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They came to Pennsylvania in 171 3, sailing from Dublin on the
25th of I Mo., and settled in New Garden Township, Chester
County, where by deed of Jan. i, 17(3, he purchased 200 acres
of land. About 171 1 he removed to Marlborough, Chester County,
where he died in 1756.

Children of Thomas and Ann Jackson : John, b. 9 Mo. 14,
1703, at Ballinolarbin, King's County (children — George, Sarah
and David); Judith, b. 12 Mo. 27, 1705, m. Daniel Every;
Mary, b. 12 Mo. 8, 1708, at Timahoe, County Kildare, m. Jacob
Wright, of East Marlborough (son of Jacob), 2 Mo. 8, 1741, at
London Grove Meeting (no issue) ; Thomas, b. 6 Mo. 10, 1710,
at Drechet, King's County, m. Lydia, daughter of John Smith,
of Marlborough, 3 Mo. 17, 1738 (children — Ann, Caleb, Mary,
and Joshua) ; Ann, b. 7 Mo. 5, 1714, at New Garden, d. 7 Mo.
28, 1757 ; Jonathan, b. 12 Mo. 16, 1717, at New Garden, m.
Mary Hayes, 10 Mo. 3, 1743 (children — Mary, Thomas, Sarah,
Ann, Elizabeth and Ruth); Elizabeth, b. 10 Mo. 8, 1720, m.
Henry Chalfant, son of John, of West Marlborough, 8 Mo. 15,
740, at London Grove (children — Jonathan, Thomas, Henry,
Ann, Elizabeth, Jacob, Mary, Abner, and Caleb). For further
account itt Jackson Genealogy, 285-88.

336 Immigratio7i of the J risk Qicakers

James Lindley, and wife Eleanor, from Carlow Meeting, Ire-
land, received 8 ]\Io. 3, 1713.

Eleanor Lindley was a sister of Thomas Parke. James Lind-
ley purchased 200 acres of land in New Garden, in 17 13, and 400
in London Grove, in 1722, in the deed for which he is styled
blacksmith. Thomas Lindley, a brother, perhaps, was a black-
smith in Philadelphia, but owned land in Cain Township, Chester

The children of James and Eleanor Lindley were Thomas, b.
2 Mo. 25, 1706; Rachel, b. 5 Mo. 11, 1707 ; James, b. 4 Mo.
30, 1709; Margery; Robert, b. 4 Mo. 32, 1713 ; William, b. 12
Mo. 20, 1714, d. 10 Mo. 26, 1726; Alice, b. 2 Mo. 25, 1716;
Mary, b. 9 Mo. 4, 1717 ; Jonathan, b. 3 Mo. 11, 1719, m. De-
borah Halliday, 2 Mo. 15, 1741 ; Elizabeth, b. 8 Mo. 4, 1720;
Hannah, b. i Mo. 11, 1723; Eleanor, b. i Mo. 11, 1727-28.

James Lindley died 10 Mo. 13, 1726, and his widow married
Henry Jones. Thomas, the eldest son, married Ruth Hadley,
and went to Orange County, North CaroUna. The children of
Jonathan and Deborah Lindley were Jacob (who became an emi-
nent minister of the Society of Eriends), b. 9 Mo. 18, 1744, ni.
II Mo. 14, 1782, to Hannah, widow of William Miller; James,
b. 10 Mo. 18, 1746; Jonathan, b. 9 Mo. 18, 1750; Deborah, b.
b. 12 Mo. 26, 1753 ; Ruth, m. 11 Mo. 6, 1800, to David Wilson.
— History of Chester County, 637.

John C.\ne, and wife Ann, from Ballyhagen Meeting, County
Armagh, Ireland, received 10 Mo. 5, 1713.

They settled in London Grove, Chester County, where he died

shortly after. His widow is supposed to have married

Todd. Children of John and Ann Cane ; John, m. 9 Mo. 7,
1722, Rachel, d. of Randal and Mary Malin ; Ann, m. in 1722,
James Miller ; Margaret (.'), m. in 1720, John Todd ; Robert (?),
m. in 1730, Ann Dixon. — History of Chester County, 492.

William Halliday, and wife Deborah (from Dublin, received

12 Mo. 7, 1 7 13) from Moate Meeting, County West Meath,

Ireland, received 12 Mo. 6, 17 13.

One James Halliday and Hannah Leaze, both of Lurgan, were
married at Lurgan ^Ieeting, 8 Mo. 27, 1703 {Minutes of Ulstet
Province Meeting. )

William and Deborah Halliday had six children : Robert, b. 7
Mo. 16, 1702, in Ireland ; Rachel, b. 10 Mo. 25, 1704, m.
Andrew Moore, of Sadsbury, 4 Mo. 24, 1725 ; Jacob b. 8 Mo.
18, 1706, d. 5 Mo. 24, 1721 ; Margaret, b. 11 .Mo. 13, 1709, ni.

Newark or Kennett Monthly Meeting 337

Samuel Miller, son of Gayen, 4 Mo. 29, 1732 ; Sarah, b. i Mo.
14, 1713 ; Deborah, b. 2 Mo. 28, 1716, m. Jonathan, son of
James Lindley, 2 Mo. 15, 1743, and had four children (Jacob, b.
9 Mo. 18, 1744, m. Hannah Miller, and was an eminent Quaker
minister; James b. 10 Mo. 18, 1746; Jonathan, b. 9 Mo. 18,
1750; Deborah, b. 12 Mo. 26, 1753).

Robert Halliday, son of William and Deborah, m. ist Miriam
Haines, daughter of Joseph, of Nottingham, 4 Mo. 3, 1730; m.
2d, in 1739 o'' 1740. Mabel Anderson, a Friend from Ireland.
They had two children : (1) Jacob, m. ist to Patience, daughter
of Thomas and Hannah Painter, of Concord, 4 Mo. 13, 1768,

and 2d to Ann . He died 3 Mo. 22, 1822; she died

about 1836 or 1837. (2) Phebe m. 10 Mo. 24, 1765, Isaac
Jackson, son of John and Sarah (Miller) Jackson. — Jackson Gene-
alogy, 221-2.

At a meeting of the Board of Property, 12 Mo. 2, 1726,
"Alex' Mongumry requests (By his Brother-in-Law Wm. Halli-
day) the Grant of a piece of Land near Octoraro Creek, for a
Settlement." — Peniia. Archives, 2d Series, XIX., 745.

John Allen, from Ireland, received, 2 Mo. 3, 17 13.

John Allen, b. 8 Mo. 3, 1694 ; d. 9 Mo. 16, 1771 ; m. in 1719,
Amy Cox, and settled in London Grove Township, Chester
County. Children: (i) John, b. 2 Mo. 8, 1720; d. 10 Mo. i,
1754; m. 9 Mo. 12, 1740, Phebe Scarlett, and lived in London
Grove (2) Rebecca, \>. 8 Mo. 8, 1722 ; m. (ist) Alexander Mode
and (2d) William Chandler. (3) Emey (Amy), b. 6 Mo. 8, 1725 ;
m. Philip Ward. (4) Elizabeth, b. 2 Mo. 29, 1728 ; m. Simon
Dixson. (5) William, b. 8 Mo. 3, 1730; m. 5 Mo. 24, 1758,
Sarah Greave. (6) Joseph, b. 5 Mo. 12, 1733; m. 11 Mo. 13,
1755, Deborah Hill. (7) Mary, b. n Mo. i, 1738; m. Moses
Fraizer. (8) Phebe, b. 2 Mo. 9, 1739; d. 10 Mo. 19, 1787. (9)
Benjamin, b. 8 Mo. 4, 1742 ; m. 12 Mo. 20, 1764, Hannah Green-
field. — History of Chester County, 463.

One William Allen and Martha Mackie, both of Ballyhagen
Meeting, County Armagh, were married, i Mo. 6, 1700, at Bally-
hagen Meeting. — Minutes of Lister Province Meeting.

William Taylor, from Ballytore, County Kildare, Ireland,
received 10 Mo. 4, 17 14.

338 Immigration of the Irish Quakers

RouERT Johnson, and wife Margaret, from Carlow Meeting,

Ireland, received 12 Mo. 5, 1714.

Robert Johnson and wife Margaret, nee Berthwaite, settled on
a tract of 200 acres of land in New Garden, where he died in
1732, leaving children : I'enjamin, James, Joshua, Robert, Abi-
gail, and Ann. Of these Joshua, b. 7 Mo. 29, 1696, at Coleboy,
County Wicklow, m. Sarah, daughter of Gayen and Margaret
Miller. (Children : James, Lydia, Margaret, William, Sarah,
Joshua, Hannah, Robert, Dinah, Rebecca, and David.) Robert
Johnson, Jr., m. Katharine, daughter of Simon and Ruth Hadly,
and Imd children : Hannah, Simon, Caleb, Lydia, Stephen, Jona-
than, and Isaac. — History of Chester County, 615.

Martha Wainhous, from Dublin, dated i Mo. 17, 17 14;
received 12 Mo. 4, 1715.

Thomas Lightfoot, from Moate Meeting, County West
Meath, Ireland, received 6 Mo. 4, 1716.


Thomas Lightfoot,' a highly esteemed minister of the Society
of Friends, was born about 1645, perhaps in Cambridgeshire, and
may have been the son of another Thomas Lightfoot who suflered
persecution for his Quaker belief at Cambridge, in 1653,2 and was
a companion of George Whitehead in his religious journeys. In
1692, the younger Thomas was living in the neighborhood of
Lisburn Meeting, County Antrim, Ireland ; for on 8 Mo. 27 of
that year he was appointed on a committee to buy the Friends
graveyard at Lisburn from Robert Richardson. In 1694, he re-
moved from the north of the Island to Moate Meeting in County
West Meath. 3 Thence in 1716* he came to New Garden, Penn-
sylvania. Early in 1724 he paid a religious visit to New Eng-
land. He died at Darby, now Delaware County, 9 Mo. 4, 1725,
" greatly beloved " says his intimate friend Thomas Chalkley,'

'Gilbert Cope, Genealogy of the Smcdley Family, 1 94-6, Iliitory of
Chester County, by] ; A Collection of Memorials, dT,-^ (Phila. 1787);
BoTuden, 11., 260-1.

*Besse, I., 85.

'At Ulster Province Meeting, 5 Mo. 31, 1697, Thomas Lightfoot is
mentioned as having the custody of £\^ of meeting funds.

* Proud, \\., 188.

' Journal, 163.

Newark or Kennett Monthly Meeting 339

"for his Piety and Virtue, his sweet disposition and hvely Minis-

The name of his hrst wife is thought to have been Mary, after
whose death he married Sarah Wiley, a widow, about the time of
his removal to West Meath. Toward the close of 1724 he was
married to Margaret, widow of John Blunston, of Darby, to
which place he removed. He had at least nine children :

1. Catharine, m. 1700, James Miller, and arrived in Philadel-
phia in 1729, where she died a few days later.

2. Michael Lightfoot,' b. about 1683, m. in Ireland, Mary
Newby, daughter of John Newby, of Dublin, and came to New
Garden, Chester County, in 1712. He was appointed an elder
in 1725, and recommended as a minister in 1728. He travelled
extensively in religious service in America, Great Britain, and
Ireland. In 1743, he removed to Philadelphia to take the post
of Provincial Treasurer, an office he held until his death, 12 Mo.
3, 1754. His children were: Sarah, b. 4 Mo. 30, 1707, m.
John Hutton ; Elinor, b. 10 Mo. 16, 1708, m. 3 Mo. 2, 1734, at
New Garden, Francis Parvin ; Mary, b. i Mo. 20, 1710-11, m.
Samuel Clarke; Katharine, b. 6 Mo. 12, 1714; Thomas, b. 5
Mo. 16, 1716 ; WilUam, b. 3 Mo. 22, 1720. m. Jane George.

3. William Lightfoot, m. 2 Mo. 24, 1706, Isabel Holmes, of
Lahinchey, King's County, Ireland. He made a visit to his rela-
tives in Pennsylvania, in 1725.

4. Abigail, m. Joseph Wiley, in Ireland, in 1715, and came to
Pennsylvania with her father. Children : Sarah, b. 1 1 Mo. 6,
1716 ; Ann, b. 9 Mo. 6, 1718 ; John, b. 1 1 Mo. 19, 1721.

5. Elizabeth, b. i Mo. 11, 1695-6, at Bally Kieran, County
West Meath, m. 2 Mo. 1717, Arthur Jones, of Merion Meeting,

6. Sarah, b. 5 Mo. 29, 1698 ; d. 1702.

7. Samuel Lightfoot, b. 2 Mo. 5, 1701, m. 7 Mo. 30, 1725, at
New Garden Meeting, Chester County, to Mary, daughter of
Benjamin and Sarah (Abbott) Head, and afterwards settled in
Pikeland Township, Chester County. He was a prominent sur-
veyor and Justice of the Peace ; d. near Chester, 2 Mo. 26, 1777.
Children : Benjamin, b. 6 Mo. 28, 1726, also a surveyor ;
Thomas, b. 2 Mo. 7, 1728, d. 10 Mo. 5, 1793 ; Samuel Abbott, b.
I Mo. 7, 1729-30, d. 7 Mo. 30, 1759, at Pittsburgh ; William, b.
I Mo. 20, 1732, d. II Mo. 25, 1797.

8. Margaret, b. 12 Mo. 18, 1702; m. 12 Mo. 20, 1723, Isaac
Starr, of New Garden.

'Cope, Genealogy of Smedley Family, 1 95 ; Proud, II., 232 ; Bowden,
11., 387.

340 Imniigratioti of the Irish Quakers

g. Jacob Lightfoot, b. lo Mo. 16, 1706, at Bally Kieran, near
Athlone, Ireland; m. 3 Mo. 21, 1735. ^' Darby Meeting, Mary,
daughter of Obadiah and Sarah (Bethel) Bonsall, of that place.
He took a certificate from New Garden to Chester, in 1733, and
removed thence, about 1735, to Maiden Creek, Berks County,
where he died 6 Mo. 17, 1781. His wife, who was a minister
among Friends, died at Maiden Creek, 8 Mo. 10, 1777. Chil-
dren : Joseph, b. 6 Mo. 30, 1736, d. 9 Mo. 27, 1784, m. Deborah,
daughter of Nehemiah Hutton ; Sarah, b. 10 Mo. 28, 1738, d.
7 Mo., 1775, m. Francis Parvin, 5 Mo. 16, 1759; Thomas, b.
7 Mo. 21, 1742, d. 12 Mo. 24, 1821, m. Hannah Wright, 5 Mo.
II, 1774; Ann, b. i Mo. 3, 1745, d. 4 Mo. 17, 1807 ; Grace, b.
7 Mo. 17, 1748, d. 9 Mo. II, 1784, m. William Tomlinson, 5
Mo. 12, 1773.

Joseph Wiley, son-in-law of Thomas Lightfoot, Moate Meet-
ing, County West Meath, received 6 Mo. 4, 1716.

Simon Hadley, and wife Ruth from Moate Meeting, County
West Meath, received 6 Mo. 4, 17 16.

They came from Ireland about 171 2, and settled in New Castle
County, near the New Garden line. A house which he erected
in 1717 was still standing in 1881. Children : Joseph, b. 8 Mo.
25, 1698; Deborah, b. 2 Mo. 25, 1701 ; Joshua, b. 3 Mo. 6,
1703; Simon, b. 12 Mo. 23, 1704-5; d. 11 Mo. 4, 1 730-1 ;
Hannah, b. 11 Mo. 16, 1709-10; Ruth, b. i 2 Mo. 6, 1711-2;
Katharine, b. 2 Mo. 25, 1715 ; Ann, b. 12 Mo. 7, 1717-18.
The mother died 12 Mo. 18, 1750-1, and was buried at New
Garden, after which Simon married Phebe, widow of Richard
Buffington, of Bradford, Chester County. (//«/. Chester County,

John Starr, received 8 Mo. 5, 17 17, from Old Castle
Monthly Meeting, County Meath, Ireland.

Tho.mas Jackson, received 10 Mo. 7, 1717, from Old Castle
Monthly Meeting, County Meath, Ireland.

Newark or Kennett IMotithly Meeting 341

Thomas Jackson, of Old Castle, County East Meath, linen-draper, by
deed of Jan. 19, 1715, purchased from Ebenezer Pike, of Cork, merchant,
land in Pennsylvania (Phila. Deeds, F. 7, p. 326). By first wife he had
four children : Ruth, who married Joseph Martin, Isaac, Samuel, and
Benjamin. He came to Pennsylvania about 1717, and was married a
second time, 10 Mo. 25, 1718, at New Garden Meeting, to Mary Wiley,
of New Garden, probably a step-daughter of Thomas Lightfoot. He died
in East Marlborough, in 1727.

At New Garden Monthly Meeting, 7 Mo. 28, 1728, "Mary
Jackson acquainted this Meeting that she intended to go to Ire-
land to Visit her Relations and Requested to have a Certificate."
Her certificate was signed 8 Mo. 26, 1728.

Mary, widow of Thomas Jackson, of East Marlborough, made
her will 8 Mo. 28, 1729, and it was probated Dec. 20, 1729. She
states that she is now ' ' at Sea aboard the Sizargh, of Whitehaven,
Jeremiah Cowman, Master, Bound for Philadelphia, I now being
Indisposed in Body." She mentions her sons-in-law, Samuel,
Isaac, and Benjamin Jackson ; her brother, John Wiley, in Penn-
sylvania (to whom she leaves £.\o) ; and her daughter-in-law,
Ruth Martin, in County Cavan, Ireland (to whom she bequeaths
£io). Witnesses to the will were : James Miller, Lambert Emer-
son and Robert White. In the accounts of her estate is a record
of "Cash P"^ Nathan Cowman," ^^3.4.4.

Joseph Martin, and wife Ruth, received 10 Mo. 7, 171 7,
from Old Castle, County Meath, Ireland. At New Garden
Montly Meeting, 8 Mo. 11, 17 18, a certificate to Philadel-
phia was signed for them.

Moses Starr, and wife Deborah, received 10 Mo. 7, 1717,
from Old Castle, County Meath, Ireland.

Jeremiah Starr, received 3 Mo. 3, 17 18, from Carlow
Meeting, Ireland.

Samuel Kirk, unmarried, received 12 Mo. 6, 17 19, from
Lurgan Meeting, County Armagh, Ireland.

William Whitaker, received 10 Mo. 2, 1721, from Dublin,

Edward Thornbury, received 9 Mo. 6, 1725, from Lurgan
Meeting, County Armagh, Ireland.

Thomas Wilson and family received 7 Mo. 3, 1726, from
Ballynacree Meeting, County Antrim, Ireland.

342 hnmigration of the Irish Quakers

George ^L\rsh, son of Joshua, unmarried, received 7 Mo.
6, 1727, dated 5 Mo. 22, 172S, from Grange Monthly
Meeting, near Charlemont, County Armagh, Ireland.

Miriam Andrews "produced a Certificate from lurgan
[Meeting, County Armagh] in the north of ierland," to
the woman's branch of Newark Mo. Mtg., 7 Mo. 6, 1729.

As her husband, William Andrews, did not produce a certifi-
cate, it is presumed he was not a Friend. In his will,' dated 1 1
Mo. 23, 1747-4S, probated March 25, 1748, he is mentioned as
yeoman of Christiana Hundred, Xew Castle County, upon Dela-
ware. He speaks of his "servant, James Xash, a man bought
of George Robinson," and bequeaths his property to his wife
Miriam and children, Ruth, Ezekiel, Hannah, and John. The
Andrews were related in some way to the Hollingsworths ; for
"At a meeting of the Commissioners of Property 8 b'2 d 1731
* * * Samuel Hollingsworth (on behalf of his Kinsman \Vm.
Andrees) request the Grant of about 100 Acres of vac' Land in
Kennet, between the Land late Ezekiel Harlan's and James

Miriam Andrews, of the Borough of Wilmington, widow of
William Andrews, in her will, dated 6 Mo. 20, 1750, probated
Sept. 5, 1750 (G. I, p. 419), mentions her " cosin Jane Hartley
wife of Thomas Heartly," her sons Ezekiel and John Andrews
and daughters, Hannah West and Ruth Andrews, the latter to be
placed as an apprentice with Elinor Robinson.

The children of William and Miriam, as shown by meeting
records, were as follows :

1. Ezekiel, b. 11 .Mo. 21, 1729; d. 3 Mo. 4, 1772; m. 5 Mo.
8, 1761, Rebecca Robinson. Their son, James Andrews, re-
moved to Darby, now Delaware County, Pa., married Martha
Bunting, and had a son James, who married Hannah Lloyd.

2. Hannah, b. 5 Mo. 14, 1732, m. 8 Mo. 19, 1749, Joseph

3. Ruth, b. 7 Mo. 23, 1734.

4. John, b. 6 Mo. 2, 1736, m. Sarah Ferris.

In 1671, Christian Anderson for tithe had taken by the " Priest
of the Parish of Kilmore," County Armagh, wheat, barley, oats,
maslin, and hay to the value of ^4. 1 5s. 6d. — Stockdale, A Great
Cry of Oppression, 4.

William MacCool, received 7 Mo. 6, 1729, from Bally-
nacree, Antrim County, Ireland.

' Book G. I, page 109, Register's OflSce, Wilmington, Del.

Newark or Ke7inett Monthly Meeting 343

John Clark, son of Walter, received 7 Mo. 6, 1729, dated
3 Mo. 27, 1729, from Grange, County Antrim, Ireland.

Samuel Clark, unmarried, son of Walter Clark, received
8 Mo. 4, 1729, dated 3 Mo. 27, 1729, from Grange, County
Antrim, Ireland, where he was ' ' born and bred. ' '
Original in possession of Gilbert Cope, West Chester Pa.
Samuel Clark, of Marlborough, Chester County, Pa., son
of Walter Clark, of Grange, County Antrim, Ireland, was
married, 8 Mo. 6, 1727, at New Garden, to Mary,
daughter of Michael Lightfoot.

John Clark, son of Walter Clark, received 4 Mo. 5, 1731,
from Grange, County Antrim, Ireland, dated 3 Mo. 27,

1729. Original in possession of Gilbert Cope, of West
Chester, Pa.

Thomas Christy, received 9 Mo. 4, 1735, from Ballyhagan
Monthly Meeting, County Armagh, Ireland.

In 1675, in County Antrim, Alexander Christy, for tithe by
"John Charlton, Tithmonger (being his Landlord) at the pay-
ment of his Rent, eight shillings, and would not receive the rest,
unless he would give eight shillings more ; and because Alexander
would not, for one pound of Rent due he took a Cow from him
worth one pound ten shilUngs." — Stockdale, 49.

Samuel Clark, unmarried, dated 4 Mo. 26, 1735, from Lis-
burn Meeting, County Antrim, Ireland, formerly of Grange,
County Antrim, "having for some time past dwelt at
Hillsborough which is a branch of our Meeting." Orig-
inal in possession of Gilbert Cope, West Chester, Pa.

Mary Varman (a young woman), daughter of Hattill Var-
man, dated i Mo. 8, 1729-30, from Monthly Meeting at
Cooladine, probably in County of Wexford, Ireland.

OuivLii McCooL, " ye Bearer Widow & Relict, to John Mc-
Cool Deceased," dated 2 Mo. 7, 1729, from Ballynacree
Meeting, County Antrim, Ireland. Original in possession
of Gilbert Cope, West Chester, Pa. The McCools ap-
parently removed to Kent County, Marjdand.

Elizabeth Clark, unmarried, daughter of Walter Clark,
received i Mo. 6, 1735-36, dated 3 Mo. 10, 1735, from

344 Immigratioti of the Irish Quakers

Antrim Meeting, Ireland, endorsed, 4 Mo. 26, 1735, by
Six Week's Meeting in Lisburn, County Antrim, Ireland.
She "was born and Educated at Grange within the Lim-
mits of this Mens Meeting, and her parents were friends
in Unity with us, (whose memory is dear unto many of us)."
Her father died a " Good Many Years agoe, & Some more
than three Years Since her Mother also Dyed, on which
account she found it Nessasery to Remove from Grange to
some of her Relations at Dublin and Hillsborough after
her mother's death." "She dwelt for Some Years past at
Hillsborough as within mentioned." Original MS. in
possession of Gilbert Cope, of West Chester, Pa. She
married Benjamin Jackson, in 1736.

About 1655, "a Meeting was settled at the Grange, below
Antrim (Co. Antrim), at the house of Gabriel Clark, an honest,
religious, antient man, who received Truth as also his Wife and
Family." — Rutty, p. 91. Gilbert Cope, of West Chester, Pa.,
has a very full and interesting manuscript account of Gabriel
Clark and family.

At Ulster Province Meeting, 2 Mo. 14, 1705, it was stated that
"Walter Clark hath built a meeting house at Grange for y' Ser-
vice of truth and use of friends." In his will, dated 5 Mo. 7,
1705, James Greenwood mentions his brother-in-law, Walter
Clark. Nathaniel Clark and Elizabeth ( jreenwood, both of Grange
Mtg., Co. Antrim, were married there, 10 Mo. 22, 1701. — Min-
utes of Ulster Province Meeting:

At Ulster Province Meeting, 2 Mo. 14, 1705, report was made
that "Walter Clark hath built a meeting house at Grange for
y" Service of truth & use of friends." In 1716, Thomas Story
\joumal, 537) mentions that he came to "Grange to Walter

Mabel Anderson, unmarried, received i Mo. 4, 1737-8;
dated 3 Mo. 12, 1737, from Ballyhagan, County Armagh,
Ireland ; "with ye Consent of her Mother and Relations
Consent." She goes "in company with her uncle
William." Original certificate in possession of Gilbert
Cope, West Chester, Pa. She was married, about 1740,
by a "priest" to Robert Halliday, of New Garden, who
was not a Friend.

Mary Varman, unmarried, from Ireland, received 4 Mo.
24, 1732-

Newark or Kennett Mojithly Meeting 345

Sarah Pringle, from Ballyhagen Meeting, Ireland, received
II Mo. 4, 1734-5-

Robert Whinerv, unmarried, from Grange, Ireland, re-
ceived 5 Mo. I, 173S.

Robert Whinery,' weaver, came from Grange, near Charlemont,
about 1738, and seems to have settled at Wilmington, Delaware,
his certificate from Grange being received at Newark or Kennett
Monthly Meeting, 5 Mo. i, 1738. About the latter part of 1740,

he was married by a Presbyterian minister to Isabel , who

was not a Friend. Wilmington Preparative Meeting made report of
this infraction of the Society's rules to Newark Monthly Meeting, I
Mo. 7, 1 740- 1. After some delay Whinery was induced to
make the following acceptable acknowledgment, which was read
in a First-day Meeting at Wilmington :

"To the Monthly Meeting of Newark held at Kennett y1 4th:
of y'. 5th; Mo. 1741. Dear friends : These May inform you that
Contrary to >■; principle of truth in my own heart as well as the
Repeated & Continued Caution & Advice of my friends, I have
accomplished my marriage out of y= good order Established
amongst them by a Presbyterian Minister which hath been cause
of Sorrow to me ; Which act I hereby Condemn & take y' blame
to my self with desires of your Prayers for my future preservation
in the way of Peace ; from your friend

"Robert Whinery."

In 1749, Robert Whinery was assessed in Kennett Township,
Chester, but about 1750, he removed with his family to York
County, settling within the limits of Newberry Meeting, his cer-
tificate of removal from Newark, dated 7 Mo. i, 1750, being
received at Warrington Monthly Meeting, 10 Mo. 21, 1752. Rob-
ert Whinery' s membership in the Society of Friends was discon-
tinued in 1754.

' John and Elinor Whinery were present at a marriage at Ballyhagen
Meeting, in 1702, and Matthew Whinery was at a marriage at the same
place, in 1703.

Thomas Whinnery and Katharine Smith, both of Parish of Kilmore,
County Armaugh, members of Ballyhagen Meeting, were married at Bally-
hagen Meeting House, 11 Mo. 23, 1706. Among the signers were
Thomas Whinnery, Katharine Whinnery, Mary Smith, Sr., Mary
Smith, Rose Smith, Francis Hobson, John Smith, James Smith.

In 1749 and 1750, one Patrick Whinnery was licensed as a peddlar in
Chester County, Pa. In his petition to the court he stated that he had
been a weaver, but having broken a thigh had "fallen into a consumption."
— Hist. Chester County, 432. He was assessed as a single freeman in
Kennett Township in 1747 and 1749, and in East Marlborough Township,
in 1750, 1753, and 1754.

346 Immigration of the Irish Quakers

By deed of May 19, 1771, Robert Whinery, of Newberry
Township, York County, weaver, and Isabel, his wife, conveyed
to their son Thomas a tract of 290 acres of land which had been
granted to Robert by warrant of April 4, 1768 {Rt-coriier s Office,
ViirJt, Pii). In his will, dated Jan. 7, 1785, probated Sept. 23,
1791, Robert Whinery mentions his children, Hannah McCreary,
Thomas, William, and Catharine Whinery, and grandchild Sarah

I. Hannah Whinery, m. McCreary. Child, Sarah.

II. Thomas Whinery, of Newberry Township, m. 12 Mo. 18,
1 77 1, at Newberry Meeting, Phebe, daughter of Robert Mills, of
same place. Among those who signed the marriage certificate
were Robert, Isabel, Ann, and William Whinery, Robert and
Mary Mills. Children were: Thomas, b. 10 Mo. 5, 1779, m.,
about 1807, Ruth Miller, who was not a Friend. (She and her
daughter Phebe, b. 1808, were received as members of Warring-
ton Monthly Meeting, in 1808. This family removed to Warren
County, Ohio, in 1809, taking a certificate of removal to Centre
Monthly Meeting.)

III. William Whinery, of Newberry Township, York County,

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