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Robert Dundas, born 29th August, 1880.

eg. The Very Rev. Edward Reid Currie, D.D., born
at Calcutta 16th February, 1844. See p. 103.

Page 107, line 9 from bottom ; —

Norman Farquhar married January, 1907, in Mel-
bourne, Aileen Marguirite Ann, eldest daughter of Andrew
Rowan of that city, with issue— John Kenneth Andrew
Farquhar, born 5th June, 1908..


Page 124, line 10 from bottom : —

3. Donald, who had a son Duncan, who married
with issue.

a. John, married with issue.

si. Alexander, M.A., Aberdeen, went as a school-
master to Canada.

rt2. Donald (called Domhnull Ruadh, Red-haired
Donald), married Anabella Macrae, with issue — (1).
Mary, died unmarried at Fadoch. (2) Margaret,
married Christopher Mackenzie, Ardelve, an elder, died
in 1905, with issue — one son, Donald.

«3- Kate married Alexander Macrae (Maclan), Inver-
inate, with issue — (1) Farquhar. (2) John, police-con-
stable in Edinburgh, died unmarried in Edinburgh. (3)
Flora, died unmarried. (4) James, police-constable in
Glasgow, married, first, a Macdonald from Camusluinie,
with issue — Alexander, married in Greenock ; James
married a second time. (5) Maggie married Murdoch
Macrae, Letterfearn, with issue — John, married in
America ; Christopher, at Drudaig, married Christina
Macaulay, with issue — Murdo, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane ;
Farquhar, at Drudaig ; Lilias ; Kate, married Charles
Macaulay in America ; James, at Drudaig.

b. Murdoch, son of Duncan, lived at Dornie, married
Mary Macrae, sister of Farquhar, mentioned as Dr
Downie's herd (page 148), with issue.

61. Donald married Kate Macdonald Carr, with
issue — (1) Mary married John Fraser in America, with
issue — Christina, Alexander, Duncan, Farquhar, Cath-
erine, Donald, Annie. (2) Farquhar lived at Fort-
Augustus, married Anne Macgregor, Strathglass, with
issue — Kate ; Mary married Murdoch Mackenzie, Loch-
alsh, and went to London ; Donald married a Macrae at
Fort- Augustus; Christina; Annie. (3) Christina married
Duncan Macrae, Inverinate, with issue in America —
Alexander, Donald, Catherine, Christina, Ellen. (4) James


Morrison, lived at Auchtertyre, married Isabel Mackay,
Altnasuth, with issue— Catherine married Murdoch Mac-
kenzie, Lochalsh, with issue ; Christina married Duncan
Sinclair, schoolmaster, Lochalsh, with issue; Farquhar,
postmaster, Kyle of Lochalsh, married Mary Murchison,
with issue— Isabel, Annie ; Mary Ann married Alexander
Davidson, schoolmaster, Plockton, with issue ; Jane
married, first, Andrew Chisholm, with issue, and, secondly,
George Young, bookseller, Inverness. (5) Murdoch, at
Torcullin, Kintail, married Kate, daughter of Finlay Mac-
rae, who served in the Seaforth Highlanders, with issue —
Duncan went to Canada, where he married Maggie Mac-
rae, with issue — Murdoch Finlay, Alexandrina, Kate;
Finlay served in the Seaforth Highlanders in Afghanistan
and Egypt, then went to America, now in Helena,
Montana, married Kate, daughter of Duncan Macrae,
Ratagan, with issue — Duncan, Murdoch, Helen Kate ;
Christopher married Catherine Macrae, Bundaloch,
daughter of Donald, #4, page 129, and went to
America, issue — Christina, John Farquhar, Dun-
can Murdoch, Mary Margaret, Catherine ; Catherine
married William Senogles, Kendal, Westmoreland, with
issue — Murdoch David, Christina, Catherine, Sarah Ann ;
Annabella married George Hood, Glasgow, who died,
1901, without issue ; Christina died young ; John Tait, at
Inverinate, was for some time piper at The Alhambra,
London, married Mary Anne Mackenzie, with issue —
Catherine, Murdoch, George Hood. (6) Christopher died
unmarried in New Zealand.

62. Christina married Alexander Macrae, Ardintoul,
with issue, and went to America.

63. Janet married Farquhar Macrae, Lochalsh, with
issue, and went to America.

64. Isabella married John Macrae, Dornie, with
issue — Alexander, who died unmarried.

65. Jane married Mr Fraser, Inverness, with issue


66. Catherine married Mr Ross, Glasgow.

67. Isabella died unmarried.

c. Duncan, son of Duncan, lived at Dornie, married
with issue.

d. Colin, son of Duncan, lived at Dornie, married
with issue.

di. Duncan married without surviving issue.

dz. Christopher, innkeeper at Tomdoun, in the
Heights of Kintail, married Catherine Macrae with issue —
(1) Alexander, in Arisaig, married to Mary Macdonald,
with issue — Duncan, Colin, Catherine. (2) Colin, in
Lochaber, married Sophia Campbell, with issue — Christo-
pher, John, Flora, Isabella, Louisa. (3) Donald, at Cluanie,
in Kintail, married Ellen Macrae. (4) John, in Suther-
landshire, married Margaret Gillies, with issue — Duncan,
Flora, Catherine, Jessie, Christina, Ellen. (5) Flora
married Alexander Macrae, Cro, Kintail, with issue —
Alexander, at Moy Hall, Inverness, married Mary Rose,
with issue — Alexander, Lily, Mary, Flora, Lousia ; Mary
married John Macaulay, Ardelve, with issue — John, Alex-
ander, Duncan, Flora married Farquhar Macrae, Auch-
tertyre, already mentioned (page 183), Christina, Helen ;
Catherine married Duncan Macrae, Loch Hourn, with
issue — Alexander, Catherine, Flora, Mary Harriet, Chris-
tina ; Isabella married John Macintyre, Pitlochry ; Jessie
married James Brethowe, with issue. (6) Mary married
Alexander Macrae, Lochcarron, with issue. (7) Christina
married Alexander Macrae, with issue — Duncan, living at
Arnisdale, Glenelg ; Flora; Catherine; Annie.

Page 127, to com* in at foot : —

66. Mary married John Murchison, Lochcarron, with

67. Isabella died unmarried.

68. Maggie died unmarried.

69. Annie married John Macrae of the Balnain
family, mentioned hereafter.


bio. Kate married John, son of Murdoch Macrae,
of the Balnain family, with issue.

bn. Janet married Farquhar Macrae, Sallachy, with
issue in America.

612. Mary died young.
Page 128, line 11 : —

ci2. Alexander, in Kishorn, &c, issue — (1) Duncan,
at Kyle, married Catherine, daughter of John Macrae,
Lochcarron, with issue— John, Bella, Mary, Johan,
Alexander, Jessie Anne. (2) Rev. Murdoch, United
Free Church, Edderton. (3) Annie, married John
Burnet, with issue. (4) Annabella. (5) Isabella. (6)

Page 129, line 15 : —


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