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VI. John, called John Roy, eldest son of Donald V.,
was " remarkably handsome in his personal appearance."
He lived at Conchra, and married Isabella, daughter of
John Macrae, one of the famous " Four Johns of Scotland "
(page 153), who fell in the Battle of Sheriffmuir. He left
issue three sons and two daughters, viz —

1. Finlay, was tenant of Duart, Lochalsh, in 1772.
He married Mary, daughter of Donald Macmillan, Coilree,
Kintail, with issue —

(a) John, drowned at Point of Sleat, in 1817. (b)
Donald, married Anabella, daughter of Ewen Mackenzie,
Strome. He was drowned in 1847. He left issue —

bi. John, who was a shipowner, married Isabella,
daughter of John Macrae, Dornie, on the 23rd of March,
1848, with issue — Donald, John Farquhar, Isabella
married Kenneth Finlayson, Plockton, with issue, Eliza,
Anne, Anabella married Gillian Currie, with issue, Betsie
married John Macrae, Letterfearn, with issue. 62. Alex-
ander. 63. Ewen went to California. 64. Isabella


married John Mackenzie, son of Alexander Mackenzie,
Ardelve, and emigrated to America in 1848. 65. Jane
married Farquhar Matheson, Achnadarroch, Lochalsh.

c. Colin was a sailor. He married Florence, daughter
of John Matheson, Plockton, with issue and emigrated to'
Cape Breton in 1827.

2. Donald, died without issue.

3. Farquhar, the third son of John Roy, was for some
time tenant at Western Achadhantighard, Letterfearn, but
removed to Dornie in 1794, where he died in 1825 aged 75
years. He married in 1772, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of
Duncan Macrae, son of Donald of Drudaig, (page 162, line
14), and had issue —

a. John, born 1776, was " a very ingenious man and a
handy craft." He married in 1809 Elizabeth, daughter of
Alexander Matheson, schoolmaster, Dornie, (page 48, nth
line from foot). He died at Dornie on the 15th of
February, 1858, aged 82 years. He left issue — ax. John,
who was born in 1812. az. Farquhar, died in 1836. a$.
Alexander, born 14th March, 1829. #4. Anne, married
Christopher Macrae, Bundaloch, in 1839, and emigrated
to Australia in 1852. 2. Donald, married a Maciae from Inverinate, with
issue, Farquhar, married Mary Macdonald, with issue —
Kate ; Donald, married with issue, in Glasgow.

?3. Finlay married Mary Macdonald, Letterfearn, with
issue — Murdo, who married Anne Murchison, with issue ;
Christina, married William Renwick, with issue, on3 son
Finlay; Catherine, married a Mr Ferguson, with issue;
Mary ; Maggie, married a Mr Currie,with issue ; Farquhar,
married Christina Macrae, in Glasgow, with issue.

14. Alexander married Catherine Macrae, with issue —
Duncan, married in New Zealand, with issue; Christina,
married Robert Macrae, with issue ; Alexander, married
Jane Matheson, with issue ; Farquhar ; Maggie ; Patrick.

j. Mary, married a Macrae from Bundaloch, with issue.

VIII. Alexander, second son of Donald VII., married
and left issue, two sons. One of them was a tailor, and
is said to have gone to America. The other, Alexander,
married Catherine Macrae, daughter of Donald Macrae of
Nonach (page 455, 7th line from foot), and went, about
the year 1850, to Lochalsh, Ontario, Canada. He had
issue —

1. Duncan Roy, married Margaret Macdonald, with
numerous issue, in Ontario.

2. Donald Buidh, married in Lochalsh, Ontario, and
left numerous issue.

3. Donald Roy, married Catherine Matheson, with
issue —

a. Donald, a merchant in Erbusaig, Lochalsh, Ross-
shire, where he died in October, 1909. He married Anne
Gillies, with issue —

ai. Catherine Mary ; az. Dolina ; a$. John Duncan;
«4. William John, now a student at the Dingwall

b. Rev. Kenneth, Free Church minister of Glenshiel.


c. John died unmarried.

d. Duncan died unmarried.

e. Catherine.

/. Flora, married John Finlayson, with issue.

4. Christina, married, with issue, in Ontario.

5. Janet, in Ontario.

6. Mary, married, with issue, in Ontario.

7. Isabella, married a Mr Finlayson, in Ontario, with

V. Roderick, third son of Finlay, son of Domhuill
Duilig, " was a brave, handsome man, and exceed-
ingly tall in stature." As a young man he joined
the forces of Seaforth, and was present at the Battle of
Auldearn in 1645. He afterwards became in a romantic
manner the confidential friend and adviser of Mackenzie
of Fairburn, a near relative of whom he married. When
a very old man he was drowned while fording the river
Flchaig in Kintail. He left numerous issue, of whom only
a few can now be traced. One of his sons lived in Easter
Ross, from whom was descended the Rev. William
Macrae, chaplain of the 78th Highlanders, and afterwards
minister of Barvas in Island of Lewis, where he died in
1855, leaving issue Dr Charles Macrae, Stornoway, who
married a daughter of John Mackenzie, Strome, with issue.
Another descendant of Roderick was the late Rev. John
Macrae, Stornoway, Lewis. One of Roderick's sons was —

VI. John, who lived in Kintail, and married with issue
— two sons, Malcolm, Roderick.

VII. Malcolm, eldest son of John, married and left
issue, at least one son.

VIII. Alexander, who lived in Bundaloch, and was
an old man in 1772. He married and left issue —

1. Duncan, who emigrated to America with issue.

2. John, died of fever while crossing to America.

3. Malcolm, called Callum Ruadh, married with issue.
a. Annie married Roderick Finlayson, with issue.

Online LibraryAlexander MacraeHistory of the clan Macrae with genealogies → online text (page 33 of 35)