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Alexander Macrae of Auchtertyre, and went to
Canada about 1816, where he died, leaving issue —

a. Donald, married Mary Macgregor about 1841,
and died at Woodside, Manitoba, on the 18th, July,
1886, leaving a large family, one of whom is called
Duncan, by whom the information here given about

1 Glenundalan is in Glensbeil, above Shcil House,


the family of Christopher and Margaret Macrae was
communicated to the author in 1896.

b. Alexander, who went to France as a young
man and was never again heard of.

c. Margaret, married Kenneth Macgregor, and
died at Ashfield, Ontario, leaving issue — two sons
and two daughters.

d. Isabella, married Donald Macgregor, and died
also at Ashfield, Ontario, leaving a large family.

e. Duncan, married and had a large family. He
died about 1891, and was the last survivor of the

/ Annie, married John Macrae, with issue.
g. John, died in Indiana about 1866, leaving a
large family.

4. Alexander, married Flora Macrae, with
issue —

a. Duncan, b. Donald.

c. Alexander, who was living in 1887 with his
son, a chemist in Edinburgh.

5. Anne, married Donald Macrae at Achnagart,
and had, with other issue, the Rev. John Macrae of
Knockbain, of whom hereafter.

6. Margaret.

7. Mary.

8. Janet.

9. Isabel.



VIII. Miles, son of the Rev. Farquhar Macrae— Receives a joint
wadset of Catnusluinic— His Marriage and Descendants.— The
Cannislumie Family.— VI II. Murdoch, son of the Rev. Farquhar
Macrae. — His Descendants.

VIII. MILES or MAOLMOIRE, son of the Rev. P
Farquhar Macrae of Kintail, received, about 1646, a
joint wadset with his brothers Murdoch and John
Breac, of Camusluinie, which the family held until
1751, when the wadset was redeemed. He married,
it is said, a Murchison, and left issue, at least one

IX. DONALD, who is said to have been "an
active and spirited man." He married and left
issue, at least one son.

X. JOHN, who married Marian, daughter of
Christopher Macrae of Aryugan, by whom he had
issue —

1. Alexander, of whom below.

2. Farquhar, who had two sons, Donald and

3. Duncan died unmarried.

XL ALEXANDER, son of the above-mentioned
John, was called Alister Buidh. He married, lust,
Isabel, daughter of Duncan Macrae of Balnain, by
whom he had issue —


1. Duncan, of whom below.

2. John, called Ian Ruadh (Red-haired John),
married Isabella Macrae, with issue —

a. Donald, who married, first, Christina Mac-
lennan, by whom he had a son.

«1. Duncan, who went to New Zealand. He
married Isabella, daughter of Farquhar Maclennan,
Camusluinie, with numerous issue.

Donald married, secondly, Christina, daughter
of Christopher Macrae, Carr, and died in 1883,
leaving issue.

«2 John, a farmer at Ardelve, married Mary
Macrae, with issue — Jessie; Donald; Isabel; Chris-
tina ; Alexander ; Duncan ; John.

«3. Christopher died at Ardelve in 1887.

«4. Alexander, a farmer at Ardelve, married
16th December, 1886, Zeller, daughter of Donald
Macrae, Auchtertyre family, with issue — Farquhar ;
Frederick ; Donald ; Margaret ; Duncan.

b. Farquhar died unmarried at Ardelve in 1887.
Alexander, called Alister Buidh , married, secondly,

Mary, daughter of Alexander Macrae, Camusluinie,
with issue —

3. Farquhar, called Ferachar Ban. He was a
Sergeant in the Seventy-Eighth Highlanders, served
in India, and afterwards lived as a Pensioner at
Dornie. He married Anne, daughter of Murdoch
Murchison, with issue —

«. Alexander, a Roman Catholic Priest, was for
some time at Beauly, and was afterwards drowned
at Cape Breton.

b. Janet ; c, Mary.



XII. DUNCAN, eldest son of Mister Buidh, is
spoken of as "an industrious and religious man."

He lived at Fadoch, and afterwards at Ardelve.
He married Helen, daughter of John Og, son of
the Rev. Donald Macrae of Kintail, with issue.

1. Mary, born 14th September, 1774, married
Alexander Macrae, Inchcro, with issue.

2. Alexander, who went to Canada in 18-21.
He married Anne, daughter of John Mackenzie,
by his wife, Christina, daughter of Alexander
Macrae, Auchtertyre, and had, with other issue—

a. Duncan.

h. John Alexander, an American Railway Con-
tractor, now living at Niagara Falls. He married,
first, Agnes Anne Ross, who died on the 22nd August,
1891, and was buried at St Catherine's Cemetery,
Ontario. She left one son, William. John Alex-
ander married, secondly, Julia Perham.
c. Christopher.

3 John, called Ian Ban, horn at Ardelve 30th
January, 1777, died 14th August, 1848, and was
buried at Kilduich. He married Isabel, daughter
of Alexander Macpherson, Gairloch, and by her, who
died on the 6th March, 1861, had issue—

a. Duncan, died unmarried 8th May, 188G, aged
seventy-two years.

b. Anne, died unmarried 18th July, 1858, aged
forty-one years.

c. Kate, died unmarried 10th February, 1883,
aged sixty-two years.

d. Hannah, died unmarried.
c. Margaret, died unmarried.


d. Alexander, for many years Postmaster at
Strome Ferry, died unmarried on the 25th June,
1896, aged seventy-one years.

VIII. MURDOCH, son of the Rev. Farquhar
Macrae of Kintail, had a joint wadset with his
brothers, Miles and John Breac, of Camusluinie.
He married and had issue, at least one son.

IX. DONALD, who married and left issue, at
least one son.

X. MURDOCH, who married Giles or Julia,
daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, merchant, Ding-
wall, by whom he had issue two sons, as mentioned
below, and four daughters, of whom nothing appears
to be known.

1. Donald, who married Anne, daughter of
Alexander Mackenzie of Lent ran, second son of
Simon Mackenzie, first laird of Torridon. Donald
died at an advanced age about 1790, and had issue —

a. Murdoch, who emigrated to North Carolina
in or about 1773. He was engaged on the Loyalist
side in the American War of Independence, and
" was killed in the engagement 'twixt the Loyalists
and the Americans at More's Bridge in that country
in February, 1776."

b. John, who was a planter in Jamaica.

c. Colin, who was a printer in London.

d. Alexander, who was a merchant in New York.

e. Abigail ; f, Giles or Julia ; g, Florence.
These three daughters were married, h, Janet.

2. Alexander, who married a Maclean, niece of
the Rev. John Maclean, first Presbyterian Minister


of Kintail, by whom lie is said to have had issue, one
son and four daughters.

It has been found impossible, so far, to trace the
descendants of Murdoch, son of the Rev. Farquhar
Macrae, any further.



VIII. John Breac, sou of the Rev. Farquhar. — Foster Brother of
Kenneth, third Earl of Seaforth. — Under Factor or Chamber-
lain of Kintail. — His Marriage and Descendants. — The Auchter-
tyre Family.— Finlay, son of John Breac. — Killed at the
Battle of Glensheil. — His Marriage and Desceadants. — The
Carr Family.

VIII. JOHN, probably the youngest son of the Rev.
Farquhar Macrae of Kintail, was called Ian Breac.
He was tacksman of Achyaragan in Kintail, and is
spoken of as "an active and successful farmer, who
left means behind him." He also had a joint
wadset of Camusluinie with his brothers Miles and
Murdoch, for which his father gave ten thousand
marks to George, second Earl of Seaforth. With
regard to this wadset the clan historian says that
" whether the other two paid off John or not, his
successors got none of the money when the wadset
was redeemed in 1751." In addition to being an
" active and successful " farmer, John Breac was
under factor or chamberlain of Kintail under
Kenneth Mor, third Earl of Seaforth, who, it will be
remembered, was brought up as a boy and received
his early education in the family of the Rev.
Farquhar Macrae. 1 John Breac was Kenneth Mor's

1 See page 59.

the history of the clan Macrae. u i

foster brother, and there is some reason to believe
that the reputation which Kenneth had of being the
best chief in the Highlands of Scotland was in some
measure due to the influence of his foster brother,
to whose strong sense of justice and kindly con-
sideration for the rights and the feelings of the
people the traditions of Kintail and Lochalsh still
testify. It is said that about the year 1G70, while
there" was a rearrangement of farms and a revision
of leases being made on the Seaforth estate of
Kintail, John Breac was ill of a fever and unable to
take any part in the proceedings. On hearing,
however, that a certain Kenneth Mackay ofSallachy
was to be removed against his own wish from a
farm which his family had held for several genera-
tions, John Breac, ill as he was, got out of bed,
wrapped himself well up in a blanket and set out
across the hills of Attadale in pursuit of Seaforth,
who had, only that day, left Kintail for Brahan.
John Breac overtook him at Camalt Inn, Attadale,
and refused to part with him until he promised to
let Mackay remain in undisturbed possession of his
ancestral home. It is said that this Mackay's
descendants are still living at Sallachy. From all
accounts John Breac was a man of weight and
influence among his countrymen, and his death was
lamented in an elegy, of which a few fragments
have been orally preserved in Lochalsh and Kintail
to the present day. 1

John Breac was married, but it is uncertain who
his wife was. He had at least three children, and


his eldest son, Duncan, was born before his marriage.
One tradition says that the mother of this Duncan
was a daughter of Munro of Foulis, who was living
at the time with Lady Seaforth at Ellandonan
Castle. Another tradition, which can be traced
back among Duncan's descendants for more than a
hundred years, and which, for other reasons also,
appears to be a more authentic one, says that Dun-
can's mother was a daughter of Mackenzie of Hilton,
and that she afterwards became John Breac's wife.
This tradition is to a certain extent supported by the
Manuscript History of the Clan, in which it is stated
that John Breac " had a son by his wife before mar-
riage," but does not say who his wife was. In any
case it was Finlay, the second son, who was served
heir to John Breac, who died before the 28th of
July, 1696, that being the date of the service. John
Breac left at least the following issue —

1. Duncan, of whom below.

2. Finlay, of whom hereafter.

3. Catherine, who married Murdoch Matheson,
and had a son John, who had a son Kenneth, who
married a daughter of Roderick Mackenzie of Rissel,
Lochcarron, and had a son John, who died without
issue at Kishorn in 1849, aged seventy-two years.

IX. DUNCAN, son of John Breac, is mentioned
on an old genealogical tree as " Mr Duncan," and
was probably educated for the Church. There is a
tradition that he occupied some post of importance 1
on the Seaforth estate of Kintail. He lived at
Coilrie, was married, and left issue —

6 a man hoUHug an office of trust



1. Alexander, of whom below.

2. Murdoch, who had issue —

a. Alexander, mentioned as a Schoolmaster in
Easter Boss.

b. John.

3. Donald, married and had issue —

a. John, who had a son called John Hoy Qg,
who had two sons, viz., Thomas, who was drowned,
and John, who had two sons, John and Thomas, who
resided at Dornie in the hrst half of the present

h. Alexander, c. Duncan Hoy.

4. Beatrice, who married Donald Macrae, and
had a son Alexander, who had a son Alexander Og,
who lived at Dornie.

X. ALEXANDER, son of Duncan, married and

had issue —

1. Donald, of whom next,

2. Duncan, married with issue.

3. Mary.

4. Catherine, married with issue.

5. Rebecca, married with issue.

XL DONALD, son of Alexander, was called
Domhnull Mhic Alister. Having quarrelled for some
reason with Seaforth, he left Kintail and went to
Rannoch, in Perthshire. After a brief and appar-
ently not very satisfactory sojourn in that part of
the country he returned home, and afterwards took
a grazing farm on Bein na Caillich. in Skye, where
he" lived for some time. He was drowned while
crossing Kylerea Ferry during a storm, and his body
was never found. He married Flora, daughter of


Kenneth Mackenzie, Culdrein, Attadale (Dochma-
luag family), by bis wife Flora Mackenzie, whose
father was Roderick, son of John, second laird of
Applecross, and whose mother was Isabel, daughter
of Kenneth Mackenzie, sixth laird of Gairloch. By
her he had issue —

1. Alexander, of whom below.

2. Duncan, who married, and had issue.

a. Flora, who, on the 17th March, 1788, married
John Macrae, Sallachy , with issue — Duncan ; Donald ;

b. Isabel, who married Malcolm Macrae, with
issue —

b\. Duncan, who went to America, married, and
had issue.

h2. John, who died young.

63. Margaret, hi. Kate.

65. Flora, who married George Fiulayson at
Avernish, with issue — Duncan ; Kenneth, now living
at Avernish ; John.

XII. ALEXANDER, eldest son of Donald, was
called Alister Donn (Brown Alexander). He was
co-tacksman of Auchtertyre, with the famous Coll
Macdonell, fourth of Barisdale, 1 and was in his own
day one of the leading men of the parish. He had a
house built for himself at Auchtertyre, which is said
to have been the first " white house" in the parish
of Lochalsh, except the Minister's Manse. He mar-
ried Isabel, 2 daughter of John Og, son of the Rev.

1 For several references to Coll of Barisdale, se« Antiquarian Notes (Second
Series) by Charles Fraser Mackintosh, LL.D.

2 See page 79,


Donald, sou of Alexander of Invevinate, and by her
had issue as below. He lived to a very advanced
age, and was the oldest man in the parish for several
years before his death, which occurred in June, 1832.
He was buried at Kirkton, Lochalsh.

1. Duncan, of whom below.

2. Donald, born at Auchtertyre in 1775. He
was a planter at Demerara, and afterwards tacks-
man of Auchtertyre, and factor for Macleod of
Raasay and Matheson of Attadale. He married,
about the end of 1816 or the commencement of
1817, Jane, daughter of Archibald Macra of Ardin-
toul, by whom he had issue as below. He died
on the 15th November, 1843, and was buried at

a. John, a Doctor of Medicine, was surgeon in
the East India Company's service, and died un-
married at Cawnpore on the 21st January, 1857.

b. James died unmarried.

c. Archibald died unmarried.

d. Jessy, who, in 1849, married John Stewart of
Ensay (of the Stewarts of Garth), and died on the
26th of October, 1860, leaving issue—

d\. Jane Macrae.

c/2. William, a Captain in the 91st Highlanders.

r/3. Isabella Christian married, in 1882, Gordon
Fraser, and has issue.

d±. Mary died in 1891.

c/5. Donald Alexander married, in 1894, Isabella
Marv Anderson, with issue — Mary.

d6. Jessy Chisholm married, in 1888, Thomas


d7. Archibald died in childhood.

3. Alexander, who died while studying
medicine at Aberdeen on the 14th June, 1810, aged
twenty-two years, and was buried at Kirkton.

4. John, died unmarried, and was buried at

5. Farquhar went to Canada about 1833, and
was for some time a schoolmaster there. He is
spoken of as " an excellent teacher and a most
loveable man." 1 After a few years spent in Canada
he returned to Lochalsh, and died unmarried on the
4th October, 1839. He was buried at Kirkton.

6. Christina married John Mackenzie, Auch-
more, and had, with other issue, Anne, who married
Alexander Macrae in America, a descendant of
Miles, son of the Rev. Farquhar Macrae of Kintail,
with issue as already mentioned. 2

7. Mary married Alexander Maclennan, and
had, with other issue, a daughter Jessie, who
married Duncan Macrae, farmer, Kirkton, with issue
as already mentioned. 3

8. Margaret married Christopher Macrae
(Drudaig family), went to America, and had issue
as already mentioned. 4

9. Barbara married Malcolm Ross, a native of
Easter Ross. He was a road contractor, and made,
among other roads, the one leading from Strome
Ferry to Lochalsh. Barbara and her husband
subsequently went to America. She died on the
11th February, 1870, and her husband died on the

1 Letter from one of his old pupils.

2 Page 167. 3 Page 127. * Page 163,


22nd April, 1877, botli at a very advanced age.
They left issue —

a. John, who was born at Auchmore, in Loch-
alsh, before his parents emigrated. He is a railway
contractor in America.

b. Catherine died at the age of twenty-one, on
the 9th May, 184G, and was buried at Russelton
Flats, Quebec.

c. Alexander, married with issue.

d. Isabella.

e. Christina, married with issue.

f. Donald Walter married Susan Macdonald.
He died on the 26th December, 1877, and was
buried at St Catherine's Cemetery, Ontario.

g. Agnes Anne married John Alexander Macrae
of Niagara Falls, with issue, and died on the 22nd
August, 1891, 1 as already mentioned.

10. Flora died unmarried.

XIII. DUNCAN, eldest son of Alexander of
Auchtertyre, was for some time a Sergeant in the
Seventy-Eighth Highlanders. He was a farmer at
Auchmore, and afterwards lived at Auchtertyre,
where he died at a very advanced age on the 13th
February, I860, being for some time before his
death the oldest man in the parish. He was buried
at Kirkton. He married Christina, daughter of
Murdoch Mackenzie, farmer at Braintra, 2 and by
her, who died on the 10th of October, 1874, aged

1 Seepage 167.

2 The family to which this Murdoch Mackenzie belonged lived at Braintra
for many generations, and is said to have beeu descended from Sir Dougal

Mackenzie, Priest of Kiutail, who was killed by Donald Gorui Macdonald of
Sleat in 1539.— See page 26.


ninety years, and was buried at Kirkton, he had
issue —

1. Donald, born at Auchmore on the 15th of
January, 1808. He lived at Avernish, where he
died on the 3rd of April, 1888, and was buried at
Kirkton. He married, on the 23rd of January, 1845,
Margaret, daughter of Murdoch Matheson, and by
her, who died on the 22nd of April, 1893, aged
seventy-two years, had issue —

a. Margaret, born on the 12th of November,
1845, married on the 31st July, 1873, Ewen Mathe-
son, at Plockton, with issue —

al. Annabella Mary ; a2, Margaret Mary ; «3,
Farquhar ; ai, Frederick Donald ; «5, Hectorina.

b. Donald, born on the 22nd of January, 1847,
a Sergeant of Police in Glasgow, married on the 5th
of April, 1870, Janet, daughter of Thomas Mac-
lennan, with issue — ■

b\. Margaret, born on the 27th of March, 187L
married on the 15th October, 1896, Colin Campbell,-
in Glasgow, with issue.

b2. Jessie, born on the 22nd of April, 1873.

63. Jane, born on the 14th of September, 1876.

64. Catherine, born on the 18th of October,

65. Frederick Donald, born on the 4th of April,

. c. Murdoch, born on the 25th of May, 1849,
died unmarried in Minnesota, in the United States,
in 1872.

d. Catherine, born on the 10th of October, 1851.

e. Frederick George, born on the 7th of Decern-

The htstory of the clan macrae. 179

ber, 1853 ; a Captain in the Merchant Service,
drowned at sea in 1882.

/.' John Alexander, born on the 11th of March,

g. Farquhar, born on the 17th of October, 1858.

h. Zeller, born on the 26th of October, 1860,
married Alexander Macrae, at Ardelve, with issue as
already mentioned. 1

2. Margaret, married on the 25th of April,
1844, John Matheson, and died on the "2nd of
January, 1846, without surviving issue.

3. John, born at Auchmore in March, 1814.
He lived for many years at Aultdearg in Kinloch-
luichart, 2 and afterwards moved to Easter Ross.
He died at Bridgend of Alness, in the parish of
Rosskeen, on the 15th of April, 1865, and was buried
at Kirkton, in Lochalsh. He married, on the 10th
April, 1851, Flora, 3 born 13th September, 1825,
daughter of Alexander Gillanders, some time tacks-
man of Immer and Attadale in Lochcarron, and left
issue —

a. Rev. Alexander, born on the 23rd of April.
1852, a clergyman of the Church of England, now
(1898) Assistant Master of Emanuel School, Wands-
worth Common, and Curate of St Helen's Church,
Bishopsgate, in the City of London. He is the
author of this book.

b. Margaret, born on the 12th October, 1853.

c. Duncan, born on the 29th of July, 1855, and

1 Page 166.

2 Kinlochluichart is a quoad sacra pariah situated near the centre of the
county of Ross, and traversed by the Dingwall and Skye Railway.

3 Appendix F.


now in America, married on the 19th July, 1887,
Mary Anne, daughter of Roderick Macdonald,
Dingwall, and by her, who died the following year
at Toronto, Canada, had issue, one son, Roderick
John, born on the 15th of March, 1888.

d. Annie, born on the 14th of June, 1857,
married, on the 3rd of December, 1886, Ivan Ingrain
Mavor, of Newcastle-on-Tyne (son of the Rev. James
Mavor, M.A., Glasgow) who was shortly afterwards
killed in an accident at Birkenhead, and by whom
she had issue, one son, Ivan, born on the 12th of
September, 1887.

e. Jeannie, born on the 20th of August, 1859,
married, on the 12th of August, 189G, Farquhar
Matheson, Dornie.

/ Farquhar, born on the 20th of October, 1862,
M.B. and CM., of Aberdeen University, now living
at Alness.

g. John, born on the 31st of October, 1865.

IX. FINLAY, son of John Breac, son of the
Rev. Farquhar Macrae. He was served heir to his
father in July, 1696. 1

Finlay is said to have " lived in plentiful circum-
stances at Dullig," and was killed in the battle of
Glensheil in 1719, fighting on the Jacobite side.
" During the retreat he loitered behind to have a shot
at two troopers who were following up close behind.

1 Finlaus M'Oa in Aehgargan haercs Joannis M'Cra nuper in Aehgargan,
filii legitimi quoudom Magistri Farquhardi M'Cra aliquando Ministri verbi Dei
apud ecclesiara de Kintaill \ta,tria.—Reijisttr of Rdours, 28th July, 1696.

Under the same date Finlay is entered as heir to his uncles Christopher
and Thomas, legitimate sons of Mr Farquhar Macrae, formerly Minister of


He killed one of the troopers, but the other killed
him." 1 It is uncertain who his wife was, but she is
mentioned on an old genealogical tree as Janet
Nighean Lachlain Mhic Thearlich (daughter of Lach-
lan, the son of Charles), and by her he had issue—

1. Farquhar, of whom hereafter.

2. Christopher, who lived at Dall, and is men-
tioned as "a religious, honest man." He married
Florence, daughter of Christopher Macrae, Drudaig,
with issue —

a. John, called Ian Ban, a carpenter or builder.
He married Catherine, daughter of John Og, son
of the Rev. Donald Macrae, with issue—

ol. Christopher, who had sons— (1) Farquhar,
who had a son, Alexander ; (2) Donald ; (3) John.

a-2. Flora, who married Duncan Macrae, 2 a de-
scendant of the Rev. Finlay Macrae, Lochalsh.

b. Janet, who is said to have married Duncan,
grandson of Christopher of Aryugan. 3

c. Flora, married Alexander Macrae, of the Mer-
chant Service. He was called the Captain Dubh
(the Black Captain).

d. Anne, is said to have married " Farquhar of
the Smith family."

3. Flora, married Neil Mackinnon of Kyleakin,
and had issue at least a son —

a. John, who married a Miss Macdonald, and
had a son —

ol. Dr Farquhar Mackinnon of Kyleakin, who
married and had issue— ( I ) John, who lived at
Kyleakin. (2) The Rev. Neil Mackinnon of C'reich,

1 Okl letter from Kiutail. "- Page 50. 3 Page 124.


who married Elizabeth Flora Anne, daughter of
James Thomas Macdonald of Balranald, with issue —
Farquhar ; Catherine, married James Ross, Polio,
Kilmuir, Easter Ross, with issue ; James Thomas ;
Jane ; Jemima ; Christina. (3) Margaret.

4. Isabel, married, first, Kenneth Macleod of
Arnisdale, Glenelg, commonly called Kenneth
Mac Alister, with issue. She 1 married, secondly,
Neil Mackinnion of Borreraig, one of the Corri-
chatachan family. From this marriage were de-
scended the Mackinnons of Strath.

X. FARQUHAR, 2 son of Finlay, married, first,
a daughter of Duncan Macrae of Aryugan, 3 who was
killed at the Battle of Sheriffmuir, and had issue —

1. Finlay, called Fionnla Ban, lived at Bun-
da] loch ; married, and had issue.

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