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Alexander ; (3), Donald ; (4), Catherine, who married
John Maclennan, with issue — Alexander, tacksman
of Linassie, in Kintail, of whom hereafter; (5), Mary,
who married John Macrae (Ian ftuadh) of the
Torlysich family ; and (G) Isabella, who married his
brother Allan. Both Mary and Isabella went to
Australia with large families.

d. Farquhar married and had issue —
d\. Donald, a soldier.

d2. Malcolm, who was sheriff-officer for Kintail.

3. Duncan lived in Glensheil. He married, first,
a Macrae, without surviving issue.

He married, secondly, Annabella, daughter of
Donald Matheson of Craig, Lochalsh, by whom he
had issue —

a. Donald, who married Anne, daughter of Alex-
ander, son of Maurice of Achyuran, 1 and by her had
issue, a son Maurice and several daughters.


Duncan married, thirdly, a daughter of Chris-
topher Macrae, by whom he had, with other issue —
b, Christopher ; c, Alexander ; d, John, a soldier,
who served in India, and obtained a pension. He
married and left issue.

XL DONALD, son of Donald X., succeeded his
father in Torlysich, and had Glenquaich in joint
wadsett with some cousins from Glengarry. He
married Katherine, 1 daughter of the Rev. Donald
Macrae of Kintail, with issue —

1. Farquhar, of whom below.

2. Duncan married and left issue.

3. John married Abigail Macrae, Camusluinie,
with issue —

a. John married Mary, daughter of Donald Mac-
lennan, with issue —

«1. Christopher died in the West Indies.

a2. Donald, who lived for several years at A.ver-
nish, Lochalsh. He married Elizabeth, daughter of
Donald Macrae, and died at Carnoch, in the Heights
of Kintail, on the 22nd of March, 1892, aged eighty-
five years, leaving issue : — (1) Mary married Donald
Mackenzie, with issue, and died on the 5th of July,
1878 ; (2) John, in Wales, married Lilla Andrews;

(3) Donald, at Killelan, married Janet Maclennan ;

(4) Farquhar, in New Zealand ; (5) Christopher, at
Carnoch ; (6) Anne married, on the 6th of January,
1898, John Macrae, of Dornie, son of Malcolm and
Janet Macrae. 2

«3. Farquhar went to Australia.

1 Page 79. 2 Page 161.


a4. Catherine married John Macrae, 1 school-
master at Sleat, in Skye, with issue.

«5. Helen, married Malcolm Macrae, and went
to Australia in 1852 with her husband and family.
She died there shortly after their arrival, and her
husband died in 1872. They left, with other issue,
a son Duncan, now a farmer at Donnybrook, in

b. Donald, married Hannah, daughter of John
Macrae, with issue —

61. John, who married Isabel, daughter of
Roderick Matheson, with issue.

62. Farquhar.

bS. Donald, a gamekeeper at Cailleach, in Skve,
married Catherine Munro, with issue.

c. Alexander, married Anne, daughter of John
Macrae, with issue.

cl. John, went to Australia.

c2. Donald, lived at Inversheil. He married
Catherine, daughter of John Macrae, Durinish, with

c3. Farquhar, went to Australia.

c4. Catherine, went to Australia.

d. Christopher, died without issue.

John and Abigail Macrae had two other sons in
the Seventy-Eighth Highlanders. He had also some

4. Margaret, married Duncan, son of Alex-
ander, son of Farquhar.

5. Helen, married Kenneth Maclennan, in

1 Page 183


XII. Farquhar, son of Donald XL, succeeded
his father at Torlysich. He married "Helen Grant,
of Dundreggan, in Glenmoriston, whose mother was
a daughter of Colonel Grant of Shewglie, whose wife
was a daughter of John Grant, commonly called Ian
a Chragain, 1 by his second wife, Janet, daughter of
Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel," 2 and by her had
issue —

1. Duncan, called Donnacha Mor, succeeded to
Torlysich, and was extensively engaged in cattle
dealing. When Seaforth sold the south side of Glen -
sheil to Mr David Dick, Duncan left the old family
home at Torlysich, about 1820, but got the farm of
Achnagart, which still formed part -of the Seaforth
property. He married Florence, 3 daughter of the;
Rev. John Macrae, of Glensheil. with issue one son,
Francis Humberston, who married in Tasmania, and
left issue, now the lineal representatives of the old
Torlysich family.

2. Donald, tacksman of Cluanie, in the Heights
of Kintail. He married Margaret, daughter of Alex-
ander Macra of Ardintoul, with issue —

a. Alexander, some time tacksman of Glenquaich,
died unmarried in Australia.

b. Hannah married Donald Macdonald, Loch-

c. Isabella married Donald Stewart of Luskin-
tyre, in Harris, with issue —

' 1 For an interesting account of Ian a Chragain, who was Laird of Glen-
moriston from 1703 to 1736, see Mackay's "Urquhart and Glenmoriston."

2 Letter. 3 p a ge 106.


cl. John, now of Ensay, married Jessy Macrae
of Auchtertyre, with issue as" already mentioned. 1

6. Annie, married to Joseph Williams in Here-
ford. b7. Catherine.

c. Christopher, died in Australia, was married,
and left issue.

d. Duncan, died in Australia, unmarried.

e. Lachlan, living at Clunes, Victoria, in Aus-
tralia, is married, and has a large family.

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Finlay, son of Christopher of Aryugan. — Settled in Lochcarron.
— Fionula nan Gobhar. — His Family.— Donald Macrae of
Achintee. — Ruling Elder of the Parish of Lochcarron. — His
Marriage and Descendants.

X. FINLAY, 1 son of Christopher of Aryugan,
and tenth in descent from Fionnla Dubh Mac
Gillechriosd, left Kintail and settled in the neigh-
bourhood of New Kelso, in Lochcarron, and there is
no reasonable doubt that this was the Finlay Macrae
known in Lochcarron as Fionnla nan Gobhar (Finlay
of the goats), who lived at a place called Frassail,
near New Kelso, during the first half of the eighteenth
century, and was a man of means. This identity is
further confirmed by the traditions of Fionnla nan
Gobhar's descendants, who claim Christopher of
Aryugan as their ancestor. Fionnla nan Gobhar
married, and left issue at least two sons —

1. Duncan, of whom next.

2. Finlay, who married, and had issue at least
one son, Duncan, who married Rebecca Macaulay,
and had a daughter, Mary.

XL DUNCAN, son of Finlay, married, and had
issue —

1. Donald, of whom next.


2. Christopher, who emigrated to North Caro-
lina about the end of the last century, and was living
there in 1810. He married, and had issue at least
one son and several daughters.

XII. DONALD lived at Achintee in Lochcarron,
He is said to have been a man of " great piety and
much force of character," and was ruling elder of the
parish of Lochcarron under the ministry of the well-
known Mr Lachlan Mackenzie. He married Mary,
daughter of his cousin, Duncan Macrae, who is
mentioned above, and by her had issue as below.
He died on the 3rd of January, 1821, aged eighty
years, and was buried in Lochcarron.

1 Duncan, who died unmarried in 1804.

2. The Kev. Finlay, born in 1792. He was
educated at King's College, Aberdeen, graduated
Master of Arts in 1812, and became minister of
North Uist in 1818. "Amid the bitterness and
strife engendered by the veto controversy he was
accused of maintaining erroneous opinions in a sermon
preached at the opening of the Synod (of Glenelg).
The case came before the General Assembly (of the
Church of Scotland) in 1841, who referred it to a
committee, who reported on the 31st of May, unani-
mously, that unsoundness of doctrine was not
chargeable." 1 He was not only acquitted of the
charge of heresy, but was also complimented by the
Assembly on the general ability of the sermon. He
continued minister of North Uist until his death on
the 15th of May, 1858. He married on the 16th of
July, 1824, Isabella Maria (born 1800, . died in

1 Fasti Ecclesise Scoticanse.


Edinburgh 1882), daughter of Colonel Alexander
Macdonald of Lynedale, Skye, and Balranald, North
Uist, and by her had issue —

a. Donald, born at Baleloch, in North Uist, in
August, 1825. He married in March, 1851, Anna-
bella, daughter of Captain David Miller, Royal
Marines, of Pow, Perthshire, and died in 1893,
leaving issue —

al. David Miller, born in 1851, and died un-
married in 1893.

«2. Annabella Douglas, born in 1853.

aS. Isabella Maria, born in 1855, died in childhood.

ai. John Miller, born in 1857, died, unmarried,
in 1882.

«5. Elizabeth Anne, born in November, 1859,
married, in 1887, Charles Gordon Mackay, M.B.,
Lochcarron, with issue.

«6. Alexandrina Cornfute, born in November,
1859, married, in 1887, John Tolmie, 1 of H.M.
Register House, Edinburgh.

a7. Isabella, born in 18G1, died in infancy.

a8. Finlay Alexander, born in 1863, of the firm
of Jackson, Gourlay, Taylor, & Macrae, Chartered
Accountants, London and Glasgow. He married, in
1886, his cousin, Mildred Augusta, daughter of
Surgeon-Major Alexander Macrae, of whom below,
with issue — (1) Florence Annabella, born in 1887;
(2) Rita Mildred, born in 1888 ; (3) Dorothy Mary,
born in 1890 ; (4) John Finlay Noel, born in 1891 ;
(5) Nina Elizabeth, born in 1893.

«9. Mary Jane Harris, born in 1865.

1 Tage 100.


alO. Caroline Isabella Craigdaillie, born in 1867,
married Percy Maclean Rogers, London, with issue.

all. Somerled James, born in 1870, died un-
married, in 1893.

6. Alexander, born at Baleloch, in North Uist,
in 1828, a Doctor of Medicine. He was surgeon
in the Army, first in the Ninety-Third Highlanders,
and afterwards in the Ninth Lancers, with which
regiment he served in the Indian Mutiny. He was
afterwards promoted Surgeon-Major of the Ninety-
Seventh Regiment, and died in London on his return
from India, in May, 1862. He married, in 1851,
Florence, daughter of Dr William Henry Maclean
of the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, with issue —

61. Lachlan, born in 1858, married, with issue.

62. Mildred Augusta, born in 1859, married her
cousin, Finlay Alexander, as mentioned above.

63. Eva Florence Impey, born in 1862, married,
in 1894, Thomas Southwood Bush, Bath.

c. Duncan, born at Vallay, in North Uist, in 1829,
went to Australia, was married, and died in 1866,
leaving issue, two sons, Duncan and Finlay.

d. John Alexander, born at Vallay, in 1832. He
succeeded his father as minister of North Uist, and
died unmarried in 1896.

e. James Andrew, born at Vallay in 1834, Major
in the Inverness Highland Light Infantry, died
unmarried in 1873.

f. Jane Ann Elizabeth, born at Vallay in 1838,
married Captain Edward William Hawes, R.N., who
served in the Crimean War and died in December,
1874, and by whom she had issue : — Isabella Georgina


Emily; Mary Margaret; Elizabeth Alexandria Mac-

(j. Godfrey Alexander, born at Vallay in 1840,
a Doctor of Medicine, died unmarried in Edinburgh
in 1884.

3. Christopher, who in his youth was a great
favourite of the Rev. Lachlan Mackenzie, succeeded
to his father's farm, and in 1842 became tacksman
of Glenmore, in Kishorn, where he lived for many
years. He was extensively engaged in cattle dealing,
and was the first man who sold cattle on the present
site of the Muir of Ord Market. He married
Margaret, daughter of John Gillanders, of Kishorn,
and by her had issue as below. Christopher died
on the 5th of October, 1875, aged over eighty years.
His wife died on the 26th of July in the same year,
aged seventy-five, and both were buried in Lochcarron.

a. Mary, married John Maclennan, and succeeded
to her father's farm at Achintee. She has issue —

«1. Duncan, married with issue.
«2. Anne, married Alexander Maclennan, with

«3. John, died while studying at the University.

«4. Christopher.

«5. Christina, married, with issue.

b. Flora, married Alexander Mackenzie, with
numerous issue, one of whom is the Rev.. Colm
Mackenzie, of the Free Church, St Ninians, Stirling.

C. Margaret, married Kenneth Macdonald, factor
for Lord Dunmore, in Harris. She died on the 22nd
October, 1863, without issue.

d. Rebecca, died unmarried in Liverpool.


e. Donald, a Doctor of Medicine, of The Firs,
Beckenham, Kent, and a Justice of the Peace for the
county of Inverness. He married on the 2nd of
June, 1874, Harriet Parker Garth, daughter of
Arthur Michel, Esq., of Eaton Square, London,
with issue, one daughter.

Emily Elizabeth Mary, married, on the 15th of
September, 1897, Edward Oliver Kirlew, B.A., of
Christ Church, Oxford.

f. Jane, married William Coghill, of the Royal
Engineers, without surviving issue.

g. John, died in ^New Zealand on the 12th of
July, 1895.

h. Kate ; i. Isabella.

4. John, a farmer at Achintee, married Kate
Maciver, and died in 1835, leaving issue —

a. Donald, born in 1826, succeeded to his father's
farm. " He was a religious and a highly respected
man." He married in 1850 Margery, daughter of
Donald Macdonald, Lochcarron, by whom he had
issue as below. He died in 1887.

«1. John, died young.

«2. Mary, born in 1852, married, in 1877, John
Mackenzie, Lochalsh.

a3. Donald, born in 1854, was a schoolmaster
at Dunblane, and died in 1879.

a4. John, born on the 25th of June, 1856,
ordained minister of the Free Church at Aberfeldy
in 1884. He married on the 20th of April, 1887,
Catherine Campbell Mackerchar, with issue, Donald,
bom on the 16th of September, 1888.

05. Margaret, born in 1858, died in 1867.


a6. Catherine, born in 1861, married, in 1882,
to Murdoch Mackenzie, Auchnashellach, Lochcarron.

a7. Isabella, born in 18G5, married, in 1894, to
John Stewart, Slumbay, Lochcarron.

«8. Alexander, born in June, 1867, a minister of
the Free Presbyterian Church at Karnes, in Argyll-

«9. William, born in 1869, succeeded to his
father's farm at Achintee.

«10. Margaret Isabella, born in October, 1873.

b. Alexander, born in 1828, went to Australia in
1852, settled near Ballarat, and died in 1890. He
was married, and left a large family.

c. Mary, born in 1830, died young.

5. The Rev. Donald, born on the 12th of
January, 1801. He was educated at King's College,
Aberdeen, and graduated Master of Arts in 1823.
He became minister of Poolewe, in Ross-shire, in
1830. At the Disruption of the Church of Scotland
in 1843, he cast in his lot with the Free Church, and
was followed by his entire congregation. In 1845
he became minister of the Free Church at Kihnory
in Arran, where he continued until his death on the
6th of August, 1868. He married on the 2nd of
August, 1834, Jessie, daughter of the Rev. James
Russell, M.A., of Gairloch, and by her had issue —

a. Mary Johanna, married the Rev. John Stewart,
for many years Free Church minister of Pitlochry,
who died in 1882, and by whom she had issue —

«1. Jessie Russell.

a2. Alexander, in South Africa.

«3. Donald Macrae, a Presbyterian minister in


«4. Margaret, married James Arthur Thompson,
Lecturer in Biology in Edinburgh University.
a5. William, in the United States.
a6. Ella ; «7. Douglas ; «8. Ian.

b. Donald, a medical practitioner in the city of
Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S.A., was for three years
Mayor of that city. He married Charlotte Angelica,
daughter of Joseph Bouchette, Surveyor-General of
Canada, with issue, one son, Donald, who is also a
medical practitioner, in partnership with his father,
and is married, with issue.

c. Isabella, died young in 1855.

d. Jessie Russell, married the Rev. John Teed
Maclean, minister of the Free Gaelic Church, Govan,
Glasgow. She died in 1888, leaving issue.

e. James Russell, a farmer near Council Bluffs,
U.S.A., married, with issue.

f. Rev. John Farquhar, sometime minister of the
Free Church , Cockpen, near Edinburgh , and afterwards
of the Free Church, St Andrews. He is now minister
of the Toorak Presbyterian Church, Melbourne, one
of the most important Presbyterian Churches in
Australia. He married Bertha, daughter of Thomas
Livingstone Learnmouth, of Park Hall, Polmont,
with issue — Frederick ; Norman ; Ethel ; Muriel ;

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