus Cobes, 46, 47, 48, 95 ;
deed from Adriaense Gerritsen to,
46-47; deed to Gerrit Hertten-
berch, 58, yS; deed to Johan Friese
(de Vries), 72, 147; deed from
Reyer Jacobsen Schermerhorn to,
75 ; deed to Jan Jansen Bleecker,
76; deed to Juriaen Jansen Groen-
wout, 77 ; deed to Jan Salomonsen,
87; deed to Omy La Grange, 88
deed to Marten Gerritsen, 117
deed to Wyntje Harmens, 119
deed to Pieter Bosie and Jan van
Loon, 121 ; bond from Pieter Bosie
and Jan van Loon to, 122 ; deed to
Myndert Fredericksen, 123 ; bond
and mortgage to Johan Friese, 148;
pasture, 159, 160; deceased, 222;
patent to, referred to, 291, 292;
mentioned, 74, 75
Clute, Johannes (nephew of Capt.
Johannes Clute), deed to Jeroni-
mus Wendel, 244; deed from
Jeronimus Wendel to, 245 ; deed
from Gysbert Marcelis to, 248;
bond and mortgage to Harmen
Gansevoort and Harmen Tho-

massen, 249 ; deed to Robert Liv-
ingston, 250 ; deed from Anthonia
Slachboom van Curler to, 252 ;
deed to Jan van Loon, 255 ; deed
to Symon Schouten, 257 ; deed to
Johan Friese, 263 ; deed to Jan
Jacobsen van Noortstrant, 271 ;deed
to Jan Wiebese, 272, 275 ; witness,
307; deed to Mrs Margaret Schuy-
ler, 308; deed to Johannes Wendel,
310; deed to Jacob Ten Eyck, 320;
deed to Frans Jansen Pruyn, 323 ;
deed from Marten Cregier to, 334;
deed to Marten Cregier, -334, 338;
deed from Mohawk sachems, 339;
mentioned, 306

Cobes (Cobus), Ludovicus, deed to
Capt. Johannes Clute referred to,
41, 42, 58; deed from Capt. Johan-
nes Clute to, 46, 47; deed to Jeroni-
mus Wendel, 47, 48; deed to David
Schuyler, 95 ; deed to Pieter
Davidste Schuyler referred to, 295;
mortgage of house, orchard and
garden to Johannes Wendel, 315;
secretary of Albany, 397

Cobus, an Indian, 19, 303

Coenraetse (Coenradse), Hendrik,
witness, 396; wife of, 401; men-
tioned, 396

Coenraetse, Myra, 401

Coeynians (Cooyeman, Koeymans),
Andries, witness, 379; bond of
Johannes Appel to, 392; satisfac-
tion of mortgage of Johannes
Appel by. 392

Coeymans (Koeyman), Barent
Pietersen, deed from Huybert
Jansen to, 139; patent, 276; bond
from Bennony van Corlaer to, 380;
mentioned, 391, 398

Coeymans, Lucas Pietersen. deed
from Sweer Teunissen van Velsen
to, referred to, 44, 69, 271 ; men-
tioned, 247

Cohoes (Cohoos) island, 165, 33^

Collier (Callier, Kallier), Jurian.
deed from Jannetje Powell to, 201



Ponell, Jan, contract for sale of
house, 21 ; deed from Capt. Jo-
hannes Clute to, 23> 35', contract
with William Loveridge for sale
of farm, 88; deed from William
Parker to, 99; lot of, 100; deed to
Andries Teller, loi ; land at Cat-
skill, 161 ; deed from Harmen
Gansevoort to heirs of, 239; sale
of farm to, 302; mentioned, 240

Coningh (Cooningh), Stephen Jan-
sen, land of, 202; deed from Jan-
netje Powell to, 228

Constables island, 71

Constapel, Andries Herpertsen, 71

Conveyancing of lands, act to pre-
vent frauds in. 8, 254

Conyn, Leendert Philipsen, mortgage
to Isaac and Volkwyn Kip and
Tousain Donus, 324; mentioned,
17, 231, 241

Cooper, Timotloy, deed from Jan
Hendricksen van Bael to, 47, 55,
60; deed to Gerrit Herttenberch,
59, 134; mentioned. 46. 48, 51

Coopernol, Claes Willemsen, see Van
Coppernol, Claes Willemsen

Corlaer, see Van Curler

Cornelis, Wyntje, 77

Cornelissen, Akus. interpreter, 200

Cornelissen, Cornelis, see Van der
Hoeven. Cornelis

Cornelissen (Cornelise), Gyshert,

Cornelissen, Maes, attorney for Jacob
Jansen Gardenier, 234

Cornelissen, Marten, deed from
Tennis Cornelissen van der Poel to,

Cornelissen, Teunis, see Van der
Poel. Teunis Cornelissen

Cornelissen, Teunis (mason), deed
from Major Abraham Staets to, 92

Coster, Geertie, widow of Hendrick
Coster, T,S

Coster, Hendrick, patent to, referred
to, 38; wndow of, 38; mentioned,

Coster. Jan, see Van Aken, Jan

Costers (Costors) island, 329, 336
Counties, act dividing province into, 8
Cow street, 130, 157, 285. See also

Craven, Thomas, mentioned, 331 ;

witness, 331
Cregier, Jannetie Hendricks, wife of
Marten Cregier, junior, 359, 362;
signs satisfaction of mortgage as
widow of Marten Cregier, 391
Cregier (Crygier, Crigier), Marten,
junior, bond and mortgage from
Pieter Adamsen to, 29-30; house
and lot at Albany referred to, 38,
72, 147, 264, 307, 308; bond and
mortgage from Gerrit Claes to, 83-
84; son-in-law of Maritje Damen,
159, 359-62, 367; attorney of
Francis Lovelace, 180; deed to
Johannes Clute for land at Canas-
tagione, 334-35 ; deed from Johan-
nes Clute for land at Canastagione,
334-35, 338-39; bond and mortgage
from Johannes Appel to, 390-91 ;
satisfaction of mortgage by widow,

. 391

Croesbeck, Willem Claessen, see

Groesbeek, Willem Claessen
Croon, Dirk Janse, 133, 180
Cruyff (Cruyf, Goyer), Eldert Ger-
bertsen, statement concerning, 19;
sale of land to, from Jan van
Bremen and transfer to colony of
Rensselaerswyck, 140, 141 ; house
and lot, 216; land bought from An-
dries de Yersman, 239, 240, 302;
land sold to Harmen Gansevoort,
240; patent to. referred to, 302
Cryger, Marte. see Cregier, Marten
Culis, see Claessen, Gerrit
Cunpwaen (Curpuwaen), 161, 225
Cuyler, Abraham, witness, 314; in-
terpreter, 358
Cuyler, Anna, bond of Philip Philip-
sen De Moor mortgaging farm to,
355; release of interest in a garden,

Cuyler, Elsie, witness, 391, 392
Cuyler, Hendrick. attorney for the

heirs of Michiel Lambertsen van



Bree, 156; mentioned, "jz; widow
of, 355. c>(^j; witness, 295, 297, 303,
316, 320, 321, 324, 327, 335. Zil^
339, 342. 362

Cuyler, Johannes, satisfaction of
mortgage of Jan Verbeeck, 261 ;
attorney of Isaac and Volkwyn Kip
and Tousain Donus, 324, 340; re-
lease of demands from Cataryna
Glen, 340; acknowledgment of
mortgage, 356; deed from Wouter
Aersen to, 356; son of Hendrik
Cuyler, 368; deacon, 370; witness,
354, Z^yl, i^l, 368, 369. 379, 380, 381,
383, 364, 386, 387, 389, 391, 392, 398,

Cuyler, Pieter Johannis, attorney for
Dirk Wesselsen, 183

Cuyles, sec Claessen, Gerrit

Cuyper, Evert Janse, see Wendel,
Evert Jansen

Cuyper, Jacob Abramse, deed from
Barent Albertsen Bratt to, 228;
mentioned, 2(i6, 399

Cuyper, Jan Jansen, t,^"]

Damen (Daemes), Maritie, house,
36, 335 ; deed to Harmanus Burg-
ersen, 159, 160; agreement between
heirs of, respecting property, 3-9,
362; release of demands from sons
of Cornelis van Nes to heirs of,
361 ; deceased, '^%2> \ mentioned, 366

Danaher, Judge Franklin M., pro-
posed to have records printed, 5

Danskamer, 84, 182

Dareth, Jan, lot of, 174; mentioned,

Davidsen, Andries, payment for land,

De Brabander, Claes, see Van Bock-
hoven, Claes Jansen

Deeds, to be recorded in county, 8;
in office of secretary of the prov-
ince, 8; English form taking place
of Dutch form, 9

De Forest, Philip, deed from Nicol-
aes de Meyer to, 109; bond and
mortgage of, to Nicolaes de Meyer,
III ; house of, 200

De Hondecoutre, Daniel, agent of

Pieter van den Bulke, 172
De Hooges, Anthony, patent to, 53,

246; mentioned, 92, 126
De Joncker, sale of land, 395
De Laet, Johanna, 52
De Lavall, John, administrator of

estate of Capt. Thomas De Lavall,

172, 188
De Lavall, Capt. Thomas, contract

with Juriaen Teunissen Tappen, 49;

deed from administrator to Pieter

van den Bulke, 172, 188; house of,

De La Warde, Jan, deed from Symon

Schouten to, 258; deed to Cornelis

Thymesen, 280

De Lendt, Elizabeth, see Van der
Linden, Elizabeth

Dellius, Rev. Godefridus, deed from
mayor, aldermen and commonalty
of Albany to, for a pasture, 333

De Meyer, Lidia, satisfaction of cer-
tain claims by, 82

De Meyer, Nicolaes, assignee of Jan
van Aken's claim, 26; house of, 40;
bond from Sander and Jacob Glen
to, 81 ; assignment to Sander and

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