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merchant; born at Plymouth, Conn.,
June 18, 1849; son of Ephraim and
Hannah D. (Richards) Lyman; edu-
cated in public schools of Connecticut
and Massachusetts and at Gunnery
School, "Washington, Conn. Came to
Minneapolis, 1871; has been engaged in
wholesale drug business at Minneapolis
since Dec. 15, 1875. One of the founders
of Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla.,

1885, and first president of the corpora-



tion. Member Minneapolis Society of
Fine Arts. Congregationalist. Married
at Minneapolis, May 9, 1876, to Eliza-
beth Huntington Clark. Clubs: Min-
neapolis, Commercial, Lafayette, Con-
gregational. Office: Oneida Bldg. Resi-
dence: 500 Groveland Av., Minneapolis.

IiV]M:A17, Geovge Ricliards, retired
merchant; born at Plymouth, Conn., Dec.
27, 1844; son of Rev. Bphraim and
Hannah D. (Richards) Lyman; edu-
cated at The Gunnery, Washington,
Conn., until 1860; Williston Seminary,
East Hampton, Mass., 1860-62; Phillips
Academy, Andover, Mass., 1863-64; Yale
Scientific School, 1864-66. Came to
Minneapolis, 1868; began in wholesale
drug business, 1S6S. Congregationalist.
Trustee Carleton College, Northfleld,
Minn., since 1892; president Minneapolis
Y. M. C. A., 1891-95. Married at Min-
neapolis, Aug. 10, 1875, to Miss Marietta
P. Ives. Office: Oneida Bldg. Resi-
dence: 1810 Chicago Av., Minneapolis.

IiYNCH, Frederick Bicknell, lumber-
man; born Madison, Wis., May 4, 1866;
son of John W. and Helen (De Camp)
Lynch; educated in Yankton College,
Yankton, S. Dak.; married at Wahpeton,
N. D., 1887, to Miss Isabel Purdon.
Civil engineer and surveyor by profes-
sion; engaged in that work in North
Dakota prior to going into business in
St. Paul in 1896; now secretary North-
west Colonization Co., Red Deer Lumber
Co. and Elk Lumber Co.; vice president
Canada Land and Colonization Co.;
president Alberta & Saskatchawan Land
Co.; president Central Minnesota In-
vestment Co.; Williams Iron Co., Madi-
son Land Co.; director Western Canada
Coal and Coke Co. Was four years
deputy U. S. surveyor in N. Dakota,
and four years in Council of the City of
St. Paul. Clubs: Minnesota, Commer-
cial, Athletic. Office: Endicott Bldg.
Residence: 1954 Iglehart St., St. Paul.

IiYNCH, James Im., physician; born
at Wiscoy, Minn., 1864; son of Thomas
and Elizabeth (Downey) Lynch; edu-
cated in public schools at Wiscoy, and
at Winona Normal School. Taught
school five years; took literary course
at University of Michigan; graduate of
Medical Department, University of
Michigan, degree of M.D., 1900. Member
American and Minnesota State Medical
associations, Winona County and South-
ern Minnesota Medical societies. Ad-
dress: Winona, Minn.

IiVNCH, J. Im., clothing; born in New
York; educated at Cayuga Lake Military
Academy, Aurora, N. Y. Came to Min-
nesota, 1SS6, and has been identified
with clothing business for twenty years;
has been a resident of Minneapolis since
1896 and has been president of The
Model Clothing House Co., since its or-
ganization, 1902. Office: Nicollet Av.,
and 3rd St. Residence: 337 B. 16th St.,

IiVZS'N', James Fristoe, physician; born
in Loudoun Co., Va., April 20, 1871; son

of B. W. and Francis (Allen) Lynn;
educated in public schools of Virginia,
College of William and Mary, Richmond
College, University College of Medicine,
Riclimond, Va., graduating, degree of
M.D., 1896; post graduate course, New
York Polyclinic College. Came to Min-
nesota, 1900. Health officer city of
Waseca. Member American and Minne-
sota State Medical associations, Waseca
County Medical Society, Virginia State
Medical Association. Married at Fargo,
N. D., 1904, to Miss Jessie Helms. Ad-
dress: Waseca, Minn.

IiVOIT, Georgre Asa, lawyer; born at
Rockford, la., June 9, 1871; son of Orlo
Henry and Belle Alden (Bradford) Lyon;
educated in public and high schools,
Rockford, 1888; Iowa College, Grinnell,
B.S., 1892; Law School, Harvard Uni-
versity, LL.B., 1903. Was cashier of
Marble Rock Bank, Marble Rock, la.,
1892-93; assistant cashier First National
Bank, Rockford, la., 1893-1900; engaged
in study and practice of law, since 1900.
Director First National Bank, Rockford,
la. Was mayor of Rockford, 1897. Re-
publican. Congregationalist. Member
Minnesota Bar Association. Married at
Rockford, la., Oct. 5, 1905, to Elizabeth
N. McLean. Club: Commercial. Was
Inter-State College tennis champion,
1890, 1891 and 1892. Office: New York
Life Bldg. Residence: 3225 Hennepin
Av., Minneapolis.

IiVTIiE, Georg-e Im., real estate; native
of Maghera Co. Derry, Ireland; son of
John S. and Elizabeth M. (Lowry) Lytle;
educated in public schools of Ireland,
Royal Academical Institute and in
private academy. Came to Chicago, 111.,
1881, and was connected with the Anglo-
American Packing and Provision Co.,
later engaged in farming in Northwest
Territory; removed to S. St. Paul, 1889
and was connected with the Minnesota
Packing & Provision Co., and the Union
Stockyards Co., later being identified
with live stock business in his own
name and as Lytle & Raeburn; first
entered real estate business in 1900
and since 1902 has been prominently
connected with real estate operations in
South St. Paul. Republican; active
worker in politics and mayor of South
St. Paul, 1899-1905. Member Masonic
order. O. E. S.. I. O. O. F., A. O. U. W.,
M. W. A., Royal Neighbors, United
Order of Foresters, North Star Benevo-
lent Association. Married at St. Paul,
Dec. 10, 1890, to Miss Janet H. Raeburn.
Office: Opposite City Hall. Residence:
South St. Paul.


IVIAAS, Theodore, grain; born at Pine
Island, Minn., July 22, 1863, son of
William P. F. and Johanna (Ninmann)
Maas; educated in district schools;
married at Pine Island, Aug. 18, 1892,
to Miss M. L. Newhouse. Born and
raised on a farm and remained there
until 28 years of age; was connected



with general merchandise store, 1891-92;
bought grain, elevator in company with
E. E. Fowler, as Maas & Co.; bought
Longham Elevator, Olmsted Co., in
1S93 and disposed of it 1896; bought out
Taft & Co.. hardware, Mazeppa, 1898,
under title of Switz, Newhouse & Co.,
and sold out, 1901. Head of Maas &
Co., grain and seeds; president Bank of
Mazeppa; partner Mason, Olson & Co.,
owners of Mazeppa Roller Mills; also
financially interested in Pine Island
State Bank, Zumbrota Clay "Works,
Cambria Salt Co., of Cambria, Wyo.,
and real estate in Minnesota and Can-
ada, N. W. T. Republican. German
T_,utheran. Address: Mazeppa, Minn.

MC AIiPINi:, Donald B., lawyer; born
at Alba, Lapeer Co., Mich., Sept. 16,
1879; graduate of Kalkaska, Mich.,
High School; Olivet, Mich., Preparatory
College; University of Michigan, LL.B.,
June 23, 1902; admitted to bar of
Michigan, June 17. 1902; to bar of Min-
nesota, July 23, 1904. Elected county
attorney of Cook Co., Minn., Nov. 8,
1904, and is now holding that office;
recorder, village of Grand Marais, 1904
to the present time. Republican.
Methodist. Married at Duluth, Minn.,
Dec. 28, 1904, to Elizabeth Dolan. Ad-
dress: Grand Marais, Minn.

McABTHUR, Peter, (The Emporium);
born in Canada, March 15, 1866; son of
Veter and Christy (McGregor) Mc-
Arthur; educated in public schools of
Glengarry Co., Can., and at Ottawa,
Can. Be.gan active career on a farm
in Canada; was in employ of Willis &
Co., pianos, Montreal, for 4 years; came
to St. Paul, May, 1888, and was book-
keeper in clothing store two years and
was connected one year with Corning
& Co., coal dealers; became identified
with the Golden Rule Store as financial
manager and continued in that position
for 11 years; was one of the organizers
of the Kennedy-McLeod-McArthur Co.,
The Emporium department store, Jan.,
1902, and is treasurer of the company.
Member Knights of Pvthias, Roval Ar-
canum. Married at St. Paul, 1900, to
Celestine Raverty. Recreation: Hunt-
ing. Office: 92-108 E. 7th St. Resi-
dence: 702 Cedar Street, St. Paul.

McBXtlSE, Charles Francis, electric
contractor and engineer; born at Roches-
ter, N. Y.. Oct. 23. 1857; son of James T.
and Margaret (Gormley) McBride; edu-
cated in common schools of Ontario,
Can., technical schools of Guelph; later
studying mining machinery, railway con-
struction and mechanical and electrical
engineering; was for three years with
the Thomson Houston Electric Co.; es-
tablished the McBride Electric Co., a
corporation, 1893, dealers in electric sup-
plies and apparatus used in installa-
tion of electric plants, etc.. of which
he is secretary and treasurer. Also
treasurer Empire Consolidated Mining
& Milling Co.; director Achme Mfg. Co.,
Groton tight, Heat & Power Co. Mem-
ber State Board of Electric Examiners.

Democrat. Roman Catholic. Member
Electrical Contractors Association.
Member Knights of Pythias, Hibernians,
St. Vincent de Paul Society. Married
at St. Paul, Minn., 1892, to Lydia A.
McGill. Office: 346-348 Minnesota St.
Residence: 634 VanBuren Place, St.

McCABS:, Milton M., grain commis-
sion; born in Lambton Co., Ont., Feb.
18, 1872; son of George and Mary
(Graham) McCabe; educated at Beloil
College Academy, Beloit, Wis. Came
to N. Dakota, 1891, and engaged in
general merchandise business. 1891-96;
entered grain business with brother in
Cavalier, N. D., and continued until
1902, when he located in Duluth as
manager McCabe Brothers. Republican.
Presbyterian. Member Duluth Board of
Trade. Married at Glasston, N. D.,
Jan. 1, 1896, to Miss Mary K. Karr.
Office: Bd. of Trade Bldg. Residence:
232S Roslyn Av., Duluth.

McCABB, William J., grain merchant;
born in Ontario, Can., 1862; son of
George and Mary (Graham) McCabe;
educated in public schools of Bothwell,
Ont. Located in Glasston, N. D., 1881,
and became identified with country
grain elevator business in 1887; re-
moved to Duluth, 1896; member of the
firm of McCabe Brothers, owning and
controlling country elevators in the
hard wheat belt on the Great Northern
Road. Republican. Presbyterian. Mar-
ried at Shandon, Ohio, 1894, to Miss
Jennie C. Chidlow. Clubs: Commer-
cial, Duluth Boat. Recreation: Walk-
ing. Office: Bd. of Trade Bldg. Resi-
dence: Hunter's Park, Duluth.

McCABTHV, Chauncy Chatterton,
lawyer; born in Gratiot Co., Mich., Feb.
8, 1856; son of Daniel and Melissa
Safety (Dexter) McCarthy; educated in
common schools of Michigan until 15
years of age and at Valparaiso Normal
School, Valparaiso, Ind. Worked in
lumber camps and on log drives of
Michigan from 15 until 26 years of
age; came to Minnesota, June 13, 1892;
studied law, admitted to bar and has
practiced law at Grand Rapids, Minn.,
since July 14, 1892. County attorney
of Itasca Co., Jan. 1, 1897, to Jan. 1,
1899; State senator 52nd senatorial dis-
trict, Jan. 1, 1899, to Jan. 1, 1903.
Director First National Bank of Coler-
aine. Republican. Unitarian. Married
at St. Louis, Mich., Nov. 18, 1886, to
Miss Elizabeth Belle Cornell. Recrea-
tions: Hunting and camping. Address:
Grand Rapids, Minn.

McCATTGHBV, John J., lawyer; born
at Madison, Wis., 1S6S; son of John
and Jane McCaughey; educated in High
School. Mantorville, graduating, 1889;
College of Law. University of Minne-
sota, graduating, degree of LL.B., 1894;
married at Mantorville, Minn., 1890, to
Miss May M. Edeson. Began practice
of law at Kasson and Mantorville, as
member of the law firm of Littleton &
McCaughey, 1894; has been county at-



torney of Dodge County since Nov.,
1898. Presbyterian. Member Masonic
order, Modern Woodmen of America.
Address: Kasson, Minn.

McCAUIiEV, George A., merclianf,
)jorn at Fridley, Anoka Co., Minn., May
31, ISGO; son of James and Eliza (Mc-
Oormiclv) McCauley; graduated from
Anoka Hicli School. 1881. and from
Anoka Business College, 1883. Began
in mercantile business, 1883; founded
the firm of George A. McCauley, 1884,
dealer in grain, agricultural imple-
ments, building material, coal and
seeds. Member of the firm of Mc-
Cauley Brothers, grocers. Mayor of the
City of Anoka four terms and alder-
man of the city two terms. Independent
in politics. Married at Anoka, Minn.,
July, 1898, to Miss Mabel C. Whitten.
Club: Commercial. Address: Anoka,

McCIiEABV, James Thompson, con-
gress; born at Ingersoll, Ont., Feb. 5,
1853; son of Thompson and Sarah Mc-
riearv; educated in high school and at
McGiil University, Montreal; married at
Maiden Rock, Wis., June 4, 1874, to
Miss Mary Edith Taylor. Taught
school and was superintendent of
schools of Pierce Co., Wis., until he
resigned, 1881, to become State ins.titute
conductor, Minnesota, and professor of
history and civics in State Normal
School, Mankato; was president Minne-
sota Educational Association, 1891. Re-
publican. Member of Congress, 2nd
Minn. district, 1893-07; appointed,
March 4, 1907, by President Roosevelt
as second assistant postmaster g-eneral.
Author: Studies in Civics, Manual of
Civics. Recreation: Travel. Address:
Mankato, Minn.

McCI.EI.I.AII', Fred i;., wholesale
paper dealer; born at Sarnia, Canada,
June 11, 1867; son of ^^illiam Wallace
and Ellen A. (Wait) McClellan; edu-
cated in public and high school, Sarnia;
came to Minneapolis, 1882; married at
Minneapolis, June 12, 1895, to Lena L.
Shattuck. Was clerk in Minneapolis,
retail hardware, 1884-89; bookkeeper
Jas. H. Bishop & Co., wholesale paper,
1889-90; credit man for the same house,
1890-94; started in business as McClel-
lan Paper Co., May 1, 1894, incorporat-
ing the company, 1898, now president
and treasvirer of the company. Mem-
ber B. P. O. E. Clubs: Commercial,
Minikahda, Bryn Mawr, Minneapolis
Automobile. Recreations: Automobil-
ing and golf. Office: 245 First Av.,
North. Residence: 2016 Kenwood
Parkway, Minneapolis.

HIcCIiEIiIiAND, Robert Henry, lawyer;
born in Coshocton Co., O., Feb. 8, 1844;
son of Samuel B. and Jane (Henry)
McClelland; educated in common
schools. Wells Co., Ind., and at com-
mercial college, Pittsburg-, Pa. Began
practice of law April 6, 1874. Filled
ofHce of county attorney of Scott Co.,
Minn., 1881-82; was mayor of Glencoe,
1893-1902; member of Governor John-

son's staff. 1905 and 190G. Editor of
Glencoe Enterprise since 1900. En-
listed as private and became corporal,
Co. A, 34th Ind. Vol. Inf., during War
of the Rebellion, 1861-66. Democrat.
Member Masonic order, Knights of
Pvthias, A. O. U. W. Married at St.
Paul, Minn , Nov. 4, 1892, to Miss
Georgia A. Johns. Address: Glencoe,

McCI^ENAHAN, William St. Clair,
jurist; born at Baltimore, Md., June 19,
1854; son of Hugh Bell and Maria
Louisa (McComas) McClenahan; edu-
cated in private schools and academies;
graduate Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa.,
degree of A.B., 1875; Law School, Uni-
versity of Maryland, degree of LL.B.,
1880. Unmarried. Practiced law at
Baltimore, 1880-82; came to Brainerd,
Minn., Oct., 18S2, and continued in
practice; was city attorney, Brainerd,
1888-1900; elected judge district court
15th judicial district, Nov., 1900, and
now occupies that office. Member
American and Minnesota State Bar as-
sociations. Republican. Member all
Masonic bodies to 32°, Shrine; B. F. O.
E., K. P Address: Brainerd, Minn.

McCLERNAN, Patrick A., lawyer;
born ;it Plainview, Minn., April 27, 1860;
.son of John and Mary (Gildea) McCler-
nan; educated in common schools and
correspondence school. Born on a
farm; went to Dakota Ty., spring- of
1880 and engag-ed in farming; removed
to Stephen, Minn., 1890; passed Minne-
sota state -examination and was ad-
mitted to the bar, April 5, 1900; has
been engaged in practice of law at
Stephen, since April, 1901. Secretary
board of education 7 years; twice elected
president of town council and served
one term by appointment as county
attorney. Married at Crookston, Minn.,
June 15. 1898, to Miss Belle F. Wilson.
Address: Stephen, Minn.

SIcCIiINTOCK, John M., county at-
torney St. Louis Co.; born near Hamil-
ton, O.; educated at Miami University,
O.xford, O.; Hanover College, Hanover,
Ind.; University of Virginia, and Cin-
cinnati (O. ) Law School. Was admitted
to practice of law in Ohio and at Galves-
ton, Tex.. 1891; came to Duluth, Dec,
1892. Assistant county attorney, St.
Louis Co., 1898-1900, and county attor-
ney since 1900. Republican. Unmar-
ried. Clubs: Kitchi Gammi, Commer-
cial. Office: Torrey Bldg. Residence:
Kitchi Gammi Club, Duluth.

McCIiURX:, Samuel, president Mc-
Clure Logging Co.; secretary-treasurer,
St. Croix Boom Corporation; director
First National Bank, Northwest
Thresher Co. Address: Stillwater,

McCOIiIi, Henry, druggist; born at
Cliicago. 111.. March 2, 1866; son of
Edmund and Mary (Foley) McCoU; edu-
cated in public school, Oskaloosa, la.,
1871-73; St. Mary's and Cathedral paro-
chial schools, St. Paul, 1873-80. Was



in employ of George Davenport, drug-
gist, lSSO-84; engaged in sale of
crockery and glassware, with H. L.
Wheat & Co., and Craig, Larkin & Smith,
1884-18S9; began for himself in drug
business, Jan. 1, 1SS9, at 640 Missis-
sippi St., continuing there until May 1,
1896, when the business was moved to
4 83 Broadway. Democrat. Elected to
House of Representatives, Minnesota
Legislature, 1902 and reelected 1904;
elected to State Senate, 1906. Catholic.
Unmarried. Office: 483 Broadway.
Residence: 538 Canada St., St. Paul.

McCONN'ON, Henry J., manufacturer;
born at Winona, Minn., Aug. 1, 1870;
son of James and Ellen (McKee) Mc-
Connon; educated in public schools of
Winona; unmarried. Began active
career in drug business, 1889; was pro-
prietor retail drug store for 9 years;
entered manufacture of remedies, stock
food, flavoring extracts, toilet articles,
etc., 1899, and incorporated, 1904, as
McConnon & Company, of which he has
been president from the beginning.
Member Board of Trade. Democrat.
Catholic. Club: Arlington (director).
Recreations: Fishing and hunting. Ad-
dress: Winona, Minn.

McCOlTNON, Joseph B., secretary and
treasurer McConnon & Company; born
at Winona, Minn., 1877; son of James
and Ellen (McKee) McConnon; educated
in public schools of Winona; married at
Winona, 1905, to Miss Jeanette Morey.
Entered the house of McConnon & Com-
pany, manufacturers of remedies, stock
foods, toilet articles, etc., in 1896, and
has been secretary and treasurer of the
company since its incorporation, 1904.
Catholic. Clubs: Arlington, Meadow
Brook. Recreations: Golf, fishing. Ad-
dress: Winona, Minn.

McCONVII^IiZ:, Constantine J., whole-
sale dry goods; born in New York City,
Dec. 18, 1853; educated in public schools
and at College of the City of New
York. Began active career in office of
W. H. Van Slyck, eastern agent of a
Chicago wholesale house, continuing
until 1872; came to St. Paul in January,
1872, and took charge of a department
in the liouse in which he has been a
partner since 1888, now Finch, Van
Slyck & McConville, wholesale dry goods
and manufacturers of ladies and gentle-
men's furnishings. Office: N. W. Cor.
4th & Sibley Sts. Residence: 29
Arundel St., St. Paul.

McCOBMICK, Fackey H., merchant;
born in Dodge Co., Wis.. June 15, 1861;
educated in common schools in Dodge
Co. Began in mercantile business, April
1880, and is member of the firm of Mc-
Cormick, Drosky & Co., general merch-
andise. Republican. Lutheran. Mason;
member I. O. O. P.. M. W. A., A. O.
U. W. Married at Sioux Falls, S. D.,
Jan. 27, 1878, to Miss Anna Harrison.
Club: Commercial. Address: Eagle
Bend, Minn.

McCOBMICK, William Smith, city
comptroller, Duluth; born at Duluth,
Feb. 16, 1874; son of Samuel C. and
T.,ouisa E. (Smith) McCormick; educated
in public and high schools, Duluth; un-
married. Began active career in employ
of First National Bank of Duluth, 1892,
continuing until 1899; was elected city
comptroller, 1899, and reelected at each
succeeding election. Treasurer Climax
Building & Loan Association. Served
in Co. G, 14th Minn. Vol. Inf. at Chick-
amauga Camp, Spanish-American War.
Republican. Presbyterian. Mason;

member Knights of Pythias, Loyal
Legion (by inheritance), Spanish-Ameri-
can War Veterans (Camp McEwen No.
6), Royal League, U. O. F., Modern
Samaritans, B. P. O. E. Clubs: Com-
mercial, Duluth Boat, Duluth Yacht.
Recreations: Boating, hunting and out-
door diversions. Office: City Hall.
Residence: Dacey Flats, Duluth.

McCOBNACK, Jirah Samuel, clergy-
man; born in Knox Co., 111., March 17,
1S62; son of William and Angeline
(Bacon) McCornack; educated in public
scliools of Knox Co.; Knox College,
Galesburg, 111.; McCormick Theological
Seminary, Chicago, 111. Married at
Galesburg, 111., Aug. 20, 1891, to Miss
Margaret M. Colville. Presbyterian.
Was pastor at Red Lake Falls, Minn.,
1891, Howard Lake, Minn., 1893-03, and
has been pastor at Owatonna since 1903.
Prohibitionist. Was sergeant major 6th
Regt., I. N. G., and brevet major, Clen-
dennis' Provisional Regt., 111. Vol. Troop,
1898. Address: Owatonna, Minn.

McCOY, Andrew Clark, farmer; born
at Crete, 111., Dec. 26, 1842; came to
Minnesota, May, 1856; educated in com-
mon schools of Olmsted Co., and at
Hamline University (then at Red Wing),
leaving the university at close of third
yeai' to enlist in Co. F, 9th Minn. Inf.
Served one year against the Indians,
on Minnesota frontier; went South with
regiment and was captured by Con-
federates, at Ripley, Miss., June 11,
1864, and spent 6V2 months as prisoner
at Andersonville; was one of six out
of eighteen captured members of the
company, who survived the imprison-
ment; was mustered out at Fort Snelling
Aug., 1S6.T, and has since lived on his
farm in Olmsted Co. Republican. Was
town clerk for 15 successive terms,
member of school board 30 years, town
supervisor and county commissioner one
term; elected member State Legislature,
4th district, 1902, and again, Nov., 1906,
present term extending to Jan., 1909.
Married at Salem, Minn.. May, 1868, to
Tjydia S. Little, who died Aug., lS9(i.
Address: Byron, Minn.

McCOY, Lester C, lumber dealer; born
at Fulton. 111., June 23, 1870; son of
William J. and Marie (Aylesworth) Mc-
Coy; educated in public schools, at
Oberlin College, Oberlin, O., and at
Wheaton (111.) College. Has been con-
nected with the lumber business ever



since entering upon liis active career,
in 1891 > was witla tlie Curtis & Yale
Co., sash, doors and blinds, in Clinton,
Iowa, 1891-1895, and with the same firm
in the city of Minneapolis, 1895-1905,
since which time he has been secretary
and treasurer of the McCoy Lumber
Co., operating a line of retail lumber
yards in North Dakota. Republican.
Married, at Minneapolis, Dec, 1903, to
Miss Frances Humphrey. Office: Se-
curity Bank Bldg. Residence: 1345
1st Av., S., Minneapolis.

McCBACKEIT, Augustus Edward,
manufacturer; born at Mt. Carroll, 111.,
May 20, 1856; son. of John and Mary
(Cormany) McCracken; educated in pub-
lic schools of Mt. Carroll. Came to
Minneapolis, 1874; traveled for the
wholesale lumber firm of Goodnough &
Hawley, 1875-84; member of the firm
of Hedderly & McCracken, manufact-
urers of carriages, since 1884. Republi-
can. Member Woodmen of America.
Married at Minneapolis, 1879, to Miss
Adelaide Roach. Office: 240-250 1st
Av., N. Residence: 3022 Harriet Av.,
S., Minneapolis.

McCUBXtEY, Grovenor Bownes, clerk
of district court; born in Charlotte Co.,
N. B., May 4, 1858; son of Robert and
Sarah (Marks) McCubrey; educated in
public schools of Caribou, Me. Began
active career as clerk in general store
Mt. Fairfield, Me., 1879; came to Min-
nesota, 1882, and became proprietor of
general store. Clay Co., Minn., 1885-97;
has been clerk of district court since
1900. Was justice of the peace, 1885-89;
postmaster, 1889-97. Republican. Mem-
ber Masonic order, O. E. S., Knights of
Pythias, Royal Arcanum, A. O. U. W.,
M. B. A. Married. Club: Commercial.
Recreations: Hunting, fishing and driv-
ing. Address: Moorliead, Minn.

aXcCITBN, John A., physician; born at
Guelph, Ont., Can., Jan. 27, 1864; son
of William and Mary (Lynn) McCuen;
graduate Toronto University, degree of
M.B., 1891, and College of Physicians
and Surgeons, Toronto, degree of M.D.,
1891; married at Duluth, Minn., Dec.
21, 1893, to Mary E. Honeycutt. Began
practice of medicine, 1891, and has con-
tinued in Duluth since that time.
Coroner St. Louis Co., since Jan., 1905.
Member American and Minnesota State
Medical associations, St. Louis County
and Inter Urban Medical societies. Re-

Online LibraryAlbert Nelson MarquisThe book of Minnesotans; a biographical dictionary of leading living men of the state of Minnesota → online text (page 70 of 127)