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a. Murdoch, born in 1824, lived in Camusluinie, Kin-
tail, where he died on the 5th of September, iyog. He
married Isabella, daughter of William Macrae, Carr, (page
185, line 5), with issue.

ai. William, in Camusluinie
az. Elizabeth, in Camusluinie.

03. Alexander, educated at the Grammar School
of Aberdeen, and graduated M.A. of Aberdeen University
in 1904. He is now (1910) a Master at the Royal
Masonic School, Bushey, Hertfordshire, and is the author
of this chapter on the Claim Ian Charrich Macraes.

«4. Donald, of Messrs A. Dow & Company, Edinburgh.

b. Mary, was born in 1826. She married John, son of


Duncan, son of Fionnla Ban, (page 182, 13th line from
foot), with issue as already mentioned. (Page 463).

3. John, emigrated when a young man to Ontario,
Canada. He lived for many years as a prosperous
merchant in the town of Port Colborne. He married first
a Macgregor (daughter of c. Margaret or d. Isabella, page
164), with issue.

a. Bella, who died unmarried at Port Colborne in 1868,
aged 24 years. John, married as his second wife, Mary
Grabel, with issue.

b. John Cyrus Matthew Fraser, who died unmarried at
Port Colborne in January, 1904.

c. Edward Grabel, who died unmarried at Port
Colborne in 1898.

4. Jessie, married Malcolm, son of Farquhar Macrae,
(Ferachar Buidh nan Fiadh), with issue.

a. Annie, married Alexander Murchison, Drumbuie,
Lochalsh with issue.

b. George, married and emigrated to America, where
he left issue.

c. Maggie, died unmarried in Ardelve in 1905.

d. Mary, died unmarried in Ardelve.

e. Catherine, married in South of Scotland with issue,
one daughter.

5. Julia, married Roderick Saor, son of Donald
Macrae, Ardnarff, with issue as already mentioned.

6. Mary, married Finlay Mackay, Avernish, Lochalsh,
with issue.

a. Donald died in Cardiff, was married without issue.

b. John, now living unmarried at Avernish.

c. Christina, died unmarried in Avernish.

d. Mary, died unmarried in Avernish.

e. Janet married Alexander Macrae, Kintail (page 80,
4th line from foot), with issue as mentioned on page 445.

/. Flora, now living in the United States.
g. Annie died unmarried in Avernish.


h. Isabella married Hector, son of Farquhar Macrae,
Ardelve (Ferachar Buidh nan Fiadh), and went to the
United States. She now lives in Morgan, Minnesota,
with issue.

7. Annie was drowned with her father in Loch Long
in 1827.

8. Lilias married John, son of Donald Ban Macrae of
Nonach, of the Balnain family, with issue as given on
page 452.

9. Annie married as his first wife Christopher Macrae,
son of Alexander, fourth son of Alexander Macrae. (Page
165, 4th line from foot), with issue, as given. (Page 457).

IX. DONALD, eldest son of Donald VIII., was a
farmer at Portchullin, Lochalsh, where he died on the
16th of May, 1862, aged 81 years. He married
Catherine, daughter of Duncan Macrae, Nonach, Lochalsh,
with issue —

1. Duncan, of whom below.

2. Donald, died unmarried in New Zealand.

3. Bella, died young in Portchullin.

4. Mary, died young in Portchullin.

5. Annie married Duncan Finlayson, Lochalsh, with
issue — a. Donald, died unmarried ; b. Kate, married John
Mackenzie, Plockton, with issue ; c. Bella ; d. Kate
married in South Africa ; e. Mary ; /. Christina.

6. Isabella married John, son of Murdo Macrae,
Ardneaskan, Lochcarron, with issue —

a. Donald married Barbara Finlayson, Kelso, Loch-
carron, with issue — Bella, Roderick, Catherine, John,
Duncan Donald.

b. Murdo married Maggie, daughter of Duncan
Maclennan, Sallachy, Lochalsh, with issue — Bella, John,
Jemina, Duncan, William.

c. Donald married Christina Mackenzie, Plockton,
with issue — Bella, Donald, John, Jessie, Duncan.

d. Catherine married Duncan Macrae. (Page 128,
line 14).


e. Jessie.

7. Catherine married Alexander Finlayson, Kintail,
with issue, as already mentioned.

X. DUNCAN, eldest son of Donald IX.

lived for some time in Portchullin, and afterwards
emigrated to New Zealand, where he died. He married
Janet, daughter of Alexander, son of Christopher Ban
Macrae, Portchullin, Lochalsh, with issue — Donald of
whom next, Flora married in 1907 James Robertson,
Alexander, Thomas, Jessie.

XI. DONALD, now (1910), living in Otaperi, South-
land, New Zealand. He married in 1906 Madeline,
daughter of Arthur Devery and Madeline Bailey, with
issue. He is so far as now known the lineal representative
of Ian Carrach, the founder of this family of Macraes.


From the earliest times in the History of the Clan
there were Macraes living in the Black Isle (or Ardmeanach
as it was then called, page 6); and a prosperous family of
Macraes in Killearnan, had at one time, the control of
Kessock Ferry. There is a tradition in Kintail, however,
that this family belonged to the Clann Iain Charrich
Macraes. Like the rest of the Macraes, the family was
Jacobite and Episcopalian.

At the commencement of the eighteenth century, the
head of this family was Thomas Macrae, who had a son

ALEXANDER, born August, 1734, and, was as a
boy, an eye witness of the battle of Culloden. He
married Margaret Davidson, with issue—

1. Donald, born 1762, married Isabella Young, and
had with others who died young, the following issue—

a. Margaret.

b. Isabella married John Maclean, who settled in
Canada, where his family prospered.

c. Murdoch.

d. Donald married with issue, a son and a daughter
who died unmarried.

e. William, a lawyer of talent and promise, who died
young and unmarried.

/. Rev. John born in 1802, a minister of the Church
of Scotland. In 1828 he went as a minister to Pictou in
Nova Scotia, and remained there for 17 years, eventually
becoming minister of Stornoway where he died much
respected and honoured in 1877. In 1S29 he married
Julia Macdougall.

/i. William born 1S30, died 1S31.


/2. Isabella born 1832, married the Rev. J. Mac-
donald, with issue : — (1) Peter, a doctor, married Agnes
Raintree with issue — James. (2) John, a doctor. (3)
Elsie, living in Edinburgh.

/3. Rev. Donald, D.D., born 1833, and died in 1909,
a leading Presbyterian minister in Canada, married C. H.
Macleay, with issue — (1) Bessie married Rev. James
Mackenzie with issue — Alexander Macrae ; Morell Mac-
rae; Norman Archibald; Catherine Sybil Isabel;
Arthur Dundonald ; Jean Euphemie Ross ; Elizabeth
Violet. (2) Alexander, at St John, New Brunswick,
married Gertrude Gregory with issue — Donald Alex-
ander ; Catherine Edith Maria ; George Frederick
Gregory; Alexander Kenneth. (3) Sylla, married Owen
Campbell with issue — Donald Arthur Rede ; Charlotte
Mary; John Astley Douglas. (4) John Kenneth, lawyer at
St John, New Brunswick. (5) Rev. Archibald, Principal,
Residential College, Calgary. (6) Violet. (7) John,
married Elsie Jacques. (8) Rev. Donald, married Isabel
Richardson. (9) Colin, banker, Canada.

/4. Archibald born 1835, died 1910, was a planter at
Tirhoot in India, married B. A. Bertram with issue — (1)
Katherine married R. M. Williamson, Aberdeen, with
issue — George, Archibald Bertram, Margaret Lesley ; (2)
Ronald at Tirhoot in India; (3) Julia Macdougall; (4)
Beatrice Bertram married W. Mellis, Aberdeen ; (5)
Archibald Campbell.

/5. Alexander born 1837, died unmarried.

/6. John born 1839, died unmarried.

fy. William born 1841. After a brilliant career at
Aberdeen University, he entered the Indian Medical
Service. He married C. A. Maciver, with issue — (1) John
Lewis, Major, I. M.S. ; (2) Norman died young ; (3) Isabel
married the Rev. J. Cameron with issue — John Norman,
Lewis Charles ; (4) William in the Army.


/S. Elizabeth born 1843, married Andrew Smith, now
living at Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A., and has issue-
David, John, Julia, Harry, George, Alister, Annie, James.

2. Ronald born June, 1764, lived at Craigie House,
in the parish of Knockbain, and married Isabella, daughter
of John Paterson, Artafallie, Knockbain, and niece of the
Rev. Dean Paterson of the Scottish Episcopal Church
with issue —

6. Julia born 16th September, 1844, married 15th
November, 1867, Dr Cameron, and died on the 28th
December, 1906, leaving issue — Kenneth and John.

by. Walter Scott born 13th December, 1845, and
died 21st March, 1883, married M. Macdonald, with issue
— Alistair and Johanna.

£8. William born 12th July, 1848, married in 1874
Lucy Cosserat with issue — Alan, Kenneth, John, Daisy,

bg. Eliza Annabella born 17th April, 1852, married in
1872 Frank Murray, with issue — Frank, Walter, Teanie
Gertrude, Flossie, Lilla.

610. Evander born 9th July, 1855, died 8th May,


bn. Minden Hardress born 25th October, 1858,
married Alice G. Watkin Williams, with issue— Walter
Scott and Hilda.

c. Charles Mackenzie born 18th February, 1818,
M.D. of Edinburgh, of which University he was a
distinguished alumnus. A medical practitioner in Storno-
way for over 50 years. On the 25th December, 1895, he
was presnted with a handsome public testimonial as a
mark of appreciation of his public services, and of the
esteem and honour in which he was held. In his youtli
he was a powerful athlete, and is described as an
intellectual man of refined and cultured manner, and a
brilliant conversationalist. " No man in the island (of
Lewis), among clergy or laity, was ever honoured and
loved as he was." Dr Charles Mackenzie Macrae married
8th November, 1855, Anabella Jane Mackenzie, and died
on 3rd May, X909, leaving issue —

ci. William Alexander born 31st December, 1856,
manager of the Bank of California in Portland, Oregon ;
married Janet Henshelwood, with issue — Thomas
Henshelwood, deceased.

cz. Alexander William born 15th June, 1S58, was for
some time a planter in India, and afterwards managing
director in India of Pierce Leslie it Co., East India
Merchants. He joined the Malabar Volunteer Rifles
when first raised, and commanded them for many years.
While he occupied that post, he raised and temporarily
commanded the Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles —
a corps d'elite. He was Honorary Aide-de-camp to Lord


Kitchener, and was offered a similar appointment by Lord
Ampthill, Governor of Madras, and holds volunteer
officers decoration. On giving up his command in 1906
was promoted from the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel to that
of Honorary Colonel. He married at Calicut, South
India, on the 10th September, 1890, Sylvia Frances
Ferguson, with issue — Shena Anabella Mackenzie and
Frances Evelyn Mackenzie, both died in infancy ; Charles
Mackenzie born 28th September, 1893 ; Dorothy Mac-
kenzie born 25th November, 1895 ; Kenneth Norman
Mackenzie born 9th July, 1899.

c$. Anabella Mackenzie born 7th April, i860.

C4. Mary Anne born 2nd November, 1868.

^5. Caroline Mackenzie born 7th November, 1873.

c6. Daniel Mackinlay born 13th May, 1878. Was
for some time a medical student, served in the Boer War,
and settled in the Transvaal.

d. Mary born 14th November, 1819. Married James
Mackenzie, 4th June, 1839, with issue as given below, and
died 4th September, 1876.

di. Mary married James Mackenzie, Sydney, Cape
Breton, with issue — Jeannette.

dz. John.

d$. Margaret married Donald Mackenzie, without

dj,. Wilhelmina married the Rev. Daniel Nicholson
with issue — Mary May, Minna Maria.

1^5. James Alexander. d6. William.

dy. Rev. Charles Evander married with issue —
William Nicolson, Christina.

dS. Malcolm Macaulay married with issue —
James Macaulay, Malcolm Ayres

e. John born 28th September, 1821, an indigo planter
in India, married with issue — William, Nellie, Mary,

f. Jean born nth September, 1823, married Murdo
Macdonald, with issue.

/i. Rev. William, M.A., Kirkcaldy, married a
daughter of the Rev. Dr Macmillan, with issue — Aluin
Jane, Somerled, Ronald.

fz. Roderick, f^. John Robert.


g. Anne born 20th July, 1825, married Alexander
Grant, Tongue, with issue — William, Robert, Anna

h. William born 1828, died 4th March, 1850.

i. Alexander born 23rd July, 1832, deceased.

7. Roderick born May, 1777.

8. Thomas born November, 1779.

9. Betsy born March, 1782. Married Mr Leitch with
issue, the Rev. Mr Leitch, minister at Fort Augustus.

Alexander of Killearnan, had by a second marriage

10. Alexander, who went to Canada.

11. Ronald, who went to Australia.

12. Margaret.

13. Catherine.


This family of Macraes trace their descent irom
Fionnla Dubh nam Fiadh, a famous archer of the Clan,
who lived probably in the latter end of the sixteenth
century, and whose adventures and deeds of daring and
prowess are narrated on pages 298 to 303 of this book.

I. Finlay, called Fionnla Dubh nam Fiadh (Black
Finlay of the Deer), married and had issue, at least three
sons — 1. Duncan ; 2. Donald ; 3. Murdo.

II. Donald, second son of Finlay, married and left
issue, at least one son.

III. Duncan, who married and had issue, at least
one son.

IV. John, who married Janet Mackerlich, with issue —
1. Murdo, who married as his first wife Mary,

daughter of Alexander, son of Colin Macrae, of the
Inverinate family, with issue —

a. John married Julia, daughter of Murdo Mackenzie,
Braintra, with issue.

fli. Murdo died unmarried.

A2. Mary married John Macrae, Applecross, son of
Kenneth, son of Donald of the Ardintoul family, with
issue —

(1) Donald, who was for several years a school-
master in Harris, where he died on the 26th April, 1907.
He married Margaret, daughter of Christopher, son of
John, son of Duncan Macrae, with issue — Margaret,

(2) Alexander died unmarried in Sydney, Australia.

(3) Kenneth married Isabella Shoesmith, with issue —
Mary, Kenneth John, and others.

(4) John married Mary Macintyre, with issue —
Nellina, Catherine Mary, Annie, Margaret, John.

(5) Niel died unmarried in Manitoba.
«3. Christopher died unmarried.


('4. Alexander died unmarried.
d~,. Margaret died unmarried.

(>6. Janet married Murdo Mackay, with issue in New

117. Annie now living unmarried, at Ardelve.

b. Duncan married Margaret Macrae, Carnduc, with
issue —

In. Duncan married with issue — Margaret, Flora,
Marion, Donald drowned in Labrador, Charles died un-

l>z. Christopher was a soldier in the Black Watch.
He married a daughter of Donald Macrae (page 464, 6th
line from foot), with issue — Donald now living in Perth,
and some daughters.

b$. Murdo married Mary Mackenzie, without issue.

£4. John married in Glenurquhart, with issue.

c. Christina married Malcolm Macrae (son of
Feracher Buidh Brocair), with issue of several daughters.

Murdo married as his second wife Barbara, daughter
of Duncan Macrae of Corriedhoin, with issue —

d. Malcolm married Mary, daughter of Alexander
Macrae, Cnoc na-carn, Camusluinie, with issue as already

e. Roderick married Catherine Mackay with issue-
Alexander married in New Zealand Christina Mackay
with issue— Murdo, Malcolm, George, Jessie, Jane, and

/. Margaret married first John Macrae, Ardelve,
with issue —

fi. Murdo married without issue.

fx. Alexander died without issue.

Margaret married as her second husband Alexander
Maclennan, with issue —

ft,, John who went to America.

f\. Bella.

/% Alexander who married Jane, daughter of
Farquhar Maclennan, Camusluinie, with issue as already

2. Donald (called Domhuill Buie of Nonach), married
Elizabeth Macrae (page 455, 7th from foot), with issue —

a. Donald died unmarried.

/>. Duncan lived at Portchullin, and married Mary-
Macrae, with issue —


bi. John, living unmarried at Portchullin.

bz. Mary, living unmarried at Portchullin.

£3. Donald, who now lives at Plockton, married
Anabella, daughter of Donald Macrae of the Clann Iain
Charrich family without issue.

64. Finlay died unmarried.

c. Catherine married Alexander Macrae, Righe Breac,
Lochalsh, with issue as already mentioned.

d. Janet married Alexander Macrae, Ardelve, with
issue, in America and in Australia.

e. Annie married John Macrae (page 128, 3rd from
top), with issue.

/. Isabella married Finlay Maclennan, with issue in

3. Duncan married with issue.

a. Duncan died unmarried.

b. Christina married Malcolm, son of John Macrae,
Avernish, with issue.

bi. Duncan married Isabella, daughter of Donald
Macrae, Plockton.

bz. Flora married George Finlayson, with issue.

c. Janet married John Bain Macrae, with issue.

(/. Catherine married Donald Bain Macrae of Duilig
family, with issue, as already given.

4. John married a Matheson, with issue.

a. Farquhar lived in Edinburgh. He married
Elizabeth Moncrieff Veitch, with issue— Henry and others.

b. Donald married Catherine Maclennan, with issue,
in Hawke Bay, New Zealand.

61. John.

bz. Another son.

c. Betsie married Alexander Macrae (page 211, 2nd
from foot), with issue.

a. John married with issue.

cz. Janet was married without issue.

II. Duncan, eldest son of Black Finlay of the Deer,
married and had issue, at least two sons.

1. Malcolm of whom next.

2. Donald served for some time as bailiff under
Colin, Earl Seaforth, and lost his life under tragic circum-
stances, as described on page 307 of this book.

III. Malcolm eldest son of Duncan, was a farmer in
Corriedhomhain. He married and had issue, at least
three sons —


i. Duncan of whom next. 2. Donald. 3. Alexander.

IV. DUNCAN, known as Donnacha Mornan (.reach
(Big Duncan of the Spoils), succeeded his father as farmer
in Corriedhomhain, and also acted for some time as
forester to Alexander Mackenzie of Fairburn. He was
present at the battle of Sheriffmuir in 1713, and some of
his adventures there are described on page 325 of this
book. Duncan married and had numerous issue, most of
whom settled in Strathconon, where some of their
descendants now live. The eldest son

V. DUNCAN, succeeded his father in Corriedhom-
hain. He married Margaret, daughter of George Mac-
kenzie, Faddoch, a son of Mackenzie of Fairburn, with
issue —

1. Malcolm, of whom hereafter.

2. Murdo Roy lived at Dornie. He married Jane,
daughter of Donald, son of the Rev. Finlay Macrae, with
issue— n. Malcolm married Janet, daughter of Christopher
Macrae, Kyleakin, with issue —

ai. Christopher died unmarried.

az. John married Anne, daughter of Donald Macrae
of Carnoch (page 216) with issue — Mary Eliza, Malcolm,
Janet, aj. Janet married Farquhar Matheson, Plockton,
with issue. ^4. Barbara married in Glasgow, with issue.
rt5- Christina died unmarried. /t6. Jane married with
issue, ay. Bella married Roderick Matheson, with issue.
rt8. Mary Anne. ag. Christina married with issue.

b. John Ban left issue one daughter Bella, married
a Macrae with issue, in Washington, America.

c. Elizabeth married Farquhar, son of Alexander,
son of John Macrae, and emigrated to America with issue.

d. Barbara died unmarried.

e. Isabella married Alexander Macrae of Cnocnacarn,
Camusluinie, with issue, as given elsewhere.

f. Mary married a Mr Morrison with issue.

g. Christina. //. Margaret.

3. Alexander (called the Saor, i.e. Carpenter), married
a daughter of Donald Ban Macrae of Drudaig, with issue
— a. Duncan died unmarried. b. Janet married Farquhar,
son of Farquhar Macrae (page 183, 10th from top), with
issue as mentioned, c. Christina died unmarried, d.
Maggie married a Macaulay with issue, e. Another


4. Finlay og Mor lived in Bundaloch. He married
and had issue —

a. Roderick lived at Bundaloch ; he married Janet
Campbell, Glenelg, with issue- — a\. Duncan lived in Islay.
He married there and left issue, cxz. Finlay died un-
married in Bundaloch. a$. John now (iqio), living in
Achnashellach. He is married with issue — Duncan, Jessie,
Marion, Mary, Donald, Grace, George, Roderick, Catherine
a$. Christina married in Islay witn issue.

b. Malcolm called Callum Dall (Blind Malcolm), lived
at Bundaloch. He married Rebecca, daughter of Duncan
Macrae, with issue —

In. Murdo lived in Bundaloch, married Jessie,
daughter of John Macaulay, with issue — Finlay, Farquhar,
Rebecca, Mourdina.

c. Duncan married a daughter of Donald Ban Beg
Macrae with issue. He and his family emigrated to

d. Catherine died unmarried.

5. Christopher lived at Carndue. He married
Mary, daughter of Alexandar Macrae, with issue —

(i. John died unmarried.

b. Janet died unmarried.

c. Another daughter who married John Macrae with
issue —

ex. Alexander married Elizabeth Mackay, Jeantown,
with issue, who are living near Invergordon in Black

6. Roderick lived in Sallachy. He married
Catherine, daughter of Donnacha Ban MacFerachar Ruadh
with issue —

ti. Duncan Ban married Flora, daughter of Colin
Macrae, Inchcro (page 80, line 4 from foot), without issue.

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