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toune, and Elizabeth Hacket of Archibald Dunbar
of Newton,) of Walter Hacket and his wife, Janet
Leslye, who had a charter of the lands of Mayen in
1649. Mr. Abernethie bought up the interests of
his sisters-in-law in Mayen, and became sole pro-
prietor. Issue : —

1. John, his heir.

2. William.

3. "Master" George.

1. Jean or Joan, m. first, Waiiam Moir of Scots-

toun, and secondly, James Moir of Stoney-

2. Christian, m. Alexander Hay of Ambath, who

also owned the estate of Tonley; from him it
was bought by the ancestors of the Byres
family, 8 April, 1720. Mr. Hay engaged in
the rebellion of 1715, and was forfeited; although
he had a family of eight children, his descend-
ants are now extinct.

*Most of the facts about the Abernethys of Mayen were sent me by Captain
Dunbar-Dunbar of Sea Park, and were taken by him from original documents in the
Mayen Charter Chest. In two documents therein is mentioned, — "1643, 4 July, Cap-
tain Thomas Moore, son of the deceased Thomas Moore in Peterhead, when James
Abernethie, servitor to Mr. Robert Bruce, Advocatt, is appointed factor and commis-
sioner for him, 1644, 20 July — Thomas Moore is designed 'GeneraU Adjutant of ye
Scots Cavilrie,' in England, when he gives full power to James Abernethie, Writer and
Advocate, to arrest James Ore COrr) in the Canongate."

MoiR Genealogy 215

3. Janet.

4. Elizabeth.

5. Isobel, m. Rev. Alexander Shand, of Insch.

ALEXANDER ABERNETHY died 1683, and his widow Isobel
Hacket, thereafter married Alexander Forbes of Blackstone.

II. JOHN ABERNETHY II., of Mayen, m. Jean, dau of
James Moir II., of Stoneywood, by his first wife.
Mary Scroggie, while his sister, Jean Abernethie, is
the second wife of his father-in-law.
1. James, his heir.

1. Jean or Joan, m. William Moir, of Spittal.

2. Elizabeth m. the Rev. Hugh Innes, of Mortlach.
III. JAMES ABERNETHY III., of Mayen, m. Jane, dau.

of Alexander Duff I., of Hatton. Having unfortunately
shot John Leith, ofLeith Hall, in a duel fought in the
streets of Aberdeen in Dec. 17G3, he fled to the conti-
nent, and was outlawed. Issue: —

I. James, his heir, IV., of Mayen, died unmarried,
and intestate, 1785, had four daughters, viz.:^

1. Jane, (b. 1751, died 1805), m. Major,

afterwards Colonel Alexander Duff, 58th
Regt., generally known as "Tiger Duff"
so-called from a deep seam in his face
inflicted in an encounter in India with
a tiger. Their son, Gapt. William Duff,
of Mayen, sold that property; d. 1857.

2. Isobel m. Captain William Graham, 42d

Regt., sometime "Master of Ceremonies
at Edinburgh" and had issue.

3. Helen.

4. Anne.

Arms. — Or, a lion rampant, gules, surmounted of a ribbon, sable.
Crest. — A parrot feeding on a bunch of cherries, proper.


By JOHN GEORGE BURNETT, Esq., of Aberdeen.

Nov. 27, 1602. Instrument of resignation by Andrew Brabner junior,
Burgess of Aberdeen, of that portion of the Commonty of the
Burgh called Calseyseatt, in favour of Mr. WUliam Moir,
Burgess of the said Burgh.

Sept. 20, 1603. Charter by the Provost Baillies, etc., of Aberdeen to
Mr. William Moir and his heirs male of Calseyseatt; and
Instrument of Sasine following thereupon of the same date.

May 2nd, 1623. Precept of Sasine on the lands of Calseyseatt in
favour of Mr. William Moir, legitimate and nearer heir of hie
Father, the late Mr. William Moir and instrument of sasine
following thereupon of the same date.

May 10, 1656. Contract Matrimonial between Mr. William Moir and
Margaret Skene, only daughter of Gilbert Skene of Dyce.

May 31, 1656. Instrument of resignation Mr. William Moir, Prin-
cipal, to Dr. William Moir, his eldest son, and Gilbert Skene,
of Dyce, on behalf of his daughter of lands of Calsieseat.

June 3, 1656. Charter by the Provost, etc., of lands of Calsieseat to
Dr. William Moir, Doctor of Medicine, and instrument of
sasine following thereupon of the same date.

Oct. 20, 1688. Disposition by Dr. William Moir, in favour of George
Gordon, Burgess of Aberdeen, second lawful son of Henry
Gordon, of Auehlyne of the lands of Calsieseat.

Nov. 8, 1688. Instrument of resignation by George Keith, Advocate,
Aberdeen, on behalf of Mr. William Moir of Scotstoune,
heriditary proprietor, to John Gordone Baillie, on behalf of the
Provost, etc., superiors, of the lands of Calsieseat in favour of
George Gordone.

June 18, 1688. Heritable bond George Gordone, 2nd son to Henry
Gordon of Auehlyne, to Mr. William Moir of Scotstoune,
Doctor of Medicine, for 3500 merks Scots furth of the croft
of land called Calsieseat.

July 20, 1688. Bond of provision Dr. William Moir to Elizabeth Moir,
his youngest daughter of the sum of 2000 merks Scots being
part of heritable land of 3500 merks Scots, reserving to him-
self and Margaret Skeine, his spouse, the annual rent of the
said 2000 merks.

Nov. 21, 1691. Receipt Dr. William Moir from George Gordone of
Kirktone of Dyce of 1000 merks Scots, being part payment
of the above bond. Witness John Moir, son to the said
Doctor Moir.

July 24, 1711. Decreet of adjudication at instance of Elizabeth Moir
and Mr. John Mulligan, minister of the gospel at Methlick,^


(See page 242.)






C/3 ^

«^ ^'



OS o




c/3 -a


a. .

O £

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. >

Qi O


. onand I


against Alexander Moir, eldest son of Mr. William Moir,
Doctor of Medicine in Elgin, eldest son of the late Dr. William
Moir of Scotstoune of above-mentioned 2000 merks, Scots.

Aug. 6. 1707. General charge at instance of Elizabeth Moir and Mr.
John Mulligan, her spouse, against Alexander Moir his tutors
and curators to enter heir to his grandfather Dr. William
Moir within forty days.

May, 1703. Contract matrimonial between Mr. John Mulligan,
minister of the gospel at Methlick and Elizabeth Moir,
youngest daughter of Dr. William Moir of Scotstoune.

Dec. 23, 1713. Disposition and assignation Mr. John Mulligan and
Elizabeth Moir to Alexander Fraser of the above-mentioned
heritable bond on Calsieseat.

Oct. 24, 1691. Matrimonial contract between Master Alexander
Fraser, Regent of King's College Aberdeen and Christian
Moir, daughter and one of the co-heirs of the deceased John
Moir of Barnes, with the consent of Mary Cochrane, relict
of the said John Moir. (Mary Cochrane binds herself to pay
certain sums to Mr. A. F. and Christian Moir, and for further
security to have herself duly and lawfully infeft in "All and
haill that sexth pairt of the sunne-half of the maines of Barnes.
Extending to three pleughes of land, the sexth pairt of the
sun half of the milne milnelands mulbures and sequells
thereoff. The sexth pairt of the sunne-half of the lands of
Daes and sun half of the lands of west bigging with the man-
ner place of Barnes, town and lands of Earlsfield, houses,
biggings, yeards, and ofts, Crofts, outsetts, insetts, an-
nexes, connexes, commonly common pasturage, mosses, mures,
meadows, tennants, tenandrys and service of free tennents
pairts, pendicles, and pertinents, whatsomever Lying within
the parochin of Fremney and Shrefdome of Aberdein which
fell and appertained to the said Christian Moir and of the
airs, Portioners of the said deceist John Moir of Barnes, her

father And sicklyke in all and haill that sexth

pairt of the Town and lands of Sunniesyde, with the pairts,
pendicles, and pertinents of the same, lying within the
Barony and regality of the Spitthill.")

Disposition made on the advice and consent of Mr. George
Fraser, sub-principal King's College, (brother) Mr. William
Fraser, minister at Kilmorah; (eldest brother) for Mr. Alex-
ander Fraser, and of Mary Cochrane, George Gordon of
Rothmey and Mr. George Chalmers, Parsone off ffoord in
England for .Christian Moir.



JAMES MOIR, M. D., of Edinburgh, b. 1780, son of
STONE; married 1805, to MARGARET LAING STEN-
HOUSE; volunteered his services as medical officer at
the time of the British wars against Napoleon I., of
France. His brig going down channel, was driven
ashore on the coast of France, and all hands were cap-
tured. He was taken prisoner to Verdun. An officer
got permission to have his wife sent there, with an
attendant, who happened to be MRS. MOIR; while
still practicing his calling, and a prisoner, the mother
gave birth to JOHN INNES ALLAN MOIR, (afterwards
M. D. of Edmburgh) born April, 4, 1808. In 1814,
immediately after the decisive battle of Waterloo, all
the prisoners were liberated, and returned to Scotland.
He had at least three sons: —

burgh, president of the College of Physicians
at Edinburgh, b. April 4, 1808, at Verdun,
LAND-HERIOT, and had issue, at least two
sons: —

1. John William Moir, who with hip younger
brother, was a pioneer in British Central
Africa, (see extended account) b. 1851,
at Edinburgh; m. Helen Elizabeth Tod,
dau. of Henry Tod, Writer to the Signet,
of Edinburgh, and had issue: —

' I Two born in Africa and died young there.

2. )

3. Henry Maitland Moir, b. 1887, at Edin-

burgh, a medical student.

4. Margaret Louisa Maitland Moir, b. 1891,

at Edinburgh.

Moi& Gbnbalogy 219

2. Frederick Lewis Maitland Moir, now of
Glasgow, secretary and director of the
African Lakes Corporation; (an extended
account of this worthy and interesting
gentleman, and his elder brother John
W. Moir, appears in this volume) born
later than 1851, at Edinburgh; m. Oct.
4, 1885, to Jane Fordyce Beith, dau.
of Gilbert Beith, M.P., for Glasgow,
Indian merchant, (born Glenelg, near
Oban) and had issue: —

1. Annie Maitland Moir, b. Feb. 2, 1887,

at Blantyre, British Central Africa.

2. Dorothy Caroline Moir ) rj,^.^^ g^^^

3. Margaret Louise Moir )

Oct. 9, 1891, at Edinburgh, Scotland.

II. JAMES MOIR, merchant of Edinburgh, later
coming to America in 1836, landing at New
York City, where he m. MARY McELROY,
dau. of REV. JOSEPH McELROY, D.D.,f or
over fifty years pastor of the Scotch Presby-
terian Church, New York City. He had at
least one son: JOSEPH McELROY MOIR,
a retired engineer, of Minneapolis, Minnesota,
b. March 18, 1846, in New York City. He m.
March 18, 1874, AGNES POND, dau. of REV.
sionary to the Indians of Minnesota, and had
issue: —

1. Marion Walker Moir, b. April 28, 1875, at Bloom-

ington, Minn.

2. James Moir, cashier in the offices of the New York

Central and Hudson River Railroad, at Mount
Vernon, New York; born Sept. 15, 1876, at
Bloomington, Minn., m. April. 11, 1901, to Sarah
Charlotte Spence, dau. of William Spence, of
New York City, and had issue: —

1. Ruth Spence Moir, born April 18, 1902,
at Mount Vernon, New York.

3. Joseph McElroy Moir, Jr., b. Jan. 15, 1878, at

Bloomington, Minn.

4. William Wildei-ming Moir, b. March 26, 1881, at

Bloomington, Minn., now an M. D.

220 MoiR GeneaIvOGy

5. Dougald Stuart Moir, b. Aug. 26, 1884, at Bloom-

ington, Minn., d. May 23, 1888.

6. Arthur Duncan Moir, b. Feb. 21, 1887, at Bloom-

in gton, Minn.

7. Agnes Pond Moir, born Dec. 12, 1888, at Bloom-

ington, Minn.

8. John Moir, b. Nov. 6, 1890, at Bloomington, Minn.

panion of the Most Distinguished Order of

St. Michael and St. George, created in 1877;
Club St. Georges; for over 40 years, civil service
(British) in H. M. customs at Bahamas; Pres-
ident of Turks Islands, Virgin Islands, Do-
minica, and St. Kitts, all in the West Indies;
b. March 28, 1825, at Edinburgh, married 1852,
REV. JAMES WATSON, Presbyterian min-
ister, and died April 6, 1897. Had issue: —

1. Isabella J. H. Moir i rp .

2. Margaret A. A. Moir J

Born April 7, 1854, at Kingston, Jamaica.
Both live at St. Mawes, in Cornwall, England,
the latter has been married twice, in 1879 and
in 1887, and has issue. The former never mar-

3. Elizabeth Catherine Moir, born Oct. 21, 1855, at

Belize, Honduras, (Brit.) was twice married,
1870-1885— now (1912) a widow.

4. Amy Alice Anna Moir, b. 1857, at Belize, Hon-

duras, d. 1866.

5. James F. William Moir, b. 1859, at Belize, Hon-

duras, married 1886; an engineer now (1910) in

6. Constance M. Louise Moir, b. 1860, at Kingston,

Jamaica, d. 1861.

7. Alexandra Bertha Christina Moir, b. 1864, at Turks

Islands, W. I., m. July, 1883, d. at Antigua, W. I.,
April 17, 1884.

*Hi3 diUL'hter Isabella, who is an iava.Hd and is livin? at St. Mawes in Cornwall,
writ'ss of her father, "i am sure mv father w ml 1 n<?\'er have oonsiderod himself a
'prominent persou,' or' seek a place amon? anch. — He was just an ordinary man
though tall and good-looking, and with a very pleasant voice."


JOHN MOIR of Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland; m.

Mar. 13, 1802, MARTHA HARRIS, and had issue:—

1. John Moir, b. May 10, 1803, Arbroath; d. May 24, 1803.

2. Alexander Moir,b. March 24, 1804, Arbroath. (Baker and

pastry cook, see below.)

3. David Moir, b. Oct. 7, 1805, Arbroath; d. May 22, 1807.

4. Thomas Moir, b. Mar. 3, 1808, Arbroath.

5. Isabella Moir, b. June 11, 1810, Arbroath.

6. Margaret Moir, b. Aug.20, 1812, Arbroath ; d. Mar. 29, 1814.

ALEXANDER MOIR, baker and pastry cook, of
London, England; b. March 24, 1804, in Arbroath, Forfar-
shire, Scotland; son of JOHN MOIR and MARTHA
HARRIS of Arbroath, Scotland; m. Sept. 23, 1830,
SUSAN WURR, dau. of RICHARD WURR, and had
seven children, of whom the following are the two who

lived longest: —

1. Alexander G. Moir, b. March 6, 1 837, London, England, and

had issue. (See below). Christened at St. Luke's
Church, Chelsea.

2. Thomas John Moir, b. London, England; christened at

Trinity Church, Sloane.
♦ALEXANDER G. MOIR, carpenter, builder, painter,
decorator, for 35 years Assessor and Highway Commis-
sioner, has prospered, having a large farm of 300 acres,
well supplied, at Temple, New Brunswick; b. Mar. 6,
1837, in London, England, son of ALEXANDER MOIR,
of Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland, and SUSAN WURR;
grandson of JOHN MOIR, of Arbroath, Scotland, and
MARTHA HARRIS; m. Dec. 26, 1864, HULDAH
Canterbury, England, and had issue: —

1. Frances Mary Moir, b. Dec. 9, 1865, in Temple, N. B., m.

June 15, 1892, John Alfred Patterson, of Woodstock, N.
B., and had issue.

2. George Alexander Moir, b. Dec. 8, 1867, in Temple, N. B.

♦Alexander G. Moir had a brother, John Moir, who left London, England, many
years ago, and although efforts had been made to locate him, he ha.-j not been found.

222 MoiR Gbneai^ogy

3. Annie Gertrude Moir, b. Apr. 11, 1870, in Temple, N. B.,

m. Oct. 15, 1902, Asaph H. Faxon, of Gambridgeport,

4. Edith Maud Moir, b. Aug. 8, 1872, in Temple, N. B., m.

Apr. 10, 1891, Merrill David Green, d. Aug. 8, 1897,
had issue.

5. Susan Isabella Moir, b. Sept. 14, 1874, in Temple, N. B.,

m. John Murdoch MacDonald, of St. Louis, Missouri,
and has issue.

6. Charles William Moir, b. April 15, 1877, in Temple, N.B.,

died Feb. 15, 1901.

7. Percy Miles Moir, b. Mar. 20, 1882, in Temple, N. B.

•DAVID MOIR, wine merchant, of Edinburgh, Scot-
land, served 34 years in the Queen's Regiment of the
Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers, and held the rank of Colour-
Sergeant, b. Sept. 5, 1864, in Earlsferry, Fifeshire, son
of JAMES WILKIE MOIR, schoolmaster, of Keir Parish
School, Dumfries-shire, (b. Dundee, Forfarshire, July 1,
1839), and MARGARET GLOVER, a poetess, (for a
biographical notice and poems, see "Modem Scottish
Poets," fourth series, published by D. H. Edwards,
Brechin, 1882.) Grandson of DAVID MOIR, iron-
founder, and ANNA WILKIE, both of Dundee, For-
farshire. Married JANE MILLER STEWART, dau.
of JOHN STEWART, butler, of Rait, Perthshire,
and had issue : —

1. James Wilkie Moir, b. May 22, 1891, in Edinburgh.

2. Jean Ehincan Moir, b. Sept. 5, 1895, in Edinburgh.

DAVID MOIR, SR., engineer, of Buffalo, New York,
b. June 22, 1849, in Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland ; m.

Jan. 1st, 1874, FRANCES ( ), and had several

children. MR. MOIR died, July 14, 1903.

JOANNA JARVIS MOIR, of St. Joseph, Missouri,
b. Jan 23, 1857, in Dundee, Scotland, daughter of JAMES
MOIR, of Dundee, Scotland, and MATILDA GRAHAM,
and grand-daughter of JAMES MOIR, of Dundee, For-
farshire, Scotland and ANNIE PETRIE, (has a half-
brother JAMES MOIR, in Harbor Springs, Michigan^
and a nephew WILLIAM J. MOIR, in Houghton, Michi-
gan.) ^

♦The above David Moir had 5 brothers and 5 sisters, as follows — 3 brothers in Edia~
burgh, 1 in India, and 1 in Ceylon; 3 sisters in Scotland, and 2 in South Africa.

MoiR Genealogy 223

GEORGE MacLEAN MOIR, clerk, of 14 Roseneath
Place, Edinburgh, son of PETER MOIR, of Kincreich
Mill, Forfarshire, and ISABELLA ROBERTS, grandson
of WILLIAM MOIR, farm overseer, of Nether Hayston,

Forfarshire, and ( ) NORRIE; b. Dec. 20, 1866, at

Kmcaldrum Mill, Forfarshire ; m. June 6, 1901, MARY
MacINTYRE, dau. of PETER MacINTYRE, of Vir-
ginia, U.S.A., and had issue: —

1. Elizabeth Stuart Moir, b. Sept. 3, 1902, at Edinburgh.

2. George Edward Moir, b. Aug. 16, 1904, at Edinburgh.

3. David Roberts Moir, b. Nov. 26, 1906.

4. Isabella Roberts Moir, b. Mar. 3, 1909, at Edinburgh.

5. Andrew Hill Moir, b. Dec. 11, 1910, at Edinburgh.

JAMES MOIR, bank agent of Lenzie, Glasgow,
Scotland; b. Mar. 5, 1859, at Kirriemuir, son of WIL-
LIAM MOIR, (b. 1834, d. Aug. 30, 1885) and ESTHER
MAIDEN, dau. of JAMES MAIDEN; grandson of
ROBERT MOIR, of Brechin, Forfarshire, (died Jan.
1850,) and ELIZABETH STEWART. Married Dec. 9,
of Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland, and had issue: —

1. Jane Muir Moir, born Sept. 10, 1885, at Pollokshaws.

(School teacher.)

2. William Moir, b. Dec. 18, 1886, at Pollokshaws. (Bank


3. Robert Paton Moir, b. July 26, 1888, at Pollokshaws.

(Mercantile clerk.)

4. Esther Maiden Moir, b. May 28, 1890, at Pollokshaws.

5. Elizabeth Stewart Moir, b. Dec. 12, 1891, at Pollokshaws.

6. Janet Ramsay Paton Moir, b. June 16, 1893, at Glasgow.

7. Catherine Paton Moir, b. Aug. 28, 1895, at Stepps Rd.,


8. Mary Paton Moir, b. July 1, 1897, at Lenzie, Gadder,


9. Agnes Paton Moir, b. Feb. 8, 1899, at Lenzie, Gadder,



From the Scottish County Directory, 1902.

PETER MOIR, New Grange, Kmcaldrum, Forfar-


GREGOR MOIR, upholsterer and bagpiper of New
York, N. Y., born Aug. 9, 1840, in Carrbridge, Inver-
nesshire, Scotland, married Aug. 21, 1880, SARAH
ZULIEKA, of Kidderminster, England, came to America
in 1883. He died June 24, 1903, in New York City.
He was a member of the Scottish Clans. Had issue: —
1. Harriet Moir, b. Oct. 30, 1882, in Liverpool, England.


agent, of Toronto, Ontario, b. 1878, in Aberdeen, Scot-
land, son of GEORGE MOIR, of Drumlithie, Kincardine-
shire, Scotland, and MARY PETERKIN, grandson of
of Scotland; m. 1902, ELIZABETH LINALL, daughter
of HARRY LINALL, of Toronto, Canada, and had

cashier of Railway Dept. of the International Cor-
respondence Schools, of Chicago, 111,, b. Oct. 3, 1875, in
Erin, Ontario, son of JAMES MOIR, of ( ), Scot-
land, and MARY M. HUGHSON; grandson of GEORGE
MOIR, of Drumlithie, Kincardineshire, Scotland, and

GEORGE MOIR, clerk to the French Consulate at
Glasgow, Scotland; b. 1855, in Glasgow, eldest of three
children of DAVID MOIR, who was born near Law-
rencekirk, (Kincardineshire), about 1825, he died in
Lawrencekirk in 1874, and was buried in the family lot
at Fettercairn. GEORGE was a grandson of DAVID
MOIR, who was married twice.

MoiR Genealogy


DAVID, father of GEORGE, was from the first wife,
and was brought J^up by the grandmother, he came to
Glasgow in 1853, there were several brothers and sisters
in the family.

GEORGE MOIR, paving [block cutter, of Brooklyn,
N. Y., b. 1868, at Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, son of
JAMES MOIR, of Newton Hill, Kincardine, (paving
block cutter) and Helen Morris, grandson of ALEX-
ANDER MOIR, farmer, of Stonehaven, Kincardine-
shire, and CHRISTINA MOIR, m. 1897 ( ), and

had issue: —

1. Helen ^Moir, born 1899, at Furnace, Argyleshire, now
(1912), at Woodside, Aberdeen.


WILLIAM MOIR, carpenter, inventor, of New York
City, b. Dec. 20, 1854, at Glasgow, Scotland, son of
WILLIAM MOIR of Gamkirk, Lanarkshire, near Glas-
gow, and Isabella Paterson.

ROBERT HORN MOIR, hotel-keeper of New York
City, b. Nov. 13, 1865, in Helensburgh, Scotland, son
of WILLIAM MOIR of Garnkirk, Lanarkshire, Scot-
land, and ISABEL PATERSON; m. 1883, ANNA. M.
of Scarsdale, New York, and had issue: —

1. Isabella Paterson Moir, b. Sept., 1884, in Philadelphia, Pa.

2. William Bergen Moir, b. April, 1886, in Philadelphia, Pa.

3. Robert Moir, Jr., b. 1888, in New York City.

ALEXANDER MOIR, mechanical engineer, of 255
Brunswick St., Halifax, Nova Scotia; son of ALEX-
ANDER MOIR, mechanical engineer, (b. Jan. 13, 1821;
d. Dec. 30, 1889), and HELEN MOODIE; grandson
of ALEXANDER MOIR, of Lanark, Scotland, and
MARY McPHERSON; m. Oct. 28, 1878, first, MAR-
GARET S. HURLEY, and had issue:—

1. Mary Alice Moir, b. Nov. 11, 1879, at Halifax N. S., d.

Mar. 23, 1887.

2. John Alexander Moir, b. Mar. 11, 1881, at Halifax, N. S.,

(mechanical engineer).

3. Elizabeth B. Moir, b. Dec. 24, 1882, at Halifax, N. S.

4. Helen M. Moir, b. Sept. 9, 1884, at Halifax, N. S.

MR. MOIR m. second, July 3, 1889, MARGARET
A. GAULT, dau. of JOHN GAULT, and had issue:—
1. J^therine W. Moir, b. Nov. 28, 1891.


(From the County Directory of Scotland, 1902.)

GEORGE MOIR, Westmount, Dullatur, Castlecary Station,

JAMES MOIR, Well Bank Cottage, Campsie Glen, Glasgow.


The town of Doune, in Perthshire, where the river Teith is spanned
by a noble bridge, the work of one who though by craft a tailor, was
truly noble in heart. An inscription on the left parapet, and tran-
scribed more legibly on the other side, tells us that "In the year of
God 1535, founded was this bridge by ROBERT SPITTEL, tailor
to the most noble princess MARGARET, Spouse to JAMES IV."
Along with the narrative, he boldly blazons a pair of scissors, en

About half a mile below the bridge, on a peninsula formed by the
junction of the Ardoch burn with the Teith, stands the old castle of
Doune, still a majestic pile, with its two massive, square towers, its
turrets, and high embattled walls.

Sir Walter Scott spent several summers in his youth at Cambus-
more, in this neighborhood; and naturally he speaks of its beauty. In
the "Lady of the Lake," he sketches this district, mentioning "Land-
rick," and "Deanstoun," where Moirs resided for several genera-
tions' Canto Fifth,

"Along thy banks, swift Teith! they ride,

And in the race they mock thy tide;

Torry and Landrick, now are past.

And Deanstoun lies behind them cast :

They rise, the bannered towers of Doune,

They sink in distant woodland soon."


♦From "Picturesque Guide to the Trossacha, &o.," Edinburgh, Adam & Charles
Black, 1889.


Doune, Thomhill and Neighborhood

Formerly Occupied by MOIRS
(By the late W. B. COOK, Esq., of Stirling)

SAUCHENS,— is the saughs or willows.
DEANSTON, — was formerly Sauchentxim.

LOCHFIELD, — so called from its being near the Loch o' Watson of

an old name. It is mentioned in a document of 1492,
along with other estates in the locality.

♦GARTINCABER,— is "the enclosure of poles or speocks." What
the tower was erected for is unknown. It is well
known that this estate is the geographical centre of

*The site of the centre of Scotland, like many other things, is a disputed point, but
the common belief is that the spot is in the neighborhood of Gartincaber, which ia situated
2 1-2 miles southwest of Doune, in Perthshire. A tower erected there, on an eminence, is
held to mark the exact centre. (From the "Scottish American.")

MoiR Genkalogy

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