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assignees whomsoever, of the Quarterland of Balnain,
m the parish of Urray and shire of Boss." James
married Isabel, third daughter of Alexander Mac-
kenzie of Ballone. Contract dated 29th June, 1697.
He is mentioned in 1703 as having been invited to
the funeral of Hugh Munro of Teaninich, which took
place on the 23rd September of that year. He left

no issue. .

On the death of James, the estate ot Balnain
passed to a Murdoch Macrae, who, in the manuscript
history of the Clan, is said to have been a brother oj
James. On the other hand, it is stated in the above-
mentioned contract of marriage between James and
Isabel Mackenzie, dated 29th June, 1697, that
James was the "only lawful son now on lite pro-
created between the late Mr John Macrae, minister
of Dingwall, and Florence Innes, his second spouse
Again, in Mr John's disposition of the lands of
Balnain, in favour of his son James, dated lath
August, 1672 (that is to say, a few months before Mr
John's, death), only two sons by Florence Innes are
mentioned, viz., John and James, and James at that


time was, or very nearly was, of age, as he was
infefted in the lands of Balnain the following June,
so that in all probability Mr John had only two
sons by his second wife, Florence Innes. Taking
these documentary evidences into consideration, and
comparing them with the traditions of Kintail,
which are very clear on this point, the proba-
bility is that the Murdoch who is said to have
succeeded to Balnain was a son of John, the eldest
son of Mr John and Florence Innes.

(x.) Murdoch, who was probably tenth in
descent from Fionnla Dubh Mac Gillechriosd, " find-
ing the lands of Balnain much encumbered, was
tampering about the disposal of them to Seaforth
when he died." Murdoch is said to have married
Mary, daughter of Donald Mac Fhionnla Mhic Gille-
chriosd, by whom he had issue —

(1). Duncan, who disposed of the estate of Bal-
nain to Seaforth "for a verbal promise of a free
liferent tack of Fadoch, in Kintail, which he held
rent free only for five years, though he lived about
forty years thereafter. Thus the estate of Balnain
fell into the family of Seaforth for little money."
He appears to be thf> Duncan Macrae of Fadoch
who is mentioned in the Valuation Roll of the
Seaforth estates in 1756. Duncan married and left
a large family — ■

(a). John.

(b). Donald, who had sons : — (6l) Donald,
whose descendants are still living in Kintail ; (62)
Farquhar, who is mentioned in a genealogical tree
of about 1820 as " Dr Downie's herd."



(c). Farquhar.

(d). Mary or Margaret, who married Farquhar,
son of Alexander, son of the Rev. Donald Macrae.

(e). Isabel, who married Alexander Macrae,
called Alister Buidh, in Fadoch, a descendant of
Miles, son of the Rev. Farquhar Macrae, of whom

(2). Farquhar.
(3). Donald, of whom next.
(4). Christopher. ^

(xi.) Donald, son of Murdoch of Balnain, was
called Donald Ban. He is said to have married
Mary, daughter of Alexander Macrae, with issue—
(1). John married, with issue.
(2). Christopher married, with issue.
(3). Finlay, of whom next,
(xn.) Finlay, who was called Fionnla Buidh
(yellow-haired Finlay), was a farmer at Coilrie
about 1760, and was married, with issue—
(1). Donald, of whom below.
(2). Christopher.

(3). Alexander, who married and left issue—
(a). Donald, who lived at Bundalloch, married
and left issue, at least one son— Donald, also at
Bundalloch, who married Christina, daughter of
Duncan Macrae, Camusluinie, with issue.
(b). Finlay, went to America.
(c). Duncan, who lived at Carndu, near Dornie,
and married Christina, daughter of Murdoch Macrae.
4. Malcolm, who left issue —
(a) Donald, who had (al) Kenneth, who lived
at Sallachy ; («2) John, who went to America.


(b). John died unmarried.

(xiii.) Donald, son of Finlay, was called Donald
Ban. He married Christina, daughter of Angus
Macmillan, at Killelan, and hy her, who died in
1836, had issue as helow. Donald died at Sallachy
in 1840, and was buried at Killelan.

(1). Donald, called Domhnull Ruadh (Red-haired
Donald), married, with issue, and went to Canada.

(2). Duncan, a farmer at Sallachy. He gave
evidence before Lord Napier's Crofter Commission
at Balmacara in 1 883, and died at the advanced age
of ninety-four in 1890. He married Margaret
Macrae, with issue — (6l) Alexander; (b2) Donald;
(63) John ; (bi) Christina ; (65) Anne ; (66)

(3). Finlay.

(4). Angus, born at Coilrie. He was for many
years tacksman of Achnault, and subsequently
leased the farms of Newhall Mains and Kinbeachie,
in the Black Isle. He married Isabel, daughter of
Donald Mackenzie, Lochcarron, who died at Kin-
beachie on the 17th April, 1892, aged seventy-five
years, and was buried ,at Cullicudden, by whom he
had issue as below. Angus died at Kinbeachie on
the 8th August, 1877, aged seventy-two years, and
was buried at Cullicudden.

(a). Murdoch, who by purchase acquired the
estate of Kinbeachie in 1897.

(b). Christina, married John Macniell, and died
in Australia in 1891, without issue.

(c). Helen, married Roderick Tolmie, and died
in Queensland in 1890, with issue — (cl) Isabella-;


(c2) James ; (c8) Christina ; (c4) Mary ; (c5) Ella ;
(c6) Sarah; (tf) Agnes; (08) Maggie; (c9) Roderick.
((/). Margaret, married on the 7th February,
18G8, John Macdonald, Invergordon, with issue—
(dl) Donald Alexander ; (d2) Isahella Christina
Mackenzie Macrae ; (

Online LibraryAlexander MacraeHistory of the clan Macrae with genealogies → online text (page 11 of 35)